99er: ‘You Think I Look Forward to Collecting Unemployment? It Is F*cking Degrading’

by | Aug 16, 2010 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    Though the official unemployment rate may not reflect it because of machinations by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Americans are hurting. The oft reported 9.6% unemployment rate is a complete fabrication, as we detailed in The Real Unemployment Rate: 21.5%.

    The most clear example of this are the newly labeled 99er’s. They didn’t exist a year ago, but today, this group of individuals is becoming larger, with thousands being added to the list monthly. Though they are not “officially” counted as being in the workforce, people like Donna Faiella want to work, but simply cannot find a job in today’s marketplace:

    Meeting 99ers is to tap into a deep well of anger at lives that have been knocked off course, shattering the enduring vision of the American dream that many had felt they had achieved. Just take Donna Faiella, a 53-year-old New Yorker who lives alone in Queens. She spent 28 years working in film post-production and video-editing. She was successful and had a career. Now she is desperate for a job, any job. But she cannot find one. “I will do anything. I will sweep floors. You think I look forward to collecting unemployment? It is fucking degrading,” she said, almost quivering with anger.

    Faiella is in dire trouble. Joblessness has eaten away at her sense of identity. “I feel like we are worthless. We are lost in the world. I don’t know what to call myself. I don’t have a title any more. What do we do? What do we do?” she implored. Faiella has one week of benefits to go. Then her 99 weeks will be up. She will have a title again. But not one she expected. She will be a 99er. “I am petrified. Do I become homeless?” she said, adding that she has begun making inquiries at local shelters.

    One of most frustrating things for people like Ms. Faiella must be that, according to the government, she doesn’t count anymore. The government says that she and others like her, though they vehemently deny it, no longer desire work, even though they’ve been searching for jobs for nearly two years.

    So, when we see positive spin reports in the media about the jobless situation in America improving, and the Vice President indicating that we will create 3 millions jobs by the end of the year, think about the plight of Donna Faiella.

    This is the reality on the ground – a stark difference from the millions being made on Wall Street and in Washington D.C.

    While our first lady enjoys a luxurious $375,000 vacation in Spain and $3.4 million dollars is spent on construction projects to provide “eco” walk-ways for turtles in Florida, hard working Americans are populating tent cities, depending on food banks, sleeping in their cars, and fighting for government assistance.


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      1. [hypocritical snark]
        “…hard working Americans are populating tent cities…”

        If they were ‘hard working’, couldn’t  it be said that they’d be living in something other than a tent?? I figure most people in ‘tent cities’ are unemployed, or have some reason for not being able to find work (i.e. disability, work ethic, inability to switch skill sets on the fly, etc…).

        [/hypocritical snark]

      2. Just wondering..if someone lost their job today would they get 99weeks?
        ..how about in the future?..10 weeks from now? a year from now?
        I bet No..and thats when the S. is going to HTF with some people that have never been layed off , and than its not there for them for 99 weeks?
        I think they screwed up big time if they dont plan on doing this for anyone from this day forward…discrimination ?? you betcha!

      3. Comments….. The ruling class have all the money while the working class are working their butts off to stay employed. Those who have lost a job are pretty much up shits creek without a paddle.  Why doesn’t Donna Faiella do volunteer work and network her way into a job?  Instead of sitting around say poor me, get off your butt and do something.  People become immobilized when bad times hit instead of being creative and finding ways to manage.  Wanting the government to take care of you is wrong–because we the taxpayer pay the taxes to take care of these people.  Cradle to grave welfare–that’s the generations we have bred.  Living high off the hog and not paying attention to the future as we see now,is an endless road to no where.  My sister is a 99er and the same age as Donna Faiella, my sister has a husband who works–for how long don’t know,but they have planned for years for if and when that day should come where they are no longer employable.  What will happen to these people who are nearing retirement age and have no money to retire on? 

      4. Yes, hard to believe that “hard working” Americans are living in tent cities…..unless YOU happen to be one of them. After working in executive management for over 10 years, I was laid off from my position in June of ’08. I have never been unemployed in my life, and my business success was due to my work ethic and professionalism. I am a 99 week-er, and have had no assistance for 2 months. My savings will dry up first, then my IRA, then I will be in one of those tent cities myself. I think the best advise I can give is to try to undestand that it is not a lack of work ethic, intelligence, inner drive, or just plain laziness that many people canot find jobs. Instead, thank God that you are not facing this dilemma now, and pray that you don’t find out first-hand what the unemployed in America are facing, now and in the future. It is truly humiliating.

