5 Must-See Video Clips From The Kavanaugh Hearing

by | Sep 28, 2018 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    The now-infamous “Kavanaugh Hearing” – a disturbing spectacle of he said/she said testimony and political agenda-driven theater – had some key moments that stood out.

    The Senate Judiciary Committee was supposed to vote on Kavanaugh this morning, but, naturally, the proceedings are being dragged out as the panel goes back and forth over Ford’s allegations. Democrats are continuing to insist a more thorough investigation, and Republicans are pushing back.

    If you can stomach more political theater, you can watch the live stream here.

    Senator Lindsey Graham’s rant remains one of the most notable moments from yesterday’s hearing, but there were a few more that were interesting, to say the least.

    Yearbook Slang

    Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), asked about several references in Kavanaugh’s yearbook, including one to the “Renate Alumni,” which has been interpreted as a sexual reference.

    Beer Beer Beer

    “This is a circus!”

    The Envelope

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) handed Ford’s lawyer, Michael Bromwich, a thick envelope after shaking hands:

    Weird Polygraph Discussion


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      1. Republican Senator Jeff Flake is another turncoat John McCain type who just threw Judge Kavanaugh under the bus. Other republicans, including Trump, don’t seem to be upset in the slightest. Going forth with FBI investigation, as if this agency can be trusted. I’m beginning to think they’re all Democrat liberals putting on a show trying to convince the people of this republic that they’re working for us. When SHTF I say they’re all traitors.

        • I thought the midget died, but he has a clone…so sick of the republicans letting the democrats crap on them, then cuss them for stinking.. Maybe Mitch will do the vote anyway, but ….

        • I’m in the Pyrenees. There is a higher standard of living here than in most of America. Taxes are low and the sale of merchandise is soaring. The mountains aren’t as big as the Alps. Crime is nonexistant. Only saw a handful of blacks and Muslims. Everybody still smokes and drives like a bat out of hell in Europe. The restaurants don’t open till 8 pm and nobody starts work until 9 am. Lots of old farms around but also small and very wealthy cities. You can’t get by with only English here. Everyone is normal weight. Women are decent looking unlike the fat banshees in America.

          • “Crime is nonexistent” in the Pyrenees. That’s not true. I just looked up crime rates for several municipalities in the Pyrenees. The lowest crime rates are connected to drugs. Crimes of theft, burglary, property damage, and assault do exist. It’s so great there, so why don’t you make your home there? I’m personally sick of hearing you constantly say how awful your life in America is, and how great all these other places are. You like to brag about all the places you travel to, and about buying a 550 dollar watch, etc. I’m happy for you that you can afford to travel and buy luxury items, but if you’re so unhappy living in America it seems you would want to move elsewhere. I’m not happy with my country either, but I would not choose to live anywhere else. I do not want to live in other countries because they put more restraints on the freedoms of the people. America is in danger of becoming a socialist and communist country, but we the people have the right to own guns and to defend the Republic if need be. We have not totally lost the fight yet.

          • Eisen, is that really you? You’re not using all caps, LOL.

        • Absolutely agree with you Norrak. I am beginning to think all these alternative media sites are turning Progressive Socialist Democrat. They don’t want to be Alex Jones-ed.

        • I agree with you. After reading several stories about how the whole damn family of Ford’s, including herself,is CIA.It is all over the net by now but not a peep about it on MSM.Something big is up and it is concentrated around Kavanaugh’s selection. Lock and Load and be ready for CW2.

        • Jeff Rino Snow Flake= enemy of the state.

        • Just ask good ol Jeff about his son Tanner the lil racist fuker… Or how about his son Austin… Killer of 21 dogs and charged for the crime. But wait… Jeff has the fuking gall to question Brett’s integrity.

          Fuk Jeff, Fuk Maxine, Fuk Booker, Fuk Harris…

      2. The least effective way to analyze current events is by watching sound bites that bolster one’s political ethos.

        If you have limited time, go to cspan.org and read the transcripts. If you are a person who best analyzes visually, then watch the entire 10+ hours of hearings…but it’s repetitive. It is easier to skim the transcripts. In graduate school, you might easily be forced to skim 200 pages of extremely complex information from dusty tomes every freaking night.

