2016 Selection: 1/3 of All Campaign Donations Funded by Just 60 Elite Individuals

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 93 comments

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    Campaign finance reform ain’t gonna cut it.

    New SuperPAC rules have erased the limits on cash that donors can give to candidates, allowing the massive amounts of money to pile up even quicker.

    Moreover, the political donations are very revealing. There is no doubt that the will of the people has been sidelined in favor of the biggest pockets.

    Fewer and fewer individuals are underwriting the costs of campaigns, and making it a prerequisite to get cozy with big corporate donors, and edging out the influence of the every man.

    The Associated Press just reviewed the donations so far for the 2016 presidential cycle, and found stunning results – that just 60 individuals have given more than a third of the total money so far:

    An Associated Press analysis of fundraising reports filed with federal regulators through Friday found that nearly 60 donations of a million dollars or more accounted for about a third of the more than $380 million brought in so far for the 2016 presidential election. Donors who gave at least $100,000 account for about half of all donations so far to candidates’ presidential committees and the super PACs that support them.

    Already, the 2016 campaign has approached the half a billion dollar mark, and we are nowhere near the primaries, let alone the general election, which is warming up to be a record-setting massive cost – and it can’t be good for “democracy.”

    Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz is so far a good example of the difference that is playing out between traditional campaigning – where he it took three months of schmoozing and begging to raise about $10 million – versus the new power of SuperPACs to provide instant, major backing for choice candidates:

    It took Ted Cruz three months to raise $10 million for his campaign for president, a springtime sprint of $1,000-per-plate dinners, hundreds of handshakes and a stream of emails asking supporters to chip in a few bucks.

    One check, from one donor, topped those results.

    New York hedge fund magnate Robert Mercer’s $11 million gift to a group backing the Texas Republican’s White House bid put him atop a tiny group of millionaires and billionaires whose contributions already dwarf those made by the tens of thousands of people who have given to their favorite presidential candidate.

    The other candidates are on a similar track.

    Michael Krieger at LibertyBlitzkrieg raised a similar concern with his recent article: American Oligarchy – 400 Families Represent 50% of Money Raised by 2016 Presidential Candidates Thus Far.

    He points out the looming question surrounding oligarchy and our so-called “elections,” which operate much more like “selections” by the elite:

    I’ve noticed more and more people publicly admitting that the U.S. in nothing more than an oligarchy. Even former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said it last week.

    Meanwhile, just today, I came across the latest shocking proof of how bought and paid for “our” political system really is. We find out from the New York Times, that only 400 families account for nearly half of all spending on the 2016 Presidential election so far. The Dark Ages almost look democratic by comparison.

    The NY Times added:

    To peruse the top donors in presidential politics is to take a cross section of the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans. At least 67 are billionaires or married to one, according to Forbes.

    Even a Princeton/Northwestern study admitted that democracy has been reduced to illusion:

    Our analyses suggest that majorities of the American public actually have little influence over the policies our government adopts… if policymaking is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, then America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened.

    Is the system broken enough for you yet?

    Yes, we are a Constitutional Republic, but without a healthy democratic spirit in elections and public discourse, shortcuts are taken by those in power, the oligarchy dominates, people are turned against each other over petty issues, and our rights are reduced to char.


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      1. Wont stop me from exercising my civic duty to vote.
        I will not allow the idea of “rigged” or “useless” elections sway me .
        If we all just quit participating , they win by default.
        Let your wishes be known and then fight to see that those wishes are upheld.
        Just sitting home dont solve a damn thing.

        • That is not the answer. The answer is to stop Election Fraud.


          The Militia. Hopefully you have read the US Constitution. The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:

          — Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
          — Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
          — Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
          — “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

          Our elections are required to be honest and the people to have a voice.

          Oh, by now you should realize that the Militia is the people. “A well regulated Militia” is the people trained to the congress’ military specifications for military personnel. That is why those that SERVE WITHIN our governments are going after the vets. They are the LAWFUL constitutionally REQUIRED Militia who can do the required constitutional duties, but are also able to train the rest of the people.

