$3 Billion, 300-Acre MegaCity Envisioned For California’s Record Homeless… But There’s A Twist

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Ask any San Franciscan what the state of California has an excess of and the most likely answer will be homeless people (and their excrement, especially with the liberal mecca recording as many as 16,000 “feces complaints” in one week ). Actually, ask just about anyone and the answer will be the same: after all with 130,000 homeless, California is now home to more than a quarter of the nation’s homeless population.

    That all may soon change, however, if a new crowdfunding effort succeeds in its effort to solve the US homeless crisis by building a 300-acre city open exclusively for those without a home. Daune Nason, founder of the Folsom-based Citizens Again, released details Thursday of his plans for an estimated $3 billion private city equipped with amenities and services for a 150,000 “high-needs” population, CBS LA reports.

    “Qualified citizens” – those who meet as-yet-undisclosed criteria – will be allowed to live in the city and are free to leave whenever they wish, says Nason, who adds, “Some might want to stay forever.”

    According to a press release, the all-inclusive city which hopes to overtake San Francisco as the mecca of America’s homeless will offer high-density housing in dormitories consisting of sleeping quarters and communal bathrooms with private showers. Additionally, residents would be provided RFID-enabled wristbands to be tracked constantly gain access to their dorm rooms as well as perform tasks such as job check-in, purchasing items with credits, medicine consumption, and more.

    In describing his vision, Nason says that each of the four neighborhoods will have their own cafeteria and kitchen and multiple scheduled eating times to accommodate a 150,000-person population. And since the homeless are probably not best known for their ironclad work ethic, the neighborhoods will also be fitted with tiered seating for residents to watch TV in “a community setting” within their neighborhood.

    According to the Citizens Again website, other aspects of the homeless city will include:

    • Hospitals
    • Dental and Vision Services
    • Mental Health
    • Movie Theatres
    • Bowling Alleys
    • Sports Courts
    • Hotels for visiting family
    • Dog parks and kennels
    • Perimeter staff housing
    • Job Training
    • GED certificates
    • Housing & Job Placement

    TV Pods are semi-enclosed rooms with tiered seating for citizens to watch TV in a community environment within their neighborhood. Each TV Pod will play a unique channel, giving the entire 1-acre floor many viewing options.

    Citizens will scan their Wristbands through Access Turnstiles to gain entry to their residential building, their dorm rooms, and venues, as well as perform tasks such as job check-in, purchase items with credits, check their daily schedule, account for meals, log medicine consumption, and more.

    Dorm rooms are similar concepts to college dorm rooms and sleeping rooms in long-distance passenger trains: they’re a safe, comfortable place to sleep and rest.

    Tunnels under the City will be used to minimize disruption of Citizen life. Deliveries and logistics can be performed without clogging city streets; city workers can quickly get to job sites, and infrastructure maintenance and upgrades can be performed without tearing up paved city streets

    Citizens live in the dorms, which consist of sleeping rooms, and communal bathrooms with private showers. Each building consists of 16 floors, 5 wings per floor, with 40 rooms per wing. That equates to 3,200 rooms per building.

    As part of his plans for the homeless mecca, Nason also envisions building underground tunnels by which deliveries can be made and city workers can commute to job sites in order to “minimize disruption of citizen life.” And when those living in the city are prepared to leave, they’ll be provided with job and life skills training along with counseling and therapy, Nason said although it was unclear if the tree will also be growing Magic Money Trees that fund all these lofty civic goals.

    Proposed city map

    “It will be a city they’ll want to live in, a community they’ll want to be part of and for those that desire, an opportunity to gain life skills to integrate back into society,” according to the Citizens Again website.

    Or maybe it won’t be, and the whole homeless city “vision” is just a giant online fundraising scam.

    Consider this woke, noble mission statement that Nason has proudly penned on his $50,000 gofundme campaign:

    A new and unique solution for every chronic homeless adult is coming.

    For decades, our government has been building small shelters all across America to house our chronic homeless. But at the current placement rate, it will take about 200 years to house them all.

    It’s time to think differently: instead of building 4,000 more shelters, Citizens Again will build 1 city, catering towards America’s entire chronic adult homeless population. It will cost billions less than current efforts; be built in about 11 years; and the homeless will want to live there.

    … and yet just a few lines below we read:

    Launching a crowdfunding campaign during the holidays is not ideal, but I have no choice. By not taking a salary for the last few years, I have exhausted all financial means to get this project launched, and I am now many months behind on my mortgage payment and all bills, with no cash or credit leftEvery donation – and clicking the share button – truly matters for this project, myself, my family, and eventually for the people I’m trying to help

    How appropriate that one man’s noble “vision” for a homeless city is nothing more than a giant online panhandling campaign, one which has so far raised $570 of the $50,000 goal to make Nason’s life more palatable.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This sounds a lot like a prison for the homeless.  Controlled and monitored every second of every day for the “crime” of not being able to afford the policies of California’s ruling class. 


