Prepping: 5 Key Things City Dwellers Should Do To Survive An Apocalypse

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 60 comments

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    So far, 2017 has been full of all kinds of natural disasters.  But in the event of one of these apocalyptic events happening in your area, are you prepared? If not, have no fear; because the experts have come up with five key things a city dweller can do to survive an apocalyptic disaster.

    According to one expert, a lot of the driving force behind large-scale evacuations is mass hysteria and fear. When in reality, most natural disasters don’t actually require an immediate evacuation because they can be predicted. One example of this is hurricanes, and to some extent, tornados. Weather-related events are much easier for scientists to predict in advance than geological events, like volcano eruptions and earthquakes.

    But, in the case of those sudden apocalyptic events that are difficult to predict or give advanced warnings for, there are five key things experts suggest city dwellers take into account to survive impending doom. John Renne, the Director of the Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions at Florida Atlantic University, told The Week that while people don’t necessarily need to evacuate during disasters, they should be prepared for one.

    The first recommendation of Renne’s will have those who created bug-out-bags a little confused.  Renne suggests that city dwellers plan to stay in their homes, actually, rather than attempt to flee. This is simply because there are not many reasons why an entire city would need to flee and for some types of disasters, such as chemical attacks, it’s safer to stay indoors rather than to leave.

    However, Renne’s second recommendation is to be prepared to leave quickly.  This would be where a bug-out-bag would be useful. It’s better to have it an never need it, than to need it an not have it.  Renne suggests listening to reports on the radio or television for alerts and checking social media for evacuation plans just in case your area is affected.

    The third suggestion is more common sense.  You should have the right supplies on hand.  Keep extra batteries and flashlights, as well as food and water stored so you can survive the days ahead. You should have enough water and non-perishable food for three days. Your emergency kit should also contain a solar charger for your phone, so you can stay up-to-date, and a first aid kit.  If cellular service goes down, a hand-crank generator radio would also come in handy to help you receive emergency alerts. You should also keep some cash and simply toiletries like toilet paper.

    Renne’s fourth suggestion is to be aware of your surroundings.  Know how to shut off your gas, water, and electric, which could be necessary depending on the emergency. You should also plan a safe escape route in the event that you will have to leave quickly.

    The fifth and final suggestion is to stay calm and remain positive.  Having a positive attitude and calm demeanor will allow you to think more clearly and better prepare yourself for the bad news. It could also prevent you from losing your cool and making a mistake that could cost you dearly.


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      1. NEWS FLASH: off topic: Breitbart news:
        Last year, before leaving office, Bammy Obutthol signed an
        agreement with Australia to resettle 1,250 mentally violent
        and aggressive male (prisoners) known as “refugees”
        from Afghanistan to the US.

        Pres. Trump cannot reverse this ‘trojan horse’ from bombing on us.
        They are scheduled to go “free and clear” in OREGON, CALIFORNIA,
        TEXAS, ARIZONA and COLORADO. (all terrorist, sanctuary cities).

        This, in addition to the several thousands of prisoners (& killers)
        he pardoned in US prisons, as he left office.

        Bammy is truly evil and satanic…..and he is still working his mayhem
        in sympathetic countries as I write this.

        • Mac,

          I just lived through a category 5 hurricane and the ensuing SHTF.

          Major hurricanes absolutely do require evacuations or else you are going to drown. Many people did and we saw the dead bodies in the streets. That isnt hysteria. The exact strength and track of a hurricane are extremely difficult for meteorologists to predict.

          You arent safe from a chemical biological or nuclear attack in your home. Homes are designed to be very breathable to the outside air.

          Cell phones and internet were gone for months.


          Most people were easily enraged in SHTF and how you talk to people is very important. Nobody is fucking calm or positive. Forget it.






          SHTF IS HELL

          There are no easy decisions in shtf. Bugging out is probably the most important decision.


          • Good post. I believe you when you say that it hasn’t been a picnic. Good luck.

            • My advice to survive.
              1. Get out if tye cities now.
              2. Get out of thr cities now.
              3. Get out of the cities now.
              4. Get out if the cities now.
              5. Get out of the cities now.
              *Any questions? Go back to #1.

