50 Actual College Course Titles That Prove That America’s Universities Are Training Our College Students To Be Socialists

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at End Of The American Dream

    About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    What in the world are they teaching to our young people?  As you go through the list of college course titles below, I am sure that many of you will be completely shocked.  Most parents assume that they are sending their children to college to get prepared for their future careers, but the truth is that a lot of our major colleges and universities have become little more than indoctrination centers for progressive thought.  Our college students are literally being systematically trained to be socialists, and it is working.  According to a brand new Harris Poll that was just released, 37.2 percent of all Americans “prefer living in a socialist country”.  But for Millennials and Generation Z combined, that figure is 49.6 percent.  That means that essentially half of our young adults want to be socialists, and that has enormous implications for the future of our society.

    So how did this happen?

    Well, the truth is that it really isn’t a mystery.  Progressives have a stranglehold on higher education in the United States, and they are training future generations of leaders to think just like them.

    Young America’s Foundation has just released their yearly report on the craziest college courses in America, and I pulled some examples out of that report that demonstrate how bad things have gotten.

    The following are 50 actual college course titles that prove that America’s universities are literally training our college students to be socialists…

    #1 Harvard University: FRSEMR 62O—Who is a Fascist? Culture and Politics on the Radical Right

    #2 Princeton University: FRS 139—Marx in the 21st Century

    #3 Yale University: AMST 469a—Progressivism: Theory and Practice

    #4 University of Alabama: SW 351—Oppression & Social Justice

    #5 University of Florida: WST 3349—Ecofeminism

    #6 University of Florida: POT 4053—Great Political Thinkers: Machiavelli to Marx

    #7 University of Kentucky: SOC 235—Inequalities in Society

    #8 University of Missouri: PSYCH 4984—Promoting Social Justice, Diversity, and Inclusion Capstone

    #9 Middlebury College: AMST 0269—Beyond Intersectionality: Developing Anti-Racist and Anti-Capitalist Feminisms

    #10 Middlebury College: ECON 0405—Economics of Discrimination

    #11 University of Minnesota: AFRO 1917—Inequality and the American Dream

    #12 University of Minnesota: SOC 3507—Immigration to the United States: Beyond Walls

    #13 University of Minnesota: CSCL 3405—Marx for Today

    #14 University of Minnesota: CI 5137—Multicultural Gender-Fair Curriculum

    #15 University of Iowa: GWSS 1005—Introduction to Social Justice

    #16 University of Iowa: GWSS 2045—Working for Social Justice

    #17 University of Illinois: GWS 337—Interrogating Masculinities

    #18 Indiana University: GNDR-G 330—Looking Like a Feminist: Visual Culture and Critical Theory

    #19 University of Maryland: WMST 300—Feminist Reconceptualizations of Knowledge

    #20 University of Michigan: WOMENSTD 434—Eco/Queer/Feminist Art Practices

    #21 Michigan State University: ANP 859—Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change: Methods and Application

    #22 Ohio State University: WGSST 3200—Breaking the Law: An Introduction to Gender Justice

    #23 Penn State University: AFAM 147—The Life and Thought of Malcolm X

    #24 Purdue University: OLS 45400—Gender And Diversity In Management

    #25 University of Wisconsin: HISTORY 346—Trans/Gender in Historical Perspective

    #26 University of Wisconsin: GEN&WS 536—Queering Sexuality Education

    #27 University of Wisconsin: AFRICAN 233—Global HipHop and Social Justice

    #28 Williams College: AFR 342—Racial Capitalism

    #29 Williams College: AMST 219—Understanding Social Class

    #30 Williams College: ENVI 103—Global Warming and Environmental Change

    #31 Amherst College: POSC 407—Contemporary Debates: Gender and Right-Wing Populism

    #32 Amherst College: SWAG 351—From Birth to Death: LGBTQ Life Trajectories

    #33 Swarthmore College: ENVS 043—Race, Gender, Class and Environment

    #34 Swarthmore College: RELG 032—Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology

    #35 Swarthmore College: RELG 033—Queering the Bible

    #36 Wellesley College: AMST 281—Rainbow Republic: American Queer Culture from Walt Whitman to Lady Gaga

    #37 Wellesley College: SOC 205—Modern Families and Social Inequalities

    #38 Carleton College: POSC 275—Black Radical Political Thought

    #39 Pomona College: AFRI144A—Black Women Feminism(s) and Social Change

    #40 Pomona College: GWS142—Queering Childhood

    #41 Claremont McKenna College: GOVT113—Inequality, Politics, and Public Policy: Class, Race, and Gender

    #42 Davidson College: SOC 356—Feminization of Poverty

    #43 Butler University: RI379—The Problem of God

    #44 Creighton University: ANT 178—Global Citizenship

    #45 DePaul University: LGQ 338—Sexual Justice: Lesbians, Gays and the Law

    #46 Georgetown University: WGST 250—The Breast: Image, Myth, Legend

    #47 Providence College: SOC 418—Globalization and Social Justice

    #48 St. John’s University: SOC 1170—Inequality; Race, Class and Gender

    #49 University of Pennsylvania: RELS 110—American Jesus

    #50 University of Pennsylvania: URBS 050—Womanism and Identity Politics in the Realm of Hip-Hop

    This system of “higher education” has produced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and millions of young radical leftists just like her.

