12 Signs That Something Big Is Happening To The Earth’s Crust Under North And South America

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    This article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder. You can follow his regular writings, research and analysis at The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. Read his recent book The Beginning of the End to get an idea of what America may look like in the very near future.

    earthquakeWhy are fault lines and volcanoes all over North and South America suddenly waking up?  Are we moving into a time when major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will become much more common?  For the past several decades, we have been extremely fortunate to have experienced a period of extremely low seismic activity along the west coast of the United States.  You see, the west coast lies right along the infamous Ring of Fire.  Approximately 75 percent of all the volcanoes in the world are on the Ring of Fire, and approximately 90 percent of all global earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.  Scientists tell us that it is inevitable that “the Big One” will hit California someday, but people have gotten very apathetic about this because things have been so quiet out there for so many years.  Well, now it appears that things are changing in a big way – and not just along the California coast.  The following are 12 signs that something big is happening to the earth’s crust under North and South America…

    #1 The 5.1 earthquake that shook Los Angeles on Friday was the worst earthquake that the city had seen in many years.

    #2 Following that earthquake, there were more than 100 aftershocks.

    #3 A 4.1 earthquake shook Los Angeles on Saturday.  Scientists are hoping that this earthquake swarm in southern California will end soon.

    #4 Earlier this month, a 4.4 earthquake rattled Los Angeles so badly that it caused news anchors to dive under their desks.

    #5 A 6.9 earthquake just off the coast of northern California in early March was the largest earthquake to hit the west coast of the United States since 2010.

    #6 Up in Oregon, Mt. Hood recently experienced more than 100 earthquakes over the course of just a few days.

    #7 During the past month, there have also been some other very unusual geologic events that have been happening up in Oregon

    • Two large landslides – one in the Columbia River Gorge dumped about 2,000 cubic yards of rock and debris on highway I84 just 3 miles west of the Hood River, and another blocked US30 near Portland.
    • Loud booms and ground shaking reported by people from Lincoln to Tillamook Counties; some reported hearing a rumble, as well (No earthquakes recorded by the USGS in the area at the time.)
    • A 20 ft. deep sinkhole swallowed a woman and her dog in her Portland backyard.

    #8 A 4.8 earthquake rattled Yellowstone National Park on Sunday, and there have been at least 25 earthquakes at Yellowstone since Thursday.

    #9 Scientists recently discovered that the Yellowstone supervolcano is now releasing far more helium gas than they had anticipated.

    #10 Over the past month, there have been more than 130 earthquakes in the state of Oklahoma.  This is highly unusual.

    #11 There have been several dozen earthquakes in Peru over the past month, including a 6.3 earthquake that made headlines all over the globe.

    #12 Earlier this month, the northern coast of Chile was hit by more than 300 earthquakes in a seven day stretch.  41 of those earthquakes were stronger than magnitude 4.5.

    Fortunately, the quake that hit Los Angeles on Friday did not cause too much lasting injury.  But it sure did shake people up.  The following is how the Los Angeles Times described the damage…

    The quake, centered near La Habra, caused furniture to tumble, pictures to fall off walls and glass to break. Merchandise fell off store shelves, and there were reports of plate glass windows shattered.

    In Brea, several people suffered minor injuries during a rock slide that overturned their car. Fullerton reported seven water main breaks. Carbon Canyon Road was closed.

    Residents across Orange and Los Angeles counties and the Inland Empire reported swinging chandeliers, fireplaces dislodging from walls and lots of rattled nerves. The shake caused a rock slide in Carbon Canyon, causing a car to overturn, according to the Brea Police Department.

    Why this particular earthquake is of such concern is because it occurred along the Puente Hills fault line.  According to one seismologist, this is the fault line that would be most likely to “eat L.A.”

    Experts said that the earthquakes occurred on the Puente Hills thrust fault, which stretches from the San Gabriel Valley to downtown Los Angeles.

    Last night’s quake was shallow, which ‘means the shaking is very concentrated in a small area,’ said Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson.

    Hauksson revealed that the earthquake was unusual because the 5.1 quake was preceded by the weaker foreshock.

    Scientists such as Hauksson are very concerned about the Puente Hills fault because it runs directly under downtown Los Angeles.

    This is the fault that could eat L.A.,’ seismologist Sue Hough told The LA Times in 2003.

    The fact that this fault appears to be waking up is really bad news.

    According to seismologists, a major earthquake along this fault line could cause hundreds of billions of dollars of damage

    Video simulations of a rupture on the Puente Hills fault system show how energy from a quake could erupt and be funneled toward L.A.’s densest neighborhoods, with the strongest waves rippling to the west and south across the Los Angeles Basin.

