A Metaphor For America: 700 Pound Man Plans To Eat And Play Video Games While Naked Until He Dies

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Headline News | 99 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    34-year-old Casey King is so obese that he can’t work, he has to bathe outside in a trough like a pig, and he has to rely on his father to constantly take care of him. He now weighs more than 700 pounds, but he just keeps on eating massive amounts of unhealthy food. Just like America as a whole, he has absolutely no self-discipline and absolutely no desire to turn his life around. On some level he understands that he is literally killing himself with his destructive behavior, but he does not have a desire to change. Instead, he told TLC that he “will just eat until I am dead”

    Featuring in a TLC TV series called Family by the Ton, Casey said: “I will just eat until I am dead, probably.

    “I wake up around 12, figure out something I’m going to eat immediately [then it’s] TV, video games, bed — it’s not a lot of activity.”

    Because of the hot weather in Georgia he prefers to skip clothes, wearing only a headset through which he uses to chat to other gamers playing online.

    It is easy to criticize Casey for his lack of activity, but he is really not too different from most other Americans.

    As I have written about before, the average American spends approximately five hours a day watching television. We are willingly plugging ourselves into “the propaganda matrix” for thousands upon thousands of hours, and of course that is going to greatly affect our outlook on life and how we see the world.

    But of course most Americans don’t watch television and play video games while naked. But for Casey, clothes have become too restricting and so he just sits on his bed naked all day long

    ‘It’s hot in Georgia, and all my clothing is restricting and tight, so I just sit there naked, free as can be and no one bothers me — door’s shut, we’re good,’ he explained.

    The gaming community has become a safe space for him because it allows him to escape his everyday life.

    ‘I’m accepted in all those virtual reality worlds and the gaming world I’m in,’ he said. ‘No one sees me. That is my outside. That is my world that I can be the Casey I want to be, but not be judged on my weight.’

    The only reason why Casey is able to live this kind of lifestyle is because his father takes care of him and pays all the bills.

    And on a much grander scale, isn’t this what our country is turning into? Young adults are flocking to socialist ideas because they want the nanny state to take care of them from the cradle to the grave and give them everything for free.

    At 34 years of age, Casey should be in the prime of his life, but instead he is utterly dependent on his father as he waits around to die. He needs a reason to live, and right now he doesn’t have one. In the end, this is not how he anticipated his life would turn out

    ‘I never would’ve thought at 34 I’d be living with my father, and I’d have no job, have no real money, and just be playing video games all day and eating,’ he said.

    It would be really easy to look down on Casey, but the truth is that our nation is just like him in so many ways.

    At this point, we are a nation that completely lacks self-discipline. Obesity is at an all-time high in the United States, millions of us are addicted to legal and illegal drugs, we have one of the highest rates of alcoholism on the planet, 37 percent of all Americans have eaten fast food within the last 24 hours, and the CDC says that 110 million Americans currently have a sexually-transmitted disease.

    But when I first learned about Casey, I didn’t think about any of those things.

    Instead, I thought about our exploding mountain of debt. Like Casey, we just can’t stop ourselves from going back for more. We have been on the greatest debt binge in the history of the world, but our hunger just keeps growing.

    In just a matter of days, the U.S. national debt will hit the 22 trillion dollar mark, but nobody in Washington seems to care. But if you were to sit down and talk with most of our politicians, they would ultimately admit that all of this debt is an existential threat to our nation. It is just that they completely lack the willpower to do anything about it.

    We know that what we are doing is definitely going to kill us, but we are not willing to change.

    Meanwhile, state and local government debt levels are at record highs, public and private pensions are unfunded by trillions upon trillions of dollars, corporate debt has doubled since the last financial crisis, auto loan debt is at an all-time high, credit card debt is absolutely soaring, and student loan debt has roughly tripled over the last decade.

    So please don’t be too critical of Casey, because the truth is that he would make a perfect poster boy for what we have become as a nation.

    When people point to a modestly good short-term economic number as some sort of “victory”, I just laugh, because the truth is that all of those numbers are fueled by record amounts of debt.

    During 2018, we added close to 1.4 trillion dollars to our national debt. If all of that money was pulled out of the economy and we had only been spending what we had been bringing in, we would be in the worst depression in American history right now.

    The only way we can maintain our economic facade is by endlessly gorging ourselves on debt, but in the process we are literally destroying the bright future that our children and our grandchildren were supposed to have.

    In the final analysis, what we are doing to ourselves as a nation makes Casey King look like a sharp, disciplined, athletic young man in comparison.

    If we keep doing this to ourselves, we have no future, and nobody can argue with that.


    Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

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      1. Obesity is a sign of a disturbed mind 95% of the time. Unless someone is on steroid treatment (say for Lupus where they can baloon up as a side effect) no one should be obese. Technically this can be as little as 25 lbs overweight and does not include pregnancy.

