A Boy Survived A Fall And A Metal Skewer In The Face

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The human body is truly a phenomenon that is often incomprehensible.  Oftentimes, the smallest microbe can kill, but other times, young children can survive being impaled in the face by a metal skewer.

    After falling out of a tree house and landing face first on a metal skewer, a ten-year-old boy is alive and well.  His father, Shannon Miller, calls it nothing short of a miracle.  “He could have bled to death in that field, covered in yellow jackets,” Miller told WDAF.

    Xavier Cunningham landed on a meat skewer that was sticking straight up out of the ground.  He fell four feet off of the ladder of the treehouse only to land on the metal meat skewer face first. Thankfully, the surgeons at KU Hospital successfully removed it from the boy’s face Sunday.  The skewer was about a foot long and nearly went all the way through to the back of Xavier’s head. “It missed his brain, it missed his brain stem, it missed the nerves, everything that’s valuable in your head, it missed everything,” said Miller.

    A team of surgeons at the University of Kansas Hospital worked on a plan to remove the object. “There were several plans. There’s a plan A, B, and C,” said Miller. The surgery took hours, but it was a success.  “All I can remember is laughing and crying, cheering and just the support of my friends and family. It’s powerful,” Miller added.

    “Only God could have directed things to happen in a way that would save him like this. That was a miracle,” said Miller. Xavier is expected to be released from the hospital soon and his family happily states that he’s already back to normal.  He was joking with his family and playing Xbox video games from his hospital bed.

    This unbelievable story highlights just how incredible the human body can be.  Xavier is lucky and would have had a much harder time recovering had he hit that skewer at any other angle or just a little left or right.  He’s a lucky boy and we are so glad he’s doing well.


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      1. A Boy Survived A Fall And A Metal Skewer In The Face>/b>

        HAHAHAHAHAHHA hahahahahaa!!!!!

        Not laughing at the boy, but rather I am laughing at the google ads below the article. They are for metal skewers!!!!!!


        • SHTFPLAN TABLOID Article.

          “Only God could have directed things to happen in a way that would save him like this. That was a miracle,” said Miller.

          Yep, this is how LOW IQ Religions Imbecil Morons justify life. No, Actually God hated this kid and tried to kill him, but he missed. He will try to get him again in another way and at a different time for sure guaranteed. Everybody dies eventually and nobody has ever gotten everlasting life. Just ask John who wrote John 3:16. Oops can’t, cause he’s dead too. John did not even believe the crap he himself wrote in the Buybull. Because if it were true, John would still be alive right? Nope, Wrong.

          Its a Miracle.. No moron, its actually physics and direction of the skewer that missed vital brain parts. And it will take years to really determine if this kid has any brain damage.

          Factoid: The term “Shish Kabob” originated in Turkey. But hey, in reality Man has been sticking meat on sticks and cooking it over an open fire for hundreds of thousands of years.

          Being a Paramedic, I have seem my fair share of freak accidents. A circus was in town and they had just loaded the animals back on the train to head off in another direction, and a circus guy worker was coupling the train connectors together in the train yard, and was strattling a train connecting on one car and setting the coupling to get it ready to connect, the train suddenly jerked backwards, and this guy fell forward had his entire nuts sack and pelvis area was crushed between the 2 couplings. We got the call, and when we got there this guy was laying down silent and not saying a peep. We tried to get his pants off to see the injury, but decided to just pack his crotch area with ice packs, and fly like hell to the hospital just 5 minutes away. Started an IV on the way in the back of the ambulance with lactated ringers. The guy was obviously in shock. We did not stick around at the hospital to see the actual damage. Just shook out heads and left on to some other call.

          Folks there are no miracles, just science and physics and educated men and women who can do medical surgery to fix shit God cant fix. Prayers never help, nor calling things miracles justify reality. Gee, If I saved lives, I must be God like eh? No, just medical training and timing, and that’s it. Freak accidents happen all the time.

          • Thar…smoke some weed and calm down. Quit being offended at God. Not good for your soul.

            • No, Its just LOW IQ comments from people who can’t relate to reality space and time. So they wander off on some fantasy pretend superstition excuse analysis instead.

              Here is a small list of other religious LOW IQ Comments that make no sense or proof of facts. Just wandering drool.. Most of us have heard these idiotic comments before.

