A Force To Be Reckoned With: China And Russia Are Building Some Seriously Advanced Sea-Based Weapons

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    Along with the mounting tensions between the United States and China in the Pacific, and the former and Russia in the Atlantic comes a steady buildup of submarines in both respective theaters of naval combat.  The Russians have been accomplishing a great deal in stealth technology, especially with Kilo-class boats converted into stealth subs.  Dubbed “the black holes of the Russian Navy,” these quiet refitted diesel subs with the stealth technology are starting to roll steadily off of the assembly lines.

    The Chinese are also upgrading their submarine fleet from a technological perspective (the boat) and also making improvements in their missile systems.  Such actions come on the heels of American positioning in the Pacific.  With all of the tensions escalating and seesawing in the two Koreas, the deployment of the Thaad Anti-ballistic missile systems in South Korea is not seen by the Chinese as a defensive measure: the hypersonic missiles can potentially hit China and alter the balance of its ground forces.  This U.S. ABM-deployment occurred in March of this year.

    Now the Chinese are ready to unveil submarines in the Pacific that will be armed with nuclear missiles.  This is a definite game-changer that has its roots in the Senkaku islands dispute between China and Japan, but the U.S. has been flexing its muscles and inserted a fleet in the region.  Also the B-1 bombers have been reactivated and are running route missions, much to the chagrin of the Chinese.  They already have four Jin-class submarines in the South China sea, merely awaiting the order to proceed into the Pacific. Each Jin Submarine can carry 12 Ju-Lang (“Giant Wave”) missiles, and recently its largest missile, the DF-5 has been converted to a multiple-warhead carrying capacity.

    Meanwhile in the Atlantic, the Russians are by no means being complacent with their submarine fleet.  The Commander of the U.S. 6th Fleet recently wrote a paper outlining this increased Russian activity in the Atlantic.  Written for the U.S. Naval Institute’s June 2016 issue of “Proceeding,” the article is entitled “The Fourth Battle of the Atlantic.”  Here is an excerpt that characterizes the Vice-Admiral’s viewpoint of the Russian submarine activity:

    Once again, an effective, skilled, and technologically advanced Russian submarine force is challenging us. Russian submarines are prowling the Atlantic, testing our defenses, confronting our command of the seas, and preparing the complex underwater battlespace to give them an edge in any future conflict.  Not only have Russia’s actions and capabilities increased in alarming and confrontational ways, its national-security policy is aimed at challenging the United States and its NATO allies and partners.” 

    -Vice Admiral James Foggo III

    The head of the Russian Navy, Admiral Viktor Chirkov mentioned back in 2015 that Russia’s submarine operations have increased by 50%.  The Russians placed a nuclear-guided missile submarine in operation named the Severodvinsk, K-239, of the new Yassen-class submarines.  Apparently these boats are so impressive that Vice-Admiral Dave Johnson, a Naval officer in charge of submarine construction for the U.S. Navy had a model built of the Severodvinsk.  Impressed with its qualities and capabilities, Johnson characterized the Russian vessel as a “tough opponent.”

    The Russians have also been developing drone submarines, as was previously mentioned in several articles and leaked “accidentally” in a Russian press conference featuring Vladimir Putin.  The aforementioned Kilo-class subs are also being refitted with Kalibr-NK missiles with a longer range; these are cruise missiles that can be popped out and launched from the sea’s surface and equipped with nuclear warheads.

    There was a recent report that said China had about 250 missiles to the U.S.’s 7,000.  Sounds good for us, right?  Perhaps, but not when you consider that if even half of those Chinese missiles hit the U.S., spread evenly between the 50 states, that would leave better than 2 nuclear missiles per state.  The Chinese view their submarine-based ballistic missiles as a second-strike and penetrable force.  Undoubtedly, the Russians view theirs in the same manner.  The submarines are definitely a force to be reckoned with, and as we hem both China and Russia into corners, we provide them with the impetus to continue the buildup of their submarine fleets and deployment of those fleets into areas where they will be most effective if hostilities break out.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Ah but we have lazers you know starwars besides that remember the guy on tv where the little boy his son said but dad they have guns and the dad said we have flowers friggin hippies

        • We’ll scare the pants off them by towing our newest high tech surface ships to their neck of the woods.

          • Would any of this b e happening, if WE weren’t over THERE in THEIR faces, trying to challenge THEM in THEIR own space?

            Somebody gets in my face, I challenge them right back.

            There would be no arms race of the USA would stop trying to dominate the planet. This shit is insane.

      2. They are going to make world war 111 yet and all because of Obama’s demands

        • Obama is nearly the messenger. TPTB, bankers, MIC, et all are the masters. Hillary would be no different, likely far more war like. Trump, less so but he could be goated into it.

