12-Year-Old Exercises Second Amendment: “When I Saw the Door Handle Turn, I Shot Him”

by | Oct 21, 2012 | Headline News | 187 comments

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    It’s never too early to learn to defend yourself, and 12-year-old Kendra St. Clair from Durant, Oklahoma did just that when a man broke through her back door during a home invasion.

    The man, identified as 32-year-old Stacey Jones, had previously been charged for the abduction of a 17 year old girl last year. According to Ms. St. Clair, Jones first rang the doorbell, and when no one answered, went to the backdoor and attempted to break in.

    “He opened the screen door and started pounded on the door. So I didn’t answer it. And I called my mom. She said to go get the gun and hide in the closet.”

    Kendra St. Clair says she stayed in the closet until she thought the coast was clear. So she went to check the back door.

    And he was standing there trying to open it. So I got really scared and I called 911.”

    She went back to the closet. That’s when she heard the man in the house.

    “When I was back there on the phone with 911, I heard the bathroom light turn on that was leading to the closet. And when I saw the door handle turn, I shot him. I guess it went through the door, went through him, and went through the wall.”

    St. Clair thanks her mom for teaching her how to keep her calm and protect herself.


    The only downside to this story is that Stacy Jones is still breathing. He is reportedly recovering from his wounds in a Texas hospital, soon to burden taxpayers with tens of thousands of dollars in yearly maintenance costs as a prisoner for up to 20 years.

    When police were minutes away and Ms. St. Clair had just seconds before being face-to-face with a would-be abductor, rapist or murderer, she took matters into her own hands and took care of business.

    Had this young lady been in New York, Chicago or any number of other cities that restrict the ownership and carrying of handguns, she may not be alive today.

    Everyday we are reminded of why our founders made sure to include the right to bear arms as a fundamental Constitutional protection.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
    Declaration of Independence
    July 4, 1776 


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      1. Her parents taught her the right skills and ability to take care of herself!

        Good for her and her parents!

        • I’ll bet some $$ that the mom gets charged with leaving a firearm where a 12 year old can reach it soon

          • Perhaps, perhaps not.

            This was Oklahoma, not New York, New Jersey, Kalifornia, etc.

            • Score +1 for the good guys.
              I hear that most crims give kiddie fiddlers a particularly hard time on the inside. Hopefully Stacey Jones gets a taste of his own medicine.

            • We are in the process of teaching our 9 year old granddaughter to shoot. She is really good at it and she says that she wants to try to shoot in competition.

              The best thing we can do is to teach our children all ways in which to protect themselves.

          • “The president has kept his gun control agenda under wraps during his first term, although in another off-teleprompter moment last year, Obama told the head of the Brady gun-ban group “we are working on it … we just have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.”

            “Before moving into the White House, Barack Obama spent his entire career proudly, publicly advancing the most radical anti-gun positions you can imagine.

            In short, Obama never met a gun he liked, and never met a gun ban he didn’t like.

            He endorsed a total ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns. He opposed Right-to-Carry laws. He voted to ban nearly all common hunting-rifle ammunition.”


            • UN Agenda 21 calls for no personal weapons in any nation. Obama is all about the US surrendering our soverignty to the UN and obeying all it’s rules so he will be against anything that is in opposition to the UN regulations, like citizen rights in any area.

            • Under the radar on guns,
              Putting the agenda with Russia under wraps till later,
              Advocating socialized medicine even if it takes 20 years,

              But hey he’s offended that someone would call him on lying about a dead ambassador.

            • Perhaps the secret service people who are responsible for protecting his worthless ass should’nt carry any weapons. The hypocrisy of this man is truly out of this world. Millions of Americans are still willing to give this sh*t for brain another so can finish the job of destroying the greatest country in the world

            • Good point, Jim. Fact is, I am offended by his being offended.

          • If some jerkoff attorney pushes that he or IT should be shot. Just sayen now, IT might come after me just for sayen that!

            • Need some extra ammo?

          • I think the important thing here to remember is your constitutional rights. Yes this was a young girl and yes there was a gun left in the house. The important thing to remember is no one, let me repeat that “No One” has the right to break into your home and invade your personal space without retaliation. There may come a day when this is your daughter or son or wife, what would you have them to do, offer the criminal a cup of coffee and a piece of cake ? Wake up and see the world you and yours live in, it is hostile and cruel. Before there was organized law everyone carried for their protection and to secure food. Just because we have a so call organized law enforcement agency it does not mean you are safe and you should get rid of personal protection. If anything you should be arming yourself because if your government has their way all of us would be sitting ducks, remember WW11, the Germans took the weapons and then slaughtered everyone, just look at what is happening around you in this world ! Wake up America you are next and it will be your military and law enforcement that will be going after you.

            • “There may come a day when this is your daughter or son or wife, what would you have them to do…?

              Well, for one thing, I would have them use a bigger gun… bang is good but BOOM! is better.

          • Maybe it’s just me, but the story left me with a tear in my eye. But then again, I’ve always been a sucker for a happy ending.

            • Well, at least a near-happy ending. 😉

          • damn,I hope not cause this f——dude had proven himself to be a predator and shouldn’t have been on the loose;mayhap iffen the aim was lower and caught him in the “cojones”,justice would’ve really been served.

        • This is why we must teach them young. Interest them before the world gets a hold of them.

          • RWVA.org…..Appleseed BABY!!!!

          • I loved the grin on my 3 year olds face this summer when he got to shoot daddys Kimber “monster getter” converted to .22. I had to hold it for/with him because his little fingers don’t even come close to going around the grip. He had to recite the safety rules first, and did so correctly. He understands that it’s NOT a toy, and to NEVER touch a weapon without daddy there. How come we can’t train liberals that easy??! One of the best memories from my summer.

            • “How come we can’t train liberals that easy??!”

              Because those with permanent learning disabilities are more difficult to teach?

          • @FBP,
            yes teach them young and teach them well.

            “The only downside to this story is that Stacy Jones is still breathing. He is reportedly recovering from his wounds in a Texas hospital, soon to burden taxpayers with tens of thousands of dollars in yearly maintenance costs as a prisoner for up to 20 years.”

            I have been aware of a VERY DISTURBING trend in the NRA magazine column titled, “The Armed Citizen”. For several years I have noted that the majority of times an individual uses a firearm to stop a crime they wound the assailant. Some months, nearly all of the self defense shootings result in wounded criminals. The criminals sometimes sue the victim and win, other times the taxpayers foot the ongoing medical bills. There is only one way to stop this trend: teach them young and teach them well. The only gun control I am interested in is when I hit what I am aiming at.


        • Anyone got an “opinion” about what age the right to start teaching their children how to shoot low caliber (.22) and high caliber (9mm or higher, youth shotgun, 556 or higher)…for the average tempered child?


          • depends how mature and use judgement. id say 9 years old.

            • agreed , I was nine when granpa put his father’s double barreled 12 gauge in my hands and told me to go hunt until lunch time then we’d meet for lunch under a tree, All the males in our family went though the same tradition. We learned it was not a toy and accepted the responsibility he placed on us. No one could even think of disappointing grandpa.

          • I’ve started my kids around 7 years old, with a bolt action .22 rifle and a single action .22 pistol. My 19 and 21 year old kids are comfortable with but very respectful of firearms. My 7 year old is eager for her turn to learn.

          • about 9 or 10 for 22’s

          • Realistically? As soon as my children could follow my rules on gun handling which were drilled into them long before they touched one and they could physically push out a g19 and hold it there for 60 seconds.

            For us it started around 8.

            “Never touch a gun without your mom or myself at your side, ever.”
            “Leave immediately if someone has a gun or says they have a gun or you see a gun and your mother or myself aren’t in the room.”
            “Never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot.”
            “Never point a gun at something you’re not trying to destroy.”
            “A gun is always loaded.”

            I have three children, the oldest is 11. I’ve been taking them one a week to the range for about a year now, 3 weeks on, one week off every month barring scheduling conflicts. I only take one because I have a rule, one adult per child shooting.

            While the youngest won’t win any contests, all of them can keep 4 out of 5 shots in the 7 ring on a standard target at 3 yards, the oldest at 5 yards. I use a 22 conversion on a glock for their pistol training as our group has standardized glocks as side arms. For long arms I use a variety of 10-22’s, one with iron, one red dot, one scoped as well as a 15-22 to simulate battery of arms for AR’s.

            • Good job on training your kids, HAW.

              If I could add anything to that it would be that kids are naturally curious about guns, so to not make them a forbidden fruit item, let them know that you will show them your guns anytime they ask you to do that. I did that several time with my son, each time demonstrating safe handling and telling him what I was doing and why. Tried the same with my daughter but she didn’t have much interest in it or anything else that makes a loud noise. I would have preferred it if she was interested in gun use and practice but when the interest just isn’t there, it seems best to not push it.


          • My Dad started me with a .22 at 5, 20 ga at 8, and the .308 at 10. I was pretty mature for my age though, I just started my 9 year old son on the .22 last year, the SKS and 9mm pistol this year. With semi-autos, only load 1 round at a time until they are comfortable with it. A newbie 12 or under with a full clip is asking for trouble…

        • That pre-teen should be a golden example to children around the nation and world that just because they are not yet an adult that they cannot defend themselves and their family from maniacs, perverts, and psychos. This is a child that would be someone you could trust totally after a SHTF to not hesitate to protect herself and those around them. Her parents should be very proud of her.

