A Quick Glance At Bunkers That Will House Thousands During Nuclear Attack

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 75 comments

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    A bunker built inside a hollowed-out mountain in Colorado is only one of many secret shelters where 7,000 Americans will go to hide out from devastating nuclear annihilation. But don’t get your hopes up. These bunkers will only house the elites; those in government, while the rest struggle to survive.

    Garrett Graff, the author of the book, “Raven Rock: The U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself While the Rest of Us Die,” spoke to Inside Edition about his findings related to these secret shelters. The book is said to offer the “eye-opening” truth about the government’s plans to survive a nuclear war while a super majority of civilians will die. Not only that, the government’s money is taken from us, the taxpayer. We are paying for bunkers that we won’t be allowed to use. 

    The book highlights top secret locations of the impressive structures that could serve as the White House in the event of a tragic nuclear strike. There will be room for only government officials in the bunkers, however. “The government built more than a hundred of these bunkers and relocation facilities around the country,” Graff told Inside Edition.

    SHTFPlan took the time to detail how the government would let us all die while they survive in the event of a nuclear war. The bunker system has been used only once; on September 11, 2001. We will let you do the math and figure out if that was a test for a coming war or not. (Consider these bunkers are in Colorado and the attacks on 9/11 took place on the east coast.)

    We now have a few images of the secret bunkers that will be used to keep those who start the war, safe from their actions. The government allows very few pictures to be taken of this impressive structure anymore. The buildings are free-standing buildings connected by hallways and ramps inside the mountain. The buildings are on 1,300+ giant springs and built 18 inches from the rock walls in the mountain, so they can move independently if there is an earthquake or a blast. Below is an image of the tunnel entrance to the North American Air Defense (NORAD) Space Command Cheyenne Mountain Complex. Most cannot even get close to this entrance anymore. The official guarded entrance station is about 1.5 miles away from the famous mountain entrance.


    The massive complex seems even more sinister when looking at the door which will separate the elites from the rest of us in the event that they start a nuclear war. There are two 23-ton blast doors between the main tunnel and the office buildings complex. During the Cold War, one door was always closed. That meant those working during the Cold War era had to enter through the first door, wait in a middle room for the door to be closed and sealed, then wait for the second door to be opened.

    It’s quickly becoming clear that perhaps the “conspiracy theorists” could be right. Their warnings seem to continually fall on deaf ears, however, as we go about our day and pay our taxes like the good people we are so that government officials can afford to survive the nuclear apocalypse they create.


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      1. Nothing new; Kings live in rampart protected castles. What’s new is that the populace in modern times doesn’t see that nothing has changed.

        • Orwell noted in the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal, only some of (them!) will be ‘more equal’ than the others.

          Nice post (as always) Kev, re the modern, dumbed down, politically correct, obese, TV addled population – as Sgt Shultz might have said, “I zee NUTH-ING!”

          All this freedom bought at the expense of the Revolutionary War (as Franklin said “… a republic madam… if you can keep it), people wading ashore on Normandy, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, etc.), and now lost simply due to ignorance.

          Perhaps my ramblings here, and in other venues where I write, are quixotic, but there were similar long shots at the Battle of Midway, when the Bismark was sunk, when Hitler’s nascent atom bomb works were destroyed, or the Battle of Britain. The fascist left WANTS us to give up. Their hope is vain.

          Rather, as Churchill said:

          “Even though large tracts of Europe (today, think fascist left California as the equivalent) and many old and famous States (think today’s EU) have fallen or may fall into the grip of the Gestapo and all the odious apparatus of Nazi (yep… Nazi STILL means “National SOCIALIST” last I checked) rule, we shall not flag or fail.

          We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, (Illinois)
          we shall fight on the seas and oceans, (the internet)
          we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,
          we shall fight on the beaches, (against the fascist antifas)
          we shall fight on the landing grounds, (against the gay uber alles types)
          we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, (vs Hollywierd)
          we shall fight in the hills; (vs the ignorant lamestream media)

          • … and BTW, our battle is one of education and information dissemination, not violence. Leave violence to the fascists at Antifa

          • Churchill would have let you die too…

            • Uh. Churchill was a closet Gew. We should have been on Germanies side. We would not have these false flag terror problems today. The US would still be 90% White with very little crime. Just a fraction of crime from what we see today and whole families would be together and prospering. Again the US Govermemt was on the wrong side of history and a war. Instead we got hijacked broken up and destroyed. Every part of our culture and history is under assault by our Gew hijackers.

