A Jaw-Dropping Prediction: “Silver Will Head Towards A $400 Price”

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Headline News | 150 comments

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    silver-coins2As panic gripped global financial markets and stocks collapsed after the new year, investors around the world began to shift capital to safe haven assets. Nowhere was this more evident than in precious metals, which up until recently had seen a significant drop since the all-time highs reached in 2011.

    Last week we noted that there were literally lines around the block in London as concerned individuals who had lost trust in the system anxiously awaited their chance to shift their paper currency into physical assets.

    It was a major indicator of what we can expect in the future should the economy collapse or the monetary systems of the globe come under threat. In fact, we’ve seen it time and again. As Greece’s economy crashed in 2010 and citizens of the beleaguered country lost access to critical medicines and saw a barter economy emerge, the price of gold on the global market was trading at around $1100 per ounce. On the streets of Greece however, people were willing to pay as much as $1700. In Zimbabwe, when their currency hyperinflated, people could be found panning for flakes of gold just so that they could buy food to feed their families for a day.

    And according to well known analyst James Turk, we’ll soon see the real value of gold, and especially silver, as uncertainty and crisis grip the world.

    This time we’ll far exceed the highs set in 1981 and 2011 of $50 says Turk in a recent interview with King World News:

    Silver first has to break above the red downtrend line, which means silver needs to break above roughly  the $18 level. When it does, it will be a signal that silver has begun forming a new uptrend. Then that uptrend needs to take silver to $50, completing the handle part of this pattern. Third, silver needs to break above the horizontal neckline at $50.

    When that happens, silver will finally begin its bull market. Silver will then head toward the $400 price that can be expected if this cup-and-handle pattern follows its normal historical path.

    Based on the evidence unfolding, Eric, I expect that the next couple of years will be spectacular for silver.

    Full interview at King World News (via SteveQuayle.com)

    We may not be able to eat it, but as long as silver and gold are in demand by central banks or individual investors around the world, there will always be a market for it. And if history has proven anything, it’s that times of confusion and panic always boost demand for precious metals.

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      1. I’d be freaking wealthy…

        • wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it, anyone can make any type “prediction” they desire. I wonder if James Turk also predicted the price fall to 15 bucks per ounce, if he indeed did THAT, then I’m all ears to what he has to say.

          • A few months ago old Rawles was predicting a nice increase in the price of PM’s. He has been VERY quiet about the dismal price of PM’s lately. He even starts his statement with, “I predict…” He made one in the last week, we’ll see what happens. And then there is his infamous predictions and numerous ions about stocking up on nickels. Of course in his how to survive book he recommended buying and toting around 100 oz. silver bars.

            • I don’t understand this cult of personality crap the preptards have with Rawles.

              I never heard him say anything novel.

              There are plenty of other preppers with setups equal to or greater than his.

              Hell, the best preppers are people you never heard of.

              • Acid, spot on. I think Rawles is bogus myself. I’ve looked at some articles on his blog in the past week that are very questionable. However in his archives from 2012 on back there’s articles with some good info. I used to go to his site a lot but in the past 3 years it’s gone downhill.

            • Toting 100 oz silver bars ??? That’s insane. Those suckers are HEAVY !!!

              Pure silver. Pure gold. In small denominations. 🙂

              • durango, I’m not looking forward to trying to kester a 100 oz bar out of the country! Ouch!!!

              • Small silver and gold rounds reduces the chance for fraud.

                Big bars can be other metals on the inside, silver or gold on the outside.


            • Hey now …. I save my nickels……
              Not on his suggestion , but because of melt value.

        • Except it take an ounce of silver to buy two gallons of milk… You will be better off than most but not wealthy…

        • http://www.christianity.com/church/church-history/timeline/1601-1700/who-were-the-puritans-11630087.html

          “The Witch”, a horror film featuring a pilgrim family, debuts this Friday.

          The pilgrims first left England for Holland in 1608 because they were fed up with the Catholics running the church into the ground with their stupidity and corruption. However, they soon began to assimilate into Dutch culture, and, fearing the loss of their English identity, the decision was made only twelve years later to move once again, this time to America. Entire congregations moved as a group.

          They first set sail for VA but were blown off course to MA. They signed the Mayflower compact as a temporary form of government.

          The first form of white government on this continent took the form of socialism. Which of course failed within one year. You know the tale?

          50% of them starved to death in the first winter here.

          I’m the proud descendant of Anglo-Aryan agrarian settlers.

          Culture matters. We’re losing ours to this melting pot bullshit.

          Self hating white liberals glorify every culture in the world EXCEPT THE ONE WHICH IS THE MOST SUCESSFUL.

          Thanks boomers. Tell me how the blacks are JUST LIKE US.

          • Acid, you’re descended from Pilgrims? Interesting. You do realize the Pilgrims were NOT the first white people to settle her, don’t you? I had ancestors who were with the first group of English settlers that landed in VA in 1607 and founded Jamestown. There were already white people who had settled and were raising crops in VA for 13 years before the Pilgrims arrived. America was founded at JAMESTOWN, NOT PLYMOUTH ROCK.

