A Carefully-designed Script: Gun Violence and Obama to the Rescue!

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Headline News | 98 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    scripted-obama2scripted-obama(President Obama signs Executive Actions on guns in carefully scripted ceremony. January 2013) 

    The new script being played out by the administration is truly beautiful to watch in its detail and complexity.  There are so many characters in this screenplay, and here they are, listed as their performance in the playbill:

    Barack Hussein Obama II
    The bold, intelligent, courageous Hero

    The Media
    Faithfully reporting on the Hero’s progress

    The true villains: they possess the murderers

    AKA: Renquists {as in Stoker’s “Dracula”} they are addled “tools” in the Gun’s hands

    The U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment

    The Victim(s)
    Similar to “The Fallen” in “The Hunger  Games,”  they are merely reasons for wailing and weeping as portrayed by the media

    All others are Stage Props: the schools, communities, the grieving public, etc.

    In Montana, the local newspaper is little more than a collection of local colloquialisms surrounded by canned, nonsensical AP (that’s Associated Press) drivel that is labeled as news, but better described as propaganda, plain and simple.  There is a script here, and this is the way it has been running.

    1. Shootings! For whatever reasons, the shooters have been striking the defenseless public, all of a sudden, and in areas spread out all over the country?  No.  In a country of 312 million, there are always shootings going on; nevertheless, now the shootings are being reported.
    1. The defenseless: the panic-stricken public (with less testosterone in the men than in the women) practically falls all over itself, crying and yelling to be saved by the government.
    1. Chaos: Nobody knows what to do when The Evil Gun has struck!
    1. The reporters are on the story 24/7, with every little detail imaginable, and all fingers pointing back to The Evil Gun.
    1. The Public/Proletariat: Law enforcement officials, concerned parents (especially women), scared students and business leaders….everybody is scared and calling for action to stand up to The Evil Gun.
    1. Politicians are tense: What can we do? What law can we craft to save the peasants and villagers who must dwell far below Olympus/Aesgard?  We need bipartisan efforts, now!  We’ll do it!  Save the proletariat from The Evil Gun!  Help!  Who is our Savior?  [Then, all heads turn…upward….and the clouds turn golden and part, to reveal….]
    1. The Hero: the leader, the savior, the protector…enter Obama. Emotions: sadness, yet sternness, with clenched jaw and narrowed gaze, for the Fallen…steely-eyed…he will…he must…take Executive “Action” [technically, write an Executive Order] to lead his court, his “Camelot” of Congress, and all as the Champion of the People, the Protector of the Proletariat…He gazes into the mirror, and the words of Mariah Carey enter into his mind: “And a hero lies in you.”

    The headlines are so carefully crafted, and they are brilliantly contrived to play upon the feelings and to speak for those with the attention spans of gnats and the minds of 12 year-old children.  These are the headlines out of the local paper (The Daily Inter Lake), of October 10, 2015 that “do a roundup” on all of the gun tragedy:

    (Take note: even locally, the Associated Press is always there, a lurking vampire-devil)

    (Local) Great Falls (AP):  “Youth Arrested for Gun Threat,” page A-2

    Flagstaff, Arizona (AP): “Brawl Becomes Shooting at Arizona College,” page A-4

    Roseburg, Oregon (AP): “Strong Emotions as Obama Visits Grieving Town,” page A-8

    Gun Threat… Shooting… Obama… Grieving Town… all of these scripted headlines are to trigger emotions, and we already know that Obama (by his own words) said that he will take “Executive actions,” and these translate into Executive Orders, yet another dictate to be published in the Federal Register to bypass Congress and the established, legal, American way of creating laws in the United States.  The people are nothing more than props and hand puppets.  Firearms are always labeled as the great evil.  The person using the firearms is evil; however, it is the system of Constitutional Laws and existing freedoms under the Bill of Rights that are at fault.