    According to estimates by the USGS and Southern California Earthquake Center, a massive quake on the Puente Hills fault could kill from 3,000 to 18,000 people and cause up to $250 billion in damage. Under this worst-case scenario, people in as many as three-quarters of a million households would be left homeless.

    For years, we have watched as the rest of the Ring of Fire has been absolutely ravaged by major seismic events.

    We all remember the earthquakes that caused the Indonesian tsunami of 2004 and the Japanese tsunami of 2011.

    And the world mourned when major earthquakes devastated New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Japan and the Philippines.

    Scientists assured us that it was only a matter of time before the west coast started to become seismically active again, and now it is happening.

    If you live on the west coast, I hope that you will consider these things very carefully.

    Just because the earth under your feet has been relatively quiet for a very long time does not mean that it will always be that way.

    Something big appears to be happening to the earth’s crust, and you won’t want to be in the “danger zone” when things finally break loose.

    Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream. If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. I cant wait to here from B.I>. kinda of a hobby for me too.

        • Earthquakes, drought, wars and rumors of war.


          That all sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


          • We need to add pestilence (Ebola spreading) and floods (NOAA warns of spring floods). Preps should probably include spiritual ones as well. I know mine do.

            • Amen, brother

              • Maybe it’s just the earth
                shaking off her human fleas.

                • This is GLOBAL WARMING !!!!!!!
                  See , shoulda paid yer carbon taxes to the UN .
                  If we would just redistribute all our money to the third world communist dictators all would be right with the world and the earth would stop shaking , the seas would stop rising and there would be a chicken in every pot.

                  Personally i blame cow flatulance for all of this.

                  • I can see it now.

                    In a couple of years, all dairy and beef cattle ranches will be required to have pressurized methane trapping diapers on all the animals. They will then have to pay some company to come and take the trapped methane and turn it into bio-fuel that the rest of us will have to use in our vehicles after we purchase a fuel retro-fit kit from a college buddy of some high-ranking politician. And it is all for the children, the planet and the greater good.


                  • Global Warming is WW3.

                    How many industrialized nations have factories that belch tons of crap into the sky. Screw carbon foot print.

                  • NO…It’s a Global WARNING

                  • I blame Bush.

                  • Okay, more precursor earthquake activity, this time on the northern Mid Atlantic Ridge. This one points again to New Guinea as getting whacked hard. It also still points to northern South America and Central America. Again Alaska, and this time northern California. Japan and the whole Australian plate, and the Scotia plate down southeast of Argentina. One or two more of these quakes and it should form a clear picture of the near exact points to really worry about.

                    Yellowstone, look for Adak, Alaska beforehand like I warned last week about. Yellowstone will still take a sizeable earthquake to rip it open enough for an eruption. Even the 7.1 in 1959 did not do it. There is activity pointing to this area somewhat.

                    The Californian situation is like feast or famine with earthquakes as they go in sharp spikes up or down in earthquake activity. This is likely due to the squeezing affect of the plates that also go in cycles upon the californian basins. This is why areas like down in the Drake Passage get active it shows plate movement that is directed towards California. There are past records of larger earthquakes in California in which days or weeks before these points on plate boundaries get active with quakes. West of the Balleny Islands down by Antarctica and in the Bering Sea are precursors to California getting active.

                    USGS says that weather and Moon placement plays nothing with earthquakes. Yet the Foundation for the Study of Cycles has proven that quakes increase when the Moon is near the apogee, further away, and at a sharper angle. When the Santa Anas are blowing and this means there is a high pressure ridge above, there are more earthquakes ONLY along areas inland where the faults go. The Slymar and Whittier earthquakes were examples of this, and even the Northridge quake occurred during a high pressure ridge. A fault along the coast this doesn’t affect.

                    There is still much doubt about if that 5.3, downgraded to a 5.1 was on the Puente Hills fault alone. The Whitter/Elsinore fault is within a mile away and these faults tend to be actually one big fault. Kind of the way they call the north part of the Australian plate, the Indian plate, where in reality it is the Australian plate period. If the whole Whitter/Elsinore fault went that they say is ONLY the Puente Hills fault it could reach a high 7 range. They not dare tell people that the “little” Puente Hills fault is really an extension of the very large Whittier/Elsinore fault. Politics as usually just the way they almost always downgrade earthquake sizes so everybody will not get too scared.

                    The 6.9 earthquake is common in this area, as you can ask anyone the lives up in Eureka about this. The earthquake today was a precursor to the 7.2 back in August of 2005.

                    The earthquakes in mt. Hood could be due to the increase of water this season. Iceland volcanoes get more active when there are changes in water tables. Some volcanoes actually are helped “plugged” by these massive glaciers that sit on them.

