A Man Who Left Explosive Chemicals And Nails In Mason Jar Had A Mission: War On US Soil

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 36 comments

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    A man who planted a Mason jar filled with explosive chemicals and nails at a western North Carolina airport last week vowed to “fight a war on U.S. soil,” according to court documents released Tuesday. The criminal complaint accuses Michael Christopher Estes of attempted malicious use of explosive materials and unlawful possession of explosives at an airport.

    According to CBS News, the complaint, which was written by an FBI agent, said investigators found the improvised explosive device Friday morning at the Asheville airport near a terminal entrance. Asheville police bomb technicians then rendered it safe.

    Court documents say that the authorities found the improvised explosive device around 7 a.m. Friday at Asheville Regional Airport. The IED contained ammonium nitrate and Sterno fuel, along with steel wool that was then wrapped around nails and a .410 gauge Winchester shotgun cartridge. An alarm clock was taped to the outside of the jar with and matches were attached to the arm that strikes the bells of the alarm clock. The alarm had been set for Friday at 6, according to the complaint.

    Surveillance video showed Estes dressed in black pants, a jacket, and black hat approaching the terminal entrance shortly after 12:30 a.m. Friday and appearing to leave behind a bag, the FBI agent wrote. In nearby woods, investigators later found a backpack and a toolkit containing similar items to what was used in the explosive device: tape, Sterno fuel, and more shotgun shells. Investigators determined such items had been purchased at nearby stores earlier in the week, providing more surveillance video.

    Estes was arrested Saturday, and the complaint says he admitted to leaving the explosive device at the airport. The complaint also states that Estes “claimed he was getting ready to ‘fight a war on U.S. soil,'” but didn’t elaborate on this alleged motive. He was being held at the Buncombe County jail without bond after a brief court hearing Tuesday. Jail records list him as a 46-year-old Native American.

    The complaint said Estes waived his Miranda rights, answering questions and admitting to the building and planting of the device. “Estes described how he created the device … and then rigged the alarm clock to strike the matches and cause the flame necessary to trigger the device,” the complaint states. “More specifically, the alarm clock would go off, the matches would strike, the Sterno would heat up, and then the Ammonium Nitrate would explode.”

    Estes claims he never actually set the device to go off, but the criminal complaint alleges that he had.


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      1. In a really and awful strange way, we all should be thankful for this particular idiot. All his materials – camp fuel, common fertilizer, matches, a shotgun shell, nails, steel wool and some Wally-World/Amazon cheap alarm clock are over-the-counter stuff. Tell me (speaking to liberals and our ever-helpful elected representative) just what new law(s) are you going to enact to prevent this type of mass murder attack? Go after who/what? Gardeners? campers? carpenters?… people who light gas kitchen stoves or candles?

      2. Only problem is ammonium nitrate/fuel mixture requires a blasting cap for detonation. You cant throw a match on it for the boom. They failed to mention that detail. Smdh…

        • That’s what the .410 shell is for.

          • Nope. Been there done that. Throw a 12g shell in the fire and it fizzles and sparklies real pretty when the plastic melts. Maybe a high power rifle cartridge would do it. Maybe…

      3. Thanks Mac…..now every numb skull will know how to
        Create a bomb. You aren’t working for the Feds are you? ?

        • The Internet is already filled with this information an numerous manuals can be purchased numerous places if someone wants to make a bomb there’s lots of material explaining how floating around not macs fault

      4. You can look at him and tell he is in-bred.

      5. After Action Report: Category 5 Hurricane and Ensuing SHTF

        I dont wanna talk about this but I owe you people that much.

        We had four days warning before the storm. As soon as the forecast was made transportation off the island as well as goods and services became prohibitively expensive if they were even available. Also, some people didn’t evacuate because they couldn’t afford it, were medically unable to, or were worried about their property. You can say “your stuff can be replaced, your life cannot” but in reality if you wind up financially destitute your life may not be much worth living anyway. Still clueless politicians were on TV screaming “why don’t these stupid people evacuate?!” before returning by helicopter to their mansions with their armed guards well out of harm’s way.

        I agonized over the decision to bug out or bug in. I decided to shelter in a strong building on high ground many miles away from my house with only a few other people that I knew to obviate the possibility of drowning in the flood, at the high cost of leaving the vast majority of my preps behind. Realize even if you have a vehicle you can carry only enough preps to last you for a few days. What I had with me at the BOL: food, water, a pocket water filter, pocket stove, fuel, two handguns, headlamp, lead sap, handheld ham radio, medkit, blanket, body armor, helmet, and raingear. The rest of my preps I buried underground at night in several waterproof containers on the highest points I could find near my home. I turned off the main breaker, shut off the water, stopped the toilets with rubber balls and bugged out in the middle of the night and made a smooth getaway to the BOL. People who waited for later to move to another location found the roads to be gridlocked, gas supplies nonexistent, and tempers flaring. Many outbreaks of violence occurred in places where people were fighting over supplies. The looting started as soon as people evacuated and was widespread throughout SHTF. I even heard criminals were looting during the storm itself and some got killed. At first they steal useless shit like TVs, jewelry, shoes, etc. Later on in SHTF they will come for your preps.