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      1. They even remembered to put “shanghai” tunnels under the city. This humanitarian, crowdfunded, kumbaya is like every conspiracy theory, ever, rolled into one.

        Firstly, the resort-quality amenities, being promised, here, show us that the money was floating around in the economy, while we were being told that none existed. Cities decayed when there were resources for the whole new megacity. Malls failed. This vaguely resembles a mall.

        Secondly, most of the people reading had no intentions of self-sufficiency. This is the govt you wanted and so richly deserved.

        “Nason said although it was unclear if the tree will also be growing Magic Money Trees that fund all these lofty civic goals.”

        It’s a prison, with prison intakes, forced labor, and reeducation.

        • “so far raised $570 of the $50,000 goal to make Nason’s life more palatable.”

          Promise me dividends.

        • Quite right Mr Clown World! Astute indeed, although it does not take much discernment to understand that when the government gets involved, things tend to get worse rather than better.

          I have an old time best pal in Colorado here, and he’s been homeless for years. He’s tried the housing programs but the authoritarian oversight puts him and many like him right off.

          How’s about signing in, wearing a tracking chip, getting a breathalyzer and possibly a blood or urine test, signing waivers, agreeing to re education programs, and leaving your friends and family whom refuse to sign behind at the door sound to you personally?

          RFID tags, because it’s simply quite expensive to keep the man at the door. Don’t forget your temporary digital lock code and just disregard that unnerving feeling about how they could and do routinely lock all those doors on a regular basis. There is no lock to pick so I hope you know how to bust a ton steel concrete door off of internally set hinges or can wriggle through a 6 inch high window with no opening mechanism…

          NOPE. What’s really going on is this is the reaping of what has been sewn phase. All those programs that penalized poverty are coming home to roost. Remember what we used to talk about? Things like how it was unfair that because you did not pay a fine, kept up with exorbitant child support, maintained compulsory insurance, you lost your drivers license? CA, the king of penalizing poverty. These days they don’t just levy child support on what you earn, they levy that on what you COULD earn. And because if you don’t pay, the government foots the bill, no collections necessary and citizens are instantly denied a wide range of civil services and liberty related participation if they do not comply with the state.

          There is no amount of homeless spending or program that can conquer the disastrous effects of a nanny state run amok and the rescission of the rights to travel freely. The homeless population in any given state is directly associated with the loss of rights to earn, to travel, and to make free decisions as a free man. GET TAXED!

          • The irony of penalizing poverty and odious debts —

            Noncompetitive, sweatshop labor positions are mainly filled out of our “crisis housing”, courtesy of the fed grant dept.

            He is basically providing feeding stalls and milking his human livestock for the subsidies — the prevailing business model of all too-big-to-fails.

      2. Another hole to throw our tax dollars into. what makes anyone think this will work over time? These dorms will get trashed and abused “cuz some one else will clean and maintain them.” The homeless don’t sleep in homeless shelters now.

        • TALK ABOUT SCAMS! This is one of the wildest scams I’ve ever heard of. And I assume at some point we taxpayers will be expected to pay for this shit. All for people who don’t want what we know to be a ‘normal’ life. They love their current ‘lifestyle’ and won’t give it up. I don’t give up anything to any bums, period.

      3. Great idea…. Sounds like they are going to model them after the Oh So successful public housing of the past.


        Marcy Houses

        Robert Taylor Homes

        Queensbridge Houses

        Techwood Homes

        Magnolia Projects
        New Orleans

        Johnston Square Apartments

        Louis Heaton Pink Houses

        St. Louis

        Jordan Downs
        Watts, Los Angeles

      4. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read in a long time. Seems like we tried a similar thing with the projects. Now they’re being tore down.

      5. Doesn’t it sound like MEGA CITY ONE from JUDGE DREDD.

        • Great point anonymous. Judge Dredd indeed. When the USA did away with strict vagrancy laws and mental institutions, the country volunteered for this eventual chaos. My point is, when a person earns a few vagrancy-tickets, the result should be a free ticket to the warehouse-work-camp nearby that forces work required by society. That mandatory work is to PAY for the food & housing required by the misfits of society. Some will figure out that it’s better to not infringe upon other CITIZEN’s RIGHTS (like not crapping in front of someone else’s front door.) Those that cannot figure it out should be warehoused away from CIVIL SOCIETY. Our failure to recognize this problem will lead to more failed communitys like those in California.

      6. As for all the homeless veterans….you thought you were fighting for freedom but in reality you fought for illegals to occupy all the of affordable housing that was once plentiful in this country.

