4 Bad Ideas That Can Get You Killed When SHTF

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    This article was originally published by Mary Miller at NaturalNews.com

    In a survival situation, every decision you make is crucial. One wrong move can quickly cost you your life. If you want to survive when SHTF, you should avoid these four bad prepping ideas at all costs.

    (h/t to BeansBulletsBandagesAndYou.com)

    Drinking unfiltered or unpurified water

    Just because the water looks clean doesn’t mean it isn’t clean. If you don’t have a reliable source of clean drinking water, you probably won’t last longer than three days. If you start drinking unclean water out of desperation, your chances of survival could dwindle even lower. Even drinking from clear mountain springs can potentially be harmful to your health, if you don’t filter or purify it first. You could expose yourself to all sorts of waterborne diseases and parasites that are invisible to the naked eye. SHTF will really happen if you have to deal with a serious bout of diarrhea on top of all your other problems. At the very least, you should always boil your water first before drinking it. It isn’t worth it to take your chances otherwise. (Related: Do you have a safe source of water for a SHTF situation? Top 5 water purification mistakes.)

    Playing with fire

    In order to boil your water, you must first learn how to build a fire. Campfires serve a number of uses, such as cooking and keeping you warm, but you must always be responsible for any fires that you start. If you don’t have the faintest idea of how to build a fire, then you shouldn’t try to build one in the first place. You should also first learn how to properly put out fires before making any attempts at starting them. In the right conditions, it can sometimes only take a few neglected embers to spark a raging wildfire. If these wildfires grow out of your control, your situation can only get irreparably worse. The last thing you want to happen in any situation is to cause an immediate danger to yourself and other people.

    Sponsored solution from the Health Ranger Store: Lab-verified Nascent Iodine solution is a dietary supplement that provides your body with supplemental iodine to help protect your thyroid during radiation exposure. Nuclear accidents such as Fukushima (or nuclear war) can expose your body to radioactive iodine-131, a dangerous radioisotope. Pre-loading your system with stable iodine occupies the iodine receptor sites on your organs, causing your body to naturally expel radioactive iodine you may have been exposed to through air, food, water or milk products. This defensive strategy is recommended by nearly all health authorities, worldwide, including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Discover more at this link.

    Ignoring injuries

    First aid is essential to survival for important reasons. It ensures that whatever injuries you have to get the treatment they need immediately. It can also help prevent infections. If first aid can’t fix your health problem, it can at least mitigate it long enough until more qualified medical assistance arrives. The whole idea of “mind over matter” won’t be of much help to you if you let your wounds fester or if you try to work through a debilitating illness. If your body breaks down, you need to fix it before you break down completely. The only thing worse than not attending to your injuries or ailments is administering improper first aid. Common first aid mistakes you should never do include fashioning a tourniquet and giving caffeinated drinks to someone who has fainted. Knowledge is your greatest weapon in avoiding these situations. Be sure to take basic first aid classes. Always clean wounds as soon as possible. Even minor cuts and scratches can lead to life-threatening infections.

    Making assumptions

    Assumptions can be deadly during dire circumstances and emergencies. Even the best-laid survival plans can lead to ruin if you miss out on the small, but equally important, details. Always consider all factors and never take anything for granted. Making assumptions is what leads to the idea that you don’t need to take extra precautions. Complacency is your greatest enemy in a crisis. The lack of foresight can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. A true prepper must always be ready for anything and everything.

    If you want to learn more tips on how to survive when SHTF, you can read more articles by going to Survival.news.

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      1. TRUE! People are MORONS with fire! I am a volunteer firefighter and I have had to go to numerous calls because people are STUPID with fire. These idiots have NO business being in the mountains or even having a fire. I have also seen a guys entire house explode and burn to the ground because he had a solar system and didn’t ventilate his battery shed well enough. NEVER make a fire in the wind! I’m sure most all of us here know fire safety but the public at large are firetards!