          The greatest deference to war is to have a weapon that threatens the king. I suspect for this reason that the first target by an adversary possessing nuclear weapons with an advanced delivery system would be the Bildergerg Group meeting as there is no shelter of value in a 10-15 minute flight time. I tend to hold my breath when international tensions are high in a time when they hold their meetings. If we read about their meetings being held at NORAD , or they skip a meeting entirely, look out baby.

          • merely not nearly

          • deterrence not deference

            damn auto spell

            • K2 , let me pile on ……” Goaded”, may have been what you were looking for. LOL bad night with auto correct !
              But good post all the same.

              • Thanks.

                I tend not to proof read.

      3. Venezuela
        “nine missed meals”

        Deaths, arrests as looting erupts in Venezuela

        h ttp://peakoil.com/publicpolicy/deaths-arrests-as-looting-erupts-in-venezuela

        things continue to deteriorate

        • Civilization always hangs by a spiders thread.
          3 days without food and you have Mad Max scenario.
          People WILL turn into animals… actually make it turn into BEASTS.

          No one will save you but YOU.

      4. Russia and China are challenging the US and western allies. Yeah right, they are surrounding the US and allies with their near thousand bases threatening to enslave mankind with anti capitalist voodoo. What a sick bunch of evil bastards, the US and their corrupt allies with untold gross trillions wasted sucking this nation dry in pursuit of worldwide dominance, because well that’s the only thing they know, gluttons of murderous disaster. Human beings, I think not.

        • Amen.

      5. I am betting that both the Russians and the Chinese have systems to take out our satellites and blind us.

        Can’t we all just get along? Rodney King

      6. If you look at race cars they are all built the same. Winning depends on the driver and crew. Same for military hardware is all comparable it’s the command and forces that make a winning nation. Our troops are loosing they have allowed women in combat gays which are girly men. I’d say Russia has better trained troops roided up on psych drugs to build their egos. I’d put my $ on them winning a war over us. Just how I see it. America has gone soft.

        • Asshat:

          I agree with one exception: “roided up on psych drugs to build their egos”

          I have listened to several interviews of Putin. He is fighting drug use and going after drug dealers very hard. Psyche drugs make people weak and dependent. Only a fool or the victim of intense propaganda and lies would even consider using them.

        • Using the race car analogy, the Kilo subs aren’t being driven by an Indian or Iranian crew. They’re crewed by Russian sailors, who are very good at what they do. Having a Kilo sneak up on a CVBG (okay, now they’re called ‘Carrier Strike Groups’) would cause any commander of said group to get his sphincter in a knot.

          Regarding ground troops and female infiltration: not enough splittails aboard (yet) to cause a dent in readiness. Current troops are experienced, and are better trained than their Russian counterparts, without having to drug-up. The fight will be ours, if (God forbid) it comes to that.

          • Eagle 71.. “The fight will be ours, if (God forbid) it comes to that.”

            Do you work in Hollywood and directing a science fiction movie?

          • We won’t be fighting a bunch of disarmed rag-heads and goat herders this time. I’m stunned at how little respect we have for human life. This war is wrong from the beginning and doesn’t need to happen, but for a few fucking elites who will be hiding in their bunkers while the rest of us die.

            Have you NO sense AT ALL?

          • “I don’t know how WWIII will be fought, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones”.
            –Albert Einstein

            “…they shall pound their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, and neither shall they learn war, anymore.”

            Nuclear war, having a ‘winner’, is the saddest joke in history, and is the reason why all kings, presidents, legislatures, and all other ‘centralized authorities’, and suits, should all be simply taken out and hanged. With their hanging bodies left to rot as a symbol for the future.
            God is not going to save you from your own folly, the Jews bowed to the NAZI’s because they were convinced The Messiah was going to come and save them… yup, that worked out real well, eh?
            Sell your coat and buy a sword. To sell your coat means to eliminate your spoiled attitude given by your materialistic prosperity, your apathy and complacency. To take up the sword of truth, which means to open your eyes, and act as the hands of True Justice.

        • Not all military equipment is the same. The Russians and the Chinese use a ‘Technology-based Planning’ approach to create weapons platforms that are designed for a specific purpose and are robust and reliable. The US is driven by finance (budgets) and the glossy PR material of the defense contractors. This is ‘Finance-based Planning’ which also underpins the decline in US industrial competitiveness. Given the fixation on finance there is this simpleton belief that throwing more money will create a ‘superior’ outcome. It won’t as much of this is done without insight into the technological capability of enemy technologies. Using Google to ‘innovate’ for defense is laughable.

      7. Russia and China together could whip the USA. The military that is. Sure they could take over large city where all the girly men live. They could take out the power grid. But that would be where it ends.

        There are about 200,000,000 Guns in the Civilian population. (Yes I know that they are all not modern battle rifles and handgun). Every so called hunting firearm type from rifles, shotguns, and handguns today once served as a military weapon in some country.
        On top of that there is possibly around or more than 1,000,000,000 (1 “B”) rounds of ammo in the hands of the American people.

