29 Percent Of All U.S. Adults Under The Age Of 35 Are Living With Their Parents

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Editor’s Note: At the height of the financial crisis, as millions of jobs were being lost, homes were being taken over by banks, and the prospects for recovery dwindled, we posited that the future would see multi-family arrangements in single dwelling structures much like the way people lived before the urban sprawl of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. In the following article Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog highlights the statistics that show this is now the case. Moreover, the trend is accelerating.  America’s younger generation faces a monumental task. They face decades’ long student loan repayment commitments, further belt tightening from job producers large and small, and a government hell-bent on destroying any possibility of real economic growth by way of heavy taxation and irrational mandates. While there are no doubt twenty-something adults living off their parents due to laziness, many have no choice but to come back home. What’s worse, as these younger adults age they will gain no real-world skills due to lack of opportunity, so if there ever is a true recovery, they will lack the skills to compete in a global marketplace.

Ronald Reagan once said, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” What we’re seeing now is a generation that is being groomed for a lifetime of government dependence and serfdom. Was Reagan right? Will it be this generation that leads us to a complete destruction of the fundamental principles that made America great in the 19th and 20th centuries? If the trend continues in the direction it is now, this may well be the case.

This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.

Why-Are-So-Many-Young-Adults-Moving-Back-In-With-Mommy-And-Daddy-300x300Why are so many young adults in America living with their parents?  According to a stunning Gallup survey that was recently released, nearly three out of every ten adults in the United States under the age of 35 are still living at home with Mom and Dad.  This closely lines up with a Pew Research Center analysis of Census data that looked at a younger sample of Americans which found that 36 percent of Americans 18 to 31 years old were still living with their parents.  That was the highest level that had ever been recorded.  Overall, approximately 25 million U.S. adults are currently living at home with their parents according to Time Magazine.  So what is causing all of this?  Well, there are certainly a lot of factors.  Overwhelming student loan debt, a depressing lack of jobs and the high cost of living are all definitely playing a role.  But many would argue that what we are witnessing goes far beyond temporary economic conditions.  There are many that believe that we have fundamentally failed our young people and have neglected to equip them with the skills and values that they need to be successful in the real world.

More Americans than ever before seem to be living in a state of “perpetual adolescence”.  As Gallup noted, one of the keys to adulthood is to be able to establish independence from your parents…

An important milestone in adulthood is establishing independence from one’s parents, including finding a job, a place to live and, for most, a spouse or partner, and starting one’s own family. However, there are potential roadblocks on the path to independence that may force young adults to live with their parents longer, including a weak job market, the high cost of living, significant college debt, and helping care for an elderly or disabled parent.

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to become financially independent.  While they are in high school, we endlessly pound into their heads the need to go to college.  Then we urge them to take out whatever loans that they will need to pay for it, ensuring them that they will be able to get “good jobs” which will enable them to pay off those loans when they graduate.

Of course a very large percentage of them find that there aren’t any “good jobs” waiting for them when they graduate.  But because of the crippling loans that they have accumulated, they quickly realize that they have decades of debt slavery ahead of them.

Just consider the following numbers about the growth of student loan debt in the United States…

-The total amount of student loan debt in the United States has risen to a brand new all-time record of 1.08 trillion dollars.

-Student loan debt accounted for 3.1 percent of all consumer debt in 2003.  Today, it accounts for 9.4 percent of all consumer debt.

-In the third quarter of 2007, the student loan delinquency rate was 7.6 percent.  Today, it is up to 11.5 percent.

This is a student loan debt bubble unlike anything that we have ever seen before, and it seems to get worse with each passing year.

So when is the bubble going to finally burst?

Meanwhile, our young adults are still really struggling to find jobs.

For those in the 18 to 29-year-old age bracket, it is getting even harder to find full-time employment.  In June 2012, 47 percent of those in that entire age group had a full-time job.  One year later, in June 2013, only43.6 percent of that entire age group had a full-time job.

And in many ways, things are far tougher for those that didn’t finish college than for those that did.  In fact, the unemployment rate for 27-year-old college dropouts is nearly three times as high as the unemployment rate for those that finished college.

In addition, since Barack Obama has been president close to 40 percent of all 27-year-olds have spent at least some time unemployed.

So it should be no surprise that 27-year-olds are really struggling financially.  Only about one out of every five 27-year-olds owns a home at this point, and an astounding 80 percent of all 27-year-olds are in debt.

Even if a young adult is able to find a job, that does not mean that it will be enough to survive on.  The quality of jobs in America continues to go downhill and so do wages.

The ratio of what men in the 18 to 29-year-old age bracket are earning compared to what the general population is earning is at an all-time low, and American families that have a head of household that is under the age of 30 have a poverty rate of 37 percent.

No wonder so many young people are living at home.  Trying to survive in the real world is not easy.

Many of those that are trying to make it on their own are really struggling to do so.  Just consider the case of Kevin Burgos.  He earns $10.50 an hour working as an assistant manager at a Dunkin Donuts location in Hartford, Connecticut.  According to CNN, he can’t seem to make enough to support his family no matter how hard he works…

He works 35 hours each week to support his family of three young children. All told, Burgos makes about $1,800 each month.

But his bills for basic necessities, including rent for his two-bedroom apartment, gas for his car, diapers and visits to the doctor, add up to $2,400. To cover these expenses without falling short, Burgos would need to make at least $17 per hour.