        A major problem is post-MTV, entire generations seem to be distracted by the slightest stimulus and be unable to actually read. They want bullet points and synopsis, when they even want that much.

        Having watched the entire excrutiating Kavanaugh testimony and read commentary, it’s shocking and appalling how malevolent and disingenuous the Democrats have stooped. While I may disagree with Kavanaugh’s actions regarding the Partiot Acts, it is the perogative of the president to appoint justices. Therefore given the total lack of credible eyewitnesses accusing him of sexual assault, and coupled with the Democrats hiding evidence for at least 45 days which is illegal and would get them disbarred, then every Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee should face censure. They have practically committed treason as well.

        No Justice candidate has EVER been asked as many questions in the history of the United States. No Justice candidate has ever been required to supply so much of his or her decision. Even the Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork process was not so disgusting and partisan.

        Practically every Democrat serving in the Senate has told bold faced LIES during the testimony to cover their butts. And Blumenthal has no credibility as he associates the innocent term “alumnus” with sexual intercourse and has besmirched an innocent lady’s character. And she is NOT on trial or even part of this process. Multiple Democrats have likewise done the same!

        • AFIK. no Justice candidate has ever been required to have what amounts to two different confirmation hearings either.

          • This entire Kavanaugh charade is a created event. Her father is a high CIA official and she has only worked for the CIA at Stanford on mind control methods. That is why she has no license, because she is not actually practicing shrink and never has been. She has worked for CIA at Stanford where they are deeply embedded. Here is all you need to know about this entire sham. It is a DEM/DSA, DNC, CIA sham with massive help from PRAVDA/MSM their propaganda arm, exactly the same as the Mueller Russia sham, because it is the very same people creating it all as kabuki theater !



            Americans are some serious slow and weak minded dumb asses to sit by and watch this take place !

            And then you have a cowardly moron like Flake who buys into some SOROS funded bitch in an elevator, rant with zero proof she is any kind of victim of anything ? just her own screaming for the cameras ! Pathetic and well past weak garbage !

        • Another thing that bothered me was the odd way in which Dr Ford was questioned and her answers didn’t always agree with what she’d said previously.

          Everything revolved around this one memory which has been noted, occasionally, was a recovered memory not a direct memory. A direct memory is something you remember without prompting such as the time cousin Sam accidentally set fire to the Christmas tree when it was being set up in its stand too close to the lit fire-pit in the yard. A recovered memory can be spontaneous but it can be brought out in psychotherapy. Depending upon the therapy method and the therapist, it may or may not be true recall of an event; it could even be inadvertently planted information by the therapist. See this for further info: ht tp://www.academia.edu/8237450/The_Validity_of_Recovered_Memories

          It does appear that Dr Ford experienced an emotional trauma of some sort. However, no therapist or their notes were part of the hearing. It was all an emotional appeal and little hard fact to substantiate the allegation.

          I also disagree with Kavanaugh’s actions regarding the Patriot Acts, but I don’t get to choose a SCOTUS appointee and it could be a worse choice.

          • Everything from the tone of her voice to the words she used and what she avoided saying were carefully coached and practiced,

            That’s why all the delays for her giving testimony, to practice the coached testimony and try to make it look credible so those who want to believe it will be able to and some of the undecided ending up swayed by them.

            FWIW, her admission of being a frequent flyer and world traveler makes her delaying tactic of claiming fear of flying a reason to put it off long enough to get the coaching complete. It was a simple utilitarian lie.

            Lie in one thing and you will lie in all things.

          • Yahooie, Dr Ford is a complete and total sham for the DEM/DSA, DNC and CIA ! Nothing she has said is accurate or true and that is why she has no actual answers. It is all 100% fabrication and totally unverifiable for a reason you numbskull ! It is a craetd event in totality !

            Anybody that believes any of it is an idiot and my enemy for their extreme ignorance and apathy !

            • I get that it’s a made-for-TV fantasy. My point was to illustrate with logic that it’s a fraud.

              BTW, I don’t appreciate being called a numbskull. I might be a chick but far from stupid and over-emotional.

      3. SOOOO….. the circus continues because
        demoncraps want to drag it out. Nobody
        believes that college 18 year old boys are
        angelic….. Colleges are party places….just like
        the movie “ANIMAL HOUSE”. They are taught
        by left wing liberal demoncraps. This is what
        they do. It is worst case behavior …..so sad.

