A Green Beret’s Guide To Micro-Cache Escape and Evasion Systems: “Plan B”

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).


    This article details an E&E (escape and evasion) system to complement the bug-out measures you may have already emplaced for yourself.  The system involves micro-caches for use along a preplanned route from where you’re caught when it hits the fan to your initial hide site and eventual return home.  The system can be tailor made to fit your individual needs, locale, and climate.  The mindset will be thoroughly explained to give you a base from which to make your adjustments to your program.

    First we must define a few things.  The word micro-cache may be a big misleading, because while we are talking about one cache, the micro-cache is actually one of the component parts (or a “stage”) of the entire system, made up of 3 parts.  The micro-cache system is not your primary!  I place emphasis on this statement.  It is your backup, your “plan B” and should be used as a last resort.  If you “deploy” this system, it can serve you in good stead both in the short-term immediacy, or to place “on hold,” banking it for a longer duration for future use.

    The micro-caches are emplaced (all three stages), to 100 meters (300 feet, approx.), 200 meters, and 300 meters, away from your immediate location where you’re operating when the substance hits the fan.  You must first conduct an assessment of your workweek and where you will be during the course of your day.  As an example, you may work in a paper mill.  Your vehicle may be parked near a main administration building, and where you actually perform your work may be ¼ mile from there.

    You may actually have varied locations that you spend during the day…an office building for your planning in the morning, and a job site a few miles away, for example.  In either case, with the paper mill scenario, you must correlate 1 set of 3 micro-caches for both of your paper mill site locations, and you must have 2 sets of micro-caches for the second scenario (1 set for the planning office and 1 set for the job site).  So what are these micro-caches, you may ask, and what is their purpose?  Here it is:

    The micro-caches are for use individually (per stage), and preferably in combination when gathered together to add up to (1) complete backup “bug-out”/A-bag when your primary bag and supplies are compromised.

    Here is our hypothetical situation.  The Chinese have just attacked with an EMP device, and the radio reports that the DEW line and NORAD have a dozen incoming ICBM nukes heading toward the U.S.  Pandemonium breaks out, and the IHM (the Incredible Human Mob) manifests itself at your workplace.  You leave your workplace by the back door to grab your bag and weapon from your blazer and you notice many bad things occurring in the immediate vicinity of your vehicle.  You also notice many cars and trucks have smashed windows, and your rear window is one of them.

    So there is no retrieving your equipment from the vehicle.

    This is where your micro-cache system comes into play.  Each micro-cache has a tiny amount of food, water, tools, medical gear, ammo, and small equipment.  The micro-caches are set in a staggered, yet linear distance of 100, 200, and 300 meters respectively from your workplace.  They can be set in anywhere that you are almost 100% sure they will not be compromised in any way!  This is the toughest part of the job: ensuring they are safe and will be there when you need them.

    Returning to our hypothetical situation, our hero (that’s you!) proceeds 100 meters in a Southwesterly direction to micro-cache point # 1: a big niche in the wall of a storm drain’s junction point.  Our hero prepped this niche by waterproofing the micro-cache in a small box and then wrapping it all up in 2 heavy-duty, large garbage bags.  He then placed this into the niche and actually closed the entrance to the niche with stones and debris and then troweled over it with a 1” thick coating of cement, smoothing it out to the sides of the pipe.  Now it’s a simple matter to take a stone and smash the cement, removing micro-cache 1 with all of its gear, in a tiny shoulder bag/mini backpack.

    All of the contents are intact and safe: a couple of cans of corned beef hash, two packages of ramen, (25) rounds of .45 ACP…yes, our hero is packing…a leatherman tool, a space blanket (mylar), waterproofed fire starter, matches, and a lighter, a small golf-range-scope, a couple of power bars, a 1 quart Gatorade bottle filled with water, and a ½ lb. bag of beef jerky.  Our hero then leaves the location, and proceeds to the next location.