        Riding out the storm was fucking horrific. I wore the body armor and helmet and emerged the next day unharmed. People who were injured in the storm were not able to get a medic for at least several days and some died. You need to be trained in First Aid and CPR at a very minimum. There were no supplies in stores; no power, no water, no sewage. Most people were homeless and desperate. After the storm the police set up barricades and curfews and wouldn’t let anyone back in. This was necessary so that the government could clear the roads, restore utilities, stop arcing cables, move the dead bodies from the streets, and set up supply depots and homeless shelters.

        So I was trapped at my BOL desperate to get past the roadblock back to my house and preps and worried about looting. After several days of reconnaissance I buried most of the preps I had at the BOL and risked arrest or worse in order to circumvent the checkpoint. I made it back to my house at dawn in very bad shape. My structure was salvageable. After resting the next day I recovered my preps and brought them back to the house. Thereafter I had to go out in the daytime coming back several times a day to check for looting, make major repairs to my house in the evening, and sit up at night on guard. Don’t forget you need tools, buckets, garbage bags, sanitary items, and cleaning supplies. In SHTF daytime is like a warped parallel of reality. Night is fucking downright scary. I had a gun in my hand at all times, even while taking a shit. It was not the least bit funny at all. It was horrible. Several times I heard noises and got up to investigate with a pistol with a strobe on the rail thinking I might have to shoot someone. My hands were shaking and I felt sick walking slowly around the house waiting to see somebody. And indeed I once had to chase a looter away at night. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw his face. Well I didn’t kill anyone in SHTF. But I will never forget. It wasn’t badass or cool it was fucking harrowing and I have terrible nightmares now. I don’t know what I would have done if my preps would have been looted. After that I reburied some preps as insurance. If you have power should you turn the house lights on or off? I left them on every other night to show that someone was there to scare away looters, and left them off in the interval to avoid sending the signal that there might be people who had supplies. I also made use of night vision a lot to surveil my property. There was a loose association with my neighbors as far as helping each other out but I mostly kept to myself. Two of my nearby neighbors had generators running. You can hear that shit halfway across town. When the sun goes down you gonna have some visitors motherfucker. Solar charger is much better actually. Beware of criminals knocking on the door claiming to be from the government and here to help you. When dealing with others in SHTF be polite and don’t lash out unless someone is threatening you. You don’t want to risk a fight in this environment. Probably you will have to get tough with a handful of people in SHTF. This isn’t posturing, you understand that? Tensions are sky high and this is for real. Forget about walking around outside with camo gear, armor, and assault weapons in SHTF. If the neighbors see that shit they will go fucking ballistic and think you’re a criminal. Good way to get shot actually.

        No matter how well prepared you are you will be begging for the government to restore order for the simple reason that desperate people around you are doing desperate things and this will only be stopped when their needs are met. Do you understand that? The lone wolf shtick is pure movie bullshit. You cant ignore the thousands of people around you even if you are out in the woods. I went to the government supply depots once every three days to gather more bottled water and food at the risk of leaving my preps unattended for a few hours. When I showed up I always made sure to look and act just like everyone else and be ready with a cover story for anyone who starts talking to you. Think about this very carefully. You want to tell them nothing important but get useful information from them. At that time I didn’t have my radio and was desperate for information. Rumors abounded and it was very hard to discern what was true from what was false.

        I got through SHTF using only bottled water. The only freshwater sources around were contaminated with raw sewage from broken pipes, rotten food from refrigerators, and piles of debris and garbage thrown into the streets. Bacteria permeated the air and people got sick. The stench was unbearable. Get some Vics Vapo Rub and wipe it under your nose. I got a horrible skin rash and was sick on my stomach and weak throughout SHTF; the only foods I could keep down were bland items such as mashed potatoes, plain rice and beans, and cereal. I couldnt eat any MREs. I tried to keep myself clean with a solar shower filled with salt water combined with sanitary wipes and mouthwash. I didn’t dare use a shower even when the water came back on if anybody hears that they will know you have water and come knocking. When I used my portable toilet I decontaminated it with digestive enzyme and other hygienic supplies. I lost a lot of water through diarrhea. Gatorade can help this. I threw the waste into a small pit I dug. You live like an uncivilized animal and it demoralizes you day by day. Buy a lot more air fresheners for SHTF. How much bottled water should you have? A LOT, as much as you can.