    And even though she has only been in Congress for a little more than two months, AOC is already one of the most popular politicians in America.

    Unfortunately, she is tremendously disgusted with capitalism.  In fact, according to NBC News she just told a large crowd that capitalism “cannot be redeemed”…

    She dismissed concern about the government taking over corporations, which she said she doesn’t favor, by saying “corporations have already taken over our government.”

    Instead, she said, her view of democratic socialism emphasizes making everything, politics and the economy, more democratic. And she said capitalism — which she defined as an ideology of “putting profit above of everything else in society” — “cannot be redeemed.”

    Is this where our country is headed?

    Is there any hope that we can return to the values that this nation was founded upon?

    We better hope so, because those values helped us to become the greatest nation on the entire planet.  I really like how Trish Regan made this point in her recent piece

    America is losing its way amid this socialism madness. The new alt-left’s mob-like insanity is spinning a lie– a lie that capitalism is bad and that capitalists are bad.

    Capitalism has made us what and who we are as an economyand as a nation.

    Alexander Hamilton said during the founding years of our great republic:

    “True liberty, by protecting the exertions and talents of industry, and securing to them their justly acquired fruits, tends more powerfully than any other cause to augment the mass of national wealth and to produce the mischiefs of opulence.” – Alexander Hamilton, “Defense of the Funding System,” July 1795, in Papers of Alexander Hamilton, Vol. 19, p. 32.

    I very much agree with her.  As a nation, we are definitely losing our way.

    Hopefully we can find our way back, because the path that we are currently on doesn’t lead anywhere good.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. I went to Williams. It was good.

      2. I have stated for some time that the mega wealthy capitalists intend to use communists as human resource managers. Take note of the prestigious and very expensive universities along with State colleges/universities that do get tax dollars; your money at work. These “institutions of higher learning” receive donations from very wealthy benefactors who influence the curriculum; that in itself opens up the eternal question, “why”? One doesn’t need to advocate, “conspiracy theory” when this course agenda is virtually across the board spanning private, public and geographic region; it’s quite obvious that something is up.

      3. Kevin2, this has been going on for decades. It’s only become wore in more recent years. College is just not what it used to be. No one can go to college anymore for one of the few remaining degrees worth getting without encountering all manner of leftist insanity. And of course you’re still expected to pay for the privilege. Want to learn about communism? Just go to college. Far more about politics than ‘education’ these days.

        • DR,
          I’m class of 1990.
          I have a degree, BS in Computer Science
          from an accredited University.
          That makes me a Scientist.
          I have graduate credit in Physics.
          I had to take humanities classes like
          art, philosophy, psychology, religion, et al.
          Which I thought were a waste of time. Due to
          a mistake on my part I had to take most the
          humanities at the Junior or Senior levels.
          One of my Art History instructors was aghast that
          a Comp Sci guy was taking her class as a Junior.
          She had me proctor exams, as I always finished
          first and she had to do whatever. Our exams were
          essay only!
          But through it all, you the student choose
          your path.
          I’ve done “blue book”, essay, verbal,
          and then some multiple guess exams.
          There are many like me.
          I can build you a wood sailboat from scratch,
          but I can’t weld worth a sh it.
          Not everyone is a snow flake.
          Give the kids a break.

          • rellik

            Your accomplishments are impressive but regardless the above courses, unheard of decades ago, are part of the “Snowflake Machine”. If one goes through it and doesn’t become a Snowflake it’s not for a lack of the system trying.

          • Rellik, I’m impressed with your background and accomplishments. I also realize not all of the students are snowflakes. There are some students who have been raised right and conservative who face discrimination on campus every day. Those are the ones who deserve a break. But give the REAL snowflakes a break? Easier said than done.

          • So you can build a sail boat? Ya don’t need college to do that. Just how do you obtain money to live? If you are not a vital link in the chain of production. That uses the natural resources of the planet to make build or grow something that adds to the GDP. You are noting more than a glorified parasite.

          • Save yourself some grief, don’t research Cornell’s ILR program. Have yet to see a required course anyone would consider science, yet somehow all these arts degree courses magically make a Bachelor of Science: http://www.ilr.cornell.edu/programs/undergraduate-degree-program/undergraduate-curriculum-requirements/summary-requirements

            How did I come across this opinionated SJW program, the Chief Executive at Twatter, holds this farce of an education standard.