            • No, America was founded by the Spanish at St Augustine in September 1565. At that time, the Spanish were the power players in the Americas, not the English. Oh, and they were white, too…..just sayin

              • —-there is good evidence that the Welsh were here in early 1200’s, the Chinese in early 1400’s, the Vikings centuries before, the Phoenicians before Christ and European points have been found in N Carolina dating to before the Clovis culture—we all got a little skin in the game—-

                • Yep, you are so correct. It is archeological, though so prehistoric. I was talking historical founding per journals and other written data.

                  • And before the Clovis culture 12-14,000 thousand years ago there were GIANTS. That is a fact of archeology. 🙂

              • It was never recorded but even before all of the early visitors from across the Atlantic came to the shores along the eastern seaboard the Indians had said there were visitors. They came in sailing vessels and they were not white nor black. The leader came ashore and spoke. And he said Aloha!

            • My family on my mother’s mother’s side bought Nantucket Island.

              We hail from the Edward/Nathanial Starbuck ‘s of the 1600’s, one of the 10/20 who bought it.

            • I’m not from the Mayflower group, but we were of Anglo and Aryan stock and were farming here before the Revolution.

              • yeah, you were from the Fire Island flaming sausage eater stock.

        • Ironic how the valuation of silver is predicted in relation to USD’s…If Silver is truly going to go for $400 USD/oz, that means the USD has essentially gone worthless. Who in their right mind would trade an oz of silver for any level of USD’s at that point? Honestly, if it ever sniffs the $400 level, there’s nothing to stop it from going up the hockey stick at that point ($1000/$2000 pick your level)…

          And regardless if you wouldn’t trade them for USD’s, you’ll be surely happy you own silver as a medium of exchange at that point.

          • The article never uses the term USD , just the $ sign.
            Sometimes you need to wonder .

          • I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who had to live with running away from the british when they came to his plantation. He told his servants to hide the silver under the floorboards. Silver as a store of wealth. When silver does take off as inflation hits dont sell it back for fiat currency. buy into other commodities such as land, water, etc.

          • are you debt free?
            I have a mortgage and a truck payment in USD.
            if/When PMs climb again, I’d be glad to sell AU/AG for a pile of “worthless paper” to be able walk into the mortgage company and tell them to hand me the title and eff off.

          • Just load up on Lisinopril, and Valium. That’s what keeps me going.

          • you can use the bold function on your posts to express even more anger…. 😉

        • Let me know when it just goes back to $20 an ounce, then we can have a little hope it will hit $50….Someone is always dreaming about silver @ $400/$500 an ounce.

          I’d prefer to dream about tropical island girls with large coconuts..

        • me too, I’d be worth over 2 million dollars if that could happen by the end of this year.

        • Sorry guys…I’m just not seeing it.
          Maybe in 2050 but not anytime soon. The banksters can hold out a lot longer than we can. Heck, now theres talk about getting rid of cash. Yes I own PM’s as a hedge… and this year I’ll sock away their equivilant in cash. But I’m not staking my preps on cash or PM’s. Food, shelter, seeds, guns ammo, water purification systems, power plants etc., etc., and all of that before ANY get rich quick schemes. I can’t feed my kids greed.

      2. No one can predict an actual cost of silver years from now. All anyone can say is… “it will go up eventually”.

        • Gold and silver never change value, it is the currency that changes in value related to the gold and silver.

      3. I hate to be a downer, but these prices were predicted before and it didn’t materialize. Now, if indeed everything does really and truly go to hell, then yes, we will see $400 an ounce. At that point, a loaf of bread will be $50 and there will be rioting in the streets and we will see martial law. If none of that happens though, I don’t see it going much above $40 an ounce. It’s just a guess, but then I don’t have anything to sell and I tend to take a more middle ground assessment of things rather than think that we will be living in the Mad Max universe by 5:30 PM today.

        • Winston, you may be right, but here’s the thing… Would you rather be able to buy 8 loaves of bread with that one silver ounce or starve because your fiat toilet paper is just that – toilet paper?

          • I mean if you look at historical charts, PM’s precisely track inflation (for the most part, there are periods of time where it doesn’t work)…

            So basically it’s like inflationless cash I guess except for the fact that it’s not as liquid…

            It’s better than LOSING money. What you’re talking about is trying to “buy the dip” and get rich when it goes up, just like with real estate in like 2004-2006 or so…

            Mmm why not it worked for some people then… it’s just that once it goes up what do you do? Cash out or sit on it?

            Historically speaking if you sat on it you would be tracking with inflation… which implies that if silver goes to 400 fiat is hyperinflating… which implies you don’t get rich, you just don’t get dead is all. You hold your present purchasing power but that’s it.

            Or… this is a historical anomaly… meaning it goes up to the moon utterly independent of inflation. If that’s the case then it’s a psychological freak-out thing on the part of society and you cash the hell out at the “top” if you can because el crasho just like real estate did.

            Eff I dunno. El shruggo?

            • It wont go up independantly , thats been my arguement all along , but i still hold some .
              If nothing else its a comfort to have a “stash” that is impervious to wall street.

        • So what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the price to explode before you buy it? Or are you stocking up now for later?