    The shooter is (in effect) also little more than a prop for The Evil Gun, that (akin to the demon possessing Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”) made the shooter pick it up and shoot people.  Readers, all of these scripted actions are all contrived and specifically tailored to allow Obama to make Executive Orders that will support the UN gun confiscation agenda that his administration (via Kerry) signed off on already.

    The regime is stirring up public opinion at every angle, and all of the mainstream media is completely complicit in the promulgation of the scripted “Overton Window” actions to create new public perception and push the envelope even further to the end goal: National Gun Registration and (eventual) Confiscation and (eventual) repeal of the 2nd Amendment.  All in the name of safety, yet one question remains:

                Who will keep us safe from those ensuring our safety?

    I have been deliberating constantly since this entire avalanche of reporting these incidents on a phrase of Thomas Jefferson as follows (I paraphrase):

    “Those who beat their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”

    This is true and has been proven throughout history.  In order for the endgame to occur, the American Citizen must first be disarmed.  In order for tyranny to proceed, the United States must first become Australia and be weaponless, defenseless citizenry at the beck and call of the government.  All of these benevolent governments emerge from their chrysalis as fully fanged vampires and then attack the defenseless public when gun controls have been successfully implemented within their borders.

    Complacency is going to be the true death of it all, as Obama will “back door” us (probably on a weekend while everyone is glued to the television) the way he did with the NDAA… and the recent TPP deal.  We’ll wake up on a Monday morning, and there it will be: an Executive Order by Obama disarming us…to “protect” us.  The order will go into the Federal Register…take effect in 30 days…the public will not comply…and then Obama will call in the United Nations (as per agreements even made during the Bush Jr. days and before for foreign powers to “help” the U.S. restore law and order) and declare Martial Law.

    You have seen it before, and you’ll see it again.  Obama is the Hero in a bad, B-movie that has been playing in cinemas for 8 years with no intermission, no cessation.  The script is rolling, and it remains to be seen whether the people will assume their role as Director and choose: either “Action” or “Cut,” regarding the scene.  Let us hope it will be the latter.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Dracula had Renfield, the SCOTUS had a Renquist. Even in satire, details matter

        • They ain’t seen shit for violence until they try to take our weapons. It is laughable that they even think they could do it. Patriots have hundreds of millions of arms with conservatively 30 billion rounds of ammo. Plus, this is our home.

          • Menzo,
            Obutthead is a scumbag and I think it would be a waste of lead or a rope for what he needs and ALL the scum that HAS gone along and NOT stood up for the US citizens. until this civil war that they are starting takes place we are just slowly drowning and the only way they are going to control us is when they have the only food left! that will be their plan and we the prepper’s are keeping them scared. gonna be something big happen soon, HEY did you see where the navy is starting to train sailors how to use a sextant! HHHMMM!! guess what that means??

            • ht tp://www.capitalgazette.com/news/naval_academy/ph-ac-cn-celestial-navigation-1014-20151009-story.html

              • “Strong Emotions as Obama Visits Grieving Town”

                Yeah, you bet there was – there were PROTESTERS waiting for his royal blackass in Oregon…Bush didn’t call us “little Beirut” for nothing. The families refused to help him use their losses for political gain!

                ht tp://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/oregon-shooting-roseburg-residents-obama/2015/10/09/id/695550/

            • I’d like to see a burning at the stake apache54. To the stone age we go! At least our rifles will still work.

              • What you just said bubbles over with truth. Our oppressors need computers, planes, tanks, electronics, satellites, NSA snooping, data centers, and communications to bring the fight to us. Take that electrical grid down and they are left with generators. Take those diesel resupply trucks out and they are left with the fuel in their gas tanks. For the insatiable appetite of consumption the government has, it wont be very long at all until they are blind, and find themselves deep in enemy territory.

                We do not need any of the above to bring the fight to them, remember that!

          • “Patriots have hundreds of millions of arms”. How few of us are going to fight back? The vast majority talks tough and thats all, nothing to back it up.