          I can imagine these sicko anti-gun and anti-self defense nut jobs that are calling for her parents to be held for something as stupid as child abuse because the gun was not locked up without a key for the 12 year old. In fact I can hear those anti-gun wackos calling for new laws to prevent anyone under 21 to even have a firearm in the house. Well, let them bite on this one, there is one less innocent child molested and one less pervert to hurt more innocent children. Good story to read today.

          • Would have been a better story if we heard the perp died from his wounds.

            • Indeed… after suffering in agony for several hours. Good on ‘im.

          • the anti gun zealots are psychotic POS who would gladly sacrifice the lives and safety of real human beings for the sake of a theory straight out of cloud cuckoo land. Good for this girl and her mom for standing up for their rights. Good luck to all the finger pointing anti-gun crybabies out there when its their turn to face down an attacker, armed with nothing more than a golf club and a rolled up newspaper

            • Most anti-gun zealots are NOT “psychotic POS who would gladly sacrifice the lives and safety of real human beings.”

              Almost all of them are only profoundly ignorant about guns and because of this, they fear them inordinately. Your attitude does absolutely nothing to help anti-gun people learn anything or to help them understand. In fact you only make them more afraid of gun owners by spewing your insults in this way.

              When was the last time you took some anti-gun friends to the shooting range? My husband and I do this every summer. We make a point of finding friends who have never shot before, and show them how much FUN it is. (Hint: we don’t berate them and call them POS first.)

              This is the ONLY way to change someone’s perceptions: to show them how shooting guns can be safe and fun. The psychological turnaround is breathtaking every single time I see it – and it happens every single time we bring someone new to the range. Suddenly in their minds, guns are no longer ticking bombs waiting to go off. Suddenly guns are inanimate objects that don’t magically transform you into a criminal. The shift is profound, when you make it fun.

              So stop with the blathering insults, you sound like a child and you hurt the cause.

        • Not quite. She shot THROUGH the door without visually obtaining her target. Bad idea. It could have been her mother, or a cop responding to a 911 call from her mom. WE don’t know how much time expired from the call to her mother.

          But not too bad for a twelve year old girl.

          • One saving grace: Now 100% sure, but I believe that Oklahoma (it’s been awhile) has a provision allowing you to protect life and/or property in defense.

            (I do know that Utah has that provision, though.)

            • You are correct. Castle doctrine, you can defend yourself in your ‘home’ with lethal force which is anything with walls and a roof designed for residence, a tent, a camper, an RV, or you know, your house. A cardboard box doesn’t work though.

              All it takes to defend yourself with lethal force is you are in fear of your life or bodily harm. If you’re a 6-4 30’s something with 3 degrees in martial arts being attacked by a 99 lb unarmed gets sand kicked in their face assailant, then disparity of force can come into play and be a factor.

              Also as long as the shoot is justified then the laws on the books prevent you from being sued in a civil court if you’re a CC carrier. Additionally unless you’re arrested your weapons are not taken from you as ‘evidence’. This was put on the books after someone justifiably shot a home invader, the police took their weapon and the next night friends of the one shot broke in and killed him.

              Oklahoma does everything it possibly can to empower the legal shooter with laws on the books in their favor. The CC course is simple to the point where the only way to fail is to shoot the instructor in the foot at the gun handling ‘test’.

              In a week OK is also going open carry FWIW.

          • Why is she deaf? Usually people hear “Police” or their Mom’s voice calling for them when they enter the house…

            Besides when seconds count the police are only…

            • Yes you are right of course; if the mother, cops, older brother, father, sister, or relative who might have been looking for her, was calling her name. Otherwise they might be dead instead of the intruder.

              Rule Number One prior to firing your weapon is knowing what you are shooting at by obtaining a visual sighting of your target.

              Then engage your weapon.

          • Oh, for crying out loud.
            If it was my daughter, I think I’d go in screaming…XXXXX?? XXXXX??? where are you??
            It’s Mom, you can come out now.

            • Yes if it were her mother, her mother would look and call her name. But it doesn’t have to be her mother poking through the closet and someone else my not call her name.

              Cry out loud all you want jayjay, but Rule Number One is to obtain a visual on your target before firing so you know what you are shooting at.

              There are many hunters now dead because someone didn’t follow that simple Rule.

            • At least the mom didn’t have to say,
              “Okay now the gun is in the closet under all the boxes in a box.
              The bullets are in the bottom drawer in the back next to my jeans.
              The key to the lock is in my jewelry box in my bed room.
              Get them all together and then go and try to hide from the perp.
              Do you remember how to unlock the trigger lock? do you remember how to load the bullets? What’s all that screaming about? Honey, honey, is there some one there? what are you doing to my daughter?”
              My girl is 6 she knows when I carry it’s our family secret. She knows I have guns for her when she gets 8. She knows she is safe because there are guns in the house and I would never let anything happen to my girls. She sleeps good at night. The dogs guard us from strangers and bark if there is anything that needs our attention.
              I am glad she shot him throught the door so she won’t have bad dreams and thoughts of his face comming to get her.
              I hope the men in the prison will dispense the rest of the law that the lawyers & judges won’t. One day someone may walk up to him and say, “I am your karma, your time is up”.

          • I don’t know too many 911 responders who creep through the house without sounding off “like they got a pair”.
            Nor would her mother.


          • DK – I was thinking the same thing, she protected her life, but should probably positively identified the target before firing.

        • good for her!

        • It’s terrible that she was put in that position and it’s great that she was able to defend her self but I sure as hell would’t be leaving my 12 year old child at home alone while we are at work. Smart for mom to teach the daughter how to defend her self but foolish to leave her home alone (gun or no gun).

        • I am sure CPS wants to speak such outstanding parents. I hope the girl still has the gun in her hand when they show up.

      2. I only hope that my kids are as well trained.

        • Countrygirl: I hope your kids are better trained.

          • There are exceptions to every rule, when someone breaks into your home and you are a 12 year old girl who is scared to death this is one of them. You can’t expect or require a 12 year old girl to abide by a rigid set of rules when in a life death situation. A trained cop yes, but not a child.

            • Yes but that is often the hell of it. Matters such as this often end up in a nice comfy well lighted court room that is filled with people who have never had their life threatened in any way criticizing what you did, why you did it, and how you did it with only a few seconds to determine the threat in the dark and respond to it “appropriately”. As if they had a clue!


      3. first pray, then shoot

        • Pray while you’re aiming that you get it right. I do believe God will lend a steady hand.

          • Jesus was a very practical man. I have no doubt that he would certainly try to help the innocent who are trying to defend themselves.

            Praise the load, and pass the ammo.

            • He did say to sell your coat, and buy a sword.
              The pacifists always forget that part.
              Turning the other cheek is the sign of a wise warrior, to show his opponent his superior strength of character in taking an insult without flinching, but to know when to draw the sword…

              Kudo’s to the little girls mom… a very wise warrior indeed. (I would not have hidden anywhere, but awaited the perp in the shadows, when he crossed the threshold, the last words he would hear would be; ” Say hello to Jesus for me…”

            • YH,

              You are right, the innocent, like the little girl.

            • Oh you religious loons…

            • @clevon

              Your time is done.
              God is now proven, mathematically, scientifically.
              The power of the ancient Trinity of Forces in an equation.
              The Einstein-Enoch Equation…
              pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

              All that remains is to separate the nonsense of man from the truth of God.

            • You don’t understand clevon, they shot my dog.

          • no….follow the five steps to a perfect shot as taught free to children at an RWVA appleseed shoot.

            Sight Alignment
            Concentrate on the front sight
            Resperatory pause
            Squeeeeeeze the trigger
            hold upon discharge until the front sight is realigned
            follow through with another round (if necessary)

        • Second pray, actually. You justed missed it.

          • Well “just missed it”.

          • “missed it by >< that much."… lol

      4. Maybe kids like her can save this country. The adults sure as hell aren’t.

        • Ding ding ding, and the winner is…

        • I dunno, US. I don’t hear much out of DC that would qualify as “adult talk”. Whining, crying, moaning, and sniveling, yes, but adult conversation? Nope.

      5. What a lucky, lucky girl and God bless her parents for teaching her to use a firearm! Had they not, this would have been a story with a very sad ending…

      6. My father-in-law has this sign up as you approach his property… I always found it humorous and thought I’d share:

        Survivors Will Be Shot Again

        • hey Mac…how can we add pics…?

          • i had to do it through th admin panel, but i am hoping to do a comment update soon that will allow vid and image embeds.

        • Mac, I have also seen this one a few times, but if our Government keeps going the way it is, those signs will be illegal to have.
          These types of stories never make the headlines of national news.
          Violence is inching up all across America and people better be prepared to defend themselves. When you have police in cities telling you to visit at your own risk, you better take heed! Todays world is no joking matter and it is only going to get worse as time goes by!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • I bought a couple of those metal signs at Blockbuster Video. Who would have thunk it? Almost Heaven West Virginia.

