3M Cuts 1,500 Jobs Even As Demand For Masks Increases

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Headline News | 1 comment

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    Despite the soaring global demand for their products (anti-virus masks are sold out worldwide), shares of 3M are slipping. The company will slash 1,500 jobs in a global restructuring program as its auto parts and electronics segments come under pressure amid slowing economic growth.

    In a statement, the company said the restructuring program would span across “all business groups, functions, and geographies.” The company expects pretax savings of $110 to $120 million from the changes, according to a report by ZeroHedge. 

    The company reduced its profit forecast several times last year as the global synchronized slowdown showed limited signs of abating, along with continued deceleration in China and imploding automotive and electronics markets.

    CEO Mike Roman said the restructuring would create a soft-landing for the company to capitalize on a rebound.

    Roman said 3M would “continue to manage challenges in certain key end markets.” He added that today’s results were in line with the company’s expectations.

    The coronavirus could be a massive boost for 3M Medical, as their masks are in high demand across the world. –ZeroHedge

    China has been shutting down cities and factories across the industrial zones and that could spark a more pronounced slowdown for the global economy in the first quarter, ultimately weighing on aggregate future 3M earnings.

    There are still some 3M masks available for purchase on Amazon, however, most of what is left are costly or for “particulates” such as dust and other debris.  The following masks by 3M are still no sold out:

    Maybe it’s only a matter of time before these are gone even at what seems to be higher prices.  Of course, supply and demand have plenty to do with that.

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      1. Dude, Amazon is absolutely inept when it comes to stopping product fraud. Just because; ‘global supply chain’ does not mean they can’t accomplish the simple formula of X in, and X out, must equate to nill value. Amazon embraces product fraud and I now refuse to buy products if the alternative of direct from manufacturer is available If you want the brand you seek, made by a company pretending to be that brand provider, Amazon is for you. You have to be really careful what you purchase and only purchase from companies with direct storefronts on Amahoe if you want to get what you intended. If you see a third party seller furnishing that name brand, be aware it has a high probability of being a fraud. Amazon must know, reviews of fraudulent products abound but somehow they’re unaware that they only took in a hundred thousand of a product from that actual company but sold two hundred thousand of that product to the general public? Please, who’s still buying the lie based on the lame excuse of the volume of scale? Amahoe is facilitating unprecedented product fraud on a scale never seen before.

        The particulate size of the coronavirus is reportedly .12 microns. A 3m n95 only filters to .25. Do the math. The mask is more effective at stopping transmission, not reception. Doctors in China are reporting uptake of the virus through eyes through thin air without contact. It can sit on a counter someone infected walked by a day ago. Soaking masks in rubbing alcohol will be more effective. But as anyone whom ever wore an n95 in a hot attic will tell you, the effective time frame before a saturated mask stops working can very well be an hour or less.

        You’d have just as much luck wearing multiple scarfs with varied layers of material density. That way you could absorb and wick moisture around to varied layers while maintaining your ability to move air at reasonable pressure rates, and have better micron filtering facility, also with materials more easy to wash. Have you ever actually tried to wash an n-95? It’s not pretty. The ‘mask demand’ is all hype. N95’s don’t even have a rubber border to assure a seal against your face. If you want a respirator, get a respirator, those cheapie masks are just for show. Buy a big old bottle of rubbing alcohol and just cycle through impromptu scarves with multiple layers applied. You’ll be warm, better protected, won’t look like a total paranoid freak and you can be better assured of more robust protection. The outer layers is for the wet thin material with the alcohol, the mid layers for wicking, the inner layer for high density fabric. It’s not rocket science. The dust masks are for dust and general air pollution which typically consists of large particulates. They’re not made for microbiological protection.

        People are all like; Masks Masks! Change, change anyone? Need change for fresh air. Fresh air is free, learn how filtration works. The point of disposable masks is to satisfy lawyers so hospitals don’t get sued for accidental transmission. The pro’s don’t use disposable masks, they use durable materials instead. That’s why the supposed pro doctors are seen wearing masks upside down and wrong applications and such. In the real world where they are really worried they have full hazmat w/ respirators or some other non disposable solution.

        Gargling with colloidal silver now. Posted from my 10warePro. MS 10, now with built in keyloggers and automatic total data capture of every single thing you do online. You no longer need to pay for those annoying anti virus programs because now the spyware is built in. “End to end security.” Brought to you by the same company whom helped build the NxSA back doors as seen in the wxikilxeaks duxmbxo dxropxs, and patented the Coronavirus. A resume you can rely on. Cheers.

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