5 Secret Places Censored on Google Maps: “Military Secrets Blacked Out”

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 68 comments

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    Screen shot 2016-06-10 at 6.53.33 AM

    What lies at the heart of the secret government’s infrastructure around the world?

    Google, it seems, won’t let you know. In many rare instances, its satellite images have been edited and blacked out to cover-up whatever is there. And since they are so deeply embedded with government and military activities, it is no wonder.

    This video identifies 5 fascinating sights that could shed light on the mysteries surrounding secret military activities – but instead, they are blacked out and censored.

    What is really going on at these sites, and why are portions of these areas obscured from view? There are more questions than answers.

    Our world is more complicated than most anyone thought possible. The version of government and society presented to you on television is a good distance away from the reality of what they have been constructing behind the scenes.

    It is entirely possible, and even probable, that most if not all of these clandestine black sites are part of a breakaway civilization where elites have access to longer lifespans and hidden technologies never shared with the world.

    What do you think?

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      1. Thanks Cuz!!! Your cool too.

      2. Cuz I bet our compound in NG is blacked out, come on home!

        • He doesnt have a compound silly wabbit!

          • 5 secret places blacked out, don’t have anything on Mac. He blacked out the first 3 secret comments.

      3. secret base on a Himilayan mountaintop?
        Or maybe its just the result of trying to drape a 2-dimensional image over a 3-dimensional map.


        • it is required to black out some things , the funny thing is the bad guys already know where these places are, so it does NOT help them! just protocol BS!

      4. NGIC, you and the imposter can both go f#$% yourselves!

        • Cuz why you always bein so mean and using those filthy words to me? I didn’t know you was an imposter!

      5. Hitlery’s Eagle’s nest where all the emails are stashed.

        • Or Mount Moochelle where the entrance hole echooooooo-ooo-oos.

          • Funny, Today I say a Google Map Car going down the road with the camera tower about 5 Ft off the roof. I should have taken a photo of it. Instead I just gave it the finger. I will check back in a few weeks to see it it shows that at that location. lol

            My BOL place is so remote, off a private road, subdivision and back in the end behind 2 locked gates, nobody will get back there to get any street view of my property. However I did look at another Maps program and my location is updated now with sky view from a few months ago. My cottage roof now shows a little, and a few other things, like solar panels. So I am now using that sky view map, to Camo everything else in the photo that reflects man made products. Like my silver feed cans. I sprayed the lid tops with camo OD Green. And I am working on painting the frames of the solar panels OD Green as well, and that will black them out pretty good and be harder to see. I also have several Camo Parachutes 35 Ft in Dia that I bought a few years back, that I added extra camo paint to, that looks amazing. I could throw one over the cottage roof and one over my vehicle if I needed to. They also make great shade areas if I wanted to hang it from a tree, and spread it out and tie it down.

            Get Parachutes now if there is any left On-line. They will really come on handy when SHTF also to mask your presence. If they cant see you they will go on by. Sure maybe IR may show something, but most every ting I have here is under huge canopy of trees, Its a frigging jungle out here.

            My Property Appraisal Buddy said that the Counties Tax Assessors are now using Google Sky View Maps to look at people’s properties to assess more in assets they discover. Like your new swimming pool you never got a permit for, or other new out-buildings, garages, etc. So look for that BS to hit your Property Tax Bill.

            ~WWTI… I even camo’d my Internet Satellite Dish with paint and tree moss last year, and you can’t see it in the map view.. Heck, You can barely see it at ground level, until you are almost next to it. I am a huge believer in Camo, Little Foot Print, especially for over head SPY Sky View Camera Voyeur Creeps.