      5. What happened to the “Obama Messiah” miracle ?
        ” I don’t have to worry, about my mortgage, or car payment,  or  healthcare anymore!”

        We have a Bozo, in the White House, elected by bozo’s.    It’s a clown economy, but no ones laughing, anymore.
        Everyone is starting to see, that this is not going to end well, and  head clown Barry O Bozo, isn’t able to blame it, on ex-clown Bush-bozo,  anymore.    In fact,  our present Clown Leader is making the last Clown Leader look  intelligent.

        I am beginning to believe that those  saying  3Gs:  guns, grub, gold, may not be the crazy ones, after all.

        Get ready for the final clown act.  It could be this Country’s last.

      6. Many would agree that having a job that pays more than unemployment would be best, however, unemployment is what is available when one is laid off.
        The banking industry, which are people not buildings,are not saying it is degrading to have freely received trillions of dollars and they are continuing to receive more.
        So, let’s change our stinking thinking about how we obtain money.
        Work hard but go with the flow.The rules are made for us not them,the bankers. Therefore we have to take every stepping stone and build on it.Hold on because the economy is possibly going to get much worse.

        Best wishes with Jesus Christ alone!

      7. Comments……Most folks don’t get it -there are no jobs here for citizens.   Companies were “allowed” to go out of country with no penalties.  Manufacturing, widgets and parts producing jobs – gone.  Technical and customer support call center jobs – gone too.   We make nothing anymore – gone over seas. 

        Then in country citizens have to compete with multi-ethnic  illegal immigrants working jobs Americans don’t want to do- (what BS)  because many now require bi-lingual skills or the work crews are non English speaking like road and housing construction, heavy equipment, roofing, and landscaping.  (Where is the affirmative action for the American Citizen worker?)

        They now drive the school buses, taxis, run the 7 Eleven’s, gas stations and tire repair shops.  They are the automotive, diesel,  airplane, tractor trailer repair mechanics, heavy and crane equipment operators, truck and bus divers,  telecommunication installers and repairmen and IP system operators.   

        The government even hires them here for schools, libraries and  food service facilities, (they are not required to speak English), waste management, janitorial, parks and recreation and pot hole filling.  They write and explain our social health benefits and services as case and health care workers and customer support and translation services when you press 2 (the non English speaking line) .   They work in our juvie and penal facilities, not to mention housekeeping and maintenance in the hotel and entertainment industries.  Where are they not??  

        If I sound bitter  – I am – I was a small business owner and they high jacked the business I had built from scratch.  I was a licensed, bonded and insured mobile caterer.  Cash and carry and saw them take over mine and all these other industries.  Illegals boycotted my truck when they became the work site crews – with the Sup and his Asst as the only “citizens”.  Then they would bring on one of their own – using food stamps to purchase product they home cooked – against all the industry regulations.  But that is what they do.  Work cheaper and ignore laws and regulations. 

        I only wish I could be a 99er -  No shame – There aren’t even any entry level jobs in fast food – those too have been taken by non citizens – illegals.

        Our jobs and businesses have been stolen and sold out from underneath us.   This was done intentionally and systematically over the years.  The times have changed, the American worker has been mugged and robbed.   To the 99er’s take what you can and prep and prep again.  That is what I’ve been doing.

      8. Comments….. I’m just wondering if anyone in the media has the balls to call these unemployment numbers what they are-a bunch of lies.I would like someone in the public eye to just call the spokepeople who announce these figures a bunch of liars. No one believes these ridiculous figures, and they know the spokespeople are lying.  So just call them what they are–a bunch of liars. It’s bad enough hearing the media tell us we have turned the corner on this downturn(lie), and then tell everyone the jobs picture is improving(lie.)
             I’m just sick of the lies, day after day after day.  The whole unemployment money debate really isn’t goingto matter in the end, because when things reallly get bad, even those with a job will have trouble affording the inflated prices of basic daily needs.  Have you looked at your grocery bill lately?  it’s all coming to a head soon…