“I am always worried about what I’m going to do for tomorrow,” Burgos said.

There are millions of young people out there that are pounding their heads against the wall month after month trying to work hard and do the right thing.  Sometimes they get so frustrated that they snap.  Just consider the following example

Health officials have temporarily shut down a southern West Virginia pizza restaurant after a district manager was caught on surveillance video urinating into a sink.

Local media reported that the Mingo County health department ordered the Pizza Hut in Kermit, about 85 miles southwest of Charleston, to shut down.

But as I mentioned earlier, instead of blaming young people for their failures, perhaps we need to take a good, long look at how we have raised them.

The truth is that our public schools are a joke, SAT scores are at an all-time low, and we have pushed nearly all discussion of morality, values and faith out of the public square.

No wonder most of our young people are dumb as a rock and seem to have no moral compass.

Or could it be possible that I am being too hard on them?

Please feel free to share what you think by posting a comment below…

Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.

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    1. Chilton

      We are pretty much all fucked

      • clint hospo

        I agree. I think people are staying at home is 1. It’s smart to save money since everything is so damn expensive or they can’t save money 2. women and men are losing morals and it’s about me me attitude. 3. Nobody wants to get divorced and go thru pain so its eaiser just to have sex and move on and the idea of owning a home is out of reach for many many people now. The goverment has everything so damn regulated that it’s destroying us slowly and gaining speed currently. its nuts.

        Off topic but for you liberal loving Obama people, what are you going to do when it all comes down? Who are you going to blame? Are you going to know what to do to take care of you without someone else always helping you lazy asses.

        • Anonymous

          Obama isn’t the only one to blame! I really don’t see how its possible society allows that thing (Bush) walking around in public, running his mouth about the 1% after the horrible things he did…hes should have been thrown in the gulag!

          • Nimrod Hunter

            How about this:
            “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”
            –George Bush

          • Nimrod Hunter

            Or this:
            “You know, when I campaigned here in 2000, I said, I want to be a war president. No president wants to be a war president, but I am one.”
            –G. Bush

        • Jasmine

          “Off topic but for you liberal loving Obama people, what are you going to do when it all comes down? Who are you going to blame?”

          That’s easy, they’ll blame Bush.

          • The

            Everytime I see someone bring out the sarcastic “It’s Bush’s fault!”, it is always preceded by……blaming Obama.

            Here’s a thought: How about “Blame US”, as in all of us?

            • Cat

              That used to be Obama’s favorite line!

          • Slickpreps

            Bush was/is a liberal. You can’t get much more big gov than his administration.

        • Pavan

          They blame capitalism and the free market as things fall apart. The solution is always more government control. This will continue until the US looks like Cuba.

        • TheGuy

          THANK YOU for the divorce comment. However. You’re not correct! 😀

          SOMEONE wants to get divorced! Can you guess who it is?


          I expect to see the start of a lot of “sucker hopping”. This just happened to my cousin ^^. “Sucker hopping” is where they pop out a kid with one guy, divorce him, get full custody, get child support payments, and move on to the next sucker. I think this particular chick is on Sucker #3…

          WOOHOO free money! Get away from me kid, go stay with Grandma or something.

          • HD74Man

            RE: Divorce…a 65% rate here in the US…85% of the actions initiated by women in a time of acute economic and financial circumstances. ‘Nuff said.

            • Urban dog

              I get your point. Economic conditions cause a lot of stress. Perhaps her husband starting hitting, drinking, being lazy etc. I am sure some women run when things get hard but a lot may have very good reasons.

      • JayJay

        I see a future with extended families living together like it was in ‘the old days’. LOL
        Seriously, there are great advantages in this lifestyle.
        Experience of mom and dad, in-house child care, and many other advantages, cost of living expenses totally cut in half or more, children helping the elderly do house chores.

        • Mcdave

          That does sound like the good ol days, but there were fathers/grandfathers to teach how to be MEN. Also most of were self sufficient farmers, lumberjacks, fishermen, ranchers or all the above. Life expectancy was mid 60s.

          • slingshot

            Jay Jay and McDave.

            I would welcome extended family where you can teach survival skills. Maybe live down the road and not encroach upon your space. Freeloader type.

            Life expectancy did depend on skills plus age.

            I wonder how many can power up/sharpen a chainsaw. Use an axe and wedges to cut wood.
            What type of snow shovel would you use? There are different types.

            • t-zulu

              @slingshot I did not know about dif snow shovels

          • old guy

            Life expectancy mid 60,s? Yes there where no autopsies so you could get away with smothering or poisoning that oxygen thieving parasite elderly person.

            • slingshot

              old guys says.

              Yes there where no autopsies so you could get away with smothering or poisoning that oxygen thieving parasite elderly person.

              “Sooner or later we all become the oxygen thieving parasite elderly person.”

              I going to laugh at this for I am in some Medical distress at this time. How I love gallow’s humor.

              • old guy

                By the number My gallows humor seems to have struck a nerve with some folks. Its only funny because there is a hint of truth to it. The native americans did indeed elemenate the elderly and sickly. left them out in the elements without food & shelter. Prolonging the life of the parasitic no matter what was a luxury they could not afford. Its likely in the future many will have some similar hard choices to make?

            • gun

              Mother in law?