      4. Harvard set a goal to raise $6.5 billion( in donations )over a five year period. They raised $9.6 billion.
        As one alumnus put it …
        “It’s not so much about the education you receive…Its the people you meet along the way.”

        speaking of Harvard that reminds me of a joke.

        A Rabbi a Hindu Priest(jabari) and a Lawyer are driving down the road when their car suddenly breaks down.

        They walk to a farm house …knock on the door and ask the farmer if they can spend the night.
        The farmer says sure but I only have room for two of you in the house….one of you has to sleep in the barn.

        The Rabbi without hesitation agrees to sleep in the barn.
        A few minutes later the farmer hears a knock on the door. When he opens the door the Rabbi is standing there and says … Im sorry but you have a pig in your barn and I can’t sleep under the same roof with a pig …its against my religion.

        The Hindu Priest then agrees to sleep in the barn.
        A few minutes later the farmer hears a knock at the door. When he opens the door the Hindu Priest is standing there and says …Im sorry but you have a cow in your barn and I can’t sleep under the same roof with a cow …its against my religion.

        So FINALLY the Lawyer agrees to sleep in the barn.
        A few minutes later the farmer hears a knock at the door.
        When he opens the door …the pig and cow are standing there.?

        • Hilarious!


          ht tps://www.cbsnews.com/news/college-admissions-scandal-bribery-cheating-today-felicity-huffman-arrested-fbi-2019-03-12/

      5. Just watched the movie “Gosnell”
        That sob was worse than Manson,Dalhmer,and Bundy all put together
        And the liberal MSM media tried to crush that shit during the trial.
        AND STILL DOES… what a freakin animal.

      6. This article was a tour-de-force for resourses, good article.

        A re-read of Atlas Shrugged re-deploys the Leftist Template to use Crony Capitalists to destroy the economy and/or alienate the citizens to build the foundation for Marxism.

        Must reads for whats happening:
        Atlas Shrugged
        Rules for Radicals

        Meanwhile, tonight, CNN tripled down on comparing Trump to Nixon to soften Young Millennial minds to accept their thesis and accept impeachment. CNN is the enemy of the people.

        One obscene theory they are making is to try and link Clinton’s buddy with the “Lolita Express” and blame it on Trump. You don’t need to prove it, just theorize/ postulate and run.

      7. If it isn’t a STEM degree or a grad-level degree (law, medicine, etc.) it’s pretty much worthless. But Uncle Sap will guarantee student loans for anything and this is why we get all this social justice crap in colleges. Throttle back the student loan guarantees and watch these SJW departments, courses and faculties disappear overnight.

        But even STEM is a crapshoot for an American kid considering that most big companies will import H1-B types who will work for a fraction of what an American will and not complain nearly as much (he knows that if he does his “sponsor” can send him back to Shitcanistan or wherever). And this is nothing new, it has been this way since the 70s and only gotten worse. An American kid with a BS in a STEM field from an accredited American university loses out to the foreign “engineer” or “scientist” with a PhD (Phony Doctorate) from some “university” with an unpronounceable name that nobody has heard of. Beautiful story.

        If our God Emperor was really serious about immigration reform one of his first priorities would be to radically reform (better yet, eliminate) the H1-B scam. But he can’t even get Congress to pay for a wall, although Israel has a very nice wall that Congress paid for (oops…we’re not supposed to know that…)

        • Frank: We still need plumbers, electricians, nurses, medical assistants, auto mechanics, etc. A Community College will give us those. Here in the Northern Idaho-Spokane County area, there are plenty of well-paying openings in those professions. The H1-B scam will never be eliminated because it adds to the corporate bottom line. And, Amerika is owned by corporations and hedge funds.

          • Dweez, thanks for the info. Always enjoy your comments at other sites. I’m looking at a possible relocation to the American Redoubt. Are there openings for machinists & manufacturing techs in Northern ID? Thanks

        • It can begin even before college. My son was supposed to go to a tech high school (Fairfax County schools used to call them magnet school and maybe still do); took the entrance exam and their requirements with no problem. He missed out because of the influx of assorted Orientals (Vietnamese, I think it was at the time) almost all of whom are overachievers scholastically.

          The school system tried pacifying us with advanced courses but my son found out pretty fast that these classes were taught by teachers of average intelligence and they equated high intelligence with more work instead of challenges in thinking. It was all I could do to get him to graduate as he then opted for shop classes just to get by (he figured boring was boring so why try); I wish there had been a way to get him into a community college course or two but it didn’t appear to be an option.

          Oh, my favorite story from his time in high school. Son comes to me after supper asking why all the students are so stupid. My answer was that they were normal. He then wondered how people got by.

