45: President Donald J. Trump Takes The Helm

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Headline News | 100 comments

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    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    The Declaration of Independence
    July 4, 1776


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      1. Finally.

        Godspeed Mr. President.

        • Man, that was a great speech!!!

          “America First.” He must have said that at least 3 times.

          The Lib Globalists must be foaming at the mouth, lol.

          • FreeSlave, it was a beautiful speech. The libturds had better watch themselves now.

            • Trump was sworn in without all the chaos, death and destruction that so many, even here, were saying was probable. There were some snowflakes melting, as I said there’d be in an earlier article, other than that, just the inauguration. Some need to get a grip.

            • To All,

              The libturds/anarchists(my young son asked me not to use the word libtard) are doing their very best to destroy this very special moment, the changing of the guard, and the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA. I was watching on WH.gov and I must admit it was an incredible spectacle. President Trump did not mince any words when he laid down the gauntlet to let the whole world know that there is a new Sheriff in town.

              Mr. Trump, we send you our best wishes and our fervent prayers for you as you embark upon this truly historical and urgent quest to Make America Great Again! Good luck and God bless. Hopefully you can count on us Deplorables and Irredeemables to back you up if and when needed!

              Louisiana Eagle standing by

          • Not a who, me, I or mine in it. Go long Washington paper shredding contractors.

            • Amen!

            • Not once did he say ‘I am the person you’ve been waiting for’.

              It was a treat to listen to him talk about the politicians lining their own pockets and abandoning the people, with the very politicians he was talking about standing right behind him on the dais.

              • smokey,
                “the very politicians he was talking about standing right behind him”

                My thoughts exactly. President Trump threw down the gauntlet right in their faces.

                Meanwhile, Joe Biden at the ‘elite’s’ World Economic Forum in Davos warned against protectionism and those who “hunker down, shut the gates, build walls.”

          • FS – “America first.” Must be like a stake in the heart of the vile globalist elite Learjet leftists.

      2. OK,done!No mushroom clouds in distance/no long range bullets/no ninja’s in black garb!

        100 days,remember,will we get what we hoped/voted for or will we be sold out to the reptilians,100 days will tell.

        No matter what,we deplorables/rednecks/yanks what have you have proved we are not alone,something to keep in mind if things do not go as planned in this country!

      3. Beautiful inaugural address. He has nailed it. America’s decline – economic and spiritual, social and moral – has harmed the world. Instead, a re-stored and moral America will in fact lift the world with it. No other country has the diversity of America and America’s story has been an epic one. But there are some bad chapters in that book. No more exporting gangster culture and garbage; only export the best, only import the best.

        • Spot on

      4. Well at least he did not screw up the oath and have to take it a 2nd time in private.

        1st test and he has already outperformed BO.

        • Lurker, Trump will outperform the showshine boy on everything. PRESIDENT Donald Trump, best wishes and godspeed from your supporters at SHTFPlan. If you need our help, just call us.

      5. Well guys and girls, the check is in the mail. ‘Donald the duck’ made a lot of promises today and during the primaries. It certainly is a tall order he has outlined. I do support him even though I still have some reservations. Call me slightly jaded.

        • We all feel that way, having been lied to by every politician since Day One.

          I think we’re in for some real surprises from this man.

          Crime and immigration are going to be just a matter of enforcing existing laws. We should see some action there in a short while.

      6. PO,slightly jaded?!I am so jaded you could make a jewelry store full of nice stuff from me,am basically 100% jaded!As I said,lets give it a 100 days and then we will see if the nation as a group needs to become plumbers,yah know,to drain the swamp and all!

        • LOL. I hear ya. He can talk the talk, now lets see him walk the walk.

          • PO’d and Warchild, I’m not passing final judgment on him for a long time yet. the first 100 days will give us a good idea of where we’re going. I’m just glad to see the shoeshine boy and his minions finally gone.

            • We can’t let down our guard. The haters and destroyers and their minions are alive and well.

              Today the Kenyan is catching up on his golfing – never had enough time for all the vacations he wanted while in the WH. Then he’ll be back in DC to resume his mission against America and promoting sin, immorality and lawlessness.