          • CAL, I think we are on the same page here.Let your wishes be “known and then fight to see that those wishes are upheld”.

            I was talkin about election fraud , vote and see it through.

            This is why i have always volunteered at my voting precinct
            and stay heavily involved in all matters local.

            • I wish this article, or one of the link had itemized EXACTLY who donated how much to whom. I’m only guessing, but I figure the people with the least billionaire backers are Trump and Sanders.

              Trump, because he don’t need their stinkin’ money, and Sanders, because I think I read about that somewhere else.

              That means everyone else may be bought already. We already know for sure hillary and jebbie-boy are superpac neocons.

              I hear Rand Paul has some Israeli backers. Anybody know for sure?

              • The good news is “The List” isn’t all that long. We just eventually have to start checking it off, one by one.

          • The “constituents” of elected officials have become the sources of their election cash; not the folks in their districts.

            Trump has money enough to run and win, but he needs the support and votes of the American people. He is the ONLY candidate who has supported deportation of ILLEGALS, closure of the border, and the termination of the subsidies for Mexico and China with respect to trade.

            Trump understands that any transaction, especially trade, must be mutually beneficial. Right now it is not, which represents the Agenda of the NWO with Crony Capitalism, managed, manipulated markets; subsidized by by the American taxpayer to the benefit of the Uber Rich Investment Class.

            If anyone can make America great again, or at least roll back Obamanomics: its Donald Trump. Infiltrate the Republican Party where you live. Vote for Trump. Send one of those ten dollar bills you have stashed in a number ten can, here:


            I did. One hundred million American gun owners can take back America from the New World Order without firing a shot !!! 🙂

            • DK , LOL ……..TRUMP ?
              So far all i see is a bag o hot air , spewing a non PC message to win favor with flyover country people.
              He has a long way to go to prove he is anything but a showman .
              Be careful he is without doubt a progressive republican at best , i believe he is a democrat running as a “perot” style candidate.
              Do ya think he will turn over his financials this fall ?
              I doubt it .

              • HH: Yes Trump! He is the only candidate who will stop the flow of ILLEGALS in to this country. That policy alone will slow the timeline for the North American Union, preserving the Bill of Rights, including the Second Amendment.

                But its a start.

                He’s not perfect. Keep an open mind. We need someone who will speak his mind, who is NOT political correct, who will roll back Obola’s policies..

                I don’t care about his financials. Unlike the others, he is not in the race to get rich while he is in office like the Clintons.

                A presidential salary is the only way Rubio and Walker will every get out of debt. 🙁

              • Hammerhead, there was a time when votes counted. Not any more. The last election (’12) had six swing states. Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. Romney did not win a single one. Electronic voting machines ruined any chance we ever had of making a vote count. And just for the record, they have already won by default. Thanks and God bless.

              • When will people learn that the constitution was voided in 1933 when we went bankrupt? Supreme court rulings prior to 1933 are not admisable in court by a corporate citizen. Bankruptcy law and war powers act rule this country and its corporation citizens. Are YOU a US Citizen? Better find out what that really means before you answer!

              • I think I finally figured out Obummer– why he does the stuff he does…

                He wants to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 32% by 2030, so he obviously is concerned about climate change… probably because of his kids. Also, as we all know, he wants our guns and complete control of us.

                I think what his plans are (if he could remain in office) is to restrict us with the Agenda 21–limit our access to various parts of the country– have those areas off limit and remain natural– and put us in designated areas, all bunched up together.

                Also, he figures most of us will die off because of economic collapse and peak oil. If we rebel (citizens always rebel when starving!) he will have us killed or put in concentration camps.

                With most of us dead or half dead, CO2 emissions will be FURTHER reduced (no people = no carbon dioxide emissions because we won’t be driving cars or heating our homes). Thus, the lives of his kids and the elites will be saved. (Climate change under control).

                So, if we vote democrat next election, it will save the planet and climate BUT KILL US CITIZENS all off (except the elites).