    Micro-cache point # 2 is located approx. 100 meters from point #1 in a Southeasterly direction [200 meters from the workplace] on the roof of a parks and recreation storage building.  The equipment has also been waterproofed and stashed beneath the corner of a large HVAC duct where it will not interfere with any airflow and covered over with some pieces of steel plating and the gravel upon the roof.  Our hero retrieves it and inspects the contents that are approximately the same as #1 tying the two small shoulder bags together.  Our hero leaves toward the next location.

    Traveling in a line due South for 100 meters, he comes to micro-cache point # 3: a cemetery with a large tool shed located in the center of the grounds.  Climbing atop the shed, he removes a prepositioned piece of sheet metal from the corner of the roof and recovers the micro-cache.  Adding this third shoulder bag to the other two, he produces a D-ring and clips all three of them together.  He has successfully recovered all of the three stages.  Assuming once more a duplicate/close duplicate, let’s see what he now has with him:

    6 cans corned beef hash                                   6 packages of ramen

    3 fire starters                                                   3 lighters

    3 packs of matches                                          3 space blankets

    75 rounds .45ACP                                          6 power bars

    3 quarts of water                                             1-½ lbs beef jerky

    1 golf range scope                                           1 small compass

    1 small mag lite flashlight                                6 heavy-duty trash bags

    The flashlight, scope, and compass were the only things that varied per bag.  The 6 heavy contractor trash bags can be used for ground cloths, expedient ponchos, or even a small hooch to keep off the rain for a while.  Equipped with these items, our hero now has a little more of a fighting chance, and he proceeds to head toward his home.

    The point to the system is that it is staggered and will at the bare minimum give you at least one tiny cache with usable supplies even if the other two are compromised.  For more in-depth information on caching, please refer to my previous articles on the subject.  This differs in that the micro-caches are not deeply set into the ground, where they cannot be recovered when the ground is frozen solid.

    Multiple locations give you multiple chance of being able to obtain assets for yourselves when the conditions of the frenzied mob prevail.  In addition if you had been able to leave your workplace with you’re A-bag and equipment, you can leave all of your micro-caches intact for a future time.  You can also simply decide, “I won’t be able to take them out later, and I’d better grab them now,” and then retrieve them.  Either way they’re yours and you have prepped beforehand, increasing your chances for survival.

    As mentioned earlier, this is all food for thought, as your situation and conditions will vary considerably.  Such is why a good, accurate assessment should be made of your locations.  It needs to be done in a manner that it is set up with nobody knowing about it except your closest loved ones.  I hope this article sheds some light on a technique that may give you an added advantage if the substance hits the fan.  Hopefully you’ll never need it, but if you do, I hope you have it in place when it happens.  Take care of yourself and your preps, and fight the good fight.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. I think a better variation on this,for me at least in my situation is as follows. Have a rucksack in the car at al times plus boots and socks. always carry at least three and possibly, five hundred dollars with you at all times which I habitually do.. have at least one large rucksack in the house at all times. have food that can be used as emergency food, –and essential supplies–at all times in the house. Know what emergency food is available in shops if you have to make a journey out of town, to pick up along the journey. Have a vehicle, at all times. be fit enough to walk at least eight miles almost non stop, a few breaks, and twenty miles in one day . always be aware of the current world situation, and the situation around you. Know if or when it is time to leave …be mentally prepared at all times..and have a large cache of money in the house, in case, again, which I habitually do….these are my preparations, here in the UK..oh, and have a safe place to go to..

        • I fall on the side of the fence that says if you are thinking of burying cache items, we are already at the point where you should be digging them up for usage.

          Also, I live in the desert. You can dig down about 6 inches at most, then you hit hardpan.

          Finally, if you don’t burnout on the prepper thing after the first year, you will look back at yourself and your actions and realize a lot of the initial prepping is kneejerk reactions and trying to catch up. Over time, and after a few bouts of prepper fatigue, you realize that there is such a thing as going too far.

          It is like that old saying: Exercise, eat healthy, die anyway.

          We prep for a reason. Security is a great feeling, no doubt. When you start burying stuff in the middle of nowhere, I think you might want to reanalyze your life.