                    The Nazca plate is due for a mega quake. Like I have talked about this with VRF about his family in Peru, there is a high chance of a 9+ or even a 9.3-9.5 occurring in this area from Ecuador to Peru. One just has to look at the Andes to see how much compressing pressure there is between the plates here. The 9.5 and 8.8 occurred in Chile in 1960 and 4 years ago. The area around Peru and Ecador has not had a mega or super mega quake in several hundred years and is due. So is the northern and eastern caribbean plate as the last time this section unleased a Japanese size near 9 pointer was around the time of 1400 something.

                    Between 1950 and 1965 there was an uptick of 8.5+. Then until this century in 2004, nothing. IF this cycle followed exactly between 1950 and 1965, then there is at least one more 8.5+. The last mega quake in 1965 was in the Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands that was a 8.7. Actually the Aleutians are extremely due for a 9+ by past tsunami records. This is one area like the Nazca plate where you could get something above a 9.5. The tsunami for the west coast would be immense as the California shape of the coastline would channel in the wave’s energy. Nothing 100 feet high, but 50-60 feet would not be unheard of.

                    The earthquake activity is still pointing more towards Alaska and the Pacific Northwest right now. A low 6 to mid 6 would be more realistic for California IF a larger quake was coming right now. More earthquakes along the plate boundaries could change this however quickly.

                  • It’s gotta be Nibiru!

                  • Pretty funny that there’s a hot debate over my comment about blaming bush for it. Now I hear they want his dumb ass brother to run! WTF is wrong with people???

                  • Scientists/those concerned about GW are not advocating we pay taxes on carbon. They are advocating the fossil fuel industry/corporations pay taxes and distribute the money to US!!! How can you people always get it so wrong?! Read Jim Hansen’s views on this– he makes it plain!!! (He’s the world’s foremost climate scientist, was head of NASA before retiring). GEEEZH!!!

                • 2012 might be a little late

                • Guess 12 people don’t know George 🙂

        • for me i look and study this type of stuff just for the off chance that i would need to know if i have to run right or do i run left. plus the fact that in my family i am the dependable one. and i just like knowing different type of information.

        • Another disaster scenario that maybe/maybe not will happen. If California does get hit, it will not be a surprise so the people there have had ample opportunity to leave. So I will not feel too bad for them. A person must take responsibility for their actions or inaction as the case may be. I know this is not a popular view but common sense rarely is! God bless, James

          • I was wondering who they will blame…. Man Made Global Warming, Bush, Tea Party, or 32 oz drinks?

            • jews

              • Coreection sir: Fake Jews

                • Thank you for the correction Iowa.

                  Many here have a difficult time distinguishing between the two.

                  • Thats because recent DNA Confirms at Least 98% are Khazars aka Fake jews. I can RE-Post that DNA info/article of Dec 2012 if any naysayers still have any doubts. Just let me know if need it re posted. Glad to assist in wizeing up process.

                  • No need to post it for me TG.

                    With all the red thumbs we are getting you may want to re-post it.

                    Just so they can scream anti-Semitism…they should be screaming communism.

                    When it all shakes out, they’ll all be screaming alright.

                • Right Iowa, it is those who say they are jews but are not but are of the synagogue of Satan. Revelations 2:9 and 3:9.

            • That plus: .1) My Jeep. 2.)My consumption of beer. 3.)Spent ammo gases. 4.)Flatulence emissions of yours truly and my German Shepherd.

              Seriously, ya just know it is true ! Libs see nothing wrong with THEIR lifestyle.

              Ask King Barry about the carbon footprint of all is vacations! Oh, riiiiigghhtt it is cultural exchange….HAHAHAHAHAHA…and people wonder why I have a beer frig in my barn !

              • Exactly why barns were made. I have a barn also, but have 2 dogs, 2 horses, and 6 cats that fart. My wife is very appreciative that we also have a shop where I can hangout to drink beer, belch, and fog the air.

              • Oh but you’re just one of “those” people. Barry and his type don’t care about “those” people (who consume all their resources… damn “those” people)…

                • But dam…. I don’t create anything. Even if I brew some beer, make some wine, and kill a few critters for the table. They would be really pissed if they new I bartered, grew tobacco, and rolled my own cigs.

                • Next time you fog the air, just look towards Barry and say: “I didn’t make that.”

              • This is Mother Earths Protest against “FRACKING” Poke enough holes in the crust, fill it full of Fracking solvent Crap, and there is NO Stability for the crust to bond to the Earth’s core. This is an already proven fact.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt, I’ll agree with your statement. I’ve had some reservations about fracking. especially when water is required for it. We need that water for crop irrigation, drinking, more important uses. so I give you a green thumb. Whoever gave you red thumbs are dildos.

                • censor any thought you do no agree with

            • And the right will blame it on abortions and acceptance of gays. What’s your point?