          • And as soon as Churchill had seen England through the crisis and the war was over, they threw him out of office.

            People don’t want to hear disturbing facts or to face unpleasant choices. Bernie Sanders — for all intents and purposes, a communist — won a massive percentage of the Youth Vote simply by promising “free everything, for everybody, forever”.

            THAT is what the public wants to hear: panaceas. With every passing year — as inflation and taxes and lack of good jobs decimate the middle class — we become a nation of impoverished serfs. People who would prefer to stand on their own have been forced to become part of the ‘FSA’ because that is the only way they can survive now.

          • Most people believe our government is basically good– just a little crooked. In fact, the US government is almost totally, 100% corrupt!

            Recently, I read “The Final Day” (really good book!) and it talks about all these caves for the elite. One is located around Gettysburg, Va. It can house thousands– for the elites, of course (scum).

            There is a war going on– one elite admitted it. And he said that so far, its a ONE-SIDED war. They are screwing us!!!

          • While they live in bunkers I will be on their yacht catching only the best, big radioactive fish ever.

        • They can check in but they cannot check out.

          • During nuclear war I plan to head to Disney Land. They would never nuke their own business

          • Anybody know where we can buy super glue by the gallon?

            • Hopefully the attackers will use neutron weapons against these targets and we can start over fresh.

            • Yes, just go to gay bars and collect the used rubbers out back.

        • They deserve it though. Elites are better than us.

          • We use these caves as a honey pot. Get all thw elite aholes in there, and weld all the openings, doors and escape hatches shut and let them all fight each other inside. We can flood the cave system or gas it or fire bomm it. Or all of the above.

      2. “…as we go about our day and pay our taxes like the good people we are so that government officials can afford to survive the nuclear apocalypse they create.”

        Ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth.

        Not sure I wanna be buried alive in one of those places. Gives me the heebee jeebees.

        • Great. So they survive. They then emerge with limited resources. NOW who will be the elite, and who will be the serfs?

          Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode where aliens invade (no, not the ones from Mexico), but they really don’t have effective weapons, so they get the people to turn on one another, with the penultimate scene being one of them saying to the other “See, all we had to do was get them to turn on each other.” With these amoral (not necessarily immoral, tho that may be too) people, it won’t be very long before they find out, as Francis Schaeffer wrote, their world is one where “whatever is, is right” (as their is no ultimate basis for ethics in their dog eat dog world).

          It will be, as I believe either Camus or Sartre wrote, “Hell is other people.” In a non-Christian, amoral world, with no possible basis for ethics – where morals can only be, by definition, a personal opinion – this world will be worse than the hell on earth they created and then avoided. Of course, after all this, even assuming Kurzweil is right and he does his singularity schtict, EVENTUALLY, long or short, these elite WILL die. And then they stand before God with massive amounts of blood on their hands. It WILL happen, whether they believe it or not. And, while God is love, He is also equally justice. And it is, as the Scriptures say for those that willfully spurn the former, a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God. (Heb. 10:31)

          • Can you for a few moments imagine what life would really be like inside this tomb with 7000 obozos all fighting to be in charge? Don’t know if any of you have truly experienced what terror cabin fever can be like after a couple weeks or a month snowed in but make that time 3, 4, 5 years and the movie The shining will look like a cartoon. No thank you. No matter the diversions they store up, they will be killing each other off within a couple months and the survivors will be looking rather jadedly wondering who is next…. LMAO…

            • David, I agree! “Level 7” was an interesting book. Even better is the Wool Series by Hugh Howey. Anyone that thinks living underground with strangers is going to be fun needs to think twice. For the idiots in DC that make it to Raven Rock or Mt. Weather I don’t think it would take two weeks before the first murder happened. Imagine a bunch of senators without their assistant, chef, maid, and hooker to tuck them in every night! Imagine trying to tell some Senators they have to make their beds, clean the loo, and take out the trash. Military types are trained to follow orders. Civilians? Oh hell no! They would be at each other’s throats in seven days with a murder happening within 14 days.

