A Post-Mortem On The Corpse Of ‘Social Justice’

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com


    I have been commenting on social justice propaganda for quite some time; long before it was fashionable to do so, and long before there was an organized movement of support to defend commentators who dared to question the insane dictates of the cult of political correctness. In my article ‘The Twisted Motives Behind Political Correctness’, published in early 2014, I outlined the basic philosophical underpinnings of political correctness and what these beliefs tend to lead to. At the time, the future for champions of individual liberty and reason appeared rather bleak. Today, I am happy to say the backlash against “third-wave feminism” and cultural Marxism has expanded beyond anything I could have dreamed.

    I do not want to diminish or underestimate the threat still posed to personal freedom by the adherents of the social justice cult, but at this stage I think it is safe to say that political correctness is effectively a dead movement walking.

    Recent statistics without bias are hard to come by. That said, the latest available numbers show that people who agree with “gender equality” are many, but those who identify as “feminist” are slim. In the U.S. this constitutes 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 that identify as feminist depending on which polls you look at, while in the U.K. feminists make up only 7 percent of the population.

    According to the CDC, abortion rates from 2008-2014 fell to historic lows post Roe v Wade. Abortion being a primary platform and leverage issue for social justice warriors, I take it as a good sign that even in a time of severe economic instability people are backing away from abortion as an acceptable option.

    Just as a general observation, social justice has not been a reliable driver for political success, considering the abject failure of the Clinton Campaign in 2016, which clung tightly to SJW ideologies throughout the election cycle.

    And finally, social justice has also not been selling so great in the marketplace. This is most evident in the entertainment world, where movies created by producers with open social justice agendas continually fail to bring in expected box office numbers.

    For example, the feminist-produced and-directed Ghostbusters reboot ended with a dismal showing compared to many other blockbuster movies of with the same production costs, ending its run with an estimated $70 million loss.

    Feminist action films perpetuating the fantasy of physical parity between the sexes, like the movie Atomic Blonde, though receiving accolades from mainstream critics (like all social justice films do), have had embarrassing showings in theaters.

    And finally, perhaps the biggest sign of a sea change against social justice in pop culture, even massive brand names like Star Wars are suffering when social justice propaganda is injected into the franchise. The latest installment, The Last Jedi, with its obvious and heavy-handed social justice messages, had one of the worst second week showings of all the Star Wars movies (adjusted for inflation) and only generated a little over half of the revenues brought in by The Force Awakens. Not to mention the highly critical audience reviews and the complete bomb the movie suffered in the Chinese market, which was supposed to help elevate revenues that were expected to be much higher.

    So, what has spurred this societal rush for the exits when it comes to cultural Marxist ideals? There are many reasons why Americans in particular cannot stand these people. Here are just a few…

    Deliberate Deconstructionism Of Root Mythologies

    One of the core tenets of cultural Marxism is the destruction of a society’s vital mythologies and symbols. In other words, the very psychological archetypes that make up the collective unconscious are targeted.

    This is one of the reasons why SJWs are so obsessed with the entertainment industry. Much of the art and stories that inspire us in modern times are found in film and television. Identity politics has been the premier staple of Hollywood the past decade, so much so that it is no longer even hidden. In fact, despite the reality that the SJW ideology has been proven to be a money loser, production companies are STILL pushing the issue, choosing political messages over profits. Parables are often more powerful than real events and present a tempting tool for mass mind control.

    Social Justice deconstructionism is often mistaken as an unintended “business blunder,” but the truth is that these companies are absolutely aware of what they are doing. Cultural Marxists want to dismantle social and biological norms, moral principles and beloved heroes because they hope to create internal chaos within a nation. Once this occurs, they desire to then instill their ownideology on the confused and fearful populace.

