2020: The Lowest Solar Activity In Over 200 Years

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Headline News | 81 comments

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    As we move further into 2020, solar activity dwindles.  This year, solar activity will be marked as the lowest in over 200 years. The low in the sun’s 11-year cycle will also have at least some repercussions for the climate here on Earth.

    On December 20, 2019, Iceland received one of the largest snow storms in its history. The so-called “10-year storm,” brought winds of 100 miles per hour (161 km/h), with one weather station reporting gusts of up to 149 mph (240 km/h), according to a report by Interesting Engineering. 

    Iceland’s, Europe’s and North America’s weather have historically been tied to the sunspot activity of the Sun. According to NASA, in 2020, the Sun, which is currently in solar cycle number 25, will reach its lowest activity in over 200 years. That means “space weather” will be favorable for exploration beyond Eart, yet it could also very well mean we should prepare for odd or different weather patterns.

    Why Are Volcanoes All Over The Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds Of Ash Miles Into The Air?

    The solar cycle is a periodic 11-year fluctuation in the Sun’s magnetic field, during which its North and South poles trade places. This has an enormous effect on the number and size of sunspots, the level of solar radiation, and the ejection of solar material comprised of flares and coronal loops. –Interesting Engineering. 

    When solar activity gets really low, it can have the effect of a “mini ice age.” The period between 1645 and 1715 was marked by a prolonged sunspot minimum, and this corresponded to a downturn in temperatures in Europe and North America. Named after astronomers Edward Maunder and his wife Annie Russell Maunder, this period became known as the Maunder Minimum. It is also known as “The Little Ice Age.”


    Scientists Warn: PREPARE NOW For A Mini ICE AGE As The Sun Cools

    Predictions for solar cycle #25 made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), NASA and the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) anticipate a deep minimum and a maximum that will occur between the years 2023 and 2026. During that maximum, they predict the Sun will have between 95 and 130 sunspots.


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      1. Yes, we are entering a 400+ year GSM, like the Maunder Minimum. We are also at the tail end of this current interglacial(inter-stadial), and will soon be entering another 100,000 year glaciation phase of this current 2.58my ice age, the Pleistocene.
        And we are doing absolutely nothing to prepare for it. Look for at least 2bn people to die of starvation as a result. As southern land becomes more valuable, there will be wars over this land, with Africa being a huge war zone. Fortunately, N.America will have less of a problem, as long as civilization doesn’t totally break down.

        • John, most people are unaware that we have been in an ice age for over 2 million years. Since the end of the last glacial period sea levels have risen by 120 meters. Only a very small percentage of that increase has occurred in the last 8,000 years. The intensity of the sun is the largest factor, but the tilt of the earth (wobble), eccentricity of Earth’s orbit (caused by gas giants), volcanism, ocean currents, and greenhouse gases all play a role. 520M years ago CO2 levels were 8,000 PPM. 170M years ago they were down to 3,000 PPM. Since then they have plummeted to less than 400 PPM. Man’s input to the above facts is basically zero. Mankind has no practical why to prevent climate change on Earth. Sad but true.


            • The bible says no such thing.

              • Well….the NKJ version apparently says the following FWIW…

                “”Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.””

              • Isaiah 30:26

        • What happen to global warming?

          • Interest has cooled on the topic.

            • That one got me. I just laughed like a fool in the airport. Thank you.

          • Global warming is a political meme created so the population can be controlled. See the UN’s Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. You have been lied to and the intent of the UN is to decrease the world’s population. If you need to catch up I recommend reading David Icke’s books The Trigger and Everything You Need To Know But Haven’t Been Told.

        • who cares ?


          • If the Bible predicts this, then state the book, chapter, and verse. Otherwise, stop with your foolishness!

            • Well….the NKJ version apparently says the following FWIW…

              “”Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the LORD bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.””

            • Isaiah 30:26

          • The life-cycle of a star is opposite to what we are told. It starts as a red giant and ends up as a blue star. This is due to the cosmic dust it absorbs. Imagine the colours an iron bar goes through when it is heated by a gas torch.
            The process is explained in this paper. conscioushugs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Geoengineering-Phoenix-III-Daniel-Revised-2015-04-03.pdf

        • I’m sure people in Australia will be delighted to hear this news

        • This will be a real hazard to those who are moving to what is being called The American Redoubt; Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, Idaho, and Wyoming.
          I’m not leaving the relative warmth of the South in the Good ole state of Mississippi.

      2. All this is happening because of all those plastic bags that man discards have found there way into the sun. Not only that but because man has continued to burn fossil fuels of which those gasses are being drawn into the sun and clogging the sun’s atmosphere with unburnable gasses.

