A Primer on Unconventional Warfare and Tips for SHTF Team-Training

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    Over at Ready Nutrition, we recently covered some subject matter on some basics of how to conduct guerrilla warfare. Let’s just give some background on actual guerrilla warfare so that you can understand what you’re up against, and then suggest some tips. Guerrilla warfare is different from conventional warfare in some notable ways that are important for you to know. First, the politics. Yes, politics, plain and simple, because of this basic rule:

    If you are “aligned” with a government’s policy and mindset concerning conduct of guerrilla operations, you’re a “patriot,” a “militiaman,” or a “freedom-fighter” (so termed); if you’re fighting as an insurgent, then you’re a “criminal,” a “traitor,” and/or a “terrorist.”

    There is an important distinction to be understood. Openly fighting against an “established” government does not automatically afford you treatment according to the Geneva Convention. Most of the time you will be branded as a terrorist or a criminal and most countries will execute you.

    We’re here in the happy Hallmark and Fisher-Price United States. What could possibly go wrong and interfere with your summer vacation plans or that new pool you’re putting in your backyard, you may ask?

    Plenty can go wrong. There is one principle I ask you to latch onto, if none other in this article:

    The Constitution of the United States of America lists many of your rights (stated and unstated) given to you by God, but it does not promise you that you will keep them although they are rightfully yours.

    The Uncoventional Fighter

    Throughout the years, men and women of courage with strong hands and iron wills have enabled that document, the Constitution to continue to have meaning and authority. If the government should transform itself into a dictatorship, the citizens will have to fight to maintain those rights. Freedom is never free: it was paid for by someone, sometime. The “guerrilla” fighter is better termed an unconventional fighter. Using Fabian Tactics (aka: “Hit and Run Tactics), the unconventional fighter strikes at the opportune moment.

    The unconventional warrior has less resources than the government…than a conventional force. Most of the resupply the warrior receives is by his own hand, his own cunning and initiative. Strength of numbers, logistics, and material are not to his advantage. He is outgunned and cannot hope to win a protracted engagement with his enemy’s forces in a head-to-head contest.

    Guerrilla warfare is also important in the event of a foreign invasion by a nation or multiple nations. Conventional forces of our country will not be able to secure the entire country at once: there will be areas that are occupied by foreign soldiers. These foreign troops will not look upon you as a heroic freedom fighter. They will see you as an obstacle to their occupation and conquest, and if captured you will face torture, imprisonment, slave labor, execution, or a combination of any or all these actions. In their eyes you are a criminal.

    In this light, a totalitarian government or an occupying invader both pose the same dangers to you. So, what can you do? You can prepare, by training. “Citizen-soldier” is really a nice concept…when you’re in the Independence Day parade with little “3-cornered caps” on all the kids’ heads (made in China, of course). Where nobody has any weapons, and the only battle is the battle of the floats and the bands…commemorating events that have the significance of pageantry but mean not a whole lot more…a surreal fantasia instead of what is real.  A parade: not a field training exercise to go outside of the “comfort zone” and sacrifice the delicious backyard barbecue. There is no desire to go out in the woods and lay in the mud and grass, training, while being bitten by bugs and rained on.

    Here’s what you can do: train, as a citizen-soldier who may be called upon in either the first scenario or the second to liberate the land and place it under Constitutional governance once again.

