25 Cities On the Brink of Disaster: “Don’t Be Here When Things Get Violent, Unsafe and Fragile”

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 85 comments

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    The 21st Century is inching ever closer towards chaos… and the time to get out of the big city is upon us.

    With economic conditions, growing crises, desperate populations looking to scratch by, and more hatred and division than at any previous point in American history, the city has become a dangerous and unruly setting – and finding yourseld in one that is falling apart could be the worst mistake you ever make.

    People are living in bigger urban zones than ever before… these megacities are the hotspots of global activity. But many are also proving to be the most dangerous place to be in a collapse. Crime is rampant, order is shaken and many people become willing to take advantage of the situation. Many areas are vulnerable to natural disasters, and have already lost control during past emergencies.

    In other places, widespread unemployment is simply taking its toll through increases in theft and violence. Whatever the reason, there are many places where things are falling apart, badly.

    As Wired reported, disaster is looming on a worldwide basis, but some are approaching total collapse, thanks to a storm of factors:

    Using data on 2,100 cities, Robert Muggah has found which factors make an area more likely to become violent, unsafe and fragile. The data show 30 cities on the brink of disaster and what could cause it.

    screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-6-39-27-amInfographic via Signal Noise.

    Cities were rated based on factors including: conflict, fragility, population growth, unemployment rate, access to services, income inequality, air pollution, homicide rate, killings in terrorist attacks, political violence and the risk of natural disaster.

    Natural disaster has proved very disruptive lately, as tsunamis and earthquakes have recently devastated New Zealand and rattled nearby Australia. Though things are fairly stable in these Western democracies, their geographical vulnerability to serious tectonic activity makes their civilization far than stable. Auckland, New Zealand made the list for risky cities.

    But Haiti was even harder hit. The 2010 earthquake caused widespread devastation in a place that was already one of the poorest on the planet. The 2016 hurricane in Haiti proved that despite billions of dollars in donation, philanthropy and intervention by the likes of the Clinton Foundation, Haiti was still extremely vulnerable. Hundreds of thousands of people were once again displaced as their homes were destroyed; local governments and global NGOs did little to nothing to secure basic necessities, and the place remains one crisis away from total instability. Port-au-Prince, the capital and most populous city there is already a very risky and poverty prone place, and could become much worse in the wake of a disaster.

    Of course, any number of urban areas in the war-torn Middle East and perpetual conflict zones of Africa has also made for very dangerous cities, with populations on the brink of disaster, and many individuals vulnerable to crime and violence on a daily basis. Ibb, Yemen, Kirkuk, Iraq, Aden, Yemen, Kabul, Afghanistan and Mosul, Iraq have become some of the worst locales, along with cities spread across the Congo, Mogadishu, Somalia and other highly disputed areas.

    Brazil’s megacities are so saturated with the urban poor, and short on basic resources including drinking water, they literally millions of people are on the brink. Riots are possible, and a survival crisis could factor in for Sao Paolo, where 8 million people are at risk of having no access to water. Predictably, many cities in Colombia remain extremely fragile due to the ongoing drug war conflicts that have claimed lives, and left millions of people at the mercy of gang rule.

    Venezuela has proven to be a special case, of near precision collapse, as its currency tanks and economic warfare brings people to their knees as they are forced to wait in line for rations, trade on the black market and deal in worthless cash. Socialism has worsened the problems created by the emergency drop in the oil prices. Caracas remains the biggest pool of hungry, poor and increasingly fed up people.

    Guatamala City, Mixco and Villa Neuva, Guetemala as well as San Pedro Sula, Honduras were identified as particularly vulnerable cities in Central America, as refugees continue to seek amnesty in the United States to escape the ongoing turmoil in their own countries.

    Perhaps surprising to some, many major European cities are quite vulnerable as well to global economic pressures via sharp increases in immigration, “rape” scandals and social concerns about terrorism.

    London, UK is one of the wealthiest cities, and yet it faces enormous pressures from overwhelming immigration, from growing economic disparity and from cultural clashes, threats of terrorism – and now, fighting between political factions over Brexit and other issues.

    The Eastern bloc is especially vulnerable to these pressures that could lead to a growing unrest. France, Germany, Sweden and Norway also face major instability over immigration and cultural issues.

    But some of the most unstable cities on the planet rank among those in the United States.