            • Interesting “cure” for sure. Great minds think alike? I used English Ivy (with an air spacing) on the roof that made it “disappear” to “the birds”. Draped ‘cloud canvas’ all but completely makes the place hard to discern from the woods around it and we are steadily increasing a ‘hill’ (ridge of dirt) that faces the road to obliterate even a view of the “ivy roofing’ …just to be sure.
              The ‘stinker’ is making a gravel driveway disappear. So far all ideas have failed miserably …so we may not HAVE a drive in the near future. Dunno…

            • Arizona ( Phoenix ) has been using sat for 20 years that i know of to do property taxes and catch people that did not get a building permit. i am sure many other cities have been doing it as well. IF we don’t stop all this stupid crap and stand up to the NWO it will not be long before you will need a permit to use your own toilet! and you will be timed and charged EXTRA if your in there to long!! ( a bit of humor??) sad but probably will be true!

        • Who really cares about this stuff? It doesn’t affect me in any way at all so I don’t care.
          Can anyone recommend a good grinder for wheat berries? Thank you in advance.

          • wondermill Jr. comes with extra stainless wheels for oily nuts too. about 210$

          • Bosch, you can run it with a cordless drill, get extra blades

      6. I read years ago about a dialog between US Senator Barry Goldwater and General Curtis LeMay of SAC / Air Force Chief Of Staff fame. Goldwater was apparently quite friendly with LeMay and asked him for admittance to the Blue Room where according to Goldwater, “The recovered UFO wreckage and aliens were”. LeMay according to Goldwater went into a rage and said, “Don’t you ever ask me that again”. This was from Barry Goldwater’s book, “No Apologies”.

        I would have to say something is up here.

        None of us would sleep very well if we knew what really was. No doubt many toss and turn on just the possibilities.

        • Kevin2, Goldwater must have been referring to Area 51. That would explain Lemay’s extreme reaction. Whatever Lemay knew about Area 51 he took to the grave with him. He was also another one of those WW2 heros who was bogus.

        • Kevin2:

          As far as I am concerned, the entire alien from outer space is nothing more than disinformation intended to distract Americans from the real threat of invasion by both legal and illegal immigrants. There was and is an ongoing conspiracy to unseat the majority European white Christian (mostly Protestant) majority and replace them with aliens from around the globe.

          Goldwater, a Zionist, was part of that conspiracy as proven by including this so called conversation. Common sense tells me that he would not have written about it if it was such a sensitive issue. I say bs.

          You are a smart guy. You must be kidding. You couldn’t really believe that Goldwater was not just playing the very young, and very naive, if not very stupid. I for one am none of the above. The story I told about a conversation was true. The only reason I think it may have been based on an actual site was because nuns are devoted to God, obey the Ten Commandments, and generally don’t lie. The fact is, I don’t believe Goldwater. And Google would not blur out a truly top secret anything. For sure, this article would disappear if it contained any top secret anything. There are no alien space ships. There are no alien bodies. The only real little green men are the fairies at the end of the rainbow.

          • B from CA: Sorry to say, but you are wrong, pure and simple. I do not wish to argue and be told what I’ve seen was my mind playing tricks on me, as that would mean everyone who was present at each event was suffering from the same “mind plays” at exactly the same time? No.

            You can BET your bottom dollar that there IS life-after-death (and I have experienced it first hand … so go ahead, sit there and tell me how wrong I am as if I would remotely ‘listen’ to ignorance and what I know to be a truth? heheh…not gonna happen my friend.

            You are ignoring ALL of the hard evidence to the contrary of what you are saying, and yet you haven’t a lick of proof. I do. You lose. Find a new path and perhaps you’ll ‘see’? (There are none so blind as those who will not see).