              • We better legalize gay marriage quickly!!

            • Gun owners!!!

              • They must blame it on preppers, because if we didn’t have so much hoarded food, ammo and guns piled up on those tectonic plates, they wouldn’t be shifting from the weight of it all…

          • If the Californians all run to the east coast it will tip the country over.

            • Probably not, Rick. They’re usually pretty “light in the loafers.”

              • What if all 20+ Million Illeagles, many huge fat assed very Wide loads, all at once converged at main fault and began to Jump up and down?…Can that cause a quake?

                20+ Million all Yelling, I want my Maypo! in spanish!

                • Most of those “illeagles” can write English better than you.

                  • ill eagles?

                  • Yeah, that’s why they’re illegals.


            • They’re mostly airheads, so they don’t weigh much. Their opinions sure don’t matter much.

            • It won’t tip the country over, but it has a strong possibility of turning a lot of conservative/independent states blue

            • Californians don’t have any more reason to leave than midwesterners do escaping tornado alley. If people ran from every place that had natural disasters there wouldn’t be enough room for them all when they got there, if there even is such a place.

          • James, seems as though common sense isn’t all that common anymore!

          • James, Cali WILL be hit with a big one, only a question of when. Sounds like it may be soon. Sounds like I may need to bug out for GA. I’m only an hour’s drive from New Madrid Fault. Be Informed, where is your in-depth analysis when we need it?

            • You might not be far from me, I am about 2 hrs from NMSZ, if you look at the models, we are in the serious danger zone until about 250 miles away due to the density of the bedrock in this region.

          • I absolutely agree, James.

            My folks WON’T leave, I can’t MAKE them leave (although God knows the thought has occurred more than once)… and they’re like 87. So, guess I’m staying.

            And yes, it will be my fault. No sarcasm. I could have saved up enough by now to somehow manage to put them into a (nice) retirement community somewhere else. I failed to do so. It’s totally on me. THEY could afford it. They won’t.

            Won’t do nursing home. Saw that one first hand before. Not even over my dead body. Those places are hell.

        • Now this is planetary devastation….

          • OK, I’ll give ya one.

            • We may be on the Cusp of americas largest concentration of Lib Kommies “Devastation”…

        • GODZILLA…….AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

          • And Godzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…

            (I’m assuming you’re referring to the cartoon because of the “Aaaaaaaaaaa” at the end there)…

        • 2 homes in sunny Florida for sale TONIGHT 3/31/2014 with underground bunkers at: http://www.aantv.com. Sold auction style via National Television from 8:00 pm to midnight EST. Call 1-800-269-9629 to get registered for auction. No minimum bid/ no reserve auction.

        • i hope everything goes to shit , hope the whole world blows up

        • Ditto! I live near the New Madrid, I have been watching it closely, as well as other locations.

      2. BI, whats your take? Some of Snyders stuff is good, but some of it is random facts shoehorned together.

        • Yes, I have been watching for comments from him, even OT comments, for a couple of days.

        • BamBam- Snyder’s articles are piece mealed together from other sources like DAISY’s are. There is ANOTHER hack writer, and does not even live in the USA to boot!
          He’s in this for the money like most the rest of them.

          Why do YOU think they all have 3 or more websites that deal with the same thing, instead of ONE?

          Yeah. I know.

          • rich
            i believe daisey moved back to the usa. might wanna update your file

          • Agreed. Survivalblog.com is the Wall St. Journal and shtfplan.com is the National Enquirer.

      3. Earthquakes give me the willys,,,
        Most folks have no idea what its like to experience a real shaker,, When I was a kid we had a big one on the Island of Hawaii, caved in roadsides, knocked stuff off store shelves, damaged homes and infrastructure,, think it was 67 or 68, just remember being floating in a fishpond on a tube and watching a two story house sway back and forth and then the tidal wave sirens went off,,
        luckily there was no tidal wave, but the damage was something out of a nightmare,

        • Kulafarmer, I was in San Jose Ca. for the Loma Pieta quake that happened during the MBL world series. All us dummies at the intersection we’re out of our cars looking for flat tires until we noticed the light polls swaying at people running from the buildings. It was a 7.8 and raised the local mountains 4 ft. There were cars in the ditches all along the freeways from shaking off the road. All the double decker bridges fell down. Definitely gave me a good respect for earthquakes. Will prefer to watch them on tv from now on.

          • I’ve been to Cali a few times.

            Great climate. Horrible politics. More morons than the national average. Most people don’t have a clue and don’t want to know how the rest of the world works. Probably about 30% of the people are worth a darn, which is the reason the state hasn’t failed just yet. I hope the drought ends, but I don’t think that anyone should expect that. I wouldn’t ever want to live there, even though it holds some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. I hope those of you who are propping the state up can get out before the SHTF.