      9. As I was saying yesterday in another area – we can bitch and scream all we want but nothing happens…….  Our government has screwed us time and time again and they will continue.  They don’t have a clue, nor do they give a shit about the citizens of what’s left of the USA.  We can prep all we want, we can be as vigil as possible but we’re still stuck whether we admit it or not.  I live with no debt, I have PM’s, I have prepped for years, we have a nice garden, we live as far away from civilization as we can, I have guns and lots of lead, we are as ready for what ever happens as we can afford but we still can’t do anything about the ever present anger against the government.  I hear you Johnny V about the anger.  It’s frustrating as hell to see and hear what’s happening but not be able to do anything about it.  At least not what (probably) goes through our minds.   All I can do is just concentrate the best I can on my own life and the life of my family.  Laugh when you can and enjoy what you have.  F*CK the government and all that goes along with them.  Pray they all get what’s coming to them along with all the banker jerk-offs.  I hope they all starve to death hiding from what they deserve.   See!  I got myself all pissed again! 


        The hand writing is on the wall.  Whether it is a R or D – it is the same two headed snake.  Started laughing when the R’s were saying they would vote for extended unemployment benefits when funds were found to pay for them.  Hello??? Unemployment insurance is paid by employers and the legislation stipulates the funds go into a dedicated fund for only that purpose- meaning given earned interests of several several years,  the funds are there for such a crisis we are in – but  – NO – those in power ( R and D’s) keep raiding the fund for pork barrel projects.  So as far as I am concerned there is no shame to the workers to use it - the government sold us out along with our lively hoods.  Yet, it seems they are selective on which jobs and unions they will sell for votes.

        For those of you out there with jobs- don’t get comfortable – you are no more safer then we were- you can be next.  For the 99er’s keep trying, but understand the dynamics in play. The means to support ourselves - we have to think outside the box,  the depression is on the horizon. The numbers are against us getting the jobs and pay we use to have.  So, stop paying for a lifestyle that is not going to return and instead invest in downsizing.  Instead of contacting a shelter – how about a van with sleeping, cooking and heating facilities?

        I got a 1993 van from Salvation Army for $800 – put in another $800 for complete gone through including major tune up, brakes, replacement tires (used very good condition), 45 watt solar panel, 12 volt used refer and  two burner LP stove and finding it a job magnet for contracting for odd jobs paying to support myself.  In addition, I’m living the life style and garnering skills and supplies for what I believe is coming, ahead of the curve.

        99er’s – no shame – no humiliation – we got screwed. It’s how we handle what we were dealt that talks of our values, character and work ethic. When you get a lemon – make lemonade. 

      11. Bill and Lady Hawk, I got you guys!  I’m pissed as hell!!!!!!!!!! I talked to the guys about it today, specifically talked about what you guys and (me too) had posted.  NOT ONLY was no one going to back down or think about how pissed they are, instead, they are more pissed than at 6:00 am this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I feel you Bill!!!  I know that sooner or later, the Federals and the god-dammed kansas red-leggers are gonna find my spot and come to get me, but I’ll tell you what!  It’s gonna be living Hell to be in the living room with me and my 870 when the red-leggers finally show up!!!!!!!!!

        I saw women flipping people off today on the road.  EVERYONE is ready to  go off………..

      12. Comments…..  Lady hawk, I like your style.  i agree with what you said about the political parties.  In the end, the methods and stlyes may be different, but the end result is the same. They just use different methods of removing cash from your pockets, and both parties have had years of practice.
             I think as times get harder, and they will, hopefully, people’s natural ability to survive will come out. Being creative at livivng day to day will be a necessity.
           Lastly, there is no shame at getting what benefits you can. if you have worked at all during your life, you deserve it more than the millions of people, including illegal aliens, who have never put anything into the kitty.
            Do the best you can with what you have, and learn to get creative, soon, it’s all you might have.

      13. A probable reason for the reduced official unemployment rate is  99ers failing to continue reporting their unemployed status to the State agency.  No one tells them they should.  Some discourage it unless there is pending legislation. 