    Places like Baltimore, Detroit, Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia and other cities across the map are still deeply divided often police and race issues. Many have seen serious riots, looting and unrest. These social wedge issues are still being pushed from moneyed political interests, while political divide after the direction of the country has become sharp.

    Dallas, Texas just suspended pension payments for some of its civil servants, a sign that financial insolvency could create an epidemic during the next crisis. Several states, like California, have over promised benefits to state employees in the pension programs, without ever planning to pay for them. If people lose it, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and the whole of the surrounding areas could simply erupt. Similar problems have left Detroit, Michigan and Puerto Rico, the commonwealth island, extremely vulnerable to bankruptcy and economic apocalypse that could contaminate the nation and global within hours.

    If a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, hits the East or Gulf Coast, tens of millions of people could be caught up in traffic, locked in cities without food, and desperate to cling to order and survive. Likewise, if a major earthquake hit the West Coast, millions could be displaced and left without many options. That’s when things turn ugly.

    The world is reaching a tipping point, and much chaos and instability could come crashing down anytime now. Many cities have made themselves open targets for collapse, with economic normalcy already hanging by a thread and populations already restless and growing increasingly discontent.

    Be prepared. These things are building, and there are quite a few places you’d rather not be when the SHTF.

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      1. The title says 25 cities, the blue box above the graphic says 30 cities, go figure. I was hoping for a list of the American cities.

        • Same here. It did mention some American cities, but there are some that definitely should be on it but weren’t!

          Cities like Memphis, TN; Birmingham, AL; most of New Jersey; St. Louis, MO; etc.

          Honestly, I don’t want to be close to ANY major city if an event takes place. Glad we moved to the boonies!!!

          • Be there to get there. There is no substitute. 🙂

          • If my city is NOT on that list, I’d be surprised.

            • sanctuary cities….if you live THERE, then yer…..well, YOU KNOW!

          • Birmingham is fine. They will be better off than most places. St. Louis I’m not sure about. I agree, NJ will be a total disaster on it’s own, and worse when it gets the outflow from NY.

            • I have two brothers in the Birmingham area, both are awake, and both believe the area is ripe for trouble.

              One lives in Alabaster and works in Birmingham proper, and has been telling me for years that the situation there is deteriorating.

          • Agreed!

          • Cities will be in ruin like the Walking Dead Show. Everyone for themselves to survive. Got your sword and crossbow? Tomahawks, and pistols, shotguns and battle rifles and plenty of ammo. You are gonna need it in the cities for sure. Death Traps.

        • I doubt anyone can accurately predict the repercussions but know this … When Shit Hits The Fan it splatters.

          • Many people will be “SHITFACED” lol 😛

            • Avoid the rush … Get started now?… ?

              To regress momentarily… If the Chi-Comms ever stage an attack it will probably be the evening of thanksgiving when everyone is tryptophan’d out or New Years or Super Bowl when half the country is shitfaced…
              The Circadian rhythm is underestimated .

              • they aint got CONTROL anymore.

                • “they aint got CONTROL anymore.”

                  True… and they are too dumb to realize that “control” is one of the great illusions in life. Just because we are all floating downstream in the river of life does not mean that we control anything.

              • Daisy, All “terrorist” attacks happen when nobody is expecting it. The dates/events you listed are all times when our guard is up so to speak. Whatever happens, however it happens, is gonna be like 911 or the Paris attacks, a complete, unexpected surprise. I like your post about shtf splatters, you’re funny.
                Stay quiet Be smart

                • Most Muslim terror attacks occurred on dates significant to Islam. They also use a lunar calendar. The date of the 911 attack was significant to Islam, but 9-11 the following year on our calendar did not necessarily line up with the same significant date on the Muslim calendar.

          • “When Shit Hits The Fan it splatters.”

            That it does, Daisy… and NO ONE will escape the spatter no matter how well prepared they are. It’s gonna be a giant crap sandwich and we’re all gonna get a bite. Only thing not decided yet is just how BIG a bite it will be. Big-time prepping equals small bite. No prepping means a steady diet of it. A lot of folks will be somewhere in between.

        • Fear porn.
          when food becomes scarce even the redoubt will have big problems.

        • Too many to list in Amerika and it is already violent and unsafe , especially if you are white. We are not out of the woods yet by a long shot. all the underlying issues are still here , alive and well. And it is still quite impossible for a person of color to commit a supposed hate crime ?

