134 Earthquakes Rocked San Andreas Fault In ONE WEEK: ‘Prepare Now’

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 24 comments

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    The 134 earthquakes that have had the San Andreas fault line rocking and rolling this past week are igniting fears that the “big one” could be just around the corner.

    According to The Daily Mail, in the last week, 134 earthquakes have hammered a three-mile stretch around Monterey County on the San Andreas fault. Fresh fears have been raised that a huge earthquake is about to hit California after a swarm of recent tremors in the area.

    Of those earthquakes, 17 were stronger than 2.5 magnitude and six of them were stronger than 3.0, with more tremors expected in the coming weeks, experts warn. It follows fears raised last week that the ‘Big One’ is about to hit after a series of ten “mini-quakes” struck the same area. The swarm included one 4.6-magnitude quake that was felt in San Francisco more than 90 miles (145 km) away. The 4.6 shock was followed by 9 smaller aftershocks. The largest of these aftershocks measured a magnitude 2.8, Annemarie Baltay, a seismologist with the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, told SFGATE.

    “This one has been a quite productive aftershock sequence,” said Ole Kaven, a US Geological Survey (USGS) seismologist. “We suspect there will be aftershocks in the 2 to 3 [magnitude] range for at least a few more weeks,” he said. There have not been any reports of injuries, writes San Francisco news outlet SFGate.  

    Experts have continuously warned that any activity along the San Andreas fault line is a cause for concern because of the soaring population that would be affected. “Any time there is significant seismic activity in the vicinity of the San Andreas fault, we seismologists get nervous,” Thomas Jordan, director of the Southern California Earthquake Centre, told the LA Times last year.

    Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, from the US Geological Survey, warned in a dramatic speech that people need to act to protect themselves rather than ignoring the threat. Jones said people’s decision not to accept it will only mean more suffer as scientists warn the ‘Big One’ is now overdue to hit California. In a keynote speech to a meeting of the Japan Geoscience Union and the American Geophysical Union, Dr. Jones warned that the public is yet to accept the randomness of future earthquakes.

    People tend to focus on earthquakes happening in the next 30 years but they should be preparing now, she warned. Jones said there are three key reasons why the peril is so frightening – it cannot be seen, it is uncertain, and it seems unknowable. This means people bury their heads in the sand and pretend it won’t happen when they should be prepared and soon for the “big one.”


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      1. Other than moving the hell away, how exactly does Dr. Lucy advise one to prepare for the big one? Learn to fly maybe?

        • It’s called an earthquake kit. Water, food that does not need cooking, spare clothing and a means to provide shelter for you and your family, medicines you normally take, a real trauma kit, not a Walmart mini bag. Copies of your important papers!! List of valuables in your home for insurance purposes. If you have them, sleeping bags, small tent or a large one, sturdy shoes or boots. And last, but not least, to hell with California’s gun laws, have something to protect yourself with. I spent 3 years in California…Oxnard and Modesto…on construction projects. I’m from South Carolina. I carried my .40 cal Smith and Wesson with me.

          Now do you understand what is meant by prepare? You can’t stop it from happening, but you can sure keep from being a victim. And by the way, if you live in a major urban area, none of this will matter. The animals living around you will eventually get to you and eat you.

        • Food, water, cooking, meds,

          • AMMO if you are near the epicenter of the BIG ONE or you will not keep your food, water and meds. Eliminate MEDS now. Educate yourself and move to natural supplements.

            Most meds today carry more risks than rewards. In a REAL SHTF meds will not be available since these are primarily prescription drugs which must be renewed by ….. prescription.

            What cha gonna do then Willis ??? 🙂

        • Plenty of squat thrusts to build up your glutes (ass muscles). So you can easily reach your lips to your ass to kiss it good-by.

      2. Please Dear Lord, let your wrath open the earth and swallow all the perverts, liberals and other various dregs of humanity that live there in California. For that I’d be truly thankful. Amen.

      3. What, wait, no. People prepping for a disaster they can’t see coming, with no date? That’s just crazy tin foil hat stuff! Coming from Lib land? Say it ain’t so.

      4. I felt the Earth move under my feet once, a mild tremor while in California in 2007. Have to figure a bigger quake is due. “California tumbles into the sea”, well let’s shake rattle and roll and shaking all over.

        • “I felt the earth move under my feet”….. Sounds like a
          Carly Simon song.

      5. Since they have been warning us that the “Big One” was right around the corner for the last 30-40 years, at least, perhaps that might explain peoples’ Chicken Little response. You can only yell the sky is falling so many times before people block it out. And, like Stuart said above, what can people do other then move as far away as possible? (And with most of the California residents, I would far rather they stayed there.)

      6. Will Super glue or Gorilla glue help???

        I’m not worried the Guberment will take care of me!!!

        Sarcasm off. Those folks should be prepping for it but you can be they aren’t. Too Bad!!!


      7. Good thing they didn’t secede from the Union. If they did, the west coastal country of Mexifornia would not get US government aid or FEMA assistance… nope, they’d be on their own when the big one hits. Or maybe (saracasm) Mexico will help them. Ha!

      8. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and “Shake, Rattle, And Roll”.

      9. earthquakes are the least of commiefornica’s problems

      10. I would recommend you to own a firearm to protect you from the ” entitled” thugs and looters who will be invading your spaces. Nothing says ” don’t come into my house ” as a twelve gage shotgun aimed at ones head. But then again, I forgot that your brain dead lawmakers make it almost impossible for you to defend yourselves…..Never Mind.

      11. Remember BI? He like me thought the Cascadia and San Andrias would let go first then The New Madrid. I would like to live long enough to see that New Madrid let go.

        • I really miss BI

      12. Dr Lucy jones and the rest of those aholes are the reason why commiefornians have stuck their heads in the sand. Look out for the next 30 years nigga please! Then when someone comes along who can forecast quakes aka Dutchsinse they crap all over him. When all the liberal POS’s die that will be on her and the rest of the pro’s hands! FU Lucy

      13. Hopin Communist California drops off the Earth and into the Pacific – this week!

      14. Kawleefornya will do us all a big favor one day and simply slip away into the abyss !

        I have been in many EQs down there as I grew up in SC. When they do have the big one they are toast for many reasons.The after math will be every bit as horrific as the disaster itself or worse. Honestly I say good fucking riddens to all of it, that is one serious sick place !

      15. Chicken Little – The sky is falling. Every time there are a series of earthquakes, everyone goes into panic mode.

      16. I miss be informed. He was smart and had compassion. Driven off by the numerous trolls that frequented this site. 1/2 the trolls are now gone, good riddance.

      17. I thought that these kinds of quakes were actually GOOD! It is releasing tension, in small amounts, thus, there would be no Big one.

        If you go for a LONG time with no quakes, then the plates are locked, building more and more pressure, and when it finally lets loose – THE BIG ONE.

        It was explained this way – say the plates need to move 1/2 inch per month, but don’t. 6 months go by and it should have moved 3 inches, and 1 year goes by it shoulda moved 6 inches, and when it quakes THEN it WILL move the 6 inches all at one time = BIG quake.

        So small quakes are good. No quakes = BIG 9.0, bunch of small quakes = BIG quake 5.0

      18. Plate activity should gradually release energy over time…Perhaps the unseasonably warm tempratures this year at both ends of that fault, plus the overdue nature of a large energy event…Sylmar/Northridge…1971(mag 6.7) and 1994(6.8) both damaged a large overpass structure (Newhall pass interchange) at the south end of the San Andreas fault…history says an energy release of this magnitude due this year…that spot is likely to have a similar failure…

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