        • You beat me to the Renfield observation. Once had a pet tarantula named Renfield, because it ate bugs and small vertebrates…

      2. sorry, but it’s hard to take anyone who has 3 cats seriously.

        • It’s hard to take a wannabe Mall cop seriously.

          • sick burn.

        • Why, can you only handle one at a time?

      3. From my cold dead hands. COME AND TAKE IT!

        • We are all saved now….

          • It’s been hours now…

            I’m alone at my post, with my comrades just down the way.

            The quiet and darkness surround us.

            What was THAT!!! A flicker of light? Not again, I think to myself.

            That sound, the sound of shuffling feet.

            The fear in my heart starts to rise. I know that sound, I’ve heard it before.

            It was only a few hours before when the last attack came.

            I like it better during the day, as I can see who is coming before they get to close.

            At night, it always starts with that blinding light.

            As the beam of light pierces the darkness, my memories race back to the last attack.

            I was blinded and could not turn away as the hand reached out to choke the life from me.

            I tried to stay as still as possible, but then found myself thrown back and forth violently as I was grabbed while being blinded.

            It seems like hours as the assault continues. In reality it was only a few moments and the light disappears, and the attack fails because I held my ground again.

            The attacker spins his light as if he is some sort of ol’ time gun slinger and releases me from what he calls his “death grip”.

            I hear the swishing of air as the beam of light swings thru the air and plays against the walls to find another target, searching for my comrades.

            With the sound of shuffling sneakers and taut 550 paracord swinging thru the air as it strains to hold tight onto a duct taped Mag light, my comrades now must each face the same attack as I have.

            The blinding light now searches for them.

            Each night we survive the attacks so we can protect what is beyond.

            The “Brave” one moves on.

          • Hate to spoil your delusion, but no one is going to save you. That’s your job.

            • Moss, twas sarcasm.
              Welcome to the ‘plan’.
              Go read the archives as DK says.
              Will learn alot….

        • Look at the Christ-like posture of the Obamamessiah surrounded by the little children. Red and yellow black and white.

          • Acid,

            There is a name for that kind of humor! I like it. It is hard to imagine how and why the American people elected him. Not just once, but twice! It has become Colin Powell’s dream come true. Give an inch and take a mile. Countless millions are still deluded and blindly following the Pied Piper to their ultimate demise. The world is unstable and many economies are ready to collapse yet the naked emperor believes his policies are resulting in Utopia. He has not awakened to the fact that he is standing butt naked in front of the world community

            • he was elected ?

              • Yes, he was, sad to say. If you think voting doesn’t do any good, just look at the evil it does when you don’t.

            • Why is the Piper always denigrated?
              You think he ‘stole’ the children of Hamelin, or did he rescue them from evil parents who did not keep a deal with the Piper…

              Two sides to every coin.
              The Piper MUST be paid.
              And he will, soon…

          • Sorry Acid. No white’s were present.

        • From my Book Of Resistance, Chapter 12-gauge, Verses .22LR, .380ACP, and .30Carbine.

          • Braveheart,

            Add to your list!
            C-4 and only ONE walks away!

            • Apache54, don’t give me any ideas. could be hazardous to someone’s health.

              • Hey buddy…!
                How about black powder? Easy to make and set off.

      4. Would rather be dead than dis armed,
        Ill take my chances

        • It bears repeating—Not including war, about ¼ BILLION citizens of the 20th century were killed by their own governments. Governments are the worst mass murderers, so are the ones least deserving of being entrusted with any weapons. MURDER BY GOVERNMENT dwarfs all private crime. That said, not even the data from private crime supports gun control. Since the 1990’s US gun ownership has skyrocketed, yet the US homicide rate has FALLEN BY HALF (and the homicide rates have risen in the imaginary gun-free paradises of the UK and Australia). Annually between 1 and 4 million Americans defend themselves with guns against crime, rarely even firing their weapons. Only about 1 in 1000 defensive gun uses kills the attacker, so the criminal body count under-estimates the defensive use of guns a thousandfold. Meanwhile we are subjected to more hysterical reporting on ever fewer gun crimes. Go figure. Obviously it is the IDEOLOGY OF TOTAL CONTROL, not safety or liberty, that motivates the “reasonable gun control” liars. The children of hell two-fold more than the Pharisees (Matthew 23:15) have instigated revolutions to weaken Christian nations, fomented and funded gentile-against-gentile wars, and committed crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity. They started two world wars and are angling for a third world war. They teach that we are not human, so we should all be deceived, looted, raped, enslaved, and killed. God warned us so many times about them and the world is finally awakening to the enemies of all mankind (1 Thessalonians 2:15), but is it too late to avoid the chastisement? Do not help Satan’s accomplices by your silence or by defending them.