      2. The punctuation is incorrect and leads to difficulty in understanding the list. Instead of Ibb, Yemen, Kirkuk, Iraq, Aden, Yemen, Kabul, Afghanistan and Mosul, Iraq, it should be Ibb and Aden, Yemen; Kirkuk and Mosul,Iraq; and Kabul, Afghanistan.

      3. oh no….
        We’re ALL going to die.!

        • eventually…

          • Every one of us is born with an expiration date. Been looking for it, but can’t find where it is.

        • and it’s 1 2 3 4 what are we waiting for?

        • Genius, my city DEFINITELY will blow up. I knew I was right to spend the first half of Nov. at the BOL. I’m gonna try to go back just before Jan. 20th. If something happens in DC that day, it’s a safe bet that the rest of the cities will follow suit.

          • I doubt anything too bad will happen here. The town nearby is 92% or so white. Lot’s of Mormons and everyone has guns. Just in case we have plan B and plan C too. The sheriff is constitutional and a pretty good guy.

            • Genius,
              We live 30 minutes outside of town here in eastern Idaho with similar demographics. I wonder how far we live from each other? And did you, like us, move to your current location because of the demographics, wonderful neighbors, and suitability to surviving a crisis?

              Just wondering please don’t think I want to know precise details about where you live.

              • I grew up in Idaho and moved away because it was a police state from hell. The economy sucked and everything was becoming off limits. And yes we moved to our current locale for the reasons you stated. Idaho has done some pretty insane shit the last 30 years and it’s too bad, I loved that state.

            • WHAT? Everyone has guns? That’s what I told you about your area, so what the difference if you check them in with an FFL dealer when you buy them? Since everybody has them anyway. Unless of course you are a Felon, and possessing them illegally, and are avoiding the FFL background check for some unknown reason. explain.. hmmmm…

              • Because I DO NOT do stupid shit just because everyone else does. That explains it well….

              • Every citizen gun confiscation by a government gone bad, began with a registration system, “to protect the public”. Bla, bla, bla.

                I’ll keep my Daisy Red Ryder thank you!

            • Having a sheriff who believes in the US Constitution is a HUGE plus in anyone’s survival plans. We have one here like that, so there won’t be any knee-jerk acceptance of unconstitutional BS from DC coming our way. I’d be proud to stand with our sheriff against all comers.

        • I think any city with population over a few thousand will be chaos.

      4. Oh god help you and I will pray for you if you are still insane enough to be living in a violence plagued collapsing American cesspool toxic hell city, and all because you want to earn more money, eat GMO chemical filled fake food at crime scene restaurants, and have access to mindless entertainment and sporting events.

        • don’t forget, wanting to stay CLOSE to my children…….

      5. What no Shitcago/Chiraq?
        More battle dead there than in Iraq. Almost as many as Syria.

        All of the Cities ran by the Libtards!!!!


        • Sarge,
          I didn’t even notice Chicago wasn’t mentioned. Thanks for the mention. Flint, Michigan.

        • Good rule of thumb Sgt.

      6. What would happen if Trump let States have their own individual currency. Make it negotiable only within the States Boundaries. Start with Texas. Give them the choice of using their State currency or regular Federal Reserve Notes. The pensions could be paid in the new Texas currency. Trump could print it, and control it until a later date. Then if it works for Texas, do it in California. This way we could slowly faze out the Federal Reserve without hanging the bankers first. Win-win.


        • “What would happen if Trump let States have their own individual currency”

          He would be killed…

          • or, kennedy’ed, as it were…y’all didn’t forget that’s WHY he was killed?

            • Exactly, and as far as I know that executive order was never reccinded.

              • @B from CA,
                NO, NO, NO, Why so worried about NOT hanging the bankers first. Maybe they should already be hanging like a Christmas tree ornament.

            • I remember when Kennedy was killed. I was 14. A very sad day even tho at that age i did not understand it all. I still feel sad today in thinking about it. I do worry for Trump too.

        • “This way we could slowly faze out the Federal Reserve without hanging the bankers first.”

          This is why this is not a good idea. I kinda wanted to see those banksters dance on air before getting on with fixing all that they have screwed up.

      7. You will notice the constant with all those cities is Muslims and, well, I won’t say. But all those cities are unstable because of these populations: they cause most of the crime and do most of the rioting. Simply, it would not be the same if those cities were being filled with white Europeans and smart Asians.