        • About the dumbest thing to do is talk to agents of the state no matter their station.

        • Im watching a brush fire burn right now on the central valley

          • Started by a moron no doubt?

          • No way you are in the central valley to?

        • Warning #1, is also quite real.

          I once drank from a mountain spring, and contracted Giardia, and it almost killed me before the docs figured out what it was.

          Did’nt notice anything for a few weeks, then started having stomach pain. Then, the runs started, and within 30 days, I had lost about 20 pounds. Could’nt keep any food down, then pretty much could’nt function. Ended up in the hospital, IV keeping me alive. Started $#!tting out my body water. Docs figured out what it actually was, and pumped me full of antibiotics for almost a month to kill the Giardia.

          Clean water is a serious issue.

        • Genius, better said, “the public in general are brain dead tards”. And provable easily !

          Why are 70+ percent of Americans fat and or obese ? And is that a source of intelligence or stupidity since it is all self inflicted ? Simple question that answers many matters today, not just simple health matters.

          If you do not think there is a connection between intelligence and taking full responsibility for your own health and well being you are not actually thinking, you are just stumbling along reacting to what you have been spoon fed.

          And to make it even more clear, those 70+ % are responsible for 90+ % of all maladies and what we call diseases. When in fact those are all self inflicted ignorance and simple laziness, not diseases !

          Do with it what you please, but remember we are all on our own merits or demerits as the case may be !

          Let the flaming begin, I need the laugh.

          • D2ET, agreed, but not just the obese tards, add to that all the ecig vaping losertards, and those who color their hair blue or purple, nose rings, body piercings, ear lobe holes, huge unsightly tatoos, etc… Wally World is full of them, seems to be a losertard gathering site. Those are the very degredation of our society.

            • Infidel, indeed we have allowed many millions of brain dead zombies to be created via our schools and other forms of liberal garbage thinking processes.

              There will have to be some sort of thinning out process at some point. Not sure when or how but it will happen. We are past the point of avoidance and there are too many outlier events present any way to stop the inevitable outcomes. One of those will be the trigger or catalyst needed to start massive changing events in motion. Precisely why in stay in shape and well trained out with a clear mind for any event always !

              • You actually agreed with that steriotyping ridiculousness? I’m ultra conservative, a foster parent, work regularly in a soup kitchen, and my husband ( who vapes and has tatoos) is a military vet and a law enforcement officer. I’ll keep my nose ring and continue to homeschool, prep, be pro God, and pro gun, thank you very much.

          • I don’t think that nature creates strong plant or animal offspring, in abundance, nor that these people had strong leadership potential, nor that they were going to be the next great mind or athletic body that pushes the envelope.

            In fact, most stations in our society are intended to pigeonhole exactly these kinds of people.

            • Beaumont, valid points. Interestingly most people simply cannot grasp that life is not fair and we are not created equal at all. As well most cannot grasp there is evil present in humans and some of them simply need to die for their actions to others. Cases in point, James Cooey and Nidal Hasan. As well many criminals in DC and every state capitol.

              You are correct these people you mention are the weakest among us and they cause the most grief as well for many reasons. There is a constant truth in such matters and here it is.

              ” We are all on our own merits or demerits as the case may be in every event and matter in our lives ”

              Government cannot regulate such truths. They are completely inept and powerless to do so for valid reasons as they exist today.

      2. As far as the first aid stuff goes, you can get all kinds of first aid items cheap at the dollar store. Ace bandages, guaze, antibiotic ointment (get lots of it), finger splits, tape, etc. If you ever have an injury and you have to go to the doc and get crutches, ankle boots, antibacterial eye ointment, etc. be sure to save all of it!

        • I’ve bought suture kits and dental extractors and plenty of penicillin, etc… Not to mention directions on the proper use of these things. I’m a strong believer in colloidal silver which I make.