              • old guy

                Mother in law!!! When she died I had to bite my Tongue to Keep from grinning & smiling.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  it was those damn noises she made that really got to ME…..that incessant BREATHING…IN and OUT and IN!…thumbs up to the gallows humor. happiness is seeing your mother-in-law’s picture on a milk carton!…..actually, i love MY motherinlaw, she’s never given me a minutes trouble. and she took to ME like FAT takes to a mother-in-law.

          • lonelonmum

            I see more prepping families going for intergenerational living in the next few years. Homeschool is just one thing that’s easier to arrange when the family elders are close by. Staying outta debt is also easier to arrange.

            We need to clean our own doorsteps. That starts old school by keeping a garden, shopping local, trusting Grandpa rather than gubberment daycare to teach the boys how to be men etc, etc. Teen girls can feel they have the moral support of a whole team of adults when they tell that cheeky lad “NO”. An extended family can run a business together and ensure none become a corporate wage slave.

            There’s a damn good reason the elite have bust a gut these past few years to destroy the family unit any which way they can. The revolution will ultimately be won, not by grandstanding and Hollywood style flashy acts but by rebuilding our civilisation on brick at a time. The society we all want to live in, begins by laying the foundations of a solid family unit once more.

            The MSN put a lot of effort into sneering at intergenerational households. A good rule of thumb for any teens to live by is to start living your life in the opposite way that the prevailing media meme flows. Treat you Mum with respect, be kind to your sisters, go steady with one girl and raise the products of your own damn loins. The key to victory is so damn simple, that our jumped up college-educated brains refuse to see it!

        • Calgacus

          JayJay I see the households changing too. Itll be a good thing to get back to the basics and family units.
          Somehow Americans got taught (brainwashed) that everyone should have their own house and their own car and more. I look at all these widows and widowers living alone. It aint cheap to live alone but they want independence and families dont want them in there homes. Theres also the young couple starting out and all they want is independence to prove there capable and go broke or in debt living up to that belief.

        • t-zulu

          my kiddos have lived with me off and on during their adult lives, after all, that is what family is for. I’ve 5 sons aged 8-29, lovem to death, and the 19 yr old and 27 yr old have occupied my “hobby” room at one time or another. it is damn expensive to live on your own ive got to give them their due, they hit a rough patch, nothing illegal, and my wife and I welcome them, nurture and light a fire under that ass to get them back on their feet. that’s what Family does give ya 3 hots and a cot pat on the back and a boot on the bottom to keep on, keepin on!

      • Man on the inside

        All of my kids have jobs…. Good jobs. Their spouses have jobs. Me and the misses trained them and gave them life skills. They never saw the inside of a public school. I had to work three jobs to do this. It is paying off big time!! Kids at home are the parents fault. 100%!! Stop blaming the economy, the government, the schools, the video games, and the boil on your butt….. YOU are the problem!!!!!! We never allowed video games in our house. We loved our children and our kids knew it. They also feared my discipline like it was death (because it almost was). They respected my wife because they knew the consequences of not doing so (see above). Single Moms… save me the pity party. Most of my life I was raised by a single Mom (the most awesome Mom on the planet) with three others. We all knew the rules and the consequences of not following them. We all have degrees and good jobs. I have a co-worker who is a single Mom. I know her kid would never get out of line….. he knows what the …. wait for it…. CONSEQUENCES are. He almost aced the SAT and has twelve scholarship offers. MAN and WOMAN the F@#K up. Raise your kids … don’t just grow them. Men…. Mentor someone who needs it. Use that hobby you have as a tool. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. And raise and guard your kids.

        • Man on the inside

          And our kids where in church (a good bilble beliving church) every Sunday. Don’t like this comment… deal with it… the results speak for them selves….. oh… and… all the folks on my team and their kids think the same way………… and all have jobs…. Hmmmmmmm…..

        • buttcrackofdoom

          ah, the good old days! what the HELL happened to america(ns)? i’ll tell you what. we stopped giving our kids consequences. simple, really.

      • V

        Most people wuth hugh student debt used the money to live a middle class lifestyle while in college, and thought it would end up being forgiven. This was one of the demands of OWS. I demand you forgive my student debt and make me your boss! What do the college aged people who didn’t rack up huge debts get?

        • Urban dog

          Why wouldn’t they think the loans would go away? This age group has never had consequences for their choices. God forbid they give up their wants. They feel justified spending the money on living expenses.

      • Maudy Frickett

        Friday RBS announced slashing 30,000 jobs. Got an extra bed Ma?

    2. Jim

      35 hours a week! Maybe if he tried working 60-80 hours a week he could make ends meet and get ahead.

      • 1braveheart

        Jim. until recent years there were 2nd jobs all over out here but that’s not the case. My question is where is the mother of those kids and is she working?

        • JayJay

          I had a childcare/preschool for 4 years.
          The cost of that would eat up any contribution she could make.

        • wrong

          My rock is smarter than your rock.

          The mom was watching smoking, drinking beer and watching TV.
          Geeez braveheart! What do you expect?

        • Man on the inside

          MOVE !!!!!!!!!!! I did at great cost and sacrifice and in my fifties. I have my pick of jobs because I MOVED from the crap hole that was Mempis!!!!!!!

          • I suck a Lot

            Iknew it,…Iknew it 1 You sound like that cocksucker Braveheart ! LOL !