          • JQP, excellent post. I couldn’t have said it better.

            • Please feel free to use it. Those truths need to be spread far and wide.

              Luke 12:35
              Let your loins be girt, and lamps burning in your hands.

          • That, we know.

        • Kula, same with me. MOLON LABE

      5. Not a straw…but the boulder that will break the camel’s back. Start a national firearm confiscation and see what happens.

        • The older i get the less i actually care what will happen to me when this kicks off, all i can say is it wont be pretty….

          • You’ve never experienced the sensation of thinking that youre about to die. Nobody is going to lay down and die. You better get this point beat into your brain because when the survival instinct kicks in you will be a danger to your own family and everyone else.

            • Fuck you acid itch
              My point was i will fight till my last breath and will fuck up anyone who fucks with me

            • I’ve been in that situation big time more than once in my younger and more adventurous life.

              I think I’ve seen more people paralyzed by fear than having some kind of instinct kick if left to their own devices with no one to give directions otherwise.

            • AE

              Ever have a heart attack?

            • Acid, I’ll agree with you on the instinct to survive. I, for one, won’t lay down and die, and when someone comes to fuck with me it ain’t gonna be nice.

              • Bravefart you be the first to throw down your slingshot and head for the hills. Braggarts never do anything.

                • Well, well, well! Tacoma troll is back. come to my place and try me if you think you have what it takes and let’s see what happens to your stupid ass.

                  • Tacoma,

                    when brave says ” it’s time for you to move on”, it’s really code for ” I’m out of all my mental ammunition now, but it does take long to fire one round either I reckon!”

                    • Billy, who yanked on your chain? Why don’t you and Tacoma both move on?

                • @Tacoma,
                  Tsk tsk, no name calling.
                  But then, I guess that’s what Trolls with little tiny penises do.

                  Braveheart will eat your lunch, and send you the bill.

                  • PM, thanks for that. How’ve you been?

            • AE, tis a strange feeling. I’m sure you have had a few…
              Faced death a few times too, had a drunk dad put a .38 to my head at 15, thought I was diddling his daughter.
              Bad kidney till 35, many times contemplated suicide.
              Fell 24′ out of a tree hunting, and walked away.

              Just saying to all, learn from your past, and try to do better everyday.

              Be well all….

              • I could regale everyone with some good true stories, like Smokin, but some get thier panties in a wad…

                Thank Mac for what is here, in time we not be able to post…

            • “You’ve never experienced the sensation of thinking that youre about to die.”

              OH YES I HAVE. And I’m still here, because I responded appropriately. That’s all I should need to say.

      6. ‘Complacency is going to be the true death of it all’

        Add to that acceptance and tolerance.

        We’re done, America.

      7. We must not wait to meet them at our front door. This is a fight for the “hearts and minds of the American people”.(George W. Bush).

        One way to make money is to sell Tshirts. A series of Tshirts with pictures of guns or slogans. This will prompt the anti-gun people to make their own anti-gun Tshirts. A debate on the facts is what people need in order to make an informed decision.

        • There is no such thing as “debate on facts” when it comes to liberals and the “conformed/conditioned”, mindset that they all exhibit. Sadly, many repubs and libertarians, carry that same mindset.