          I buy gold and silver when I get extra money. I try to maintain a balance between cash and metals.

          • I am not disputing the value of metals in a crisis and do keep some for just such an emergency. To do so is only prudent in an unstable world. I am, however, disputing the value of the prediction of $400 an ounce silver.

        • Prices for food don’t always fluctuate with PM prices. A while back when silver was $40 or $50 an oz. I could buy a loaf of bread for a buck, Now that it’s $15, I can buy a loaf of bread for a buck. So if it goes to $400 who knows. Trekker Out. Go Figure!

      4. At some point gold and silver price manipulation will end. We might see 5 fold or 10 fold price increases without any increase in retail prices for food, clothing, etc. After gold and silver’s initial price jumps, the dollar will collapse in value, and metals prices will go vertical.

        I have half of my savings in physical and silver. I’m not holding them to sell them at a “profit” later. I’m holding them so that during hyperinflation I can buy gasoline and groceries no matter what their prices are in fiat dollars.

        Somebody said once that gold will reach $50,000 an ounce but you ‘re not going to want to live in a world like that.

        • That’ fine logic BC. However, if you’re planning on buying gasoline with your silver savings you may want to think that through. If only 1 or 2 percent of us can afford gasoline.. . There will be NO GASOLINE. In the coming deflationary hyperinflation nothing will be bought or sold. At least not on the regular market. You have it you don’t. Sadly the only thing that will be for sale in that scenario are women trying to feed their children.

      5. Another thing to remember that silver has historically sold at from 1/12 the gold price to 1/16 the gold price. It’s currently at about 1/78 the gold price right now. Eventually it will correct to it’s historical ratio. So silver could easily go to $100 an ounce without the price of gold going up.

        • Maybe so, but it’s not going to correct randomly, out of thin air! The same economic factors that will drive silver up, will also drive gold into the stratosphere. I heard a prediction once that the price of gold could go to “infinity,” and what’s 1/12th of that? Bottom line, get out of paper and into metal, it basically doesn’t matter what color it is, when SHTF we’ll be glad we did.

        • The opposite end of that coin could also happen and gold could come down. I don’t see that as being likely, but it is mathematically possible.

        • I read silver is 75% found in a byproduct in mining other metals, and only 25% is mined directly for silver. These mining companies needs investment and loans. If mining stopped due to their stocks crashing and banks crashing,(no loans or money to mining companies to keep operations viable and banks taking their accounts in bail-ins) or SHTF with grids down all over the world, I can see silver jumping very high in value. I believe Quayle is figuring that the banks will fail which is the course they are heading now.

      6. a few weeks ago we were told gold & silver not worth investing & now we are told it is ok?

        Gold will always hold value relative to buying food etc, silver at the moment is speculation & will take another 10 years to go above $50!

        • …and if it does go above $50 in 10 years it will be going better than my 401K.

      7. KingWorldNews quotes knowledgeable economics gurus, but nevertheless the site always strikes me as fear porn. Every day it’s full of exclamation-points and red letters, like Chicken Little saying the sky is falling.

        Okay, I get it that the sky really IS falling in this case, but when they keep shrieking day after day that “It’s here! It’s here!” they end up not having much credibility. One of these days, of course, they’ll be right… but by that point I’ll have stopped reading them long ago.

      8. Bring it on !!!!!! I have a land to buy !!!!! At last damit all thoses sacrifices will pay off !!!!!!

      9. I predict silver will go to $ 1,000,000,000 per once as soon as the government owns all of it.

      10. Ah technical analysis.

        Aka reading chicken bones.

        Hey what the hell though, fundamentals are just not fricking there anymore, anywhere. And it seems like tech analysis has been doing ok in a short term sense… I guess…

      11. Last week I said that today gold would be two dollars. That hasn’t happened yet. But there are still several more hours before sunset. Just you wait and see.

      12. If silver goes up to $400.00 an Oz. Than means that the dollar has crashed right?

        For us that have got some silver it is a good thing. For those how didn’t YOU WERE WORNED!
        I’m going to get more the first of the month along with other things.

        • Excuse me but what does ” WORNED” mean?

          • I think that the good Officer means WARNED?

            • I first read it as WORMED as in bend over and have your as*hole examined….

          • Sorry It should have been warned. Maybe it should have been wormed?
            You have to forgive me. I have some test at the hospital in the morning and I’m on some meds that makes you do silly things.

          • I think he meant “CORNED”

        • I thought the Sgt. meant worned as in worn out.

          • To the above. I hope you guys got a good laugh out of it, because I did. Wormed??????
            That is how I feel right now!!!!!

            • Big prepare guy, goes to get tested and when they come back negative , they spend every last dime trying to stay alive instead of going out in a blaze of glory.

      13. $400 and ounce: You are as full of shit as a constipated elephant!

        • Guys like you will be working for guys like me.

      14. It’s interesting to watch the world’s fiat currencies battle it out with real money, Gold and Silver.

        The question is, what will the central banks do going forward, especially the US federal reserve.

        If they let deflation take it’s natural course, G&S will still be worth what it can buy now. It’s purchasing power will remain unchanged. You will still be able to exchange G&S for dollars to purchase things.