            If NOTHING crashed in the 40’s in Roswell, why in hell was there such a cover up (and massive cleanup) with the cordoning off of the area FOREVER if nothing at all from “another world or dimension” crashed their. Crashes DO tend to leave dead bodies, and there is every possibility that one or more may have lived (and still are).
            There is mathematical proof (Einstein) that clearly shows there seems to be more than one “plane of existence” (nine, that he ‘found’ on paper). Who can state with absolute certainty that none of these planes of existence do not exist? NOBODY!
            And, how do YOU explain the mystery of the Dog-un (sp)? Tribe of South America that has worshipped people from a place we said DID NOT EXIST until The Hubble discovered that it most certainly DOES exist? (This tribe knew that Sirius Major was a Trinary Star System (and not Binary as we believed), and have worshipped the reptilians who came from there over 3,000 years ago). This is cold hard fact and you refute it as bullshit? You can’t! And that is just one of many ‘unexplained’ matters than are only explainable IF you concede that there is indeed ‘extra-terrestrial life forms’ that have visited Earth for longer than we’ve been around (pics of ships carved in cave-man walls, hyroglyphic ‘pics’ clearly showing “flying saucers” (from Egyptian times) …and other writing all the way back to the 13th century. (Every prior to that time was lost in a fire of the library in Alexandria, Egypt …which at that time contained the ‘lot’ of knowledge upon the earth.

            AND, for those of you who insist Niburu can be seen in the early sun-rise, isn’t there a chance possibility that what you are seeing is just Venus (because at this time of year Venus is so close “in the mornings”), that it would appear to be two stars, when one is just the same ole planet that has always been there.
            I honestly haven’t checked this out for myself, but I reject the idea of Niburu until I see it for myself, and if it DOES exist, that in no way spells certain disaster for earth (since nobody has a clue what the flight path of “it” is. (But many have made thousands selling books and magazines about it, truth or not)!

        • And guess how many dopes still think that there is some UFO God in the Sky, and Jebus will return, like a UFO and save you. Still drinking the Religious Kool-Aid Communion Punch?? And getting Fleeced weekly? Consuming The Body and the Blood of Christ. Really? Sounds like Freaky Cannibalism. Its cheap wine and thin crackers, more fraud to fleece the dopes..

          2,016 years later and the religious hoax Jeebus is still a NO SHOW. You all have been stood up. Deal with it!!


      7. PO’D Patriot, LMAO! Good ones, especially about Mount Moochelle.

      8. OK, give us the Lat/Long of these 5 places, we can all open up Google Earth or Maps and see for ourselves, we don’t need photoshopped pictures and a bunch on nonsense about aliens and secret caverns with a bunch of Trekkers living in them.

        • Smokey,
          It is funny, I can see my place quite well
          on Google. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t
          read the license plate on the farm truck. Oops! it
          doesn’t have a license plate.

          • We are able to see our ‘stink pipe’ sticking up through the rock, and our vehicle and driveway (and some stuff I was not aware of at that time, but am fully aware of now).
            Amazing. For a fact, the government satellites have cams that can zoom in on a woman’s “belly button” and even show the ‘soft hairs’ (peach-fuzz) surrounding their navels and such. THAT is HIGH F’ing definition! Or, they can read a letter, book cover AND conduct facial recognition by triangulation. THAT is a bitch to escape from easily… (and of course the news has never breathed a word of it (to my knowledge).
            So, those cams are now trained upon all nudist colonies and beaches, in the interest of National Security but of course! Just like all TV studios have ONE camera-man doing nothing but hoping to catch a ‘cheap shot’ of one of their ‘girls’ recrossing their legs and ‘flashing’ …so they ‘catch it’ and then put it on the web, with the woman never being the wiser (daily).

            Sharon Stone may flash me all that she wishes!

        • smokey why did you drag me into this? I sure hate it that they blacked out these 5 spots, because now anyone scanning Google Earth and sees these spots will now know where my BOL are. Ain’t nobody in here but us chickens!! No aliens allowed, illeagal or otherwise. Trekker Out.

          • Oh, man, sorry about that, dude…

            Opsec failure !

      9. Actually there have been government installations for a long time. Some fifty five years ago one of the nuns who was an elementary teacher conversed with my mother about such a military secret facility carved into the mountains. I was about to say where but just in case it is still secret, I won’t. There were or are defensive weapons there in the event America should be attacked by a foreign adversary.

