A Green Beret’s Guide to Improvised Home Defense: “Prepping Your Home Turf For Battle”

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Tess Pennington’s ReadyNutrition.com


     “Look around….choose your own ground.”

    – “Breathe” by Pink Floyd, album: “The Dark Side of the Moon.”

    This is “Part 2” on the series on prepping your home turf for battle.  In Part 1, we covered the things needed for those in a rural and suburban setting.  Now we’re going to focus our efforts on similar measures for those in densely-populated suburbs and cities.  As you have probably deduced, combat operations in a city area and the preps for them have a whole host of different factors for you to consider.  In the service, such operations were referred to as MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain), and there are a number of military publications you can research online to cover such a broad topic.

    There are a number of these factors that need to be mentioned. We mentioned some terms such as cover and concealment in the first article.  To refresh, cover protects and can hide you, concealment usually hides you with a slight protection factor in many instances.  In an urban environment, there are many structures in a firefight to provide you with cover, such as brick or masonry buildings, and also large public works structures such as tunnels and concrete subway and sewer accesses and portals.  Due to the increased amount of structures that are very durable in nature, cover is more readily available in a city, and can also by its nature conceal you.

    Conversely, this deals with the exterior of buildings.  The interiors are different matters.  Drywall (the universal construction “substance”) provides minimal or no protection from small arms fire.  Another drawback in high rises or townhomes are the windows…great for light, but not great for either providing concealment or cover for you.  The greatest challenge that you will face, however, is in the numbers of people you encounter in an urban environment.

    “World War Z,” the movie with Brad Pitt has an excellent illustration of this toward the beginning of the film when he and his family are in New Jersey.  Watch the scene, and realize the sheer amount of humanity moving around you during a disaster, each one of them desiring the same things as you, with the same needs as you.  Now to factor into all of this is where you live.  Remember, if you live in a really big city (such as New York or Los Angeles), your primary consideration should always revolve around your city being a target in a nuclear war, in which case most of these considerations mentioned in this article are secondary in nature to what you will face with that.

    Checklist for Apartment Dwelling Preppers Defending Territory

    If you’re in a really high skyscraper-type apartment, it is critical to be abreast with the situation and get out of there beforehand.  If this is not possible, then there are a few things you need to assess as a checklist for yourself and your family:

    1. In a collapse, you may be on the 30th floor of a 50-story apartment building: what will you do without any power, water, sewage, or temperature controls (AC or heat)?
    2. How secure is that front door into your abode, and do you have the materials and resources necessary to blockade it and re-secure it if a forced entry is made?
    3. Who are your neighbors, and what is their disposition?  What would their disposition be if all of a sudden everything collapsed?
    4. Can you get out of there, via a set of stairs if the elevator is out, or a fire escape?  What is your plan to E&E (escape and evade) if the living situation becomes untenable?
    5. Is there an immediate common area that you can escape to and secure as a temporary hideout if your primary residence is compromised and/or overrun?
    6. How easy is it for the neighbors to “reach out and touch someone,” …not by telephone, but (for instance) jump from their balcony to yours and smash in your sliding glass door?  Those once-friendly neighbors…can you keep them out?

    Preparation and planning are the keys here.

    You need to have a plan of escape from that type of residential structure.  The exfiltration needs to be secure, silent, swift, and successful….in that order of importance for the first three with the last one being a goal.  As an example, you may have an abandoned storage building made of stone one block from your residence.  Here’s what you do.

    • Scope it out: pay it a visit, and find out what types of “amenities” are available…restroom, running water, place that you can hole up and lock the door
    • Any supplies on the premises that can be used for resources need to be known and noted or remembered
    • You need to watch the building for a whole day (that means a whole 24-hour period), and one of those days needs to be on a weekend…. this will show you what “creatures” normally frequent this locale and give you an idea on the human traffic in and out.

    Remember: if you recognize it as a safe haven, another family will see it as such as well.

    You must keep this in mind, as “your” safe haven is not yours until you make it yours.  English Common Law of Property and Chattels goes right out the window, along with the Marquis of Queensbury Rules for Boxing when your neighborhood “morphs” from “Happy Days” to “The Planet of the Apes.” You may even consider stashing a few essentials (that you can afford to lose) and prepositioning them in this building/structure, such as a quickly-accessible cache.

    “Goodness gracious!  Somebody else’s property!” you may say.  I wrote “consider it,” and I am not advocating breaking any laws or doing anything illegal.  I said to “consider it,” and reflect upon such.  This article is information to provide you with food for thought to consider possibilities.  “When the time comes,” is the key phrase; therefore, without going any “deeper,” you had better be aware of not just what you can do, but what you will do to protect and provide for you and yours.

    I know, I know…if you watch the potential secure location…you’ll miss the baseball doubleheader on Saturday, right?  Guess what?  We’re talking about something that can save you and your families’ lives.  This “stuff” is for real, and needs to be practiced and followed in earnest, not just paid lip service to or drilled in a half-hearted manner.

    If your preps and training are not priorities, then neither is your survival.

    You can also pick up a range finder to measure distances from your balcony.  Research any of the Infantry Soldier’s Handbooks to see how to emplace a shooting position within the window of a structure and set it back so as not to silhouette yourself.  The exercise is beyond the scope of this article.  If you wish to know about such subjects, then ask for what you want in the comments section and I will be more than happy to consider your topic for a future article.

    To move to any of these fall back positions inside of your own building or outside of it, you need to prepare the ground, and practice moving back and forth with your family.  Again, I know there will be people who may be able to see you.  Consider it a test and/or a training exercise.  What better way to simulate something?  Guess what?  When the SHTF, you’ll have a whole bunch of people that you need to shield your actions from and avoid their cunning gazes.  Practice makes perfect.