            Let’s pray that any earthquake that does hit is minor.


            • 30%?

              Wow. Generous, aren’t you?

              Well you always get an unrealistically better impression of a place when you visit versus live there… 9_9…

        • Earthquakes suck.

          I was walking the dogs at work when the St Patty’s day quake hit. Me and my neighborhood didn’t even feel the 5.1 that hit on Friday night but eberyone around us sis. No clue about how that works. What scares me more than all the earthquakes and aftershocks around LA is the 4.8 at the super volcano at Yellowstone. From what I have read, if that thing goes, it is a game changer for the world…..


        • I know what you mean, I hate earthquakes. Unlike a hurricane (been in plenty of those) where you have days of warning, or a tornado where you at least know conditions are right, earthquakes just happen out of the blue.

          I experienced one in Izmir turkey back in the early 90’s and watched the top of the 30 story Hilton Hotel swaying back and forth. As luck would have it I was in Adana in ’98 when that one hit, and back in Izmir for the Izmit quake of ’99. That one rocked my 18 story apartment building for what seemed like forever and cracked the walls. I’m not complaining though, it killed over 17,000 people 200 miles up the road.

          Adana was the worst as I was away from home and was stuck there for 10 days of aftershock after aftershock. Even though i was on a U.S. base there was no power, food, or water for a couple of days. The city was worse and parts looked like it had been bombed and people were sleeping in the streets.

          Food and water…really sucks not to have it. Prepare and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Try to have some in a place where, it things do collapse, you can still get to it.

          Shelter…even a tent beats sleeping in the elements on a blanket. I won’t get into an item by item list as most folks on here are pretty smart about such things.

          As luck would have it I’m now on the New Madrid fault and I haven’t forgotten my past experiences. Best wishes to all who live in an area susceptible to quakes. And if you do and have never experienced one, trust me, you want to be prepared.


          • Thats the worst part in my mind for sure,,
            The sudden shake,
            And not all quakes move the same way,
            The last one we had here in the islands that was felt pretty much throughout the chain was a 5 something, biggest damage was on the Big Island, but it knocked the power out on almost all the islands, almost instant sewage spills everywhere, it took about 12 hours for the power to be completely restored to all parts of Oahu, real vulnerabilities in the system,

            on most of the islands damage is limited because of the light construction, most homes are conventional wood framed on post and pier foundations, some are more solid, the more solid ones actually fare much worse when we get a good jolt, the older homes sway around and give, at worst get knocked off their piers, then ya just jack it back up level and re set the posts and piers, no biggie, but in the concrete jungle of Honolulu its a problem if they ever get a real quake, so far hasnt really been one.

          • I am also located near the New Madrid….and have been, in my lifetime, through many hurricanes, blizzards, and an EF5 tornado…but have never experienced an earthquake….and really don’t wish to add that to my list!

        • Kula, i hear you! I lived in a place called Landers in the high dessert of California. I can’t remember the exact year, but i think it was the late 80’s to early 90’s. We had an 8.7 earthquake hit and i was in a water bed at the time. It literally threw me out of my bed and i watched the walls of our house swaying back and forth. I had no idea brick would have so much flex to it. Truly scary.

          • I remember the Landers quake. That one sucked

            • Landers earthquake was a 7.4, or 7.5 depending on the seismic site. It was followed by a 6.6 aftershock. This occureed on June 28, 1992 and lead to the Northridge earthquake happening a few years earlier than it should have on Jan.17, 1994.

              • BI, about time for an analysis.

              • Yep. Was in Rancho Cugamonga on a three day layover, a few days after Northridge Quake in ’94. The beds had coin operated massagers and i was awakened from a nap by the bed shaking. I began cussing at my co-driver in the other bed accusing him of putting in a quarter to f with me.

                He said, “nope, just more aftershocks”.

                If there are any links to climactic world events that are tied in with the upcoming “four blood (lunar eclipses) moons”, then we shall see some pretty wild shit start happening over the upcoming year beginning this month on the fifteenth with the first blood moon.

                Things are ramping up for a wild ride thru 2014. Earthquakes are just a part of things to come. I predict a stock market correction, if not an outright collapse this fall. Maybe before, but for sure when the fed stops the Dollar Pumping Machine later this year that has caused the markets to rally over the past year.

                I know some outright greedy ass people that have been doing a lot of crowing about their 401k investments and portfolios doubling and waiting to see if they will triple before pulling out some cash. They may just wait themselves into a collapse.

                I can’t think of nicer people that it could happen to.
                I”ll just say I told you so and go and pat my food and ammo caches. Nice little investments that aren’t left to the spoils of crooks.