        It’s a bad coping mechanism analgous to self-medicating due to persistant sadness and frustration.

        Vibrant fulfilled people in loving relationships generally have normal body mass indices (BMI). Some athletes are exceptions.

        • htt ps://www.hmrprogram.com/resources/getting-started/bmi-chart
          The general guideline through a table is quite inaccurate as you need an actual caliper (pinch test) IF you are muscular. Most are not, so the table then is quite accurate.

          Allowances are made for older folks (55+) with less physical activity. No healthy young person should be obese.

          • The average American spends five hours a day watching TV? I cannot even begin to connect with that kind of lifestyle. I’m 54 years old and I work an average of about 55 hours a week. When I come home I’m down in my man cave doin stuff. Or outside during nice weather doin stuff. Stories and people like this disgust me. I was watching a video on YouTube (when I went to bed) about this gubmint shutdown and how it’s gonna affect ebt card holders. Most of the people that were interviewed were fat and wearing pretty nice clothes. I paid over $20,000 in taxes last year, I’m glad to see they’re spending it wisely. It amounts to modern day slavery.

            • Amen, brother, on all points as im 51 and my being focuses around NOT being the typical American either. Im Fit active and work all the time, plus i cut the cable so i dont have internet save for my phone or tv anymore, no sense in having it, too busy. I also exercise self restraint at the table. There is ONE reason for obesity and its the hand that shovels the food into the mouth, both kind and quantity. END IF STORY.

          • There are two “pig out” females near me, early 50’s and early 60’s one near 400 lbs other over 450 who love to stuff themselves with pizza, pastries, cakes, soft drinks, etc. Both have auto immune diseases. Losers, like many folks today. Wanted me to come to their house and pig out w/them, told them I had to stick with wt watchers, DASH, and low carbs to maint. wt. Yes it’s a blast eating cakes, pies, etc. if you have a hi metabolism when young, can’t do it now.

        • “Obesity is a sign of a disturbed mind 95% of the time.”

          it is? I’d like to see the supporting data for that particular statistic…

          • It’s common sense. There is no intellgent reason to be at least 30lbs overweight. Gluttony is a sign of poor emotional control.

            • Gluttony is a sign of laziness. The remnants of USA will right themselves after some event clears out slobs like this.

              Hard times make strong men
              Strong men make good times.
              Good times make weak men.
              Rinse and repeat.

              • Gluttony is a sign of many moral failings, laziness included. It is not; however, the sole cause of obesity.

                In this guys case it is, no doubt, gluttony and laziness.

            • ah I see. My mistake, I took your statement to mean a solid statistic on mental illness and its relationship to obesity, not a subjective commentary on gluttony

      2. As a son, brother, cousin, nephew, parent, uncle,
        grand parent, and God parent, I have dealt with all sorts of human misbehavior from family.
        The one thing I will never do is enable
        It is a danger to the family member and
        to me.
        Perhaps Democrats should consider that when they
        vote for enablers.
        If the kid in this post were mine, he’d be sleeping
        outside in his own filth. I’d give him water
        and a blanket. I’d supply him with celery-only.

        • 700 Pound Man Plans To Eat And Play Video Games While Naked Until He Dies

          Truly living the American Dream…… (wipes tear from my eye)

          • The guy is a bum, no doubt on disability (like many pig people) eating junk foods, trans fats, HFCS, etc. and carrying around 50-80 lbs of bowel waste too.

            • You are very self rightous.
              How about we dig in your past or look under your bed?

              Why is it that people feel intitled to disparge fat people? To pick on them.
              You can not make a comment about a black. What if you say the mythical N word.
              Can’t make comment about a woman’s slut behaivor and poor life choices. Idiotic tattoos. Idiotic vapeing.
              Can not make negative comment about a fag/queer.
              Can’t make a comment about a jj ee ww.
              Even saying the word causes this websites filter to ban your comment. Even though I am one by birth, “Thanks Mom”.
              Call a bum a bum and people will correct you and say “homeless”.
              Illegal criminal mexicans are now “dreamers”.

              If I disagree with ANY of the above people at work and call them on their BS. I get fired. No trial. No jury. No saying my side of things. No defending myself is allowed. They just will fire me for telling the truth.

              But Fat people are open season. Why?
              White males are open season. Why?
              Christians are open season. Why?

              But blacks and slut women are Saints. No matter the bad life choices they make it is always the man’s fault. Right?

              Leave fat people alone. Many of them deal with trauma and abuse. Eating is their coping mechanism. Leave the Fat people be.

              America will have death camps soon. Or maybe they are already here now? We will not go quitely.