          • TEST
            They will emerge with limited
            resources, no more OPM
            (other people’s money) and no
            way to tax/steal it anymore.

            • Those who start and survive WW3 will have the pleasure of declaring themselves “King of the Dung Heap”.

              • There was a playboy(i think) cartoon very many years ago showing a lone soldier surrounded by the devastation of nuclear war saying “I think I’ve won”.

            • Bad dog – exactly. Either way, these people will necessarily have to face their own cacophonous music. Now, people I respect like Richard Maybury don’t think there is a harmonized collusion of the elite (I hope I am not mis-speaking for him here!), but either way, organized or not, the goal is the same: the Constitution, freedom, liberty and justice.

        • grandee,
          The habitation of devils takes on a new meaning. These bunkers will be full of entities from the other realm.

      3. Kevin2, oh so true. Government never cares about the people they rule over. It’s always been that way. It’s always possible that a strong enough earthquake can destroy those bunkers.

        • There are also a number of elites that may never make it to the bunkers.

      4. Grandee, agreed. I can’t stand to be around government employees anyway. They have a total anti-public mentality.

        • DB, as you probably know, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and lived in the nation’s capitol, Ottawa, for many years (originally a western boy). I had to work with massive numbers of federal workers. Of course there were many exceptions, but in general, they were the laziest, most entitled, self-absorbed group you can imagine. Overpaid, underworked, INCREDIBLY lazy. I won’t even start on the personal stories I could tell. Again, there were a few good ones, but rare. I was in getting my passport renewed a few years back, and they actually had someone paid to make sure you sat in the correct chairs! Seriously. This was at Place du Portage in Hull (Gatineau) for those familiar. When one person when in, he made everyone move forward so the first chairs in the line were occupied (kinda like musical chairs). I was sure I was in a Monty Python movie!

          A friend was adopting some kids from Ukraine years ago, and her comment was that there was more similarity between US govt workers and Ukrainian govt workers than between her and the US govt workers (referring to how utterly lazy they were).

          It’s like the old Gilda Radner schtict fron SNL (which is now a boring, self-conscious poltiically correct shadow), referring to the old monopoly of Bell Telephone at the time, but equally applicable to the govt. Someone would call in with a valid, critical complaint, and she would blow them off sayin “We’re Bell Telephone. We don’t care. We don’t HAVE to!” Equally applies to the govt. (BTW, I did my high school in Wheaton, IL with Jim Belushi -not John, tho I knew him – so I started watching very early)

          At least in the People’s Socialist Republik of Illinois (where govt workers are MASSIVELY overpaid – google the stats), this all my implode very shortly.. as in the end of THIS week.

          • TEST, agreed. I hope you can get out of IL eventually.

        • Dead on bud

      5. I have a moat filled with Gators on 3 sides of my property. Does that mean I am an elitist? lol

        When looking for a remote BOL property, think tactical and strategic. Get some overhead county maps, Google Sky view Maps and look at all the access points to your property or escape routes. Find all the waterways, and sources of fresh water, ponds, streams, etc. Does your property have a good facing southern exposure for solar off the grid capabilities? Road access? Higher up on a hill or ground for viewing vantage points and free from flooding, concealment of your buildings from the road with thick woods. Natural barriers rocks, briar patches thick with prickers, Cactus? Ability to put up barbed wire fencing to seal off your property from unwanted walk on snoopy neighbors or thieves and marauders. No trespass signs, motion detectors and IR Cameras.

        I would have no desire to live in an underground shelter bunker with no sunlight, its a tomb that can be sealed off as your ready made casket. All they need to do is weld the door shut from the outside and then nobody leaves ever. Nobody is outside to guard the vent pipes from dumping gas and road flares down. That plan is flawed for long term protection. And a waster of Tax Payers expense since there is No Public Benefit.

        If you choose a BOL property out in the rural country area, where there aren’t any significant target rich objectives for any enemy to attack with a nuke, then you are pretty safe. Scout out your BOL and locality to Nuke Plant threats and Buy property in normal up wind areas from all nuke plants.