          • In the late 70s we had a pretty big one that hit in the night, we were in an old CCC cabin on a hunting trip and so we went outside, the sky was lit up, was wierd, seemed to keep shaking for a long time then aftershocks again and again, we had no idea what happened till later the next day when we all got home. No cell phones back then and radio didnt work

      4. The Earth is alive and waking from her years of slumber.
        Mankind in all their arrogance *thinks* they are mightier… but are sadly mistaken. Ever seen a woman scorned? Now try scorning the planet and watch what happens. 😉

        • No, that’s ridiculous. It sounds like you believe in Gaia.

          • It is ridiculous to somehow conclude that the Earth isn’t alive.

            There is more evidence that Gaia exists than has ever been found to support the idea that Jesus existed.

            • When you’re standing before Jesus Christ, tell him that he’s not real.

              As the books are opened, tell him that Gaia is the true earth-goddess, and that she’s more real than he is.

              As he’s casting you into hell, tell him that you don’t believe a loving God would cast you into hell.

              As the flames start to burn, call out to Gaia for help.

              See if she answers.

              • Less than a hundred years from now colleges will teach the myth of Jesus right along with Zeus and Aphrodite. Fifty percent of children being raised in Christian homes are quitting the religion by the time they are adults.

                • Can you blame the kids for quitting a religion so full of hate and a religion that teaches about a god so full of murderous hatred. Course if they taught what Jesus really was suppose to have said, “love your neighbor as yourself” than perhaps they might stay.

                  • When you hear the words “holy wars” you immediately think of the 3 religions that descend from the God of Abraham: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. They’re cousins, basically, with each one thinking they are the “true” religion and if you don’t believe them they’ll kick your ass, by God! Or you’ll burn in hell, in thy mercy. Buddhists, Taoists, and Hindus don’t come to mind when it comes to holy wars. They know where they stand and have nothing to prove.

                • 5013C status prevents “Churchianity” from proclaiming full scriptural TRUTH. If you attend such a “fallacy”, stay home and read/discern for yourself.

                  Over the years I have found NO NEED for a self proclaimed interpreter. These “false prophets” will be used to continue the “GOD appointed government MYTH”! Misinterpretation/application of Romans 13.

                  • Truth avenger, AMEN to your comments.

                  • The only way to the Father and eternal life is thru the Son-Jesus Christ. Buddhists, Taoists and Hindus may live a peaceful existence thru this world but that existence has done nothing to prepare them for the eternal Home with the Father, their Creator.

                    So what good is a laid back peaceful life if there is no “eternal” life after this short lived existence?

                    I’ll stick with my Christian belifs and biblical truths.
                    The idiots of the world can have their mythical gods and eastern religions. Have a good trip.

                  • CBGB:

                    Islam and Judaism may be cousins of your Christianity; they have no place in mine. Any religion that does not recognize Jesus Christ (and the two above DO NOT) should never be considered “cousins” of Christians.

                    TRUTH AVENGER:

                    AMEN TO YOUR POST!

                • That is mainly due to the state….well that and the lack of parents to do the right thing and own the responsibility of raising and educating their own children.

                  Most Christians can’t agree on what church to go to or bible to read…..yet 98% agree on sending them off to the state to raise and educate them.

                  When you send your children to ceasar for an indoctrination, don’t be surprised when romans return.

                  • Sorry you can’t see the light Pissed Off Granny, but those 3 religions are indeed cousins. It’s a well known fact whether you believe it or not. The rest of the world knows it.

                    Pissinwiththewind, you’re speaking about religions you know nothing about. Eastern religions live up to what they preach because many of them believe in reincarnation. They have to face their enemies now and resolve their conflicts in a peaceful way or they’ll have to do it in the next life. They can’t just say, “hey Jesus, I accept you as my lord and savior” and all will be well. They actually have to do something about. Christians get off easy.

                • You know Voltaire said the same thing, and then about 80 years or so later his house got bought by a Bible printing company. I think the real purge of Christians is coming in this nation. Reason being is because we have so many who like to “hang out” with Jesus as opposed to Christians of old who preferred death by lions over renouncing His name. Myth of Jesus? Hardly. Give some hard facts to disprove Christianity and not just the usual mainstream talking points. Could mean the difference between life and death.

                  • Actually, something that does not exist can’t be proven. It’s up to the believer in Jesus to prove his existence in the here and now. And I ain’t talking faith ’cause that’s not proof. So far all we have to go on is what was written in a book hundreds of years ago by people who said, “take our word for it”. If I said there was a giant floating gorilla revolving around one of Saturn’s moons it would be up to me to prove it. I couldn’t logically ask you to disprove it. In these cases, you can’t prove a negative.