        There would be a guerrilla warfare that has never been seen before. If you think for one second there wouldn’t be you had better think again. China and Russia know this.

        If you believe for one second that the F22 or F35 are our top of the line aircraft you had better think again. We haven’t seen our top of the line fighters or Bombers. What they have in outer space, Good Lord only knows. Sure blind them they rest fires. Hit one with a satellite killer the rest fires. No notification/communication from the military high command the Subs fire.

        WW3 could in M.H.O. could last for 100 years. Or it could be over in a blink of and eye. Depends on TPTB, and how they want to do it.

        Prepare for the worst and Pray for the best.


        • Sgt. Dale, I beg to differ, as in my opinion a war fought with conventional weapons would turn nuclear in a fairly quick amount of time. As, the side that perceived itself as losing, would quickly resort to nukes to level the playing field! (literally and figuratively).

          The prudent thing to do is to avoid this kind of war to begin with, and not keep provoking Russia and China by surrounding them with military, bases, and weaponry.
          We ARE doing exactly that right at this moment!
          And this is incoherent and insane foreign policy.

          This shit has got to stop before this cold war turns hot.

          • RickE

            You are absolutely correct as the way to win is not to fight. There is no way that war between super powers would remain conventional as mere accident as what almost happened during the Cuban missile crisis showed. Once that line is crossed in nuclear one could expect a viral / bacterial follow up too.

            “insane foreign policy”

            Crazy people would call this crazy.

            • Rick E. and Kevin2, spot on. But over the past 10-15 years, Russia has been on a military modernization program unlike anything seen in the Soviet era. I think Russia’s intentions toward Europe should be questioned. We don’t have the number of troops required nowadays to prevent the Russians from steamrolling into Europe. Back in the Cold War and when Germany was divided, it was different. What the Soviets lacked in quality they made up for in quantity. The Russian military appears to have come a long way since Soviet times. They now have weapons systems which are superior to anything we have. One of my relatives traveled to Russia a few years back and he reports that today’s Russia is not that much different from the old USSR. There are still too many people there who glorify Lenin and Stalin and want the USSR back. They don’t give a shit about the crimes of the Soviets. THAT alone should be a red flag for everyone. Soviet influence is still strong there although it’s invisible for the most part. Many of the old Soviet memorials to Lenin, Stalin, etc. are still standing. I don’t believe that tiger changed its stripes.

              • Few Americans have been to today’s Russia so they are clueless. Russia is like a dog that has been beaten to make it mean. Russia has oriented its economy to national defense and it has modernized. Russia has beta tested its forces in war in Syria and Ukraine and tested its troops and weapons systems, including battlefield nukes.

                They ran some exercises in the Arctic where they could do rapid beach assaults with hovercraft. It was impressive and clearly about taking over the Baltic states.

                I think most Europeans would rather be under Russian rule than degraded into a third world slum under their current governments. Russia would probably be welcomed in an invasion scenario, especially if it was happening as millions of Africans and Arabs were streaming in. The choices are not between sweetness and bitterness: it is between survival (Russia) or being wiped out by Islam.

                • Frank, I doubt very seriously the Baltic states or Eastern Europe would welcome the Russians. Those countries have NOT forgotten the hell they went through under Soviet occupation. Western Europe might be different.

              • Russia is not attacking Europe. There is no ideology of communism. Actually Putin is rather busy fending off his own oligarchs that desire to align with our oligarchs. I would focus my attention there. The Soviets had 20 million people killed in WWII a large number of them Russians. They get a little bit concerned when surrounded with potential hostiles; they’re funny that way.

                I shutter to think about our reaction if the roles were reversed.

                • The Wolfowitz Doctrine is going to put us into an unnecessary and hence very avoidable confrontation with Russia and China that has a very high probability of destruction the likes of which have never been seen. Actually there are theories with some fragmentary archaeological evidence that supports a highly advanced civilization on earth long before our recorded history possibly 200,000 years ago. Maybe mankind advances, destroys himself and then starts over. Deja vo all over again?

                  Greed and unchecked power tends to complement each other to the determent of everyone not having greed and power.

                • Kevin2, I don’t believe communism ever died, just went into hibernation. Russians hate us as much now if not more.

                  • Communism isn’t there its here, along with fascism rolled into totalitarianism. Russians are justifiably paranoid. The thought of losing 20 million in WWII is staggering. The psychological impact that it left on the population is telling. The social impact of WWII can be explained like this. I had every Uncle and my father in WWII, 2 out of 7 seen some kind of action, one wounded enough to come home. I asked my friends wife from Belarus if she lost any family members in WWII. Her look was like a dog gives you when they’re confused. She paused and said, “Of course”. She proceeded to name grandparents, Uncles, Aunts killed. The church in their town had the NAZI’s put all the civilians inside and set it on fire. Anyone fleeing was shot. Men, women, children and not Jews but Christians.