        If they decide to go the inflation route, then the price of G&S may not matter in dollars. At that point even if the dollar totally collapses, and G&S are now worth a massive amount of dollars, you would not trade them in for those devalued dollars. Timing the bottom would be incredibly risky. So you sell your G&S when gold hits $50,000 an ounce, and then you watch in horror as gold continues to climb to millions of ‘dollars’ an ounce.

        The only way you could possibly ‘make money’ buying and selling G&S is if the dollar retains value and is still the world’s reserve currency.

        You would probably be better off waiting for the system to fully collapse, and a new system to rise.

        G&S are a store of wealth that are used to maintain your social status and purchasing power as one fiat system collapses, and another system takes over.

      15. Most of these barnstormers on the bull market have been predicting it for years.
        What they seem to forget is…. the Bankers set the price of Gold and silver in London. Not the market. Yes, its possible one of these days, it may go around them, but not likely.
        These bastards have the power and they know it. You and I can buy as much silver and gold as we want. And it certainly safer then storing currency in banks….. its not likely its going to make a homerun around the Bankers.
        Now, that doesn’t preclude that the US dollar will go south. It may very well do that, but that hasn’t nothing to do with gold or silver. It does have a lot to do with Iran, China, Brazil, and Russian buying oil in their own currency. Which has just pissed off the bankers.
        So, no one to be caught with their pants down, would probably let go of the dollar in a fly minute if it threatens them with losing control of world currencies and central banks.
        That’s why they’ve already begun moving away from physical currency. European nations have already started like Finland and now the Euro removing 500 Euro notes. You may be able to use physical gold for purchases, but not easily. Besides very few buyers will use gold or silver for purchases when they can use currency or plastic.

        • Flawed logic. Where is all the gold going… or gone? EAST. What happens when China calls up the Comex for another shipment and they can’t deliver? Why? Because THE CHINESE HAVE ALL THE GOLD. Chinese then say what they will sell if for and set the new price. It’s not like the dollar. They can’t print more gold. Common this stuff is so simple. On another note; don’t buy gold unless you deem yourself a king. Stick with the poor man’s gold. Less likely confiscated and a whole hell of a lot easier to convert back into currency. Would you rather be walking down the street with a thousand in your pocket or fifty-thousand? Common sense come on.


        Invest in Brass, lead and food. No one will give a rats ass about gold and silver post EMP WW3, SHTF. Got bullets and guns, you will be able to trade. What can gold do, silver, what can it do? It cant do sh…t. totally phucking useless. Dr James Garrow told us to invest in guns and ammo and that because of the mass casualties from the chi-coms and other foreighn armies, that if you dont have firepower, your dead. He mentioned, food, guns ammo. When they asked him what about gold, he said, no, no, no, thats usless, that bullets and guns is the best commodity.
        Talk to veterans and combat soldiers from war zones, they tell me where you are is where you will be stuck, and that if food, water, guns and ammo is not there, you, family and you kids will be raped and murdered, because this is what they see happen everytime. When they walk through after the enemy attacks and area, its nude women and children raped, shot, and all the men shot up and dead all over the place and other sickening details that i cant get into right now, its too graphic.

        So lets cut the bullhsh…t and come to our senses. EMP the crap out of the country, invade it cut off food, electricity and water, then you get the idead of what war and callapse looks like. Just a dose of reality of the audience.




        Gold and silver my ass. Talk to the veterans and learn a thing or 2.

        • I’ve read accounts of people that survived economic failures, these are long drawn out affairs and survivors all say if they expected another one, they’d have stored up more food. Food, Food, Food……… On this you are right Hcks.

          However an economic crash is not a war zone, though preps for both are similar. In an economic crash it is long term and though the lines get fuzzy, there still is law enforcement and a legal system that you must coexist with regardless of the inherent corruption an economic crash causes.

        • Roger that

        • Roger that – it’ll b survival of the fittest.

        • Madmax scenario yeah then PMs won’t do much. Not Madmax scenario… then you’ll be working for me. The pay is 1oz slv/week. By historical standards that is VERY good pay for skilled labor. However I just require part time work tending to the gardens and landscaping. Can’t offer healthcare though. There’s always obozocare.

      17. As the Messiah told us, “What good does it do a person if they gain the whole world, but loses their soul”.

        Yes, we live in a physical world, thus we are justified in our preps. However, ultimately the only prep that will matter, is your relationship with Christ and His righteousness!

        Jesus is/was a Historical fact, not a fable as some would like to mislead you to believe. Check for yourself, all of His Disciples, except one, died horrible deaths, none recanted! If they had the Jews and Romans would have been all over it.

        Born of a Virgin, Suffered under Pilate, Crucified, died and buried. Came back to life as He predicted He would.

        The Muslim Trolls, on this site will attempt to dispute this, with no factual evidence to back up their claims. Just like the rest of their satanic copy of the Christian Faith.

        People were not very different 2,000 years ago. People were just as skeptical then as now. If this was a “fairy tale”, how did the Christian Church take over Rome?

        God Bless you, may He usher YOU into His kingdom>

        • I was scootin right along… Reading some very interesting and intelligent comments for a change… When low and behold out of nowhere and for no good reason!!!