              For weeks, There has been steady procession of twin rotor helicopters in the area. What are they up too? Practicing to kill Americans? SF will isolate, kill services, utils, cell, in a area, take the city block by block. You will hear nothing on News. It will be quite. Coming for you in the night.

              We Americans will not go easily. Each jj ee ww need to take out 60 or more opponents to prevail. We are always so outnumbered in Is ra el by dangerous enemies.

              Above scenario is one reason real time communication banned on sites like this. Communication and free speech is banned under tyranny.

              Boulder Colorado registering guns. The politicians don’t want people to have ability to say “No”.

              Regime change is in order for Boulder Colorado. Ruling class NWO are the problem everywhere.

              We are banned, burned, gased, slaughtered, yet we are fearless. And well armed for self defense purpose.

        • Rellik, it sounds like this more than likely is learned behavior. It’s also quite possible that the father gets FMLA through his employer or gets disability so he can stay home and “take care” of this tub. It’s obvious this guy can’t do much so daddy should be making healthy food and not running to McDonald’s for this slovenly loser.

          • New weight loss program: If you can’t get it yourself, you don’t get to eat it, you fat slob!

      3. Where’s my Cheeto’s at? I’m making a smoothie with high fructose corn syrup. Yum.

      4. htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metabolic_syndrome
        Technically 3 million Americans out of 330 million have central obesity, high BP, hyperglycemia, high triglycerides, low LDL cholesterol, and thus are fatter than normal due to known and unknown causes.

        You will hear excuses about it but honestly it ony legitimately affects a miniscule portion of Americans. The vast bulk (not sorry for the pun), are hypochondriacs who do not have metabolic syndrome. They are just fat.

        • Lardasses want obesity considered a disability. Their real disability is lead in their ass.

      5. It is so sad to watch this great social experiment come to a close.
        Our founders were brilliant – We over generations have ignored them and have allowd a bloated centralized federal government that the people expect to take care of them from cradle to grave.
        The democrats and liberals have been eating away at our founders wisdom
        States rights – taxation – regulations, more abc agencies that only cause us problems and costs.
        Unfortunately it will all come crashing down and if you think you or the American people are prepared – You would be delusional. – It will be very very ugly

      6. Well just maybe…his EBT card will be closed and he’ll have to live off of his own blubber?

        I have a sister who was morbidly obese who finally had the stomach bypass surgery and in 6 months has dropped over 100 lbs. There is hope if there is the will.

        • The fat slobs that get that damn surgery are just fat lazy slobs. One of my fat, no good, weak sisters got it done and now the dumb whore thinks she is slick & cocky since she isn’t 275 lbs. any longer but she is still a mental-midget, ahhh, they are all the same my friends. Just send them a bag of chocolate covered-dicks.

          • He should, and everyone should at that, go on an intermittent fast. Spend 16 hours a day having no calorific food, most of which can be spent sleeping, then miss out on breakfast. I have been doing 18/6, that is 18 hours of no calorific food; results clearer skin, more energy, better guts, at least for myself. Everyones journey will vary though.

      7. I just spent the better part of two days sharpening chainsaws,knives,hatchet,axe,machete, lawnmower blades,shovels,scissors, hoe,loppers,cable cutters,router bits,drill bits,circular saw blades hedge trimmers and hand saws (half fast).
        That would have been a good job for fat boy.

      8. He likely lacks the ancestral skills and so would end up making a mess of things. The average American can’t sharpen a pocket knife! Nit only that, but a massively obese person typically has heart and liver issues and so is always out of breath and especially under even minimal strain.

        There were no fat people in labor camps throughout history. It’s merely excess calories versus physical exertion and typically excess fat and sugar calories. Excess protein is eliminated by the kidneys. The others are stored.

        Typically someone who is 50+ lbs overweight has Candida infections ongoing in the folds of their skin and then begins to have thrush on their tongue. They smell bad and then the skin is prone to even worse infections and they get sores from that as well as bed sores. These lead to dangerous circulatory issues and even necrosis!

        • If you exercise moderately and are a guy on a hobby farm or similar, then a caveman diet works because of this excretion of excess protein. What happens is your body breaks down protein by enzymes from the lver that get shunted to the right organs for processing. Any excess is eliminated.

          Here is the science.

          Just use some care not to eat crazy amounts of fat. You likely will get “ripped” like a flyweight boxer.

          Ladies preppers tend to do a lot of work but they also have higher BMI due to their gender. Low levels of fat are not normal, particularly in young ladies, as it causes hormonal issues. This then makes the brain go, “hold yer horses, you need fat!”, and then they get belly fat. WHY? Abdominal fat tends to create hormones. It’s an odd adaptation. It’s why a lady has trouble losing fat during dieting.

      9. This 34 year old has given up and is suicidal.

        It is easy to cast stones. It is harder to find causes and remedies.