                    Mega wealthy oligarchs, their Bilderberg Group are grabbing power in Russia and Putin is fighting them off. Their oligarchs want to merge with our oligarchs. The last vestige of some government control is what Russia is trying to hold on to. An example is their central bank is 25% owned by the government. Ours, the Federal Reserve is a 100% private interest and I need not explain how thats worked for the US people.

                    Forces potentially hostile to them are on on their border. They’re not over here. The US / Nato / UK are the aggressor. Internationalist bankers control the major decisions in the US, not us. As George Carlin said, “Its a big club and your not a member”.

                    I don’t see the Russian threat to us but our threat to them is quite obvious.

          • Let’s get right down to the point. Russia and/or China will never allow themselves to be defeated conventionally, and become a bitch of Western powers. Ever. If it gets down to that, nukes will fly.

            And as one commenter mentioned, USNATO is goading Russia, with all the talk of Russia aggression (what ever that is), into conflict, just so USNATO can say, “Ah-ha! See? Russia bad!”

            We all have to remember that Ukraine was a State Dept./CIA job. It’s sole purpose was to boot Russia and its Black Sea Fleet out of Crimea. The sole purpose to boot Russia out of Crimea, was to prevent Russia from… well… what exactly is Russia doing in Syria? Crimea is the gateway to the Mediterranean Sea, which is the gateway to Syria. Our wicked ones knew this way before Russia moved into Syria, and the State Dept./CIA regime change in Ukraine was meant to prevent it. FAIL. Now, let’s look at Syria. What would Russia lose if Syria falls? Their Tartus Naval Base.

            Look, if you are catching on, always remember, since the dawn of man, ALL WARS have been ECONOMIC WARS.

            From the Caspian Sea (Hint: Iran) to the Arabia Sea, from China/India to the Mediterranean Sea, we are talking TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS of natural resources. And we are not talking just about oil. War is a business as in war is economic. And USNATO, hence the USA, demands to be the master of… business.

            • Curtis, I agree that Russia and China can never be defeated conventionally. On Crimea, there’s one thing here people overlook. Historically, Crimea has been Russian, at least back to the 18th century. When the USSR broke up, the Russians did NOT withdraw from Crimea. There has been a Russian military presence there ever since. A Russian community has always been there. No way was Russia going to withdraw its civilians or military from that land. they had a lease arrangement with Ukraine for all the military bases there including the Black Sea naval base. When Yanukovych was overthrown, Putin panicked, so he decided to reinforce the military presence there and kick out the Ukrainians. He held a referendum where 96% voted to join the Russian Federation. Crimea will always be Russian soil.

        • They would not bother to invade. A country without power, coms, food, medicine, etc. would have people die rapidly from a lack of medicines to start with, illnesses, lack of food and clean water, etc. They would be dealing with similar issues.

          • Nexus, you are right, there will be no fight.
            The injured, maimed, sick, malnourished, exhausted don’t fight.
            Surviving an EMP plus a couple of tsunamis will be enough fight.

            • Bobane, I guess the world didn’t end a couple of weeks ago as you were predicting.
              Was the S&P not at the correct number so the EMP didn’t happen?
              Let’s hear it man; you made some bold predictions…what’s the story??

              • Ketchup, that’s right, I forgot all about that. Bobane, how about it?

                • I missed this article from June 9, was looking for something else..looky what I found:

                  Bobane says:
                  Comment ID: 3573123
                  June 9, 2016 at 6:23 pm

                  A gallactic catastrophic event coming.
                  They moved everything to Asia for a reason and it’s not because of cheap labour.
                  Too late now…
                  SHTF is imminent.

                  hillbilly SC says:
                  Comment ID: 3573172
                  June 9, 2016 at 8:13 pm

                  Harold Camping aka: Bobane

                  I try my best to stay out of the fray of this site and the mud slinging that happens.

                  But… This time, for you, I’ll make an exception.

                  I’ve done my best to be prepared for anything that might happen for the past 2 1/2 decades. I also try to learn and do new things. It has come in handy several times in my life.

                  With that said, I feel that I’m reasonably confidant that barring a direct asteroid strike on my home, my family and I will continue with our daily lives.

                  Please refrain from posting anymore “STUPID” dates/info that might save us all, by moving to asia.

                  You sir, are a FRAUD!!!

                  You told everyone here that we would all be dead last Sunday. I’m surprised that you did not ask us to wire all our money to you, since we would not need it anymore, if we did not listen to you and move.

                  At 91 years of age, I believe that your senility has progressed beyond any hope.

                  As one poster I’ve read before say.
                  Your a “Sexual Intellect” or as I would just say…
                  “Fucking Retard”.

                  Sorry ’bout da rant y’all. 🙂

                  Y’all play nice now.