              The Kenyan and his husband Michael will be the voice of the fascist resistance. His ugly angry mug will be seen on fakestream media, which will continue to treat him as the final word. He is still the acting president of the shadow gvmnt.

        • Better to be Jaded, than gullible and foolish. Experience teaches us things, it’s up to us to listen and learn.

      7. A well deserved sigh of relief. However, like a prize fighter must hold onto his title, there’s still fighting yet to do, and hopefully it’s conducted on gentleman terms.

        A lot can happen in the next 100 days, (and I’m sure a lot could have happened in the previous – to those whom lied for the sole intentions of profit on fear, shame on you). Our planet is sick and our economy is in jeopardy.

        The best we can do is just that, do our best. Continue about our lives in a positive pursuit of our contributions to the nation. One man cannot do it alone.

        Stay vigilante as our presidents words are placed into actions. It will be interesting.

      8. Remember its better to be P O’d the P’d On!

        Started my day watching Reagan’s 1st Inaugural speech after listening to the full 1812 Overture (with cannon), Ride of the Valkyries and the William Tell Overture!

        Been celebrating since yesterday here, YEAH!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          We must have been on the same page with our choice of music. Uplifting. Love the cannon.


      9. Based on Schumer’s track record, his speech was merely feel-good platitudes which he did not believe in.

        Trump came across as speaking from the heart. He may well not be able to succeed in his efforts, but it looks like he’s gonna give it one hell of a try. I figure a bunch of people will learn to not get in his way.

        • Your comment is that of a low info partisan hack.

          If you’re too stupid to know how, I’ll be happy to explain why you’re a cretin.

          • Whoa! Easy there, Hillary. The elections over. Here…have some nice thyroid mess.

      10. I hope the snowflakes are not crying too hard, hey snowflakes, time to jump on your buses, your 2500 retainer just got cancelled.

        Let’s see how much balls the cabal has to take down the country this year, because economist V, I am still not too optimistic that we are safe yet..

        I am happy that Donald was sworn in and is now president.. the good thing we just got the revolutionary war delayed..


        God Bless Donald Trump, the 45th present of the United States of America.

        • Howdy, HCKS. I’ve been watching it all online. I’m also glad he made it in without incident. The libturds really need to watch themselves now. At least now I know that I can go home this weekend. President Donald J. Trump, please go to work and save our country now. God bless and godspeed.

        • I second that your friend in Canada!

          • Now let’s see if we can do the same here in Canada and elect Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank / Dragon’s Den) for Prime Minister as he has thrown his hat in the ring to run for the head of the Conservative Party of Canada. MCGA!!!

            • Boy, it sure would be fun to watch a similar story play out up north.

            • Firestorm, welcome. It sounds like you have your own version of Trump. My best wishes on overthrowing you communist government.

        • Hcks, hope you’re right( on the Revolutionary war) but I ain’t gonna place any bets.

          • Only time will tell.
            (Unless someone out there has ESP and wishes to make prediction or two? We need a good laugh)

      11. Desertrat, I’ve been live-streaming the broadcast on my laptop. I had to get up and walk away when that disgusting jew schumer came on. It was hard enough seeing the Clintons and Bushes arrive. President Trump’s inaugural speech was beautiful and straight from the heart. It’s such a relief to be able to say PRESIDENT Trump now and FORMER president Obama. Goodbye and good riddance to the shoeshine boy and his minions.

        • What did you call schumer, and no moderation. You must get special treatment.

          • Memphisidiotscousin, what’s it to you what I called schumer? It’s the tribe he belongs to that gets special treatment, mofo.

      12. We did it

        Praise Kek

        • “In Cthula We Trust”

      13. The national nightmare is over, after 8 years.

        Now…cue the violent, fascist, H8TE-filled leftists stage left.

      14. We could of had Hillary taking the oath. Are we to become like the Democrats and complain, complain and complain.

        • Complaining does nothing,
          Who is John Galt!

        • Anon, let’s ALL be glad that wasn’t the hildebitch taking the oath. Become like LIBTURDS? Bite your tongue, LOL!