    Unmitigated Self-Indulgence

    Social Justice is also rooted in the notion that self-indulgence and gluttony on every level should be celebrated as healthy and “progressive.” Sexuality is a purely recreational affair without consequence or physical and psychological responsibility. Not only this, but it should be pursued in as many forms as possible, and if a person sees something wrong with this or has a natural inclination to avoid these behaviors, then they are “homophobic,” “transphobic,” racist, fascist, etc.

    Obesity is defended as “beautiful” and “wholesome” through the “body positivity movement,” even though it has been proven in every notable study to result in incessant health problems including diabetes, heart disease, birth defects, cancer and clinical depression.

    And, perhaps the worst indulgence of all; the psychological indulgence of intellectual isolation is encouraged. “Safe spaces” are enforced as a means to protect the social justice cult from challenging ideas and people. Willful ignorance is applauded as ideological strength and an act of loyalty to the collective. All intellectual opponents are treated as monstrous criminals rather than merely informed adversaries with a different point of view.

    The Attempted Erasure Of Masculinity

    In my article ‘Will Manliness Make A Comeback In 2018‘ I outlined why masculinity in particular has been so often targeted by SJWs. In fact, masculinity represents an element of unpredictability to a society that is important to individual liberty but dangerous to the establishment. Femininity tends to lend itself far more to collectivism and, by extension, the desire to rely on an outside force like the government as a provider and for security when a masculine presence is not available.

    When masculinity is repressed in a society and matriarchy is entrenched, such systems are historically doomed to failure and collapse. Superior production, invention, organization and security are a staple of a masculine foundation within a culture. The war on men is yet another product of cultural Marxist deconstructionism.

    By extension, the assertion that masculinity is evil within men is often followed by the assertion that masculine displays by women are empowering and good. In this way, true femininity is also under attack, as women that enjoy and naturally gravitate towards biologically feminine roles are admonished by feminists as being “slaves of the patriarchy” or “breeders” that hold back the social justice movement.

    Life Is About Emotional Validation

    Validation without merit and demanded empathy without discrimination are time bombs within any culture. Social justice thrives on these disturbing ideals.

    It is important to point out that these mindsets are often an extension of narcissism. Narcissists make up about 10% of any given population at any given point in history, which is interesting because latent sociopaths and psychopaths (as well as full blown sociopaths and psychopaths) also make up approximately 10% of any given population. SJWs are liable to display both narcissistic and sociopathic qualities, desiring constant emotional validation from all the people around them while also holding morally relativistic stances on most issues.

    This does not mean that SJWs do not appear empathetic. Quite the opposite. Most narcissists and sociopaths are highly adept at hiding their aberrant character flaws behind causes, platitudes and virtue signaling. They have to believe that the things they do and the ideals they seek to enforce are grounded in moral soil, even though the consequences of these ideals are usually destructive. When confronted with reality, that they are the villains rather than the heroes they imagine themselves to be, they can become erratic and violent.

    SJWs have effectively turned sociopathy and narcissism into a civil rights movement.

    Identity Politics

    SJWs see group identity as the defining factor in a person’s personal worth, as well as the worth inherent in their ideas and claims. Now to be fair, SJWs are not the only group guilty of this idiocy. The so-called “Alt-Right,” which is actually a tiny contingent of pretenders that claim to be “conservative,” is rampant with people that think skin color is somehow immediately reflective of mindset. While SJWs see all white people as inherently dangerous, the Alt-Right sees all non-white people as inherently dangerous. This of course ignores all cultural factors and individual factors for the sake of lazy broad brush politics and absurd non-solutions. These groups are basically two sides of the same coin.

    That said, it is true that SJWs are the most aggressive and vicious of the two sides so far.

    SJWs adore identity politics because they see victimhood as a currency. Victim group status can be used within a socialist/collectivist system to purchase entitlements from the state, which is the only god-figure that these people know or love. The more oppressed you are on the list of victim groups, the more stuff you can get from government, as long as that government is also collectivist in nature.