        • Hopefully, we never have to see how long it takes…

        • As far as I’m concerned, THE CAN HAVE THE large city where all the girly men live.

        • The final world war, I have on good word, “will but short but terrible,” just before the Second Coming.

      8. From a historical standpoint, most military types prepare to fight the last war they fought, not the next future war. It is getting so that technology is making our old style of warfare obsolete. Modern War can happen so fast, be stalemated/won so quick, and be so destructive, that new War technologies won’t have time to be developed. In fact if we were to eliminate Moslem nations there would probably be no inter-national war to speak of anymore. Just the usual tribal disputes.
        My generation was raised to distrust Communists/Socialists. Now my biggest enemy is American Socialists(AKA Democrats).
        Future wars will be very different. I don’t foresee shooting invading North Koreans, I foresee a shooting war with Democrat SWAT soldiers( Hail Hillary! Hail! Hail! ) as much more likely.
        Prep on.

        • “From a historical standpoint, most military types prepare to fight the last war they fought, not the next future war.”

          That is so true from the Civil War starting with Napoleon tactics and ending up looking like WWI. Westmorland a WWII artillery officer did the same in Vietnam.

          In the end its difficult if not down right impossible to rule the world. It was said about armor a few decades ago, ‘If we can see it, we can hit it, and if we can hit it, we can kill it”.

        • Rellik, I’m from that same generation. I’ll still shoot any commies/socialists I encounter whether they’re domestic or foreign. I foresee a combination of feds/UN boys/muzzies, etc. Don’t care where they come from. Bullets are equal opportunity killers. They NEVER discriminate.

        • Means that carriers are sitting ducks from air-to-surface, surface-to-surface (fired from subs and ships), ballistic missiles, subs, etc. Carriers really only had value during WW2 (carrier to carrier battles) and for beating up small nations. Against the big boys they would be very exposed given that we are in the age of the hyper-fast and intelligent missile.

      9. Sgt,

        there is LOTS of new hi-tech military stuff that Russia has and so do we, BUT Russia at the moment does have a edge on SOME of our stuff, yes our military is SCRAMBLING to get up to speed, it would be VERY bad for ALL parties IF a all out war started, I don’t have much info. on the Chinese, BUT i would guess they are right up there with us OR the Russians. anyway you slice the war the outcome will be bad very bad!
        Hold down the fort, the road may get rougher than we expect! hope not BUT some idiot could set it off, very easily!

      10. “WW3 could in M.H.O. could last for 100 years. Or it could be over in a blink of and eye. ”

        I agree SARGE , if its over in a blink of the eye , we will never know .

      11. Good thing Slick and his wife sold all our nuke secrets to the Chinese in teh 1990s, no? Of course, Slick himself will be at that underage girl harem in the Caribbean is anything breaks out, so he’ll be fine.

      12. I remain very glad I have my property in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, reading all this stuff….

        • How are you fixed for firepower?

          • slingshots and pea shooters!?

      13. Our military are in a sad state at the moment. Underfunded and under manned. we may not be ready for the next war in any sense til we get our act together.

        • Our military is anything but underfunded. Its just that most of it is wasted on junk weapons like the F 35.

          • and regime changes, and handing over to israel.

        • Jim. I agree. I was national guard and 20 years ago they were underfunded. My son was talking to a recruiter and he said the guard doesn’t pay college money anymore?? I don’t know if true or not as recruiter was for the reserves but I wouldn’t doubt it. I showed my son where obamas pukes had those soldiers walking in pink high heels. I was furious. Open gays in military. Now the women wanna do everything. I’m sorry ladies but u all don’t have the same physical structure as a man. And men and women in foxholes? No problems there. I always thought women could Serve but let the men on the front lines. I saw it as being a protector. But no now it’s I wanna do that too. we have less troops now than before ww2. And with all these threats? I don’t mind military spending if we MAKE everything ourselves. Puts people to work, pays taxes etc. but military spending and manufacturing overseas is plain stupid and should be criminalized

          • just think of PMS as a “secret weapon.” Everyone knows that’s the easiest way to repel men.

      14. If all this true, then why is the U.S. and her allies having war games with them?

        Seems kind of cozy…

      15. A PREDICTION:

        I can see China and Russia using their sea warfare to block the usa from access to Asian markets.

        I can easily see a future when the us dollar is eventually knocked from the world standard(mostly because of the usa’s govt) and the usa needs to access Asian growing markets more than the world needs the shrinking usa mkt because of its debt problems and Russia and china keeping the usa out of Asian markets thereby making the future of the usa quite possibly worse than venezula.

        the govt has scvrewed this country up from decades and payback may just be worse than you can ever imagine.

        • lena

          “I can see China and Russia using their sea warfare to block the usa from access to Asian markets.”