        But….Ford is under age (15)….the only girl,
        no chaperone, drinking…..and couldn’t remember
        who drove her there or who drove her home the 1.5 miles
        to her home. Was she stoned??? we don’t know.
        Where was the driver of this same car when she was
        supposedly attacked??? She didn’t tell her mother about
        the attack because her mother would not allow her to go
        to this party.

        No …. She is being coached by her lawyer “handlers”.
        Careful to not implement others who could testify against
        PATSIES…who work cheap, and those will have to be
        investigated as well……. and on and on until after
        the Nov. elections!!!

        They will never vote for a ‘good person’ no matter what
        they promise…..they lie.

        Ford remembered being careful to get out of the house
        “”FRONT DOOR TRAUMA”” but she couldn’t remember
        five minutes later crawling into a car with someone who
        basically saved her from her attackers. I WOULD CERTAINLY

        Unless…..she was stoned out of her mind and she didn’t know
        or care who took her home. And next day didn’t care to find out
        then, either!!!

        • Maybe Ford can open up a Holohoax WaxRape museum and charge admission. These professional victims really like theatrics.

        • She cant remember because it never happened. More leftist me too bullshit

      4. This is what weaponized Pound MeeToo looks like.

        Wake up men, you are serious risk of being destroyed by any person at any time in the court of public opinion by the mob.

        Pound MeeToo is nothing more than the latest high tech version of vigilante justice for ANY AND ALL REASONs that the accuser chooses and you are permanently and professionally destroyed WITH NO PROOF OR INVESTIGATION OR RECOURSE OR PENALTY OF LAW…solely by accusation. If the frivolous destruction of people already by the court system doesn’t scare you into reality, this odious trend should. Ignore it or wave it off if you wish, but you do so at your own peril. Time and time again Pound MeeToo has destroyed mens lives and the accusers disappear into the woodwork after it is done with no punishment, often recanting everything they said and lied to the public about. If they were legitimate accusations, they would take them to the police and have them fully investigated and provided corroborating physical and sworn evidence to the same. You can tell they are LIES because the accusers NEVER take their cases to the police FIRST.

        • DNJ, agreed about #MeToo being totally illegitimate. It’s only the latest feminazi conspiracy against men. I have my own “policy” for handling complaints against me because of too many scammers out in the public. When someone tells me there’s a complaint against me, I tell them either show me a real complaint that can be proven and verified otherwise I’m not obligated to do anything. I don’t get penalized for any false complaint. Let anyone from #MeToo tangle with me and I’ll make them regret it. The shit they’re trying to pull will never work with me.

      5. You can see his sense of entitlement coming through in his anger. Angry that he was exposed and called on for his drunken behaviors and belligerence. Anyone who knows what alcoholism looks like can see it in and on his face.

        Entitled + alcoholic = poor judgement and bad behavior.

        Even if he didn’t commit this crime against Dr Ford when they were teens he doesn’t have the demeanor or temperament to be SCOTUS.

        Rich and entitled, former frat-boy Kavanughty shouldn’t even be a judge, let alone SCOTUS. He is exactly what is wrong with our justice system.

        • Only a Progressive Socialist Democrat talks the way you do. Go away.

        • Bullshit

        • It is amazing that an alcoholic can compile an almost Encylopedic output of heavy duty, judicial opinions for decades and work in that high pressure seat right next to the POTUS in the oval office etc.

          Yeah, I know, the clerks did all the work…Amiright??

          His career and achievements (whether I agree with all his decisions or not) just don’t match up with the alcoholic lifestyle.

          Most of your criticism is light on facts and heavy on opinion.

          I find that a breed characteristic of your kind…


          • bb in GA and what evidence by any measure is there he is an alcoholic you moron ? much less a rapist ? There is none and you deserve an ass whoopin for spreading such garbage !

        • TROLL MUCH ?

        • There are very good experts in body language, who reviewed this testimony, the result, Ford lied like a rug.

          Go ahead search YouTube, there are eye opening videos.

        • Anonymous, complete and total utter nonsense. Anybody that buys into your perspective is and idiot and a serious enemy of freedom and liberty. I spit in your face for such gross ignorance and apathy.