    Read Part One Of This Series: Rural and Suburban Improvised Home Defense Strategies

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    This article first appeared at Tess Pennington’s Ready Nutrition.com.

    The Prepper's Blueprint

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, a comprehensive guide that uses real-life scenarios to help you prepare for any disaster. Because a crisis rarely stops with a triggering event the aftermath can spiral, having the capacity to cripple our normal ways of life. The well-rounded, multi-layered approach outlined in the Blueprint helps you make sense of a wide array of preparedness concepts through easily digestible action items and supply lists.

    Tess is also the author of the highly rated Prepper’s Cookbook, which helps you to create a plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply and includes over 300 recipes for nutritious, delicious, life-saving meals. 

    Visit her web site at ReadyNutrition.com for an extensive compilation of free information on preparedness, homesteading, and healthy living.


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      1. LOL. The scene from WWZ actually is when the EBT system is down.

        • Stolz, when EBT finally goes down, I’ll be surprised if the response to it turns out different from the movie scene. Hopefully, I’ll be at the BOL before it happens.

        • This is information that is taught in basic infantry training. Survival for most people will be a learn as you go experience. Adapting to your surroundings is key. I think urban survival is possible and has certain advantages. Knowing skills such as water purification and making a rocket stove out of cinder blocks will make survival a little easier.
          Stay quiet Be smart.

      2. World War Z clip: I currently live in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois, and the clip from the movie is just a NORMAL day on the south side of Chicago. And that’s nothing compared to Detroit, the only city you can walk twelve blocks, and STILL be at the scene of the crime (and which has also not had a Republican mayor since 1960 if I recall)

        • As I have said before, a security cam and monitor system is cheap on ebay (with night vision). Place the cameras so you can see every side of your house and property. Knowing where they are before they see you will give you a big advantage. Also place furniture strategically in your house especially bookcases filled with books as a cover for shooting. Make a hidden hole in the floor to escape into that has a way to the outside. Have remote controlled lights to suprise attackers and illuminate them while you dispatch them from a dark area. If you must flee your home leave behind poisoned jerkey or other treats to insure they don’t stay long lol. Have multiple fire extinguishers to combat burn out attempts and remote control sprinklers. Put burglar bomms in rooms that fill it with pepper gas. Get security hinges and steel exterior doors. Get security window film. If you don’t have large dogs get a recording of viscious dogs and play it really loud. All kinds of things if you think about it.

          • Another thing you can do is where your deadbolt goes into the door jam take the striker plate off and bore a hole 1″ in diameter all the way through the jam and into the wall. Beat a 8-12″ piece of 1″ ID steel pipe into the hole with the end flush with the jam. Make sure the deadbolt goes into the pipe smoothly, if not them use a little bigger pipe. This will help prevent breaking the door down. Also a flip down door wedge will keep the door from opening. If all else fails have a propane tank in a room and open the valve all the way and set a time delayed sparker or other device and just blow the whole thing to hell along with them…

            • 1″ OD sorry lol.

              • OK 1 more thing, After you put the pipe through the jam you can drill a hole5/16 diameter about 2 inches from the edge of the jam through the jam and pipe and all the way to the outside. Put a hardened carriage bolt through the hole from the outside and put a washer and nut on the inside and crank it down. This will cause them to have to break the entire jam in half to gain entry (not easy).

                • If you are framing in a doorway, new construction, consider using oversized members, like a 6×8 for your jamb studding, with reinforced plate ties. They’ll have to use a chainsaw to break down if you’ve also got the long deadbolts and pipe channels to keep the door on.

                  • Good advice. And while they are chainsawing some nasties from below and or behind should get rid of them lol.

        • TEST
          The South Side is a mess, It looks Like WW-G. (G) is for gangs. IMHO. I think the Cops should pull out of the area and let them kill each other off. Just maybe the people in that area that have been putting up with the BS will start to do something about it. Then and only then the shit will stop. Over 1,050 people dead this year and we still have over 3 months left in the year. Just think how they are going to riot when Hitlery looses.

          Another thing, Why stay in the big city when you know it is going to go up in smoke. By WW3, Or Riots. We all know that they are all going to die!


          • Anybody still living in any larger city is pretty doomed to begin with. Or Suburbia,….where there is mass population per square block. If you have been on here as long as some have claimed, (eppe) you would think they would at least have some battle weapons by now, or had a plan, or relocated to a BOL or in a rural area. But any man who is a real man and cares about his family would have already acted and prepared. Unless you are a schlep and your wife wears the pants in the family, and does not let you have any guns cause you can be trusted, and pretty much reduces you down to the status of a family dog, with no authority.. lol So all you have left is to daydream and wish you could invent diamonds for wealth, and wonder where life came from?, all the while Rome is burning. He is Fiddling, wasting time, not prepping, calling this doom porn and criticizes other for actually prepping or acting on this intel. These people will get their asses handed to them in SHTF, and wonder WTF happened? These idiots will never get it.

            Three Types of people in the world.
            1. Those who make things happen.
            2. Those who watch things happen.
            3. And those who wonder what happened.

            ~WWTI… Keep stacking and prepping smart people.
            For the idiots, or wanna bees, go on day dreaming, fiddling, wasting time, and wander through life, waiting for momma to fix you dinner, then hit the bottle and go typing imaginary bug outs, and playing bravado survivalist from a couch, and all on the grid. lol

        • Fuckin’ aye, TEST. South Side Chicongo here. Spicinley Park to be precise. The ball drops around here it’s going to be Black Hawk Down.