                And if we vote republican (who don’t give a hoot about the environment or climate change(their sponsors are BIG OIL!!)then we get to keep our guns and get to live… but our kids won’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving what’s coming their way due to climate change!

                Either way, we and ours are f—ed!

            • DK,
              well what most people either don’t know OR don’t understand is that they are TRUSTING the voting machines to be actually voting what they wanted, how much money would you like to bet that the machines are rigged?? now IF you don’t believe that then MAYBE your brainwashed into believing that. try researching those machines and see WHO owns the companies who make them and then see how EASY it is to alter there ELECTRONIC signature. we been scammed for years!

              • Apache: I am aware of the issue. We must get involved on the local level, and demand reform of the process. Engage! 🙂

          • Everything you said is truthful and factual.

            That being said…….

            How much more evidence does the Militia’s in this country need to have,… to remove the traitorous politicians from office?

            There’s a lot more than just circumstantial evidence piled up on most of these people. Seems to me, each passing day that goes by, another notch of Greatness has been removed from this country. When is enough….enough?

            Sorry to say, I don’t think anything will happen from “we the people” to have these vermin removed. The day will come when the government forces it’s way on top of us, by then …. it will be too late, and the last notch will be taken away easily from this country called America.

            By then, what is there left to defend?
            Clearly yourself, and loved ones. That will be all that is left to do.

            • douche

              Unfortunately I have to agree, I don’t believe we the people will do much of anything. I don’t know if we have just been flooded with so much information and pc propaganda that we’ve just become so overwhelmed (and stuck in the rat race just trying to work and feed dogs and family) That or the fluoride is working really good. Sometimes I believe that is why people are so obsessed and almost wishful for a SHTF. I think they believe if something big happens they will become exempt from the rule of law an outside the reach of gov’t and will finally stand up and live like free men. While I do believe we may well experience some type of event that gradually or overnight changes everything, I think what will most likely happen is the reach of gov’t gets even further and more tyrannical. In the event of a crisis gov’t will come down harder and stronger than in times of “peace” So my point is, most will probably do as we have done….nothing, give up, surrender, die slow and unhappy. I mean think of all the laws we have currently. Then ask yourselves if some SHTF happened today, which of the laws would still be valid, which would you still obey?? Any of those laws that you would not….well those shouldn’t be “law” anyway and should be considered void. Because everyones idea of shtf, is really just the epitome of freedom. It’s the wild west, it’s sink or swim, it’s don’t mess with me and I won’t have to mess with you.

              Ok I’m done rambling now

          • There is nothing in the Constitution that provides for the morons of Water’s World videos to vote for anything other than their representatives. If the people hadn’t been conditioned to snarl when the words “electoral college” are spoken maybe they could read http://www.freedomformula.us/store-page/books/evolution-and-destruction-of-the-original-electoral-college-3/ and we could stop the idiots from choosing the most popular liar from the D party or the most popular liar from the R party.

          • Yeah, awhile back I read that according to definition, the US is an oligarchy… I think was some professors from MIT or something who said this.

        • Total number of votes that did not factor in determining the winner of the president in their respective years:

          To win the Electoral College in 2000, Bush needed only 21,835,615 votes out of a total of 105,396,641 votes.

          To win the Electoral College in 2008, Obama needed only 39,908,351 votes out of a total of 131,338,626 votes.

          Percentage of votes that did not factor in determining the winner in their respective years:

          79.28% in 2000
          70.39% in 2008

          • @AZClimber…..

            Uh…..the percentage of votes that did not factor into the presidential election is 100%.

            You do not vote for the president of the United States. You merely consult. There is NOTHING in the constitution that says the electoral college must represent the views of the popular vote in their respective states (districts).

            Voting for the president is an illusion.

            • Kinda what I was hinting at…

        • Obama and Church Leaders PRAYED you’d never see this…


          This short independent documentary has Obama on the edge of a nervous breakdown…
          Because it exposes the biggest cover up of his presidency…
          Something darker and more sinister than Sandy Hook and Benghazi combined…
          And it’s spreading like wild fire all over the internet


          Analysts warn it’s going to devastate millions of families…especially those with children.