        With regard to hidden health cures and longevity treatments. Yes, that is real too. You can research and you will learn about simple treatments that extend the lives of mice by three times. Old mice have been brought back to youth and gone on to spawn large litters of young mice. Do you really believe that extremely wealthy people would not avail themselves of these things. There was a movie called “Seconds” with Rock Hudson about such people. They fake death and resurface with a new identity. Quite possible with today’s technology. My friend, a genius and a scientist told me to take care because in the years to come, the current research will become available and the life expectancy will be greatly expanded. The younger people, those being born now may live to two hundred years old. We who are already seniors can be reyouthified (that is a tech term I just made up). The rest is the truth without embellishment of any kind.

        • Oh, us old folks won’t be able to go back to the way we looked at 17, but a person of say 60 could potentially be brought back to 35. I’m ready for such a change. How about you. Would be nice to go for a hike in the mountains. Can you imagine. No gray hair, no arthritic joints, beautiful skin and toned muscles. Eat healthy and exercise a little each day. With or without the technology, you will be a younger old timer.

          • Face recognition technology and perhaps drivers license photos may be used to identify look alikes who could be used in various ways. Could you figure out the ways in which lookalikes may serve the needs of the ultra ultra ultra insiders, to the 33rd degree and above.

      10. They’re actually Obama carving monuments. He hopes they won’t be discovered until the election is over.

      11. B from Ca.

        Yep I would get all the stuff done. Go for a hike in the mountains and with my luck get eaten by a Grizzly.

        One time around is good for me and I don’t want no reincarnation.

        • According to The Bishops Bible, you do not have a choice. If you are “unfulfilled and unlearned at death”, you get to be recycled. And if you are/have been evil-to-the-core, you will reincarnate in a hideous manner (but in human form). Perhaps no brain, or any number of horrors that last decades before killing you, in which time you find values far higher than your “last time around” did.
          Just saying ….I didn’t write the thing.

      12. Why would any part of a government wish to extend the life of people, when there are already so many they are actively in pursuit of killing off all but 10% or so, depending on what and when you read it?
        UFOs are ‘carved into stone’ in nearly every past civilization. How else could one account for all of the runways atop the most impossible mountain peaks? How in hell did such landing strips get built at a time men where chiseling rocks with rocks? …and yet the pyramids are so ‘exact’ in their ‘cut’ that you cannot slip a single sheet of paper between the rocks. THAT defies ANY known tech we have today, save one – lasers, HOT lasers. And where did the tech come from to make the light bulb found in one of the pyramids …that WORKED when 12v electricity was applied to it? (And none of it is metal found on earth).
        The Mayan Indians simply ‘vanished’ at one time in past history, or did they really? The “hole in the earth” underneath our Northern “ice sheet’ (not much of a piece of land under it at all if you are not aware), is said to be an entrance made by ‘them’ (and is also a favorite place for our subs, zillions of fish and whales and others, to go frequently). Where does that ‘hole’ lead to, why is it there and who built it?
        Is there any possibility that since we are carelessly KILLING Earth with our own carelessness (CO2 emissions, Ozone depletion, radiactive spills “unchecked”, crude oil ‘unchecked’ after massive spillage of the same and NOT cleaned up nor even tried that “those who DO care” are going to stop it, and it may mean via our demise is needed in order to do so? omg if so…