                  • WOW! ANCIENT ECHOES AND CBGB!! You two are not ignorant right wingers! glad to see you on this board! ; ) (always nice to see a little light in a dark room).

                  • Its not that I don’t believe in Christianity (following Christ’s example)… what I object to is FALSE Christianity- that which is usually practiced in this country… Bible thumpers who have no idea what Christ was all about.

                • CBGB:

                  Your posts give me the Hee-Bee-Gee-Bees.

                  Are you part of the Talkbackers that have been hired by the Israelie Ministry of Info that JQP warned us who are searching the blogs on the net trying to discourage people from finding the truth?

                  Sure sounds like it.

                  • No wonder I am in moderation: Pissrd off Granny is really Pissed Off Granny. Sorry….

                  • Well, that’s kind of a stupid question don’t you think? How could you possibly expect a truthful answer if I were working for some sinister organization? And if I told you that I wasn’t, which I’m not, you wouldn’t believe it anyway, so what’s the point?

                    And are you really that far removed from the world of science and logic that my emails give you the hee bee gee bees? Seriously? Do you not have a single person in your life with whom you can have a serious conversation? Have you ever read a book? If these emails frighten you then you’re a very simple person indeed, for this is child’s play.

                  • Thanks, there are a lot of “dark rooms” on this site. After a while you get to where you can’t keep silent any longer. Especially the constant bashing of every day Jewish folks. I think more people are starting to stand up to it.

              • Of course Jesus is real… agreed! However, if you think that God is Love and he will throw you into a lake of fire to burn forever and forever, you are not a logical person because NO ONE who is loving and kind would do such a thing! It is truly horrible and disgusting for you to even suggest such a thing!

                If you have more compassion than to do something like that to YOUR child, how could you have the audacity and stupidity to suggest that a LOVING BEING would do it? Your statement is nonsense and illogical!

                • Furthermore, that is one reason for all the horrible things happening around the world today- because of B.S. dogma put out by the so called,”Chrisitian Faith” that is no more in line what Christ taught than the muslim terrorists who want to kill people who don’t believe like them… its all B.S.

                  And young people (with more developed brains than their parents) can SEE THOROUGH the B.S and are turning away from Religion. They want TRUTH not B.S. dogma… that is why Christianity and Catholicism are losing followers… and they should!

            • Evidence for gaia? You’re going to have to explain that one to me. It’s one thing to say I have evidence and another to produce it.

          • Why is Gaia so hard to believe in? She is right under your nose, you can see her with your two eyes, you can feel her with your hands and toes, you can taste the water she provides. You can breathe the air she provides. What will it take to believe in her?

            • Sorry, no matter how you try it, you can’t put life into a lifeless thing. It’s a developed ecosystem, not a primitive juju goddess.

              • HA way to fail to understand something.

                Give any valid definition of life and it is easy to show that the Earth falls into that definition.

                • OK, this is the definition of ‘Life’.

                  “The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

                  Sorry, but the planet and the entwined actions and reactions of physics that move the mantle, create the weather, and all that are not organic beings, no matter how hard you click your heels together and say so.

                  Druidic quackery is what you believe.

                  • Any definition of life that excludes fungi and bacteria is a piss-poor definition of life.

                    BUT we’ll use it anyway because it is enough to demonstrate my point.

                    Take one of those animals as an example. What is it made of?

                    Mostly Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen.

                    Every single atom of it is literally a bit of Earth that has evolved into an animal.

                    You, then, are just a bit of living Earth. You’re a bit of conscious Earth that can make jokes about the fact that it can also poop.

                    You existing is evidence enough to conclude that the Earth is in fact alive.

                  • TU, you’re using circular logic. “I am alive, therefore the earth is alive.”

                    By the way, bacteria and fungi were not excluded in the definition of life. Take it up with the compilers of the dictionary if want.

                  • The logic isn’t circular at all.

                    You are alive. You are Earth. Both of those are facts.

                    Given those to facts we can conclude that Earth is alive.

                    Very simple and non-tautological. It is logically valid and sound.

                    Also, the definition you chose to post only mentions plants and animals. Fungi and bacteria are neither. That is why it is a bad definition and I have since taken it up with Dictionary.com 😉

                  • OK, Smokey, I gotta say that I think you’re right and wrong:

                    “OK, this is the definition of ‘Life’.

                    “The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.”

                    Sorry, but the planet and the entwined actions and reactions of physics that move the mantle, create the weather, and all that are not organic beings, no matter how hard you click your heels together and say so.

                    Druidic quackery is what you believe.”

                    Not a bad definition of life there, by my take. I also agree with your dig at quakery.