    This helps to explain the sudden explosion in the trans-person fad over the past few years. White people in particular are extremely disadvantaged within the identity politics ladder of oppression, UNLESS they identify as transgender. This allows them a quick route to victim status and social entitlements, swiftly surpassing other ethnic groups.

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty – Trial By The Mob

    Whenever I see SJWs in action I am always reminded of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, in which a man is prosecuted for a crime that is never explained to him and sentenced without understanding how or why. As his trial commences, he makes a rousing speech appealing to logic and reason but is laughed at by the hordes and the courts as if what he is asking for is ridiculous.

    This is the social justice standard — to attack all opponents as inherently criminal. To label them racist, misogynistic, homophobic or privileged from birth by virtue of their skin color or gender. This argument even extends to “implicit bias” which they claim makes all white people specifically racist and advantaged without them even being consciously aware of it. They also accuse all men of being innately sexist and violent.

    This allows SJWs to make indictments without evidence, for how can anyone ever prove or measure such a thing as “implicit bias” and show that they DON’T suffer from it. Proving a negative (a virtual impossibility) becomes the task  the accused must perform to purify themselves before the court of social justice. It’s simpler for many to apologize for whatever they are accused of and sublimate in the hopes of redemption.

    What many SJWs don’t seem to realize is that by using broad and abstract ideas such as “hate speech” as a means to attack and criminalize their opponents as guilty until proven innocent, they also open the door for governments to do the same using similar justifications.

    A recent and horrifying example is the Spanish government’s implementation of “hate speech laws” against eight teachers that are vocal proponents of the Catalan separatist movement!  What do Catalan issues have to do with hate speech?  It doesn’t matter. As we critics of social justice have been warning for years, literally anything can be labeled “hate speech” without due process, and one day this might even come back to bite cultural Marxists on the ass.

    A saying comes to mind which was popularized by Michael Savage, but stated first as far as I can tell in Ecclesiastes 9:10:

    Whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge shall be in hell, whither thou art hastening.

    In other words, hell is a place without reason, and SJWs are seeking to construct hell on Earth.

    Are Social Justice Warriors Actually Aliens From Another Planet?

    This would help explain a lot, and I wish it were that easy. SJWs act like they cannot fathom humanity and despise the dictates of human nature. They display elements of moral relativism and lack critical thought. They seem to operate on a completely different set of intellectual and emotional rules. That which has sustained human society for thousands of years and hundreds of generations is not of any value to them. They almost seem to be studying how to dissect humanity rather than participate in humanity.

    Unfortunately, these people are indeed entirely human, which is a depressing fact to say the least. They are what Carl Jung describes in his book The Undiscovered Self as an expression of the “collective shadow.” That 10% (and sometimes greater) of a nation that embraces sociopathic tendencies and organizes in the worst of economic and cultural conditions.

    Luckily, this “invasion” is being squelched in the U.S., at least in the past couple of years. Before long, the term SJW may be a distant memory of a time that history will consider a brutal hallucination, rife with a mob based mental illness that almost consumed the world.


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      1. Brandon Smith, thank you for another great analysis. Snowflakes, BLM folks, KKK folks, and others that cannot engage with people that have different views or other differences; want to impose thought police and other methods to silence folks that are different. I’m extremely disappointed that my fellow Americans don’t realize that our President is trying to prioritize AMERICAN CITIZENS. America is a country of CITIZENS first, legal visitors second, and scofflaws (illegal aliens) that disregard our immigration laws last.

      2. Actually, what made the Ghostbusters reboot flop was not feminism but the bad script and terrible direction that could not be saved by ham-handed studio meddling (re-shoots and editing to the bone). The obvious exception to my criticism of your criticism (how postmodern is that, right) is the casting of the feminized Thor guy as the receptionist. Your basic feminist reversal, so of course the stud muffin the girls all drool over (well, the straight ones, anyway) has to become the secondary villain. The scenes with the ladies playing off each other comically in the lab are generally hilarious. Even with stellar visual effects (the ghosts were awesome), the rest of this mess is typical leftist Hollywood sewage.