          Click here to see why…
          Stay safe, be prepared,
          Nathan Shepard

          P.S. More than 147.539 Americans have watched this video before it was taken down the first time.

          Now they managed to get it online again

          >>Click Here lifestylemagazine.co/r/deletethis-afterreading

        • Actually, if we all just quit participating , we win by default.

      2. so….

        let’s keep doing what we have always done

        it hasn’t worked a thousand times before

        but it will this time ???

        time for a Plan B

        • We have no choice , SAT,
          The constitution spells out the plan , its time to get back to that plan and clean house .
          No plan B .
          No do-over , its for ALL the marbles .

          • The biggest problem i see is for every one of us there are two who are getting handouts or who are ok with everything being screwed up either through ignorance or somethingsimilar.
            No easy solutions

            • I completely agree , nuthin easy from here.
              Givin up wont help so , i just keep going to TWP meetings and County meetings and pissin off my state rep.
              As well as pushing my congress critter and senator.
              We need to be relentless now more than ever , the alternative will be much worse.
              I have effected change in the past, I know it can be done !

              • Dang right Hammer,
                We have to participate no matter what.
                The power of one.
                Almost twenty years ago my daughter was going to Jr. High.
                The county school board was going to put in uniforms and ( being my kid) , freedom of expression was being infringed, she started a petition that went county wide for no uniforms,
                There is still no uniforms in the county. The paper did a story on it when it happened, to this day, all the surrounding counties have uniforms, that county doesn’t…….
                Never underestimate the power of one!

                • All school dress codes should go. Your third grader wants to wear a diaper, fine. Muffy wants to show off her budding body in a thong bikini, sure. The English teach can be comfortable in her bathrobe and the principal can rock Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt.

        • LMAO…….the insanity and absurdity of people just boggles the mind beyond comprehension.

          Yup….keep voting.

          Freaking sad!!

          • Get involved and understand the processes and meet all the GOOD people that volunteer to make it all happen fairly and accurately.
            If you do that , and can still tell me it means nothing , then i will listen.
            If your right , why even live in the US , if its the same as Russia or Iran ?

            • If voting meant nothing, why would so many crooks spend $100 million to win a Senate seat? Or a billion dollars to elect a “community organizer” President?

              Voting means a great deal!!!

              Mostly it means that the Party in power has the ability to direct TRILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer funds towards their spending priorities: $500 million to Planned Parenthood, for example.

              BJ as a Christian I suppose you want abortion stopped. On the other hand the racists here should understand that it is mostly black women who get free abortions.

              The current administration has funded ISIS and La Raza among others; two organizations that want to destroy the USA. Office holders direct funds to those who got them elected and the tit for tat amounts to billions of dollars for every hundred donated.

              Its institutional corruption.

              The Donald doesn’t need any more personal funds. He would likely be the richest President every elected if he achieves his goal.

              In a world of midgets, even a dwarf can be a good POTUS. 🙂

            • Keep bitching about your voluntary corporate laws and the actions of the owners of the fed corporation. Everything they do is legal. We are not under common law we are under statutory law. There is no bill of rights or constitution under statutory law. They just pretend there is to a degree so people still believe they are not corporate entities and freak out. Some homework is in order here…..

              • Genius: I know. But when everyone is OPERATING under the same illusion/delusion you must work within that hologram to change the matrix. 🙁

              • Smartest damn thing I’ve read so far Genius.
                Most people need to realize and accept that we do not have a Constitution & Bill of Rights anymore.

                Bitching about how a Government continues to habitually go against the laws of this land is, and has been a waste of time. This land called America was Stolen from it’s original inhabitants, and now they have Stolen it from the Citizens of America.

                To those who want to participate in the “voting” process. Knock yourselves out and have a wonderful time enjoying the circus show that they orchestrate for you.

                The Candidates I see running for Office are a huge disappointment, not only that, but embarrassing to this country and to the world. These are not Leaders, they are the biggest socio/psychopaths that America has to offer.