          Baby Jeebuz… Dead smack in the middle of the road…


          • +1

      18. PM have a place in any portfolio. Neither ignore it nor idolize it. Try to buy low, wear it as jewelry, but have some available.

        • nor idolize it.

          Best comment yet tonight.

          • Thanks john. Truth is simple.

      19. Mathew 16:26
        ” For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul”? NKJV

        • It is in the News that “they” are planning to do away with both the 500 Euro note and our $100 bill.

          Have a friend who works for a Firm based in Denmark. They have already pretty much gone cashless.

          • I have a stash of $100 bills. Its “mad money” in case the world goes mad. Just enough for an “emergency”. 🙂

            • DK, take those $100 bills and the $10 bills in #10 cans you always mention and get supplies now while they’ll still get you something. That’s where my FRNs always go.


        The obesity rate is fucking 31%.

        Billions or trillions worth of this medical bullshit could be avoided every year if you fucking fat pigs would just STOP EATING SO MANY MOTHERFUCKING CALORIES.


        I hate seeing these fucking land whales everywhere I go.

        Fat preppers aren’t preppers. That’s just ridiculous.

        If I had a fucking flab sack hanging off my belly like you ugly old pukes, I wouldn’t even be able to get halfway up the mountain.

        No fucking wonder I have almost never seen anybody out in the woods during my expeditions.

        • Acid, land whales, LOL. Good one. And a damn good point about not eating so much. A year ago, I weighed about 220 LBS. I changed my diet and lost 50 LBS. in 3 months. I never felt better in my whole life. I’m sure the ‘land whales’ get out of breath just going to the mailbox for their welfare check.

        • I honestly wonder if obesity is Gods way to help some survive what is coming.

          The story of Donners pass teaches that Old lady Donner and her fat daughter survived without canibalism because they were freaking fat assed obese.

          You still need something to give your stomach, so it doesn’t eat itself. The Donner women learned how to prepare animal skins to at, so they had something to prevent digestive collapse while they lived on body fat.

        • Chill out buddy. If you do things right and the cards fall in place you’ll be an old puke too. Maybe even ugly. If you’re lucky enough to afford good food to cook and like micro brewed beer or brewing your own beer you may even find you’re little ones playing with you’re slightly larger than it was belly. Cruelty will only get you nowhere. I guarantee my ugly old ass could make your young ass disappear even with a heads up… and with that attitude it’s likely no one would come looking. It is true that cunning comes with age. Now whippernsapper you’re homework assignment is to find an “old puke” that was in Vietnam and ask them what kind of rifle they carried. They won’t talk about much, but they will talk about their rifle… or blowing shit up. I had the fortunate experience of knowing a navel captain that was a child in Denmark that watched the Nazis march through the middle of town. You know what he told me? “It’s all happening again”.

          RIP Mr. Vandertoorn

      21. There’s nothing wrong with debating higher economics.

        But I prefer to stay grounded and focused on the rudiments of survivalism.

        I really do think offering PMs to people for trade during SHTF would just make you a mark for the desperate.

        • AE

          I would not complain about not seeing people in the woods. Good for you. Fat people can not save themselves. They don’t prepare and have very little survival skills.
          They will be in for a shock because if the Government can’t get them food, they are Shit out of Luck. They will be looking at the butt end of a rifle stock or the business end of a bayonet.
          Time is getting short.

          • Sling and acid
            A little biology for you boys… fat people are the best survivors of famine. The ability to store fat kept their generations alive. It is why there are so many fat folks around, way more than the skinnies. My biology prof called body fat “stored potential”. You never saw a fat boy go to basic training for 6 weeks and come out just fine? 90 days into a true famine and skinnies will all be dead… fatties will pass their genes on. As it has always been is now and ever shall be.

            • Fat people eat because they are hungry. They are hungry because the are starving. They are starving because they eat boxed Con-Agra foods from their local Walmart and McDonalds. Put some real nutrition in these fat bitchez and their bodies will lose weight. Find one fat person eating from the garden. I dare you.

              • Incognito
                read up on “endocrine disrupters” and you will see more than why people are fat. You will see how men are being chemically feminized and made sterile. Diabetes, cancer, dumbed down, and more. I write about the ones that affect gardening, but there are more.
                Less than half of Americans have a garden but the numbers are increasing. 43 million gardens now.

                • Yeah the food and water is being poisoned by greedy nefarious and maybe illuminate assholes. The Ruskies won’t even accept our contaminated corn or soybeans anymore. Still those distracted with bread and circuses can’t seem to get a clue. So are you saying it’s not their fault? So many can and want to talk about football team this or basketball team that and have no clue about what the exchange stabilization fund at the US treasury is or does or even who the secretary of defense is… much less what they do.

                  I say it’s a matter of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

                  Let the fourth turning commence.

                  Life…. it cycles. Turn of the century got the shit end of the stick.


                  • Incognito, I had abdominal surgery and afterwards was swarmed by doctors asking what I eat to have beautiful pink organs even in the face of an illness and at 58. When doctors are shocked by healthy organs, something is amiss.