          Bring on Operation Jade Helm!

          Forward Comrades!

      2. corn beef hash, ramen noodles, beef jerky???

        All very heavy with sodium/ salt!

        Will require lotsa water for your body to properly process and flush.

        try wheat crackers, black beans, rice, beef bullion cubes, garlic, pepper, freeze dried vegi’s and chicken.

        be better for you physically and mentally.

        • “This is where your micro-cache system comes into play. Each micro-cache has a tiny amount of food”
          food that is stored in places like rooftops, where it is hotter than all get out, and exposed to the extremes of weather????

          Mac, the more I read from this author, the more I think you’ve been had. I don’t think he is as he represents himself.

          • I’ve called this carachter out many times on his nonsense writings. I wouldn’t follow his advice.

          • Mr. Wilson, I’m in agreement. I spent 14 years service, 2.5 years as an SOTG trainee/trainer. I don’t care if this is his nom de plume or not, nothing he writes about makes much sense. It seems like shoddy planning from someone with a twisted sense of the word “professional”.

          • I agree with the others here. This guy is getting hard to take very seriously. Mr. Nom de plume has taken the subject of prepping and turned it onto comedy.

        • ??? beef bouillon cubes ??? They are almost 100% salt, and what isn’t salt is MSG.

      3. Great stuff and come this September it may be needed.

        • I would also include a yoga mat, so that you can get on it, bend over, and kiss your ass goodbye 😉

      4. Aug. will be the telling month and again watch the NORTH for there is the direction of the threat; NORTH! Prepare your heart, mind, and soul.

      5. This question is for Everyone?

        I just saw a few photo’s of 5 muslim isis fighters (aL-cia-duh) attempt to rape a 13 years old nude christian girl in syria.

        i’m not going to post them.

        they became so enraged by her fighting back against them trying to gang rape her, that they instead held her down and slit her throat open instead!










        * It’s TIME the NWO Zog paid the Devil his Due!

          • “NuKe en Rico….”….

          • This is one of many reasons why I DO NOT trust any Politician. It matters not how well one can talk the game of what We The People want to hear, it’s the abuse and neglect of covert operations like this that needs to be stopped and exposed for what they are and who is operating them.

            All we get is a dog and pony show. Case in point: Hillary Clinton – how is this woman not in prison? There is so much packed full of luggage of damage following her, and yet she is running for Office? To the typical politician, right on through to the casual civilian – what is wrong with these people that support her?

            Some may say: people are dumb or forgetful – I say most people just don’t care what people like Hillary does. As long as themselves are happy in their “fantasy world”, everything is just fucking dandy!

        • It is sad to say, but Arabs have always behaved this way: the only difference now is we have mobile phones and the internet. When they had repressive governments, the Arab men would stick to raping young boys; now there is no governments, they are going for the good stuff, young women. It is ingrained in the culture. Bombing a few of them is not going to stop it. We would have to attack and occupy the whole region. I just do not think our governments have the stomach for that.

          • F.T. thank you for the response!

            You do realize that isis a.k.a. aL-CIA-duH is created, armed, CONTROLLED and funded by the zog amerikan cia and israehell zionist mossad … RIGHT?

          • “We would have to attack and occupy the whole region”…Why? They would still be the same animals and behave in the same fashion. These people in the sand country have ALWAYS behaved in this depraved fashion (hence the uproar about the comment of a Pope from 900 years ago, remember all that??) Well, If they were that way 900 years ago and are still this way What makes you think that “occupying” there land will make them behave more humanely or see the error in the way they rape and murder????? I am sorry but let’s be honest YOU CANNOT REHAB people when violence and depravity is this ingrained (look at our own Fed Gov for example…LOL). So if you cannot rehab them then, like all pedophiles and depraved maniacs, our world is better WITHOUT them!

