5 of the Best “Non-Gun” Self-Defense Weapons

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    When one wants to protect themselves, the obvious tool to grab is the gun. However, not everyone is completely ready to take a human life and some situations may not warrant such an escalation in violence anyway.

    Non-lethal weapons could come in handy in many situations, such as petty theft, where killing the robber may be more mentally harmful to the person exercising their self-defense rights than using a non-lethal method would be. At the end of the day, you’ll have to use your own judgment and decide what is best for you, but protecting yourself and your family should always be a priority.

    1. Pepper Spray Gun

    At just under $350, a high-quality pepper spray gun is a pretty good option. This has the added bonus of looking almost like a real gun, and offers some long-distance protection, up to 150 feet.  This kit includes 1 pepper spray gun, 10 pepper spray rounds, 10 practice rounds, 1 magazine (7-round), 1 lockable case (lock not included), 1 easy to follow user manual. (12 gram, non-threaded CO2 not included).

    This tool has been proven safe and effective by agencies including the U.S. Military, State police, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. It is also easy to use, especially for smaller persons. There is no violent kick or loud bang when fired. It can also be loaded ready to use indefinitely, so when you’re in need, this thing is ready. It’s the most expensive option on this list, but likely the most effective and in self-defense, as with most things, you get what you pay for.

    2 & 3. Taser/Stun Gun

    Although it’s going to be hard to trick a bad guy into thinking this is a real gun, a taser is still a good self-defense weapon. A good one will set you back about $345, but it will offer you some long-distance protection as well.

    This taser pulse gun comes with a laser LED, 2 Live Cartridges, and a lithium power magazine battery pack. If you can’t quite swing the price tag on this one and don’t mind getting up close and personal, a Vipertek stun gun could be an option.  It’s less than $23!

    This stun gun also comes with shock plates on the side of the unit will also deliver a high voltage shock should an assailant try to take it from you.  It also has “ultra-sharp spike electrodes” to help penetrate through thick clothing and an internal rechargeable battery.

    4. Pepper Spray

    This is a less expensive option and will give you the security of being a little further away from an attacker than, say, using a knife or the above stun gun. Costing only $7.99, this is an affordable option for those on a tight budget.

    Sabre Advanced Compact Pepper Spray is a 3-in-1 Pepper Spray, uses CS Tear Gas & UV Marking Dye and has a 10-foot range. It’ll last for 35 bursts and comes with helpful links to get you used to using it. It comes with a clip to hook onto your belt or pants making it easily accessible. 


    You could do something as simple as adopting a dog. There are a lot of shelter dogs looking for a good home and having one around often makes robber think twice before entering your house.  A dog will not only alert you and your neighbors to a potential threat, but depending on the breed, but they could also get territorial and attack an intruder for you, keeping your property safe and/or giving you and your family a chance to escape.

    *NOTE: I am not, in any way, advocating against guns for self-defense. I’m simply offering solutions for those who opt for a non-lethal form of self-defense. Everyone has the right to self-defense, even those who choose to not use a gun for whatever reason.



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      1. Besides our Black rifles, like many Preppers we have these mentioned, plus Billy Clubs, Tomahawks, machetes.

        Some guy down in Sebring Florida got killed by a pack of wild dogs over the weekend, so watch out fur dem dogs!

        • Hwy. park 25 miles south of Sebring. It’s an Afro-American community. The “woods” is about 1mile by 1mile in size. Lots of chickens and dogs that didn’t make the cut wandering around. My guess is that the fighting dogs got loose.

      2. No way Jose….any of these non-lethal “weapons” are a very bad idea. Many of these criminals are on stimulants like crack & meth. Their minds are fried, and if your weapon does not incapacitate them, they are likely to escalate into extreme violence. It’s more likely that you will become a victim by “not wanting to be mentally harmed”…as the article says. Bottom line: If you decide that a weapon is needed to protect yourself from harm, then the choice is clear to me. I will take no pleasure in shooting (and possibly killing) anyone; but I see it this way…..a firearm will definitely stop the aggressor/perpetrator. Whether he dies or not is Gods will.

        • You are correct. If someone comes at you with a knife, unless you absolutely drop him/her/it to the ground, you’re gonna’ get cut 3 ways – deep, wide, and frequently.

          People need to research the “21 foot rule”, and that’s with a firearm.

          I don’t engage, I don’t bother people, I am not everyone’s policeman. I go my way, let others go theirs. Attack me, ….we’ll just leave that.

          • Respectfully disagree- the “study” that lead to the so called 21 foot rule is flawed. It demonstrated how a knife wielding opponent could overcome a static person before he could draw a gun. The solution is obvious: dont be static. MOVE. Take advantage of cars, signs, doors, and other physical obstacles, Get the hell out of the way and keep that distance if possible while you draw.
            basic rule of gunfighting:
            If you’re not shooting, you should be moving. If you’re not shooting, then you should be moving AND drawing, or moving AND reloading, If none of the above, you’re dead.