        • Lol

        • Why is it bad that we do what we can to prevent harming the environment?

          • Homo Sapiens have no discernible effect on the weather.

            • “Homo Sapiens have no discernible effect on the weather.”.

              You know… if it weren’t for cyanobacteria, we wouldn’t be reading your ridiculous posts.

              • It’s nice to know you identify with and speak for all cyanobacteria of the world.

          • Harming the environment and affecting the global climate are two distinct things – humans can manage the effects on the first one, but the latter is completely out of our hands (especially using the pointless charade of limiting atmospheric carbon).

          • It is harming the environment to reduce CO2 to it’s lowest level in 600 million years.

          • It’s not. We should all do what we can. I’m a conservative, yet when I walk down the street I pick up litter on the sidewalk and drop it in a trash can. When I do this with my liberal friends they just kind of shrug of what I’m doing. I think solar panels are great and we need to make them better. But when a politician like Barack Obama destroys the lives of 10s of thousands of coal miners and their families by basically outlawing their occupations, simply because he disapproves of coal. That’s where I draw the line. He flies around in a 747 private jet but decides coal miners should go on food stamps – Criminal.

        • not to worry that nordic teenager is gonna go to the sun in an uber and whine a little stomp her feet a bit and tghen speak at a star5v trek convention in australia , all will be right

        • Thanks Greta

      3. In 1988 six million acres of the rain forest burned. It was that hot and dry. It happens about every twelve years which happens to follow the sun’s solar cycle of peak activity. Yes the next cycle of droughts and hot weather will peak in 2024. 4 more years of mild temperatures.

      4. Earth is shrinking due to less energy input. Volcanoes are popping like pimples from Earths shrinkage.

        • Hey, let’s not talk about Earth’s shrinkage. It has been an unseasonably cold winter, and Earth was just in the pool …

          • Earth has a bad case of Lake Weenie.

      5. “Mommie, Can We Play Obombie Truth Origami” > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com > human CO2 has ZERO impact on climate

      6. It is the sun that controls the climate on earth and the warmth of the oceans, anything else is just a conspiracy theory, but the climate fans will say the few extra molecules of CO2 per cubic meter will spell doomsday on earth.

      7. Captain Picard will save us after he destroys evil POTUS.

      8. 1816 HARBINGER

        What caused the tragic cold summer of 1816? Some theories say it was a series of volcanic eruptions occurring during the winter of 1815; including Mt. Tambora in Indonesia, which is believed to be the largest eruption of the last 1,800 years. It spewed a cloud of fine ash and dust into the stratosphere, where it insulated the earth from vital heat and light of the sun, resulting in a cooling effect throughout the Northern Hemisphere. The ash gave the sky a dingy yellow tinge for years in many regions. A cold summer like this has yet to repeat. Social engineers today ignore any such threat and like to give an outlook much more upbeat and enjoyable than the traumatic prospects of year-around winter.

        1816, has many names, “the poverty year” or “froze-to-death year”, etc. 1816 was a year without a summer across the Northern Hemisphere. It hit North America, Northern Europe and Asia; it was an exceptionally cold summer, with killing frosts in July and August that crippled food production. There were crop failures, food shortages, rioting, and then lawless looting occurring throughout Europe.

        America’s New England area and Canada endured people frozen to death, starved, or suffering from severe malnutrition. Late storms brought a foot or more of snow in May and June. Many people moved and 1816 is credited as being a major catalyst for westward expansion of the United States.
        The northeastern section of the U.S. continent was hit hard, but southern states experienced very severe cold. On July 4th the high temperature in Savannah, Georgia, was 46°F; as far south as Pennsylvania lakes and rivers were frozen over during all of July and August.

        Moving forward to today, 2020, we’ve entered another Solar Grand Minimum; similar to the Maunder Grand Minimum of the 1640’s – 1700’s. Global Warming proponents say this isn’t so but current solar activities are at their lowest in over 250 years.

        The 206-year Grand Solar Minimum cycle was the cause of the 1816 increased volcanic activity and people had better take note because we are now experiencing this event again. The pattern repeats every 206 years when the surface of the sun cools slightly. It is part of nature, so please be prepared (1816 + 206 = 2022). Each year from 2016 through 2021 spring cold will get worse from one year to the next …then it’s 2022, a “cold year without a Spring & Summer”…or possibly WORSE.

        Smartphone texting types will NOT survive. Had a catastrophe like this occurred in the 1940s or 50s those folks could survive, they were tenacious, tough, sinew-hardened, people. People today are lazy, weak, soft, and obese. I’m from the 1947 era (I’m 72), and I’m prepared. Laugh if you want, but as sayings go; it’s best to be prepared and thought a fool, rather than not prepare and be proven a fool.