          No question he is an elite goody two shoes, but that is not a crime and there is ZERO evidence of anything that could be called a crime, you fool ! This entire event was created by the DEM/DSA, DNC, CIA and of course PRAVDA/MSM their propaganda arm ! Wake the hall up idiot !

        • Anonymous – Why do you hide behind your screen name? It’s really easy to hide and talk shit. Step out into the light don’t be afraid we won’t hold your hand though.

      6. Remocrats and depublicans. There never was going to be a vote. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!

      7. This is all out.

        If the Leftists succeed in killing the Kavanaugh confirmation, they have won and they delivered a fatal blow to the right.

        This means they will remain the rulers of America and any opposition will amount to little more than mostly ineffective attempts to limit how fast they carry out their agenda.

        Even if the Right wins and gets Kavanaugh confirmed it won’t be decisive for them the way it will be for the Leftists. The Leftists will suffer little real damage or lose any ground and will simply keep fighting till the right just gets tired and surrenders.

        • Oh, an NOW Anonymous is a conservative. Tired of all these Anonymous’. Whenever I register for a blog site if the name I register by is used the site kicks it back. I think there is only one Anonymous and you are playing us all. Get a real fake name so we know how we are talking to. “Loser” works for me.

      8. My husband and i have talked about the war on men for quite awhile now. I fear for husband’s, sons, grandson’s ect in the future if this country keeps going on with all this public unsubstantiated accusations. Just say you were touched in high school and public mob rule, media and your own government, can destroy your life with a snap of a finger. So what the hell is next, public hangings, guillotine executions? Our country is becoming so sick, it scares hell out of me.

      9. Maybe this whole episode will wake up Americans to who those people are. Just need to continuously vote them out. Democrats first then the Rhinos. Every morning I get up I’m so thankful for Donald Trump. Without him we would gave no chance. It is still a miracle he was elected. We need to join him in the fight. MAGA!!!

        • There are no such things as miracles. There are no such things as coincidences. It’s all part of the plan. Trump was all part of the plan. The Powers That Be (PTB) know that the country is on the verge of a bloody revolution. They know it. We are being tossed morsels. “Make America Great Again” MAGA is the PTB laughing in our faces. Soon the government will be paying more on the interest of the national debt than on the military. The PTB also know there are 250-million legally registered guns. Why do you think the Department of Homeland Security bought $5-Billion dollars worth of hollow point ammunition?

          • 250 million guns is a factoid that is repeated based on an estimate.

            Plainly, nobody knows how many firearms are in private hands.

            Here’s a recent estimate for you:

            Karp estimates:

            2017: Total 392,273,257 (legal and illegal) firearms in civilian hands

            Karp, Aaron.2018.‘Civilian Firearms Holdings, 2017.’ Estimating Global Civilian-Held Firearms Numbers.Geneva:Small Arms Survey, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva,18 June. (Q13434)

            A 2016 study is closer to your number..

            “A 2016 study by Harvard and Northeastern University put the total number of privately-owned firearms in the U.S. at 265 million, with more than half of that – 133 million – being concentrated in the hands of just 3% of Americans, called “super owners,” who have an average of 17 guns each.” Big Think website

            My point is, nobody really knows and I suspect not everybody that owns a gun is willing to talk about it to a stranger – which makes me think the numbers are all on the low side.


            • One thing is for sure. Every time there is a school shooting the number of (legally owned) guns goes up in the MSM. After the Parkland shootings the number was over 600,000. The higher the better in my opinion, especially now that the Spanish Inquisistion of the Senate and the Progressive Socialist Democrats is all that separates this country from bloody Civil War.

        • Chip1975, agree 100%

          And I know DJT is no perfect guy, but please anybody here show me that perfect guy or gal ? They do not exist and he is our best shot at killing the DEM/DSA and all its tentacles !

          Americans have become some serious dumb ass MOFOs to buy into any of this sham, especially those in congress like Flake who rolled over for a SOROS funded whore ranting in the elevator with zero proof she is any kind of victim of anything, just her ranting for the cameras ? Fucking pathetic !

          This sham is exactly the same as the Mueller Russia sham, zero proof of anything, just false accusations and false narratives created and PRAVDA/MSM just keeps repeating it and letting the DEM shills say anything they want with zero recourse ! Same exact plan, scipt and kabuki theater ! Sickening

      10. Release the hounds, Smithers…

        Soon Feinstein will have her tied to a tree with Kavanaugh as the toothless hillbilly slobberin’ all over her.