        • Mac, I was told that the “authorities” consider that as some type of precurser or asking for someone to test the property owner and could be charged if the owner ended up defending the home. Any thoughts?

          And do you know what caliber the tool was and the type of tool it was as well?

          • The tool was a 32 year old. I don’t think it said what make.

            • I said it is a tool, as a sword is a tool to both parties. Didn’t mean to upset you, but that is how I will refer anything that can be used for good or evil.

            • …the a$$hat variety…lol..thx SWFL for the laugh.!!.

          • Hey Mac,

            Remember what Obama said about wanting a National Police State in America as big as our Military…

            200,000 employees and 2 billion rounds of Hollow Points…

            United States Department of Homeland Security

            From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            United States
            Department of Homeland Security
            Agency overview

            November 25, 2002
            United States
            Nebraska Avenue Complex, Washington DC
            38°56′17″N 77°4′56″WCoordinates: 38°56′17″N 77°4′56″W


            Annual budget
            US$60.4 billion (FY 2012)

            Agency executives
            Janet Napolitano, Secretary[1]
            Jane Holl Lute, Deputy Secretary[2]

            Child agencies
            United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
            U.S. Customs and Border Protection
            Federal Emergency Management Agency
            U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
            Transportation Security Administration
            United States Coast Guard
            National Protection and Programs Directorate
            United States Secret Service


            The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a cabinet department of the United States federal government, created in response to the September 11 attacks, and with the primary responsibilities of protecting the United States of America and U.S. Territories (including Protectorates)[vague] from and responding to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters. Despite the Department of the Interior’s name, DHS is the equivalent to the Interior ministries of other countries, not the Department of the Interior. In fiscal year 2011, DHS was allocated a budget of $98.8 billion and spent, net, $66.4 billion.

            Where the Department of Defense is charged with military actions abroad, the Department of Homeland Security works in the civilian sphere to protect the United States within, at, and outside its borders. Its stated goal is to prepare for, prevent, and respond to domestic emergencies, particularly terrorism.[3] On March 1, 2003, DHS absorbed the Immigration and Naturalization Service and assumed its duties. In doing so, it divided the enforcement and services functions into two separate and new agencies: Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Citizenship and Immigration Services. The investigative divisions and intelligence gathering units of the INS and Customs Service were merged forming Homeland Security Investigations. Additionally, the border enforcement functions of the INS, including the U.S. Border Patrol, the U.S. Customs Service, and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service were consolidated into a new agency under DHS: U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The Federal Protective Service falls under the National Protection and Programs Directorate.

            With more than 200,000 employees, DHS is the third largest Cabinet department, after the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs.[4] Homeland security policy is coordinated at the White House by the Homeland Security Council. Other agencies with significant homeland security responsibilities include the Departments of Health and Human Services, Justice, and Energy.

            According to the Homeland Security Research Corporation, the combined financial year 2010 state and local HLS markets, which employ more than 2.2 million first responders, totaled $16.5 billion, whereas the DHS HLS market totaled $13 billion.[5] According to the Washington Post, “DHS has given $31 billion in grants since 2003 to state and local governments for homeland security and to improve their ability to find and protect against terrorists, including $3.8 billion in 2010.”[6]

            According to Peter Andreas, a border theorist, the creation of DHS constituted the most significant government reorganization since the Cold War,[7] and the most substantial reorganization of federal agencies since the National Security Act of 1947, which placed the different military departments under a secretary of defense and created the National Security Council and Central Intelligence Agency. DHS also constitutes the most diverse merger of federal functions and responsibilities, incorporating 22 government agencies into a single organization.[8]

          • Exactly Iowa, it shows intent and a good (bad??) lawyer will definitely use it against you in court if you ever act on it.

        • i love this sign. ive seen it a few times. first time i ever saw it was when i was driving garbage truck in a suburban area near toronto, actually it was in a quite upscale largely jewish area. i couldnt stop cracking up. i than saw the owner come down his driveway. he looked like he might just do it!

        • Oh, yes, that is humorous… but probably not to a judge, who would likely consider it a sign of intent to do unnecessary harm or perhaps a lack of care for the safety of others. Most of us don’t see it that way, of course, but others might.

      7. the fact that this is the most uplifting story I’ve heard in a while is sad, but I’m glad this young lady is alive to tell the tale of the would-be abductor rather than lying in a ditch, raped and murdered, as is most likely what would have happened had her parents not been smart enough to make sure she had the means and ability to protect herself.

        Good for them.

        • Why is the pervert not in jail???

          • he’s in custody at a hospital awaiting discharge to a jail.

      8. Pin a medal on her chest and give her a salute ! Oooo Rah !

      9. Good thing about Cochise Co. AZ, hundreds of undocumented vertical mine shafts left over from the 1800s , the body would never be found .

      10. I saw this story on the news, then told a few co-workers about it. These idiots said the mom should be in jail for telling the daughter to get the gun. Can you guys believe this shit! These are the kind of idiots we are up against. I wanted to buy them plane tickets and ship their assess to Chicago. Why do people love the NWO.

        • I wonder Sowhatstheplan, do these idiots have any children? Maybe you should ask them if they’d prefer their child to be alive and –oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh, SCARY! — touched an ACTUAL GUN…….

          …..or, would they actually say that it’d be better their child end up a statistic? Or in a dumpster?

      11. I carried a gun and badge for almost 30 years and I refused to hide my guns and make them a mystery to my kids. From the time my kids were little, they could touch them all they wanted (while accompanied), then we would go shoot, and then we would tear them down and I would explain every part to them as we cleaned and reassembled them.

        A couple love guns to this day as they have always been a part of their lives. One girl now refuses to touch a gun, not out of fear, but she knows she will have to clean it and the solvent will ruin her nail polish.

        I will always believe that making guns a mystery to kids is the absolute worse thing you can do for a child. I’m not saying that they didn’t have a great respect for them, they shot them and knew the damage they can do.

        However, by taking the mystery out of the scenario I knew they would never sneak around and want to play with them whether at my house or somebody else’s house.

        Oh, and yes that was contrary to police training as was the other million things I chose to do differently.

        • @ Nailbender

          Did the same thing with my children, my daughter age 25 can & often does outshoot most guys at skeet, with a 12ga pump & regularly hits the empty 12ga hulls with a Marlin 22mag bolt gun at 50yds, open sights too from a bench rest.
          My son is a phenomenal 750-1000yd shooter with a 300WinMag. He’s cool per serious cleaning of weapons after a shooting session.
          Daughter hates it…go figure!


      12. Fortunately, they live in Oklahoma. In some states her parents might be charged with child endangerment because they left a gun out where she could get it.

      13. Well done! Now flip Stacey over!!

        Forget the zombies.. Kill all these sick bastards 1st I say..

      14. good for her…one less scumbag off the street…too bad he’s the state’s problem now

      15. Train your kids with Marshall arts for self defense. This will raise self control and confidence. Then teach them on weapons and self defense, making it understood that IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF if you are in a home invasion or death and life confrontation. I lost my niece to the VA Tech shooting in 07. She was only 18.

        Since then, with all the attention to ban guns, by the feds and the state, I go the opposite direction.

        “If you can’t save yourself, probably no one will ever will.”

        In Truth

        • Sorry about your niece.

        • grrrrrrrrrr,

          Your post, is the 1st reasonable post on this subject. I love all of the “armchair John Wayne” tough guy, bible quoting, pseudo-christian types on this site. It’s really a shame that a young girl has to shoot someone, let alone deal with the psychological ramifications of her actions. She is a young lady not a child soldier in Africa, her days should be spent enjoying her youth.

          • SD Mule-
            Seemed like she was enjoying her youth when the 32 y.o man decided to break at least one or two laws that put her in direct harm. Better that she be alive to dicuss her feelings of remorse that she was forced to defend herself, than dead after he abused her. We all have our opinions and should allow other on the board to express theirs in a repectful manner.

          • SD Mule, ““armchair John Wayne” tough guy, bible quoting, pseudo-christian types” aside, I’m just glad she was able to overcome her fear to employ appropriate force and took decisive action to ensure that she has a youth left to enjoy!

            There are risks involved in every action taken, including doing nothing; and if she were mauled, raped, and left for dead by this scumbag she would have horrific psychological scaring as well.

            • My intention was to provide another perspective on the whole situatiion.

              Was this girl in the right? OF COURSE!
              Did the intruder get what he deserved? ABSOLUTELY

              Could things have gone wrong at ANY turn and have us mourning the loss of an innocent child? YES!

              My hope is that parents take this story as an opportunity to teach their kids about how to behave when horrible things happen.

              Again, thank God this girl is ok.

          • SD, tell that to the one breaking and entering. You know the one that got shot and had priors. The best part of this is she is alive and had been properly trained. A child who reacted where most adults couldn’t or wouldn’t.

            As far as the John Waynes,pseudo-christians and bible quoting individuals; we love you too inspite of your sour-casim.