        • Frank Thoughts,
          Umm could you mean . . . ummm . . . ummm . . black people?

          • Hmmm???!

            I like evidence alone. I like facts. So, I like to look at populations who have gone through a crisis and how they react and how quickly they bounce back. And evidence is not flattering to certain populations. While some people take the hit and come back with gusto and positivity, other groups riot, do drive-by shootings, sell drugs, steal, etc.

            Some populations, their women make cup cakes, dress pretty, smile and invite people back to the area; other cultures, posture, sling insults, talk about ‘white privilege’ bringing them down, produce disgusting music full of hate and swearing, and there is nothing beautiful or admirable coming out of there. In short, nobody has ever felt moving to those neighborhoods would be desirable or aspirational. And so they rot and never recover.

            • So true, Frank.

      8. The article says don’t be caught there when the shtf. I suggest that those are the places that you should be when the shtf. Fight them there or fight them in your own back yard? Entomb them in those nasty cities. Don’t let them out.

      9. Hey, Mac! You forgot to list the bankrupt (financially and morally) People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago! I’m really disappointed to see where I currently live didn’t make the list… hey, we have EARNED the un-right to be on that list!!

      10. Go up on Utube and type in the most dangerous cities in the usa. Get an eyeful.

      11. I knew there was a reason why God moved me and mine to this small town 30 years ago…..away from Denver

      12. Think twice if you think the occupier of a white house will be of any use.

      13. How are y’all able to read the writing on that graphic? It’s so tiny

        • Sorry, but that image was difficult to read even at full size (follow link for original source). I tried to address every detail I could from the info the graphic had, skipping over some detail about places abroad that we don’t tend to focus on. The best thing going for this graphic was the geographical breakdown, and addressing the larger questions that probably affect every major city. That’s what I took out of it. Obviously those that are already in unstable regimes tend worse, but the pressures of economics and immigrations are overwhelming even rich western democracies.

      14. It’s hard to read some of the comments because I am black and I am screwed no matter what. Why do I say that? Well, because I am a black female in my 40s, voted for Bush/Cheney way back when, was on the Republican Women’s Committee at one time in my state and did not and would not ever vote for Obama. He is/was against everything I believe in. I was a Ted Cruz supporter but voted for Trump when Cruz didn’t get the nomination. So, I often think about getting out of dodge. Cause my husband is white and I fear for him cause of all the racism and hate coming from black people. But then where to? Idaho was on the list but if you see me coming you are thinking I am the enemy. And I am not! I love America, believe in the right to carry, believe in the Constitution and I have a wonderful life! I was a Pharmaceutical Rep and left that career to be a stay-home, homeschooling Mom. I am raising my children to love our country and to learn about the Constitutional Republic that we are or were. I am sad that now I don’t feel safe anywhere anymore on either side. We have been looking for a BOL, but I don’t know where to go. I think people who really love the US and our constitution are the conservatives who would see me as a person. It’s the liberals that worry me. Anyway, sorry for the rant. Just wanted you to know there are some black people who don’t live in in the inner city, don’t want handouts, don’t like rap music (I prefer Christian), don’t like liberal policies, always vote conservative, don’t like the moral decline of our nation or the immigration issue and want a wall built and certainly I am upset about the refugee craziness and never thought I would ever see someone in a Birka at TJ Maxx and someone who thinks Reagan was one of the best Presidents ever. God bless everyone and be safe.

        • You can come to northeastern NC. Our church membership includes black families and mixed families. You wouldn’t look out of place here.

          Unrelated, but I met a guy at the grocery store a couple of days ago who was checking out prices at the meat counter. He said that he hadn’t bought any in years, as he kills enough deer and bears to keep his freezers full.

          • Thanks

        • I am Screwed


          Yes there has been plenty of terrible words expressed here because we are angry. I would advise you to be defensive in your actions to protect your home and family. If the fear is that bad then do what you have to do and do your research before you commit.

          I seriously do not think you will be OUT and ABOUT causing trouble. I am not going out to look for any trouble either. Yet there is the 1% idiots that are going for the thrill from our side and they are just as guilty as the rest who do harm.

          I live in a multi inter racial neighborhood, lower income/renters, and we do have some problems. I do respect other peoples property and for the most part they respect mine. I don’t expect to harm anyone unless they pose a threat to me.
          I know it is not easy, but wish you luck.