        There is a reason for the statute of limitations.

        • However, the judge was lying about his yearbook. Those slang words mean something different than he claimed and he knows that. He submitted the captions after all.

          F.F.F.F. is not his stuttering friend trying to say “fuck”. It means Find em, Feel em, Fuck em, Forget em and always has.

          boofed means extremely drunk or high. It’s not the act of puking…that’s “barfed”.

          Devil’s Triangle has nothing to do with a drinking game. It means a threesome where you and your bud do a girl at the same time.

          So what. He was a drunk and a partier. Doesn’t mean he was a “rapist”. He should have told the truth about the yearbook.

          • JRS, meaningless drivel that in no way means he was ever a drunk as you claim ? Idiot !

            You are either very stupid and naive or just a tool ?

      11. Flake is a traitor to the US and will go down in history – with the demo-rats – as far worse than Benedict Arnold. They all deserve a traitor’s punishment.

        Stand them all up against a wall ….

        The Civil War has begun!!

        grab your muskets …

        • Muskets,,, hmmm,
          I think ill use something with a bit more oomph

      12. Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t pass a polygraph. Doesn’t matter that it can’t be used in a court of law. The point is that he won’t take one because he knows that he wouldn’t pass it, as did Dr Christine Ford.

        Verified college roommates have come forward and used these words to describe Brett during the time they attended high school and college together: arrogant bully, wild-eyed drunk, mean drunk, belligerent, pathological liar, and also privileged and entitled. He created a hostile environment.

        One roommate said when he had arrived to his dorm room the first week of classes Brett had nailed a dead pigeon (that he had apparently killed himself) to the inside of his door making him feel unwanted and unwelcome there. When he confronted Brett he was told to shut up about it or leave.

        Those who didn’t join him in his bullying collectively said that Brett was feared, not liked. They had all agreed Brett created a hostile environment.

        In more recent years, knowing that he wanted to move up in his career but fearing that some may come forward one day about his excessive drinking and drunken episodes or reveal his campus bullying, he hired numerous women to his staff to work for him and over the past few years has treated them with the utmost respect. No, its not because he changed. It is intended to deceive us into believing he is someone that he is not.

        • It’s just one elite against another elite for control. The one thing they both better remember is at some point you have to pay the piper.

      13. No due process anymore. All one needs in one accusation and the accused is done…guilty. Future candidates will have to worry about ancient e mails,Twitter and Facebook accounts. Once on the internet there is no going back…..they have you,your toast. People will hesitate to apply for certain jobs or be considered for the Supreme Ct. This is a cultural war and its going to go bloody .

        • Jim in Va. , That has been the case for at least 25 years now here in USA. Just ask the millions of men who had bogus restraining orders filed against them in a divorce and they were completely innocent because the ROs are handed out like candy with zero evidence or witnesses, just a womans word and a few tears for the judge. Then the judge kicks the man out of his own house and he IS guilty until he can prove himself innocent which is almost impossible in some municipalities. This happens daily nation wide for almost 3 decades now and it is millions of men that have been harmed wrongly ! Tyey had all their imnalienable r8igths atken away and got ZERO actual due process because they were guilty from the get go even if they did nothing at all. If you have no money you are totally fucked by the courts and the PC garbage that runs the courts and lawyers ! Trust me I know exactly what I ama talking about and it cost me almost a million dollars, 23 years ago ! And I guarantee there are many right here on this site that have had the same thing happen or a close person to them ! It Is all just another created sham and because anybody had a RO filed against them does NOT mean they did anything wrong at all. Most cases are NOT valid because this has become a tool for power.

          Kavanaugh is finding all this out the hard way ! I did as well . But I hung tough and wonnna dnp[roved it all BS. Most of you would not have done that and folded your shit and been defeated . I can sat athtw ith certinty because I ahve seen it amny times . ts is how theis corruotred system works peopel they ebt you down and of you are a weakling you LOSE bigly !

          And yes I have been asked to write a book on this incredible event and have been waiting for the right events and circumstances. They may have just arrived, we shall see soon !

          Consider this ?