        Enemy Nukes will target areas like the NE, New England area, like NY, Washingscum DC, San Diego, Jacksonville, military Ports like Virginia, and where Military factories are turning out their Genocidal War machines like in Ft Worth, Cleveland, Seattle,.. Those scam joints will be wiped off the planet first in a puff of nuke dust. Communication centers and broadcast centers. Poof gone.

        • “I have a moat filled with Gators on 3 sides of my property. Does that mean I am an elitist? lol”

          You did it with your money. The politicians protect themselves with our money. The elite do it with what should be our money but they bribe the politicians so they can make it their money.

          In the end what is the communion denominator? Money, either its abundance or scarcity.

        • Government won’t hit their own forces. They’ll only hit the people, the majority of whom are in cities. Anything else (such as croplands, or trees–and the oxygen they provide) and they’ll be wiping out their own means of ultimate survival.

      6. “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”
        — from Rev 6

        • The Pope?

          • He is busy defending his pedophile right hand man….and declaring himself God’s representative on Earth. I just can’t think of where he is mentioned in the Bible…a book that started with an R…..hmm, I forget.

      7. Suppose there is a nuclear attack. Suppose the Elites hide in their bunkers. Suppose they survive the attack. Suppose when they emerge we slit their throats. Have a nice day.

        • Suppose the Dirty Dozen comes calling on their tomb.

          • Each time a 50 megaton nuke falls on one of these bunkers it will blast out another 500feet of rock. The dirty dozen will be twelve 50 megaton warheads.

        • All good points ‘Him’. Suppose the air intakes are found and just suppose creosote laden railroad ties are burned clogging the filters? Suppose those supposedly impenetrable doors are not so perfect and can be drilled or blasted through? Suppose the complex is flooded by a diverted water source? Suppose that those same elites have not a clue how to maintain their own shelters and the poor working class denizens rebel at their own sub-standard class accommodations and work requirements (after all, in the event of a total war, money will mean nothing)? Suppose…… the list can go on.

          • If these idiots start WW3 and hurt my family, my dying effort will be to visit their bunkers, not to break in, but to weld the doors permanently shut from the outside, then install public toilets connected to their air vents. I’d probably be in a really grumpy mood!

            • Im going to start selling Nuke Insurance to the elite. They will pay plenty in premiums and never have a chance to file a claim.

              Sounds like the perfect business plan. Im gonna be Rich soon.

              I modeled my business plan after Religion. Promise the sheep everlasting life insurance, if you pay your insurance premium dues every Sunday. 10% of your wealth must be paid to get into Heaven..

              Pretty clever eh? Why, with this business plan I too shall be in business for 2000 years.

        • Him, made me smile, good one, thanks.

        • Sounds like a plan…………………..

      8. Anyone surprised?

      9. Mother nature is still more powerful than man, all it takes is a Yellowstone super volcano to explode and they will have nothing to come out to.

      10. an ominous sign that a larger eruption is brewing…

        “More than 800 earthquakes have now been recorded at the Yellowstone Caldera, a long-dormant supervolcano located in Yellowstone National Park, over the last two weeks…”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-28/scientists-fear-supervolcano-eruption-swarm-earthquakes-near-yellowstone-soars-800

        • Hi KYM. **Always** appreciate your posts! 🙂 IMHO, I really don’t think this one is a front-of-the-burner issue. I did look at the article (thanks for posting it), and they did say that before a major eruption, there would be a lot of warning signs.

          Geologically, I am much more worried about the Cascadia fault overall. I was in Cannon Beach OR a year ago, and – while the concern wasn’t enough to cause me to cancel my vacation – I always made sure I knew evacuation routes (that area will get 30 min. to “git outta Dodge” after a quake), and kept a one dollar gallon of water and some 75 cent cans of tuna around. $3 for a insurance when there for a couple weeks – why wouldnt everyone do that?

          Always appreciate your posts – informative, helpful, nice spirit about you, you provide source links. Nice work

          • Test,

            Thank you for your kind words!

            The feeling that we all need to be prepared seems to be stronger/louder lately. I can’t explain it.

            I hope you and your family can move out of Illinois soon.

            Take care!
            KY Mom

            • KYM – yes, the reason I appreciate your posts is that our battle is a non-violent one of ideas, education, and information dissemination, which you focus on. THAT is the battle (cf. Antonio Gramsci, the vile Saul Alinsky, etc.)