                Yet, we have Citizens who wants to vote for the biggest Turd or Douche? Unbelievable

        • No, it is time for us to remove all corrupt people who are SERVING WITHIN our governments and replace them with those who are willing to do the duties as constitutionally required and KEEP the Oath instead of be domestic enemies and Traitors to the American people.

          • Fascism at its finest!!

            • Wudda u are a condescending fascist jerk who posts crap.
              Why do you beat up on other posters?
              Must b the small penis syndrome.

          • Have to remove Corporations from participating in Politics too. That task in itself will not be easy to do.

            As long as there is lobbying involved in Politics, America will never get on a honest path with itself and the trend of failure will continue for you and me.

      3. Welcome to America, the next dictatorship. The politicians in Washington could give a damn about the American people. They are being bought and sold by these billionaires, all the while FOX news is being allowed to decide who gets to debate and ultimately run for the office of president. As much as I love this country and have put my life on the line defending it, it is on a fast track to extinction.

      4. Sorry to disagree but for me State and above levels of so called elected officials are appointed by TPTB to do their biding on all matters. The two party system we have is so corrupt that any other party buying for election even has trouble getting on the ballot let alone receiving enough votes to win. There are but one difference between the two parties that being the way to achieve total power in name only, because TPTB control them both, and will dictate what to do. So if one wish’s to exercise their duty to vote by all means VOTE, but in the end it means nothing. IMHO.

      5. Same as it ever was.

        Did you think that the $100.00 you sent the DNC or RNC mattered? Do you think they will carry out your will when elected?

        Election 2014, Republican Landslide nationwide. What has changed since?


        Stop with the left vs right, dem vs repub, liberal vs conservative. It is us versus them, as in citizens versus government. The elites versus the working stiffs.

        There is no justice, there is JUST US.

        • GW Bush stated something like to a $100K plate dinner audience, “You are who we represent…. “The Havemores”

          • Wuz that a joke?

        • Town saver. You nailed it. Amen.

        • Exactly Townsaver!!! Until we get together and take action nothing will change. We are against them, they do not represent us they represent themselves. Why anyone would send these people even a dollar is beyond me. Until we ban together and take back what is ours and get these people out of our lives including corrupt state officials we will be same or even more restricted. They do it so slowly side by side. A propaganda piece to meet the lefts side people is aired on the news to debate then to a right side. We are just being played. Until we take action without politicians or asking for them to help nothing will change. They have their federal government mafia guarding them and all their players in place to keep us in slavery. Keep working out, practice your skills, come up with new tricks to defend yourself and your property. Get your people in place and once we have direction and we all have enough we change things.

          • You wont get rid of shit until you dissolve the US Corporation and the fed reserve. Then teach the masses about how they were duped and signed on to this shit. But alas, so many govt. tit suckers and beyond brainwashed idiots it will never happen. Just do what you can man.

      6. I think Carly Fiorino should change parties and run as a democrap. She could rag on Hillary the Hag. Heck, I would even give a donation if she did it.

        • It doesn’t affect me one bit. I don’t have a tracking device and don’t need one.

          • ditto.

        • TNR,probably because I don’t live in Nashville!That said,guess am now guilty of posting about it!

        • TNResident, I’m in Memphis and no problems here.

      7. Vote Trump or vote for more of the same.

        Or don’t vote and just let someone else decide for you.

        • Or do something useful with your time. Learn Kendo, loose weight, go float down a river. Do something that gives results.

      8. There are cell phone and cable outages all over the country. Anyone else having problems?
        This is why I don’t vote.

        • In Florida, ours was going dead earlier today, but seems to be back up solid right now.

        • As long as most of us don’t bother to vote, the other crowd will always win. We can’t win if we don’t play, but then we don’t have to feel responsible for this mess, if we didn’t vote for it—so, who exactly are the cowards? What’s YOUR definition of having your head in the sand?

        • What do cell phones have to do with voting? Yours is the stupidest comment I’ve seen so far. Not voting is why we have these clowns in office–put there by about 1/3 of the population.