          If I placed a bogus RO on you and tossed you out of your house with zero evidence or witnesses (which happens everyday) and then gave the woman your car and tied up all your assets would you be angry ? and you were never even present or informed at these hearings until after the fact ? What a fucking joke it is and they are doing the same thing to Kavanaugh ! Accusations with zero evidence , proof or witnesses. I know exactly what this feels like first hand and despise all of it with a vengeance for good reason.

          Any of you morons that buy into any of it are my enemy for many valid reasons !

      14. More worldwide data on guns from Karp:

        “Using data from several different sources, at the end of 2017 there were approximately 857 million civilian-held firearms in the world’s 230 countries and territories. Civilian firearms registration data was available for 133 countries and territories. Survey results were used to help establish total gun civilian holdings in 56 countries. The new figure is 32 per cent higher than the previous estimate from 2006, when the Small Arms Survey estimated there were approximately 650 million civilian-held firearms.”

        So the US accounts for about 45% of the civilian held guns in the World. Notice that 133 countries and territories have registered guns.

        You can discount a significant portion of those because when the Man comes calling the owners won’t be able to hide them all or ‘splain their way out of it.

        This study kind of emphasizes my point that ‘No One Knows.’

        We have a 32% growth in about 10 years. I don’t think it was all here in the US because of Mr Obama 🙂

        They just are estimating the best they can…


        • BB,
          We would love to see some links for this data ?


        • bb in GA, and USA is one of those where guns are registered and have been for decades.

          So please tell me how many illegal aliens are present in USA today ? And how is it we can keep track of guns but not illegal aliens ?

          • DTET:

            Can you help me out? Other than some specific States/Municipalities – Registered Guns in the USA?

            Not in GA. Lots of private transactions w/ no paperwork.


      15. anybody with common sense knows this isn’t about sexual assault. It is only about stopping a supreme court nominee. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford will be forgotten once the liberals have achieved their goal. Does anybody remember the name of the anti-war protester mom during the Bush presidency? Exactly! She was the poster child of the liberals until she no longer was of any value.
        Worse than the political ramifications of this situation, is now every male better wear a body cam or they will find their name and reputation dragged through the mud because of mere allegations. It is a sad day in America. The end is near.

      16. Blame-e…..You said you get tired of the Anonymous

        I am one who has done that a time or
        two ACCIDENTALY. I will try to remember
        to type my NAME FIRST….before comment.
        Trust me….I am not trying to hide anything.

        The little type “window ” does
        not allow for corrections easily.

        My writing is pretty obvious…..an English major who can
        no longer write a proper sentence ….? sorry.

      17. This Smear and Destroy Circus is absolutely sickening… this is politics at its worst.

        How you like someone from 36 years, ago – a liberal faculty member suddenly decide to accuse you of a sexual assault when you were 17, with no exact date or the 4 witnesses stated to present swear under oath that it was complete bullshit…!?

        How do you fight this, like when did you stop beating your girlfriend or kicking your puppy..!?

        One point I think we should not forget – the Heller Decision was 5:4 for the 2nd Amendment.
        Yes, just one vote.

        The Dem’s are not shit scared about Roe v Wade, they worried about losing the possibility of repealing the 2nd Amendment or making it worthless with massive regulations. This also means they want to turn the USC into a “living document” subject to non-Constitutional whims.

        The is alot more at stake with Kavanaugh appointed the SCOTUS – its the balance of power.

        Jesus Christ himself would not survival this Dem smear campaign… after all, he hated tax collectors and money changers. The net worth of Dems in Congress increases 1000s% a few years after they go to the Hill… ever wonder how ?

        I am so sick and tired of this crap.
        GOP needs to suck it up and get it done.
        Flake is a RINO, and is a waste of a pay check.

      18. Let assume Kavanuagh survives this and is appointed to the SCOTUS.

        Dems have another problem – they will have created a monster of their own making…

        He will need to be very impartial of course, but the Dems will not trust that either as they know they hurt him and his family.

        They have created a lawyer in control of the Constitution.
        Someone who has first hand experience of being assumed Guilty until or never being to prove his Innocence.