        I was always the gray man in public. Don’t give anyone a reason to be interested in you. Never try to be the big man barking orders someone will quickly challenge you. The least said, the least noticed. Be mega careful what comes out of your mouth. Don’t trust anyone. And I mean ANYONE. A friend today is a vicious desperate man tomorrow. Especially avoid people with kids. If asked by friends, family, or coworkers about your situation the best answer is: “I have some major repairs to make and I have people living with me but with a lot of hard work we’ll get by and we are getting on better than other people Suzy and Tommy across the street have it worse blah blah blah.” Say whatever you have to to convince others that you have nothing to offer them yet you aren’t doing bad enough for them to come over and investigate, visit you, or try to “help” you. You don’t need people asking questions. However, you might very well need help to repair your house. It’s a judgment call. For the first week after SHTF people were kum ba yah but that soon faded and people became impatient and lashed out at each other. Is everyone in SHTF aggressive? Absolutely not. It’s a situation that brings out the best and worst in people. I saw touching acts of kindness performed for total strangers. And I saw people tear each other apart. The bad people tend to chase the good people out, unfortunately.

        You must have cash reserves at all times. Carry some on you and hide some as you could very easily get robbed. Slowly in SHTF normalcy resumes. Eventually the barricades and the curfew were lifted and I returned to the BOL in the middle of the night to get my preps back. What I was most desperate to retrieve was my ham radio. Some stores eventually opened with progressively more stuff on the shelves. Alcohol was banned but being sold for very high prices on the black market. I myself got drunk while on guard duty the first two nights because of the stress. You should never do such a thing but allowances have to be made for your emotional reaction to what you see in SHTF. The utilities are eventually all restored for the people who can pay for them. I am still living in SHTF but things are more manageable now for the simple reason that most people by this point have food water and a roof over their head.

        Lessons Learned:

        Stop arguing about gun calibers and gadgets. Focus on tactics. Practice clearing a building for intruders and quick drawing. I had no use for long arms. A machine pistol platform such as the AR pistol, draco, uzi, mac-10 or a modern handgun such as the Glock with a rail to fit a red dot/light/strobe combination, this is best I think.

        Fat people will never be preppers. I’m fit and I still had a really rough time.

        Nobody wants to hear about politics during SHTF. They want problems fixed.

        The decision to bug out is the most important consideration in SHTF and it will have grave and lasting consequences for you. If you leave plan on never coming back. Make the decision as soon as possible. It may take a few days to get where you are going and you need to be days ahead of everyone else. And if you plan for your ass to be somewhere else your preps need to be there first. Everyone should have three places in mind to ride out a SHTF event.

        Practice bugging out and bugging in like it’s the real thing. Turn off the utilities and put rotten meat and shit in a bucket in the corner. No it’s not a joke.

        Don’t glamorize SHTF like the recent spate of end of the world movies. It isn’t funny, hip, or cool. SHTF is unfair, brutal, disgusting, exhausting and nauseating. I never want to do this again for the rest of my life.

        Timely information in SHTF is priceless. For example I was already long gone by the time the main evacuation started. If you are in a survival group start feeding them information even days before SHTF and stay in close communication till the event is over.

        I would prefer to be in a group of preppers but it is really hard to trust anybody with a huge responsibility like putting your life in their hands.

        Any questions, please feel free.

        Thanks to everyone who contributed to this site over the years the training saved my life.

        • Thanks Eisen. Excellent and useful info. Glad you are ok.

        • Thank you!

        • You need to live somewhere else.

          After Harvey, I spent 10 days picking up folks propane tanks for re-fill, fetching diesel, helping move trash, etc.

          EVERYONE was helping in any way they could. EVERYONE was friendly. There was NO crime – period.

          Then again, everyone was White.
          There’s a lesson in there somewhere I’m sure.

        • Eisen, good to see you back and glad to see you’re still alive.

        • Eisen, where were you for SHTF? Your post reads like something from Selco’s site. Really good.

      6. Funny how at the end of this article are ads for Sterno….just an observation…

      7. It’s funny how at the end of this article there are ads for buying sterno off Amazon. Just an interesting observation.

        • Warthog, Sterno stoves and those fuel cans are available at sporting goods stores and even wallyworld.

      8. I smell a false-flag attempt that somehow failed. Not sure if this guy’s another patsy. I’m going to repost 2 links I posted on the Vegas coverup article on the 8th. Everyone here needs to read these articles. Direct links: http://homelandsecuritynewswire.com/dr20171004-the-biggest-domestic-terrorist-threat-to-americans-white-american-men and http://www.mic.com/articles/184931/lone-wolf-white-male-terrorists-have-increasingly-been-on-the-fbis-radar#KLf2UKloi

      9. The titles of the articles alone sent up red flags in my mind. I’m under the impression that at some point the FBI, DHS, etc. will start an illegitimate campaign against white males. They had better reconsider that move for their own sakes. Not a smart thing to do.