        • And what ran under the radar this month….

          AMNESTY for illegal alien farm workers. Millions and millions. It’s already passed so don’t bother fighting it.

          HO HO HO! Merry Christmas! I’d bet most of you were so busy enraptured by the political theater you never even looked. That’s because you trust fake news to serve you information, rather than reading data and bothering to interpret it yourself from sites like the Federal Registry, accountability websites, and expenditure disclosure sites. You know, citizens back in the day forced that transparent disclosure for a reason, and it was not for the purpose of easy to obtain news from corporate news conglomerates. All one needs to do to be a ‘news person’ is to stop watching news and acquire the data on what the government is doing directly.

          See my above post, yep they’ve tried it all before for homeless relief and none of it has worked and none of it will work, especially for veterans. For every dollar any single individual is given, the rest of us pay that back in the form of rampant inflation and a runaway federal reserve. Corporate welfare still to this day absolutely dwarfs the total tally of all citizen welfare. Bribery, it pays, and it pays well.

          A man with pride never submits to the state even if that means he is on the corner begging for change. It’s a world view issue. I also would rather be homeless than to beg or ask permission from the government for anything. Corporate sleezebags on the other hand, have no such reservations. Vote with your wallet.

          You can see where this is headed if we don’t reign in this runaway oversized government soon… What corporate brand did you choose for your latest consumer spending?

          One day, hopefully, we’ll have capitalism in this country again.

      7. Get it completely filled, and then gas them all. re-fill, repeat.
        problem greatly reduced.

      8. Another California boondoggle to suck up funds for future failure, Who is going to run and maintain this fiasco? Looked at public housing lately?

        • Oh yeah. Well, blame HUD.

          Their ‘rental tables by region’ are the reason for a great deal of corporate welfare.

          By driving up rental rates in private holding areas, regardless if they maintain reasonable occupancy rates, and reporting that to HUD, they drive up the median and mean figures on the HUD rent by region tables.

          Then they turn around after everyone is evicted, turn to section 8, and then actually are able to get consistent high occupancy via the section 8 tables and subsidizing rents. Although they charge people less, they earn more because HUD subsidizes the difference. There is nothing set by the market when it comes to HUD and federal subsidies, nothing. It’s all a fully manipulated market and they have long since greased those wheels.

          Then the taxation vexation seals the deal by offering continued tax free relief shelters when the corporate holders of large apartment and other complexes drives the quality of the complexes down, sells that to the next investor at a discounted rate, and turn around and buy another instead with additional subsidies claimed due to property depreciation. Then it’s remodeled, with of course, you guessed it, more tax free subsidies, which in turn drives up the rent even more.

          It takes money to make money. But it takes a HUD program to be a true big baller slum lord.

          You don’t even know the half of it because right now one of the most lucrative ventures in real estate is to purposefully purchase defaulted or poor performance mortgage portfolios, drive the people out, and then profit with rent to own and other lease and leasehold approaches. With…. You guessed it, more subsidies! In the meantime you’ll probably hear the hopelessly ignorant peanut gallery spewing nonsense about rent controls, raising the minimum wage, and demanding more ‘fair housing’ access.

          The only way to escape the mortgage scam is to own a property with land and non severable rights completely. Good luck with that. The practical solution is to avoid pud’s, flee to low tax areas, and only buy what you can afford on a 15 year note and pay it aggressively. Don’t forget to plant an apple tree.

          • Ha!
            “Don’t forget to plant an apple tree.”

      9. Hmm, good luck on this pie in the sky idea. I remember yrs ago something that took place on the indian reservations of western SD. Uncle Sam and the BIA spent a whole bunch of money for brand new single family housing for how ever many people out there and within a 6 months to a year, nearly 75 % of the new housing had the plumbing, wiring and whatever else tore out and sold for to get money for booze and whatever else. So this pie in the sky idea for the homeless to have a place to live, will it work ? Or will the place be trashed within a short time ?

        • Oh they’ve learned from the mistakes of property mining.

          That’s why there will be concrete walls, it will be built underground, and nobody will come or go without strict supervision.

          It’s not fair housing it’s a day prison for the homeless. Or night prison, either way.

          It it’s funded by government programs it’s bad news.

          I wonder how much less the homeless population would be if nobody had to pay for drivers licenses, and there was a straight up flat tax which no rich corporations could escape or benefit from corporate subsidies…

          Dare to dream.

      10. Mega Cities/hunger games/prison

        Concentration Camps during the war against Germany were full function cities. They had all kinds of amenities including a hospital, dental offices, cafeteria, a brothel, and an Olympic sized swimming pool; plus a theater, orchestra, and movie cinema- not to mention, bunkbeds and dormitories.


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