        Some people are obese when they are two years old. That means that they weigh 400 pounds as teens or in their early twenties. So it is possible for them to change their lifestyle at this juncture in their lives, and many do just that.

        Flouride in water interferes with iodine uptake which causes hypothyroidism or slow metabolism resulting in lethargy and obesity.

        In children, flouride reduces IQ by 7 points on average, causing retardation in cases where the brain is most susceptible, during gestation. Pregnant women must avoid flouride and supplement with iodine or from fish and sea vegetables.


        • Babies born to diabetic mothers often are very overweight and often have to be delvered Caesarean section as standard delivery is nigh impossible. Such things are vital to understand for preppers.

          I would bet the preponderance of obese children at age two have a similar background.

          • Obese kids after SHTF and preppers need to be worried….. Whoda thunk it? Doesnt get more Orwellian than that. Life will be so good after SHTF that preppers will jave to worry about obese kids…. Wow. What reality did i fall into?

        • Honeypot, good points. The guy in this article is definitely retarded and so is his father for tolerating the situation. If the father had good sense he would do something called TOUGH LOVE and force his son onto some kind of diet. I’d hate to see what the grocery bill alone for that lardass would be.

          • That guy might well be eating his father’s retirement funds.

            • no doubt he gets a healthy chunk of “public assistance” and “disability”

          • Deplorable R: The father of that loser is a loser himself, probably a drunk or food junkie also.

        • He needs to make some serious changes or just end it and swallow a double barrel loaded with 3-inch Slugs and night-night Fat BOyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’

      10. You have to get to them before they swell up like that.
        A lot of folks say millenealls are lazy but my experience is that nobody has showed them how to do anything. I start them out on simple stuff like building a campfire and they soak it up like sponges.At the same time that gives me the opportunity to point out they could gather more firewood if they weren’t using one hand to hold up their pants.

        • One hand for the pants. The other hand for the iPhone! lol

          • B: BINGO!!!! Ding-ding, ding Correct!

      11. Some people are just pieces of shit and death is the best thing.

        I say, let this person be.

        • JS, I have to agree. If he’d been MY kid, he would’ve been kicked out the door as soon as he turned 18 and told, “Look, you’re 18 and legally an adult so now it’s time to go out on your own. Go and best wishes to you.” As soon as I turned 18 I went out on my own like I was expected to and never looked back. I’ve had my ups and downs over the years but I never went back to the parents crying for help. I dealt with all the situations myself like I was expected to and came out OK. I didn’t get rich or anything like that but I survived every curveball that life has ever thrown at me. That kid in the story ain’t gonna make it. You’re damn right just let him be. He made his own bed so he can go lay his stupid ass don on it.

        • J. Stiner: agree, let ’em die useless eaters.

      12. Its the meat. all commercial meat growing operations. no matter if its beef ,pork , poultry or even fish. They feed hot rations laced with growth hormones. Those hormones make the animals mature faster and get fat. When humans consume a steady diet of that hormone meat. The Residuals from those hormones make them fat. looks at the little kids the mature and go thru Puberty very young. have a pot gut and huge breast. Even the little boys need to wear a Bra!

        • True OG
          But most parents are too busy chasing the almighty dollar to do anything at the end of the day but prop their kids up in front of the tv game consol or computer.
          Im not kicking on them it takes a lot to get by.

          • Life is so tough that game consoles and tv are affordable but food with effort needed is not… Yep. Western 2019 Problems… Amazing. No wonder they dont defend their borders game consoles and propped feet… A countey they cant bear to keep, but readily armed with easo life painfully stupid and lazy excuses… Chinese domination will fix that.

      13. Yep, so much for timely posts….

        • Wah!

      14. Old guy:
        You are 100% correct.

        Growth hormone in meat causes obesity and early puberty.

        • The latest scietific data implicate microplastics which contaminate everything. There is a known issue with plastics causing estrogen-like compounds in the body. The more they inspect things like processed food, saltwater fish caught in the wild, bottled water, the more they detect.miniscule fragments of plastic.

          Likewise is urban areas, the city water supply is innundated by microplastic fragments and the excreted byproducts of drugs that are metabolized in patients. These then are present in the sewers which then are processed in wastewater treatment facilities. This is most likely cause for early onset puberty in girls and gynecomastia in boys. Pediatricians have been alarmed during routine examinations showing elevated Tanner scale results in young girls as young as 9 in some ethnicities and a far higher than normal result in the average girl aged 11.

      15. OG and Honeypot, I’ve been a meat eater my whole life and never got too big for my size. So the meat I’ve had didn’t have any growth hormones in it, I guess.

        • Some of the kids that eat that hormone meat are big enough and stout enough to hunt bear with a switch by time they are 12 if they get plenty of exercise.