        I think what’s unfolding can be correlated. Look back on what has been happening over the past few years during March through April? Late winter Polar Vortex attacks; always pushing spring away and then it disappears. Gradually, as a carryover from these repeated losses of spring, cold will spill into summer. It’s either that or we get a total reversal where the polar vortex relents and gives back our spring season with warm days and nights for green growth.

        The question nobody asks is WHAT spring weather was like in years preceding 1816. Were annual spring’s pushed away by a pulsing polar vortex? What were the springs of 1810 through 1815 like; do they mimic what we’re experiencing? If they correlate then it’s a sign and warning of what to expect.

        Fact review and outlook:

        2016: Late April warm air didn’t come with spring; dandelions delayed along with grass. Daytime temperatures were not between 60° to 70°. In 2016, the polar vortex event happened during April. That polar vortex killed warmer temperatures we usually enjoy as spring, instead it replaced temperatures with 25° to 50° during the day, and much colder temperatures at night, much like what happened in 1816, about 200 years ago, 2016 to me was the start of years without spring’s.

        2017: It could be called “another year without spring”. On March 14th, we had a major snowstorm (with a cold polar vortex), and the first day of spring was only a week away. Temperatures were in the below-zero range and I thought hopefully nothing like that will happen in April, or in May; if it were to happen, kiss spring, and warm temperatures goodbye, and maybe goodbye summer, too. Gardens were very poor in 2017 and an early frost ended the growing season abruptly.

        2018: February & March had unseasonably cold weather combined with a late winter polar vortex event. We had a very cool summer, and seeds were difficult to germinate because the earth didn’t dry and temperatures didn’t warm enough until the third planting attempt. The growing season was also shortened, meaning another poor year.

        2019: We experienced an intense weird weather system (February & March) bringing abnormal late winter snow storms connected to a super-cold & stalled polar vortex. It may delay summer and radically shorten growing seasons; I hope for a viable hay crop. If you have livestock, plan for NO crops in 2022; stockpile extra hay for at least 1-year; stockpile 50% for each of the next two years, of what you normally use; as a set-aside safety net for any 2022 collapse. This feat also assumes 2023 will not continue to be devastating.

        2020: Sadly, volcanoes and earthquakes are the developing incremental pattern that can influence devastating late winter weather and worsening growing seasons, crops will loose warm weather and any hay production may be limited. Fodder & food prices may increase vividly due to scarcity.

        2021: Without a turnaround gardens and crops debase further due to an approaching “missing spring/summer” of 2022?

        2022: A repeat of 1816; food shortages/social collapse; I’d rather not see this happen, but I’m no fool.

        2023: Outcome unknown …uncharted territory

        This is offered as food for thought. I hope I’m wrong, if I am, well a little extra animal fodder in reserve is always appreciated. Still, there may be a lesson here we have missed …combined Polar Vortex and extreme volcanic activity might be warning signs, like those of the 1816 tragedy.

        In 1816, I don’t believe anyone had thoughts about Polar Vortex impacts, let alone Volcanoes.

        Imagine our electric-dependent social-economic world turned OFF; all food and fuel gone. This could happen in 2022, or before, resulting with crazy desperation and ensuing chaos for FOOD.

        Bless you if you care,

        Chet Walker, M.P.A.


        Researcher Ben Davidson1 says when different types of SOLAR & EARTH cycles that regularly happen eventually ALL occur in UNISON (which happens once every 12,000 years) then that UNISON brings with it devastating, cataclysmic, and earth changing events.

        So, if his theory is valid (based on a 12,000 year UNISON occurrence) one only has to know when ONE of the solar cycles happens …as it will also then be in UNISON with the rest of the cycles.

        Hence, when the Grand Solar Minimum cycle occurs ALL CYCLES will happen due to UNISON.

        The last Grand Solar Minimum cycle occurred in 1816 + 206 [cycle years] = 2022); so, the 12,000 year UNISON of cycles will happen in the year 2022. I’m thinking sometime between April and June (correlated to the final movement of the North Pole and where it was 12,000 years ago) north of Alaska in Russia. The theory of this event is that it will happen and take place during ONE day, not taking weeks or years. Which day is anyone’s guess.


        1 Ben Davidson is a researcher, analyst and author is also the founder of the Suspicious Observers YouTube channel which specializes in the science of the space surrounding the Earth, the Sun and the Cosmos. WEBSITE: observatoryproject.com

        C2C AM Radio Show (April 3, 2019) Ben Davidson spoke about a coming catastrophic solar event.

        • should i cancel my plans for that day?