            • I agree with your thoughts and the CIA contrivance of ISIS but we could deal with the much greater problem of the defection that is Muslim/Arab culture through an epic re-programming campaign. So the first stage would be to invade and occupy the entire Middle East (Israel can help with this). The second phase would be the biggest mental re-programming exercise in human history using the latest in technologies and science. We would bio data collect (iris scanning etc.) the entire population and then categorize them according to how easy or not they are to re-program. The worst cases could be executed but for the rest, some would just get normal conditioning (school curriculum, pop music etc.), and the others would go into re-education camps for hard-core training and thought change.

              But it is a sad problem. The pedophilia in the culture is one of the worst aspects (ask anyone in the military about this: they have stories that would make your hair stand on end). With whites, it tends to be a cluster of fat men and socially maladjusted men, but with Arabs, it is a whole life cycle thing: pedophilia is how they are introduced into sexuality and the norms of social/sexual intercourse. It needs cultural re-programming.

        • Aqua Man you are so right.
          ISIS is made up of COWARDS who prey on the young & weak.

          When ISIS comes to your town, remember to dip you bullets in pigs blood, and carry a small ham to rub in their face before they die, doing this will defile them and they believe they will not get into heaven.

          God Almighty has a special place in Hell for these ISIS POS!!!

        • From what I understand, the term ISIS is now starting to be called a hate speech word, homophobic, racist, all that sort of stuff.

          After all, we know on the authority of our leaders that the Islamic State is not Islamic and claiming it is is offensive to Muslims.

        • aquaman

          I strongly share your frustration, It just blows my mind and makes me wanna puke everytime I hear repubs and dems alike on tv screaming about how we have to be tough on big bad isis, oh we gotta go to war against isis (not assad and Syria, wink wink) How people cannot see that at the very least isis was funded, organized, and armed by the US gov’t as a tool to destabilize the region and overthrow assad…well it is well beyond me. Although it feels like nobody is standing up to say no to our gov’t for what they are doing, at least the masses don’t seem to be clamoring for another bs war. That talk seems to be limited to fox and cnn. I think most folks these days are on information overload and therefor can’t seem to sort out which problems are worth standing up against. And also to admit to themselves that our gov’t funds isis….well that’s one rabbit to big to put back in the hat, and they don’t want to wake up to that reality

        • AMAN

          Wolves among the sheep, they have no sheep dogs. It’s up to the men in those villages to organize and fight. Islam follows Satan and hates God. They love death and are reaping what they have been sowing for 1400 years.

        • AquaMan,

          Islam is the great beast that the bible warns of, The western world, lead by the great harlot will just bend over for the beast, which is lead by the false prophet Mohamed.

          Thus Obama does a “Neville Chamberlain” with Iran. Peace treaties in the Muslim world are called Hudna’s. Muslims see them as temporary, of value only until they grow in strength until they can defeat the enemy.

          This is the greatest evil the world will ever see, and they are just warming up.

          The biggest mistake the world is making, is arming these people, and taking the into our nations. There is nothing about Islam that is constitutional. You watch this government will make laws respecting the establishment of Islam. The first amendment be damned, bring on sharia!

      6. either the world is turned into a bunch of pansies or the MSM is the controlling the news so much that the people don’t really know what is happening or they don’t care anymore!! either way it is been caused the powers brainwashing the people who watch the TV’s , very sad and makes me very enraged at the public’s stupidity!!

      7. The only thing missing from this kit is water filtration. Inclusion of a filter or water purification tabs would make it more useful. Clean water is a must have in warmer seasons or climates.

      8. 10 Horribly Violent Crimes That Were Committed By Illegal Immigrants

        Yes, illegal immigrants are responsible for lots of crime in this country. In recent years, nearly 1000 illegal immigrants have been convicted of committing sex crimes against children in the state of Texas alone. And as you will read about below, illegal immigrants have a murder rate that is 3 to 10 times higher than the general population. So anyone that suggests that illegal immigrants don’t commit more crime than the rest of us is simply lying to you. Unfortunately, even though we could prevent thousands upon thousands of violent crimes by securing our borders, the Obama administration refuses to do so and it has become very politically incorrect to even talk about this. Every single day, American citizens are being murdered and raped by people that should not be in this country and yet nobody is supposed to address this issue. No wonder our nation is in the process of self-destructing. The following are 10 horribly violent crimes that were committed by illegal immigrants…