        Obama told the world that little marine bugs EAT that oil (and they do AND you can find them on the pipes of every land-oil well, yet there are not enough of these oil-ingesting bacteria to clean up nearly the mess we’ve left behind. (just to name of few calamities that are known, and to not speak of what isn’t known), might be more than enough reason for other planetary species to have decided to “save this planet” and the trillions of highly complex life-forms that ‘she’ supports (not to mention they NO DOUBT have a vested interest in Earth as well). Otherwise we would not have the UFO traffic that we do. Perhaps they need the seawater (or just water) for fuel or drink? There’s an endless list of possibilities and there is NO probability that they DO NOT exist. If so, then I and millions of others “are seeing things” that are not there, meaning Area 51 is a whole bunch of nothing at all (so why all the secret aircraft hangers carved into solid stone and an expansion of their territory to prevent prying eyes?
        I’ve not ‘touched the edge of the iceberg’ regarding such topics, and the depths of these wonders is beyond our mental reaches imho (or we too would already be flying around the universe and not ‘hunkered down’ in a space station that is basically ‘paper thin’ and incapable of any notable movement.
        I’ll leave it here, as I do not wish to be ‘flamed’ by those who may wish to disagree with objects I have SEEN (and perhaps touched), therein knowing they are indeed a reality we need to accept and be aware of (as it MUST have SOMETHING to do with whatever seems to be “in the senses of everyone with higher IQs” that Something Is Coming …and as time flys by it is becoming increasingly obvious that NOBODY on this planet has any capacity to stop it (which would explain why TPTB are staying as near their “underground shelter doors” as possible).
        It certainly gets my full attention to learn that TPTB have ascertained that their “best bet” would be to take cover leaving us to bear the brunt of “it” (whatever “it” may be). Asteroid collision? No, they wouldn’t wish to bury themselves in rubble. Earthquakes on a scale of an Earth-ending event? Again, they would NOT go down their ‘rabbit holes’ just to end up buried alive. Naval ships and satellites capable of delivering astonishing laser-beams (actually they are a form of a “particle beam” that slices our hardest armor like a hot knife through butter) are our Navy’s latest weapon, but for what usage? (I have seen one do exactly that to a steel ‘floating container’ once used for ‘dredging sand and ocean bottoms’ to keep ship channels clear). !!!!!FLASH!!!!! …and it was sliced and sinking, then submerged in less than half-a minute. Not much sound either other than a ‘crackling, hot-steel-hitting-water (with steam), then gone, no traces. The site? A Naval undersea ‘junkyard’ approximately 240 nautical miles West of Tampa Bay. I believe it is where the Gulf is the deepest and lowest visibility from undersea-currents headed ‘southerly’.

        We very well may have been prepping for something we’ll never be able to remotely handle, figure out or deal with in any fashion.

        Final thought: There is a tribe that has worshipped Sirius Major for over 3,000 years. They have an ancient rock with that Star System perfectly marked out upon it showing THREE stars, not the two we thought were there. They replied to an expedition in the 30s (I think) that Reptilian Creatures, that could speak with them clearly “with their minds”, were from the ‘water planet’ that circled the Third Sun (in what we believed was a Binary star system). Only after the Hubble was set into place did we discover that Sirius DOES have a third, dark star, and there are ‘traces’ of what could only be a water planet in whatever means they use to determine such things.
        So, tell me how this stone-age tribe was and is worshipping the creatures from that water planet that circled a third star, carved into a three-thousand year old rock …three-thousand years BEFORE we discovered that they were right, in that it is a Trinary Star System with a ‘water planet’?
        There is only one answer, and it also suggests that “they” could easily be within our oceans and within our earth, and (perhaps) have grown weary of our treatment of the water on a planetary scale. Being they knew how to reach and travel through space/time 3,000+ years ago …at what level beyond us are they now?
        If nothing else, it IS ‘food for thought’. And as far as living longer, we all need to stock up on Depends I suppose…

        • Annunaki bases? Makes sense since Nibiru has been here for the last 9 years. It’s heading back out now which means it will soon make its pass by earth. Some say it will be as close as 0.3au (astronomical units). I’ve always wanted to live on the equator!

      13. would it be more politically correct to White Out the places?

        • B from CA: I do not now recall where i read it at?…but not long ago I read a part of an article online that stated that Rockefeller Sr…Now aged 99yrs or is it 100 yrs old now?…Has recently had his 6th or maybe it was 9th Heart Transplant!