              *Well God told me, this is the place for me….
              *I owe it all to God…..
              *God chose this life for me…..
              *Well Its Gods will……
              *God will provide for me…
              *God will take care of me…
              *I leave it all in Gods hands….
              *God spoke to me and told me to serve….

              I swear, Religion does some serious brain damage to people.

              • It wasn’t men of faith who invented poison gas or the machine gun or the hydrogen bomb. It wasn’t men of faith who invented the gulags or the killing fields. It wasn’t men of faith who authorized warrantless wire taps or FISA courts or civil asset forfeiture. It wasn’t men of faith who created fake food in labs or invented 47 “genders”. ALL those sickening evils were committed by men of science and cold, rational logic, men who laugh at the very notion of GOD, men who have relentlessly mocked men of faith, calling them “bitter clingers” or “deplorables”. Men who sound a lot like you.

              • “I swear, Religion does some serious brain damage to people.”

                so does hostility.

                Methinks you doth protest too much. says volumes.

          • every knee will bow, including yours. Better do it now than later on the other side of death.

            • C.S. Lewis described it very well.
              Who is this Jesus of Nazareth in the Bible?
              Certainly he was a literal historical figure who lived in the area of present day Israel.
              It is well documented that Pontius Pilate was the Roman appointed Governor over Judea at the time Jesus was executed.
              So Why was Jesus Executed by The Roman Governors local powers?
              Because he was accused of making claims the Jewish religious leaders considered Heresy, and the Jews had no rights to execute under Roman Law.
              The Heresy was that “He a mere man claimed to be equal to God”

              We can see from non Christian History that Jesus had a great following and performed miracles and was a respected through controversial teacher of religions ideology. But in his teaching he does claim dramatic things like
              “I and the Father are one.”

              So we cannot put Jesus in a box and say ” He was just a good Moral teacher that stirred too much controversy and was executed”
              Logically he must fall into one of three Categories
              Either he knew his claims of being “the son of God” were false (making him a LIAR)
              OR he did NOT know his claims of being “the son of God” were false (making him a Lunatic)
              his claims of deity were TRUE (and this is why we see him referred to as Lord)
              CS Lewis called this the LORD, LIAR LUNATIC paradox.

              we see from the body of the rest of his teaching that he appears wise, fully sane and truth telling in all other regards. and from reports of miracles that there was something extraordinary about him.

              NEXT, a guard detail of Roman soldiers was posted outside his tomb to prevent the body from being stolen.
              Why did these hardened soldiers abandon this posting?
              Did the apostles, jewish fisherman, overpower armored Roman centurions?
              Where is the dead body? the Jews could have easily ended all claims of Resurrection by simply opening the guarded tomb and producing the body.

        • JS, saw that skewer advertisement and almost spit my coffee all over the screen. LOL.

      2. The worst most gruesome storyI ever heard was a friend saw a guy fall onto a sheet of sheetmetal. It cut him like a blade, but not all the way through, and as they were rescuing him, the poor guy was having to lift himself off the sheet using his arms. It’s a wonder he didn’t bleed to death.

        ER docs frequently have weird stories where a patient came in after nail gun accidents. Believe it or not, that technology is qute old. In the late sixties there were ramset nails that used ammunition to fire a nail. The oldest model was in 1948. You rapidly mount a masonry nail using this old tech and it would hold quite a bit of weight.

        Patients will walk in after being stabbed in the head or chest and the blade pulses with blood flow. You can’t remove it until you have everybody ready and a surgical team as the second you take it out, they can CRASH.

        There are amazing stories where iron rods penetrated people’s skulls, and they were talking and felt no pain. See Phineas Gage. The nerves are quite shallow for pain reception, and during brain surgery the patient can be awake so the neurosurgeon can ask questions. And just touching various gyrus, the convoluted portions of the brain, can trigger old memories or a smell from when they were five. It makes you wonder if we actually could fully recall memories some day…routinely. That would be a blessing or a curse.

      3. Guy I worked with was holding roof shingles in place while another fella ran the nail gun. He accidentally missed and nailed the guy’s hand to the roof. He reached up with his free hand and punched him in the face.

        Had to use bolt cutters to cut the nail. He wouldn’t let them use a rip hammer.