        • ben davidson is a hall of fame lineman, is that you ben

          • Was. He died. Probably because he spit on Radar.

          • Was, he died.

        • We live in northern Colorado at 9,000 feet.
          Last summer we had 10 inches of snow on June 22. That’s the latest significant snowfall on record here. We had to wear heavy coats to watch the 4th of July fireworks.

        • Thank you for this history and your insights. We know that the volcanic particulates from Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991(?) caused global cooling, for instance. We have had excessive spewing (some 70+? now ongoing – haven’t looked lately). That Greta has a daddy who writes her posts? See YT The Outer Light (Ed).

        • Thank you for this history and your insights. We know that the volcanic particulates from Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991(?) caused global cooling, for instance. We have had excessive spewing (some 70+? now ongoing – haven’t looked lately). That Greta has a daddy who writes her posts? See YT The Outer Light (Ed).

        • Very good summation, Chet. I have been following Ben and his cosmological analysis for years. He is a very bright man that is uniquely dedicated in his search for truth (as opposed to junk science, i.e.: dark matter, et al.). His recent cataclysm series was quite an eye opener once he backed those theories up with hard science. I agree with you and Ben. I think we’re in for a rough couple of years although Ben seems to think the micro nova event on the sun which scorched the planets 12,000 years ago or so will truly be the reset button for our civilization, not necessarily the union of the upcoming solar cycles (though they may be the trigger for the eventual solar micro nova event). Thank you for your input.

          Paul A. Saylor, PMP

        • great perspective. everyone needs to be preparing.

        • Hi Mr. Walker,
          Your post is fascinating and inspired our team to dig deeper into the subject. After doing some research, we’d like to talk with you about the Grand Solar Minimum for an upcoming newscast. This is definitely something our audience would be interested in.

          Here’s a link to Space Channel News

          DM us at [email protected]

      9. Everything is topsy-turvy, backward not forward, down not up. But when the poles flip it should be easier to find a place to be alone I would think.

      10. During the last solar min in 2008 which did not happen the Thermosphere colapsed according to NASA https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2010/15jul_thermosphere/. so now we are in a solar max 11 years later with no sun spots to speak of. And everyone is claiming that we (the people) are the cause of the climate change! I think Sun has a much larger role in what happens to the weather on this planet. Also have you noticed the raise in Melanoma (Skin Cancer) caused by to much radiation from the Sun. This is criminal that our environmental scientist have not warned people to cover because we no longer have protection from the Sun with no Thermosphere. From the NASA article the solar storms are what helps keep the Thermosphere inflated and with no new solar activity in sight it will be many years before it returns.
        Tell your friends and family to cover up before you venture out.

      11. Mankind has grossly over estimated his ability to affect the earth – espEcially over time. We are fleas on an elephant’s behind arguing over how to steer the elephant.

        • what elephant those are my legs said flea #1

      12. Eventually an Ice Age will come, and be the end of the world as we know it. Consider the NE USA, the ice was said to be about two miles thick. The mountains were rounded off by the ice scraping everything in it’s path to the sea. The coastal areas in many places like Long Island were built up as the glaciers melted, dropped debris at the waters edge. Not much man made would be left after another ice age.

        • i’m gonna hunker down and wait it out , see you in the thaw

      13. Fake Science. The Sun is a bit player. To appreciate what is really happening to the climate, one must absorb what the media has been preaching, as well as Al Gore, Little Greta and their allies.

        • Doesn’t the sun make the heat? A bit player I think not. It all revolves around the sun.

        • Climate has varied widely for eons before recorded history, and well before mankind made its appearance on this earth, driving our evil and wasteful SUV’s.

          If all of our current climate woes are caused by man and his excesses, what accounts for numerous ice ages and warm periods prior to our appearance on the scene?

          I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume sarcasm was your goal, and that you are not a fatheaded fool, as support of Algore would assume.

      14. All across this globe, there are cities and human built structures that are now fully underwater but were once on dry land. The remains of ancient boats can be found all over the Sahara Desert today. Antarctica was once lush and green with the fossils of tropical plants found in rocks across that continent. It’s the weather people and nothing we do here on Earth is going to ever change that !

      15. DFW area – I have noticed changes in fall and spring here. Winter seems to come later each year (now Feb/March instead of Jan/Feb) and, although it used to rain for 6 weeks beginning in May and throughout June, now it rains for weeks in April/May and beginning of June. It also rains in September/October, which it never really did before. I’ve lived my whole life here in DFW area, and it seems to me that the weather is more like East Texas and much less like West Texas, which it always was when I was growing up. I’ve noticed that tornadoes are worse just a little east of Tornado Alley now — more in Missouri and Alabama, less in Oklahoma and Texas.Could the earth have shifted its axis and everything got pushed up a little?