                    Don’t discount the impact on people of trillions of pounds of poison and GMO foods. I know you are tough and special and responsible and all things perfect 😉 Me too, of course!

                    And maybe we just don’t have quite the poison or combination of poisons that others do. Just sayin that there are consequences to indundating ourselves with toxins. Canaries in the coal mines died first, but it didn’t make the miners morally superior.

                • Interesting.

            • Rebecca

              When was he last time you have seen a real heavy fat person cutting firewood. Seen a fat person in a tree stand hunting. Building a structure that requires lifting.

              They may have the caloric capacity but the majority who are blogs have neither the stamina nor the metal state to fend off stress. Can they run. Can they climb. Carry a small load in a backpack.

              Do you thing they could till a garden without the huff and puff. With a spade that is.

              • Slingshot
                not day one
                within a few weeks, sure
                I keep my garden without a shovel btw. No dig gardening. Read Ruth Stout’s No Work Gardening book. So long as you have more than 20 inches rain a year, her system will do ya fine into your 80s.
                Rely too much on your strength and you won’t use that muscle between your ears. Mass Rocket Stove will keep you warm with small wood.
                Not putting you down, you are a strong man and that gives you many advantages. When you are not as strong, remember what I am telling you. While you are strong, set yourself up for when you cannot do everything with muscle. I moved 5 tons of concrete block last summer… no injuries. I am 61 and I am not a strong male. I do everything in a different way. Could I survive in the backwoods on the west coast? Guarantee it. In 20 years? Absolutely. My dad made sure I could when I was six years old.

            • Riiiight. Lard asses are definitely the most fit for survival. That’s why we’re biologically programmed to be sarxually attracted to them. That’s why being obese is correlated positively with long life spans.

              Go back to your dirt patch now, desert queen.

            • Again right on,

              Skinnies need to hide more preps to live, how many actually do?

              • Plan Twice
                Skinnies don’t seem to prep as much food. They seem to garden though. I myself have always gardened for delicious food. I call it cost basis gardening and raised fancier foods not available at the store. I have added survival gardening, including bulk calories. It seems like fatties have tons of food. I’d bet on the fatties.

                • There are several crisis scenarios where it can be dangerous to go to a store, even if they are open and have goods on the shelves.

                  Crazy hungry people looking for food can trample people’s gardens or weather can cause crop failures.

                  All kinds situations can happen in a 10 to 15 year economic crash, there will likely be multiple times when “hidden long term storage food” could tide you over times of famine.

                  Been cooking with coconut oil for a while now, it’s healthier than many alternatives. I found out it also can keep near indefinitely when stored in a cool place.

                  • Plan Twice
                    Many gardeners such as myself store a lot of food. Coming out of my history, I have gardened and stored food for one or more years. I likely have a 5 year supply of rice, assorted beans, and many other things. If my garden falters, I now have an indoor garden that keeps me in fresh greens.
                    If someone grows a reasonable portion of their food, they can grow more. And store it. A 10 to 15 year down scenario absolutely requires gardening.
                    Because of GMOS and toxins, I am growing things like beans and potatoes as well as delicious foods. I am looking at mushrooms that have complete proteins for my indoor garden. There may come a day when my garden is stripped, but I have a hidden in plain site food forest to eat from. Yep, I have food preserved. You must have fresh food for health.
                    My barley seeds came in today. They are very easy to grow.

                    • Sounds like you have thought it out and have a solid plan that gives you peace of mind, and that is what it’s all about.

                      God bless you, and your family.

                    • Plan Twice
                      God Bless You and Yours
                      I want us all to have food and gardens and enough to get through it all.

        • Pay bodyguards first.

      22. Drive through any city youll see niglets destroying infrastructure.

        I never seen white kids doing this. I’m sure they do but never at the same frequency.

      23. “Goldman Sachs” today is not only telling people to sell gold, they are telling people to short gold.

        History teaches, when “Goldman Sachs” says sell PM’s, you should really buy.

      24. Acid, as studly muscular prepper I can te you that far preppers will survive it just as good me..but when it comes to the fat populous, they will be needed to feed the hungry dred lock roaming street thugs..obesity has it advantages.


      25. Very few know enough to comment on this subject IMO. GSR (gold silver ratio) is around 77-1. Very high probability that it will correct to between 20-1 to 10-1.. and slv will follow gold as it rises. In 1950 there were estimated 500 billion oz of slv above ground today it’s more like 5 billion. It has all went to feed the electronics revolution since the 50’s. GSR should be more like 1-1. These are not hard things for thinking people to figure out. If we go Madmax then all bets are off. If we don’t after the great leveling (all go to poverty) and the reset (new currency system) those with enough PM’s will likely be the new 1%. Think people think. Homes and land values plummet to lows never seen before while PMs reach new highs. It could be the buying opportunity of a lifetime. There isn’t much left. About 1% of us are buying. When that goes to 2 don’t expect to find any. What’s it matter when it’s $5/oz when it’s all gone?

        • I’ve commented on it before. But the one’s here just stare at the words and go ,”huh”.

          • I guess that’s the reason it’s 1% and not 20. Keep pushing the herd!