          • Mcdave


          • durango kidd

            That’s true MOTI: People need to adapt. Unfortunately many do not want to be uncomfortable in a new environment without accustomed family, friends, and neighbors.

            After I graduated HS I packed a small suitcase and drained my bank account of $150 dollars, stuck out my thumb, and headed West. BTW, the teller asked me how I wanted the money and I told her tens and twenties. Then she started to give me $1500 and I asked her what she was doing. LMAO!

            That’s right, One Hundred And Fifty US Dollars! 🙂

            • Man on the inside

              Durango… That is why you will thrive…. it is the same adaptible theory of “shoot and scoot”….

              McDave:… : Exactly….

        • sooner4ever

          Perhaps if we enforced the immigration laws, there would be competition for better paying jobs, and then the employers wouldn’t get away with paying slave wages to people who don’t belong here.

        • TheGuy


          Is she working?

          A pole… if at all…

        • Urban dog

          Braveheart. Hi dar. Just got back to the states and I missed you. I actually agree with you to a point (but only this time). I am back to coaching high school track. Every generation thinks the subsequent generation is soft, stupid.lazy etc. The people under 30 are different. They live at home because they haven’t been weaned yet. They have never been told they fAiled and need to work harder. They blame the economy not the fact the won’t take an entry level job or the fact the may have corrected at work. They need constant entertainment and can’t communicate face to face. The never have to problem solve because mommy always enabled them. They won’t do anything that they think is beneath them. They game 6 hours a day and smoke too much weed. They are demotivated and lethargic. I think almost anyone (but not all) could do something. When I was that age, I an my buddies had low paying entry jobs. We crammed 5 people into a 2 bedroom house and split the rent. We had a blast. Girls didn’t seem to care about our conditions. They would have laughed if we still lived with mommy.

      • V

        What can he make weekly cleaning gutters, adding paddle fans, clearing drains, etc? But, those things require you to get your hands dirty! Americans seem to have forgotten how to do those things. Before we kick out all the Mexican illegals, we’ll have to ask them to reteach us how to nail on shingles.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          it’s COMING to america, V, it’s coming!….to a theatre near YOU!

      • RandomTangent1957

        I have not worked 40 hours a week since I was a junior in High School. Been doing 60 – 80 since 1975. People ask how I got a ranch, 4 motorcycles, 4 boats , 15 cars/ trucks…?? It all came by working all weekend while my buddies were out at the bars…& spending hundreds attending professional sports games ! My kids both were raised to work hard…& earn what you want. My daughter @ 26 is an Emergency Medicine Vetrinarian …her hubby is a computer engineer @ PNC . My son is working ft while going to school for being a Phisical therapist…& his wife is an ICU Nurse…who is working on becoming an anesthesiologist. None of them are living in their parents basement. You harvest what you plant. These parents have in many cases created their own problems. Yes…I know that is not always the case….but there are SIX FIGURE JOBS out there now….if you want to work. Midland Texas …. & up in the Dakota’s. No…you will not be sitting in your butt pushing buttons….it will be hard work. I can tell U that if I was 30….instead of 56…..I would be there now ! No one said it was easy….but there are opportunities for those that want them .
        Standing by in
        Montgomery County Texas

      • TheGuy

        How did he get a credit card??? (The $1800 a month guy)…

        For that matter… three kids??? On $18 FRICKING HUNDRED???

        … He’s dead, Jim…

    3. What?

      A lot of young people are not equipped with the skills they need to go out and earn a living. Even basic, common sense skills related to how things work and maintenance of common household or machine-related objects. Most kids these days can easily fix a software problem but couldn’t shut the water or gas off in a house if you showed them the valve. Why?


      • eppe

        It’s going to rough for quite a few people for quite a few years…

      • Rodster

        I say this is a result of progressivism and centralized planning as well as centralized banking. There’s your problem. You have the State which dictates what is to be taught in schools and a banking system that is looking to cash in on a bogus Govt plan that says you NEED to go to College to earn a good living.

        Central Banking makes interest off the Govt Student loans. You have jobs off shored so businesses are no longer providing quality jobs to pay off those student loans. And the end result is you created a lost generation that now lives at home.


    4. cossack55

      I am glad I am old. The current situation removes all fears of death. At least my son won’t have to prep out of his own pocket. He has been trained in geocacheing.

      • Rodster

        I’m in my mid 50’s and learned a trade for free in high school, back when schools actually taught you a craft. Now you have to pay thousands of dollars for that privilege.

    5. Mcdave

      1. No Fathers
      2. No Competition
      3. No Consequences
      4. No Pride
      5. No Hunger
      6. NO BALLS!!!

      • Man on the inside

        EXACTLY!!!! I told my kids the second place was the first looser…. sounds harsh but they are better for it…

    6. IIC

      When when we were raising our family, if there was not enough money, one of us took a second job and sometimes even a third job = 80-100 hours a week when times were tough. 35 hours? No way to make that math work. Sad to say, today, we got kin who think of “second job” as a swear word.

      • 1braveheart

        IIC, having a second job is all well and good IF YOU CAN FIND A SECOND JOB IN TODAY’S JOB MARKET. A LOT OF PEOPLE CAN’T FIND THE FIRST JOB, LET ALONE A SECOND ONE. Fortunately, I make enough money at one job to live comfortably and cover all of my living expenses. BTW, I did work at a second job for 3 years back in the 80s to pay off expenses from a lawsuit I lost. that’s what the second paycheck went for was for those legal expenses. when I finished that, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So, yes, braveheart knows all too well what it’s like to work 2 jobs.