          • Yes, we will be standing our ground. We are ready and continue to get ready. But when you have young children you just really get worried.

        • Don’t know what kind of weather you can handle, but anywhere in wisconsin would welcome you. Just stay away from Madison or Milwaukee. We have plenty of land, woods, and water. And a side benefit, when the shtf, no-one is going to be going north.

          • I think I replied thanks to you. But if not thanks!

        • I am screwed:
          Yes, you are. Actually, it is your husband who is screwed.

          During the riots blacks don’t ask white people about their position with regard to race. Blacks mindlessly attack everyone that they perceive as white.

          You seem like a perfectly nice woman, but if you really loved the man you married, you would have remained his friend, platonic friend. You would have encouraged him to date women of his own race. And you would have dated black men.

          I realize that there is a shortage of successful descent black males. I realize it is harder for a black woman to marry a black doctor or black executive who can support her, allowing her to live the good life, stay home with her kids, and not work. The competition for these black men is great among black women. And most black men who are successful want white women. Which stinks for whites and blacks.

          I’m not going to say that black women are gold diggers; but I will say that a black man who was a friend of mine, told me that the reason most black women date white men is money. He said it is an open secret in the black community dating back to slavery.

          There is a saying, “No one is freer than a white man or a black woman.” As you know, this refers to the fact that a black slave woman who became the object of the plantation owners love, was the undisputed “power behind the throne”. She ran the other slaves and therefore, by proxie, the plantation itself.

          Although Hollywood depicts slavery in America as all beatings, lynchings, and abused black victims; the population of blacks flourished. The numbers of blacks rose from a few thousand to millions. This could only happen in a state of relative prosperity for black people. For the most part black slaves ate well, worked in the fields and lived in a cabin that was a mansion compared to the straw hut they lived in in Africa.

          Sure there were abuses and rapes, but most of the stories of rape are exaggerated. Black women as slaves competed for the attention of rich white plantation owners the way women compete for the attention of rock stars now a days.

          Good luck to you. But I do not condone your choice or that of your husband.

          __ may be France in Europe if you can’t find some place safe in the US.


          • Wow, now I am really glad that I left CA. I was sharing my love for this country and you have me a history lesson. LOL! Well, first of all I am not a evolutionist, I believe in God and He made One race, the human race. So, I married the man I fell in love with. Plus, my Mom raised me to love all people. Her best friends were many ethnicities and so are mine. #2, Wow, you make a lot of assumptions about income. Did you not read that I was a former Pharmaceutical Sales Rep? I made more money than my hubby when we met. I was making 6 figures. I am College educated he is not. He was a stay-home Dad for awhile. Then, we decided that I should be home with our children and took a major income loss. I am thankful today, after many, many years that he is finally being rewarded financially for his 30+ years in his field and now we live quite well on his income. Anyway, I won’t address the rest of your chatter. You are angry and scared and you should be. The world and our country is crazy today. And uh, last time I checked France and Europe were crawling with Muslim refugees. Thanks for suggesting that my Christian family should move there. ? Anyway, thanks for the article. I do wish the list was just of the US. I think we’ll stay out here in TX. So far it’s the friendliest place we have been for our family.

            • There is a great book called Nature Knows No Color….i forget the authors name. I have the bk somewhere packed away. It talks about white man decended from the black race, and thousands of yrs ago white man was living in caves and the black race was more civilized! Maybe someone can find that book. It was very well written.

        • @I AM

          Thanks for your thoughtful reply. It is appreciated when people show that they are not part of some ridiculous stereotype. Yes, there may well be a lot of folks who do fit it but we need to look at people as individuals and not as this or that group. I’d be proud to have you as a neighbor and a friend. There are a lot of people out there I can’t say that about and their color is a lot less important to me than their attitudes and actions. Blessings to you and your family, wherever you decide to go.

        • Mrs. I Am Screwed,

          You will be fine. Sounds like you have good head on your shoulders. So you will figure it out. I was stationed in Idaho years back.

          PLEASE Don’t believe all the Racist stuff you hear about Idaho. It is media BS.
          No, there are not many black people there. That part is true.
          But the ones that are there are regular normal people like yourself.