          • Jeff and YH,

            It’s not others opinions I have an issue with it’s their hypocrisy. All the tough guy, bullsh##t oath taker, defenders of the Constitution types on this site haven’t done a damn thing all these years as the Constitution has been trampled on. All the bible quoting, pseudo- christian types on this site wanting to shoot people. Shooting people and killing people is a cornerstone of being a christian? I am not saying you can’t defend yourself but I don’t know why you would be happy to have to shoot another person and or kill them. I could not imagine having to do it as a 12 yr old. I wonder what Jesus would say??

            • I don’t know what Jesus would say, but I say stop the threat, save your life, and let God sort out the mess later.

              Your belief that all “Christian type” people on this site have a blood-lust predilection for killing other people is your personal opinion and yours alone. It maybe highly offensive, but it is your First Amendment right to express yourself.

              I think I can take the liberty to speak for most of the members when I say that I don’t not subscribe to your beliefs at all. They are yours, and yours alone.

            • I wouldn’t be happy to kill someone except to prevent them from harming me or someone else.

              Also, what do you think we should have done all these years about the politicians? We have voted for who we thought might be the right person only to find out that in most instances every politician, even when he starts out right, changes to fit in once he gets in DC. People who try to change things in DC sometimes wind up dead, such as JFK who was going to end the Fed. I only know of one politician who voted as he promised on every single issue, and that was Jesse Helms. Jesse Helms is dead, and I haven’t seen another politician to take his place, let alone the hundreds we really need. I don’t even get a chance to vote in the primaries. By the time my state gets to vote, the media has caused all but one candidate to drop out on both sides. The last time I had a choice in a primary, I voted for Jesse Jackson just to screw with the numbers.

              I have read thousands of posts on this site and have never read a single one saying “killing people is a cornerstone of being a christian.” You do know that Christian and Bible are supposed to be capitalized, don’t you?

              As for what would Jesus say, he would probably tell you to sell your overpriced coat and buy a gun.

              ps: Is it somehow better for a child soldier in Africa to defend himself than for a child in America to defend herself?

            • Wonder what Jesus would say??

              Jesus would probably lead us to the scripture, since God is our refuge and strength, but a God “Who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle” (Psalm 144:1).

              Any questions???

          • SD Mule, its precisely because I am NOT John Wayne — and neither is this girl — that we need firearms to protect ourselves. John Wayne was 6′ 4″ and over 240 pounds, and he could have probably beaten this intruder senseless with the muscles in his smaller toes. Those of us who AREN’T “tough guys” , whether we’re 12 year old girls or 40 year old four eyed computer nerds, would like very much to stay alive, even if we have to deal with the trauma of shooting an intruder before he kills us, beats us like a drum or decides to use us as a sex toy.

            Remember, you can’t have psychological or emotional harm if you’re dead

          • @ SD Mule

            I spent the better part of my career working juvenile sex crimes. What she did was threw a door, there was no eye contact at the time she pulled the trigger. All she really knows right now is that she is okay, and that the bad guy is in the hospital.

            On the other hand after a child is raped by an adult, tortured, and held in fear for her life, they truly wish they were dead – even when they survive. That’s when a childhood is stolen. Most look dead in their eyes after being brutally raped. Their lack of trust will carry with them for a life time.

            I too hate that the little girl had to defend herself, I hate that there are ass holes like that in society, especially after having committed a similar crime just last year.

            I guess I’m just another one of the “armchair John Wayne” tough guy, bible quoting, pseudo-christian types on this site”. As one, if you think a little girl being brutally raped and tortured is less traumatic than shooting a gun threw a door, you should try shooting a gun threw a door for comparison, because it obvious your the kind that would take it in the ass. Oh yea, Amen.

            • Nailbender,

              Spoken like a true “armchair John Wayne” cop, from behind a computer screen, hundreds of miles away. You can’t hide behind that badge your whole life.

            • @Nailbender:
              Bravo to you, and well said. You are right that the only important thing is that this girl’s actions prevented her from being brutally raped and tortured. Who gives a rat’s ass about the perp? That guy is a psychopath and a sociopath ( hint for SD mule: this guy feels NOTHING.) You think he is “traumatized” from getting shot? HELL no, he isn’t.

              There’s a difference between killing and murdering. The commandment is “Thou shalt not murder”. It was correctly pointed out above that David writes a Psalm praising God for giving him victory in war (Hint: that means killing people…..) In addition, the Apostle Paul never condemned Roman soldiers for wartime killing.

              Advocating for perpetrators is a trendy scourge born of liberals who have never experienced violence:guaranteed.

          • SD Mule: I’m not sure where you’re coming from. Are you implying that the the girl should have ignored the danger and just continued playing with her toys while waiting for the police to arrive? You talk about pyschological ramifications: what about the ones she may have suffered if she’d been kidnapped like the perps last victim, would that have suited you better, or perhaps been better for her to deal with than shooting someone? Or are you merely lamenting that the fact that there are dangerous people in this would and sometimes we just have to deal with them before the police arrive? It sounds like you’ve lead a very sheltered life. But many of us here are realistic enough to realize that for the most part, we’re on our own. That’s what makes someone adult, the idea that we are ultimately responsible for our lives and not the government, or its agents. As the financial situation worsens, we’re all going to find ourselves in YOYO land (Your On Your Own). I’d wish you good luck but you’ll need a lot more than that to survive.

        • Or not…what b.s. the girl and the mother did the right thing. It’s ok to have a spine and defend yourself.

      16. Great story Mac! That’s one brave young lady. I only wish more stories of self defense were aired nationally. Instead we get the useless Chuck Schumer’s of the world highlighting gun buyback programs and gangland drive-by-shootings as examples to curb gun ownership.

        In the never-ending war against criminality and evil, we are ALL combatants on the battlefield.

      17. Turns out the intruder was a Obama supporter.

        • AM, please don’t do that again… I was gasping for breath, I felt faint. Such a SHOCK to find out that Obama has the violent felon vote all locked up

      18. Firearms……the great equalizers.

        Makes a 90lb kid or a 120lb gal a match with a 200lb man……as Mr. Jones recently learned.

        • Just Observing, very well said.

      19. The Bankers love us killing each other.

        • Their turn will come soon enough son.

        • That intruder was not one of us.

      20. It’s great that she shot the guy. Who knows what would’ve happened to her if she hadn’t.

        • Oh you know that answer, right?
          We read about it every day, another;

          MISSING CHILD!

      21. Better Shooting Through B.R.A.S.S.

        The acronym B.R.A.S.S. stands for:
        Breath control

        Let’s look at each of these elements individually.

        Breath Control.
        We all know how hard it is to shoot a good group, or even hit the target sometimes, if we are breathing while we are pulling the trigger. When you breathe in, the abdomen expands, which can push the arms up and off target. When you breathe out, the reverse happens. The way to compensate for this is to take a deep breath, release about half of it, and fire your shot. If you are not under any time constraints, you can do this between every shot. If time is a factor, you may have to fire multiple shots on the same breath. If you start to see stars, or your vision starts to go dim, you might want to let that breath out and get another.

        The more you relax, the better you will shoot. I have seen people try to stiff-arm their weapons to eliminate recoil instead of going with the recoil and it just doesn’t work. On the other hand, you don’t want to go all limpy wristed with that new .44 mag you just got, unless you like the idea of a large knot in the middle of your forehead. There is a happy medium. Grip the weapon (we are referring to handguns here) in a firm but not choke-the-life-out-of-it grip. Keep the elbows unlocked, with the strong side arm a little straighter than the off side arm. Push forward with the strong hand and pull back with the off hand to establish some isometric pressure. Place your index finger print on the trigger, and you are ready to go. Remember, the more you relax, the better you shoot.

        Aim consists of sight picture and sight alignment. Sight alignment is placing the front sight in proper alignment with the rear sight. When looking down the sights of your handgun, you should see a square “U” shaped rear sight with the top of the front sight even with the top of the rear sight. There should be an equal amount of space to the left and right of the front sight in the “U” of the rear sight. Sight picture consists of maintaining proper sight alignment, and placing the top of the front sight on the target. You should be able to see the front sight clearly and the target should be a little fuzzy. You can switch your focus from the front sight to the target to make sure you are still lined up while taking up the slack and squeezing your trigger.

        Most handguns have a certain amount of slack or slop in their triggers. You will need to slowly put pressure on the trigger until you feel this slack is gone. Then re-check that you are still on target and continue the squeeze. Different weapons have different amounts of slack, so find out what yours has and learn to take it up before firing.

        When firing any weapon except a shotgun, you want to squeeze, not jerk the trigger. Jerking causes the sights to stray from the target, and causes you to miss. After you have taken the slack up and checked your sight alignment and sight picture, continue to gently squeeze the trigger. The exact moment the weapon fires should be a surprise to you. Make sure that you place only your fingerprint on the trigger, or your trigger pull will not be straight back, and will cause your shot to go to one side or the other.

        Hopefully this will help make your firearms practice more accurate and therefore, more enjoyable. Remember, practice doesn’t make perfect, Perfect practice makes perfect. Don’t learn any bad habits and you won’t have to unlearn them later.
        From a Trainning class

        Author Unknown

        • Why are you not to squeeze the trigger on the shotgun and instead jerk the trigger?