      8. The thing is they don’t teach the truth about Communism. I have no objection to the teaching about it. I have a big problem with teachers who promote it. There is a difference. Children should learn about Communism and exactly what it actually is. Solzhenitsyn as quoted by Dr. David Duke in the preface of his book “The Secret Behind Communism” is a good start.


        • First rule of warfare: Know Thy Enemy. These days, though, “educators” are telling the kids that WE are the enemy and that socialism and communism (very little practical difference) will will save us from ourselves. It’s all bullshit but the kids don’t know it yet because of their brainwashing by The System and their lack of real-world experience. But it sure does sound good on paper. When woke people tell the kids that every communist regime is a totalitarian shithole the kids’ programmed response is, “Well, that’s because WE weren’t in charge. When WE’RE in charge, it’ll be different.” Sure it will…and every generation before them said the same exact thing and got the same exact results. Some forms of stupidity are almost impossible to eradicate.

      9. College has become a scam for the vast majority of students. It’s the reason many younger employees across the vast business spectrum, are rude, uninformed and unable to think on their feet. The time honored mottos of ‘the customer is always right’, ‘service with a smile’ and ‘taking pride in your work’, have been 86’d for all but a few really good companies.

      10. Off topic
        Heard on the radio last night that not only are the Commiecrats calling for Illegal Immigrants to be able to vote here, but they now want them to be able TO BUY GUNS IN THE U.S.!

        Don’t we all want MS13 to have Glocks and AR-15’s?

        • I doubt many would give up their machete. Machete killings are often heard of around here; likely gangs but not always.

      11. The socialist political tipping point of no return will occur sometime during the 2040’s. I expect the Civil War II or the destruction of the economy via hyperinflation caused by free money and debt forgiveness to 300 million brain-dead socialists that refuse to work and 100 million deadbeat invaders.

        The collapse will prove to be a redemption point in US history, as the cities die off, rot from the inside. Barricade the cities – let them starve may sound cruel, but I bet that order will be given before 2100.

        On the other hand, the multinational globalist will do everything to keep the status quo of their wealth and possessions alive. If they pull it off, the prices of all things today will look dirt cheap compared to the year 2050.

      12. I went to college in the early seventies, & listened to many of my peers who fondly spoke of Castro. saying “He had a good idea, but I would have done it a little different, but I liked the his thoughts.” I got a degree in public administration, but never entered that field; I received jobs merely because I had a degree. I went to what was locally called a ‘cow college’, or what I called, a working mas college.

      13. Actually some of these courses go back to the early 1970’s when I was in college. Just re-packaged under a new name & updated for the 21st century. Noticed that most of the schools are Ivy League, Big 10 & other elitist institutions. However, being from Kentucky, I’m rather perplexed at UK’s course, “Inequalities in Society” (#7). Unless you’re brain dead, that’s rather obvious to even someone with 85 IQ. Why waste time & money studying that nonsense unless you’re really hard up for a degree.

      14. I have to agree with the NRA’s recent comment about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “AOC is a self-absorbed socialist.”

      15. Isnt she right in some ways? is there really a free market or is there bureaucratic road blocks to entering the market place? Is there rule of law or are there several tiers of laws depending on economic power and authority? I’m not saying that i agree with her plan, but it appears to me that many on this site are waiting for the other shoe to drop and are preparing for the world which she is promoting. Do we expect to ‘get back to’ what our fore fathers had envisioned? is this repairable? so what is the plan to fix this mess from the prepper point of view? or are we just waiting to justify violence against those that will be starving and left in the dark?

      16. How about a course like “How to fix up your parents’ basement and make it livable when you graduate”?

      17. OMG! I cosigned a $60,000 student loan so my kids would learn that? Noooooo!

      18. Some people are always trying to ice skate uphill.

        Alright, you know what? Go for it. You’ve effed me in the a already… I don’t get to have kids. I wanna see you fall down and bust your nose on this one. You’ll learn. The same way a chimp learns… the hard way. By all means, don’t take anyone’s word for anything…

      19. 6 University of Florida: POT 4053—Great Political Thinkers: Machiavelli to Marx


        Double rainbow on this one. It’s so beautiful /s.

        Have you ever READ Machiavelli? I have. The guy’s a fucking lunatic. And a goddamned idiot on top of that. I mean stupid to levels near incomprehensible.

        Caesar Borgia. REALLY??! That’s your hero?! What are you a fucking retard or something?

      20. Should be renamed from “The Prince” to “Psychotic mother effers 101: making excuses for the inevitable failure of the mentally unhinged”

      21. College grads with student loans are popular in certain companies. They are beholden to the loan, need the job, and are not only quite docile, but will withstand the most outrageous abuse from the boss.

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