          A Patriot having overwhelming facts to debate/spar with, has no affect on the hearts or minds of a true liberal/democrat.

          Case in point, the liberals control the current administration , “plus” the house and senate. Don’t think so? Then pray tell me why our tax dollars are still paying to chop up the innocent lives of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics?

          If facts made a difference, Planned parenthood funding would not be an issue, or there would be millions marching on DC, to put a stop to this evil, one way or the other.

          No, the plan is in the works and debating the issue will not change anything. The leaders are led by demonic forces that go way beyond anything that can be controlled by flesh people.

          We are in the last days of this age and when we accept that, then we will be fully prepared to defend the only two things we have left, and that is the First and Second Amendments, to the death.

          it will not come easy or cheap. hell we can’t even stop the butchering of the unborn children of God’s creation, so don’t think for a minute we are gonna stop their agenda 21 and 30.

          For the most part, it is in God’s Hands, and with His timing.
          Accept that, along with salvation, and live life as best as you can with friends and family. If either one of friends or family is causing you pain,distress,anger, or suffering….kick them out of your life. If they are over the age of accountability, they are not your problem any longer.

          Face the facts and move on. Put anything and everything behind, that offends you.

          One more point, why come to this sight and bitch and moan, and make statements like…”more doom porn” , and “a bunch of losers”. (Not at you B CA) The sick-os that come here to attack and make such stupid statements sound like real losers themselves. They need to go to sites where they can get ear tickling lies all day, and not the truths as we see them.

          Just sayin’

          • Who the hell is ” we”? You ain’t speakin for me so don’t think everybody here agrees with everything you say. You make some good points sometimes but other times you’re crazier than a shithouse rat, remember not every comes here to get a shot of Sunday school revival meetings either and nobody’s telling you what can’t say so if you want censorship try the MSM outlets, they have plenty of it.

            • You damn straight I ain’t speakin for you asstex. You got enough mouth to stretch across Texas and I have been across it from side to side and top to bottom, so you are truly pissin in the wind with your comments.

              if you don’t like me or my message, then scroll thru and stfu.
              I ain’t shutting up for you and your types until they wipe the last shit from my ass and set my carcass into the furnace.

              You got that!

              • Sorry maam, I didn’t realize it was that time of the month for you. You sound like my first wife, she would never shut the fuck up either. You’re also an emotional train wreck, just like her, so go ahead and throw your little hissy fits, you’ve got nothing to say but temper tantrums and bible bullshit, both everybody here could do without. What do you think of that?

              • That’s why I quit posting here for the most part. Overall it’s pretty depressing, with relatively little prepping posts/information.

                While they are not physically deadly however,the verbal duels are to the literary death…

                I figure if they try confiscation then I’ll be able to tell when they’re getting close by the firefights…

          • The lefties know they’re losing at the whole gun confiscation attempt. Americans are waking up. Expect the tyrants/socialists to go for broke.

        • I don’t need or want anybody else making my decisions for me, thank you very much.

      8. collapse
        one person at a time
        one family at a time

        Illinois To Delay Pension Payments Amid Budget Woes: “For All Intents And Purposes, We Are Out Of Money Now”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-1…id-budget-woes

        • I remember back under the Eisenhower administration when we used to have to load barges with grain and take them out to sea and dump them because we were producing too much and storing more than there was room for and prices were collapsing.

        • Wheat berries are an excellent prep and can keep for 15 years if packaged propery.

          I do have a hand grinder I converted to solar-electric. It makes wheat into flour.
          I have been baking my own bread for years and have proven recipes.
          I like the big double pack of yeast the bulk shopping store sells. It’s near a year supply for us. I have raised and kept wild yeast, but it’s a lot of work.
          I have and use a dutch oven.
          An inferred non contact thermometer from Harbor Fright is very helpful at monitoring water temp, rising spot temp, and cooking temps.
          I have a bread machine that can mix, rise, knead, and cook a loaf of bread, mine runs on 600 watts, I’ve run it off a generator and an inverter connected to a car battery.