          • the author DID say you don’t ALWAYS have to evacuate…i like most of what you said…if you ARE going to bug out, you BETTER have some of this stuff

            boy scout handbook
            clothes bag
            cookin oil
            peanut butter, cake mix, cherries or apples, seven-up, top ramen, soy sauce..
            other food. pepperoni. trail mix. dogs.
            marshmellows and sticks rice, fruits, granola bars
            mustard mayo ketchup bbq sauce creamer coffee sugar/splenda
            plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
            bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
            military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
            fire starter
            mattress pad/cot/bed……..pillows
            coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh
            550 cord
            dutch oven
            firstaid book
            extra glasses
            hatchet axe
            adult stuff…………………………………………………………………..
            bp vest
            weapon of choice/ gun ammo
            jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
            sawyer mini filter
            magnifying glass
            tool bag
            digging bar….CAN be used to break down doors, lifting heavy objects…buy it at harbor freight
            tow strap and chain
            camp box with cooking utensils,dishwashing stuff,….kitchen-type things.

            • Adult stuff? Cracked me up. I don’t want to know.

              • Adult stuff, 80 proof……

                Note what Eizenkreutz said about people having no sense of humor in the SHTF. Sharing one drink with someone you want to have a positive conversation with, can really break the ice.

                Grain alcohol has multiple uses, dilute 3 parts water to 2 parts grain to make it 80 proof. Full strength it will burn in a soda can stove and smokelesssly heat a meal or take the chill off a tent. Watch a YouTube on how to make a soda can stove. Because it is 100% pure, it’s the most compact form.

                • Hahaha! Okay, my mind was in the gutter so nevermind!

            • Oh yeah. That Boy Scout Handbook is really gonna help you. Pepperoni? Really? Sheesh!!!

              • From the mouth of a person, who was never a Boy Scout.

                It is a survival guide that contains all the basics.

                While you are trying to figure out what to wipe your butt with, anyone familiar with the BS manual already knows.

                • I’ll wipe my butt with your hat. Thank you very much.

          • Eisenkreutz, I have no doubt,

            in the SHTF it gets ugly fast.

            I had a conversation with a local LEO.

            He had no knowledge of the a last local disaster, let alone the last major break ins.

            Local breaking and entry just confused him. We did survive.

      2. Run from trouble? Ha! Run to where?
        The woods….? Bet 3 million will follow or beat you
        to any spot you think is secluded.
        Think you can live off the land? Nope, even the wildlife
        habits and where abouts are being plotted right now.
        Preppers….how are you going to carry a years worth of
        supplies to your tent?
        Where are you going to put a tent unless you know a kind
        farmer? Squatters get shot!!!

        Money will be worthless…electricity scarce…water polluted…
        your animals will disappear at night….in fact, everything you
        own will disappear at night!!

        Hordes of “takers and parasites”
        will roam the darkness. They will go where the road leads them.
        They will stalk remote out of the way places…..fewer confrontations.

        So….tell me where is a safe place?

        • So tell me, since you have painted a picture of absolute hopelessness, what’s your point? Do you have the gift of sight into the future? What do you know? How do you know it? Since we’re all going to obviously in your eyes, die, what will YOU do? Any pointers for survival? Any encouraging words? Are you a leader or just among the legions of doomers?

          • Greetings,

            1. As soon as you move so much as a mile away from a transportation hub you may as well be in the wilderness. Travel on unimproved terrain is difficult and the majority have never attempted it.

            2. The moment the SHTF a clock will start ticking away the hours until people begin to die of thirst and disease. Looking back at history, poor sanitation killed 75% of the soldiers lost on any given campaign. As an Officer, I was more of a Sanitation Engineer than a military leader as my primary concern was that my men didn’t shit all over themselves and make everyone sick when we were out wandering in the woods for 45 days. Once you see the infrastructure needed to keep a 1100 men alive, you can not but mourn in advance for what you know will come should the power ever go out and stay off.