        • +Stormy Actually, you’re wrong. The director and producer of the Ghostbusters movies are both rabid feminists. The script was bad because it was written with the goal of promoting the feminist agenda, rather than telling a good story. You can’t separate feminism from the failure of that movie.

      3. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. The SJW movement is unfortunately not dead yet. It’s winter time. Think of them like a rattlesnake almost frozen in hibernation. Come spring…… Beware the Ides of March.

      4. We can’t have any white public officials putting America first. Still not allowed by the
        Democrats. It’s racist because Maxine Waters says so.

      5. They need to use trickery and social intimidation to magnify their perceived injustices because simple math relegates their oppressed groups into insignificance.

      6. SJW?
        Social Justice ???

      7. Great article! Everyone should read this. I am so tired of victimhood and identity politics. Every liberal seems to have a chip on their shoulder. How horrible it must be to live a life of victimhood and anger.

      8. Mac,

        Thank you for reposting this article by Brandon Smith. First saw it on ZH and hope it gets widely dispersed. Great article. I have for many months now seen signs that a corner has been turned. The war is far from over: Deep State, cabal, Hollywood, Dem politicians and their ilk are deeply entrenched and committed. They are all in. It is total war for them. But even some sheeple are finally waking up.

        This war has been going on probably forever. At least since Karl Marx. I began to see it for what it was @ early 70’s. By mid 90’s I realized how serious it was and began speaking out. By the time the community organizer became our sodomite in chief I started to become alarmed. Things were beginning to look very bleak indeed.

        The 2016 election was perhaps a turning point but I wasn’t ready to get my hopes up. The dark forces will not go quietly into the night and there are many battles yet to be fought in the years ahead. But I now am feeling there is reason for hope and can see that we will see a more sane world…. someday. God willing in my lifetime. Lord knows I’ve been fighting long and hard for it.

        Viva la (2nd) Revolution!!

        • SJW has not gone away; they just moved to Canada, the UK, the UN etc. I would say the SJW is even more powerful now than they were two decades ago. They now guide whole countries (Canada) and global institutions. Trump is nothing more than a wind bag and a passing blip on the horizon.

      9. Brandon, well done! Thank you.
        There are several points I would define as understatement.
        On being: “They display elements of moral relativism and lack critical thought.”
        yep true enough..except much of these SJW’s behavior is deeply rooted in moral relativism..as a matter of push back against their own sense of conviction for their own “sins”.
        There could be a whole article on this topic alone..

      10. One man’s “freedom fighter” is another man’s “terrorist”. Whether someone is a “social justice warrior” depends on whether his views agree with your own.

        • No, some people are just straight up terrorists and embrace that strategy wholeheartedly. Terrorists are defined by their actions. SJWs are Marxist terrorists.

      11. SJW’s: the entire clan deserves to HANG period or to be given a nice, warn Napalm bath if you prefer…same end result my fellow Patriots.

      12. The image of the SJW known as “ Jiggly Puff “ comes to mind whenever I pause to consider these voracious predators; a fatberg throwing a temper tantrum because a person spoke the plain truth within its hearing range….. with her globuled and bloated appendages swinging wildly, she somehow, most likely by gravity alone managed to be incapeable of moving her core ) though she was obviously exerting all the force she could muster ), spittle spraying and eyes as large as the platters from which she sucks down the tonnage necessary for her life force to maintain her weight to space ratio of 350/1, she screamed out her sirens song, sounding much like the death gurgle of a cantankerous toad.

        As such a fine representative of their sub species “ Jiggly Puff “, our be immortalized in brass, preferably by pouring molten metal over her as she is now.

      13. A load of crap. Social justice means nothing more than “all men are created equal”.
        Some people seem to think their brand of what is right…is actually right.

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