          Thanks to Free Trade the route is going the other way. Ships leave China full of goods for sale in the US and return empty. Its not access to Asian markets its wages, working conditions, civilized health and safety that the civilized world mandates and the internationalist bankers avoid in Asia.

          China desires to secure independent energy resources and protect their trade routes as they have become the dominate world manufacturer.

      16. Those Russian and chinese soldiers will be getting shot the phuck up in my area for certain.. lets see how long they can last without food and water..moat civilians in war ar usually unarmed and easy to run over.. here is the US, the armed population will give a different kind of response.. of course the assholes in the government needed to disarm us to make it easy for the chinese to shoot us men on site and gang rape the females in your house and area, with the two shots to the head of men of the household, according to the Canadian general. Who referred to us as stupid Americans, but American white men usually and generally don’t put up with bullshit like that and will shoot you soldiers and kill you on site when those soldiers come to our areas. We are not our of food and water like when you Russians invaded Germany and raped and murdered the entire city…try that here Putin, and I will shoot your fucking spetsnatz on site and I will kill and torture them to death when I capture one. As for jihadist and your chi- com buddies, you wik get it the worst. So keep bringing those arrogant pieces of shit into Houston and keep starting shit with fuckers like the likes of me and see what I will do once pissed off. You subs and she’s may be big and bad, but you soldiers are pussies like the that and will pat the price.. send your female Russian and chinese soldiers over here also, you will see what niggers. Mexicans and red necks do when they capture those bitches in US soil. You all think your so bad you ain’t seen shit yet.


        Some men have vaginas. I have brass balls of steal.

        • HCKS

          “We are not our of food and water like when you Russians invaded Germany and raped and murdered the entire city”

          You have some interesting revisionist history. Who invaded Russia in September 1939? Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians were murdered wholesale, men, women and children to the tune of 20 million, Jews and Christian alike.

          The NAZI’s got what was coming to them.

        • “brass balls of steal?” ROFLMAO You mean “scrambled brains of mush.”

          …and anyway, it’s STEEL, not steal.

      17. I agree its all revolving about keeping the USA petro dollar at the top of the heap. When the Petro Dollar is no longer the dominate currency in the oil trading its pretty much over.

        • I think fracking is a wild card unpredicted in the mid 1970s when the oil peg was created.

          If nations that needed oil or natural gas as its replacement and didn’t need to purchase it then there is no need, regardless of military threat, to buy / sell oil in Us dollars as there is no demand. There is an axiom in the energy business, “No cheap available source of energy goes unused”.

        • I think fracking is a wild card unpredicted in the mid 1970s when the oil peg was created.

          If nations that needed oil or natural gas as its replacement and didn’t need to purchase it then there is no need, regardless of military threat, to buy / sell oil in Us dollars as there is no demand. There is an axiom in the energy business, “No cheap available source of energy goes unused”.

      18. Agresion from the USA and the bankers who control Congress has forced others into a armys race which they will win because in the USA each nut and bolt used in the construction of weapons is billed to the tax paying americans at $5.00 a bolt and $2.10 for the nut.

        This is why the US spends $2.5bn a day on “Defence” as it starts trouble everywhere it goes and Russia has the tools to go toe to toe with the worlds bullyboy.

        The bigest threat to anyone in Europe is the US occupation force that was left over from WWII and the US is trying to bully people in Europe to pick a fight with Russia who over the years has been more of a freind to us than the americans who come late to the party in WWII and then grabed the best prizes.

        So nice to see that the american proxy rebels known as ISIS is being taught a lesson by Russia to the degree that the USA has now asked Russia not to bomb them incase some “Moderate Rebels” happen to be in the area ten months after the americans told Russia that it would get it’s “Banker puppet PC friendly rebels” to part company from the likes of AL-CIAda and ISIS.

        Go Russia, Go China and go home yanks, leave Europe alone.

        • “forced others into a armys race ”

          That was MIC that Eisenhower warned us about and left office a couple of days later, “See ya its your problem”; brave guy.

          • I seem to remember a president waring the US public about the military taking over the states and something about “the hidden hand”

            What became of him or was he killed or somthing !

        • So, two nuts are cheaper than a bolt??

      19. See stevequale.com for the latest on academy keeping a data base for the new Russian owners to see who’s buying more than 5 boxes of ammo to keep on a list to have the buyer raided.. One female employee tipped me of last year telling me that a co worker told her that Russians had bought out all the academy stores including all the ones in Houston.. so guys when you buy rifle ammo at academy.

        I posted in what I heard and the DHS, nsa trolls attacked me.. Now ae it for your selves
        . Infowars.com. And stevequayle.com

        Then then the cashier and fun sales man will be preparing your for a raid… gee, it’s time to take my business elsewhere..maybe that’s why that connector guy I know freaked out when he was told to go check on and AC unit in Jersey village by Jones Rd and caught 6 Russians in the house with 5 computers, hooked up l. No furniture, no food in the kitchen and nothing to sit on in the living room, as they spy on veterans, cops and patriots in this area since if the citizenry resides in the north Houston area.. then the very next day, I head that broke the lease from that house. I then told one cop friend that works that area to let him know, he literally asked me if I was serious, Since he knows that I have been known to talk crazy shit. He seemed a little surprised that the house of interest was less than one mile more from his station..