        Why has Barack Obama been releasing thousands of illegal immigrants that have been convicted of crimes back on to the streets of our cities? According to U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, more than 36,000 were released from custody in Fiscal Year 2013 alone. These individuals were actually convicted of committing crimes, and many of them went on to commit new crimes once they were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In fact, Senator Grassley says that 121 of the criminals that were released during Fiscal Year 2013 were subsequently charged with committing murder. That means that more than 100 American citizens are now dead because of Obama’s foolish policies. Why is Obama doing this? He knows that one out of every five illegal immigrants has a criminal record, and he knows that many of these convicted criminals that he is releasing will go on to commit new crimes. What possible justification could Obama have for doing this to our communities?

      9. The Jewish Plan To Destroy Europe, Zog Amerika and the World!

        Zionist MultiCulturalism is White Genocide!


        • Calm down Aqua man, you appear hysterical.
          Stop blathering and spamming, you look ridiculous.

      10. If the Chinese attack with an EMP – how is

        1) a local radio transmitter going to work and
        2) my receiver going to work?

        So I’ll give you that I have shielded electronics within my vehicle (backups to the regular electronics I use – including radios, both receivers and transceivers), but I’m pretty sure that local radio stations won’t be broadcasting after an EMP.

        • The key word is “local.” If your radio is any good, you’ll be able to receive transmissions from other countries to get news. You’d also be able to talk to other hams to share information.

          Also, local stations are worthless anyway. The ones around me go off the air sometimes even in good weather. They play the same limited selection of records over and over. They don’t even have news any more.

      11. Sorry Mac I’m calling BS again Aqua man in moderation 10min. poor old copperhead’s anywhere from 2hrs to 12+hrs. been here for awhile soon to leave for good. This is Bull Shit. Have never changed name or address!!

        Copperhead Out

        • Copperhead – I’ve been in MODERATION for at least the past 4-5 articles. I’ve mentioned this in previous post, and I have reset my information through this site. I have not changed my e-mail address or any other information.

          Not sure what’s going on, but if others are having issues, then they should speak up now. 2:05pm

          • I was having issues last week, but it resolved.

      12. This article might be useful in rural areas but I highly doubt it would be of much use in the downtown areas that are described.

        I would suggest focusing on a good bug out plan, meeting places for loved ones and a good destination which is well stocked, then maybe use these micro caches and stash some of these provisions around that area, just in case.

        With that said, I do appr4eciate the article, it is good food for thought, even if it is not used exactly as described, it can be expanded and adapted for many other things. Thanks for the info

        In the mean time, enjoy the All Star game tonight, it could be the last one as we know it.

        • Agree ‘that guy’. In an urban environment you better have everything you need at your place of work. Most of this stuff would fit in a desk or old beat up duffle bag. In the scenario described your top priority is getting out – and back to a safe location – so weapons and water take top spot. In a suburban setting you have a better chance of finding some safe stash places, and in rural settings it is quite easy.

          Still, the concept is valid for urban workers – if you have a 15 mile hike to get to home or other safe location, it would make sense to stash some caches along the way. And the author’s point about getting your car broken into is quite valid – and very real. You cannot depend on your bag being there – it is too tempting for others to grab. But you can still use your car as a micro-cache, and stuff some things into the overlooked nooks and crannies.

      13. been a LOT of news on the net lately about a coming ice age

        Are we headed for a new ice age?

        ht tp://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2011/06/17/are-we-headed-for-a-new-ice-age/#.VaURmOyoFIE

        • Satori,
          I think we need an ark in this neck of the woods. If we get snow like we have had rain it’s going to be a rough winter!

          • Momma D
            Had 2 inches of rain yesterday. The worst was the 3 1/2 hail here in Marseilles Il. My poor 2010 F150 got it good no broken windows just dents. House helped up good.