          Ironic “coincidence” how so often we hear of another ultra wealthy or rock star type person was found out to need a heart transplant asap, and next we hear on tv news in Two weeks time or less Wallah! by a stroke of Majik.

          Some healthy youthfull 16 or 17 yr old male was sadly killed in an auto accidnt and lucky for that rich guy or rock star…That 16 yr olds Heart was a perfect match! so perfect they got advanced ahead of hundreds of needy folks awaiting a heart for two years or so!

          ALSO:….recall how many times in past decade or so we keep hearing over and over again and again at repeat levels that some Govnt or NGO group at UN HQ badly desires and wishes for some congress to make it Mandatory Law to get every single live person worldwide DNA taken and then listed in some international Data base computer files!

          And the Main or Only reason we ever get told is always to “make it eaiser for FBI and Cops globally to solve Crimes and that will definatly Halt crimes!”

          Well to all That I say Bullcrapola big time!

          I believe the Real True main reason has zero to do with crimes solved and instead it is due to the global cabal of eliets and billionaires want that DNA Data base on file so whenever They need a body part and a heart fix etc….

          They can phone that DNA Data base Opps to place an Order and within less than 10 minits that data base computer will scan all 7 billion peoples globally for a perfect “Match” aka a “Donor person”.

          They already in North Korea and probably elswheres Steal/Take internal Organs like kidneys or Lungs and hearts from Live Non-anethtasized political Prisoners to sell on black market.

          Plus just about 2-3 yrs ago a huge massive FBI Raid after fbi did a full 10 year observation of it, it was in state of New jersey where around 27 Men got finally busted for doing black market human organ sales etc…

          by another sheere “coincidence”…Of that 27 busted men…ALL but about 5 were current and former new jersey state pols and even one was a state Govner! while the remaining five were All Rabbis! and all were in deep cahoots with fellow traveler rabbis in Israel where the main HQ opps was located at.

          Hard to believe it took FBI a full Ten yrs to finally act eh?…At least every one was sent to prison if I recall correct…..Photos of them in handcuffs and taken captive by fbi are online too….

          But overall I think this entire push to gather up all folks DNA is all about makeing such 100% legit so they can scam that system for very wealthy Payees in dire need of human organ transplants..and even if it is so…They aint going to remain legit for long!

          They still will Take organs even if a perspective match donor says “no not interested sorry guys”…They wont care a whit!..just Take it by force if need be…

          Because They equal a “master Race” and we goys do Not!

          • Them Guys:

            In a newspaper, a Rabbi was quoted saying it would be permissible to kill one of the outsiders in order to take his liver.

            There may be another reason for wanting a DNA data base. A while ago, I believe it was a top Israeli who said publicly that now they can DNA test to see who is really one of the insiders. Even more frightening is that Isreal has biologic warfare that is gene specific. What that means is that if they know your unique DNA profile, they can devise a pathogen that would attack some rare gene that you may have. Or they could attack a specific nationality.

            Rockefeller senior may be getting heart transplants or multiple body parts or maybe not. Maybe he is just healthier because he eats clean food and has access to simple health supplements that they don’t tell us about. Surgery is no fun. He could be promoting it but not really doing it.

            One thing: when you donate your organs and the put on your driver’s license a dot, back in the early seventies I was warned that ambulance drivers don’t work too hard to save you if there is someone waiting for an organ.

            Very soon the transplant will be replaced by growing an organ from your own cells. It won’t be rejected because it will be your own. Medicine is wonderful in ethical hands. And terrifying in the wrong hands.

        • Whiting out the spaces would be racist.

      14. I think they’re blocking out the entrance to Superman’s “Fortress of Solitude”. And why not? Superman deserves his privacy!