        • .
          I’m 88 YO, was reared in Dallas (Highland Park), and have noticed the same things, all of them. … BTW, the north pole has started shifting rapidly E by NE, for some reason. … Also, as you probably already know, the weather on Mars and Earth runs in parallel, in accordance with sun spot activity. The fewer the sun spots, the greater the expansion of polar ice on both planets.

        • I don’t know about “axis,” but the magnetic poles are always shifting, and are doing so now in relatively big way.


        Global Warming is Dead

        The argument about global warming has morphed into climate change. This subtle shift was necessary because the warming as evidenced by satellite measurements has stopped since 1998, even while CO2 concentrations have continued to increase. It has become increasingly obvious CO2 is not driving the warming, the climate, or anything else.

        The hysteria about melting ice caps, sea level rise, stronger storms, droughts, floods, forest fires, etc., has not materialized:
        * ice continues to accumulate at record levels in the Antarctic wherein lies 90% of the world’s ice inventory. Meanwhile, the Arctic Ice Cap has survived decades of predictions of its demise.
        * sea level rise according to Nils-Axil Morner, the world’s leading authority on sea level change, has not changed at all.
        * annual accumulated cyclonic energy is at historical lows, as are the overall number and strength of hurricanes and tornadoes.
        * Droughts and floods continue their march in tune with oceanic oscillations, such as, La Ninas and the Indian Ocean Dipole.
        * Forest fire activity remains at the mercy of lightning strikes, underbrush stockpiles and interference with nature by humans.

        Climate Change has no Evidence

        There is not one piece of empirical evidence linking human activities to the climate – NOT ONE. The only arguments for climate change are anecdotes, computer projections, Hockey Sticks, and consensus.
        * Anecdotes are short, obscure historical or biographical accounts. Anecdotes cannot be traced to one another or anything else. Anecdotes are not proof.
        * Computer projections are Ludic fallacies based on dubious initial conditions. The computer projections have failed, because their only input is greenhouse gases. Computer projections are not proof.
        * Hockey Sticks are the cobbling together of two unrelated proxy data sets. These FrankenGraphs, which would have received an “F” in JHS science class 50 years ago, are incredibly embraced by many scientists today. Hockey Sticks are artificial fabrications, not proof.
        * Consensus is an opinion or position reached by a group as a whole. Millennia and centuries ago the consensus believed the Earth was the center of the Universe and Solar System. Consensus is not proof.

        To the contrary, there is abundant evidence proving the climate has changed often and sometimes violently, all without any human influence.

        The Historical Temperature Record

        For the last 600,000,000 years temperatures have hovered around 12C about 14% of the time, around 22C about 50% of the time, and somewhere in between 36% of the time. Right now we are at 14.5C, about 25% above the bottom of the historical range. (Ref: Dr. Christopher R. Scotese‘s PALEOMAP Project at http://www.scotese.com/climate.htm). We are no where near any temperature tipping point.

        The 0.4C rise in temperature since the Industrial Revolution (IR) pales in comparison to the 1.6C increase of the Medieval Warming Period (WP), the 2.5C increase of the Roman WP, and the 3.2C increase of the Minoan WP using the IR as a baseline. The average temperature has been declining for the last 6,000 years. (Alley, R.B. 2000, The Younger Dryas cold interval as viewed from central Greenland, Quaternary Science Reviews, 19:213-226.) We are at the very end of the present 10,500 year old Interglacial WP. After this comes about 90,000 years of snow, ice, advancing glaciers and incredible loss of life. Enjoy the warmth while you can.

        The Recent Temperature Record

        The temperature data for the last 100 years has been twisted and contorted by scientists to comply with the global warming agenda. Under the guise of ‘homogenizing’ data sets, NOAA has chopped off the cooler temperatures of the late 1800s, thus making trends afterwards look warmer. Also, the percentage of fake temperature measurement stations since 1993 has increased from 5% to 43%, over an 800% increase. A new fake station was created in Africa which helped conclude that 2016 was the warmest year ever. This fake science from fake data has created an ever-increasing temperature record, when the satellite data says since 1998 there has been no warming at all.

        The Historical CO2 Record

        About 550,000,000 years ago CO2 was 7,000 ppm and has wound it‘s way down to where it is today, near it’s historic low (Berner, R.A. and Z. Kothavala, 2001. GEOCARB III: A Revised Model of Atmospheric CO2 over Phanerozoic Time, American Journal of Science, v.301, pp.182-204, February 2001.) Below 100 ppm photosynthesis ceases. We are very close to the tipping point of Earth turning into a lifeless snowball with too little CO2 for plants to reproduce. On the other hand, plants thrive in nurseries kept at CO2 concentrations of 1,000 ppm. Thanks to recent CO2 increases, vegetation has increased 11% in arid areas of the world.