      19. As a federal judge and potential scj … Kavanaugh has had the FBI so far up his ass he can taste
        If this “NEW” investigation reveals any history of sexual impropriety …all of this charade that emboldens our enemies both foreign and domestic could have been avoided.
        Moreover I’m tempted to join in with the theorist on this site that believe such information is typically withheld for future blackmail criteria.

        • The FBI will also be looking at Ford just as hard. If she took payoff for this, she could end up in prison. If this was part of a conspiracy to destroy Kavanaugh, she could do time. The FBI will pull all her phone, text, Internet and financial records. Soros money leaves stains. Ford amazingly connected up very expensive top DNC and Clinton connected lawyers. You have to ask, how?

          She was evasive, appearing to have the worst memory ever for a Dr. of Psychology.

          • “She was evasive, appearing to have the worst memory ever…”

            Just like when HRC was brought in for a Senate hearing.

            • During her testimony, with her voice cracking and appearing to be near tears several times, there was no mucous. She moved smoothly between the I’m going to cry, it was so traumatic and tilting her head and smiling with an “I’m so cute” pose. All the while she never had to clear her throat. You can fake a cracking voice, even fake tears, but it’s really, really hard to fake the mucous in your throat when people “choke back their tears”. She was obviously acting.

              Compare with Kavanaugh getting choked up talking about his daughter, his nose was abviously running and he was choking on mucous, i.e. his tears and emotion was real.

          • Plan twice, prep once, most likely CIA has it all covered and do you trust the FBI to look at a CIA operative ?

            see my comments above with the CIA links for the proof

            How many big time serious shams have they created in conjunction with PRAVDA/MSM their propaganda arm ? On the other hand they have made many mistakes and a lot has leaked out in the last 3 years of their many crimes. We shall see and I am also hopeful much is exposed as I am doing.

      20. Burn in hell Brett Kavanaugh, burn in hell with Orange Satan Trump, burn in hell with ALL the dumbed down drunken bum Satanist pedophile Trumpbots, and burn in hell Satanist pedophile Brett Kavanaugh with the rest of the Satanic sodomite pedophile United States CORPORATION Government in the vile evil disgusting home of Lucifer and the Fallen Ones of damned and doomed New Babylon America!!!!!

      21. The BIG thing this hearing showed is what total MORONS we have as leaders in this country… It’s amazing how some of these senators ever got elected.

      22. Flake is not running for re-election. So why is he playing this game? It almost seems that both parties are playing this out for as long as they can in order to mobilize their voters for the mid-terms. The Dems are highly organized and march in lock step. Not one of them is allowed to deviate from the party line. The Reps look incredibly weak. Because they are. Because they’re not really the opposition. Clearly half of the Republicans in the Senate could run as Democrats. And get elected.

      23. I fully expected the Democrats to pull this crap. Big surprise! Kavanaugh could have lived the life of a saint and they would still have connived to create these accusations. Is there anyone out there who did not see this coming?

      24. I’d like to say “What goes around will come around”. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the Repubs never stoop to the dems level. Folks, we’re seeing the “End of Empire”. History shows again and again that this is how it ends. Lock and load, bug in, bug out, prep and pray, or do nothing. Yer choice. This craziness is not gonna end well. I consider myself lucky overall. Too young for any war and draft, too young to have been hit by the 70’s and 80’s economic issues and just old enough to not worry about dying before the shtf. I’m at peace hand in hand with sorrow for the future generations.

        Peace and out.

      25. She is one homely beast. Typical made up crap.

      26. According to http://www.stateofthenation2012.com, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has numerous CIA and other connections through her family and others.

        If only the cowardly mainstream media would publicize such information.

        Check it out.

      27. I see a few of you think Trump is an a** for not
        calling the vote now. I was disappointed, also,
        but consider this.
        Grassley and a few others thought this extra time
        might be a good thing. I’m thinking they were
        afraid to push it through without enough votes….
        and lose the vote altogether. If they vote Kav out
        he is toast. Maybe given a few days they will change.

        Yes, those demoncraps are running the show.
        Just remember… Obumhole appointed two more liberals
        and someone or something “killed” one of our guys.

      28. Its simply absurd. But whats worse is one half of the people are cheering on this type of insanity? A real dog & pony show!