        If you are unemployed, seeking & available for work, continue certifying your unemployed status as you did when receiving benefits.  If your state does not make it easy, call the unemployment office and ask how to do this.  If they don’t respond, call your State Representative’s office.  Then your State Senator.  Then your US Representative and Senator.  Don’t take “NO” for an answer.  Otherwise, you will be classified as “finally given up looking”, the official rate will continue to fall and the problem will be ignored.

      14. Obama and the politicians in D.C. are career 69ers performing special acts for their favorite lobbyists and special interest partners.  Did you expect a different outcome from such ethically and morally challenged garbage?  

      15. Lady Hawk,

        Sounds like you’re building a 99er Mobile! Smart.

        If you ever need a place to park it, let me know. I just can’t hardly stand to see those tent cities. So many good people. Not lazy. Not stupid. No mistakes made. Just expendable.

        Keep plugging along! We’ll all get through this if we just don’t give up. I’m lucky. I’m still employed. I’m embarassed to admit it, but, I do have a government job, sort of: A School Corp. I’m a network guy.

        I’ve been buying guns and ammo and silver and fuel and food like it won’t be there tomorrow. I do this because I know that it might not be.

        Good luck to all of you.

      16. Are you unemployed, and reading this? Well pull your finger out of your ARSE and go get some work and don’t whine that there isn’t any ok.

        Buy a lawn mower and put an ad in the paper. Go mowing lawns, there is always room for one more in that game trust me. Or buy candy in bulk, package it into cute little bundles and sell it door to door in a rich area. Whatever ok.

        In other words, stop looking for someone else to give you a job and get one yourself. If you think you can’t, believe me, you will eventually. Even if its selling apples on the sidewalk, like the deadheads did in the great depression because that is where your heading friend. Either there or you’ll take the long walk out country where you will end up sitting under a tree and dying due to starvation.

      17. By the Governments own count, there are 20 million illegals in the country. You can bet your ass that this number is low, but if there are ONLY 20 million illegals, that means there are 20 million jobs that belong to American citizens!

        Need to keep the pressure on illegals. These jobs belong to Americans. We have made most of them leave Arizona, but they are headed to Utah, California, Oregon, and Washington state. Anywhere they think they will be allowed to stay. These people need to go back to Mexico or wherever they came from and build their own damn civilization! We are going to keep ours!

        Hang in there Lady Hawk!

      18. I wish everyone who was unemployed could wear a bright red tee shirt that said “unemployed” in BIG UPPERCASE LETTERS on it when they went out in public. I’m not joking, and I’m not saying this to demean them in any way at all. But imagine the impact of 21% of workers appearing in public dressed like this? You think the real face of unemployment would be so easy to lie about and hide then? Just saying…

      19. Comments…..I when through this a decade ago..I dumped everything in my life, downsized and lived in a 14 foot travel trailer for a couple years. Camping is free in a lot of places. then all you gotta do is find a few dollars to buy a little food each day. pick up cans, do odd jobs, whatever it takes. As for the 99ers, the tier 4 and 5 unemployment benefits were not given to people in about 20 states who had unemployment rates under 10% or so. Therefore, the Federal Gov DISCRIMINATED against a lot of people by not offering them the same benefit everywhere. A lot of 99ers are really 56ers or 74ers.. The safety net under you is not as good as is commonly reported. And no, you jerks who think people who are unemployed are lazy and are calling them names and looking down your noses at them diserve a big dose of humility. IT is only by the grace of God that it is them, and not you and your family, and further, before this is all finished, and this economic system collapses, it likely will be you too, so be careful where you are tossing stones, you live in a glass house. 
        You creeps who are holier than thou..make me sick..you for 20 years looked down your nose at the stupid shlubs who worked in public service (teachers, firemen ect) because they were getting those little lousy checks when they could have done so much better…now you are looking on in envy that they are still getting checks.. guess why? They had the brains not to quit their unions when times were good. Further, they traded off having a big salary for having a reliable salary instead. In the long run, they win just like the rabbit and the hare.  
        If you want to take back your dignity and your self worth, organize….. In the 30’s the unions got a lot stronger for a reason.. one man standing up is a speed bump for a limo…..an army of men and women standing up for themselves however cannot be ignored.  How long are all of you fools going to sit there and take it up your bum, before you finally find your voice and say enough!  The powers that be will exploit all of you a little more and a little more..by slowly squeesing they can make you pathetic.. I recently had a friend come and visit me from Russia..when he got here, he kept on asking me..”Where is America?” “Where is America?  This is not it!”  He just could not believe his eyes.. You are living in third world conditions..you are filthy, poor and ignorant, and too damn stupid to see it…all you can mindlessly chant is “we’re Number One!”  All I can say is…you sure have become number one america…a big steaming pile of it… I never thought in my wildest dreams that the Russians would ever be looking down on us as pathetic poor people…how much farther is your quality of life going to fall before you do something?…Somalia or Ethiopia perhaps? Will we be looking at dead bodies of  the unemployed lying in the streets next year because they starved to death? I live not so far from The border and guess what I see? Lots of cars and trucks stacked high with families and furnature headed south every day..even the illegals are jumping ship…Wake up and do something!