        The Recent CO2 Record

        The famous Mauna Loa CO2 measurements began in 1958, coincidentally at a historic low CO2 level of 315 ppm. In 1942 and again in 1822 CO2 was 440 ppm, 40 ppm higher than today. (Ernst-Georg Beck, 180 Years of Atmospheric CO2 Gas Analysis By Chemical Methods, Energy & Environment, Volume 18 No. 2, 2007, Fig. 2). For the last 1400 years there have been 6 distinctive cycles of CO2 concentration as registered in plant leaf stomata proxy data. Each cycle is about 230 years in duration with a 300 ppm minimum and 400 ppm maximum. As of 2016 400 ppm was reached, the top of the cycle. If history repeats, expect this deVries cycle to reverse and produce lower CO2 readings over the next 115 or so years. To say we are nearing runaway, irreversible global warming due to recent paltry CO2 increases is ludicrous.

        Temperatures and Fossil Fuel Use

        For the last 150 years there has not always been a correlation between fossil fuel use and temperature. Between 1940 and 1970 while CO2 increased, fossil fuel use leveled off and slightly decreased. (Klyashtorin and Lyubushim, Energy & Environment, Vol 14, No 6, Fig 1). So, for 30 years while less fossil fuel was burned, more CO2 was being generated. The question is: how can this be?

        Temperatures and Solar Irradiance

        There have been three global cooling and three global warming periods within the last 250 years. These periods all march to the tune of changing solar irradiance, not CO2 concentrations. (Douglas V. Hoyt and Kenneth H. Schatten, A Discussion of Plausible Solar Irradiance Variations, 1700-1992, Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 98, No. All, Pages 18,895-18,906, November 1, 1993). Isn’t the correlation obvious? It’s the Sun, not CO2.

        Greenhouse Gas Effect (GGE)

        Only 3.27% of all CO2 generated comes from man, the other 96.73% comes from nature. Only 0.001% of water vapor comes from man; the other 99.999% comes from nature. Water vapor by a factor of 26 has more of a spectral absorption bandwidth or GGE than does CO2. After adding the contributions of methane, nitrous oxide, and CFCs it turns out only 0.28% of the GGE comes from man, the other 99.72% comes from nature. If man ceased to exist, the reduction in the GGE would be one part out of 357, or barely noticeable.

        Planetary Mechanics – THE Driver of Climate Change

        Planetary mechanics is the study of orbiting celestial bodies, including changes to the solar system barycenter, spin orbit coupling, and changes in angular momentum. It is the very interaction of the motion of the planets, Sun and moon which dictate our climate and our weather. This isn’t theory. This is astrophysics. Jupiter, Venus and Earth are called the Tidal Planets for good reason. They control the Sun’s tide and its 11 year sunspot cycle. There are many harmonics of this basic 11 year Schwab cycle. There is the 22 year Hale magnetic cycle. There is the 44 year Solar Conveyor Belt cycle. Every 88 years there is the Gleisberg cycle – an amplitude modulation of Schwab cycles. There is the 230 deVries cycle. The 1,440 year Bond or Ice Debris Cycle. The 2,200 year Hallstadt Cycle.

        There are numerous other cycles built from combinations of solar, lunar and planetary cycles. Every 18 years there is the Lunar Tidal Cycle which corresponds to abundance cycles on Earth. About every 60 years there is the Pacific Decadal Oscillation cycle, the most powerful climate force on the planet.

        Then there is Uranus and Neptune (U-N) with their 178 year orbit beat cycle. The Sun also operates in 360 year cycles, a harmonic of the U-N cycle. Each 360 year cycle is composed of Regular Oscillations, followed by a Grand Solar Maximum, followed by a Grand Solar Minimum. This totally predictable 360 year cycle has resulted in the Oort, Sporer, Maunder, Dalton and other unnamed Minimums within the past two millennia. In 2009, we entered the next Grand Solar Minimum – the Landscheidt Minimum.

        This isn’t unfounded speculation. This is traceable, predictable planetary mechanics (Duhau and de Jager, The Forthcoming Grand Minimum of Solar Activity, Journal of Cosmology, 2010, Vol 8, 1983-1999). From this point forward be prepared for relentless colder winter temperatures which will reach bottom around 2040. Along the way there will be ever-increasing fuel scarcity, crop failures, food shortages, famines and loss of life of millions. The next Little Ice Age has begun. No amount of pithy CO2 increase is going to provide enough life-saving warmth.