          • I like colloidial silver too and a MUST have accessory is a fine mist sprayer! Inhale it for lung issues/ bronchitis, etc. It works! I got a couple of suture kits from mil. surplus
            that are like new! sutures are cheap too. I get fish penicillin from the store. Good on ya’ 🙂

            • I do the same with the antibiotics and I use a nebulizer for the silver.

              • For those interested…

                ht tps://www.ebay.com/itm/12-New-High-Quality-1-oz-Cobalt-Blue-Glass-Bottles-with-Black-Fine-Mist-Spray/282574210211?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

            • Yes, Good on Ya and everybody who is paying attention to the most basic realities !

              Enjoy your health and well being daily, that is the purpose of it, antibiotics not so much.

              I have not had a cold or what we call the flu or any other malady for years now and I rarely take even an aspirin. 2 years ago an illegal alien kid, about 8, sneezed on me in Walmart and I felt the spray from 5 feet away. Of course I immediately headed to the disinfectant station at the entry and when I got home I disinfected myself and took some colloidal and I tried to get sick within a few days, but of course warded it off ! The answer is to maintain a strong immune system and to keep your endocrine system balanced. And of course the regular PT is part of balancing your endocrine system. No PHD or MBA required, just common sense and a little effort.

          • Don’t bother with penicillin. It is an antiboitic and damages gut flora/fauna. The master substance to have is ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate, both forms of vitamin C. The dose is as much as you need to be symptom free, spread through the day. It is non-toxic, but it will fix every toxin and most if not all infections. Sodium ascorbate applied to cuts will dis infect them and promote healing. Look up Andrew Saul, Suzanne Humphries, Tom Levy.

            • TheQuack, indeed good advice ! There are many other substances that help build a strong immune system as well.

        • Genious, sshhh. Everyone’s supposed to click the ads to buy stuff from this site.

          • So why do you keep coming back and spending time on this site?

            • x 2

        • Got suture kits but looking at one of the skin staplers. Anyone have any experience with them?

          Also, for suturing, without a local anesthetic, how about one of those Lidocaine pads for numbing the area first. Would it work?
          Oh, and not those ones with cayenne pepper, lol.

      3. Complacency is not your friend.
        Beans bandaids and bullets are all good but keep in mind genome editing kits are readily availavle online.
        Think 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attacks.
        That cult managed to create sarin ,vx,and botulinum with a lot less than whats available today.

        Oddly enough the mastermind Shoko Asahara wasnt executed (hung) until July of this year.

        It is possible for an airborne pathogen to kill at least 30 million people over the course of a year.
        ~Bill Gates

      4. Complacency is not your friend.
        Beans bandaids and bullets are all good but keep in mind genome editing kits are readily availavle online.
        Think 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attacks.
        That cult managed to create sarin ,vx,and botulinum with a lot less than whats available today.
        Oddly enough the mastermind Shoko Asahara wasnt executed (hung) until July of this year.
        It is possible for an airborne pathogen to kill at least 30 million people over the course of a year.
        ~Bill Gates

      5. Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.
        December 26, 2018 at 6:48 pm

        Complacency is not your friend.
        Beans bandaids and bullets are all good but keep in mind genome editing kits are readily availavle online.
        Think 1995 Tokyo sarin gas attacks.
        That cult managed to create sarin ,vx,and botulinum with a lot less than whats available today.

        Oddly enough the mastermind Shoko Asahara wasnt executed (hung) until July of this year.

        It is possible for an airborne pathogen to kill at least 30 million people over the course of a year.
        ~Bill Gates

        • My Bad

      6. You can easily build a debris hut, but the problem is that structure is not at all suited to build a fire within. For that you can make a stronger structure often using survival cement ie mud and stone and wood or often a sod home in places where there is limited wood.

        If you frequently watch survival shows, beginners fall asleep and fail to adjust their fire, and sparks and or heat can end up catching outside the hearth and ignite the roof. An open fire is a dangerous way to heat and even in old times, a screen was used to help cut down on embers and sparks.