          – Newbee owner of a Turkey Thug

          • Iowa: You can squeeze the trigger, but a shotgun has many projectiles and the aim is not that affected by jerking the trigger.

        • A-P…. Aim, Pull Trigger. Repeat if necessary.

        • Oklahoma is OK. Mr. H&K have great trigger creep.

      22. “An armed society is a polite society” –Robert Heinlein.

        “SSS” -Piper

        • True that Dog!

          …my attempt at humor. But really, you’re dead on.

          • Hogs will eat anything….

      23. How very very sad that this should happen to anyone let alone a 12 year old. Ironic how life is sad and strange at times. I breaks your heart.

        • I agree Rev. Ike, but it could have been a lot worse. Its not even just the little girl could have been raped or killed, think about how such an event would have absolutely crippled her mom. Or traumatized her friends or siblings. I think that whenever we hear about a child being victimized, we forget to multiply that effect by two, three, ten, a dozen

      24. +1 for the good guys

      25. Donald Trump @ Twitter: “I’ll be making a major announcement on President Obama next week–stay tuned!”

        Anyone know about this?? Any news leak??

      26. Here comes the October surprise that WE have been looking for. I’ll bet that Trump has the evidence that O’bummer is a FRAUD, and will submit that evidence to the country.

        Great news. O’bummer belongs in jail.

        • Here comes the October surprise that WE have been looking for. I’ll bet that Trump has the evidence that O’bummer is a FRAUD, and will submit that evidence to the country.


          BUT, Sheriff Arpaio has pretty much done that–Mad Stream Media let it pass and completely ignored it.

      27. Good for her. She will probaly need some counseling but not as much if he had got to her.

        I have two sons. Taught them both about guns when they were pre-teens. Wierd thing is that the oldest owns a gun but keeps it at his brothers house. Knows how to use it, clean it and store it. Just doesn’t like having it around. Maybe cause he never served. Youngest, served 8 years as an MP and loves his guns but like me doesn’t go shooting a lot. Maybe cause we did farming most of their lives and a gun was just another tool.

      28. Planning For Survival

        By C.E. Teal

        In light of recent events, such as the Persian Gulf War, terror
        ism, and economic instability, many individuals and families are
        taking a fresh look at the dreaded “S-word,” survivalism.

        As with any beginners, these people need some sort of plan for
        these uncharted waters. I hope that this article can give some
        useful guidance to those new to the field, and perhaps some new
        insights to others who have been left to their own devices in
        coming to grips with this virtually all-inclusive field.

        This plan consists of nine major points: 1. Determination; 1.
        Becoming/staying healthy; 3. Allocating your Budget; 4. De
        veloping plans of action; 5. Have a “bug-out” kit; 6. Plan for
        duration; 7. Get training; 8. Practice; 9. Don’t advertise.

        The first requirement to insuring your (and your family’s)
        longevity is DETERMINATION. You must want to survive. Contact
        others upon whom you might rely (and whom may likewise rely upon
        you) in a crisis. This is not a game, although games can play a
        part in the training aspect. If we are to survive as individuals,
        as families, as a society, we cannot approach this as a one-
        person show. It will take cooperation of the highest order. The
        stakes are literally life and death.

        Many people take the attitude that “If it happens, I wouldn’t
        want to live anyway, ” This is an attitude which almost guaran
        tees defeat or death. A husband, father, or single mother with
        this attitude is virtually condemning his or her family to a
        similar fate.

        BECOME/STAY HEALTHY. Every-one in the family or group should
        get a complete medical, dental and vision checkup. Find your
        weaknesses and limitations so you may cope with them, before
        they take you by surprise Get caught up on immunizations such as
        tetanus, hepatitis, and measles. If eyeglasses or contacts are
        needed, get at least one spare pair, or save old ones. Stock
        up on cleaning solution if you wear contacts. Work to bring your
        teeth up to the healthiest level possible. A toothache can be a
        major problem even in normal times when a dentist is available.
        Imagine trying to make critical decisions while suffering with a
        toothache when there may be few, if any, dentists in operation.

        Make sure your feet are in good condition. They may someday be
        your only mode of transportation. Begin and maintain an exercise
        program which balances strength with endurance and flexibility.
        Running, swimming, and stair climbing are all excellent condi

        ALLOCATE PART OF YOUR BUDGET. Acquire supplies as your budget
        allows. Be practical; set priorities. For example: set aside $10
        per month for weaponry (including ammunition and cleaning sup
        plies, ($10 per month for clothing (if you don’t have the
        proper clothing already on hand. Three-piece suits or tennis
        outfits have very limited survival applications) , another $10 a
        month for reserve food and medical supplies, and so on. If money
        is tight, you can alternate purchases from month to month.

        The important thing is to make some sort of survival-based
        acquisition regularly, or at every opportunity. In making sur
        vival investments, you should consider the following points: a)
        Might you actually need it (Does it serve a legitimate survival
        need, such as food) ? b) Do you have the skill to use it prop
        erly, and would you be able to repair it when it inevitably
        breaks down? c) Will it need something else, such as electrici
        ty, gas, heat, or water to operate? d) How many/much will you
        need, and how long do you expect it to last (see Plan For
        Duration) : e) Is it practical for the conditions you antici
        pate, such as proper clothing for the climate?

        DEVELOP PLANS OF ACTION. You should discuss with your family or
        group the conditions under which you would run (Where?) or
        stay; whether to hide (For how long?) or fight (Whom? How?) .
        Every member of the group must be in agreement with the final
        plan. One dissident could destroy all your intentions; for
        instance by “setting-out” the group to an adversary.

        You should also develop “backup” plans to cover various
        contingencies such as those mentioned. Plan for the worst-case
        scenario and work down from there.

        HAVE A “BUG-OUT” KIT. Keep a short-term (up to one week)
        survival kit handy in case you must leave NOW. Remember the
        priorities: shelter, water, food, medical supplies, weapons,
        communications. Ideally, you should have several kits; one for
        each member of the family and group, another one in each vehicle
        in case a crisis occurs at an unexpected moment (as they usually
        do) . and a large cache of supplies away from the home, in a
        place safe from discovery or disaster; in the event you must
        evacuate your home quickly, as in the case of fire, earthquake
        or war. Each of these kits or caches should be planned to supple
        ment and extend the capabilities of the next smallest kit.

        Avoid making your personal bug-out kit too heavy to run with;
        you may have to carry it long distances, quickly.

        PLAN FOR DURATION. Try to realistically anticipate how long you
        expect your scenario may last, and add a little more to the
        estimate as a buffer against shortsightedness.

        Do you expect your disaster scenario to last for days (such
        as waiting for disaster relief after a major storm, fire, or
        earth quake) , months (i.e., a major strike by unions; re
        building after a disaster) , or years (such as being caught in
        the clutches of a dictatorship, foreign invasion, or persecu
        tion) ?

        Try to be realistic in your preparations. Plan for the con
        sumption of food (calories per person per day, plus other essen
        tial nutrients) , water (gallons per person per day, for
        drinking, cooking and sanitation) , ammunition (as much as can
        be obtained, with a suggested minimum of 500 rounds per weapon)
        , air quality (while in shelter, or masks for outside) ,
        medical supplies (including prescription medicines) , and so

        Some of your scenarios may look unlikely in the context of
        present conditions, but it only takes an open-eyed look at the
        world, the nation, or the neighborhood, to see the potential
        for frightening situations to rapidly develop which would not
        allow time for preparation after the fact. For instance, note
        that many people reacting to a disaster often converge on all the
        nearest stores for provisions such as food, candles, bottled
        water, batteries, and so on. Frequently, the crowd gets impa
        tient, not wanting or waiting to be left without essentials for
        themselves or their families. Occasionally, rioting and looting
        begin, feeding upon itself as the unprepared start to panic.

        Your aim must be to store adequate supplies for all intended
        members of your group for the longest time that you will likely
        be on your own, with self-sufficiency being your goal. The
        federal government recommends having at least three to five days
        supplies on hand, to sustain you until relief agencies can get
        into action. The more serious the crisis, the longer you may
        have to wait for outside help.

        If you are able, lay in extra supplies for a few additional
        persons who will, most likely, show up either on their own, or
        with members of the group (“My mother was visiting at the time; I
        couldn’t just leave her”) . As pragmatic as you must be, you
        must also not surrender your humanity completely. Otherwise, you
        are no better than the predators you may be fleeing. Of course,
        there is a practical limit to how much you can be expected to
        cope with. Examine your own conscience on this issue.

        A plan must also be drawn up to deal with waste management.
        Essential “luxuries” such as toilet paper, soap, and proper
        means of disposing of human waste and garbage with become major
        issues during a survival situation. Goods and services we have
        always taken for granted may no longer be available.

        You must also plan to cope with your people’s emotional surviv
        al. The abrupt change in lifestyle, the day to day fight to stay
        alive, will take its toll psychologically if not treated quickly
        and continuously. Find things to alleviate boredom, such as
        games or projects. Give every able person in the group a job
        they will be responsible for. Even children can be instructed to
        secure trash, act as lookouts, or help with food preparation or
        gathering supplies. Also attempt to continue with their educa
        tion, albeit with a different emphasis. Find duties which re
        quire a person to study the situation and come up with a solu
        tion. Hold meetings to keep everyone current on what’s happening,
        and conduct frequent and regular classes for everyone in survival
        arts. Keep your people, and yourself, busy. Despair may be your
        worst enemy.