            Garden took a beating. I think it will pull out of it.
            Had to pick all of my onions yesterday because the ground is too wet and they are starting to rot in the ground.

            Illinois river is still at flood stage. I don’t remember anything like this as far as rain. Hell I’m almost 62 now and never have I seen this much rain.

      14. Why not a collapsible bicycle in the SUV…???

        • 21Bravo – been thinking the same thing. My mountain bike can be taken down – front wheel comes off real easy, rear wheel a bit of mucking around but can be done without tools. Fits in the boot. Can travel 5-6 times faster and can even outrun other dudes who are on foot. 15 miles can be done in a couple of hours max – on foot could mean an overnighter. At times like this getting home in a couple of hours instead of a couple of days could make all the difference!


      15. green beret nonsense.

      16. It will be hotter before it shuts down. The sun is going to turn up really bad. Really hot, it will kill all the people south of the equator. There won’t be any water for most they will die of thirst. The south pole and north pole will melt and the oceans will rise. The water will be so hot on the ocean that it will kill all living animals in the water. They will boil. Then during the great burn Russia and China will attack. They have been given the green light, only have been told to wait until the specific time. They will implement EMP and it will be a big reset. Everything will cut off, including the nuclear plants in America. They will get overheated and the cores will blow. Plumes of radiation everywhere. Then they the Russians/Chinese will come in. Some to kill, and some they will take away to live on their lands as slaves. They know that if they don’t that most people in America will die. Those that don’t want to go, will die of radiation. The bunkers beneath the mountains are where they are stationed. They are not out in the open as much as mentioned on the net. They are there, but within the mountains. They will also use this to escape the politicians and those they have predetermined to live past the suns rage. Most of you are dead already along with your kids and and their kids. You just don’t know it. You will. When you see the star in the sky and the media begins to howl about it. Then know that those people that are in the know will begin to go down into the hiding places. You along with all the rest will fry. I have a pass to go down, I work in the food production and preparations for these people that will hide below. All I can say is that you better go north, as far north as you can, and stay out of the sun. It will be 115 degrees in Alaska in the middle of winter.

        • Interesting assessment USA. If the temp gets that hot, that would match up with the 80% crop\plant die off figure I was given at the current trajectory of things, largely due to solar intensification and exacerbated by geo engineering. Dan Whittington from geoengineeringwatch did an interview with the Hagmans last week and mentioned methane being a big problem, but that the Southern Hemisphere has about a 10 year extension before it gets real bad down there…which would explain why various elites such as the Bush’s purchased land in South America.

          I’m hoping I can come across the funds to design an in ground greenhouse (wallipini)on some land soon and plum it with aquajet irrigation.

          • “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

            You can trust that quote because it was spoken by the one who knows.

        • True, the sun is going to flare up big time. We are in for some very unusual weather changes and this has nothing to do with man-made climate change. The planet has been radically altered by these weather shifts many times in its history and it is very self-centered and narcissistic to think that since we came around, the planet will stop radically changing. Obama can buy you a phone, he can’t buy you a new sun.

          This is why the space program has been ramped up again. They are very serious about getting planets further from the sun up and running and getting parts of humanity there as fast as possible. But not everyone is going to get to come: only the best. We have a narrow window of the next 50 years to get off-world colonies going if humanity is to survive. This also means resources will need to be diverted from the ‘eaters’ and resource wasters to go to the space program. That’s why we are shifting more and more people into tightly packed cities and putting them under surveillance. And in the process, we will trim and change the population so it is better, brighter. So much work to do; such good work to do.

          • Yes, unusual weather has gone on throughout history, but some of the current un-natural weather phenomenon is exacerbated by geo engineering. The interview on the Hagmann’s with Dane Wigington (solar engineer of geoengineeringwatch.org) I posted provides much incite to this.

      17. As i have said before, thank your Usasecuritygaurd. You know what is about to happen, and you took the the time to out this information. I told my peers on the this site, and your agency azz clown buddies went on the attack. I know that your not bulls….ting because if you were, you would have went on the attack on me. You did not. Keep letting us know what you hear


        Internationally known,

        Locally respected.

