Police Drop “Crime Prediction” Software, But Not Because It’s Orwellian

by | Jul 7, 2019 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    Several California police departments have stopped using “predictive policing” software but not because they want to protect your basic human rights and dignity.  The reason the software won’t be used is that it isn’t effective enough…yet.

    Several police departments were disappointed that they won’t be able to punish thought crimes. Palo Alto police spokeswoman Janine De la Vega told the Los Angeles Times:  “We didn’t get any value out of it,” after using the software for three years.  As for Mountain View, California’s police department, which spent over $60,000 of taxpayer money on the software that was designed to violate the rights of the taxpayers stolen from to fund it, it was dubbed a “disappointment.” The police department used the software for over five years before dropping the program last June. Rio Rancho, New Mexico Police Captain Andrew Rodriguez said: “It wasn’t telling us anything we didn’t know.”

    The software is a bold violation of the basic human right to free thought and those who use it are nothing more than freedom-trampling tyrants. The Los Angeles Police Department took an authoritarian leap in 2010 when it became one of the first to employ data technology and information about past crimes to predict future unlawful activity. The software is called PredPol, and is known as the “predictive policing tool” developed by a University of California at Los Angeles professor and the Los Angeles Police Department.

    The good news is that it doesn’t work, so we’ve bought a few more years.  But the bad news is that it’s likely there will be an ongoing effort to make Big Brother the Orwellian reality for all us…as if we aren’t tracked, surveilled, and monitored enough.


    The LAPD itself was forced to admit following an internal audit that after eight years, there was “insufficient data” to show PredPol to be effective in reducing crime.  This was largely due to massive inconsistencies in oversight, criteria, and program implementation.

    In April, the department shelved another Orwellian program, which was found to be using “inconsistent criteria” to label people as future violent criminals. Last August, after a lawsuit from privacy and civil liberties groups forced the department to cough up its PredPol records, the LAPD discontinued another dystopian part of the program that picked out a list of “chronic offenders” every shift based on alleged gang membership, previous arrests, and one “point” for every “quality police contact.” –RT

    Regardless of whether there’s data or no data, LAPD Chief Michel Moore doesn’t want to let PredPol go, claiming it is more accurate than human analysts at predicting where criminals will strike next. But even his defense of the program is a far cry from early publicity materials that trumpeted “cliff-like’ drops in crime often within months of deployment” among PredPol’s early adopters.

    Winston Smith toes the Party line, rewriting history to satisfy the demands of the Ministry of Truth. With each lie he writes, Winston grows to hate the Party that seeks power for its own sake and persecutes those who dare to commit thoughtcrimes. But as he starts to think for himself, Winston can’t escape the fact that Big Brother is always watching. –1984’s book description

    The haunting reality is that we are almost there, and may have passed the point of no return.



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      1. Thought Police. This reminds me of the Tom Cruise movie, MINORITY REPORT. This infringement on the supposed thoughts of CITIZENS is anti-American. Demonrats are probably behind this idea.

        • Cranerigger, I’ve seen that movie and it was a real revelation. Precrime is a totally illegitimate concept that will never work. What is called ‘police work’ today no longer has any legitimate basis to it considering all the corruption, civil asset forfeiture, the phony ‘war on drugs’, the anti-public mentality that everyone in the system has, etc. The entire system is illegitimate. Never trust anyone with a badge or a law degree.

      2. h ttps://ddunleavy.typepad.com/the_big_picture/2011/05/winona-ryden-and-bin-laden-face-off-at-airport.html

        The reason why facial AI and pre-crime algos are being questioned — the one and only reason — is because it holds everyone to the same level of scrutiny, without respect to rank or social promotion.

        • It’s like a random drawing, which would be fine, if it didn’t apply to protected classes, with qualified immunity.

          • Clown World

            That sir is a very astute observation. I’m incorporating it into my thought process.

      3. Predatory policing.

      4. Idea:
        Come up with software that predicts which Cops will end up costing millions in settlements for brutality and fire them.

      5. These kinds of programs are due to fail because police do not prevent crime. They may stop one in progress( which is very rare), but they did not prevent the crime, they interrupted and kept it from becoming worse, such as a DUI arrest, stopping a robbery that was in progress, disarming a felon, or interrupting a violent incident.
        Cops generally are revenue collectors, such as speeding tickets, Documentors by reporting on/cleaning up after crimes were committed, Safety, they help with traffic problems or preventing a illegal event from escalating by their physical presence.

      6. The shame is the fraud of it all. For a dept that does not use predictive policing the software might work. A good chunk of the theft crimes are by repeat offenders. But taking the idea down to the individual offender will not work.

        A much more effective method would be to require parolees to wear gps ankle braclets and cellphone software that can’t turn off gps trails. Nor is there a civil rights issue.Its a condition of parole, totally voluntary.

      7. “…based on alleged gang membership, previous arrests, and one “point” for every “quality police contact.””

        You’d think that collecting info on the above would at least help the police in manpower assignments.

        I do wonder exactly what “quality police contact” means. I had what I thought might have been a quality contact a while back. I was driving down a 4-lane road, and a police car came up behind me with his lights flashing. I stopped. When he came to the car, I rolled down the window. He said he spotted a car where the driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt and thought it was me. He saw that I was wearing my seat belt and apologized sincerely for it. We talked for a while. He was a black policeman, but there was no hint of any problem. He had just lost sight of the guilty driver who happened to have a car like mine. So I went on my way.