      9. Ok! Let them waist their money. I won’t send money to any of them!

        • Waist their money Sarge?!I assume by your use of waist you mean throw away their money belt?!

      10. Hey, you left out Jeb who has raked in over 100 million debt notes to date. Rubio with 18 million pseudo peso’s is second with these money whores who call themselves the conservative GOP. All want more war and are being bankrolled by that despicable military industrial den of vipers. I read that a peace treaty was signed in 1928 called the Treaty of Paris, involving the then major powers who all signed this treaty. It stated warfare would cease in favor of diplomatic solutions. What a joke! The Dims are no better, Shillary and Biden are evil personified. Trump is just a divergence spewing some reform that will never happen because he has no chance, just part of the charade to take the heat off the two top picks. Heads they win, tails we lose. Somebody said vote, why bother? It has already been decided, all of these declared candidates are acceptable to the moneybags. Now the show to get people to accept the inevitable fixed election with no real choice to reverse direction to even a smidgen of sanity.

        • That “peace treaty” was negotiated by the League of Nations.
          Or the modern day UN , it was a joke then as today.

        • Trump might have a chance if people would get off their lazy asses and VOTE. But then when he doesn’t win, the cowards don’t have to feel like losers too.

      11. As long as those 60 people are republican, i can live with it.

        • Or die with it.

        • Apparently, they are not republicans or democrats. They’re the globalist elite party, who is kicking our sorry asses right now. Good job, cowards. Keep watching from the sidelines.

      12. The problem is majority of the AmeriKnas will vote for these parasitic AIPAC controlled puppets. I am laughing about people cheering about Donald Trumpet. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone except himself. Everyone remembers the first election of the Obama? The entire nation was in tears over the new messiah who will bring love, justice, jobs bla bla bla. Only few minority could see the game of ZOG and all of them are being called Nazis, Fascists, Right Wing loonies and many other labels.

        p.s. Let’s have a bet for Bush Vs Hillary. They are the selected ones and will carry the six sided star of the international banking cartel while ISIS mossies will continue their savagery to keep your minds off the selection process in the land of the free and home of the brave.

      13. Yup, same crap different election, once again they scraped the darkest pits of humanity for candidates. Lets see we have
        -Cruz, constitutionally ineligible, by running he diminishes the argument of obozos ineligibility, sets the stage for anyone to run regardless of natural born status…
        -Jeb, yea we all know how that will play out.
        -Walker, check his background out, and parents and grandparents connections as well, might as well be another bush.
        -Clinton, if america votes that demon in after eight years of obama, well hate to say this but we get what we deserve….
        -The Donald, ( how f’n stupid, the donald) he is there to pull support from any potential real libertarian or GOP candidates, and prob make it easier to last minute rig the elections.
        -Christy, lol that RINO, lol and rhino, lol
        -Rubio, what a joke, same issue a Cruz
        -Rand, well we all know they will never let that happen
        -Biden, just lol

        So there ya go america, our candidats, lol to lead our country, lmfao, sorry guys but what a damn joke, lol we are so frackin stupid, hahahaha, omg i cant belive how stupid we are, lol stupid and fucked, lol


        • Mostly fucked,,,
          Going to be a bumpy ride no matter what figure head apologist they install.
          A friend said,,,
          “If voting really mattered they wouldnt let us do it!”

          • The only vote that counts is at the end of a liberty tool.

        • Good old Joe might be a fun change of pace. The mental analogue of the physical ineptness of Gerald Ford. “Stand up, Chuck.”

      14. I don’t wanna get into pissing matches with folks we all have different ideas how shit should be run. It doesn’t matter the methods as long as the result is acceptable for both ideas this is how gov should work. A system of checks and balances a little compromise from both party’s. This was all before the progressive agenda got aggressive for the power to make sweeping changes. I’m of the opinion that it doesn’t matter if you vote democrat or republicrat it’s the same. Both party’s are very afraid of a third party option. Only because they are the same. A third party of constitutional patriots that refuse to sell out to the zog would be the end for tptb. Anything that takes the power away from the republicrats is what I will vote for even if I’m wasting my vote. The only person worth being the pres is someone that is not rich and does not desire riches of this world someone that takes the responsibility to protect the constitution serious.