              I fully support the 2nd Amendment, and the purpose behind it – it’s just that the fascist left has done an end run around it by co-opting the culture, and now even a good part of the Christian church (was just listening yesterday to what percent of the millennials have bought into the gay “marriage” scam – when in fact marriage benefits are NOT a reward for living together, but rather to help defray the very real costs of raising children, which IS the future of any nation. And, since the “god” of the left is nature, then they should abide by the fact that a child is best raised by a man and a woman, exactly as nature designed.

            • KY Mom, Braveheart always appreciates your links also.

              • Braveheart,

                Thank you!

                Hope you have a great day!
                KY Mom

      11. Sounds like a Socialist paradise, I mean hell hole. Just think of the constant infighting and jockeying for power for the ability to tell everyone else what to do, once they are there for a few days.

        I will take my chances elsewhere.

      12. Are fixed fortifications monuments to mans stupidity?

      13. Dying with regrets. Look it up. Then ask yourself, if I were to die with regrets, what would they be? Go somewhere? Buy something? Make peace with an old enemy, what?

        We spend way too much time worrying about dying, while we’re living. Don’t worry. It’s in the bag, it’s one thing you won’t have put on the to do list or set as a reminder.

        When you do go, your last thoughts will be about “Glad I chartered a plane to go on the ultimate fishing trip.”, or “She said Yes!”, Vs. “Glad I stocked up on tuna and radiation tablets.”

      14. Going over bug out trailer towing Truthes : Thermostat: do you want your heater blowing out 190 , 180 , or 160 degree air? Fan clutch: 50, 70, or 90 % lockup at high engine temp. Std. Heavy duty, severe duty. Hoses: D1,255 , D2, 275 degrees. Bearing Buddies: 15 $ per axle super easy install , unless you have sealed bearings. Junk yard a dual core radiator, oil cooler, hoses can be re crimped or cut and home clamped. Heavy Duty water pumps have roller bearings in the front instead of ball. Trans coolers are already in most cars radiators 160 degree thermostat means lower trans temps? A air cooled one dosent do as much. Dirt in a/c radiator slowes air flow to engine radiator? Careful vacuuming ?? Check your bump stops they are cheap and usually very easy to install? Buy all gaskets only from dealership very important. Premium gas is cleaner then regular? Takes about 4 fill ups to flush system then you will notice. Fixed fortifications are monuments to mans stupidity ?

        • But, how are you going to survive without all that portable civilization? That’s where you will have failed to really prepare.

      15. “Colorado Rocky Mountain High”

        Was John Denver telling us?

        A nun told someone in my family that her brother was involved in something with the government. She said the mountains open up and there are missiles that come out of them. That was fifty five years ago. I knew she wouldn’t lie about such a thing as this. “Brother” could be a term applied to a Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, or the Pope. This nun had taken a man’s name. She had a very attractive, one might say, pretty face. She also complained of having medical issues of a female nature.

        I have been watching more YouTube videos about “Tranny Investigations” exposing a transsexual agenda in government, the Royals, movies and entertainment, fashion models, everywhere. All in an attempt to destroy the family.

        The attack on the white male is part of it. The masculinity of men is being destroyed by estrogens in plastic bottles and containers that attack the male in the womb and femenize it. Pregnant women beware. Dustin Hoffman leaned over and kissed a man not long ago. In the movie “The Graduate” which depicts Hoffman as a young purposeless loser type recent college grad, he is advised to go into “PLASTICS”. Holywood’s evil people mocking the white Christian public, no doubt.

        __ tyranny gate is also attempting to destroy women
        WWW = World Without Women

        The so called (((elites))), want a world of their own. They want to be able to manufacture future generations of slaves in the laboratory.



      16. this shows just how far government thinks into the future. they may survive but what will they do when the food and fuel runs out? they open the door and they will have no one to govern. who will do the work to feed them? they will have guns to force who is left to work? where will they get food? best of all what will they have to trade for their needs. money will be worthless. they would deserve their fate.

      17. Women on the birth control pill have higher than normal estrogen levels. Their urine contains a higher level of estrogen. The water treatment process doesn’t remove all of it. Men have been getting a weak dose of estrogen every time they drink tap water. I’d say “stick to beer” but the brewers probably use tap water as well.