        You Russians think that you are the new good guys in the world stage with you chinese. By we are on to you bullshit in this city..

        As for you Iran. Keep up that bullshit and start shit in my state.. one of your boys got his ass arrested in Houston a few years back posing as car sales man.. you jihadist along with your isis buddies, you ain’t fooling me. I am no even going to water time on the cho-coms.. You dumb phuck’s think tracking rifle ammo sales in Houston means that raids will be allowed in my area, think again..Lets see what happens when you do that and cops who ate friends with the citizenry in this area start coming for you fuckers, you will learn a thing or two about my side of town..i will gladly go pick up 20 boxes of. 223/5.56 to go test the new rules.


        The call me a legend in my own mind but reality is the end result every time.

        • HCKS, I saw the article about academy sports’ treachery last night, but can you provide a link about them being owned by Russians now? If confirmed, that’s a definite red flag to me. Another reason for me to avoid academy. My primary source is basspro. Never had any trouble with them.

          • Basspro has a policy to keep information on purchases of more than 5 boxes of ammo. They also have a policy to keep and report any information related to firearms sales and ammunition and components if the staff member believes that the person is not american or they may be purchasing for illegal purposes. They actually get a small reward.

            • You may not realize it but just being in the store they have your picture at the till. After you walk away the clerk will print an extra copy of your receipt initial it then set it aside. Watch them sometime and see them do it. The receipt is timestamped and if you use your plastic they have all your information anyways. I have even watched a clerk take the receipt and after initialing it they take the cash from the transaction and put it all together. Cabelas Wally world they all have the same instructions.

      20. Nearly a trillion dollars annually going into the military and they still can’t get ahead of the game. Russia learned from its demise back in the ’90s. They know all they have to do is sit back and watch us spend ourselves into oblivion and collapse just as they did. The difference is we won’t be able to pick up the pieces as they did. Rather you punch one for English or two for Spanish, dead is dead.

      21. Can you spell ‘ARMAGEDDON’?

      22. A frustrated Marine General Butch Neil is said to have exclaimed in response, “Retaliate with WHAT?” When you absorb a nuclear first strike, you lose ALL of your ICBMs and half your submarine force. He knew, as did other commanders that Clinton had also unilaterally agreed to keep half of all our SLBM submarines in port at any one time “to assure our Russian friends that we are not a threat.” When you telegraph a subtle message to the Russians that we are going to absorb a first strike, you induce them to make sure they hit us with everything necessary to make sure we cannot respond after a first strike. PDD-60 also removes all alternate submarine launch codes so that our subs cannot fire without direct communications with the President. Those vital communications links will assuredly not survive a massive first strike. Even if they did, it is probable—given what we know—that the President would simply not issue the orders to launch until a first strike had landed. This is not deterrence. This is suicide, or a very carefully planned agenda to make the US vulnerable. Why would US leaders do this? It is designed to drive Americans into a New World Order that has military power over member nations.

      23. I see that the Libertarian Left/Russian trolls still own this site. Bunch of Commie pussies like BraveFart, Kevin 2 stupid, and others.

        The world is a tough place, and only those who are prepared to be tough understand that, not some Paulbot nonsense!

        When WW III comes, watch out fur dem hogs!

        • Them Hogs, WHOA! You’re calling the wrong people commies here, mofo! Watch out for a dickhead calling himself Them Hogs.

        • Them Hogs

          Libertarian here with a bit of a social conscience. The key word is Liberty as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

          Read what is posted, research it for validity. Take off the blinders and realize that government lies to you. I didn’t phrase it as your government because “We The People” lost control of it decades ago at a minimum. Americans have been dying for internationalist bankers certainly since WWII. Even back then its questionable.

          Communist? I’m sorry but its highly doubtful that you understand what that is or fascism for that matter.

          Your heart is no doubt in the right place but I suggest doing some reading.

          1. Creature From Jekyll Island
          2. Best Evidence
          3. None Dare Call It A Conspiracy <—start here
          4. Trading With The Enemy
          5. Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man

          You'll come to the conclusion that the Democrat v Republican dynamic is utter bullshit to pacify the public into the mistaken belief that they have true self government. What is sad is that its not just the US. There is no nation of substance where the citizens actually control their respective governments on anything other than isolated or more likely token issues.

          • oops one more

            The classic written by 2x Medal Of Honor recipient USMC Major General Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket.