          • DB

            The news is now going over to the protestors In D.C. to show the Police push them back.

            The reporter is yacking his brains out trying to hype it up.

            Congrats to President Trump. Make America Great Again.
            Don’t take no shit.

            I don’t have news to report from my area. All is calm. Still have to be cautious with all the Ninny’s about town.
            I feel better about our country today.

            • Anon, everyone in my area around the BOL are happy so no news here either. I feel better today also. Now I have to go home over the weekend {SIGH}. I’ll still have to be cautious about the shitheads in Memphis.

        • Not complaining, just voicing opinions and concerns.
          Unlike the “Snowflake” party, we like to look at more than just one side of any story, which involves looking at the ups, downs, and even the unpleasant possibilities that can come from anyone or any situation.
          We then voice those opinions and concerns when necessary.


      15. He is for the people. He can’t do it all… (Not being negative) WE THE PEOPLE have to help and do our duties as civilians/citizens of our great country.
        Learning to be more independent for ourselves than dependent on the .gov — I know most of us here doing our share. We need to get out there and teach others by example.

        United we stand, divided we fall… and, History has proven that we fell (industry etc) because we did not all stand united…

        Share your knowledge so we can be independently united. 🙂

      16. What are the Corporate Cultist Whores and the Trumpbot cowards going do when they see their Corporate CEO’s they worship as Gods, like CEO Hugh Grant from the Monsanto murderous genocidal horror, in orange jumpsuits appearing in front of the upcoming Citizen Tribunals?????????

        What are the Corporate Cultist Whores and the Trumpbot cowards going do when they see their US Government Gods like the treasonous murderous criminal Mike “Monsanto” Pompeo in orange jumpsuits appearing in front of the upcoming Citizen Tribunals??????

        What are the Corporate Cultist Whores and the Trumpbot cowards going do when they see all the treasonous murderous cowardly psychopaths they worship as Gods, who assisted in the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling of the disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed, addicted to everything, dying early American victims….What are they going to do when they see all these murderous traitors and criminals in orange jumpsuits appearing in front of the upcoming Citizen Tribunals??????

        • Uh, Me thinks the question should be:

          “What are You going to do?”

          • I am doing it now, by preparing Citizen Tribunals for the criminal treasonous murderous psychopaths who hijacked our food supply and government…Can I count on you to help me, or are you just going to watch your children get more poisoned, dumbed down, depressed, and addicted to everything by the psychopaths murdering them and their future?????????????????????

        • Somebody forgot to take their anti-psychotics today.

          • He has a valid point.

          • No doubt.

      17. Since the world fiat system is going down the crapper no matter what, how about declaring war on the central bank and default on the national debt, fire the FED and print our own money not based on debt.

      18. That’s why that black general was removed from power..Trump is now sworn in and will be taking the White House… sorry Schwartz, you got your ass handled appropriately.. so go sit down and shut your ass up…you taught the White hats were dumb enough to let you pull a false flag today.. your plan got cancelled..


      19. Trump has just taken office and Americas hardest workers are already in demand.

        ht tp://m.mysanantonio.com/news/article/California-thieves-take-190K-bees-from-Montana-10869081.php

        • You will have no bees left after treasonous criminal psychopath Mike “Monsanto” Pompeo gets hold of the CIA.

      20. MR PRESIDENT, you have a phone and a pen. MAKE THAT AUTOPEN SING, the LIBERAL SCUM CRY, then TWEET about it. Obama is regretting his famous last words all too well remembered for (that arrogant azzwipe); ” I have a phone and a pen”…
        Trump merely has to use two words… REPEALED and RESCINDED….effective immediately.

        God the Liberals have to be positively inconsolable( cry baby cry, make your salty tears rain joyously upon us!!!)…Hurry up, find yourselves some tall building and bridges…Time is short.

        MAGA and deconstructing the Progressive abomination and Political Correctness is a FULL TIME JOB, so do your liberal part, you phucktard liberals, climb high, climb fast and JUMP!