        • DR If you ate any fast food in your life the meat had antibiotics in it.

        • Possibly you have a tape worm? Most folks who eat fast food and grocery store commercial meat are overweight if not obese. We raise our own. and I kill a lot of deer & squirrel. And I am lean and can out work guys twenty years younger than me.

          • There was actually a time in US history when people intentionally swallowed tapeworm eggs to induce a tapeworm parasite to maintain their weight!

      16. This is one of the best articles I’ve seen from Michael Snyder yet.

      17. My son who lives full time in Thailand ( navy vet – expat ), very seldom do you see an obese ( fat ) person in Thailand. He said the last time he came back to the states, he didn’t see an over weight person until he arrived Dallas / Fort Worth international.Then they were every where.

      18. I would hate to be the crew that has to come an clean him up.

        I would just throw some lime on him until there is no more left.

      19. “I’ll just eat until I’m dead, probably”

        There you have it.The cause of all his problems. A vicious circle. Fortunately, these types of problems tend to be self remedying. Too bad the kid’s father doesn’t love him or he wouldn’t enable this behavior.

        • I’m wondering about the costs for final expenses on this guy. Donate body to “science” and get a cost-free cremation?

          • Organ donation is better. You can help 80 people if you do that. Actually there is a critical shortage for med schools to teach gross anatomy because of the former. I think plastination is perfectly fine as a reasonable alternative unless one is planning on being a surgeon.

            • htt ps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plastination

            • dude could donate enough skin to cover an entire burn unit for a year…………….

          • Donate his body to science? How about to the local rendering plant. He’s carrying enough tallow to make many bars of soap. Seriously, this human throw-away is symptomatic of the social and cultural rot which has boiled to the surface since the Woodstock Generation. It will take some kind of Deus ex Machina event to change things. The culling will be horrific.

            • No soap…radio?
              ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_soap_radio

            • There was a huge obese guy died. and was sent to the crematorium here in Arkansas. and the fat rendered out and ran out into the floor and burnt the Crematorium down! Something about those growth hormones that are in the food. makes whatever & whoever injest them lazy. You have to be active and burn off more calories than you consume. sometimes with livestock you have what is termed a poor keeper. its a animal that never gets fat. it might be voracious and eat copious amounts of feed and you worm it and nothing works it stays skinny. and Then you have easy keepers that don’t consume much and stay in good condition. Those two extremes are quite prevalent amoung Horses.

      20. #1. Lack of physical exercise
        #2. Laziness
        #3. Fast-Food
        #4. Video games
        #5. Cellphones
        #6. Television

        The obesity epidemic in America is a direct result of the above.

      21. Growth horomones are good. Steroids are good too. Laziness is the problem. You ass don’t get fat if your not taking in excessive calories. Growth horomones and roids combined with a weight lifting routine build muscle. If you go to an anti aging doctor they will give you growth horomones. There are 60 year old men that can run circles around young guys. I work with guys who are fuckin bears. We move 55 gal drums by hand. They weigh 550 lbs. the problem is everyone is weak. I see men with man buns out there. They are metrosexual cucks. What modern society considers men is far from what being a man is. Man buns with soft hands never did anything hard and that’s why they will remain soft.

        • @Asshat – spot on brother! Something is making the men weaker (white men mostly for some reason?) every generation. Any red blooded man can see it. I am not as tough as my dad or his dad before him. I consider myself a manly man too. I fought at the world toughman on fox tv the series when it was a tv show. Work hard a push yourself physically and to do that you develope mental toughness. One feeds and developed the other. Keep your hands tough, get some sun, lift heavy stuff when you can, weed eat for cardio and put the protein to your body. But we are the Red Dawn generation too. That’s why we don’t relate to this new puss bag puss metrosexual man bun generation cucks!! What a disgrace they are to Daniel Boone, Sgt York and Audie Murphy!!! Can you imagine the pussy off springs they will raise?

      22. There was a article about growth hormones added to chickens. Seems it indicated if the same hormones were given to a human baby it would soon weigh hundreds of pounds.
        Plenty of folk eat out these days in the USA.. whats really in that food might shock us.

        • Those chickens grown inside those grower houses. owned by folks contracted to grow birds Tyson pilgrims pride or PECO ect. Those are genetically engineered to grow to huge weight very fast. and fed specific feed to speed up growth. By the time they load them up into cackle crates and haul them to be processed. The cant stand up. they just kinda waller around on the litter (fecies and rice hulls) the don’t even have feathers where they contact the ground. They raise several batches before cleaning out the litter. and those chicken houses smell like a dead rotting corpse left out in the sun for wa week in in july. I will just continue to eat my tough little bantam chickens that run around and exercise and eat insects.