      3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6SWofbYD90

        Yup…I’m in the worst place to be…
        I just want to touch on one point and that is mobility.
        The uber urban sprawl that is LA will more than likely be localize conflicts en masse. If you’re on a motor cycle. You may be able to work around the intense skirmishes in the hood until you need fuel.
        If you’re on a bicycle Carrying a load of ammo and getting away from conflicts will tire you out within 2 miles.
        If you’re in a car. Consider it a tomb on wheels in the urban environment.
        The answer…be on foot and and circle you’re base of operations…especially if you’re on your own. Access to a sewer line and a map of the grid will be needed to evade and in some cases raid.
        If you’re caught in the city…your survivability will be determined on how well you use the environment to your advantage.

        Live Free or Die…chlorine and ammonia are your friend

        • I was in LA once. I think I’d bug out bare assed and have a better shot of surviving than be heavily fortified in the middle of that mess.
          I could see wave after wave after wave of the unprepared looking like World War Z.

          Good luck out there…

          • Boyo I’ve seen both ‘Escape from LA’ and ‘Escape from New York’. Both scenarios would be plausible for the times we’re living in.

        • Talon1776, I’m also still in a city but not for much longer. My primary reason for being on the net every day is to keep a tab on everything. When I believe the time is right, I’ll bugout.

          • Hey there Braveheart1776,

            Barring “the expected unexpected” happening prior to Election Day, do you feel the Demorats are in enough of a panic to instill a ‘first-strike’ (not saying nuke, but just about anything that would suffice), on The Citizens of The USA …in an effort to ‘rile everyone up’ to the degree of total mayhem, death and destruction (hoping we take ourselves “out” en-masse?) …rather than chance Hillary losing to Trump?

            I ask because it is a given that the pols are being ‘played with’ by the media already. Trump is pulling far higher than reported by these damned pols. I don’t reckon there’s a damn thing that isn’t rigged …and in this instance, perhaps they should have just crowned her ass (but where do ya find a crown that big (for her ass I mean)? 🙂

            • Equorial, first I apologize for the late response. Second, I know the commies are playing with the polls. Third, I don’t believe in polls anyway but I realize things look more favorable for Trump. Fourth, a ‘crown for her big ass’ would have to be custom-made, LOL. Fifth, the overall scenario you paint is not exactly far-fetched. I don’t put anything past commies, especially not these days. Last, I do expect some kind of trouble either shortly before or right after the election. Oct. is my next scheduled trip to the BOL if I don’t have to leave sooner. I’m getting more jittery as time goes by. BTW, go to gatewaypundit.com and look at some interesting articles on Trump’s rallies, the amount of people he’s attracting. the hildebeast can’t attract even 1% of the people that Trump is attracting.

              • Braveheart1776, thanks for that site ‘addy’ and total reply. The scenario I ‘painted’ isn’t what I feel is coming (tit-for-tat), but an overall, all-encompassing possibility but shit, that’s one of who knows how many possible scenarios? We are “Information Starved” – on purpose of course.

                I have a case of the jitters, as does my wife. We agree completely that “somewhere near” (before;during;after) is as far as things are going to go ‘peaceably’ …and after that we’ll be firmly convinced we were just hit by a Freight-liner hauling a full load.

                Last, if anything at all is “in the cards” to happen, I’ve a bad feeling that waiting for October might prove to be a tad late my friend? (Depending on how fast you can get chur butt to your BOL).

                As for Hillary’s custom crown …you’re too funny. lol…

      4. Now you’re talking, J.J.

        Oct 1990

        • Just wondering who are the idiots who swallow the crap proposed in this ridiculous article.

          Moreover, Americans are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, dependant on prescribed medications and addicted to OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins; this race of subhumans are extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically)…an insult to humanity indeed.

          • Albrecht

            To each his own.

          • Albrecht, just a few questions, if as you say this is a “ridiculous article” then why are you wasting your time reading it? Another question, what makes you so different from other Americans? Whats so special about you that your not part of the “insult to humanity” too???

            • Almost the same quote by the other trolls, very close to word for word, and never an answer back.

              I would substitute “Americans” with the word “Israelis” and see if there’s a response.

              ” are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, dependant on prescribed medications and addicted to OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins; this race of subhumans are extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically)…an insult to humanity indeed.”
              and, you spelled “dependent” wrong, jerk.

          • Hummmmm, I smell a troll!!

      5. Big issue in urban areas is deciding if and when to get out of Dodge. What do you know if power, cell phones, TV, and Internet die? Best to have a battery operated shortwave radio or even keep that land-line hard wired phone. Like JJ says – get out if you can – and you need info to know if you have to go early. You may have enough time to get out by car or you will have enough info to get to that abandoned building first. If it isn’t an end-of-the-world the you will need 7 days of food and water minimum to cover ordinary storms or power outages — help will usually arrive if your disaster is local. Expect looters after a disaster or riots so doors and balconies should get extra protection.

        • Norseman, I’m on the net every day keeping tabs on everything relevant to what we’re facing. I know what to look for and will know when it’s the right time to bugout. Where I’m going is a 6-hr. drive from home so getting out early will be essential for me.

          • Brave
            I know the area you will be driving though. Most of the folks are going to be OK if you drive though with in the first 24 hours after that you have a 50/50 chance.

            So please my friend be safe!!!

            • Sarge, if I leave 1-3 days early I know I’ll make it. There are several different routes I use to get to the BOL and back. I’ve tested each one previously and know their strengths and weaknesses. As a last resort I have an arrangement with one of the relatives to come get me IF it comes down to that. I’ve got my old van loaded down with only the few important things I’ll take when I bugout. Most of my supplies and survival gear are already in storage at the BOL. On the last trip back from the BOL I had some vibration start up on the van coming back. 2 days after coming home I took it to a shop to get it checked and they found all 3 engine mounts were going bad. Had all 3 engine mounts replaced and even a tuneup done on the van so I know it can make the trip having already driven it there and back twice. as long as I get out early, I’ve got it made. Take care, sarge.