            Put away lots of water. Have a good supply of wetwipes, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, paper plates, etc. Keep away from your trash and crap. If you make it through the first month then there wont be much of anyone else around to bother with you. 90% will die within that time.

            • agree a hunderd percent! not EVERYbody dies, but your chances aint good UNLESS you prep.

            • You have obviously never lived more than one mile from a transportation hub! Holy smokes batman! How do you think country folks get around? Batmobiles? Walking?

              There are lots of way to travel. I always have those Gazeteer maps that show several things: rivers and creeks and ponds. They show dirt roads and logging roads. They show rail lines. They show power lines.

              For fun, as a kid, we used the local power lines as our playground. For dirt bikes, quad runners horses, climging, partying. It was our personal playground. Obvioulsy your playground was much more restricted than mine. Too bad for you.

          • Yes indeed. ‘The perfect is the enemy of the good’. Kay – none of us can guarantee our preparations and precautions will save us but I’m damn well going to try for the best outcome I can plan for, improvise and afford. Especially for my family.

            • Same here. Thanks for that quote about perfection being the enemy.

              I don’t use that word. There is only one place that is perfect and it sure as heck doesn’t exist on Earth! That being said, I love that quote, “God helps those who help themselves.”

              You have to start somewhere. I absolutely plan on surviving. What did that cost me? Nothing. It is a mindset that exists, for free, between my ears. I consider that the most precious thing I own. Priceless. I can’t teach someone about the will to live if they don’t have that within them. Sad commentary that many people are willing to roll over and die!

        • My house, in my neighborhood.

        • Kay123, you have good points.

          Forests are terrible places to bug out to. There’s little to no food in a forest, thus the average bear has a 30 square mile range in a forested area. Bears need that much room to find enough food. It could be a great place to hide, but you better bring your food with you and build a place to live, so well concealed even someone feet away would not know you were there. I’ve read of criminals who pulled this off. In all cases those criminals built multiple hideouts over months or even years so they could move and hide. Like a bear they stake out a territory and moved from hideout to hideout.

          Seriously, when settlers came to N. America, the first thing they did was clear land to farm. Only farming provides enough food for large numbers of people. Having stored food means the zombies will die and you get to crawl out from under your rock and find the dicks are all dead.

          I for one don’t want to go on the road and be a refugee in a SHTF. It’s a formula for failure. Be aware of FEMA regional borders, they are based on canyons, rivers, mountains and other difficult to pass obstacles. Expect bridges and tunnels to be blockaded, and travel to your well stocked BOL blocked.

          Assuming normal limited natural disasters, I have arrangements with relatives and friends in places I can evacuate to in one to twentyfour hours in several compass directions. I can/will bring supplies.

          Assuming TEOTWAWKI I’ll do what I need to do. Digging in and fighting may be the best choice. I can’t fight fire, flood water, earthquakes, nuclear weapons etc, but I can fight to survive. I’ve done the calculus and believe I can be packed and on the road in 30 minutes if I must evacuate, and that means I’ve got food for weeks and the kitchen sink. In ten minutes, I can be on the road, a bit lite but ready.

          Experience teaches me that most disasters provide some warning, most people sit motionless until the “make the decision moment happens”, then they jump. A good prepper at the first sign of trouble, fuels their best vehicle, loads their supplies. Then check the facts and when the “make the decision moment” happens, they turn the key and drive. Having a 1/2 to 2 hour jump on the crowd means you win, they lose.

      3. Keep away from the underclass who misbehave in good times. They’ll eat each other when TSHTF.

      4. Best thing for a city dweller. Find a sail boat. Or the railroad tracks . The roads will be suicide?



      5. Have a fully stocked bug out trailer at an outside storage ready to go. Drive to it hook up and run for your life? And have a good 4/4? Major 4/4.

        • YES I HAVE ONE

        • I have a 5X10 cargo trailer and 4X4 but do not keep it stocked with my long term storage food due to the number of hundred degree days here. I hope I can stay at my home. I have 1500 kwh solar system and keep it ready to move but I do not know if I could leave the roads my be impossible to use due to our corrupt government or bad guys wanting to rob me. I would rather stay here with all my stuff and my 9000 gallon swimming pool of water and several types of filtration. I wish I could find a secure place of like minded preppers near Oklahoma City, If some one knows of a group I would like to meet them.