        • Look, ask anyone thats popped wicked criminals how much pleasure they get from killing shit. Its fun. Exterminating shit and their globalist creators is fun. Its gotta be awesome because everyone runs to Clint Eastwood and subway vengeance movies.

      3. Pistol Grip Pepper Spray! These are good when dealing with crowds! It pays to have the right tool for the job. I have two, but they are getting a little old. I may have to buy a replacement soon.

        Fox Labs Law Enforcement Defense Spray 12 Ounce Pistol Grip Fog (Pepper Spray…The Big Boy!)

        • This is probably the best tool for dealing with large crowds, without leaving a trail of…behind you. The stream version actually has pretty good range, so if it fails to stop them, you can go to Plan B. It’s an option.

          • The problem with spray is it can blow back in your face and doesn’t stick well. I use the 18% foam. That shit will fook you up!

            • I’ll check it out.

              • From a previous thread…
                Justice, you might want to stockpile some spices too because beans and taters are pretty bland. CVS used to have really cheap spices and I see some stores carry their own brands now too. Maybe get some sauce mixes and gravy mixes also. Canned butter is the bomm! Don’t buy the butter powder shit, it is made of anything except butter. Good luck my man!

                • Genius, I’m pretty good on spices. Although I only have 12 pounds of Salt. I just researched “how much salt to store for shtf” and many are saying to store 150-200 pounds of Salt. Wow!

                  For cooking, I will get more table salt.

                  For preservation, sea salt or clean pool/water conditioner salt.

                  I didn’t think we needed to store that much Salt. I will add a bucket of each type of salt to my stash. In fact I will re-examine my whole Spice Storage situation. About a year ago I put a lot of spices in mason jars and sealed them using oxygen absorbers and my handy-dandy Food Saver Jar Attachment.

                  As far as butter is concerned I have a “TON” in my freezer. As long as it stays running I am good, but I only have 6 number 10 cans of butter.

                  Costco just started carrying Ghee Butter. I want to get some each month. It would definitely make a good addition to my stash. I have NO canned Butter, the price puts me off, and I always prioritize something else.

                  • Thank God, I double checked and I have 12 boxes of Salt 4 lbs each. I was wondering how I could let myself be so low on a vital staple. 50lbs is okay, but I’ll pick some inexpensive water conditioning salt next time I’m out.

                  • Be very careful of canned butter. Here’s why.
                    I ordered a case of butter from an outfit on the East coast. It arrived UPS in July in South Texas after riding around in the truck all day. It was not packaged to protect it from heat. The cardboard box was warm to the touch. I checked a can. It was clarified from the heat. ALL the cans were ruined. The idiots at the company said “we do it all the time”. Sooo, boys and girls, you may have a case of butter in your preps that you don’t realize is bad. Hell, depending on the time of year the dealer ordered it, they may have been selling bad butter and not even realized it.
                    p.s. I also ordered some canned cheese (from Australia I think) that was so damn salty you couldn’t eat it. It is very important to test your mail order preps before packing them away.

            • Genius, amen about the 18% foam. I used some on a pit bull that chased after me one day and it stopped that mofo bigger than shit, long enough for me to get my ass into the house, LOL. That was one mad pit bull along with the owner. I told the stupid-ass owner, keep your dog put up and everything will be OK. he’s lucky I didn’t jump his stupid ass.

      4. Finally, I have a Taser as an option for Teens/Kids. Plus, Stun Guns, which are just pain inducing devices but won’t stop someone. It’s a difficult subject but how do you deal with problematic kids during SHTF? I have NEVER seen one article on the subject!

        It’s either a Taser or put a good beating on them?

        • Blast them in the face with pepper foam then break their legs with a pipe. 😀

      5. I think that, if you are going to blind someone, electrocute, or rip them up, you are not a pacifist, and might as well go for the jugular.

        Also, she was asking for it.

      6. From what I have read taxi cab drivers in NYC carry Raid Hornet & Wasp Spray. Pepper gas is illegal (NYC) and a shot in the face tends to temporarily blind the recipient; it also has some reach.

        • Having used lots of Raid. You can judge how much is left in the cans and they have never failed to fire. I have more faith in those large cans (as you say for reach) than small canisters of pepper spray. Being larger they are better suited for frequent testing and determining remaining capacity.

          As civility slowly collapses road rage incidents are escalating. I like the idea of hornet & wasp spray. And if that doesn’t take a potentially violent bad guy out-of-play my wife will shoot them.

          • Update: A subsequent search on this showed a general consensus that wasp spray in just not very effective for self-defense. I guess we will stick with the pepper gel (replaced every couple years) backed up with a CCW.

            • Hornet & Wasp spray is for those that due to law won’t get a defense item that is designed as such.