          You can also sprout wheat berries and eat them as you would bean sprouts.

        • “a five gallon pail of wheat will yield app 25 loaves of bread”

          Thanks satori, I wondered about that. I guess I should have some extra, just in case I wanna throw some tortillas or make some pie crusts….or dumplings and gravy.

      9. The power of propaganda… Worked for the Nazis

        • Hasbara also works for the worst mass murderers of all time too.

      10. These people don’t know what their asking for. Man only obeys the laws that government puts in place because they allow themselves to be bound by those laws. Now if you outlaw guns your going to have a large number of owners who are not going to ever turn their guns in.

        So now you have made millions of felons out of once law abiding gun owners. Problem is, some of those owners are now going to lash out at those they feel are responsible for taking away their right to own a gun.

        What these liberals don’t stop to think about is some of those owners are going to be looking for payback. Now remember this, in this day and age for 50 bucks on the internet you can find everything you every wanted to know about anyone.

        You can find where someone lives, their age, who all their family members are, where they live too. So if you happen to be one of those talking heads on TV, a government official, or a liberal professor at a university who has spoken out against gun rights, i think they need to be really worried, if the government succeeds in repealing the 2ND AMED..

        You see, some people will go off the deep end, and they will take their anger out on those they feel wronged them. The funny thing is this, those liberals will never even see these pissed off people coming, that’s because they have never even meet those people who’ll be gunning for them.

        I guess it all goes back to that old saying, be careful what you wish for, you might get more then you bargained for.

        • I couldn’t agree more. We are in a quiet civil war right now. It’s not over territory but over the dismantling of traditional America into a Balkanized mess to be presided over by the liberals and progressives. They would constantly play all sides against each other to their advantage. We won’t allow that.

          If shooting starts then the politicians and liberal media would best be careful to watch their words and their backs. I have a feeling that once bodies start showing up in the streets that these America haters would quickly “see the light.” I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

          I’m with Kulafarmer. I’m not handing over my guns and will do as much damage as I can before I die. Period.

        • Yep and then they will get what they deserve. They, and their families will have their fucking brains blown out.

          • Hey guys, I don’t mean to hype any company, but you have to see this “redneck toilet plunger” ROFLMAO

            ht tp://www.ltdcommodities.com/Garden–Outdoor—DIY/Home-Improvement/Household-Helpers/The-Redneck-Plunger-/276l/prod1140079.jmp?categoryId=cat51921

        • Colt M4, damn good points, and I predict that will happen to some of them.

      11. interesting study done in Sweden
        that country like all other industrialized countries is
        HEAVILY dependent on the JIT (just in time) delivery system working flawlessly
        if it is interrupted for any reason,chaos is QUICK to follow

        Oil supply shock, food shortages, and potential starvation in Sweden?

        basically 6 out of every 10 families will be out of food in a week

        “Most people (58%) can only manage for about one week”

      12. Guns don’t kill people, but a good size hog sure as heck can…….so hold on to your “iron” and watch out……

        • Got chased by a big boar with huge tusks once. I wasn’t actually hunting but knew there was a sow with piglets in the area and was trying to see them. I had a 22 auto, that was no match for ole big boy when he came charging out of the thick brush unexpectedly.

          I ran like a scared haint, and never looked back. He later got killed, along with the sow, during deer season. I think they said he tipped the scales over 400 lbs. No wild hogs in our area since then, which was 1988. Too many deer hunters that bait with corn and hate hogs and bears.

      13. Amazing how a shooting always seems to happen when other bad news would otherwise be the headline, ie “economy is tanking”, “Obama’s terrible strategy in the Mideast”, “Hillary’s e-mails”. Very timely, I am sure it is all just a coincidence…oops better get back to the TV to see what the Kardashians are wearing.

      14. Obullshit:
        You are one mulatto that is not going to take my guns no matter what you sign. You can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

        If you are so Frigging worried about gun violence do something in Shitcago where you are from. No please don’t who gives a rats ass if gangbangers kill themselves off, and their families.