        • The Gold silver ratio is based on commodity demand for silver.

          The economy is in the toilet, you are right, in a normal economy silver should be worth more, but it’s not!

          Silver will not command a higher price until there is industrial demand.

          And this is not to say this isn’t the time to grab up silver at a basement price. Because it’s in low demand.

          Buyer beware, but investor be smart.

          • Sort of agree. slv was demonetized to an industrial commodity metal (like zinc or copper) for the 60 yr old electronics revolution. It is both an industrial commodity and a monetary metal.

            Easy definition of GSR: Number of oz of slv that buy an oz of gld. Today it would take around 77 oz of slv to buy 1 oz of gold. I did that on my handy dandy little sanyo calculator. In reality there is about 1 oz of recoverable slv above ground for every oz of gld. Maybe less. gld was cherished for thousands of years. slv was used to make iphones.

            So NO. GSR is not based on commodity demand for silver. Where did you get that?


      26. As with everything in life there should be a balance.
        Nobody really knows what will happen, sure there are historic examples of all sorts of facts and figures, but nobody really can predict anything. For all we know something could happen that makes anything but the most basic necessities worthless.
        I know if food is scarce the last thing i would do is trade food for someones shiny trinkets.

      27. If silver goes for $400 a out my vegetable garden would be priceless

      28. BULLSHIT

      29. Silver goes to $400 and the govt charges you a tax of $375 to sell.

      30. Jim Rogers warns ,

        “You should be very worried, You should be prepared.”


      31. Yet very few of us seem to pay attention. We see the push towards negative rates and a cashless society, which is outright insane tyranny… and we don’t know what this means?
        Absolute, total, virtual control over all transactions. To make this work, they’ll also have to outlaw PM’s. To all those naysayers, fiat is already crashing, this is part of the reason for this massive volatility. Paypal, certain banks and others will not allow you to purchase firearms or ammo… just wait till they get a totally cashless system, regardless of who sits in the whitehouse, you will see how they are bought and paid for. FDR took the peoples money through an executive order. Unless, perhaps, Trump gets in, all bets are off. That’s why both parties are rabidly against him, they know what the plan is, the elites are One, The Haves vs the Have nots.
        The next step will be biometric id, completely voluntary, you know, identity theft… yada yada yada. Then, no man will be able to buy or sell if he doesn’t have The Mark.
        See the trend, play the trend, precious metals, lead, brass, copper, steel, food and preps, land, will provide the basis for going ‘into the wilderness’, which means, to leave The System of Babylon, to go Galt en masse. It will either be this, or become a slave. This is why we need to learn to make stuff again… why I went from robotics engineer, to blacksmith.
        It isn’t about PM’s, its about goods and services. If silver hits this mark, its because fiat dollars are worthless, but, you don’t think the .gov folks will allow you to have it and escape from their system do you? No, once we go cashless, pm’s must be outlawed.
        We must start a movement, that is a joke to them, like their globalist conspiracy was a joke for many years…
        Who’s laughing now?

        • Very real possibility,
          My bet is this will all come to pass much sooner rather than later, and will be out of necessity and security, my feeling is whatever finsncial crash happens will be the catalyst for the switch. I pisses off TPTB that many folks are just walking away from the system, i know dozens of folks who do everything with alternative methods and creative finance. Between the bankers and greedy politicians with drying up revenues want a cashless system, i say bring it, IMHO, it will be dificult to operate outside the electronic system at first but will in time become second nature, many will lve two lives, just look at all the unemployed or under employed, they are getting by somehow, and most do not have access to EBT etc,,,
          The governments of the world are running on fumes, the people are tired of and awake to the lies they have been fed and more awake each day. There is always a very real possibility of a reverse reaction to increased controls, and my money is on that reaction being the exact opposite of what the PTB want.

        • Part of pm’s pricing will be about the dollar, the other part will be market fundamentals. The unmanipulated price should be around 150. It may become illegal, but probably only for a period of time. Remember it is constitutional money. Fiat was created to represent the value of gold and silver. Khazarian money magic at it’s finest. They get away with the money sticking us with the currency. Realistically it’s toilet paper with dead criminals printed on it and they think it’s got actual value. LMAO

        • Can you hear the mindless obamaslaves cheering in the destruction? Silver will hit the mark because it’s suppressed electronically with the push of a few buttons and whole hell of a lot of paper ounces running on an extremely limited supply. Half right.

          Panic and scarcity will push it the rest of the way. The laws of supply and demand will win in the end. Don’t you think?

      32. If you do buy silver, my suggestion is the so-called “junk silver” = pre 1965 coins in US, 1966 in Canada (with some exceptions such as some Kennedy halves). Low markups, easily recognizable, small denominations, what’s not to lik. Worst case, have some on hand as simple catastrophe insurance

        • Don’t count in dollars.

          Count in ounces.

          Junk silver will be the first to disappear.

        • FYI:

          Junk silver to OZ conversion:

          Dime – .07234
          Quarter – .18084
          90% Half – .36169
          40% Half – .14789
          Dollar – .77343

          • Thanks copied that. I was wondering. Where did you get that?