        • the head line of the FBI article says “Person of interest identified & detained.”

          I would hope the would have something more than just “a person of interest” before they arrest people. Maybe probable cause?

          Thats the FBI for you.

          • JS, the FBI and all the other alphabet soup agencies are above the same laws we’re all expected to follow. That’s one reason I always considered them illegitimate. I don’t feel obligated to them in any way, shape, or form.

      10. From the look of that fellow, the only thing he ever gets from a jar is corn liquor.

        Funny how one ear hangs lower than the other.

      11. I have to laugh. This guy got off to a bad start, similar to what I went through.

        In the immortal words of The Joker: “Wait ’til they get a load of me! Ooop! Oooop! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

      12. JS, good points. If that guy is a terrorist, then I’m bringing JFK back from the dead…..NOT! We all know that won’t happen. Someone screwed this false-flag attempt ROYALLY. On his ears, it looked like his left ear was bigger than his right ear. How the hell can that be?

        • …or he wanted into fed pen away from state pen to get away from certain elements.

          maybe he should talk about the county he is from……….. ding.

          I do believe he did not set the timer.

      13. RSH, that guy LOOKED like a joke.

      14. Listed as Indian, maybe Cherokee off the Rez, got into trouble for assault and inflicting serious injury in a county to west of Bumcombe and in Buncombe county and also That would Swain county.

        I remember when a Cherokee shot a Park Ranger on the parkway. that was a while back.

        Check the http://www.wlos.com website for the story. They don,t mention the ethnicity of the Estes subject.

        Listed as white by NC DOC under Michael Christopher Estes age 46 and he is a absconder.

        D.O.B 06/11/71 offender number 1520679

        So the article above got it wrong.

        So nothing to see here………… move along.

      15. A word of warning. Be careful about comments on bomb-making, even if you are trying to be humorous. You don’t know who will read them and they don’t have a sense of humor! Stick to Estes’s appearance.

      16. Are the white guys (thugs) really just a plant by our own government?

      17. Jimbob, the guy in the picture may have been one of their CI’s [confidential informnts]. And the testimony of CI’s in court cases has always been debunked. CI’s are always full of shit.

      18. Oh boy, what a mess. Not even sure where to go with this one. Geronimo has got some issues…

      19. Ok I don’t know much about this particular case, but, this is the point I’ve consistently made. So maybe dude wanted to fight back . Maybe like many of us he was sick and tired of the constant shit being shoveled down our throats. Maybe UNLIKE most of us he got off his ass put down the Keyboard and did something.
        So when someone does do something we all distance ourselves from the lunatic least they come o ock on our doors next.
        So we’ll add him to the list of crazies that didn’t have a “good enough reason”
        He’ll there’s been whole groups of armed citizens that have been insinerated. Pft ” they were crazies right. And really who gives a shit what the guy looks like.
        I’d be willing to bet many of us are just as disgusting I’ve heard the complaints from some of our posters gout, arthritis, bad backs, ect by that deduction together with our similar political views I’m willing to bet a good portion of us are over 40. And not so pretty anymore.
        Except maybe hcks of course

        • I did a thumbs survey (back when we had the thumbs up/down) and found that most of the SHTFPlanners were in their 50/60s.

          Other sites have done the age of prepper survey too, and come up with the same.

          Guess we might say we’re older and wiser. Hopefully wiser. 🙂

      20. What I didn’t see was who he was going to war with.

        Hell’s Bells if you are a Prepper you are getting ready to go to war with tons of things. From Nature, to Corrupt Guberment, Antifa Commies, BLM,Down Power Grid, you name it, it is war for your survival.

        Question remains against who???????


      21. The “bomb” was pretty worthless. The detonator was probably ineffective. The stuff he was using as the explosive would most likely only be incendiary, not high explosive. So the shrapnel items he put in there wouldn’t have much velocity even if the bomb detonated. Thank goodness for incompetence. Anyone can google how to make a bomb, so discussing our observations here is not a threat to our security. I suspect this individual has diminished mental capacity.

      22. The device described would not function as intended. What a
        booger eating idiot hillbilly.

      23. I hope that Estes didn’t hang around prepper websites. Possibly all the doom-and-gloom about North Korea, conspiracy theories, financial collapse, hillary clinton, etc sent him over the edge. I wouldn’t admit this since it would reflect badly on preppers. The smart move is “whatever you can’t blame on Donald Trump, blame global climate change!”. Estes went nuts because of global climate change.

        I’ve no doubt that the reply sections of websites such as this are scanned for certain keywords. In normal times, innocent remarks like these wouldn’t draw attention but these are not normal times. Am I getting paranoid? If yes, it’s because of global climate change!

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