      21. I wish the Obama’s no ill will, but Thank God he’s out of power and not doing anymore destruction to our country. And please no more pictures of old whats her name, she lost and lets forget her. Now lets get back to the doom and gloom! Trekker Out.

      22. Congratulations President Trump.

        So long Obama, don’t go away mad, just go away!

        I feel great!

        • You “feel great” while American citizens, including children die and suffer all around you from chemical poisoning. You would of felt great in Hiltler’s Germany also, I bet.

          • I see you took your d!ckhead pills this morning…

            • Your cowardice is showing with your “kill the messenger” approach, typical for toxic dump drunken bum American, and I will continue to be a “dickhead” until the psychopaths are facing our Citizen Tribunals.

      23. And if you guys think that I will stop preparing for SHTF. Think again..what happened in the past will happen again in the future, only if you let it.


      24. “God helps those who help themselves”. Trump is allegedly reducing the federal workforce by 20% up front. That is another 20% to be added to the real statistics of unemployed workers.

        It is time to become creative in creating your own jobs to earn money and not look to the government for handouts. The less control they have over you, the more freedom you have. Bartering also helps with earning the necessities of life.

        Don’t look to Trump to have all the answers, his hands will be tied by Congress.

        • Mette I agree, they say the Republicans have control of both houses, I’m not so sure about that. John McCain and Linsey Graham are still in office along with several other Rhino’s as well. So President Trump is going to have a battle on his hands with that bunch along with the Democrats. So now it’s time to get busy and contact you Senators and Reps. and tell them to help Donald drain the swamp and restore the Constitution. Trekker Out.

      25. paging “your daddy”

        paging “your daddy”

        cleanup of broken predictions in aisle four…

        • … and all the little “Snowflakes” cried, melting in their own puddles of tears.

      26. The Clintons looked really rough. Hillary had the skin of an elephant and looked like she was fearing prosecution in a few months’ time. As for Bill, late stage AIDS is taking its toll.

        Michelle just looked like a bloated linebacker hobbling around on heals.

        Milania was gorgeous and classy.

      27. President Trump’s delivery wasn’t Thomas Paine but its substance was Jeffersonian. He made it abundantly clear regarding outsourcing; it certainly connected with the common American. Its going to be interesting how the Democrats can fight him on this issue. How do you tell your constituents that you don’t want the manufacturing facility built here? President Trump being pragmatic is out Democrating the Democrats. They became the guardian of the working class from Franklin Delano Roosevelt until Bill Clinton. They are not losing them to Trump, they handed them to him on a silver platter. Minorities have the most to gain by the retention and expansion of good blue collar employment. The Democrats will even lose some of them too as they focus on the freak vote.

      28. Hillary’s lipstick is still red, apparently she couldn’t bring herself to kiss some prime Chitcago “super predator” azz for a pardon.

      29. Incidentally guys. None of that “Obama will never leave office,” or “He will start a war with Russia before he leaves” etc. etc. etc. occurred.

        It IS important to pose questions like this, and explore the potential. I don’t have problems with that. But if we go too far down that rabbit hole, we will end up like the CNN or the rest of the useful idiot leftist press. I did see a lot of people on this site, and others, who were CERTAIN this would happen. It didn’t.

        Take away. By all means explore issues. However, let’s not become fake news! We have a chance to bring REAL information dissemination back thru the alternative media. Let’s not blow it.

        And no, Niburu is not still hiding behind the sun after all these years, nor is it hiding under my bed or in your closet.

        • Amen.

      30. I liked Trumps message. Hope he can deliver some of it. I want to wish everyone especially the klintons and obummer Just Desserts. I want everyone to receive full measure for all their deeds good or bad.There is speculation that Trump intended to nullify many of obummers ex orders as soon as possible?

        • Old Guy.

          Trump will start the nullification of Obama’s Exec. Orders on Monday. That was a release from Fox News but not sure.

      31. ask me in a year or so.. until i see actions and not words , he is no better than any of the last bunch of thieves

        Anyone hear him call this our REPUBLIC yet?
        or has he let the D word out already?

        that right there will tell me a lot

        • Agreed.