        You are the dumb bastard that change health care so no one can afford it, So the mentally sick just walk around.

        Can you name the last serial killer that was SANE?


        • Sarge, I don’t care what the African virus signs. I’m not giving up my guns either. He and his minions are the ones ruining this country and he thinks he can tell the people what to do? Not happening.

      15. We have said CUT with record Gun and Ammo sales every year. I can not understand anyone that does not know that.

      16. I wish I could say that I am done with whatever the politicians do on gun control or confiscation.

        Maybe we need more Muslims in this country . More Mexicans and whoever wants to come in and install their customs and religious laws on the people of the USA.

        Maybe rape your wife, daughter because their clothes offended them. Make your child a “Tea Boy”.

        How many crimes are committed by refugee’s and illegal aliens?

        Then you want to take away our ability to defend ourselves and wait for the police to arrive.

        We will never stop this gun death because of the many cultures. The drug culture. The Gang Culture. Cultures that put women lower than dogs. And lets us not forget Islam.

        As of now these crimes only reach the main news media once in a blue moon. News is highly filtered. When it starts to happen everyday, then people will react.

        I will embrace the chaos when that day comes.

        • You got your wish coming next month.

          6000 prisoners to be released from the USSAG prison system.

          Just imagine how many will be back on the streets killing and selling dope.

        • Sling-

          The beauty of the 2nd amendment is that it is not needed until they try to take em…

      17. So another exe action will be signed. Another unconstitutional act by the gay negro in chief.
        So tired of this BULLSHIT anymore.
        Bring it already! Only thing stopping you is common sense and fear.
        I have had a good life, and I am too damn old to give a shit
        anymore. Let the bodies hit the floor.

        • citizen

          “I have had a good life, and I am too damn old to give a shit.”


          All I care about is to make the last stand count,;0)

      18. Well,truth be told,I don’t know what I’ll do when SHTF. I’ll do my best to stay calm,sit tight,and keep eyes and ears open. One thing I know for sure,though,I will not,under any circumstances surrender my weapons.Let there be no doubt,Obama will go the Executive Order route to severely curtail our rights. Be forewarned.

      19. On the bright side, my local gun shop is going to run a blow out sale in just a couple weeks.

        Obama screams for gun control, and millions of American go out in this terrible economy and vote with their last dollars, by buying more guns and ammunition, and this utterly baffles and terrifies Obama.

      20. Only Tyrants want to disarm honest people. I dont care what executive order gets signed or what they try to do, the 2nd amendment will always stand in my book. They wont get my guns.

      21. Be careful what you wish for.
        Be careful what you wish for.
        Be careful what you wish for.
        Be careful what you wish for.

        What in the hell do you think we all have been talking about and preparing for.

        If you are worried about it, you are not going to be able to make a change. And when you make changes that require some extraordinary measures you know damn sure somebody is going to be killed.

        Lead, follow or get out of the way.

        But I agree if you are not willing to suffer the ordeal or consequences, you should not wish for bad things to happen.

        • We have had the blood moons, they were a call to repentance, much like ancient Niniva. Problem is America did not repent.

          Oops. Preppers take care, time is really short. Be right with The Lord, and be prepared.

      22. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asked the Roman satirist Juvenal: Who will watch the guards?

        And while we are on Latin, one on Hillary: Falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus. False in one thing, false in all thing. But then, that depends on what “in” means.