      6. Fill a water bottle with gasoline. Put a pin hole in the lid . And have a good Bic lighter . A flame thrower is a pretty good deterrent?

        • i like the AR15 better. got DETAILED maps of the area you plan to go off-road?…got a couple 6×8’s to use crossing ditches and such? know HOW to drive “off the road?”

        • Traitor Hater filling a water bottle with gasoline and lighting it, will be known as the armless melted blob village idiot, that all will point to laugh and say. “Never do what that idiot did.”

      7. Live where I live, lot’sa ammo, redundancy X 3, more ammo, meds, feed the deer now w/corn….more ammo, multiple sniping/fallback locations AND, more ammo. 😉

      8. If you don’t have a prepared BOL of some sort you’re nothing but more oblivious sheeple refugee bugging out ….

        Other than a nuke attack or an alien invasion – what SHTF is sneaking up on you that you shouldn’t be aware of and accordingly bugging out ahead of sheeple …

        • I guess if you do not have the means to own a second place you are just phucked. Don’t bother prepping. Don’t bother trying. If you don’t have the money to own another piece of property in the middle of nowhere you are a sheeple, a piece of $hit, a looser, a wasted life, right lllini warrior? If you are one of the few that are living pay check to pay check, don’t even bother. Just give up. Don’t try anymore. Don’t prep. Vote democrat and help lllini warrior get to his/her bug out location faster.

          • oh dear! that does it! i’m takin’ a bath with my toaster…

            • You’ll need a long extension cord … bathroom outlets use GFCIs.

      9. Best to at least have a plan….better than no plan at all. think ahead.

      10. Rule 1 – don’t give up before the fight. 2 – be ready to fight wherever you are, whenever you must, whatever the odds, whomsoever is the adversary. 3 – have the training, supplies and equipment to fight the best you can. 4 – fight with pride, decisiveness and confidence. 5. don’t stop fighting until you win or are killed.

        • great post!

        • Yep. Gotta have that never quit attitude. Starting to seem like a rare thing.

      11. It’s all about timing.
        You wait till the masses are trying to exodus simultaneously you waited too late and might as well hunker down.
        Never has the need to be part of a human network , a Klan ,aTribe a Congregation or a Brotherhood as important as it is now.
        Battle lines are being drawn and lots of folks waiting for kickoff time.

        Here’s a tip for you dwellers.
        After the 2008 collapse a few banks bit the dust.
        If you can find an old branch location the vaults make great Bol.
        Do a google search and find one that was robbed a few times before it was closed. The teller stations are usually put behind bullet proof glass after a couple stick ups . Good secondary line of defense. The vault is a last ditch safe room but better than most.

        • With a little bit of fansgeldidelery you might even get the security cams working again

          • wow, i just realized if you take that word and move some of the letters around, add a couple letters, and take some away, it spells “yougottabefukinkiddinme”!

      12. Stay the fuck in your precious cities. You choose to live there now, so if shit goes sideways stay there and fix your own problems. Us in the country don’t want you or your needs. We don’t owe you anything and don’t have you on the list. That makes you a trespassers, loiter, unwanted, another mouth, another sickness to deal with, all with less resources. I haven’t seen any strangers helping me here with things, I Damn sure won’t hand things over because of platitudes. City folk will not like what they find if they even make it this far.

        • Yes the coming tribulation is all about burning the Tares , not helping them?

        • Then stay out of the city the next time you need medical treatment, or any products produced there including guns ,ammo, fuel, food,transportation, clothing,etc..etc…etc

          • Do you even realize how stupid that statement is or has that good fluoridated water dulled your iq?

          • I don’t go to any cities. They have these trucks you see, they deliver things to your house. As far as fuel food etc. you surely realize that the rural areas provide all of the above FOR the cities don’t you? See, you really need to stay at your home, if the shtf as they say. You probably won’t add anything, and only be an irritant.