        Planetary mechanics is the elephant in the room of climate change. The planets control the climate of the Sun which, combined with the Moon, control the climate on the Earth. CO2 is only a flea on the elephant’s ass coming along for the ride.

        Climate Change is Big Business

        The myth of global warming, climate change, climate change catastrophe or whatever they are calling it today – continues, because of the trillions of dollars that would be lost and millions of leaf-raking jobs eliminated, if this charade were to be exposed.
        * Banks and brokerage houses reap huge commissions from it.
        * Scam artists like Maurice Strong thrive on it, creating schemes like carbon trading which suck billions of dollars from consumers’ wallets.
        * Politicians need it to save us from imaginary hobgoblins and to justify tax increases to fund largesse programs that garner votes.
        * Scientists keep busy by grazing at the trough of free grant money made available, but only if it can be shown that man is the cause.
        * Corporations need it to sell cures for which there is no disease, and fatten up their bottom lines.
        * The alternative energy, Green Building and sustainability industries came into existence and thrive off of it.
        * The news media needs it to keep the frenzy going, the ratings up, and ad revenue coming in.
        * The United Nations needs it to forge its role as the leader in One World Governance.
        * Environmentalists, anti-industrialists, and other Communists need it in order to cut the legs out from underneath the evil, Capitalist United States and level the playing field for the world‘s less fortunate nations.

        This is the hideous symbiosis of individuals, groups, businesses and governments that need the myth of climate change kept alive for their very financial survival. They are not going to go away, so long as they can continue to mainline on the juice. It is time to yank the tube out of their arms.

        And one last thing: According to ice core records, the CO2 increases occur about 800 years AFTER the temperature increases. That is, CO2 doesn’t cause rising temperatures, rising water temperatures cause CO2 to gas out of solution from the world’s oceans into the atmosphere. CO2 is not a driver of climate. CO2 is a passenger.

        Get the facts visit:

      17. The article could be interpreted that the 54 year maunder minimum was the little ice age, when the little Ice age lasted for about 500 years. The so-called climate scientists claim that the medieval warm period did not exist, but there are crop records that show wine grapes being grown in So. England. So much wine was produced during this period that France imposed tariffs on English wine. The climate turned colder and wetter during the little Ice Age, and that ended the vineyards. You still can’t grow decent grapes in southern England today. Too wet and too cold to raise grapes. There is a reason all the climate alarmist charts start in 1850. That was the end of the little ice age and the beginning of a warming period that is now beginning to turn down again. Go back 1500 years and the trend line slopes down, not up. Start your chart in year 1100 and see where the line goes. They are just cherry picking the data and scaremongering.

      18. Denver used to receive September snow fairly often. It hasn’t snowed there in September in years while May snowfall has become much more common.

      19. I enjoy clean air and water, and I am sure everyone else does too. Why the Polar ice is rapidly melting, I do not know. And I am sure the scientist still do not understand what is happening. Hopefully, the solar minimum, described above will reverse the trend. As for cleaning up pollution, (air, ocean, land) I believe that capitalist/entrepreneurs are in the best position to clean up the environment. Also, government should lead with basic research and incentives (laws: environmental and tax) which provide a financial environment for private industry to clean up the planet and earn a profit while doing so.

        As for clean energy, solar, wind and hydro power are O.K. but we need more. A hydrogen fuel economy could be the main source. (Unfortunately nuclear power has a bad reputation. Because, breeder reactors which can extract up to 90 per cent of the fuel energy coupled with desalination of water and generation of hydrogen could supply the large quantities of energy required by modern society). Electric cars will produce less pollution but will at the same time require tremendous quantities of electrical energy. As for other uses of energy (especially heating and cooling) efficiencies need to be greatly improved. Electrical lighting, for example, has evolved from 154 watts per fixture (old style florescent bulbs) to 18 watts per fixture using new LED bulbs.

        These are just a few items for discussion and consideration.

      20. Obviously, it is Trump’s fault.

      21. BUT, … BUT, … BUT, … what about Global Warming, … er, … Climate Change that all the Libs are so exercised about?

        Could it be that the Marxist Left is so screwed-up they still haven’t caught on that it’s just a big scam, and CO2 is actually good for the planet?

      22. It must be because I drive an SUV and use fossil fuels.

      23. We are so screwed.

      24. Arthur Harvey (not Erlend> My take on the coming election: 1. Trump’s election was a fluke of the electoral college, and very unlikely to be repeated, no matter which Democrat is nominated. Still, it makes sense to weigh the various issues and personalities most likely to win not only the Presidency but the Senate as well. The Drudge Report measured the reactions of (mostly right-wing) readers to the debate outcome yesterday. The three older war-horses gathered 42 % of the votes, while the three younger ones got 58%—Klobuchar, mayor Pete, and Steyer. I surmise that if the Democrats can present a younger, moderate slate they will have a landslide. So let’s get two of these three on the same ticket, with maybe the third slated to be in the President’s cabinet.