        GET TRAINING. Your group should learn how to use weapons effec
        tively. Safety, maintenance, handling malfunctions, and
        marksmanship are all of equal importance in a survival context.
        Because this is an area where mistakes can be fatal, instruction
        should be sought from qualified professionals, such as the Na
        tional Rifle Association. Also, everyone should study unarmed
        self-defense under a qualified instructor; one who teaches
        combative, not tournament techniques.

        Tactics are another important area of study. Learn how best to
        utilize your weapons under various conditions and environments,
        such as snow, rain, or at night. There are several reputedly
        good schools for this type of study. There are also many books
        such as military manuals which can be of help, if accompanied by
        lots of practice.

        Study first aid diligently, as this is one of the most essen
        tial areas of self help study. The American Red Cross has excel
        lent, inexpensive courses on CPR and basic and advanced first
        aid. Everyone should be encouraged to take and pass such a
        course. A study of improvised medicines and first-aid equipment
        would also be useful. Some community colleges offer non-credit
        courses in herbology, folk medicine, and edible wild plants.
        There are many very good reference books on the subject. Another
        variation on this theme would be the study of medicinal minerals.
        You might seriously consider taking an Emergency Medical Techni
        cian course (or a Paramedic course if already an EMT) and
        joining a volunteer ambulance corps. Not only would you be con
        tributing to a vital community function, you would also be
        gaining practical, real-life, hands-on experience which no
        course can give by itself. Remember, in a crisis, your body
        does what is has been trained to do. The untrained reaction to
        crisis is usually panic Practical experience aids tremendously in
        overcoming the panic which accompanies disaster.

        Fieldcraft is another valuable area of study. Learn the differ
        ence between, and uses of, cover and concealment. Learn how to
        survive in rural or urban wilderness, how to find or construct
        proper shelter, how to gather food and collect and purify water,
        the use of correct sanitation procedures, basic land navigation,
        and much more.

        PRACTICE. Conduct realistic simulations with your equipment and
        your people to gain valuable experience and confidence working
        together. Get the bugs out while it’s relatively easy. Learn
        what works and what doesn’t.

        Go to the firing range often, preferably when you or your
        group can use it without onlookers. Practice on human-shaped
        targets, using tactics. Train in firing techniques for real
        world situations (such as varying weather conditions, target
        distance and size. Learn different firing positions, practice
        in-house techniques, etc.) . Always rigidly enforce appropriate
        safety procedures while training with weapons.

        As an EMT, you can work on an ambulance or in the emergency
        room to practice and to accustom yourself to the suffering of
        others. It’s certainly not pleasant, but it is crucial in over
        coming the shock of seeing something happen suddenly, perhaps to
        someone you love. This allows you to get on with treating the
        patient rather than wasting valuable seconds in panic. With prac
        tice, reaction becomes almost automatic, and confidence is
        gained. Without practice, hard-earned skills are gradually lost.

        You should try to incorporate your survival skills into every
        day life, making it a normal part of your existence.

        Don’t, however, carry it to extremes, such as walking around in
        public wearing cammies with a 10-inch knife on your belt. Be dis
        creet. Shooting and hand-to-hand practice, ambulance duty,
        making your own clothes, and canning your own food; all these
        skills and more will not only add to your survival repertoire,
        they will enhance the quality of your life, as you become less
        dependent on “the system” and more confident in your own abili

        Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your equipment, your
        people, and yourself. Without practice and effort you are just
        wasting time and money, and someone close to you could die need

        DON’T ADVERTISE. Keep your actions and intentions as low-pro
        file as possible. You could risk discovery and the loss of every
        thing you have been working for, or wind up with a lot of people
        on YOUR doorstep in a crisis; people whom you cannot support,
        and who may have no positive survival value. If you intend to
        support dependents, prepare for them with your supplies.

        One last thought. Because predatory people are out there,
        firearms are an essential element of survival planning. Unfortu
        nately, they have been abused frequently enough to give the
        whole survival movement a bad reputation in the eyes of the
        general media, who too often seem to be looking to discredit and
        ridicule the movement. Survivalists should respect firearms and
        view them as tools to protect what they have: their lives,
        families, homes, and provisions; not as weapons of conquest.
        The more you prepare, the more ready you must be to defend
        against those who don’t.


      29. @ Rev. Ike


        That said, if you go back in time say 200 years or so, you’d likely discover that many a frontier family experienced episodes of similar defense & life or death survival. Those kids that made it turned out ok. They came to terms with their actions, grew up & raised their own families & passed on their hard won experiences to their offspring.

        What this young lady needs most is the support of family & friends…NOT the psycho-analysis of some idiot PhD. or armchair quarterbacks second guessing her motivations & thrusting a guilt complex on her.
        She did the right thing, period.

        I agree with the sad state of modern society, where this young girl was cornered & had to use deadly force to ensure her safety.
        But all things considered, the worse the global economic situation becomes, the more likely episodes such as this one, will be more common.

      30. ;0) AWESOME KID !!! I Laughed Reading how she got him in the End !!! I just find it amazing how the kid “COW-GIRLED” right up … as scary as the experience was for her … She did everything “Right” … an even managed to SHOOT “THE PERV” THROUGH A CLOSED DOOR !!!

        I bet ya’ that was a “COME TO JESUS / GOD – AWAKENING MOMENT” for the Kiddy Predator Perv !!!

        And she is Un-Trained … “AWESOME KID” … She should be the New Poster Girl for the NRA – This is the very reason WHY the Second 2nd Amendment “RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS” must be Protected at All Costs in AmeriKa – even for Kids !!!

        * Parents should NOT be leaving their kids Home Alone under the Age of 15 PERIOD and they need to get a BIGGER MEANER DOG !!!


        • When you are right you are right.

        • @ NinaO—my Brother:

          I am amazed that her story made to to MSM.

          Perfect example of “The Weapon” using the right tool.

          She embraced her inner ninja with honor.

          You should loan her some face paint,lol.

          I will show proper respect to this future Patriot at the range on Thursday.

          …hot lead and death to pervs…..BA.

          • @BA … I’m truly curious how her still developing “tween mind” will apply this experience . I do hope she will have access to properly trained violent crisis counselors to assist her in dealing with the experience in a healthy manner mentally emotionally .

            She deserves too Enjoy her Teen Years free of any Nightmares PTSD from this Experience !

            Personally the more Re-Search I do on Ch ild S e x Pred ators like this Guy who Attacked her in her own Secure Home … the More I Agree with the European Policy of Mandatory Chemical Sterilization of Chi ld S e x Pred ators for Life !

            * This is a Policy that Should be pursued here in Amer iKa … and its reversible in the case NEW EVIDENCE PROVES a Person is wrongly accused and convicted !




          • @BA … I’m truly curious how her still developing “tween mind” will apply this experience . I do hope she will have access to properly trained violent crisis counselors to assist her in dealing with the experience in a healthy manner mentally emotionally .

            She deserves too Enjoy her Teen Years free of any Nightmares PTSD from this Experience !

            Personally the more Re-Search I do on Chi ld S e x Pred ators like this Guy who Attacked her in her own Secure Home … the More I Agree with the European Policy of Mandatory Chemical Sterilization of Chi ld S e x Pred ators for Life !

            * This is a Policy that Should be pursued here in AmeriKa … and its reversible in the case NEW EVIDENCE PROVES a Person is wrongly accused and convicted !




            • i still say your favorite song must be that country tune from about 15-20 years ago. i think about yooooouuu and i cant help but see that every da dada ad. shes somebodys little girl and i think about you…. lol, sorry but i cannot agree on this nonsensical coddling of children. obviously some 12 year olds can stay alone. her being one of them! if you coddle them and tell them a bunch of nonsense , well than yeah, youre right, you probaly shouldnt leave them alone. if you teach them to be decent people with common sense and the ability to stand up for themsleves, well, youd be surprised how well they will fare. kids have an advantage too, because they dont have silly misconceptions beat into them yet. they know evil from good alot of the time.think of that movie home alone. let me put it this way , i know kids who would be capable of causing that much chaos if put in a similar position.

      31. Had a buddy back in the day fire on people that entered his home without permission. It turned out to be 3 police officers. They did not announce themselves, they didn’t even knock. He lived alone and knew that nobody should have been in his home. He grabbed his gun that he had all the proper licensing for and opened fire. One of the police officers were killed, he was fired on as well. He went to prison for manslaughter as if he were a criminal. Turns out the police invaded the wrong house to begin with. The officers weren’t even punished for not following protocol. If those officers were just normal citizens who broke in, he would have been regarded as a hero like this girl…but no.

        • that sucks , but look at the bright side, one of those cops will never do that again and the two others probably wont either.

        He who fails to prepare for the night, fails to prepare for the dawn.