        • “quality police contact”

          It gets a subsidy or bail bond.

          “He had just lost sight of the guilty driver who happened to have a car like mine. ”

          Also, he thought he smelled something funny in your vehicle, and you made an irregular lane change. h ttps://imgflip.com/s/meme/Philosoraptor.jpg There was a burnt out license plate light, so he will need to look in your pants for his safety. Say, you look like someone who just committed a murder. (sarc)

          I don’t want to be mean to any innocently-patriotic people, but you guys aren’t street smart.

          I am not sure whether it’s worse for them to come up with these verbal escalations, calmly, in a state of zen, or while dumping adrenaline, Berserker-style.

          • Clown World

            I’de like to think “If” rather than “When” it comes apart the pretenses for a stop you outlined above won’t be necessary.

          • CW,
            Couldn’t agree more. If they pull you over and send you away with a just a wave, it’s your lucky day.

      8. Hey, put in your twenty ,pick up your pension, then watch the smoke from your torture rise for eternity.

        • TH,
          The sellouts assume they won’t be betrayed.

      9. Why comment? My comments censored.
        Life Liberty Free Speech Open Discussion, All Verbotten.
        Piss on FarcBook-Twatter-YouKooks. ALL Unnecessary. Who needs censorship nanny’s? Cancel THEM ALL.

        StarBucks banned Police, and allows bums to oogle women, hired Muslims who are illegal. Starbucks is now FIRED, unnecessary. Don’t need your expensive over burned bitter beans. Years ago Starbucks had perky cute friendly barristas. Now they are escappees from a circus freak show and inked up hepatitis “It’s”, rude, unhelpful, that growl at you. Who needs this?

        Don’t do stupid stuff in stupid places at stupid times and don’t act stupid reaching for stuff when pulled over. Don’t -steal -rob -burgler -drug- thieve -shoot and the Police usually don’t shoot you.

        What happened to ACCOUNTABILITY?
        What happened to Consequences?

        Nothing good happens past 9pm.
        Avoid Stupid Times
        Avoid Stupid Places
        Avoid Stupid People
        Do NOT: Lie, Steal, Cheat, Robbery, Burglery. Don’t mess with booze, drugs, or people that are involved in any of that.
        Don’t act billigerant and stupid when pulled over, don’t argue and reach for stuff. Court is where you plead case. Not on side of the road. Don’t act a fool.

        – – – There. I have given you KEYs to living a Long life. Simple.

        But this is Censored. No common sense zone. Might hurt some illegal criminals feelings.

        Piss on your PC multiculturist BS. BORDER SECURITY.

      10. The chief continues to defend it despite the evidence.

      11. I am very sure if they had procured a Chinese software system it would work very well. China already has this stuff up and running – and it is not politically correct.

        Give me a team of 20 and I could come up with a system that would work in most urban areas. Just data map the black and Muslim areas, collate with real-time cell phone pings, dump in current criminal databases, and then model crime patterns. That would catch 90% of what is going on, which is pretty good. Put an electronic ring fence around black neighbourhoods and housing projects. Anyone moving out of these areas gets traced. If they are a problem individual then their electronic stuff gets jammed or tracked in real time. You can even guide them to other criminal elements and have them do the good work for you, as in take each other out.

      12. The police should have applied it to their own people. What do you think the results would have been?

        • Wojo, there’s a good idea. I’m sure the results would be very interesting.

      13. “as if we aren’t tracked, surveilled, and monitored enough.”
        B-I-N-G-O-! Mac.
        Americans have been cleverly corralled and leashed to smart phones. And guess who is holding the other end of the leash.

        • Montana Guy.. they may have us on a leash but they have no idea of the bite on the other end.

          • Ever seen 105mm arty results? Indirect fire of 60mm mortar?
            Ever seen effect of gunship on human body, building, vehicle?
            Ever seen daisy cutters? JDAM? 25mm HE?
            No …..you Don’t have a bite Mr Wojo. Barely a nip. You are in fantasy land. Civilian weapons against military grade hardware…..you just die. No contest. No fuss. You don’t even matter. This is NOT 1776. Your musket would be against Air Superiority.
            Like BullMastif considers Chiuahua an orderve. Not even a snack.
            So you Nut jobs might want to reconsider being stupid.
            Being stupid makes you DEAD. Good news is you don’t have to worry about jail. Your pieces and parts will be unrecognizeable, just burned chunks of meat. How does that sound you tough guys? Idiots.

            Best to work things out at ballot box Peacfully. Ever been to Bosnia? Sebia? Those people let idiot loud mouth politicians/liar media, talk them into murdering each other, their neighbors. Not pretty. Genocide. Is that what you idiots want?

            PEACE is ONLY Sane Option. So mind what you put out there while you are safe at home under air conditioning, hot food 15 meters away, running water you have on demand. Able to drop a load without being shot at.

            Good American men are likely getting shot at right now in some third world crap fest location that most of you could not even find on a map without “googles” help.

            PEACE. Love one Another as brothers. Work it out peacefully.
            Don’t talk stupid.

          • Wojo, no leash on me and if they don’t want to get bitten then back off.

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