          They work. Go to church. Raise their children. Are good neighbors. Well accepted within the community. This was my experience. Very few black thugs. More white trash and welfare whites in Idaho than blacks in same circumstance.

          I believe you would make friends in Idaho or anywhere, and be accepted just fine. Let people know you are a good person and you would have many more friends than I ever would. Eagle Idaho and Boise are nice. At least used to be?

          My hat off to you for putting up with knuckle heads on this site. Some of these racist clowns have too much time on their hands. I’m not even sure they really believe the BS they spout out. Maybe the just want a reaction or to get a rise?

          Any way. Glad you are here. Hope you find some useful info among the clutter.
          You are not screwed. You will do well. I can tell.

      15. Demographically the established large cities are almost all carryovers of the US manufacturing past. Some have adapted but most have suffered economically as employment fled overseas. The greater percentage of former manufacturing the greater the decline with Detroit being the poster child. I didn’t like visiting relatives in blue collar NE Philadelphia in the 1960s when things were good. Fishtown, Port Richmond, and Kensington are now just a step from Germantown and West Phila. There are still several bloc areas in South Phila that are relatively safe with Vito, Guido and Vinny on the same street corner their grandparents stood at.

        No large city is good in my opinion.

        • Maybe.,for those still in Philly…might want to head up to Valley Green.,cross the Wissahickon and your in some pretty defensible country.

          • Sorry…it’s Valley Green…

            • Awwwgeeze…I did say Valley Green…scotch and soda please.

      16. I’LL stick it out in S.W. Florida with all my redneck friends, Proud to be one and to know them, We don’t take shit but sure can give it.I for one will die on my feet.

      17. Remember if you don’t have enough food or the means to get it, to last awhile you are going to be hurting quickly if things collapse.

      18. Civilization is only a thin cover over humans natural barbaric state.

      19. Useless. Can’t read the graphic.

      20. wow J.A.F.A.land (auckland) made it on the list,
        I am not surprised they are in general self centered annoying morons, that think they own and control everywhere else.
        the only thing that we can hope for is that the volcanic field that the city is built on becomes active.
        but honestly they are more of a problem to the rest of the country.

      21. I realy wish I had the finances to move to the US, buy a heap of land in Montana live out my days with an American woman (the accent..), sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, M1A on my lap and a few dogs to keep us company. But that requires money. Old folks in my area think I’m American, heck I was told by a bloke from Idaho I have a thick Montanan accent, never even left Australia.
        Alas, I feel the list is incorrect with Sydney AU. Pretty much the entire southern region of greater Sydney is Islamic folk who don’t speak English, a damn tinderbox in dry forrest. I remember reading a story when a drunk got followed home and beaten and whipped for not following Sharia law, he wasn’t even one of them. Here if you call folks out for their “muh religion of peace” bs you get bombarded with “that’s hate speech, apologise, that’s not fact despite it happening” kind of crap.

        Hope ya’ll are doing well.

      22. Living in the boonies is great until your stockpiled fossil fuels run out. Good luck with that.

        • When my fosil fuel runs out. And after the 90% die off. I will use steam engines, Wood gassifier and wind and water power. Its simple to convert a lawnmower engine to run on steam. I might have some draft animals also? Living on hoarded supplies isn’t survival it enduring.

        • I moved out of the city 16 yrs ago becuz the gas company turned off my gas and i froze in winter. In summer the water company turned off my water for 3 months. I would rather be in the country with a woodstove and well than live in the city and lose my heat and my water.

      23. You folks are still all thinking about jobs & income. There are no safe places. Bad folks are everywhere and of every race & religion. when the electric grid is no more and theres no food in the grocery stores and no checks come in the mail. Then what are you going to do? Someone of your very own race who is now your friend will not hesitate to kill you if they are hungry. Your off grid preps make you a target. your full belly makes you a Target. Those PM,s will purchase your death. It will very quickly revert to a stone age existence.

      24. OMG!!! We’re all gonna DIE!!!

      25. The big cities will be are destroyed by de grow inaceptable population and the imposible financial necesities, the same population will destroyed the big cities and the imparable inmigarations,will be ocasioned a lot disturbs inconteneibols for de policemans and de militaris forces, that cities will be :

        New- York, London, Paris, Tokio, City of Mexico, Manila, Chicago, Pekin, Nan-Kim, Berlin, In general all áfrica, Melburne, Jalalabad, and all big cities of india.

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