              • I would think it would be a great defense item. Home Depot sells “Spectrum” wasp spray with a 20 ft. stream. It is instantly effective on wasps. Instantly. I have experienced capsicum in my eyes and I think I would choose to get sprayed with it before wasp spray.

      7. Almoat Every single item on that list is against the law in NYC, except pepper spray and THAT is limited to i believe but could be wrong to persons over 21 years of age and if you use it in anything other than self defense your getting hit with a felony assault charge. NYC and also has a law on the books called dangerous instrument, basically if you use ANYTHING other than your fists they will tack on that caveat to the assault 2nd degree and criminal possession of a weapon i.e. anything you use to harm the other guy. And for all youse NYC haters out there, FYI EVERY STATE in the Union has somewhat similar laws to lesser degrees the difference is in how prosecuters use their discretion.

        • Re: felony charge. Why exactly are you standing around after having fought off the attacker?

          • better question, why do you live in NYC if this is a concern..?

            ” if you use it in anything other than self defense your getting hit with a felony assault charge..”

            Well… duh. No ones advocating anything other than justifiable self defense with these items.

      8. I certainly feel for the Britts. A homemade if necessary “wrist rocket” propelling a .75 diameter ball bearing beaning the first SOB on the noggin coming through your door will take the fight out of them. It also appears that crossbows firing bolts have come a long way if the commercials for them are anywhere near accurate. If it ever goes Mad Max I think the citizenry that survives 6 months will get very crafty.

      9. I would like to add bear spray. it’s pepper spray times 10, I mean its set to take down a bear. it’s a little heavier to carry around than pepper spray but I keep it in my car and the house.
        I feel complete safe to mobs gathering at stoplights now, by the time i’m done, they’ll be crying for their mamas !

        • Oh yes cougar. Reminds me of driving on I-90 Wyoming one winter night. I reach down into the door fumbling for a flashlight. I touched a can of bear spray which had just a little spray residue on it. I thought my fingers were on fire. Then I accidentally touch my face…. Maybe I’m a wimp but it took this old coot out-of-play.

          • Cougar and Montana Guy, agreed about the bear spray. I’ve used bear spray on a dog and it definitely works. I keep some in the truck and at home all the time. If/when I get into a situation I’m only thinking of survival and not about any law.

        • I don’t believe it for a minute. Too many actual stories of people with bear spray getting mauled or worse. After all, they say you can tell grizzly bear scat because it smells like pepper spray and has whistles in it. I find it totally irresponsible that rangers will send people out into bear country with a f*cking whistle. For me personally, I carry a Smith .44 special. But then again, I an old fashioned guy that take his responsibility to protect his family seriously. Whistles… really?

          • “Whistles… really?”
            For prevention I suppose. I use a “bear bell” on my MTB, basically a glorified jingle bell. Its when you come around a corner and surprise them that the problems start…

      10. Smith and Wesson Governor with first two rounds non-lethal? Other 4 quite lethal…

        (Do those non-lethal 410 rounds actually do anything…?)

        • Do those non-lethal 410 rounds actually do anything? Yes, they are very effective at close range. That is if you use the 410 shells specifically made for hand guns and self defense.Inside a house, inside a room at close range (where over penetration is a concern) modern self defense 410 rounds are devastating!

          ShootingTheBull410 YouTube channel has a lot of ammo testing with 410 hand guns. Check out his videos.

          I would not use 410 shells that are made for rifles!

        • Sorry, I misread your question. I would only use rounds smaller than 00 buck on snakes. If I pull a gun, I’m looking to stop the threat, not piss it off.

          I would never load the first round(s) with non-lethal because my assailant might be armed as well. He will not be so considerate of my health and well being. In a shoot-out every round counts.

        • “(Do those non-lethal 410 rounds actually do anything…?)”

          YES! They allow you to argue an “escalation of force” in the inevitable civil suit after you are cleared criminally for the shooting.

          “I was in mortal fear for my life sir, even then I didnt want to harm him… I tried every means at my disposal. even loaded the gun with nonlethal rounds. I gave him every opportunity but he just kept coming and I had no choice…”

      11. I understand the need for these options. We have several but put little faith in them. In our areas families homeschool, avoid crowds and gun-free zones, and carry everywhere. You make your choices. You take your chances.

        • Montana Guy

          I assume you’re from Montana. Have any recommendations for Bear Spray that will work the best on people? I’m not versed on this but I know about cheesesteaks.

      12. I carry a 24″ heavy duty zip tie in my belt loop. Pre “clicked” 6″ . A quick pull and over the head of an assailant it goes. One fast pull and it will eventually choke them to death or they will beg for mercy and for you to cut it off..just another ” non-lethal”(if you choose) option

      13. I favor a pump sprayer with muriatic acid and water. It can spray a mob 30 ft away, blind all of them and melt their skin off. I dont care what their on, this would stop them on the cheap

      14. I guess I’m old-school. 5 top non-gun self-defense weapons: knife, club/bat, chain, lock on a rope or chain, axe/hatchet.

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