              • Brave : Check the u-joints and carrier bearing. If the vehicle is old, good chance they have never been replaced.

                • Fishandmud, it’s a Honda Odyssey, front-wheel drive. I’ve already had everything else checked. all is in good order.

              • make sure the fuel pump is good to go. if its old, replace it and ensure your safe arrival.

      6. The only fear I have in home defense is someone throwing a Molotov cocktail.

        I could take care of all the other thugs, but fire, not so much.

        • JS, if at all possible, shoot the POS with the Molotov BEFORE he throws it.

        • i recently bought 13 of the BIG fire extinguishers(10 bucks each) from the guy here in town that services them for businesses and apartments….so i got that covered if caught soon enough. also got the bulletproof vest to wear outside when i go with gun to put out that fire….i might still die, but at least i got SOME of the bases covered

      7. If that once friendly neighbor becomes a predator after you and your preps, you will be fighting a losing battle, because there are just too many of them and only one of you. But if you live in an apartment or high rise and you organize your neighbors in advance, an invader is going to flee as fast as he appeared when he realizes you and your neighbors are united in defense of any outside agitators.

        United we stand, divided we fall.


        • “United we stand, divided we fall.”

          Unfortunately … much of America is already divided on many fronts … all by design of course … All we have to rely on … are those that “know” what is actually going on in this World.

          Other than that … the hell with everybody else. They are not worth our time fighting for.

          (exceptions: kids/children that don’t any better)

          • [know] — typo

          • FTW

            There you Go. All true.


          …especially if one is surrounded by INSANE, NARCISSISTIC, MENTALLY-ILL “FAMILY”.

          • Precisely my point – in fact … I went to a family reunion 4 weeks ago … didn’t want to go … but… I was curious about the mind frame of my own family … the diagnosis … was …

            A huge Negative – it was sad to see/hear others thinking that the Government was going to fix things … I myself … stayed out of the conversation … it was hard … but 90% believed that somthing great was going to happen … whether it be Trump or Hillary … they all thought that the Government was looking out for them.

            Now … there may of been some outsiders … such as myself … but they did not reveal themsleves … if so … good for them … and for the right reasons.

            After I left that hideous function … I felt more alone than ever … and that is a sad place to be … especially when 90+% of your own family are still believing in Government…….. FK’N SAD!!!

        • You nailed it. Fifty guys defending fifty homes are going to go down one by one, but fifty guys defending a neighborhood can protect them all.

          There is a big advantage in engaging the bad guys at longer range, before they arrive inside your AO and the situation cannot be controlled. There’s not much that is better than sustained semiautomatic fire from 250 yards in discouraging the slimeballs from coming closer. Fort up in your house and you’ll be lucky to engage them in your own driveway.

          • Think strategically placed items. A kit might include 1 gallon glass jar,electric model rocket ignitor, small wire, pipe boom boom, gravel and broken glass and small nails, momentary contact switch, 12 volt battery.

            • Genius

              Three things to remember if you cross my property to do harm.

              Number one. Don’t fall down.

              The second. It is better for you to stay in the open and not run for concealment when discovered..

              Three. It better to leave than to say, WTF was That?

            • “G”
              Think tannerite.


              • In unity we stand in diversity we fall.

              • Tannerite yes! Also oxy acetelyne 🙂

            • MODEL ROCKET IGNITOR! THANKS GENIUS!!!!!!! (I’ve been wracking my final three brain cells on what to use, and there you spelled it out for me.

              We now have a functional Cannon. (no different in operation than those on a Naval Destroyer, with the ‘packing wads, etc’.

              NOW we have a great way to ignite the bitch without being beside it.

              For what it’s worth, we’ve played for years with July 4th “artillery” rockets (toys of course), but when they are flying horizontally in large numbers ….well, I would not wanna be in the path (as they are not predictable and they ‘flip’, ‘screw’, or even come back at ya).

              For those who are not aware, you can make your own Tannerite, and it’s highly explosive. (So are 12v car batteries when hit with 120volt AC …or even better, two truck batteries (or more), all wired up except for the LAST ‘Battery Post’ (put a remote switch in it, and have them ‘crossed wired’ (+ to -, and negative-to-positive). BOOM! No different than screwing up with jumper cables. I’ve not tried this with the newer ‘gel’ batteries, so I’ve no idea but assume it would be no different.

      8. for the most part the internet has a lot of full of shit blogers putting their brain dead ideas on line

        • Slewfoot, you’re at the wrong site if you’re looking for SHIT bloggers. We’re the real deal and we don’t talk shit here. So move along, sonny.

        • braveheart’s right about THAT one…we don’t tolerate troll “full of shit blogers putting their brain dead ideas on line”…simpletons will be sent packing in short order.

          • BCOD, damn straight. I could’ve been worse toward him.

      9. Have at least 6 people to defend your area. You have to sleep sometime. Pick them well!

      10. Many people get stronger doors or locks. They don’t realize looters will just break a window and climb in. Have a roll of chicken wire ready to tack over the Windows to slow them down. So you can get off a shot. Trip wires or snares in the lawn. Bailing wire is cheap. They will come at night.

        • Have a bunch of rebar and a welder. You can make window bar sets fast. Just don’t be the first to board up.

          We had a series of break-ins in my area. I already had security well in hand. It was interesting to see the arms race that took off between homeowners. OPSEC.