    1. Physical and Mental Training: A weak mind is usually the result of a weak body and vice-versa: you must train both body and mind to a high state of physical and mental health.
    2. Tactics: Peruse the archives, and I’ve listed many manuals from the United States Army that you will find useful in learning the basics (the Infantry Field Manual, the Ranger Handbook, etc.)
    3. Language: Foreign languages are very important and can make the difference between victory or defeat…as with the Navajo Code Talkers during World War II. In that same war, the Italian-Americans and German-Americans…the American kids with one or both parents born in those nations who grew up speaking it in the home. If it wasn’t for these first-generation kids in Military Intelligence and in the units, we may have lost the war. The point: learn Spanish, learn Russian, learn some Chinese.  Language can be a powerful tool, and even a weapon of deception. For some ‘pop culture’ affirmation: look at the original “Red Dawn” flick when the kids attack the base. The Spanish-American kid runs into the enemy tent dressed in an enemy uniform and confuses the Cubans and Russians…luring them out into the ambush.
    4. Skills of a Woodsman: Learn the terrain of where you live…the wooded areas, cliffs, valleys, rivers, and lakes. Learn how to navigate through the wilds on foot and on a vehicle, in all the seasons. Learn to camp, hike, fish. Learn about the edible plants and berries, and wild game in the area. Learn how to tie knots, how to start a fire, how to build a lean-to, smoke fish and wild game. Learn how to live off the land, how to track, and how to camouflage yourself.
    5. Teamwork: Train and fight as a team, with your family, friends, and close neighbors. Learn how to discuss and plan, how to negotiate, and how to task-organize. This last (task organization) has a great deal to do with assessing individual skills and placing the best and most qualified person into that slot that’s needed (such as a team sniper, communications expert, or medic).
    6. Cross-training: Learn other fields and disciplines…well-round yourself in all fields.
    7. History: Study to show yourself approved…. especially the “study” part…. the approval usually comes in the performance. Know history…because it repeats itself. How did Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox deal with the British Regulars in the American Revolutionary War? How did the Viet Cong deal with the U.S. Army? For this last one, read “The Tunnels of Cu-Chi” for the answers. This also includes study of the Founding Fathers, how your government originally came to be (not as it is in its present, soft-socialistic, soft-totalitarian form).
    8. Hook up with a Veteran: That veteran can show you much. What was learned was earned; make it worth their while. Do something for them. It’s worth it to you to gain skills and knowledge…but everyone wants them for “free” and paid for by someone else. That knowledge is not an “entitlement,” so give them more than just the BS “I thank you for your service” lie/line.

    Knowledge is power…and can empower you to rise from the basement and be the David who beats the Goliath.  Remember: The Founding Fathers of the United States of America were all criminals in the eyes and words of the British Empire and King George III. Had the Revolution faltered, they wouldn’t have received amnesty or leniency as “freedom fighters,” but instead would have been hung as criminals, terrorists, and traitors.

    But the Revolution didn’t fail, and they gave us a government of, by, and for the people. Benjamin Franklin was asked what type of government was created by the signing of the Constitution. His reply was, “A Republic…if you can keep it.”

    What that meant was to keep it through vigilance and when necessary through force of arms. It also stressed (silently) how fragile the Republic was, and how it would require the people to enable it to continue. The founders created the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution because they knew the government could lapse into tyranny and that it would be up to the citizenry to restore it. When the time comes, everyone will need to put down the Twinkies and the X-box, turn off the T.V., and cancel their vacations. Unconventional warfare then follows.

    There is no insurgency when a tyrannical government is overthrown. What has happened? Why, the removal of an unlawful government by the rightful rulers: the people, by all means necessary. We the People would do well to keep this in mind, as freedom is never free. It comes with a price, and that price is always paid for by someone…and usually not the ones who reap the benefits of the freedom attained.

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    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. Most Veterans after Viet Nam are useless, mindless, nitwit, gang thugs of the Ghetto, and pawn of the Fascist Government and Wallstreet. And they need 10 support people behind them to function for most all tasks.

        Go ask a Real Veteran who was in Viet Nam. Now they are worth taking to, if they feel like talking. The US Military has lost every war since WW2. Why would I go ask them for advice?

        • I met a young veteran years ago– huge black man– and he was extremely outspoken, knowledgeable and upset about what is happening in our country! He and a couple other guys were talking. I’ve talked to them a number of times… I’m an old lady and they seemed surprised I knew what all they were talking about. He was about 50-60.

        • Deplorable Braveheart has master all the skills mentioned in the article in his room in the basement of his mothers house.

        • Well, You are fkning idiot.

        • Vietnam Vets lost the war too you dunce. Also worked for the same government i served for and the WW2 generation. Who also came home and let there wives raise the kids because they had been there done that. Goes before WW2 before WW1 back to the start of industrialization when men no longer worked next to there kids in the fields. They went to Jobs and let someone else do the raising.

          Why people think America was the good guy up untill just recently is probally due to your public education, lack of unbiased historical research. Soldiers are paid for a public service, with benefits and pension and healthcare and gravy retirement. Cry baby meme’s of underpaid soldiers is crap, i made 50,000 a year before i got out from th NCO core. Yeah theres alot of dirtbags in, same as before same as always. Stop candy coating the past, our country has been detestable long before your generation.

          • Our politicians are detestable not our country. Yeah we have done some bad things and worse but that is the ruling class, the power hungry, the politicians.