        All the years I worked construction, I was only around a couple deaths. One guy fell from a scaffold while climbing down. Another one was buried in a ditch cave-in. One minute he was laughing and joking at the hot dog truck…half hour later he was dead.

      4. When I was a boy about age 11, I was helping with tearing down and reusing some lumber that was naturally full of heavy nails. I stepped on one, and it nearly penetrated all the way through to the top of my foot. I actually laughed.

        Well it freaked out a mother who was standing by. She took me to the ER and …this is funny…as she was helping me,she slammed the door on my fingers and I couldn’t unlock the door as my hand was stuck. I hollered and she just about fainted as she figured she had cut off my fingers.

        We went inside and the crew was nice and funny and we were all laughing.

        After working with kids for years, I got to say most boys are pretty wimpy by comparison nowadays. First they don’t get exercise. Their parents are too worried to let them do what I was doing. And they probably would have bellowed and cried.

        Even today it makes me laugh. I don’t know why it honestly doesn’t hurt that bad when it happens. I’ve taken physiology in graduate school but it’s a bit of a mystery.

        I got injured about the same age and a big flap of skin about two inches around was ripped off my arm. And they sewed it back on. But it didn’t hurt that bad as I was angry when it happened. Then I bust out laughing as it seemed plumb ridiculous.

        I can remember looking my muscle and bits of adipose tissue and the skin’s underside. And commenting to the physician how cool it was and being fascinated with how he gave the local anesthesia and how interesting tying the knots and sewing up the stitches were. I actually took my stiches out myself later.

      5. Kids….they are what makes the parents hair gray
        No body wants to be a helicopter parent… but some
        kids need more supervision than others. Some
        parents need more supervision too.
        A treehouse with earth embedded skewers pointing up???

      6. Why was a skewer sticking straight up in the ground when junior falls out of his tree house?

        Sounds suspicious.

        Accidents happen because people are idiots.

        I’m glad the kid is OK.


      7. Why was a skewer sticking straight up in the ground when junior falls out of his tree house?

        Sounds suspicious.

        Accidents happen because people are idiots.

        I’m glad the kid is OK.


      8. There are miracles every single day and most likely every single minute. According to the Bible there are 10,000 times 10,000 angels doing the bidding of YHWH. That is a 100 million angels but it just as easily imply an infinite amount. The Bible implies an angel for every believer…which means there are even more angels.

        Why is this so difficult to believe? I don’t get it. Atheists believe that nothing can create the infinite matter in the Universe! Talk about a whopper! You believe that a creature could spontaneously evolve from nothing AND believe that such a lonely creature could then find another spontaneously evolving creature somewhere else on the Earth and mate and have offspring! How is that even remotely plausible!!!

        What the heck, so this organism say evolves in some part of China just wandered the Earth like Caine from Kung Fu and just happened upon an organism that evolved and was compatible and lived in Vancover Island and then mated? Buddy, the bookies are always looking for a degenerate gambler like that.

      9. I understand that some of you disbelieve. I have never disbelieved. My first memories are loving Jesus by praying.

        It takes more irrational thought to disbelieve. You do realize that your disbelieve is illogical? There is always a primary cause. Things do not happen without causality. This is basic logic in philosohy and science.

        Atheism as disbelief unravels the more you examine it. Try this. What do you believe? Then defend it. I bet you can’t yet how long have you disbelieved?

        You spend all that time destructively. Anyone can be a destroyer. It takes no skill or intellect. And if you examine your beliefs and cannot defend them, then you will realize that you invented a faith based religion while criticizing a faith based religion! It’s absurd. You wish to mock but you are a figure of ridicule.

        If you take the energy you expend every day disbelieving and put it somewhere positive and healthy, you could do so much good as stewards of the Earth. And it’s clear that you love the Earth or you would not garden and love critters. Yet YHWH’s fingerprint is in every plant and animal and every galaxy and every seashell through the Golden Ratio. I feel sorry for you as it is so obvious.

      10. Causality is practically the basis for asking why something happened and thus here begins philosophy and science.


        This is why atheism is rather ridiculous as to even begin disbelieving in YHWH as the Primary Cause, one must then propose a replacement. Otherwise you are not a rational person. To say we don’t know but faith that science will discover the answer is the very beginning of atheism as a religion. That is delightfully ironic and hilarious!!!

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