        • Secondary Burn

          I totally agree Braveheart,… You cant always beat every DUI bro !!!

          • 1weakheart

            Straight up big swervin’

        • V

          They’ve looked all over the house and can’t find it. But they can find the TV remote and chips.

        • IIC

          BH: I hear a lot of people saying “can’t find me no job,” but I tell you what. Nowadays, if I had to support a family and my job wasn’t cutting it OR I didn’t have a job ===== handyman, odd jobs, picking fruit, baby-sitting, dog poop picking up…there are a LOT of ways to make money, even today. People just can’t think they are too good to earn that dollar. Digging ditches is still honest labor.

    7. Calgacus

      It aint all the fault of that generation. Theyre a product of progressive government school indoctrination for one. For another thing theres too many lazy parents who arent parenting. Theres also the lack of jobs available and the pathetic economy which is N.O.T. improving despite the lies that the govt tells us.
      I read first part of an article linked at survivalblog today. Called The US Greater Depression Exposed at etfdailynews dot com. Everyone should read that one because it shows w/ charts and numbers what the govt shows and what it hides.
      The inflation rate aint what the govt says.
      The housing market aint in recovery.
      The GDP aint in the lower healthy growth zone.

      It claims (quoting here) three obvious points:

      1) The U.S. economy is currently in the midst of a Greater Depression; the worst, sustained economic collapse in the history of this nation.

      2) Given this collapse; the U.S. does not have one of the world’s stronger economies, but rather it has the weakest economy of any/all major nations.

      3) The downward spiral in this Greater Depression is, in fact a terminal collapse. The final result of this economic devolution can only mean the transformation of the United States into essentially a “Third World nation”.

      All I can say is we preppers are right. Anyone who says this aint happening is a shill or a damn fool commie on the NWO mission to destroy everything.

      • vincent

        You are correct. Parents often see the Pubic schools as babysitting or daycare centers. With 12+ years of Marxist brainwashing and enforced submission, what do we expect.

        Too many passive parents, shielding them from any adversity or hardship. Basic survival skills are not always taught to kids. And look Obamacare allows a 25 y.o. to stay on his parent’s insurance policy!

        And if little Sue or Little Jimmie is too energetic or a little sad, we got a MED for that!! Every one of life’s hardships can be handled with SSRI or THC.

        Ask parents of 4H participants how ignorant and clueless the average student is about the source of basic foods.

      • Man on the inside

        My mother and aunts and uncles thrived in the great depresion…. they just did what wasd nessassary MANED and WOMANED up and got it done….. Life is hard…. It is harder if you are stupid, lazy, and whiney…..

    8. Korhi

      Hell, I’m 31 and my parents live with me! Ok, only for the last 5 months though and they’ll be moving out soon.
      I don’t doubt the numbers here. Its the new fundamentally changed Obama nation.

    9. maddog

      What other outcome could be expected from the countries current direction. This is the result of a dependent society.

    10. Barn Cat

      I think we have the worst generation of parents ever. A lot of them refuse to make their children be responsible and grow up. They want to be their child’s friend instead of their parent. A lot kids today don’t want to work. They want to be entertained and they want to play on their electronic devices when they should be working.

      Having said all that, the economy is a mess and it’s getting worse. Unemployment is about 30% based on the number of people not in the workforce. The economy is imploding. Full time jobs are disappearing because of obamacare. A lot of people are cutting down on how much they work so they qualify for cheap obamacare.

      • j-bird

        @ Barn Cat

        I agree with you 100%. Most kids are irresponsible and depend on mom and dad to take care of them. Boot the kids in the butt and make them stand on their own two feet. We had to!

      • 1braveheart

        Barncat, what you say is true. I see it every day. The kids and parents are both morons and will die in the “Great Culling” in post-SHTF.

    11. What?

      A lot of young people are not equipped with the skills they need to go out and earn a living. Even basic, common sense skills related to how things work and maintenance of common household or machine-related objects. Most kids these days can easily fix a software problem but couldn’t shut the water or gas off in a house if you showed them the valve. Why?


      Sounds like a convenient excuse, doesn’t it?

      Parents of the younger generations today that have these type of issues had parents who fall into one of two classes:

      a. Blue collar, hard workers who wanted their kids to be the leaders and owners, instead of doers like themselves. These parents pushed their children into science and business classes so that they wouldn’t have to know how to do physical work for the rest of their lives. Good intentions, but practicality is lacking.

      b. Very young parents who knew to much to listen to advice from their own parents. You know the type, can’t tell them anything. Can’t admit what they don’t know. Won’t admit what they can’t do. Enough said.

      I waited until my mid thirties to have children. My children are going to know how to do things, they are going to have a good set of basic knowledge of physical things so they can bring extra skills to the table, if need be. And if they are under the impression that a doctorate degree in packaging is going to get them anywhere in life, then I guess I have failed as a parent.

      Jobs are there, but you have to look past an I phone to find them.

      • 1braveheart

        What?, you make some good points, but the job market is NOT QUITE what it used to be.

        • What?

          @BI……Yeah, I’ll admit that as well.

        • V

          When I was 16, I couldn’t believe how ignorant my dad was. When I was 26, I couldn’t believe how much he’d learned in 10 years.