      20. new web bot report (I am merely a reader, and I make no money from this  – to the paranoid people who want to call me a “schill”) is out.


        It’s ten dollars for forty five pages…of scare the Sh-t out of you for only ten bucks!!!!  You will not sleep at night after reading it.

        We are in for a rough ride.  An old report predicted “five in eight” unemployment.  By my math that’s sixty two percent.

        That whallops the great depression numbers I have read = twenty five percent…

        Store food….  Major shortages coming…and the “sun disease” is going to wreak havoc on the weather and cause all kinds of earth quakes, disruptions in the grid, water supplies, etc.

        Silver shortages also coming, and the price going ballistic. 

      21. @ Mickey the Pirate

        Firemen get LOUSY checks? are F’ing KIDDING ME?? I’ve been in and around the paid and volly fire service for 15 years, and unless you’re a moron, straight out of the academy and don’t want to move up or advance, municipal fire services pay pretty damn well, with extremely good bennies – thanks in part to union officials. Most people would say that a lot of FD members are OVERpaid – considering how many calls they go on – compared to EMTs and Paramedics.

        If anyone here needs to get off their high horse its YOU. YOU need to wake up and realize that not all is what YOU think it is. I see people crying about how the US is not a 3rd world country – how its turning into a crap hole and wake up and DO something…. yadda yadda yadda… well BLOW me.

        Every one here (on the web in general) that says “DO SOMETHING!!!” is a F’ing COWARD. they want OTHER people to DO SOMETHING, and NOT THEM. Their too busy wallowing in their own self pity to do ANYTHING, let alone “SOMETHING”. Give me a F’ing break.

        I have NO doubt that I too will be laid low at some point in the near future. but that time is not now, as I’m doing everything I can to keep my head above water. 2 jobs, a family, and i manage to volunteer at the FD every week. WTF are YOU doing? nothing… just bitching and moaning about how OTHER PEOPLE should “DO SOMETHING!!!”. You Coward.

        The 99er’s + extended unemployment benefits are consolation prizes.  The private sector jobs went global and out of the country and the government turns a blind eye to the 20 million invading the country under cutting the middle class and entry level American worker.  In fact they encourage migration by mandating they have access to medical and subsidizing housing, education, food stamps, child care, and monetary stipends. Benefits not extended to the average American worker. Do you think this is by accident or design???

        Stimulus jobs???? What a joke. Take those construction jobs – a General Contractor wins the project bid – to keep their hands clean and say they don’t employ illegals, (a sticky issue with the tax paying citizen), they “subcontract” the labor portion out to  — wait for it, wait for it …. a labor service (like the one described below) who happens to employ undocumented workers using a bi-lingual crew boss.  For laughs and giggles, next time you pass one of those “job stimulus” projects, check out who is working there.  Then there are the unions, what happened there?  They too drink from the trough of “undocumented” workers - guess it’s about the money with them too.  The American worker is slowly, but methodically being squeezed out of what labor market remains.

        Does anyone else wonder if there are millions of enough jobs left for the American worker wanting to work?  I’m not buying like when I had a good income. Nor eating out or treating myself because I could. It’s prep stuff when I do now.  People around me are doing the same.  If the majority of us are tightening our belts or sending it back to Mexico if you are an undocumented worker, then who is doing the expanding the economy buying?