      32. No need to take measurements for the orange jumpsuits the murderous treasonous criminal psychopaths of the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling will soon be wearing, they are all disgusting fat ass toxic dump male drunken bum slobs, so we will just be ordering all XXXXXL.

      33. Does anyone have an idea what that shuffling of military officers was behind him?

        • It looked like they were to escort them off stage, but someone got the timing wrong. Thy went to the podium too early.

          This may be a goof, or maybe it was on purpose – who’s to say?

        • Kevin I heard that Obama order a Military Coup, and that The Donald was making such a tough sounding speech that they chickened out and escaped, but they’re still looking for them. This could be fake news. Trekker Out.

        • Kevin2,
          I was wondering the same thing. Could those soldiers have been sent to protect or to harm someone? Was it some kind of a message? An attempted coup? Surely it was not a case of mistaken orders.
          Louisiana Eagle

      34. I watched the inauguration on C-SPAN. It’s so much better than the networks because they don’t have commentators telling you what you’re looking at and giving their irrelevant opinions.

      35. Best wishes President Trump

        Now you have 4 Years to clean this mess up which I am sure you will.

        If not you will be FIRED! after 4 years.

        GO GET THEM BIG T.

      36. K2
        The military offers were shuffling about hand out plastic sheeting because the rain began to fall. The ELITES did not want to melt when water hit them unlike DJT!

        I watched “W” shuffle with his sheeting and make a comment to his wife.

        Yesterday DJT said he did not care if it rained (today) because that way everyone would know for sure that it was his real hair, HA..!

        • eagle1

          I seen that in the audience but the group standing behind the President looked and were completely out of place.

      37. Thanks be to God that we have now got The Donald in Office. Now all he has to do is the will of the People’s, and God’s will, and the Republic will start to heal and the Great Nation of The United States Of America will Return!!!!

        For those who don’t believe. Please keep him in your thoughts, and send good thoughts to him for our nation.

        He is the only thing right now stopping us from going into a Civil war.


        • Were in Civil War now

      38. My heart is filled with joy and pride.

        God Bless America

        God bless President Donald Trump, 45th president of the United States of America.

        The President and First Lady are extraordinary and very beautiful inside and outwardly as well.

        The long journey upwards begins…

      39. 1Timothy 2:1 ¶ I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men;

        2 For kings (Presidents), and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

        3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;

      40. This was a great day. Very happy.

      41. Sure has been a long day. Lots to be grateful about and some to be angry at.

        Reading many articles there was plenty of vile statements made against the president in the comment section. All I could comprehend is that these people are hell bent on destroying the Nation. Twice today, I opened my safe and looked at my gear wondering when the day will come, that I actually put it on for real.
        There is lots of Doom and Gloom that exist in the fringe orbit. It is the Gloom and Doom that expose people of power, like Soros, that make it real. In real time. They have the means and power and will not give up till they succeed or are driven out. That is why we need to be vigilant.

        We thought it was hard to be optimistic before. I believe harder times are ahead.

        Now if only “Chucky” would croak.

      42. I want to see mass deportations of illegals, huge cuts to EBT , Section 8, Earned Income Credit…..the free ride of the last 52 years has to end. Time to get a job, marry da baby momma, and act like real men.

      43. Special emphasis on

        “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…”

        Trump is now the President of the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, not the form of government of the organic constitution.

        We still need to abolish the form of government as is now current.

      44. Zap I agree but it ain’t gonna happen. Remember the line in the movie “You can’t handle the truth” well we’re going to find out that most Americans including many so-called Conservatives “Can’t handle less Government” just wait until Trump tries to start rolling back Government programs, you’ll start hearing moans and groans from every class and section of the Nation. We’ve been feeding at the Government trough for to long. Trekker Out

      45. I believe that no matter who is president, the government is gonna do what the government wants to do. “We the people” – are just along for the ride. Due to computers, cell phones, and just about all media. They know what we think, they know just how far we can be pushed, they know what stance a candidate should take to pacify the public when they push to much and piss off the public. We shall see in 100 days or so..

      46. He looks so honorable and good! God bless him and may he wear many steel plated vests and have many loyal secret service men with him!! 🙂

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