          One of the failure modes of houses during hurricanes and tornados is the doors blow in, then the roof lifts off. I found my step ladder fit perfectly between the opposite wall and the center of the my backdoor. Drop it in and that door is not getting kicked or blown in. Blow out both locks and all three hinges with breaching ammo and still you can’t kick it in. On my front door, my extension ladder fits perfectly when set to the right length to brace from the opposite walls sill plate to the center of the door. Another door that won’t open.

          I’ve never been impressed with fake CCTV cameras. There are some new ones on the market that have a solar panel on top along with a battery pack and infrared LEDs that come on dusk to dawn. If a bad guy is casing the house and drives by at night with a digital camera, he’ll see the IR light. Much more convincing than tin can fake cameras. If you have some real security cameras, add a couple of these fakes anyway to provide more IR illumination and imply better coverage.

          If you have any kind of night vision equipment, these fake CCTV cameras with the IR LEDs can illuminate your yard, even in a power failure, making your night vision work better.

        • Lone, this is a simple area denial weapon, it goes all the way back to Roman times, look up the Caltrop. They are very easy to make, a little paint and they blend in with their surroundings. Plus they can not only be used as an anti personal item, but they also work great against car, and truck tires.

        • You guys and your Alamo delusions!

          • who asked YOU, you pinko commie….you’re in the wrong place, at the right time, now BEAT IT!

        • Buy A Gun!

          • eppe doesn’t have any guns. lol He decided he will kill them with his jokes instead.


            • funny, you always got sumthin’ to say about eppe….just know that we LIKE eppe a LOT more than we like YOU. he has been a valuable member of shtfplan for a long time. it’s obvious you know nothing about eppe(actually, you know LESS than that)….i wonder why you feel like you have to try to put him down…do you have a man-crush on him? shootin’ from the LIP like that only makes YOU look foolish.

              • BCOD

                Time is getting short, maybe even shorter if the internet is handed over to the E.U. or whoever. Oct.1st?
                Then they shut this site down. Then there will be no more arguments.

                We loose info when people leave or only visit once.

                • right-o, anon, we sure as hell don’t want some jackass running off one of our favorite funny-men!

                  • it seems like WWTI fears success, but he really has nothing to worry about.

                • There’s a fairly easy fix for that Anon:

                  Move the entire site to TOR (complete with an .onion address), and they can’t FIND THE SERVER in order to kill the site. 😉

                  • This isn’t to anyone,and everyone!First thanks Mac!
                    Haven’t been here long a year ,maybe? Never commented,only on this site,recently.Never gone back to old articles till today,well weekends.Man I hope we don’t lose all this Oct 1
                    Started prepping a year ago.Some things all ready was but I’m a redneck!My family thinks I’m crazy,it’s ok,maybe,we’ll see.My dad use to say,crazy like a fox,GOD rest his soul! Happy Labor Day to all!
                    Maniac –out

            • I guess I’m just like Eppe too, I don’t have no stinking guns!

              I wus gonna takem on in a spelling be!

        • Thanks MG;
          I hope those guys live in my neighborhood.

        • What an awesome song!

      11. A range finder would be nice. Might consider one. Anyway if your living on the 30th floor you are in danger. Bugging out to grandmas would be in the cards especially if it’s just you or your woman with you. A take down bolt gun with a scout scope and a automatic high cap pistol on you. The rest of your stuff at grandmas and depending how far you gotta go small caches of supplies like a box of ammo some freeze dried food some dry socks. Shit like this will help keep up your morale. No military gear this is grey man time. You wanna make it to grandmas in one piece. Don’t follow the main paths blaze new paths crossing a river in an unlikely spot will avoid ambush 90 percent of the time. Travel light and quickly. If need to spend nights along the way find good spots that people won’t see you but you will see them and have a few ways out if you gotta flee. Don’t light fires filter water. Stealth and speed will get you there. If you have your own home in the suburbs you should know a few guys in your neighborhood try to put together a group to watch over the neighborhood. Don’t look at your home as an island. The suburban neighborhood can be governed and survive if there are competent guys to watch over it. pay attention to your neighbors if their disposition changes from being helpful and trying to make things better to being withdrawn from everyone consider them a threat and they will need to be watched closely if enough of your nighbors are withdrawn you might wanna bug out. Withdrawal is a sign of depression and hopelessness people dealing with this will change and possibly turn on you especially if they know your well supplied. Your neighbors shouldn’t know your hand of cards but they should know your character overall and they need to know your not a pushover this keeps them thinking in the back of their mind you mean business. People are much less likely to challenge you if they know you will stand your ground. Don’t let anyone try to bluff you you know what hand you got. Post guards at all entries and rotate patrols. If your out in rural remote parts expect bad company to show up sooner or later have a plan to deal with it. There was a guy on you tube a while back that posted a vid sayin don’t come out to the rural parts and he had an intimidating demeanor and came off as he meant business. What he did was plant a seed in people’s heads. For me I don’t sweat him but others might and just decide to stay away. This was his whole point. I thought it was a good vid. Your trying to survive and protect what’s yours. Coming off as a roided up fruitcake just makes perfect sense. Most people are cowards and scaring the shit out of them will certainly make them back down. Think I’m kidding I’ve called guys cocksuckers that just got out of the joint with tatoos all over their face and neck. The reason I didn’t end up in a fight was because I came off as a crazy person not to be fucked with. Pretty much I outsmarted him. Won’t say I wasn’t scared but if your gonna get your ass kicked at least take your beating like a man. It won’t work if your perceived as a bitch though. Balls will get you far if your smart. Armies use intimidation all the time. A squad of storm troopers coming your way creates fear especially if they have been known to kill. Trust me if the gestapo goon squad comes to your house they are not coming to have tea.