      25. I for one welcome our new ice overlords!

      26. And that liar said the world was burning up. What a LIAR he was and caused many businesses a lot of trouble over his BIG FAT lie.

        Why is he not SUED for every penny he made??

      27. The sun provides by far the most energy but
        the earth itself also generates heat internally by way of fission this heat is radiating off the surface of the planet into space we are basically sitting on top of a massive nuke reactor.
        This also combined with fluid metal and rotation generates our magnetic field that protects us from the suns plasma and radiation that would unchecked strip the oceans and water vapor off our planet.
        We are in a sweet spot for life in this solar system.
        I think Its unlikely as the fleas that we are that we can make any changes to this system.

      28. Man is ignorant and arrogant to think he can change or manage nature. The sun will do what it does, the Earth will do what it does and man can do nothing about it. Our time on Earth may indeed be drawing to a close.

      29. Lol, y’all are some amazingly scientifically ignorant dolts. Anyone with a basic understanding of physics can do the scale analysis m of solar forcing versus anthropogenic radiative forcing and see what a bunch of nonsense this is. Good luck with the next ice age, the rest of us actually understand grade school science, lol.

        • I suggest you read some scientific reports released by none other than NASA. I haven’t seen this talked about really, but with reduced solar.activity there is an increase in cosmic radiation.

          “In 2009, cosmic ray intensities have increased 19% beyond anything we’ve seen in the past 50 years,” says Richard Mewaldt of Caltech. “The increase is significant, and it could mean we need to re-think how much radiation shielding astronauts take with them on deep-space missions.”

          As of 2019 the levels of cosmic radiation were about on par with 2009. Since this year should be solar minimum as it was in 2009, it’s likely we exceed 2009 levels. Increased cosmic radiation means more cloud formation causing a thermal blanket effect.for the surface while cooling the troposphere due to solar radiation reflection. In addition to this, increased cosmic radiation leads to.more unstable.weather patterns and is contributing to the unstable polar vortex that allows for plunging very cold air to spill further south than usual.
          I suspect it’s the increased cosmic radiation that is leading to the polar ice caps melting.
          But they do know it’s some sort of cosmic ray—a high-energy particle that’s blasted its way through space, into the Earth, and back out again.

          As these cosmic Ray’s blast through the earth its causing melting of the pole regions FROM BENEATH. Since this was first discovered in 2016 it has only grown more in intensity.

          Essentially there’s a reason so much money is flooding into the space industry right now and the US created a space force.

          One last thing, they’ve recently disclosed that violent solar storms are occurring closer to earth than anyone thought. This means space weather can impact objects in medium earth orbit. It’s no wonder Elon Musk is deploying satellites in low earth orbit.

          The spectacular solar storms that paint the polar skies in beautiful greens and pinks have a darker side: They have the power to wreak havoc on our electrical grid, communication systems and satellites. Now, a new study suggests that the source of these solar storms is much closer to our planet than previously thought.




      30. Don’t you know that the low solar activity is caused by climate change?

      31. Yu see. Tha’ts why you are g etting irrevelant. You don’t post my cmment.

      32. Never mind. I saw that you posted it when I did a reload. Funny checked twice yestreday and neer saw it.

      33. 80 percent of the pollution ruining our ocean and air is coming from China, India and Indonesia. Suspicious Observers you tube and the web site agree with the article and man’s influence on climate change appears to be infinitesimal. Polution of the land sea and air needs to be cleaned up and water and crops need to be depesticixded and deherbicided to better care for world health. Genicidal groups who are pushing cap and trade life corrupt governments and the largest body of corrupt governments, the UN, need to stop their new world order, genicidal path and leave nations and mankind alone as we will actually solve the problems not make them worse.
        As a global collection of sovereign nations we need to reject crony capitalism but not replace it with socialism which is
        actually post modernist, Marxist/leninist communism. No there has never been a utopia only human death and suffering wrought by so called socialism/communism. Ask the Russian or the people of China, Venusuala,etc..
        So mankind we need to start preparing for the worst, creating an honest capitalism with real money by rejecting counterfeit,debt added fiat money, getting rid of fractional reserve banking, and dumping the fed and recreating national banking and gold and silver backed, privacy assured money.
        We should also look into ending fraud, wars, and acting in concert to usher in an era of global cooperation and pool our research to actually solve mankind largest problems without the influence of those who would control us. We, as a species can find our way for the good of us all.

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