      18. Guy’s…What are you thinking??? I live out in the middle of nowhere, yet even I have of “Micro Caches”
        Even though I am surrounded by gear, I can’t carry it all at one time… It only makes sense to have many small resupply caches scattered about the areas I frequent.\

        Items like:

        Mini BOB aka Bail Bag at Wife’s office.
        Even though it’s only 7 miles away in the local village, at least she will have some “extras” encase she has to hoof it.

        Then there are the 5 gallon screw top pepper barrels that are placed to the 4 winds around the perimeter of my place. Basically filled with resupply/ bare minimum type items.

        Further afield there are the 55 gallon screw top pickle barrels filled with “now that I’m here I can set up camp and figure out what to do” stuff.

        Yea I’m very rural, but even I know you don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!!

        All the author is saying, is that it never hurts to have a couple of “Stashes” along the way. He isn’t saying put all of the “family Jewels” in them, just stuff that will aid you along, and if the “Goblins” get them, just head to the next small pile!!!

        Seems like a No Brainer to me!

        • Wow, Jeremiah Johnson…I want to apologize for some of these posts today. Seems as tho a few of them dont read well. I think your hiding places were great. For those of you with little understanding…he was choosing his hiding locations well. He wanted to be absolutely certain that he would have them when the emergency occurred. If the heat on the roof causes some nutrition loss, so what. If that poor persons delicate system cant handle a couple meals of sodium rich foods, then they probably wont live long anyway. As for the poster thinking a water filtration system should have been included in the cache, well, you did say that you had 3 quarts of water and that you were at your job location and headed home. Most likely 3 quarts is more than enough. And then the people who think such and such should be in the automobile…he did say that his window was knocked out. Guessing he was also robbed. Jeremiah,great article. Just wish it was longer. The attention hog, making so many posts today needs help.

      19. I just realized I don’t have a canteen in my BOB. Thanks for the reminder (pic)

      20. I have an old watchband, split the side of it and put a 100.00 bill in it and sewed it back up. Wear it opposite of my watch wrist. Always have at least a hundred bucks on me for emergencies. Wrapped the bill in plastic to keep from getting wet, washing hands sweat and such. works for me.

      21. uhhh, what will you use to cook those ramen noodles or beef cubes??maybe i just missed it, kinda skimmed through the article and don’t want to read it again..

      22. I thought this was about plan bugout levels? Let me simplify: P.A.C.E Primary, Alternate, Contingency & Emergency. This “GreenBeret” ( I doubt) overlaps some of the levels here. This is supposed to be what level? If you are home you should have a longer term plan to bug in/out. If sheltering in place think much longer term. I.E. day-to-day living as normal as possible. Just you: no biggie. Got spouse & kidoes: BIG biggie. I wouldn’t put much faith or time into reading on with this wannabe. Much more informed, skilled and trained survival experts out there. I ain’t an expert by any standards & I could sink this guys b.s. boat with one shot.

      23. Some didn’t seem to like article/author,really enjoy as it gets one thinking and Jeremiah is always open to thinking about YOUR location/needs and adapting/engaging what works for you,so thanks for article and keep em up.I would request what if any available online for free military manuals you think would be good reading in some future write up.

      24. The author is not what I would call “very smart”

      25. I know the writer personally and he is a confirmed expert and those who criticize him are foolish. If you follow his writing it is logical and accurate. Keep up the good work. You give detailed information requiring people to listen and study. The ones who don’t and think they know better are basically the ones who would not survive.

      26. Use your common sense. You dont have to be a so called “green beret” to know this article is totally stupid. The author is like a liberal in that he creates a fantasy world where normal rules dont apply. The author is advocating illegal activity including property destruction and trespass. What if everyone tried to put their “stashes” in the same places? There is not enough room for everyone to do this. Dont you think thieves or maintenance people would find this stuff and take it? And why place several 100 yards apart? How many would you need? Totally idiotic, for these and many other reasons.

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