        • Asshat, And if the goonies come and you have to leave asap, be sure to leave some snacks for them seasoned with sodium chlorate. Maybe some gatorade too lol. I’m sure they will work up an appetite lugging all that shit around! 😛

        • Dear Asshat,

          Excellent comments, and excellent advice. Especially the “low profile” recommendation of not being all camouflaged/BDU’s. Very good words regarding sentries and patrols. One of the mistakes people make in a hide site is they sit in place completely and don’t monitor what’s happening around them. The situation changes, and the site can be good for a day or maybe only half an hour, depending on what is going on around you.

          Thanks for the comments: very sage and practical advice.

          Respectfully Yours,


      12. Went to bass pro earlier got a pair of boots for work we will see how good they are. Cold weather is coming might be a good time to get your warm clothes before the hordes clean out the stores. Red hed boots made in China paid $99.99 exactly. They are real comfortable out of the box which is a good sign for me. Waterproof and stitched to the sole all the way around just like logger boots except the sole isn’t as clunky. Also don’t lace up as high which I like. I’ve bought timberlands and they are dead in 6months usually the soles crack on the bottom and they are not waterproof anymore or the leather separates from the sole cause it’s just glued. $140 for timberlands that last 6 months. These seem better just don’t wear the big name brand. Tims are comfortable right out of the box but 6months is not that long for a work boot. A year at least considering everything is made to consume. They talk about the dump filling up with shit then make products that last. Boots should last under hard use for at least 2 yrs IMO. Would’ve bought some danners but they only had 2 different styles. When it comes to boots I’ve just about had them all.

        • Asshat, if you work outside a lot in winter, you’ll want a pair of boots with Thinsulate insulation. Gotta keep those feet warm. I wear boots of one type or another all year round; I prefer boots anyway. I’ve got 3 pairs of boots with Thinsulate. BTW, all 3 pairs came from Bass Pro and got all 3 pairs on sale. I don’t care whose name is on them as long as they last longer than 6 months. I know some people swear by danners but I think you’re paying more for a name than anything with those suckers. I’m very particular about boots myself. I only wear the thinsulates when it gets extra cold. the rest of the time I manage with non-insulated. Never hurts to have extra boots, extra bootlaces, extra socks. I’m also real picky on socks. I only buy the heaviest-duty, thickest socks I can find. they last longer than regular crew socks.

      13. If the morning rush traffic continurd all day in LA the carbon monoxide produced would kill everyone in the city so they said in a study Now imagine a mass exodus from LA with millions of cars in a traffic jam. It would not matter if you stayed put you would still be dead from carbon monoxide folks. How would other cities fair in a mass exodus would carbon monoxide kill millions due to mass traffic jams. You really have no chance to get out alive at all. A terrorist could kill millions with just the threat of a nuclear device. Move out now while you can get out alive

        • For those with nowhere to really go, I wouldn’t see any harm in spending some bucks and arrange for a motel in a sleepy little town starting before the election and for a bit after.

          At least you’d be out of the commotion if it were to actually start?

          • Dear Equorial,

            That’s actually a good idea. Maybe along those lines would be to rent a remote cabin (as remote as can be) during that period. As it’s the off season for tourists, it would likely be a lot cheaper.

            Button up the main house and go there, and turn it into a week/weekend of training/skills development. If it morphs into something bad, then you’re already there. If not, no harm done and you’ve made something productive out of it.

            Matter of fact, I think I’ll do an article on it, and I’ll dedicate it to you…as it’s your idea.



      14. Just got home from the Wives family Reunion. Damn SHAME that 2/3s of them are not going to make it. You can’t even talk to them. The other 1/3 have things well in hand.

        Spent most of my time talking to a cousin that is a Cop near Sick Louis. He told me that with the right spark it will all go up in flame. He told me because of all the shooting of Cops that they have now put M4’s in the squads, and put the shotguns in the trunk. While taking to him he believes like I do. If Trump wins we will get rioting in the major cities with in hours. I Hitlery wins it will take a few months before things get started, but all the cops he knows won’t be going to work to enforce her BULL SHIT!!! So talk to the Cops in your area and see what they think, and what they are going to do?


      15. Sgt. Dale, sorry to hear about your wife’s relatives dying. I’ve already talked to all the cops I know in my area and they’ve told me the same things the cops you know have said. My area is 67% black and will blow up if Trump wins; I already heard that on the streets weeks ago. I’m going back to the BOL 3rd week of Oct. if not sooner. I don’t need to be in Memphis if/when it blows. There’s a ghetto only a mile from my home and when it blows up it won’t take long for it to spread. Memphis had a total of 2500 cops only 2 years and now it’s down to 2000 because our previous mayor CUT THEIR BENEFITS AND SALARIES. It’s a wonder we still have a local PD at all. I’ll be at the BOL at election time; much much safer than where I’m at now.

        • I’m going to talk to the group in the next few days and see if they want to have a dry run of Trump winning the election. We have already talked and we are all adding to everything.

          On Nov. 7th going to lock and load some of the items I have and place them is some locations, just incase things spread into the area.

          Going to bug in at the beginning but still going to keep in touch with the folks at BOL#1. They might need some back up. With about 2 phone calls, or Radio calls, the group can muster about 20 or so heavily armed and well trained folks to help. Or the BOL can send help our way.

          It is a shame the in-laws won’t listen. You can only do so much.

          Stay safe.


          • Sarge, I know what you mean. On my last day at the BOL a month ago, the family and I also decided to have a dry run for election day when I go back in Oct. I think this next trip will be my final trip, the BUGOUT. I think things will start coming to a head in Oct. Take care.