        In a survival situation and especially under collapse conditions, someone needs to keep watch and part of that is checking the fire.

        Morons will heat up rocks carelessly and if they are absorbant, the trapped moisture can make them explode. One dolt doing that in a sweat lodge can get people injured or worse.

        Widowmakers are trees that when coated with ice and snow can break and come crashing down on you.

        Consider that not only might something have died upstream and filled the water with bacteria, but many plants have phytochemicals that not only poison you but can have mind altering effects. Similarly some slug or snail you ate might have feasted on such plants and they often are full of nasty parasites.

        It is very easy to get lost in woods or alder thickets where visibility is limited. It seldom makes sense to climb a mountain thinking it’s going to save time versus skirting the base.

        Shooting the rapids takes vigilance, skill, and experience. Lots of fools get caught in underbrush in a pocket under a submerged boulder as a hydraulic sucks them under. It’s like being in a washing machine and hoping it will spit you out. If lucky, they come out looking like foolish near drowned rats. Whoever is paddling in the back sure better have their head screwed on right and know how to steer properly.

        Every survival/post-apocalyptic film is chockful of idiotic leftist ideas that will get you injured or killed. Why? Because the point is to entertain and provide challenges on the hero’s journey NOT be instructive.

        Idiots die in winter because they didn’t have adequate food caches and then aimlessly look for food when all the animals are in warm burrows. The unprepared morons get injured and wet and lost, and then perish.

      7. Food grade hydrogen peroxide. Get the high concentration then dilute. Pour it over minor scrapes and bruises before they turn into major pains. Cover with a bandage and tape. Keep a good pair of scissors handy for multitude of uses; medical, sewing repairs, food prep/butcher.

        No one is ever prepared for everything and anything. Be prepared to make mistakes, lose, and to die. These things happen more often than most people realize. Denialists and youth have no clue what life is. Out of love we shelter them. But sooner or later everyone plays the fool. The sooner you accept this, the better your chances.


        • Yup, and save the heads from yer still runs! Makes a good disinfectant and fuel too!

          • I save the heads and tails dump them back into the next batch/wash. Helps to bump up the abv.

            • Ya I save tails too. When I get enough of them I run them in the 5gal. pot. Makes some good clear high proof for making liquer’s. I run the heads seperate too and get about 165 proof fuel for my alco stoves. If your making the same thing as your tails are from then thats a good idea! But why would you dump heads back in?

            • Tails, yes, heads, no. The heads have formaldehyde, acetone, methanol, and other poisons, you don’t want to pour that stuff back in, ever.

              • You guys are confusing the heads with the foreshots. The foreshots are what has the bad stuff in it that could cause possible blindness or sicken you. It is what you need to catch in a pint jar and toss at the beginning of the run. The tails are mostly made up of water at the end but still does have some abv left to add to the wash before you light the burner. The tails do not have any properties in it to harm you and by dumping it in the wash you usually have 20% alcohol still in it. The heads are still holding quite a bit of alcohol but contain some fusal oils that can throw off the taste if you don’t make your cuts at the right temp. However all that changes when you run the heads through and the abv is what you gain.

        • B from CA, any form of Betadyne works far better and it is also inexpensive. I do keep both and carry with me on my outings. I just returned from our annual 50 mile, 3 day winter hike last week and one of the people cut themselves rather deeply and got some dirt in the wound. Flushed it , let it air dry and then a lite bandage and it was good to go. Betadyne also seems to work as a drying agent or coagulent that helps stop bleeding.

      8. Another bad idea that will get you killed is showing up at our place demanding shit!

        • But what about the kids at Halloween?

          • Ha ha ha ya, didn’t think about them. We are out in farmland so they never show up anyway. I suppose I would give them each a potato lol.

          • We had a little girl show up at our house for Halloween dressed like Hillary Clinton.

            Like an idiot, I gave her a candy bar.

            Now she won’t leave.