    12. N.O. ;0p

      seriously …

      give it some time still ,

      current market trends

      show that number while double by 2020 .


    13. Mal Reynolds

      Great article. Debt and burdensome regulations from Washington are choking our once great nation to death. Our public schools are producing English majors and lawyers (sorry Mr. Snyder, no offense) instead of engineers, doctors and tradesmen.

      Yeah, it’s all a big mess. Well, it’s destined to collapse here soon. Just a matter of time.

      Stay frosty,

    14. Mcdave

      “There are millions of young people out there that are pounding their heads against the wall month after month trying to work hard and do the right thing. Sometimes they get so frustrated that they snap. Just consider the following example…

      Health officials have temporarily shut down a southern West Virginia pizza restaurant after a district manager was caught on surveillance video urinating into a sink.

      Local media reported that the Mingo County health department ordered the Pizza Hut in Kermit, about 85 miles southwest of Charleston, to shut down.”

      I don’t like my job/life so I pissed in the sink?
      OK Junior,
      Let’s just start with the fact you are a “Manager” at Pizza Hut. Maybe some real skills are in order. A 4yr degree in Underwater Basket Weaving with a minor in Gay Sex Lives of the Three Fingered Tree Sloth doesn’t really prepare you for success in the work-a-day world. Vacation time is OVER!
      Now Cowboy up and go get your hands dirty!

      • wrong

        So.. when I’m at my local Pizza Hut, in the bathroom taking a piss I’m on video?

        Will they bust me if I don’t wash my hands and then come out and play in the salad bar?

        • sixpack

          He pissed in the kitchen sink, where they do the food prep, not in the bathroom.

          • wrong

            my bad….. that was pretty stupid..

            Thanks sixpack or “ponykegger”


    15. PO'd Patriot

      Goodnight John-Boy………..RIP Ralph Waite.

    16. AGMONEY

      There is a neighbor girl down the street who is 38 yrs old still living with her retired parents. She has hardly work at all since high school and never been married.

      Both parents worked had an income of $100K to $120k together when they retired.

    17. bonzo2014

      My kids always spent the money I gave them a lot differently than the money they earned themselves. Once they began working small part-time jobs at age 16 they learned how to value their earnings and make decisions as to whether those earnings could be spent, saved, or given to charity(BTW, they came to really dislike some guy named FICA). Is it any wonder that all the shiftless bums collecting benefits from government agencies never learn to work.

    18. JRS

      There is always a job in .gov for the youngsters.

      Join the Army
      See the world
      Meet interesting people
      Kill them…

      • vincent

        Hey JRS, can they get a job in Hussein’s Civilian Security Force? They will be just as strong and just as well funded as our military!!

        • Nopittypartyhere

          We need to get young sleeper agents in that force. Someone to get the word out if there’s about to be some stuff going down.

      • Mcdave

        I like it.

    19. Maudy Frickett

      Everybody is blaming the young people again. There are no jobs. Have you all forgotten about globalization? How many million jobs went overseas? How many million jobs were insourced to immigrants at much less pay? How many million jobs were lost to automation? I got bad news for people working at fast food places. Automation is going to eliminate most of those jobs too. Raise that minimum wage some more and watch the speed of automation pick up. People are becoming redundant. TPTB will get rid of us then.

      • sixpack

        AMEN Maudy!

      • lonelonmum

        Who sent those jobs overseas?

        A whole generation of college graduates queued up to be Outsourcing consultants. They bought their McMansions off the proceeds.

        • gun

          no. Taxes and eviromental impact fee’s, union wages/demands, shyrocketing healthcare because of having to pay for the beaners using emergencyrooms as a clinic etc. Thats what sent quite a few jobs overseas.

      • V

        Bullshit. Trucking companies cannot fill $50K/yr long-haul trucker jobs. Oh, you mean you can’t do that while hunched over staring at your Itoy? Most of the younger generation seem to have really cool, expensive smartphones, even the baristas.

        • Old Guy

          Bullshit! there are no truck driving jobs paying $50,000 per year. I drove truck for more than 40 years. A driver Doing good clears about a $100 per day. That advertized $50,000 is a scam. They sell you a truck and put your earnings in a escrow account and steal the lions share from you. You end up being a owner operator that is entirely controlled by other folks. The paid by the mile drivers get shorted on the miles & spend a lot of time waiting to get loaded & unloaded and have layovers and dead head miles. I quit driving 3 years ago. I made about $25,000 clear per year. I went in the scrap and junk business and averaged a $1,000 per week. There is no real money or steady to be made driving truck.

    20. AC

      Is this what ‘economic recovery’ looks like?

      • sixpack

        Today, the only “economic recovery” is when you catch the scum who stole your wallet and take it back from him.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Oh you mean the gubbermint.

          • sixpack


          • t-zulu

            more like the goober mint

    21. slingshot

      Son is married, one child and is working for a major medical company. Good he lives within his own home and I will attempt not to be a burden to his life. Like some of you I am not afraid of getting old. Good investments and live within my means.

      The problem is my son does not fully understand all the types of investments. The ability to squander is present.

      For those who look for jobs and I will tell you NAFTA, GATT. GTO, Glass Steagall and some of those UNITED NATIONS Treaties, lay to the heart of our nations problem. Until they are revisited and an even playing field is established things will get worse.