      23. One would expect growth hormone to massively accelerate cancer as basically cancer is uncontrolled growth of tissue, often as a result of scarring. Otherwise some tumors can be caused by stem cells being in the wrong place, causing wildly out of controlled incorrect tissue. See teratoma.

        You would have to see if consumption of livestock using growth hormone led to things like a massive uptick in childhood leukemia like acute lymphobastic leukemia (ALL).

      24. Just reading the headline made me feel enormous sadness for this man as well as compassion.

        Mr. King needs intervention from both an Endocrinologist and a Psychiatrist.


        A diabetic did not cause her/his pancreas to stop producing enough insulin. Similarly, Mr. King has most likely something wrong in at least two systems in his body including his brain (each of which was not caused by him and which have victimized him).

        Surrounded by years by perhaps well meaning people who are underinformed about the role both endocrinology and brain biology can play in someone with his symptoms, the perception or false belief that he is lazy and that he chose this have now become something he himself believes and it can take on a self-fulfilling prophecy when it originally wasn’t.

        By vaccines that have been hijacked, by water with intentional fluoride in it, by GMOs designed to kill, by 5G which will be evil and deadly, and much more, we, too, are victims along with Mr. King.

        By having compassion on Mr. King, we can extend the same compassion toward ourselves and others.

        By assisting those who are suffering in the ways we know how, we will at the same time be helping ourselves.

        Leave judging others to God. Judge only behavior. If you leap from judging behavior to judging that person, then you have failed.

        But if you enter with non-judgmentalness and with compassion, you begin to effectuate healing for that person and for yourself.

        The forces of divisiveness want you to judge Mr. King, they want you to condemn him, they want you to self-righteously make yourself feel better by seeing your own self as better than Mr. King, or anyone else for that matter.

        Recognize whenever you are being split, or being invited to judge the person. Instead, judge the behavior and intervene with compassion and education.

        In the final analysis, despite our differences of health, sex, ethnicity, religion, etc., we are all Americans, we are all human.

        Dr. Peck wrote that evil is that which destroys and perhaps it begins with that which divides us! So ask yourself WHO is causing the dividing! And for what purposes?

        WHAT divides us begins with judging the person instead of judging only behavior and intervening appropriately and constructively.

        Life is difficult. Let’s not make it more difficult for others by judging others. This also requires us to expose destructive people who under the guise of niceness or title of elected office make your life and my own more miserable through vaccines they hijack, food they GENETICALLY modify, and much more.

        They may hate you and me for that. But I’d rather be hated for who I am or choose to be than loved for who I’m not.

        God bless you all. Stay in the light. Prep, pray, and stay in the light.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger, you said a mouthful. And I agree that our food, water, medicine and likely the air have all been tampered with in the quest for dollars ultimately.

          It is difficult to find and prepare untainted food to eat. I’ve done the best I could and see there are big differences in my health compared to my next youngest sister. We are 19 months apart and she’s already had a heart attack and has suffered from anemia along with assorted other issues. While she has always kept herself trim, I’ve always been fighting weight issues (low thyroid) so aside from allergies (and asthma–anyone have a cure?) and a bum knee, I suffer no age-related health problems.

          My goals this year are healthy house and healthy me. Even though my little bit of yard isn’t much land to garden, I’m already searching for ideas and examples to maximize what I have. I can already taste a ripe sun-warmed tomato and fresh greens. Mmm…. Heck, I’m hungry for a salad now. 😀

          • Some people try a diet rich in salmon (a portion the size of a deck of cards even at breakfast) and buy frozen blueberries and eat a handful that are thawed several times a day. That will give lots of antioxidants and the new theories on disease closely examine free radicals causing inflammation. This is a very healthy and inexpensive diet.

            Many people who have allergies are also very sensitive people. People are very intuitive too. What works for many is to take local honey every day in a small amount as this has low levels of that local pollen and desensitizes the allergic response. That’s very safe though there also natural antihistamines as well but those you have to be extremely careful taking.

            • ht tp://www.phytochemicals.info/list-orac-values.php
              Here’s a long list of healthy foods with known high ORAC values. You mix these up to vastly reduce free radical damage. It’s the most likely cause for many disease and cancer.

          • If you have a forested region next to a meadow, then sumac will spread from the forested zone into the meadow. It send out roots and runners that easily sprout in the meadow. If noit chopped down, it will grow crowns as it turns from a bush to a tree. It produces red to blood redberries that make it easily identifiable. You can make a drink of the berries that istart due to the tannic acid, and when sweetened a kind of lemonade that some Native Americans drank like the Shawnee.

            But a tea made from the leaves helps asthma. Anyone should try just a tiny amount at first if they have allergies. So use common sense. Some tribes would smoke the leaves but that’s a bad idea.

            Never use sumac root because it induces vomiting.