      9. Hesitation is the mother of all fuck ups. don’t be in crowds is the best advise I can give.

      10. Going out in daylight? Drinking unsecured water? Not wearing your vest? Not chambering a round? Not sending out a scout? Not planning a retreat? Not having a stach at each? Cheap shoes?

        • “unsecured” water? what a *quaint* way of phrasing that… did you mean filtered, or purified?

      11. I’m sorry, but I found this to be completely lame.

        I mean these four items sound like prepping in the Cub Scouts.

        Who, the heck, is Mary Miller?

        • Basic stuff from your days as a cub scout, indeed. You did not see how things have changed since the Eisenhower presidency in America? In 2019, this is NOT basic to the MILLIONS of millenials, metrosexuals, welfare recipients and 26 yr olds living with mom! The average MS13, Crip or Gangster Disciple in Durham is not going to spend his money prepping!!

          And then, we have the bloated manatees in the government agencies and even in the law enforcement field. Pay attention to the relaxed fitness requirements for the “new” military. Fifty years of affirmative action, hiring quotas, SSRI and pot use, and public education have changed everything.

          • OK, let’s dive right in, then.

            For example, the assertion that one’s campfire could get one killed by sparking a wildfire is pure rubbish.

            I retired from the Forest Service where I worked many years in fire. I challenge anyone to find a single case of a fatality in the vicinity of the point source of ignition of a wildfire.

            At the point and moment of an ignition that ultimately develops into a wildfire, the fire is either not moving and of no danger or its moving with the wind away from whomever is nearby and able to step around to the upwind side.

            A CAMP FIRE IS NOT GOING TO KILL ANYONE NEARBY. For sure it can get away and threaten lives elsewhere but that is not the scenario described in this lame article.


      12. Trusting anyone is a bad idea.

      13. Sorry Mary,but fuck that!.While I prefer a cat 7 tourniquet and have a lot of em still after building IFAK kits for X-mas gifts have been taught how to make decent “all you got/go for it”home made tourniquets.The guy teaching me this stuff is a friend of a friend who is retired SF combat medic among other titles,he is now a doc PA so gonna go with his ideas when all else is gone supply wise in a emergency.

      14. Sometimes dying is the best option when SHTF. Always save one bullet for yourself.

      15. Does this site shadow ban?

      16. The idea that gets more preppers killed is the idea that you can get ready for SHTF by just reading books and buying stuff. You need to practice.

        • Some people will watch a season or two of some TV survival show and think they know how to survive in the woods.What these people fail to realize is the fact that those survival shows are SCRIPTED…Network producers put the hosts in different scenarios,and increase the excitement factor tenfold..There’s always a medical team behind the cameras and other people that provide assistance when needed..YOU will not have that luxury when in the woods..If you learn a few things watching a TV survival show that’s great,but understand that it’s TV, and not 100% genuine..

        • Brian, spot on. Training and your mindset combined with your skill sets. But the absolute top preparedness item is your health , fitness and physical capabilities combined with the above items.

          If you are not healthy, fit and physically capable combined with the correct mindset, all the rest is more or less worthless and all your shit will be taken in short order by others.

      17. While your brain can be your best survival tool, your mind can be your biggest obstacle to survival.

      18. Open candles are frequently seen in disaster and post-apocalyptic films and tv shows yet that is the worst possible way to illuminate a room safely. At the very least have long lasting deep votive candles in a heavy duty jar and sitting on an insulator. All it would take is an addled adult or irresponsible child/teen to forget about it or tip it over and then you not only have collapse but immediate disaster due to a house fire. How many idiotic films show more than 20 open candles burning at once and in a single room? Does that sound remotely pragmatic?

        Get some solar rechargeable outdoor lanterns and use those and make a rig on the roof to charge them up. This is perfectly safe by comparison.

        Paraffin oil lanterns are nice as they create a little heat but obviously fuel will be a problem. However that is a way to spend very little money in case of storms, but read the box to make sure they will extinguish when knocked over.