        I am a survivalalist and by nature a survivalist is an OPTIMIST. I do not
        have one pessimistic bone in my body. If what I just said sounds odd to you
        then you are not yet a survivalist and you do not understand the modern
        survivalist at all. It has been very difficult to communicate to the public
        and the mass communications media, the concept of an optimistic, hopeful
        A fireman is a fireman, not because he believes everything will burn, but
        because he believes much can be saved. Doctors don’t believe in death, they
        believe in life, and a survivalist is not a survivalist becuase he beleives
        everything must be destroyed and everyone must die, he beleives that life and
        freedom can be saved, if people of good will are prepared. A fireman does not
        start fires, a doctor does not make disease and a survivalist does not make
        Crime, disease, war, revolution, fire, flood, periodic financial collapse
        and famine are the results of nature and the nature of man and unfortunately
        are not within the power of anyone on this earth to prevent.
        We all know that the sun will set each day, leaving us in darkness and we
        all know that warm summers give way to cold winters and that we can do nothing
        to keep the sun from setting ot the cold winds from coming, does this make us
        pessimistic? I think not! So then why is the survivalist called a pessimist
        when he makes ready to face events that are just as much part of history and
        nature as the sunset and changing of the seasons.
        Another misconception is that survivalists are predicting world disaster.
        On the contrary, we seem to be the OPTIMISTIC MINORITY that is predicting
        world survival. We are hard pressed to find any well recommended historians,
        economists, political scientists, sociologists or military strategists that
        can come up with a scenario that gives even a fifty-fifty chance of avioding a
        large scale catastrophe, yet we survivalist dare to be OPTIMISTIC about the
        future. We survivalists do not need to predict the probability of disater
        anymore than we need to predict the sun setting.
        Those who critize survivalists, are like men who refuse to look at a
        calendar, in the hope that through self-imposed ignorance they can keep from
        aging another year.
        “You survivalists will be disappointed if we don’t have a world cataclysm”,
        here is another accusation that is pure B.S. and I could not think of a milder
        phrase to describe it. We survivalists have loved ones we don’t want to see
        hurt or killed, we have homes we don’t want to see destroyed, we are not fools
        to think that just because we are suvrvivalists a world cataclysm would be fun
        for us or the we would not experiance danger, loss, hunger, injury, cold or
        even despair and death.
        We have spent time and money to improve our chances for survival and
        recovery from disaster, but we would have a great celebration if some day we
        could be assured that we had wasted our time. No, we will not be disappointed
        if there is no disaster to survive, anymore than the Red Cross is disappointed
        when there are no floods and storms or the man who buys an insurance policy is
        disappointed when his house fails to burn down.
        It may be said that the survivalist would much prefer the pleasant (but
        unlikely) surprise of being wrong to the (probable) deadly rude awakening that
        the nonsurvivalist will face if he is wrong.

        So, you see the survivalist can not lose because his survival prepartions
        will be of value regardless of what the future has in store. In time of
        crisis, those who have not prepared to turn to each other, will turn on each
        It is most regrettable indeed, that many people consider survivalists as a
        threat and regard them with suspicion and even hostility. This attitude is
        logically indefensible and is rooted in the nonsurvivalists own sense of fear
        and guilt. Subconsciously, the nonsurvivalist may hate the survivalist for
        reminding him of how fragile his lifestyle is. Now, let’s get the facts
        NONSURVIVALists. Every person who has not made provisions for surviving
        without food, water, fuel and other essential needs from the outside, is a
        mortal danger to his neighbors.
        What will a man do when he and his family are freezing, hungry, thirsty,
        sick and starving? He may ask or beg his neighbors for help, but when they
        have no extra fuel, food, water or medicine to give, will he just go back home
        to die with his wife and kids? What do you think? We survivalists who stock
        up on food and other supplies, now do a favor to society because what we now
        buy is replaced on the shelves so there will be that much more available in an
        emergency. We survivalists won’t be looting and killing for food. We won’t be
        a burden on the medical facilities or a danger to the police. Since we will
        be able to turn to each other, we will not need to turn on anyone and we may
        be able to help at least some.
        Survival preparation should be regarded as a social obligation, one that
        every individual owes to his family and community and his nation. The
        nonsurvivalist is simply a poor and irresponsible citizen.
        So the reality is, that survivalists are optimistic, self-reliant
        individuals, who cannot help but see the imperitive of preparing for the worst
        possible events, while hoping sincerely, that they won’t happen. Today’s
        survivalist is an asset to his community and to the world and should be proud
        to be called SURVIVALIST.
        Author Unknown

      33. im just glad that little person hit the target and if the guy would of opened the door the child might of locked up and scream and shot the kid. lucky id say.

      34. See that Copperhead? The world was ending 20 years ago too. Guy that wrote that crap is probably DEAD.

        • ccrider: This is true it was written 21yrs ago. So why worry about it about. If it’s not going to end, you can still prepare. So I guess you can get on your Hog and ride into the sunset. I will prepare. By the way I didn’t care for the song either.


        A TRAITOR US Marine BOASTS of MARTIAL LAW TAKEOVER In USA by NATA UN CONTROLLED US MARINES with Civilian Main Street Executions by Guillotines and COMPLETE LOCK-DOWN MARTIAL Law across the USA – WTF ??? ;0p



        ** I Sincerely Hope this TRAITOR Ebonics Moron Jar-Head U.S. Marine gets his Death Wish … It’s more than Time for the FREEMAN PATRIOTS of AMERICA to TAKE BACK ONCE FREE AMERIKA from the CRIMINAL CORRUPT MAFIA NWO U.N. ZOG FedGov and StateGov’s – RESTORE THE ORIGINAL U.S. CONSTITUTION and the ONCE GREAT LADIES FREEDOM LIBERTY JUSTICE back in their ORIGINAL RIGHTFUL ONCE HONORED PLACES – SEATED over All the Citizens of the Republic of America !!!





      36. BI, I couldn’t have said it better. Iowa, where did you hear about those signs possibly being illegal? I find that disturbing since I have a similar sign in my front window at home. Watchdog, my condolences for your niece. SD Mule, I agree the girl should never have been put in this position and it’s definitely the wrong way to lose your childhood, but she did what she had to do. Kudos to her parents for believing in the 2nd Amendment and teaching her the right things about guns. Copperhead, thanks for that article from American Survival Guide. i used to go to the newsstand every month to get the latest copy; could hardly wait for it; it was a very good magazine and I miss it. That poor girl will have to go through counseling and have nightmares for the rest of her life. But at least she can look at herself in the mirror and say “I did the right thing”. Off topic, I just finished reading “One Second After”. One of the most powerful and moving books I’ve ever read in my life. I broke down several times while reading it; especially when John’s daughter Jennifer died. I don’t think anyone can read that book and NOT get emotional. Although it’s a work of fiction, the scenario is extremely plausible and could very well become reality soon. What that girl in Oklahoma just went through, multiply by possibly millions of home invasions after TSHTF. In post-SHTF, i just hope no LE will be stupid enough to interfere with anyone defending themselves against real criminals. I wish I didn’t have to look at SOME LE the same way I look at common criminals, but it’s a fact; a certain percentage of them are corrupt and today’s breed of cops post-9/11 cannot be trusted, period. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

      37. Conservatives piss me off..go roll in your money or something.

        • we would, except obama took it all!

          • Hey mac it is all goverment not just obama, or you forget that?
            Or are you one of the divided still?
            And andrew tis time to get over it. Stay with the hate and we will all loose in the end.
            If you are anyone of these, they are fucking you. They will continue to fuck you, and maybe if we can stop all the divided mess that we ALLOW them to do to us, even tho we say we know they are doing it, Maybe then and only then will we be able to stop, end, and fix the situation. Will it be easy? fuck no. will it be fun? fuck no. Will it be worth it in the end? For your future generations yes it will be.

        • Nobody, I mean nobody can be that stupid not to use their brain to learn how to not think for themself for the first time and be dinked so quickly.

      38. “God made Man..Smith and Wesson made all Men (Women) Equal”

        I’m thrilled that little Kendra’s family lived in a state where gun rights are cherished. I have become so exquisitely tired of hearing stories wherein someone uses superior, physical force to molest (or worse) someone of lesser capacity. Though Christian, just the THOUGHT of not acting – either by the individual themselves or by another on thier behalf – to stop any such is repugnant.
        Remember also Christ’s injunction that, “..those who harm these little ones, it would be better if they had a millstone hung about thier neck and be cast into the depths of the ocean…”. As such I applaud Kendra’s response though I also admit that DK has a point here specifically. Thankfully, inasmuch as “Practice makes perfect.” we may all rest peacefully tonight KNOWING that Kendra’s aim will improve over time.

        • If she had waited, she may well have frozen. She was well aware that the only other person in the house was not mommy.

      39. Nice shot!

      40. DRATS!!,

        An M-1.3 Solar flare erupted at approximately 20:03 UTC…I forgot to include this in the previous post.

        @ BI…We are clearly in “ramp-up” mode on a variety of fronts at this time, Geophysical, Solar. Given the current level of tectonic activity since mid-September I admit to a little concern that we’re now seeing the Solar icreasing also…in the back of my mind I worry what could happen if we had even a moderate CME charge into the Terrestrial magnetic field at this point.