    22. Prepper

      Happy to report Susie and Johnnie Prepper (both in their 20’s) are college graduates and both are self-sufficient with professional jobs. Although Johnnie has been living the past year with me and Mrs. Prepper, he will be moving out at the end of the month into his own place. He could easily afford to move out sooner but he knows a good thing when he sees it: zero rent, home cooked meals, free laundry facilities available on site, big screen HDTV, etc. I totally agree the vast majority of boomerang kids are indicative of a serious economic problem, that’s not always the case.

    23. Warchild damiit!

      I agree with those that say multi generations may be living together again,was not such a bad thing for all involved,for some folks a death sentence.

      • Basstard

        I love my kids and they are all smart and successful, but if any of them move back in, somebody’s going to die. I did my job, now they need to take care of themselves. We talk to them about prepping and they think we’re morons. They shop 1 meal at a time.

      • V

        The banksters will hate it, fewer mortgages, and they’ll really hate it when paid off houses get passed on.

    24. officeninja

      There is another side of this aspect. My wife and I, both of us are full time professionals, myself in IT Security, the is a Teacher, moved in with her parents. We were renting and her parents (both in the Mortgage Industry) hit hard times. As they are family we dumped our apartment and have been paying the lion’s share of the mortgage to ensure they dont loose their house. We could have moved out about 6 months ago but after a discussion with the entire family it was decided that we should stay. In these times it just makes sense to cut expenses and put the extra monies into gold and silver, and preps. One point the in-laws brought up was that we are starting a family of our own and they would rather help us take care of our children than leave them with strangers that would teach them lord knows what. I grant you that many of the ‘young’ins’ are ‘living off’ their parents but not all of us. A final note. My father and law and I were never friends – just friendly but now the relationship we have is a blessed joy.

      • Obtuseangler

        This is the way it is supposed to be. I respect that some flaky government program was not relied on.

        • officeninja

          thanks – thats the last thing any of us would ever turn to – family is everything

          • wrong

            Excellent! Very wise decision.

    25. TnAndy

      Funny thing….one can make statistics say about anything.

      Without some comparison, to say that 29% of folks under 35 live with their parents is fairly meaningless.

      How does that compare to 25 years ago ?

      Or 50 ?

      I seem to remember those Walton kids hanging around a long time….ahahahaaaa

      • old guy

        Yep john and livvy lived in grandpaws home. used grandpaws barn & land. never got nuthin on their own.

    26. Snowed In

      29% wow! You guys and gals think its bad now?! Wait another decade. Prolonged childhood will reach into the 40’s. Kids are not taught or expected to be adults. Why do you think so many wait until late 30’s or 40’s to have their own kids? they have been raised by the system (commie run schools) and not taught the beauty of raising a family. They have been taught its ok to watch 4hrs+ of TV and similar for games/Internet. What a person in the 1800’s learned in 12 years, they have not learned in 30. Sad but fact. That’s why 1/3 of Americans need handouts just to live!!! I can’t say whey TSHTF but can say we have driven headlong into socialism and even communism. Heck, its getting to where handicapped people are setting the ceiling for the rest of us. E.g. many schools don’t allow various foods because some child has an allergy. And most all Federal/county Government funded schools (you know, the atheism-only schools) teach to the dumbest kid in the class = “Every Child Left Behind”. So, no wonder the kids today can’t live on their own. They have never been expected to take responsibility for anything in their lives. Even their school system has been dumbed down to the dumbest kids. Of course, their are a few Harrison Bergeron’s who do stuff and sports is still competitive; but, its a sad state of affairs in America. Its ANTI-AMERICAN. Communism should never be chosen over FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY. It affects us all. It costs us all.

      • V

        Don’t forget how many were raised by grandparents. What happens when the grandparents die? The younger generation can’t count on grandparents. Hell, they wouldn’t even raise their own kids.

    27. Obtuseangler

      Three thoughts:

      1) The cost of a college education has risen so dramatically in part because student loans have gotten too easy to get. Colleges raise rates as high as the market will allow.

      2) Many or most of these kids are not college material in the first place. They shouldn’t be wasting money and time there.

      3) High schools moved away from offering vocational skills years ago, and now view themselves as college prep institutions.

    28. cabinfever

      My experience in chatting with folks (after telling them my husband and I are going to become grandparents this summer) is that they are grandparents and their grandkids and adult offspring are living with them. I truly believe there are MANY 20-30 somethings that are having unprotected sex, get pregnant and are moving in with someone’s parents because they can’t afford or obviously didn’t plan accordingly. Our daughter and son-in-law both have jobs and a house…daughter is college-educated and is an educator herself. Bottom line: many are having babies and are not fending for themselves…plus not saving their money.

    29. Aurelius

      Michael, please don’t place any blame on the young folks for being “Dumbed Down”! It is government policy and nothing else and you and many others must ask the very profound question, Who the bloody hell is running this country? I’ll give you a hint, they aren’t Americans, unless you look at “Dual citizens” and other hyphenate citizens as Americans which I do not. As far as the economy goes, nothing good will happen until we do as Lincoln and Kennedy tried to do and as Hitler did do in the thirties which created what was known as the German Miracle and that was to get rid of the Jewish Central Bankers. As time goes on and the Federal Reserve continues to exist, millions of words will be spoken and written blaming this on that and that on this but no serious attack will be made against the “Bastards of Banking” aka the “Banking Bastards” because those of any position at all in government know that those devils have murdered before and will most assuredly murder again. Cowardice, I suppose, is an accepted condition but let us hope that after a total collapse, we shall, with newfound courage, begin a well deserved payback! In the meantime, look at our children not as dummies but as the victims they are!