        Jonny V, you and friends will love this –

        A prosecutor here (Colorado) charged a labor hire/translator service/tax return agency with identity theft and fraud.  Undocumented workers were filling out tax returns who were claiming 8 -10 dependents each – the Child Tax Credit of $1000 each.  That’s a nice chunk of change a form minus the agencies cut.  The illegals can do this because the government does not require social security numbers for each of the children they claim, unlike if we were to do that.  (I call that government enabling)  The ACLU got in the mix and the judge threw the case out (and resigned the next day) and required the prosecutor to return the thousands of forms back to the agency. http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=88527

        Ka-ching!  Hey, these are folks just wanting a better life for their families.  Screw yours! 

      23. Ill be homeless as well .Sold all my tools and any toys i had , sold a few cases of ammunition , sold my tv and entertainment system  and im now selling my furnitur off.I figure i better get rid of it now since i dont have money for storage and when i get  evected, I have 30 days. What  money i make from the selling of my personal items will fixs my old truck (needs a transmission).Ill have a Truck , some clothes  and about 300 bucks in cash by the time this done.Im a 99 er as well  who also  has cancer .My life expectency is not long anyways so either way i wont be around for the long haul-maybe several years if i can get treatments  .But i do have my Guns and Ammo and anybody that F**ks with me will ,will realise they made a mistake .The reality is that people like me in  the thousands will soon be out there .We wil be scavengers  and we must do what we have to  for survival . God help those that try to Hurt or Harm us any further !!!!! The line has been Drawn and ones Fate awaits ! The next time you harass a person that looks homeless and down and out  be aware that we exsist and that we dont have as much to lose as you do . Because in the end your Home, Money,Cars, will mean absolutly nothing.I say this because a friend of mine died recently in the hospital.When i was there talking to him, He knew he didnt have much time left .He didnt talk about his money, cars or his 250,000 home .He talked about his family and his friends and how he wished he could have done more while he ws still alive.Everything else was irrelevent at that time . He realised were he was going and he accepted it .With a hand shake  i left him after 2 hours in the hospital  , we talked about our hunting and fishing  trips together and how many years we have known each other . When i got home i received a call that he passed away .A lifetime of friendship gone  just like that and a life that is no more physically .Ill see you soon my friend ,its only a matter of time !

      24. Comments…..Maybe I should of ended the previous posting with Screw Ours!  Cause we sure seem to be getting the doo doo end of the stick. 

        The outsourcing of our jobs, the failing economy without recovery, unprotected borders – something is not right and  smells and I don’t believe in coincidences. 

      25. Comments….. Beserker – sorry for your troubles – been there twice – it’s a b…. getting older.  Many of my friends aren’t here either for the same reasons.  If Colorado is of interest and you enjoy camp style – there is always enough stew to go around and shelter from the storm. 

      26. When it starts, better lock your doors, and load the guns.
        America has been sold out.

        THE PEOPLE are furious…….it will only take one bad situation, to cause havoc…….one shot heard around the world.

        I am afraid it is closer than any of us want to believe.

        Will the United States survive the war on its own land, by its own people?????

        Started by the greed of politicians and wall street?

        In the end, only the people will stand…..

      27. Comments…..people want to know where there job is – look in China, India, Mexico, etc….  Remember Ross Perot – ‘HEAR THAT SUCKING SOUND?”  That’s your jobs going away… and now they are gone and they are not coming back. 

      28. Comments…..gary – I agree- it’s a different world and value system of the one I grew up in when their was loyalty on both the employer and the worker side.  Those days are gone and it is now about the money. 

        With respect to the old  timers – workers of today have been sold out – it doesn’t matter if one is showing up on time, working hard and  putting in a full days pay for the day of work done.  A hand shake no longer means what it use to.  

        It’s a reality check – get what you can and prepare for shtf.  No one is paranoid anymore for thinking “they” are out to do you end – because they are.

        For the straight shooters out there, and you are the  decent human beings- get and keep your guard up – things they are a changing and it’s those that can and will adapt that will make it through. 

      29. Comments….”.Started by the greed of politicians and wall street?”

        And it will end there.  I read an article a couple months back where Wall Street traders were arming themselves.  So they know what’s coming.  Gerald Celente is calling fora total collapse by the end of this year.  He might just be right again.