          • Dear Sarge,

            My condolences on your family’s losses. May your spirits be lifted, and all of the good memories remain with you always.

            Respectfully Yours,


        • RE: Election Day Prepping, Better have all your Magazines filled and ready to go in a shoulder bag, with a dump pouch attached. Water canteens or a camel back 2 liter.. Do you have a battle belt ready? A combat belt with magazines pockets and pouches and a dump pouch for spent magazines and a good long knife with a sheath? Knee pads and elbow pads for when hitting the dirt to make yourself small? Boonie hat with mosquito netting. Do you have your camo pants and shirt and a good pair of boots and socks ready to go, by your bedside? So you can get out of your house and into the shadows in less than a minute, to keep an eye on things at night if needed?

          Do some dry runs at night fully armed, and walk your property in the middle of the night. Once your eyes get adjusted to the night, you can see fairly well. Work out all the kinks in practice, in the day and night. You will be a lot more confident and proficient by training with all your gear, to see what works or does not work. Make all the mistakes in training. Because when the real deal goes down, 2nd chances may not be available, and you sure don’t want to be fiddling with broken shoe laces or pants that don’t fit. Or have a big bag that you can throw all of this into and hit the road if necessary.

          So when the Shit goes down are you gonna be ready?

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I826gxc8TvI

          • WWTI

            Good tune.

      16. What a world of shit that we are living in..it no longer a matter of if Its when.. we are literally less than sixty days from the event, this battle field America.. as in what ever the rat bastards plan on doing..one can only imagine. I don’t drive anywhere without My mountain bike in my car..walking for 25 phucking miles is out of the question..1,300,000 chi-coms in Mexico, with jihadist allies of 10,000 south of higher border. Not sure the Russian count since I had that one up in my phucking face in the Galleria of Houston by Hillcroft drive, or 3 years ago, I heard it’s 250,000+ about 15,000 of them can fit in the Tomball Texas mass grave.. just a quick reminder to patriots and red necks, guys please try not to dump the bodies of the dead soldiers into the bayou because we need clean running water, let’s not contaminate the water.. Not trying to piss of locals just trying to let you guys know that It’s better for the water supply.


        • the gators will take care of those room-temperature liberals in short order,hcks.

        • Burn the bodies. It’s an aroma you’ll never forget. Never…

      17. HCKS, I hear you five by five. Hope you get that BOL up and going in time for an early bugout. I’m bugging out in Oct. if not sooner. take care.

      18. Like a repeating Parrot. How many times do you need to keep telling us you are going to your BOL in Oct? I counted 7+ times this article you said that.. lol What will you talk about after October?


        • he wasn’t talking to YOU, wwti. so just try a little harder to let it go in one ear, and out the other.

        • WWTI, uh, you have a problem? You’re starting to sound like a troll.

          • He is the problem.
            All he does is trash posters.

          • funny thing about that wwti, sometimes he ALMOST makes coherent statements…one of his friends a while back said he does pretty well for a man born with not a shred of personality. i was dropped on my head when i was a small child….WWTI, HE musta’ been thrown across the ROOM. seems like deja MOO, i’ve heard his B/S too many times before. you know, a while back, after a night of drink, drugs and wild sex, WWTI woke up to find himself next to a really ugly woman. That’s when he realized he had made it home safely. last night WWTI’s missus packed his bags, and as he walked out the front door, she screamed, “I wish you a slow and painful death, you bastard!”
            “Oh,” WWTI replied, “so now you want me to stay!” …POOR missus WWTI……… I used to think that he was a big pain in the neck. Now I have a much lower opinion of him.

          • Bravefart is full of shit. BOL, BOV, BODUA (Bug Out Dick Up Ass)

      19. Lucky for us that we are in a rural mountain setting. Bad guys will have to come to get us. I hope this works out to be an advantage.

      20. Growing some balls might help but americans are so use to jumping when Mr pig policeman says jump that i don’t think many americans have what it takes.

        if they had balls they would have dealt with those that did 9/11 by now instead of getting in more debt to these bankers.

        You can also thank the bankers for the silly rent and property prices your having to pay these days

      21. I see the last bus from “crazy town” just let the last of its passengers.

      22. Yet again to those who plan on “bugging out” dont your better off fighting on your home turf. I live out in the country were aloy of people plan to bug out to, i can tell you that we farmers and ranchers use our firearms almost every day here to protect our livestock and crops from coyotes, hogs and other fur bearers. It would be very dangerous for anyone from the city to think they will come out to the country and take our resources. We will be treating any outsider as a predator when shtf. Remember most of you in the city have very limited firearm experience even if you got to the range once a week to train youve likely never taken a shot over 200 meters, out here the spaces are pretty open and we regularly shoot hogs and yotes at 600-800 yard range. Do you see the issue for you here? If you own a property that you will be bugging out to i recomend not only getting to know your immediate neighborhood but also get to know folks on your route there, since alot of folks will be blowing bridges and blocking/destroying roads your going to really have to work to find out if your route will even be viable in the future. Stop thinking about running off somewhere, stand and fight like your a fucking american. Think critically people we country folks live out in the country because we are anti social, hermits who arent too keen on city folks to begin with. If you run from your home to the countryside your are the outsider you are the threat to our livelyhood you will be fed to the hogs or covered in lyme.

      23. What will you be doing on election day?

        Sixty four days and where has the time gone. Now it is right around the corner. Going to find out how all the bi@ching and moaning we have done is going to play out. Who has been doing the Walk and not just the Talk.
        The last week before the election will be full of political messages on T.V. with polling and surveys on your phone. Newspapers frothing with digs on each candidate.

        “Dirty Laundry” by Don Henley. Playing in the background.