      13. City dwellers will be looked upon as encroachers by most folks out in the sticks.
        Leave the city at your own risk. You will not be welcomed with open arms. Thats a fact.

        • That is a fact indeed. It always amazes me when I read city folks planning on bugging out to the country. Like the lifetime we spent building, developing and doing was all for total strangers and most likely a fucking liberal at that according to the last election. We do not owe you anything.

      14. So you take the egg, Grandma, put a hole in each end and blow the contents out, right?

      15. If they will be looting at night we will adjust our waking hours accordingly. Full moon good light for looting and hunting. Also good for sniping.

        • what if there AINT no moon?……

        • Guess they don’t know some folks have nvgs’ and thermal. Multiple sets possibly. Could even have a group who knows what to expect, knows the territory, has a plan. But that would be weird or impossible.

      16. Should I stay or should I go now? Wasn’t that a song?

      17. Of course, not living in a city in the first place is better, but that’s not a quick fix.

        Staying in a city post-SHTF seems like poor odds for survival. Unless the ‘event’ is a short-duration one (like a hurricane), resources will be gone quickly. The elites will get theirs. The underclasses will riot and steal the rest.

        Yes, bugging out to the country with no BOL is iffy. Staying in a starving riot-fest is pretty certainly bad. 50-50 is better than zero.

        In lieu of owning your own private BOL, how about searching out some survival groups in the country that you might become part of? The trick there, is to make yourself valuable. No one wants another useless eater.

      18. As the mega city dwellers leave and come to your/my town, they will and its their right to access, help deplete the grocery stores shelves and other local businesses supplies that you thought might be somewhat available, like gas.

        Not a slap against those fleeing destruction with their families, but just tells you and me that the prepping process really never stops as our world is changing and just recently on the weather channel one of the persons made a comment that climate change is going to effect crop production, which means food shortages.

        Those who live in high rises are going to have to flee and should already have family where they and their stuff can go.

        Even in the suburbs of cities like New York, will have to flee.

        I don’t think many people realize the level of destruction that we will face both naturally and from all types of conflicts.

        Even Jesus said “less those days be shortened, no flesh will survive.

        In the coming time, Love your neighbor will have a new meaning.

        Merry Christmas

      19. I have always been a of the opinion that I would go to the city and not the country. Selco and others that lived though WWII Europe would say you are nuts,and they are right. I have been in the big city and urban areas all my life and that is the skill set that I have.
        I will continue to work with the skills that I have and I will do just fine. This call of the wild will kill many and the concrete jungle gets the rest. I am planning on staying and surviving just fine. I will never make it in the wilderness so I will stay put,the smell the rotting dealth and all the cannibalism will be my concerns.
        So all of you country folk you can come visit me after a couple of years you bring beef and eggs to trade for the parts and raw material that you need for the homestead. We will survive the great unwashed and will put it back together again but this time no bankers just trade no money means no taxes and fees.
        Thanks for listening
        Old Iron

      20. I like this site, as well as it’s sister. I do find it’s commentors insightful, trusting, and delusional. I say this as to the “when the SHTF, I’m ready, willing, and able, and prepped. While I commend the preparedness, I question the readiness. Has anyone given thought to what it would take for a revolution in our present police state? How many citizens are you waiting upon to go out and take these bastards out and start it all? Do they start locally? Maybe judges? Or go for the top assholes, and throw down the gauntlet? Their insurance won’t cover their actions, so, if they have a family, they are basically saying “f” it to them, you’re on your own. Make no mistake – they (or you) will go down in a blaze of glory. The police aren’t there to protect you, they are there to protect our elite FROM YOU. Wat I am saying is that together we stand, together we fall. Our monies have enabled and insured that our rulers will not fade away into the sunset. They will kill you, and everyone that looks like you to maintain their power and dominion. I wish it were different. All I can say is – your home is your castle, but Lancelot is dead. Lock and load.

      21. This site uses the word “apocalypse” way too gratuitously. Just saying.

      22. I couldn’t agree more to what you said in this article. I think preparedness is an essential skill everyone must have because it will actually help you predict things and even prevent worse things to happen. I love this post keep this up!

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