      15. “elite” individual? is that code for just another helpless joo?

      16. “elite” does that mean the hidden cabalistic cockroaches that infest everything?

      17. who gets to be racisim policia? Racism, to include any religious affiliation, will not be tolerated on this site, including the disparagment of people in the comments section.

        thats the crap thats ruined the country. your racisim policia

      18. Hillary’s miraculous cattle futures trades could have paid for feeding a large Guatemalan city for a year… or paid the mortgage for one week on just one of her mansions

      19. Hillary “Dead broke” Clinton and former president Bill Clinton earned in excess of $25 million for delivering 104 speeches since the beginning of 2014, a huge infusion to their net worth as she was readying for a presidential bid. The Clintons revealed their recent income as paid speakers and other aspects of their personal finances in disclosure forms filed with the Federal Election Commission on Friday.

      20. By the time the primary is over there will be two NWO candidates running, one from each party.

        Thus the NWO candidate will win no matter what.

        Satan rules this world and anyone that wins the White House will be working for Satan.

        Time is short and the old dragon knows it!

        All the hundreds of millions spent on these elections won’t save the rich from their folly.

        Been reading Harry Dent on economic demographics. People who cry about the 1% should know that because these people are control freaks who statistically work a little longed! Their earning/spending curve is dragged out about seven to ten years over the average person. Their sector of society will crash too, just like 2008, but it just takes a little longer. And yes the big crash is yet to come. The 1% are basically the last thing holding the economy together right now.

        Bitch if you like about the 1%, but at least they still are making and spending money! That will change very soon.

        • That Satanic two fingered salute now displayed openly without any hesitation is a good indicator of the times.

        • Amen

      21. To quote Joseph Stallin.
        The people who cast the votes don’t decide the election
        The people who count the votes do

      22. “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”..what complete insanity uttered by filthy boot licking fascist brain dead COWARD ZOMBIE scum of the earth, the same fascist boot licking coward Zombie filth still flying that evil disgusting vile Corporatist Fascist American flag.

      23. Trump doesn’t sound right to me, he doesn’t say anything about abolishing the Fed, he doesn’t say anything about the fact that the 16th amendment was never ratified and that everything associated with the 16th amendment is therefore void. He doesn’t say anything about the phony vaccine program. And worst of all, he gets all the media time a bought and sold banker candidate gets. How much media time did Ron Paul get?
        If I had money I would wager that if Trump gets elected, he’ll be just like former presidents that were sold as the new guy that’s different than the old guy…like Clinton, like Bush, like Obama.

        • Trump has said some wonderful things, but so did Obama when he was running for the first time as well. Any of those promises come true from him?

          No, and neither will Trumps if by some chance he was to win.
          The same ‘ol political theatrics will once again come alive.
          Pointing fingers, blaming the other Party members for not working together …. an on, and on the charade continues.

          Trump, like Sanders is giving the people of this nation more hope. For the most part, they are only giving Americans what they want to hear. Everybody should know better that this kind of wishful thinking isn’t gonna come from any [S]elected President.

      24. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. If you do vote, you own this mess. Solution? Vote from the roof tops.

        • I love it when I say stuff like this.

        • Please tell me, who is the person that is worthy of voting for?
          I don’t see any, so I would really appreciate your help on this one. Much thanks and appreciation in advance for your guidance ………[fk’n sarcasm]

          I don’t vote, because unlike you. I recognize a broken down government that is beyond repair. I can complain all that I want, because I can’t participate in a real election.
          Enjoy the dog and pony show that they provide for you.
          I’m sure the entertainment will be very much enlightening.

          • Apparently you don’t understand the concept of voting from the roof tops. It’s done with a rifle.

      25. I believe it was Chairman Mao who said
        Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun

        • Correct.

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