      23. It’s not the end of the world it’s the new beginning . Was The Iran deal the 7year piece plan we don’t know .The king of the north the king of the east are now United and fighting allied with Persia . In Seria were Damascus is suppose to be turned into a heap of ruin uninhabitable . Radiation? The Pacific Ocean 1/3 of the total oceans is dieing turning to blood? The economies of the world are crashing .they will throw their silver and gold in the streets. The wheat reserves are empty. A measure of wheat for a penny a days wages back then. The obamanation of desolation. When asked how to recognize satan by his 12 followers. That carpenter said .I beheld Satan as lightning from on high. Do you know how to say lightning from on high in ancient Hebrew. Barack ubama. Go ahead look it up. How much more do you need . Cause theirs all the codes they found in the bible .The one that convinced me was in Genesis . I think it was you take the fifth letter then every 179 th . Letter on an on . And it spells out Salvation of the lord Jesus is my name. Can that be just chance. We have been given a warning in the bible to prepare for the great culling the ones who believe the warning the true believes will be the ones to see and live in the new earth .exactly as it says.Dont be afraid we have been chosen.

      24. We don’t have to put up with this, infact the people have an obligation to disobey any all all of barry soetoro’s dictatorial decrees attempting to flex his telephone and ink pen again. The fact of the matter is that barry’s dictatorial decrees are not laws and he simply does not posses that authority no matter how much he believes it to be so.

        The communist faggot can sit and spin on a dildo.


      25. Glad to see Jerimiah Johnson back on shtf. very timely piece for how things are being played out the lamestreet news and the political hacks of both parties.I have decided that the district of criminals have no influence on my life. I will keep myself busy stacking ammo and food and not worry about their superfalous bullshit. I will know when when its time to put into practice what Mountain Guerrilla has taught. To many preppers get wrapped around the axle w so much hardware ie guns when its a software problem. Sell a gun and get some training in light fighter small unit tactics. Then put together a clan or tribe and teach them what you’ve learned from Mosby or Max Velocity. Keep Your Powder Dry.


      26. I’m not even in ‘Murica, yet I can see the bleeding obvious here.
        If the nomophobe, Walmart lovin’ ZOMBIES don’t wake the f-up as a matter of EXTREME urgency, they, as I say a lot, “had better take Yoga lessons, so they’ll have the flexibility to bend over and kiss their asses goodbye”.
        Even the US Dept of Justice AND FBI’s OWN FIGURES prove clearly that gun ownership correlates closely with safety and LOWER crime rates.
        The highest crime rate places in the world coincide exactly with the lowest rates of firearm ownership.
        ie an INVERSE relationship.
        Are you listening Obummer?
        Yes the whole world knows you’re a mere puppet of “Deep State” organisations like Goldman Sachs.
        No-one likes you.
        No-one believes you any more.
        Why don’t you just f-off and play golf and stop pretending you’re anything other than a pathetic excuse for a human.

      27. Once again . Anyone who’s too blind ,lazy , oheap, ,or stupid to not see or prepare for what’s obviously happening needs to b gotten rid of ..So don’t help any of them . This is all about separating th wheat from the tares and getting rid of the Tares. Takes are another word for weeds And that discribes them pretty good. They grow among the good grass and strangle an suck the life out of it. Don’t help them even if their family .You will just contaminate our future .For your own personal greed. And yes it is greed. My blood brother is a rat. But anyone who hates their brother is a muderer .O that’s just great. Ok I don’t hate him .lm just not going to help him contaminate our future. Anyone who can’t see or goes against the plan will lose. So don’t try.This is the great culling. Of the evil ones.And it will be successful it is pre written . And must happen exactly as planned.

      28. The people are starting to receive press coverage stating their opposition to gun control. The tide may be turning. I sure hope so.

      29. Good to read from Jeremiah Johnson again.

        When the gun rights of US citizens are stripped away revolution will follow.

        Always Be Armed.

      30. Want to survive in this world??

        Do two things. Don’t vote for Democraps who think you should be disarmed but not their bodyguards and don’t go where they like to hang out – GUN FREE ZONES!!

      31. Article today in the paper, about Smart Guns and how they could save thousands of lives. Not reported in the article, was the simple fact that they do not exist, except as an unworkable prototype. The article was a complete psyops piece to prepare the public to accept the concept, even if not possible, for upcoming ballot initiatives in blue states allowing only Smart Guns sales.

        Pass such an initiative, and shut down every gun store and private sale in a state.

        Look for it near you, coming soon.

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