      15. They missed the Corner Islands. They lie about 1/2 to 2/3 the way to the Azores from NY in the Atlantic, North East of Bermuda. In Google Earth all the Islands, and there are several, are all blurred out. Information on the Corner Islands is very sketchy. Most maps don’t even show they exist any more, some maps just refer to parts of the submerged mountain range they sit on.

        Corner Islands once had a population, and a government, though current information appears to be non existent.

        • Sounds like an ultra rich hide out. They can run on for a long time . But sooner or later God will cut them down. Johnny Cash.

        • I was just looking at the area around Corner islands recently.
          You are right, they look smudged and inexistent.
          I wonder what was the reason why you are doing research on those isolated far away and seemingly non interesting submerged rocks.
          Could it be that we are both looking at the same coordinates?

          • Corner Islands are closer than the Caribbean to the N. E., with the Gulf Stream nearby the weather should be fair even in winter. I’m always on the hunt for a better or unusual vacation spot. This hunt turned into a mystery who’s plot just kept getting more mysterious the more I looked.

            Corner Islands are in a very strategic mid Atlantic location. I can’t imagine them falling into the wrong hands. They were actually discovered several centuries before Columbus came to the US.

        • So “Lost” was a documentary about Sandy Island instead of fiction?

      16. Let’s get real. You couldn’t put two guys with shovels on that mountain face, let alone blasters and excavators. Nor would it be a secret, if you could.

        Totally bogus story.

        • That’s why it HAS to be invaders…from space! Yup, space aliens is the only viable explanation for this and not a Youtuber perpetrating a hoax… because that would totally not happen.

        • You are saying that The Cheyenne Facility isn’t a real place, but bogus? Very well then, I had clearance twice to enter into that facility during my career (restricted access to ONLY what I “needed to know”), and then ushered right back out.

          So tell me it doesn’t exist again? The others? Sorry to tell ya but they too exist in living ‘technicolor’ and many were initially started in the 50’s and 60’s. So I can only imagine how immense they COULD be now 3+ decades later… holy moley….

          • Nowhere did I say Cheyenne Mountain was a hoax, been there myself. What I did say, and clearly, was that the site shown to us in the photo above is inaccessible and unsuitable for construction.

            Cheyenne Mountain is built at the base of the massif, not the sheer summit face. Think back to the site and it’s location, at the end of a road, equipment staging and support areas, etc.

            Show me the engineer that even thinks that site in the photo is buildable and I’ll show you a fool.

            • IC. If you are not a regular poster here, you simply do not know anything about anything, and if one does not do it your way, they are wrong. A good site that has turned upon itself and become a clic in less than a month. Wow …you are on the wrong paths…

              I’ve no place among such exceedingly high intellects that have been highly trained and honed to perfection on all facets of what is coming …of which you STILL have no idea despite the fact that it has been set before you plain as day. Amazing.

              For the record, I do not attend any church. THE CHURCH IS THE BODY OF CHRIST (and it was The Roman Catholics that came up with ‘tithing’, not Christianity). God has no need for ‘bucks’ and has never asked for any.
              So get it right before tearing it down. And ‘tearing down your maker’ isn’t very smart imho). Unless you be demons or infested with them …and you surely act the part! (Google it)… Your names is “Legion”, for you are many.

              Cyas! And good luck. You’ll be in great need of it.

              • Dang Bud. When you’re right you’re right. I’m outta here too as I also have nothing to offer. It is getting kind of rough out there when two ____s aren’t worth their salt eh? Ah hell, he’s already gone…


      17. off topic….anyone in deep south have luck with root cellars? i have a ton of potatoes, and I don’t want to have to can them all. Creepy crawly things gross me out, and we’ve not gotten around to installing a storm shelter–which was going to double as a root cellar if temps cool enough. Thanks in advance…

        • Here in eastern NC, we always put the potatoes on wooden shelves in a wooden outbuilding for the fall and winter. If the temperature was supposed to go below freezing, my father would run an extension cord to the building and hang a shop light. The potatoes would last until time to plant the following spring. My mother only canned new potatoes so we could have a few with green peas during the winter.