          • You forgot the Nickel. .05626


        • Junk silver used to be readily available with low markups, but it’s neither now.

          Most of what I see is between $3 & $4 per ounce over spot.

          I regularly see silver rounds for under $1 per ounce under spot price.

          Glad I was able to purchase some a few years back when it was more readily available and at much better prices. Used to be able to pick it up under spot, even on the web, and War nickels used to be more than $1 under spot.

      33. Why was it a few years ago when Ag hit nearly $50 bread was still only a buck or two?

        Riddle me that!

        • Does make one wonder???

        • Pretty sure I might have a thesis to that, but your name is stupid so this is all the time I have.

      34. Buying some silver right now when the price is low is really a no-lose proposition. I figure if I never need it or use it, I will gift it to my kids and grandkids. Maybe it will provide an education or downpayment- who knows. I tend to agree and have said this before, bartering with silver (or gold) when shtf may paint a target on your back. I wouldn’t barter with bullets either… wouldn’t want those returned to me in the air, if you know what I mean. I probably wouldn’t even barter food or meds- but I would barter fuel and hygiene items. We are well stocked for wine and *might* barter that out in a pinch. It is a hard thing to know what will be safe to trade in any given area- and it’s good to have a wide range of small items. I’m going to pick up some pocket sized fresnel lenses soon for fire starting. Most people would mot even know the value of those until they were demonstrated. Toilet paper will be sought after as it is in Venezuela right now. Kerosene and lamp fuel will be valuable as well as candles. Tea lights and sterno do not take up that much space and will not seem so valuable that they will get you killed. Same with baby formula and baby food. But if we devolve into a situation where silver is useful, even as a bribe- I want to have some around.
        Have a little silver, but I have more in food, water and other necessities.

        • If slv isn’t the last thing on your list then you fukd up somewhere.

      35. Nice set of comments everyone.

        Be well all…

        • Since this is a site to share ideas, and I really do like most the comments, I know how to change lead into gold with bartering, or murder. Has anyone out there figured out the alchemy of changing lead into gold? I’d like to know.

          Keep on prepping. and be quick, I was renewing my dry bean stash and wiped out the inventory of two Hilo supermarkets. Walmart and KTA. To their credit there was plenty of rice and Spam.

          • I can live on rice and spam,,
            Good stuff, ive gotten big bags of pinto and black beans at Costco, really cant go wrong,
            Can sprout and grow those by the way,

            • Sorry, but I need pizza!

              That is all!

            • Kulafarmer
              I accidentally saw spam at the store this week and thought about you. I think I ate it once a long time ago. My son thinks potted meat product is food.
              I think you two are young and healthy enough to eat that goop. I don’t think I would survive it. No real meat? I’ll take mushrooms… they have complete proteins, yep, all 8 essential amino acids.

      36. I think we debate too much.

        • Amen Sling, but that is what makes this site interesting.
          I had the luck to get 1k oz junk at 4$ in ’99.
          If it went to 400$, I could nearly retire.
          I think it will hit 150$ at the peak years from now.
          What is the top in anyone’s guess???

          • Hell bud, i tell people im retired now,,,
            Nobody said ya had to have money to retire,,,

            • How is the cropping action progressing?
              We have had a weird winter so far.
              Expect a freak snow/ice storm before it is over.
              Kula, be cool…
              Thanks, Mac…

              • Is going ok, starting to pick small amounts again, i didnt touch or even look at the field for about 2 months and happened to be walking around down there with a friend looking at something else and saw it was recovering, lost a lot of plants but it has sort of come back, so fertilized it and walked the field with a hose and washed the plants down and am giving it a go.
                I think the variety just cant handle the intense picking i normally do, stressed the plants causing an extreme reaction to the fungal issue, we are having cooler weather too so that slows down microbial issues. Dont want to use harsh chemicals on food so wont go that route.
                Have a new planting as well but think it will be the same, so planning on upping the size of the planting and not picking as heavily.
                Going to add different stuff in small quantities too though, diversify a bit, thinking i will hit farmers market on wednesdays or maybe work a deal with someone to sit it for me so i dont have to do it.

      37. people aren’t fat

        they’re “famine resistant”

        and some more than others !

        • pleasantly plump 🙂

      38. In all my years on this earth I’ve met few decent black folks because most are niggers. Dindunuffin useless eaters that are so fat they cannot move. You see them all the time they got mcdonalds bags in their car and other garbage slobs. What about the crack head rot tooth nasty mutherfuckers with their face sunk in from rock. You can spot a crackhead easily. Niggers begging for $ on the side of the road with signs saying homeless vet. What a lie. Just go down city and see all the filth it’s straight up depressing. Thank god most people around here are white.

        • Perfect…username.

      39. It’s called the “thrifty gene hypothesis”. In anthropology, certain groups are prone to suffer obesity and diabetes onset with the acceptance of a Western diet.
        Just an aside, Polynesians benefitted from genetic thrift.

      40. Mustang Writer

        In dire circumstances, food and preps are incredible wealth. PM are the seed of starting the bankster bubble back up. It doesn’t hurt to have them so long as you get pretty darn self-sufficient pretty darn quick.

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