      2. Hook up with a Veteran:


        Hook up with a crack head. Those fuckers know how to live off the streets. They can find food anywhere, they can’t be killed. You want to know SHTF experience, crack heads live it everyday.

        • I don’t know John S…. crack-heads are a lot like cockroaches. I agree, hard to kill and seemingly born to survive; but, they carry diseases galore, can’t trust ’em worth a damn, smell like what they eat and live in… But, I do see your point. This all comes down, none of us are going to be smelling too good. And as Selco is always reminding us – trust is a fragile and fleeting thing; and, disease is a certainty. Only problems I see with teaming with a veteran are basically 2 thing. 1. they tend to think of the fight as how it was done in the last war. 2. they tend to follow ‘the rules’ they were taught and had to operate under. Unconventional is a mild statement for what a war on our nation’s soil would be like.

          • Your post seems to imply you pal around with crackheads and have on occasion engaged in a few firefights with veterans and you have experience with civil war. What diverse and exciting life you must live! Nah, you’re just pos keyboard commando. I’ll remember to keep clear of you and those like you when the time comes. POS!

            • Interesting post MJBN. As I don’t drink or do any drug, your first comment makes no sense. In my career, I’ve supported quite a few LEO and other such groups. I happen to love history and truly fear what would happen in this country if another civil war broke out. I happen to work for a living. Self-employed and independent of any corporate ties. But as you say, you’re to remember to keep clear of me and others of my kind. Good choice. I’ll expect you to honor that statement.

              • Well, you “think” you know about crackheads you “think” you know something about vets, especially a vet in a fight, I’m calling bullshiit on your azz.

                “Only problems I see with teaming with a veteran are basically 2 thing. 1. they tend to think of the fight as how it was done in the last war. 2. they tend to follow ‘the rules’ they were taught and had to operate under. Unconventional is a mild statement for what a war on our nation’s soil would be like.” How could a prissy little keyboard commando like yourself make these ascertains? Ever been in a real fight? I mean a real fight? I’m staying away from big talkers who never walked the walk, I’m staying away from you and anyone like you. POS!

        • why would I want to hook up with someone who lives hand-to-mouth and thinks they are owed everything? I’ve dealt with the current generation of addicts, my suggestion is keep them far from you.

      3. All real Americans can take care of themselves.
        As far as these mambe pambe political correct types that have their head up there ass texting GOD HELP US.

      4. Just one question that has concerned me recently: I have a “Smart” phone. I hate it!! I’m thinking of trying to get my old cell phone restarted for a number of reasons_ I spend too much time on the internet (feel “hooked”, i.e., not “free”) and also, I hate the thought of ANYONE spying on me! Its not a question of me “breaking a law”– its the principle! If I got an old cell phone restarted, (it doesn’t have internet service available), would TPTB still be able to spy on me– know where I am and what I say/ text, etc.? (I never give my true name when setting up phone service). thanks! (Its an old Samsung, virgin mobile phone– got it numerous years ago).

        • Get a prepaid “burner” phone at Walmart.

          Buy your minutes on refill cards using cash for the purchase.

          But all you’ll be able to do on it is use it as a telephone or do some text messaging (texting leaves a traceable record of the text).

        • Anonymous, I was using an old flip phone for the same reasons for a lot of years. However, “they” are upgrading the cell towers to 5G, so 2G phones are being phased out. I did get a 3G flip and haven’t activated the Internet, GPS, etc. I try to fly under the radar as much as possible, too.

        • You don’t have to use the internet just because it’s available on your phone.

          If you don’t receive many calls, you can keep your phone wrapped in aluminum foil or in a special container to block everything, including the GPS.

          • “You don’t have to use the internet just because it’s available on your phone.”

            actually, yes you do. smartphones constantly communicate, weather or not the user initiates it.

        • They will now….

      5. The US army did not loose every war since WWII the wars were lost in the halls of congress. So pull your head out of your ass and take a breath.
        The US Army won every engagement when the enemy chose to fight. The Army was not trained to fight an insurgency due to politics.
        Listen to what JJ is saying we were both trained by the JFKSWC to teach others to fight as insurgents or to fight an insurgency.
        Big Army always resented Special Warfare soldiers because we had a bigger budget and attracted the best people.
        To dismiss soldiers out of hand just shows what a dick you are.

        • Thank you. There are some real jackazzes here that needed to be cut down a few notches. Pompous bastards they are!