        These are ways to start prepping on a minimal budget.

        • Regarding light sources, I have a “wind-up” lantern I bought for hurricane season (in SC) and it works great for an emergency light source. About 2-3 dozen cranks and I get 10-15 minutes of light for an entire room. It sits in storage until I need it, and works all the time. And, sorry, I couldn’t find a brand name or label anywhere on it. Another idea for the hopper.

      19. http://www.kancoll.org/books/marcy/machap01.htm
        During the last great push to settle California and Oregon, this was the standard manual for Americans and immigrants hoping to acquire a honestead and fulfill the obligations of improving it and holding it over a seven year continuous window.

      20. I ‘m in the Pacific Northwest where it’s WET! Hypothermia will get you here before almost anything else barring accidents. Put your wood up in March if you want to burn it in December without a chimney full of creosote and a pouty fire. Know your wood. a good rule of thumb.. soft woods (pine, fir, spruce, hemlock) burn hot and throw sparks.. hardwoods (alder, maple, vine maple, madrone, oak and fruitwoods) don’t spark much and make better coals for cooking. Thick bark from fir makes good coals. A little family trick.. if you can’t find dry wood, kick apart a rotten log (softwood) and dig out the knots from the limbs .. they’re almost pure pitch and will burn even if they’re wet. Make shavings and there’s your accelerant. Vine maple will burn hot even if it’s green but it’s mostly in coastal areas.

        • Mae Dawson, good points. You must live on the west side of cascades. I did as well for many years and could not take it any longer and moved. Now likely moving again east for the same reasons. The encroachment on our mentality and human decency is like a disease of insanity. But it can be avoided and defeated.

      21. Yep. Old HAM radios often had a spring loaded winder in conjunction with a dynamo. That created the mechanical force to then create the small steady amount of electricity to operate it. Similarly radio communications in field operations who use dynamos too.

        Actually a couple of guys were trying to figure out a way to create light better in 3rd world countries instead of kerosene lanterns. So they adapted this old mechanical dynamo with a weight and using gravity it applies a steady mechanical force downward and thus inexpensively illuminates a room. This ends up being superior to solar rechargeable lanterns. It also can be almost 100% manufactured domestically.

        Rather than a battery, the dynamo flashlights or lanterns use a super capacitor so it maintains a charge for that brief time window of operation.

      22. What some preppers do is make a homemade joule thief to boost the remaining voltage of the super capacitor and thus increase the length of operation of the lantern. Look it up.

        Similarly some preppers have made their own batteries from salvaged material like aluminum cans, homemade charcoal, and an acid or base. Then attached a homemade joule thief to extend how long this battery can last. This way you have a way to run small electronics even after a collapse.

      23. I’ve had severe hives for over a year missed 7 weeks of work.After seeing a supposed world renowned doctor in ny city and being in the hospital he still could not figure it out.Finally i saw a ayurvedic doctor who used several herbs to kill parasites common in fish and water and I was cured in 4 days using no drugs at all.

      24. A long of good information here but want to mention one essential item others have seemed to miss….Activated Charcoal. We have an autistic son and as such have a plethora of organic supplements in the house. Quick story about what happened to me before we were fully “Woke” and still living in Suburbia USA. During lent one year I failed to bring a lunch to my office that was meat free. So i went to the grocery store and purchased a “package” of pacific northwest salmon. I ended up eating the whole package. By the time i got home that night, I was vomiting, had a 103 fever, my head was pounding….I though I had the flu. I passed out for 12 hours and when I woke up it was worse. My wife suggested I take take some Activated Charcoal, I downed about 4 or 5 capsules, went back to sleep and when I woke up all symptoms were gone. As it turns out this was about a year after Fukushima so it must have been Mercury poisoning….bottom line if you don’t have activated Charcoal in your kitchen cabinet, it would be a good idea to get some.

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