    30. old guy

      Ive stated it before. Here is my take the few at the top in the USA who control the money & politics don’t want or need the so called blue collar middle class producing Workers. They don’t need our votes and certainly don’t need our labor. At present they get all the votes needed from the gimmie parasite takers. Pretty soon they wont need the votes from the gimmie sheeple who just want more and more freebies from the public coffers. Both groups are being replaced by the little brown hard workers who make very dependable serfs & peons. That’s why Obama wants to give ammesty to the illegals. When they have the Hispanic vote in great enough numbers the social security, SSI, food stamps, govt. pensions will be withdrawn and the economic collapse & social upheaval will be allowed to take its course. We are being replaced. Drove from out lively hood and homes in the very same manner that the Five civilized tribes who walked the trail of tears experienced. The same as the plains indian tribes where treated. the same as the spnash in southern calif had their land grants revoked. and most reciently the same as the farmers in south Africa when aparthide was instituted. We are Fucked.

    31. ZombieDawg

      “He earns $10.50 an hour working as an assistant manager at a Dunkin Donuts ”

      You have got to be joking ! You Americans are paid wages worthy of circus animals. What will it take for you actually grow some cahones for Christ’s sake ?
      Try an assistant manager wage of $40/hr like over here.
      Hell, I make an average of $500/hr (yes per hour) in my specialist HOBBY business !

      Jeez you lot are going down the crapper FAST.

      • lastmanstanding

        Plenty of us here in the US have balls…have no idea where you are but please myob.

        We are patiently waiting to rebuild our great nation.

        BTW…giving head (for $500 hr.)is NOT a specialized business but it must be your HOBBY.

        • wrong


      • Archivist


        Not everyone wants to be a prostitute.

    32. Be informed

      Greatgrandpa, greatgrandpa, grandpa, grandma, father, mother, and children, just like the Waltons. That’s what happen in a depression. Families have to pull together during awful times. IF a family can pool resources together, especially for preparing for what is coming, then this may be the most practical thing anyone can do. Survival is about adapting. I guess whatever works. You can’t eat pride.

      There is a plus to having all the family living together. When mega SHTF few are going to be separated from the family. A strong family fights well together.

    33. NC Marine

      Me and my wife and her parents all live together. The house is mine. Its not because we are lazy and don’t have good jobs. It s because the cost of living it getting outrageous. It saves both parties so much money that we can save and put to preps. But I would have to agreed that most people who live with their parents still have more than just money issues.

    34. WIprepped

      It was ok my son lived with us until he was 27. Gave me some extra years to push knowledge into his thick skull. He bought his house on foreclosure and makes more than I and could be self sufficient if need be.

      There are jobs out there if people want to work. I’d hire half a dozen people today if I could find someone. And it’s not for minimum wage either. I’ve had ads in everything for a couple months and very few responses. No-one wants to work outside or do anything physical.

      We are screwed as a country. More takers than givers. No morals or common sense. So many rules and regulations that you can’t walk outside without being a felon..

      It was Hitler that said “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

      molon labe

    35. concerned

      Well, my husband hires young college grads (PhDs mostly) and they are now incredibly inept….Even from our finest institutions. What’s more interesting is that he mentioned the new “code words” on letters of recommendation. “This student has a great work ethic.” So many coming out don’t believe in that anymore.

      As to the poor young man who is mentioned in the article above who has three children and is trying to make ends meet. Why did he have three children he could ill support? People make choices. I waited until I could afford my children. They are 7 years apart. But I could support both of them! I chose a career path that would get and keep me employed and I worked my tail off.

      Too many today do not look to tomorrow. Instead, they look to mommy and daddy and big government to be their “fall back” position. Nobody, it would seem, wants to grow up and take responsibility for themself, or others.

      It’s not looking good folks.

    36. Maudy Frickett

      Friday RBS announced it was cutting 30,000 jobs. Got an extra bed Ma?

    37. Old Guy

      On the TV show bonanza the Paw never let little joe, Hoss or Adam Get married. Grown men had to beg Ben Cartright to let them go to town and get a beer. And on the Big Valley Victoria Barkley Never let Jarrod, Audra, Nick Or Heath marry or have their own life. Living with your parents when your a adult sucks. I would rather be homeless than be bossed around by anyone. especially relatives. I was drafted a 18 and never lived with my folks again. My wife left home and married me when she was 16. A good parent prepares their child to be their own person. A good parents gives the child a good start. and that gift of a good start Whatever it may be. is given with no strings attached. I gave my children deeded paid for land.

    38. Anonymous

      29 percent of US Adults under the age of 35 are….


      Way to go shtfplan.com….you are contributing to the decay of America….

      You suck…


    39. Chris Eaton

      Looks like 29% of all US adults are a bunch of pussies.

      Two of my children are under the age of 35 and own their own homes. One of the others rents for a rather large figure every month. The youngest is in College making sure he can afford a home.

      All of you whiners don’t understand what good parenting is all about. Which makes you pussies as well…just go on Welfare already…

      you suck.


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