      30. Comments….”.Started by the greed of politicians and wall street?”

        And it will end there.  I read an article a couple months back where Wall Street traders were arming themselves.  So they know what’s coming.  Gerald Celente is calling fora total collapse by the end of this year.  He might just be right again.

      31. Comments…..There is a post here today on economics.  Tie that one to this one on unemployment.  Absolutely frightening. 


      32. Comments…..Hey Sketch..grow up…Booo Flipping Hoo..you work two jobs and still volunteer…I guess you must have some serious pussy jobs if you have energy to even eat dinner when you get home..I did not say firemen get lousy pay…I said the yuppy trash like you look down their noses at them because you figure that your crap don’t stink..UNTIL we get into hard economic times and suddenly their pay looks damn good to you..YOU BET firemen and other public employees have unions..THAT IS WHY THEY STILL HAVE GOOD PAY DIMWIT! You and other morons like you threw away your birthright which was hard earned by your parents and grandparents who suffered, bled and even died to give you the protections and quality of life that you grew up with. You were too fat, dumb and lazy to rock the boat..you didn’t want to pay your union dues, and you thought you were above the struggle..Then your bosses took everything away from you bit by bit..until now you have NOTHING .. Now to look at your sorry life lets connect the dots..you have to have two jobs to make ends meet because your employers get away with paying you HALF of what you are worth..I am going to bet that you live paycheck to paycheck and have little savings. If you loose your job your entire life will crumble in a few months. Poor bastard…you are a slave..If your master says jump higher you just jump..If he says work longer, or take a pay cut, or loose a benefit, you just have to smile, swallow your pride like a lump of shit and take it..
        I remember when one wage earner working an 8 hour day could feed the entire family, own their own home,  buy new cars (cash), pay for the kids to go to a good public university and take them on vacations as well as retire with some dignity..I guess you are too young to remember this or you would see the decline I have, which is what my comments were about. As for me doing something..I have pimple-face.. I have lived a full life..raised my kids, struggled, saved and been to hell and back for my family, for my country and for my faith.. Now it is my time to take care of myself..no strings attached..guess what my plan is?  Leave..thats right, migrate to greener pastures to a foreign country where my money will not be stolen from me by the government.. Where people have human rights such as freedom from fear and abuse by employers or government.. How about a place where taxes for people are less than 5% and healthcare is free for all. Such places exist where big business and the bankers have not been allowed to take control. There are places where the government actually still cares for and listens to their people. It is not just time, it is way past time to migrate to a country where there is a future..America is dead..get over it, face reality and act now while your greenbacks can still buy you something an exit, an escape, a visa and a plane ticket..in a few months or years when the final collapse comes why in hell would anyone with a brain want to bother suffering through the troubles that are coming to Amerika?  Sure you can hole up in your bunker of doom, or cry about it online and wish you had the balls to act..me, I have neither the time or patience to sit around like this..my plan is ready, I can bug out in 15 minutes..any time I feel like it..You can stay here and protect your mortgaged house, your pathetic two slave labor jobs and your pathetic third world way of life while this country goes through civil collapse, urban warfare, and sinks into the dark ages..I will enjoy watching in on television and wishing you the best..you had a chance, you are on the Titanic right now and someone is offering you a seat in a lifeboat..if you wish to take your chances waiting for something better to come along, I will not shed a tear if I see you in the water later.. 

        Comments…..mickey the pirate – I always wanted to post – Yo, don’t hold back, tell us what you really think! Thank you for the opportunity. 

        You do make some very good points.  First, a shout out to those Union men that fought or loss their lives so the following generation of workers of all colors could benefit from their workers revolution.  The 40 hour work week, vacations, safety in the work place – a big thank you. 

        I also grew up during the times you speak of,  and it’s all about the view.  Unions were exclusive and clannish.  It was no coincidence that firefighters and police had a strong Irish presence and the long shore jobs were held by Swedes? can’t remember, but they too had the lock. Then there were the trades and teamsters.  Who was in and who was excluded?  People of color did get the Porter gig. But given the membership, Unions were the affirmative action for white people. 

        You mention birth right – you have stated what you have is because you were a Union member or descendent of same – then you my man, are a member of the lucky sperm club.  Those of us that weren’t, have had to fight as hard and have had losses,  just as those in the workers movement, but we were excluded from the good paying jobs, pay and rewards to put us in the cat’s bird seat.