        • @ JustOneGuy. Think of a M-class eruption of a solar flare as the same amount of destruction that a tropical storm can do, a class C flare as what a tropical depression is, and a B class as a tropical disturbance. For the X class flares, think of anything X 1-5 as a category 1 hurricane, X 6-10 has a Cat. 2, X 11-20 as a Cat. 3, X 21-30 as a Cat 4, and X 30+ as a Cat 5. By using the amount of damage from a direct hit from a specific size of hurricane you can get a ballpark idea what a certain size of flare could do Earth directed or slightly away from the planet.

          Solar flares affect the magnetic stability of the planet and can help generate earthquakes. Talking about earthquakes Israel is having a drill call Turning Point 6 and it simulates two scenarios. First is of course an all out missile attack from their enemies. The second is an earthquake that 7000 and generates a tsunami. What does Israel know about earthquakes? They know that the African and Arabian plates are mega stressed out. Earlier in the year I gave Italy as one of the areas to possibly look for a severe earthquake as I see much tension on the African plate, I guess Israel sees it a little bit further east. The article was on Debka, but I could link it for some strange reason.

          Wasn’t this a nice article to read? That little girl has more courage and calm cool reactionary than 99% of the people in this country, and ONLY 12 years old. With all the innocent children that are succumbed to these demonic perverts, it was so wonderful to see a child save herself and probably many other children from what likely was a serial weirdo pedophile. All children should know how to defend themselves should the awful time come that they have to, especially after SHTF. Children can still live life as children, but like knowing what to do when a natural disaster, children should have some idea how to save themselves from the evil scumbuckets that roam the planet like the vermin they are.

          • @ BI,
            So much of the what’s in the news is the stories which end as ” and the body was recovered..” I am thrilled to hear a story that didn’t end that way!
            As far as the CME thing is concerned it’s a little more complicated than that. The Earth is effectively an open-pole generator. By “open-pole” I mean that the magnetic flux which is normally short-shunted from one end to the other by the judicious use of a ferromagnetic substance in the casing is instead allowed to spread out to fill the space around it. That’s where things get hard to predict. Any given Mass ejection might principly (local center-of-mass) strike us dead-on, pass over or under one of the poles or pass to one side or the other. How much energy-momentum is transferred through the passage of the mass (a hot, ionized gas…effectively a ‘current’) coupling to the geomagnetic field is exquisitely sensitive to EXACTLY how the mass approaches us as well as at what speed, density, etc. Not trying to be pedatic here. After haviong read through your post I’m quite satisfied as to your clear competance in mentation…just being explicit thus far.
            One of the sites I posted in the last couple of days was the rice.edu site which tracks the effective particulars associated with the whole Sun/Earth interaction thing. One of the things listed there is “Polar Convection” from which one can draw/infer how much energy is being transferred – moment-to-moment – during auroral events, NOAA also monitors and evaluates this quantity and sevbral other closely related variables. Suffice it to say that even during a relatively minot episode the figure for for energy transfer is EASILY up in the terawatt range. During stronger events much higher. Still, this pales into insignifcance next to the momentum transfer occuring and it’s effect on the planetary core. Said momentum transfer is direct, that is though the core is buried under thousands of miles of magma the disturbance is communicated directly to it thereby altering – to a greater or lesser extent – the angulat momentum of the core itself.
            The problem is that the core – supposedly a ‘hyper-fluid’ ball of iron (and now thought also to be iron-iridium alloyed) spinning at furious angular velocity then has to subtly alter both it’s internal flows and by extension re-establish equilibrium at the core/mantel interface which causes flow changes in the mantle above and which thence become communicated further upward against the crust itself.
            Ergo, aside from redistributive actions due to thermals alone acting on the crust we also have the basic underlying reasoning behind things like crustal drift, the various planetary hot-spots like Hawaii and Yellowstone and etc. There does seem to be a definite pattern (historical) in the occurance of major solar disruptions and later planetary seismicity though the intervals are often such that the cause-and-effect aren’t plainly evident. Additionally, I’ve lately stumbled over a couple of academic papers which conjecture that s small region – perhaps only several kilometters across at the center of the core itself might be predominantly of trans-uranic composition. If so, then we can add another variable to the overall eqaution per a few previous post relating to the clear correspondence between solar flare’s and radio-nuclide behaviour here terrestrially.
            My concern, of late, is that SO MUCH seems to be going on in so many different venues all at once. Don’t get me wrong…I’m no ‘Mayan-Doomsday’ advocate, still, lately there’s just too much happening all at once. For what it worth, back in May a research paper was released which indicates that the Sun has become ‘quadrupolar’…no longer it’s standard dipole configuration. We have never seen the sun do this in all the history of modern solar observation and frankly, aren’t even sure what this means. Like I said, too much, all at once…Solar, tectonic, political, economic… Sometimes I think my head is going to pop like a pimple trying to keep up with it all…possibly you feel the same?
            in any event, keep up with the good work on the seismic front and Thank You for your clearly diligent watchfulness there. Be assured I watch the Solar segment of things just as diligently. In time to come we can ‘compare notes’ here, I’ll be around henceforth. A pleasure dialoging with you, Thanks again.

            • @ JustOneGuy. It is indeed a lot more complicated than I described it, I just try to give other a kind of ballpark figure to compare this to that most people are more fimiliar with. Direct hits from CME have a lot do with many parameters. In reality though so do hurricanes and tropical storms on the planet. I have not studied in college nearly as much about off the planet as I have about the Earth, but I have some knowledge of the solar system and the galaxy.

              What I would like to know is what is the range of a supernova going off that the Earth would get a severe enough gamma ray pulse. I have read that within 500 light years, others say within even 8000 light years. I kind of go with the lower number. Would do think?

              There was another polar earthquake toawrds the South Sandwich Islands. I have found that between 55-57 degrees south that 78.2% of the time there is a 6.5+ earthquake. This 5.2 was at 56.3 degrees south. This on top of all the polar earthquakes in the Balleny Islands region. I am not near 100% confident that a 7.3+ is coming, not sure about the Oct. 24 day that I gave, about 80% sure of this date. I think that we probably will see a 8.0+ soon. I am watching the earthquakes very closely, and the space weather also.

      41. the only downside to this story is that now the scum lowlife will join the entitlement ranks… we’ll be supporting this lame parasite through the prison system for his jail term and beyond for parole/probation and continuing medical… too bad she didn’t have x-ray vision – she could have put that round between his eyes and ended alot of suffering for the rest of us…

      42. Teach your kid the art of the double tap, or how to empty the magazine on the intruder, it will save us all a bunch of money and time.

        • That reminds me of a story of the judge asking why she shot the guy trying to rape her 6 times.
          Well, when I pulled the trigger the 7th time, it went ‘click’!

      43. To everyone: here’s another article: beforeitsnews.com/u-s-politics/2012/10/gun-restrictions-coming-after-the-election-2444796.html

      44. If Jones, looked like Obama’s son….

        Sharpton and Jackson would burn the town dow


        [A] Progressive/Liberal Sanctions Issue Thus: parent endangered the child’s life by leaving a loaded gun in the house and exonerates Stacy for his role in drawing the child’s fire away from what might otherwise have been an suicide attempt due to emotional duress on the part of the child. Stacy an NSC raptor, moves on to his next matrix victim under cover of S.1867.1021.


        [B] Constitutional Sanctions Against Abduction Perp Stacy Jones Issue Thus: child having narrowly escaped abduction by a known BDSM/pedophile upgrades to shotgun in preparation for next visit.

        VOTE A or B

      46. They need to publish his photo. This creep has been charged once that we know of(last year) with the same kind of crime. What do you bet it’s happened again, since then??? Might relieve other minds out there that are in fear of this guy… just a thought.

        My 15 yr old grandson lives with us. I homeschool him. We have run through different scenarios about home invasion/shtf possibilities, etc. He knows how to shoot well, he has thought about home defense, and I know I will depend on him if the need arises.

        Kudos to that mom for teaching her daughter to mind without question, to stay calm in an emergency, and to do what is necessary to survive. If mom provided that kind of instruction in advance, I’m sure she will help her daughter through this trauma. The girl isn’t going to have to handle this on her own.

      47. While I understand a 12 year old shooting through a door, it is troubling that so many here think it is a good idea. Whatever happened to identify your target? Plus the bullet went through the assailant into the wall. What if the bullet had hit a neighbor? Would you folks be as enthusiastic? It sounds to me like there are a bunch of blood thirsty psycopaths just itching to shoot someone.

        • >>> JoeinNC

          You’re one of those Chapel Hill fagots, ain’t you?
          Buy you some knee savers & get the hell outta here, you damn pole smoker!

        • @ joe in n.c., calm down, calm down, dont get a big dick!!!!

        • Get a grip man. Glad there are kids like this. Bravo to her and her mother.

      48. Just to celebrate, I think i’ll buy another gun this weekend.

      49. Why was he on the street?He attempted to abduct a 17 year old a year earlier?WTF?

      50. Wake up America.

        “had previously been charged for the abduction of a 17 year old girl last year.”

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