        The sad truth is that these leaders believe that the country will need them more than ever! They picture themselves mustering the remaining resources, making decisions, and leading the country after SHTF. Just look how well they did with Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy!

        • These peeps had a good run. They fooled a lot of people for a lot of years. The masks are coming off.

      18. HaHaHa, the evil rich and powerful without souls will reap what they sow. They spend astronomical amounts of money to extend their pitiful lives, only to meet a fate worse than those of us who have gone on to Glory. They better have fast feet, cause they’re dancing with the devil…..

      19. The elites have dug their own graves with these shelters….these ignorant psychotic humans have no clue what life would really be like in a totalitarian subterranean world. With no where to escape, and sealed off from the world, they would begin eating each other alive…a complete breakdown of the chain of command would be inevitable. In short order there would be mutiny at all levels, and in-fighting for control of the rapidly depleting resources within the super-structure. Upon facing the inevitable choice of escaping or being ejected to the outside world, or slaughtered by the last remaining power structures within the groups…suicide & murder would become rampant. Deposing the rotting carcasses an even bigger problem as the environment becomes a toxic waste dump. The few that do escape or are ejected from the shelters are delivered to their executioners topside. A fate perhaps less agonizing than the hell below, but well deserved. !!!!!!

        • With all that going on how will they find time for their freak show orgies?

      20. Hope they don’t take a bunch of kids down there in the hell holes. Hell holes alright. In more ways than one.

      21. Ware does it say about them hiding in caves as the core of the earth gets hotter?

      22. It will do no good for the elite and government officials to survive if no one is there to take care of them. They will just die a year later.

      23. It is a central fact in the history of all of human experience on this planet that wherever and whenever humans lived in organized groups, large or small, primitive or developed, it doesn’t matter, that the community inexorably transformed to the point where a few ruled over and controlled the many. The corollary to that is that the many were used and seen as nothing more than disposable resources. This is true in every type of society, every type of culture, every religion, every type of government, in every era of history, and every nation and region in the world that has ever existed. To deny this politically incorrect fact would be to deny reality.
        I was patriotic once, but not anymore. Though I was in the military myself for several years I have been able to dissuade some of our youth to not join. I don’t want my relatives or friends to shed blood for liberals, or for any political organization, or corporations’ profits, or big oil, or the military/industrial complex, or TPTB, or the SJW’s, or those who live off welfare benefits, or politicians who try to find ways to eliminate my rights and destroy our standard of living and quality of life, there’s more reasons that may be added. These entities have always depended on the males of the middle classes or lower to do their dirty work for them even as they enjoyed the benefits of wealth and power and status. I encourage those I know to live only for their family, friends, faith, and finances.

        • You’ve virtually, and eloquently, re-written the “Declaration of Independence” there, Bill. Think of how much of what you’ve mentioned was effectively also said by Jefferson in his “Declaration”. …”I encourage those I know to live only for their family, friends, faith, and finances.” –The “new Guards for their future security”, as Jefferson put it.

      24. OK, the “elite” survive. After a certain time, their supplies are low, and the noise outside has died down. About 95 percent of the population is dead. So those massive doors open and the “elite” cautiously venture out into the open. They are anemic from months or years inside, and their eyes are not used to the intense sunlight. They have no real-world skills. Their supplies are low and they are getting hungry. And then they see a band of “outlanders” walking toward them with weapons and with eyes filled with hatred. They outlanders are nourished, clever, angry, and out for blood. The question is “how long before the “elites” are squealing like pigs as they are overtaken, beaten, gutted, and, literally, hung up to dry?”

        Not everyone on the outside will die in a nuclear exchange. Enough of us will survive and will take horrible revenge on the dirt and scum who sold us down the river for a few shekels and for the illusion that they were the rulers of the universe.

        • Bravo DC

      25. Thanks for the info. This article in part explains why their actions are so reckless. They have provided for their protection regardless of what happens. I wonder about their families. Will they be thrown under the bus or included? Another thought, the elite cannot function without servants and employees. How are they going to function without us?

      26. Government bunkers would be prisons for the common people. Any government “rescue” can be seen as a roundup for concentration camps.

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