        • Old Guy, absolutely correct a dog and pony show of created Kabuki garbage

      29. And the two women who ambushed Sen. Flake with the MSM in tow at the elevator, weren’t abuse victims as we were told. They are both paid political operatives of a radical left wing organization funded by George Soros. Our “conservative” cable spokes people at Fox News went along with the false story. Why? Because they are the controlled opposition. That means they are in on the scam to bring down Trump and the rest of America. I don’t know what Trump is, but I sure as Hell know what the other guys are. The Deep State didn’t get as powerful as they are overnight. This has been going on for decades. There is only one way to fix this. And what emerges after the fix? A radically different, divided, smaller America. It’s over folks. There is no putting the Genie back in the bottle.

        • Those elevators are off limits to the public, if you so much as hold the door open, you’ll be escorted out of the building. Capital building police watch these elevators, because they are a great place to ambush someone, it’s all about security.

          What you saw was staged, and allowed to happen.

      30. And then last night Sen. Flake spoke at a left wing gathering in New York’s Central Park. The Global Citizen Concert. Is Flake going to run for President? Which Party? Does it make any difference? Also, the two activists posing as abuse victims were from the Center For Popular Democracy. A George Soros funded organization. The commies are well organized. Act accordingly.

      31. This stuff never ends. The original Kavanaugh accuser, Dr. Blasey-Ford, runs the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program at Stanford University. Her brother works for the law firm that started up the Fusion GPS operation. Her father still is associated with various CIA programs. Did anyone see that on Fox News? I didn’t. Why not? It ain’t called the Deep State for nothing.

        • Him , BINGO you win the grand prize today !

          Damn, Americans are some slow bitchez.

          Is there a connection to CIA and the deep state apparatus run by the DEMs these days and DNC ?

          Gee whiz , I wonder ?

      32. hey mac,
        here is a story for you to investigate.

        christine blasey’s stanford profile states she is “affiliate, psychiatry and behavioral sciences.”

        in the internet archives, the same url from a capture dates september 15, 2015 states she is “research psychologist, psych/general psychiatry and psychology adult” it also has her listed in the school
        of medicine that’s not shown on the current profile.

        but here is the real story… when you click on the archived site address the profile saying she is a research psychologist, etc. opens for a split second and then is immediately switched over to the new profile. you have to be really quick but i got a screen shot of it.

        so not only are the scrubbing all current social media and online presence they are hacking into the internet archives to change her past as well.

        also of note…look who had the same job as she did…

        Dr. Melges was a psychiatry professor at Stanford Medical School. Melges also worked with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), a major CIA and Pentagon contractor, on areas including brainwashing and mind control experiments during the Cold War

      33. Did a therapist bring about this ‘memory’?
        Did a therapist bring about this ‘memory’ believable enough to this person that she passed a polygraph?
        This entire fiasco is pure evil.

        • In her statement as part of the polygraph, she never named Kavanogh, she only described a sexual assault. Very convenient omission.

          She only has scraps of a memory of a sexual assault that she discovered through “Regression Therapy”. In general regression therapy is considered junk science by psychologists, because it often results in false memories. To her those memories are so real she could pass a polygraph, but it is very possible it may have never happened or it was someone else.

          This is not a matter of “he said, she said”, the minute she employed regression therapy, she lost all credibility.

          Police are trained to avoid certain methods during interrogations because they can plant false memories. Done correctly police can and have exploited this to get innocent people to confess to things they never did. Never talk to police without a lawyer.

        • They’re all in it together, including the polygrapher. They rely on the fact that most citizens will not research anything, but just believe what’s doled out to them by the MSM.

      34. Im pretty certain that Trump knew before he nominated kavanaw. That the opposition would be fierce and unrelenting. We do know that Trump often plays chess to other folks checkers. He possibly has someone who he liked much better. But stuck Kavanaw out there for cannon fodder. The opposition will use up all their dirty tricks on this guy. and will have nothing left to pull and the preferred nominee will be easily seated. The actuall preferred nominee will be put foreward after the mid term elections. If the dems lose big he will wait until 2019.

      35. Kavanaugh is being tried in a Democrat-controlled news media (and found guilty). At the same time, he would be investigated by a Democrat-controlled FBI. For most people believe that the FBI wouldn’t be investigating you unless you were guilty of something. It’s a one-two punch. The Supreme Court is supposed to protect the rights of Americans. Where are Kavanaugh’s rights?

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