      6. J.J. is Waco Davidian nuts.

        When reading his articles, I think I’m reading FRANK BURNS “How To Be A Stupid Putz”

      7. “Throughout the years, men and women…”

        (Needle scratches of the record. Breaks screeching.)

        Would you like to start with how to organize a society or polity.

      8. To those of you who don’t want to talk to veterans regarding tactics. Not a problem. Stay away from them. And when it hits the fan and you get lucky and capture equipment remember the manual won’t be in the enemies pocket. I’m a vet and I’m not wasting time trying to train a wannabe soup sandwich that’s gonna be cannon fodder. I’m going to go to ground with other vets and bide my time. Tactics don’t change shit bags only your weapons and technology do. Read Sun Tsu and the Ranger manual. The Army still walks Gettysburg learning how to fight. Why? Tactics that’s why. Go play Call of Duty and pretend you’re a Seal. Hopefully I find something useful on your corpse. Scouts Out.

        • Your right, here’s a list of just a few of the manuals i have copy’s of for US Army weapons, the M2, 249 SAW, 240B, M60, M79, Tow, AT4, Javelin, Law, M9, M16/M4, M203, Mark 19, and M252. Along with those manuals i also have manuals on US Army comm radios. Plus i have the latest infantry manuals on operations in urban terrain, better known as MOUT. Most of these manuals can be found on line, but being on your computer, or kindle won’t do you any good after an EMP, that’s why you should look for print copy’s. If you do some searching you can find print copy’s at Army/Navy surplus stores, or EBay.

      9. Geez,are we prepping for a disaster,civil war,invading armies,or what? I thought this site was for prepping in case of an emergency of some kind.

        • boy scouts taught ME to “be prepared”……….for ANY OLD THING.

        • it is. dont limit yourself to one emergency, prep for them all.

      10. Common sense should prevail. You do not have to worry about space aliens or Red Dawn-type incidents. Since 2005, we have seen Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, and now the Hawaii volcanoes. The most important thing you can do is have a plan.
        If you’re commuting, have survival supplies and cash on hand. If you are home, have needful supplies and means of self-family protection. Should Rainier erupt, I have much more to fear than Chinese paratroopers falling from the skies. Here in North Idaho, we will be inundated by refugees, including a lot of stoners from King County, WA.

        • “Should Rainier erupt, I have much more to fear than Chinese paratroopers falling from the skies.”
          what if BOTH happen?

          • agree. a large scale natural disaster is exactly the reason we could expect to see blue helmets and their “humanitarian” bullshiz.

      11. Not sure the Viet Cong is a good study. After TeT they ceased being a serious fighting force.

        • After Moscow, Napoleon ceased to be an effective leader and tactician. should we not study him either?

      12. I’m in luck. I’ve mastered all these skills by surfing prepper websites. Some might say I am a subject matter expert of sorts.

      13. I’m a Vietnam vet, and I’ve run into a number of Iraq and Afghanistan vets at the range and elsewhere. They have helped me learn to shoot again, and have been nothing but kind gentlemen, as they saw I am disabled, and they extended every courtesy to me and others at the range. These guys and gals are among the best I have seen, and they know what they’re doing. I urge you to stop putting them down, and to listen to them. They’re as good a bunch as any, just because they’re younger doesn’t mean they are stupid, they’re not. They make me proud to have once been a soldier like them.

      14. What you are talking about is old west indian fighting Geronimo exited before Mao. Daniel Boone existed in a guerilla fighting environment It is a natural for Americans who live in the country. I live in the mtns and my neighbors are natural guerilla fighters. The mtns are their homes where they grew up. They dress in boots and camo clothes normally and they hunt for fun. many are vets some ex special forces. Revolutions will happen in the country not the cities Basiclly avoid enemy strength and attack enemy weakness. Stay mobile and defend nothing Let them attack the wind, it will be a long war and they will attack your families and move them to camps to deny their support to you Every week end I hear gun fire and booming noises in the woods around me Dont mess with the people its their country

      15. read up on General Wendell Fertig in the Philippines in WW 2. A successful resistance commander and leader.

      16. The book The story of a secret state pub 1943 about the Polish underground is good for ideas on running a guerilla movement. The author was a Polish army officer captured in battle. One a train load of officer prisoners he was the only one in his box car who chose to escape when he could by jumping off into the darkness not seeing where he would land. the others were all shot by the Russians when they arrived at the end of their train trip. As long as you exist you tie down oppostion forces to guard targets you might hit. A stand up fight gets you gunships and napalm

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