        I don’t agree everyone lives or lived as you described and squandered their resources.  There are sheeple out there, but there are also hard working people who did the right thing and it is still touch and go.  You do remember when medical was a management perk?  Seems you didn’t have the challenges others may of faced.  Aged parents, disabled child or a crippling disease.  Good for you on having the resources to jump ship.  Given the elite’s global agenda, I believe it is only a matter of time until they come for you no matter where you are.   Hope you will have a few kind words for those of us who did battle before you.

      34. @ Mickey the Pirate

      35. @ Mickey the Pirate

        ah… so you’re one of them “high-brow” cowards, eh? and the insults of a coward mean what to anyone? apparently, you can’t read your own words. Your exact words were “…for 20 years looked down your nose at the stupid shlubs who worked in public service (teachers, firemen ect) because they were getting those little lousy checks when they could have done so much better.. .” and then you arrogantly DENY that you said they were lousy checks, then say “I did not say firemen get lousy pay…I said the yuppy trash like you look down their noses at them because you figure that your crap don’t stink..UNTIL we get into hard economic times and suddenly their pay looks damn good to you“. Do you have any idea what the hell you’re even talking about? dementia is setting in.

        I’ve never much liked unions. I agree that there are fields in which they are still needed, however the extravagance they’ve demanded for themselves amounts to yet another tax on the workers. Please tell me why a union official should have access to private jets, country clubs and 7-figure salaries when the people they serve don’t get to share ANY of it? tell me why in this day and age, someone should get paid $35/hr to tighten bolts? where is the INCENTIVE to move up? Most modern-day unions are effectively socialized jobs (a la FRANCE), where you really do have to kill someone to get fired. a job for life – regardless of your incompetence. I know of too many incidents where people SHOULD have been fired were saved by their union (i.e. cocaine on the job – while on duty in a firehouse). as for the downfall of the big-3 we can look to shoddy work and extreme union demands as the reason for their downfall – a lot of good those union bennies are now, eh?  In a union, it really is like working for the federal government. But then you probably already knew that. You call me a ‘yuppie’ because I work 2 jobs? yet, you have no idea what those jobs are, nor why I have them. you also assume that these jobs are in some way fragile or unstable. Your age has left you stiff, and inflexible, unable to comprehend new ideas, and react to different circumstances, so it is natural to be fearful.

        and now you say you’re going to jump ship and leave the country. well, at least you’re admitting your cowardice. With all the knowledge you CLAIM to have and could add, you’re going to tuck tail and run. However, your ignorance remains. you have nothing left to do except stick you thumb up your butt, taking it out only to suck on it. You Coward.

      36. Comments…..In the words of the great Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along”?  Let’s face it.  Everyone just tends to look at our economic situation from their own perspective, that’s just human nature. Back up and look at the big picture. Right now, things have progressed to such a point, that everyone, and I mean everyone except the ruling elite is screwed. Unions, non unions, whoever, we’re all screwed.  Personally, I’m happy anyone can make what they can. But right now, the unions have a big advantage.  They have a dictator in the White House that uses my tax dollars to bail them out. I hate that, but heck, I’d take the money myself if I was in their shoes.
            Now, my next point.  Those rank and file better enjoy that advantage, because very soon, they are going to get the shaft. The fat cat union bosses are the only ones that woin’t lose their jobs.  The economy is so bad, that soon, even union membership isn’t a guarantee of a job, so just keep paying those dues and enjoy it while you can, as it will be gone soon. My tax dollars are the only thing that has saved your ass till now.  I need to repeat, we’re all screwed.
            The elite want to get everybody beat down, broke, and begging for a solution to a problem THEY created.  Isn’t America great.?
             Look for maybe a couple more months of stimulus money to hold off the total collapse, but a moron can see what’s coming.  The natural course of events is taking over. No matter what’s done soon, it won’t make any difference, union or no union, we’re all screwed.
             Lastly, voting all the incumbants out is a great idea, but we are way past that having any effect on anything.  If the new guy isn’t corrupt when he gets there, he will be soon after. The needed changes can only come through extreme measures, and I think your guess is about as good as mine to what that entails.

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