            Historically soaking your feet in sumac tree berries or leaves toughened up tender feet, so soldiers could gradually develop tougher soles for long marches.

            Sumac has a unique quality to make long branches with a pith that can be removed. This made excellent spiles for tapping a tree for sweetener like birch or maple.

          • Yahooie, thank you, I’d like to think I always say a mouthful. 🙂

      25. Obesity a form of addiction,and you will mock this idea, but there is possiby a demonic element or possession involved. It’s gluttony. In some rare cases, like one percent, there is a medical cause.

        Similarly, now the mental health quacks errr “experts” are saying that being a traditional MAN in every sense of the word, not a man or worse a soyboy, is a mental illness.

        Now strangely enough, recent data on who watches violent depictions of intimacy actually shows feminists being a major subset of that form of dominance. Is anyone surprised that when millennial soyboys are living in basements and being so effeminate, that this should occur???

        It’s an addiction…possibly of demonic origin.

        See jezebel spirit.

        • ht tps://www.bible-knowledge.com/the-jezebel-spirit-and-how-it-operates/

          • V8z5xvV-pco
            Here is a deliverance prayer if you feel you are under supernatural attack.

        • We had a relative who had a hip replacement sugery. I went to visit them. And the doctors and nursed where for the most part Obese? Overall the fat people outnumbered the lean folks by about 10 to 1! and folks go see this fat assed doctor thinking that poor example can make them well? Im not gonna give the (plight) of guy in the article or any fat lazy glutton free rent in my head. Let them die. I just hope they die before they reproduce more of their kind. They are nothing but Parasite useless eater Culls. The sooner that they die the better. Some one needs to do him a favor to take a pillow and smother him. Let his trapped soul excape!

        • @Maranatha – I really enjoyed your post! That was very interesting and actually a few things I have wondered myself also.

          • You are welcome.

            For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

            Always consider the supernatural element and Lucifer with persistent problems as a form of spiritual “oppression”. That can even manifest not only in Christian homes but also at church with some folks not yielding to authority.

            Rebellion is pride made manifest as in not godly but the origin of sin (missing the mark or intention of Yahweh).

      26. Many older people 50+ have hypothyroidism. Since the thyroid control metabolism and things like skin oil production, then the patients feel cold, often lethargic, have drier skin, their hair gets brittle, and they gain weight. Synthroid is commonly taken. That helps but is imperfect figuring the dosing or else people feel cold in winter or too hot in summer. This makes them prone to being irritable.

        Many people swear by a tablespoon of good quality coconut oil. Interestingly enough, this also helps dementia, so it can’t hurt and might help as we age.

        Now coconut oil has frequently been an ingredient in infant formula but was considered a “bad oil” back in the late eighties as they were learning about causes for atherosclerosis. Now, it’s no longer considered bad in moderation and is used in cooking again.

      27. I bet that Kim jong un eats a lot of lunch meat _he sure is a fat basturd

        • 5ufLW-H-ML8
          Kim is notorious for many things like even assassinating his own general and family members clearly demonstrating he’s inane. It’s all the cheese eating as seen inn this video which remarkably is telling the truth in a gallow humor sort of way.

          The propaganda is so nutty that for years, they insisted he had no need to excrete anything, and claimed it indicated he was of divine origin!

          • generals and insane rather.

      28. Save The Planet – SHOOT the Fat Mutha Fcker!

      29. I for one am not going to make excuses for 34 year old Casey. He is a prime example of why the herd needs to be culled. Thankfully, as long as he continues in his present lifestyle he won’t be around much longer. When that happens, just roll him into a ditch and cover him with dirt. Worms gotta eat same as the buzzards. Just like our socialist government, it will not be satisfied until the last bone of the last taxpayer is picked bare. The US will continue as it is doing until SHTF.

      30. How is it if you spank a kid you can go to jail for child abuse but letting one swell up to the size of a yard barn is ok?

      31. I went to school in the 1950,s and early 60,s. And I can count on one hand how many kids where fat let alonr obese. the same with the teen girls very few had what you would call big natural tits. Most wore falsies. and look at them today not only do the have big frontal tits but many have back tits to boot. Good Grief It is unsightly. I wish they would cover themselves with a tent or something. Yes the entire planet needs a good culling. We have one of those obese culls in the family a stupid relative married them. They now have stage 4 cancer. They cant die too soon to suit me. Good riddance.

      32. There is nothing Biblical about culling human beings. That idea is the end result of the Social Darwinists. It came out of the eugenics movement and the Fabian Society. It produced the Nazis. It empowered the malevolent abortion industry. It unleashed Margaret Sanger who claimed to be an advocate for women while murdering millions of female babies.

        • Not all of hitlers ideas where bad ones.