        Then you will wonder how you lived through all the bullshit you listened to for a YEAR or MORE!

        But it is the next day that may set the stage for what we do next.

        So if you get up in the morning to the alarm clock’s warning, take the 8:15 into the city. (BTO)

        You might want to check and see if there is smoke in the air or smell it at least.

        As for me? A pot of coffee. Turn the idiot tube on and check it all out. Should things be going south then I will open the safe and prepare accordingly. Finish placing out the stuff that is prestaged.

        Tick Tock. Tick Tock.
        What you have is what you Got, for sure.

        Excuses won’t help you either. You won’t be going up against mother nature but people that may want to hurt you because they are pissed off. Danger will come from many angles.

        We have covered a lot here at SHTF Plan. Many of you are going to find out how bad a human body can stink. Dead or ALIVE. How much weight a few loaded magazine and a rifle weigh. Plus body armor? How much annoyance a bug bite or rash can cause. What frightened people will do including yourself.

        I truly hope you people have your shit together already.

        Some is better than none.
        Prep for War.

      24. Like I have mentioned before, that the scientist told me that it’s going to be like WWZ, the trolls came on here called bullshit, said I lack credibility because of my grammar, that nothing I said will happen or has happened, now the articles writer is telling us that WWZ is what to expect..well I have bad news, it’s going to be lot worse than that..The environment is constantly changing, and so is the planets climate, so is its geology as in the the planets crust, resulting in volcanic eruptions and tectonic planet movement..then you have economic collapse, triggered by engineered collapse, followed by invasion. The ruling elite has sided with a race of extra terrestrial who have allowed them to colonize several moons in our solar solar system, including Mars, Ganamede, Triton, with a black ops space program of over 100,000 personal and have secured a safe planet and DUMBS. Including dumbs on world and off world..This is reality folks..Houston is a very busy city, I live here and I ask myself all the time, what would or be like if shtf strikes..i have intentionally positioned my business, my residency. My preps all in the same area, to make sure that everything is within reach. Like I told my girlfriend when I met her, that she with listens to me now because I am preparing for something, that she either can allow herself to get to know me better, or fuck off and date someone else..luckily she was smart, now she is seeing that I am not a conspiracy nut job, and is worried about her own job now, not sue of she will have one by years end and is now realizing that we have a serious problem because this is all she keeps hearing around her all the time and at work…The average dumbs ass college student is so stupid sitting at Starbucks studying bullshit and I am one of these preppers who don’t believe that Donald Trump will be able to change a damn thing because he can’t stop this planet from acting up, not can he get food to me when I am in deep shit.. sit nice to listen to some one who has the solutions and my scientist friend tells me that guys like them don’t listen to bullshit politicians try to convince then on make believe bullshit.. Donald Trump wining this election does nto alter my preps and will not be changing ant of my future plans.. because the food trucks and food delivery relays on men who drive those trucks and they won’t be driving shit to my area to feed me, because I am nobody. Nor will they be here to feed mothers and infant babies. So let all the dumbasses keep fucking and breeding with reckless abandonment and keep producing more kids..YOU WILL LEARN HORRIFIC LESSONS IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE Let’s see how you negotiate with chi-com soldiers on your front lawn demanding that you hand over your teenage daughter when 4 rounds of 7.62’s bust your head open, right on your streets, then you will learn.

        People, this is whats in America right now, did they not roll in the UN military equipment.?


        • Hey HCKS – good post

          I would say you and your friend are right on the money. No one will provide food nor will any be available when the trucks stop rolling (this week most likely). And flat out fúck the chinks , think creatively on how to dispatch them at a distance. I saw a map recently that predicts where the invasion point happen and where the future fronts will emerge. It seems that the rockies will be the focal point of the resistance.


      25. JJ,
        Outstanding info. My actions are always to prepare for the worst; pray for the best. So much is happening so fast that for those not prepared it may be too late, however I believe they should at least try to get ready for the worst. So far all is pretty quite here in the S E corner but being a realist I feel that a bunch of SH-T is boiling just out of sight.
        take care
        Mike (aka SGT CHIEF)

        • Dear Mike,

          I thank you very much for the compliments. Keep your eyes open, and I wish the best in health and safety for you and your family.



      26. We just have to pretend that we are innocent people and the US military is invading to determined to destroy our sovereign nation. Payback is Hell

      27. Diane, that’ll work for us just ‘fine & dandy’. (Cuz yur right). As per The Constitution, OUR ‘Armies’ are forbidden from use “on the American people.” Still, our POTUS fired a ‘slew’ of the military’s highest ranking (or strategically genious’s) with dishonorable discharges for sticking to “The Law of The Land”, so that tells us clearly they’ll be no adherence to The Law of The Land at all or in any way.

        “There will be no law on the streets” and this hasn’t a predetermined ending, meaning it could easily outlast everyone’s “stores” and available ‘wild foods’. (How many fisherman working the same lake would it take to empty it ..never to be restocked)?

        It’s a good time to be old I suppose. Golden Years my ass!

      28. Really nice post and equally informative comments.

        I think one of the fundamental things which I see in the USA and also where I am in Asia is most are ‘asleep at the wheel’ they are unaware of anything.

        So medicated that they cannot see how ludicrous its all getting. Unaware and unwilling to believe they are unaware or that anything ould happen to them.

        One big thing I think is the belief that just because they would not do a thing (such as extreme violence for little or no reason) they believe the same is true of others.

        They are in for one big shock.

        SO mental preparation I believe is massive, then realistic stress inoculation type training.

        Challenging physical training then we are strong individuals and can have a chance in situation like the video above.

        This years elections will show us which direction things are gong and how insane it is going to get.

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