          For sweet potatoes, we had a technique called “banking.” You dig a shallow round area a few inches deep. Then you line it with straw and put a layer of potatoes on it. Then you put some more straw and cover it all with dirt. You repeat until you’ve put all your sweet potatoes in and have a mound. I can’t guarantee results, but if the sweet potatoes stay damp enough, don’t freeze, and don’t get eaten by wild animals, you might have sweet potatoes until the following spring. You just dig out a few as you need them.

          You can read what George Washington Carver wrote about banking here:

          ht tp://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/vegetable/additional-resources/carver-sweetpotatoes/

          Search for “banking sweet potatoes” and you’ll find a number of sites with information.

          • For the regular potatoes, keep them in a single layer on the shelves for ventilation. My father’s shelves had a board across the fronts of the shelves to keep the potatoes from rolling off.

            • And white potatoes store better/longer than the redskin Pontiacs. Keep the dirt on the potatoes and do not wash them. If you want, you can actually leave the potatoes in the ground and pile a layer of straw where the plants are, flag them, and dig them up as you need them. Places far north where the ground gets frozen real hard might not want to opt for that method of storage.

          • Interesting. We keep our in “bins of brown, screened sand” about 4 feet deep and 4 feet square. It prevents them from sprouting (total darkness all the time) and the insects do not bother them either, but I have no idea why.

            It’s a trick used by the old-timers in Maine that had potato farms in the last century, and The Quakers did the same.

            • like the sound of that.

      18. to Google free speech is now “Hate Speech” and they censor a lot more thnn just maps and personal search results are tweaked by A.I to promote there way of thinking.

        All the big names on the internet are american and where/are financed by the NSA/CIA and now they have a monoply on the users they are being treated like drug addicts by pushers.

        I need my Facebook fix because in real life i don’t have any friends

      19. wow
        I wish Roberts would tell us how he really feels

        Paul Craig Roberts: “Fellow Americans, Wake Up & Escape The Matrix”

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-10/paul-craig-roberts-fellow-americans-wake-escape-matrix

        “Those few Americans who have any awareness are beginning to realize that the One Percent and the western governments that serve them are re-establishing feudalism. The brilliant and learned economist, Michael Hudson, has labeled our era the era of neo-feudalism.”

        familiar with feudalism ?

        if not
        better read up on it

        and unless yer the king
        ya ain’t gonna like it much

        • Its why they want to take all the weapons… peasants can’t own them or the “royalty” might get removed…

      20. Oh yeah, Ali was a member of the FOI. The Fruit of Islam. It is the military wing of the Black Muslims in the US. In the 1970’s over 400 white people were murdered, at random, by some of the members. A detective that worked on many of the cases wrote a book about it called “The Zebra Murders”. The MSM did its best to conceal the crimes, even after one of their own was murdered in California. Look it up. Rot in Hell Ali.

        • We draft-age white boys at the time had him pegged for what he was, a draft-dodger willing to let others take the risk instead of him. Bogus coward.

          • To Ali, anyone fighting white people was ok with him. Ali was a commie who didn’t want to kill other commies.

        • When I heard he passed, I gave him the pueblo salute and an AMF.

        • Observer, that was San Fransisco where those murders took place. I remember that all too well. Even then the MSM didn’t want anyone knowing the truth. Ali was just another POS nigger to me. I also say let him rot in hell.

      21. The White House has been blacked out since 2009.

      22. War Is A Racket

        h ttp://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html

        this high ranking military man had it figured out decades ago

        and we still don’t listen

        want something a little more current ?

        “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger

        when you see someone coming at you with a piece of mother’s apple pie in one hand and an American flag in the other
        YOUR life literally depends on it

        do YOU get IT NOW !!!

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