        • Them Hogs, I am Russian, and the Russians are NOT coming to get you, regardless if what CNN says! As far as being “tough” I think you have that confused with arrogance, or possibly just stupidity. No matter how tough you think you are, there is always someone tougher…so STFU before you get us all nuked over your incessant dick-stretching.

          …and if WWIII does come, I’ll be watching fur dem hogs on my dinner plate…extra crispy.

      24. Do not sell the Russians short. They have always been good at ECM (electronic warfare countermeasures) warfare.

        • They tend to find a $5 weapon that takes out a $500,000 one. Their RPG is probably the best bang for the buck of cost verses effectiveness. Their people have never had a love affair with any government over them but their history is such that attackers never came as liberators. As bad as Stalin was the Russians fought like animals for “Mother Russia”. Hitler was originally greeted as a liberator but the horses ass had his supermen SS commit atrocities upon atrocities. The Russians nationalist spirit arose. Look out.

          Germans fought the same against the Soviets as it was pretty much a war of no quarter.

      25. I can understand Russia having a hard-on and wanting to try to kick our asses, but correct me if I am wrong. Doesn’t China have a vested interest in keeping the U.S. afloat and semi-solvent so we can keep buying 60 in. TV’s, worthless appliances, and Chinese made Chevy’s? They also own quite a bit of our debt, so it literally would not be in their interest to start a War with us. Chaos seems to be the only word that actually makes sense and seems logical anymore! Never in my 56 years of life on this earth have I seen so much of it in every corner of the globe! I’ll be damned if I can make sense of any of it, but following this site over the years has helped me immensely to understand more than I would without it! As an old friend of mine likes to say, “I ain’t the sharpest knife in the rack, but I ain’t no spoon!” Thanks to all of you for the awesome insight and down to earth/intellectual viewpoints! They are appreciated! Prep on!

        • Our country is rich in natural resources like petroleum, gold, silver, uranium, farmland all of which is tied in knots to protect “endangered” species and “habitat”. China doesn’t need for us to buy anything if they take possession of this nation and mine for all precious metals, pump out all available oil and natural gas, cut down as many trees as is needed for the world’s desire for wood.

          • Hydrogen bombs, lots of them with delivery systems; the US can’t be invaded by force. You can invite a culture and people in and get taken over by homogenization / globalization.

            The ramparts are manned, the sentries posed but the invasion is oozing under the gate, slow, methodical, unrelenting.

          • That’s interesting, because that’s EXACTLY the plan the globalists have for Russia….

      26. Having seen some of the capabilities of what we have, it is the Chinese and Russians who should worry.

        • Capt

          It would go nuclear. No winners, all losers.

          Only the dead would not worry.

      27. The only reason China and Russia have their “advanced” or “state of the art” anything is because it was it was STOLEN from us back when B Clinton was in office. Anyone recall how many times a “laptop” was missing from Los Alamos ? Look at how the C’s are so rich now. Crime does pay. Put it together peeps.

        • Who,we can thank the Clinton crime family alright.
          Capt. What ship was that(cook)the Russians buzzed,turned off all come. some jambing device teased with us 15min. or so to prove a point!
          Maniac –out

        • We need to understand that China by shear numbers has more children of genius level IQ and above than America has children.

          The Chinese educational system finds these children and fills their heads with math and science.

          The US takes all children and dumbs down the educational process so as not to hurt the feelings of the bottom 20%.

          War is nearly always won by superior technology. The Germans and the Japanese had superior weapons at the start of the war, but the US outpaced them technologically during the war. We also had better supply lines. In the case of the Japanese they held back some of their best technology to defend from an inevitable homeland invasion. That technology was never used because of the nuclear bomb. Japan by the way had a secret nuclear weapons program as well, being performed in conquered North Korea. They were perhaps months from a bomb as well. North Korea inherited several key parts of Japan’s nuclear program.

      28. A war between the big guys will result in the end of the aircraft carrier. The last big war was the end of the battleship. Subs may go useless with advances in detection. Star wars and cyber wars are the future. At least until those things end everything else.

        • “A war between the big guys will result in the end of the aircraft carrier.”

          And everything else that modern civilization has created.

      29. Don’t forget the F-35 ALBATROSS….erm sorry Lightning!!!

      30. In a nuclear conflict everyone is a loser. As Bill Paxton from “Alies” so eloquently stated “game over man, game over”.

      31. Avid Bible students are way ahead, they see the outlines of the great Time of Trouble approaching, to be followed by the Second Coming. “and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation” Daniel 12:4.

        “The wrath of man shall praise Thee.” The very end is fast approaching. We best be studying our Bibles and seeking a personal relationship with the loving Most High God. Seek Him while He can still be found.

        What all these articles about the approach of WW3 show is that the great, last Time of Trouble before the return of Christ is approaching. “at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.” Daniel 12.

        A new world is coming – cooperation with the Most High God of heaven and earth is our greatest need.

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