          • Hitler believed in culling the mentally and physically handicapped, an idea absolutely repugnant and the antithesis of not only Christianity but morality.

            The idea solves nothing but irreparably harms the person doing the culling.

            One could then make a case for euthenasia for all who are sick or incapacitated in any way.

            • Most of the Native Americans did the same thing. They could not afford the luxury of enabling the parasitic non productive. A defective baby was set out into the elements to die. That way its problems where removed from the gene pool. A sick or incapaciated person’s soul is trapped inside their body. You are not your body its just a vessel than your soul inhabits for a relatively short period each reincarnation.

              • That sounds satanic.

                • Burnt offering and human sacrifice of ones children to a god sounds satanic too, until you read the old testament.

                  • Then you should have no problem pointing out where human sacrifice actually happened to YAHWEH in the Bible

                    But you can’t. Why? It foreshadows Jesus allowing himself to die upon the cross to ransom all who would accept grace.

                    Human beings executed Jesus. They did NOT sacrifice Christ to Yahweh.

                    • Look at the story of Abraham and Issac. Yahweh stopped Abraham and when we first read the story, we are appalled at what Yahweh asks.

                      Until this foreshadows Jesus dying on the cross to ransom anyone who is willing to accept grace as a foregiveness for sins.

                      Yahweh allowed Jesus to die on the cross,but it was evil satanic people who did it.

      33. What would you call a fool who drank 3 gallons of water a day even though 2 quarts would suffice? Mentally addled…yet that is what Americans do who are clinically obese.

        It’s a sign of mental disturbance and distress that directly causes high blood pressure, heart attacks, high blood sugar, typen2 diabetes, liver damage and disease, artherosclerosis, high triglerides, kidney damage, fungal infections, bed sores, etc. Oh I get it, you think overeating is benign.

      34. Being banned is a good thing.
        More time to garden or plan next crops.
        I save seeds. Then give away seeds to everyone I know or meet. I print out one page instruction sheet to go along with seeds. “Johnny Appleseed idea.”

        Being banned also leads to More time to reload ammo. Never enough.
        May I suggest to you kind sirs, Reload and then give away freely to everyone you know or meet. Give out free reloads to neighbors, friends, co workers, strangers.

        Just like Feds are doing by stashing at EVERY federal office/facility, NOAA, Post Office, Social Security.
        Then Homeland Security practices with targets of pregnant women and old guys in cover alls and John Deer hats.

        Free speech and open discussion is often FIRST thing taken. Then the guns. Then money/cash. Then the ammo.
        Then food. Food and crinminalising free speech is ALWAYS used by tyrants. Food is a weapon. Famin works.

        Now days they have excuse. “Not my doing”, it is the Disqus filter. “Not I, says web master.”

        My great grandmother bears the tattoo of another tyrant that criminalized critique, then rounded up people, into the box cars, into the camps, into the showers, into the ovens. Of course it was “Legal”. Was for “security”.

        Never Again. Hear that FEMA? FEMA with barge boat prisons. Quite easy to head out to sea and dump the bodies of disaster “refugees” being “helped”. Guess FEMA need a few dry runs for practice?
        We will likely all go and die. But not quitely. The people will turn in their ammo one round at a time, on target.

        Why no news here about Boulder Colorado gun registration?
        Why no discussion about east coast banning magazines?
        Why no article about FEDS stashing ammo during Obama? Getting pre supplied for Obama’s thug leftist idiot mobs?
        Why no news about Disqus web tool being used along with Google tech mob outfits to suppress/filter critical speech?
        Why no article on wifi and 5G to to surtviel then kill Americans?
        Why no article on Arkansas Police officer shooting nine pound dog because owner did not wish to speak to cop?

        And get your body and mind ready for NWO “change”. It is for the “children”. It is for “security”. Of course the confiscations and registrations are “legal”.

        BlackListedNews dot com for info about dog shooting.
        Boulder citizens are sporting “We will Not Comply” big yellow bumper/window stickers.
        East Coast state making a felon out of mag owners has had no one turn in mags.
        .. … … gotta go now. Time to buy primers seeds gold. Enough jawing. Time for reloadin.
        … – – – … Now ban this.

        PS – – Of course “Disgus” did it.
        And of course the “Russians” are the ones that wanted Trump. Had nothing to do withe voters.

        . . . . going for two mile run. daily 150 pushups. sit ups. then to reload bench.

        I DON”Y play video games. I just cancelled cable TV. Got tired of media continuous slandering Mr. Trump.

        … just go back to your FaceBook Siri Alexa Google Amazon Video Games “main stream” media and register your guns Boulder Colorado citizens.

        What would you do if cop shot your kid’s nine pound dog in front of you?

        PS –I’m teaching my dogs to shoot. The poodle is a natural. All in the ten ring.

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