                    I think that you miss a bit in your assessment of the Gaia hypothesis, particularly regarding the weather. The atmosphere is not solely controlled by inanimate physical processes. Life emits methane, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. For example, it is thought that a “runaway greenhouse effect triggered by methane-producing microbes” may have been one of the causes of the Permian-Triassic extinction event 250mya.


                    We know that something caused plant life to die off in such huge quantities that several hundred foot seams of anthracite have been created.

                    If you want to call all of the serious effects of plant life on the surface ecosystems “actions and reactions of physics”, that’s fine, but you will need to include organic chemistry in your thinking.

                    I prefer to think that the surface life on this planet tends to regulate the weather cyclically to homeostasis, in spite of the perturbrations of asteroids, CME’s and so forth. I have no problem with the Gaia Hypothesis, as long as I’m not forced to believe in it as some sort of religion.

                  • And Mr. Universe:

                    Your objections to the “definition” of life are also valid. It’s not a bad definition of life, even if it’s incomplete. But hey, I overlook some sloppy definitions myself from time to time.

                    Still, your logic is sound by take too, mankind should rightly be considered a part of Gaia. The part of the Gaia Hypothesis that’s a bit hard to accept, is the notion that there is a larger planetary consciousness that humanity is just a part of.

                    But again, as long as we have a first and second amendment, and personal beliefs are not compelled by force of arms, I have no problem with the Gaia Hypothesis.

                    What if it’s true?

            • An argument based in basic sanity?

              That would be a good start…

              • UNIVERSE, the problem is, they are all materialists; they have very little (if any!) conception of Spirit.

                American Indians said the main difference between them and white folks is that they know everything is alive and you can communicate with plants, trees, etc. (Love).

                Materialists cannot fathom this because they are so wrapped up in materialism, the Spiritual world escapes them. (Ignorance).

                When TSHTF they will be in a dilemna because only those who have a connection to the Earth will be able to survive. Only the Spiritual forces will survive.

                • Lost in the embrace of the illusion of separateness.

                • Actually, I think that the only spiritual forces who will survive a SHF scenario, will be those who are attached to bodies which can plant seeds, defend their homes, cure diseases, and a host of other necessary actions right here in the old physical world.

            • And this is how environmentalism turned into a religion.

              • Bingo!

            • THANK YOU, ANCIENT ECHOES. ; )

          • @ Barn Cat —

            Those beliefs are no more and no less ridiculous than believing that Bronze Age desert marauders, who conclude real estate deals with supernatural beings and seal the contract by slicing off their foreskins (after all, isn’t that logical?), have been uniquely chosen by “G-d” over the rest of humanity. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to smear the blood of a slaughtered goat on my front door so the Angel of Death knows I’m “one of the people”.

            • Or, if you’re a christian you could just hang a cross of a bloodied and tortured man around your neck. Same thing.

              • That’s a nice facile riposte, except for one thing: The Christian wears the crucifix to remind him of Jesus’ suffering for all mankind’s sake, while the Jewish smearing of ruminant gore on his doorpost was intended to facilitate the slaughter of others.

                • Nope, Ahab. The Jews smeared blood on their doors because God told them to in order to save their first born sons. It didn’t lead to anyone else dying who wasn’t already going to die. Jews did it to save their families, not to hurt anyone else.

      5. Maybe the move to Nevada will pay off and we will finally get the beach front property we were promised once God shakes America’s dingle berry known as Commifornia off her ass.

        • no, no, maddog…i’m here in the victorvalley and the whole STATE won’t slide into the sea(hopefully), just the BAD half. so it will be ME with the view of the ocean from 2700 feet up, safe from the tsunamis. meanwhile, i’m partyin’ like it’s 1941!!!

          • Well it looks like there will not be fire works for the 4th in Tahoe this year so we’ll have to come to your place for the party.

          • Your reference to 1941 is not lost. I assume your referring to just before all hell breaks loose on Dec 7 ???

            • yup, old nam vet. but you can substitute a lot of dates in our history to make that fit the situation….1929, …1933…1999…1987…2005…2001. just a few. and yes maddog, you would be welcome here, as would all preppers from this site…it’s always a pleasure to talk to someone with their eyes open!

          • I gotta say, “partying like it’s 1941” is pretty darn funny. I poop you negative.

            • I kid you not > I shit you not > I poop you negative.

              Just by way of explanation. It’s my mind, and I’m not gonna waste it.

        • I told you we should move back to Wisconsin…

        • I’m in Nevada! I hope you’re right, i would love to have an ocean view!

      6. Just another event I have no control over………but can prep for. Take care.

      7. BI, Would like to hear what you have to say about the LA area quakes and swarms. Yellowstone also had a quake and I believe you predicted it based on another quake in the North-west. Your comments are always appreciated. Do I need to worry about New Orleans? Someone said recently that there is a big fault underneath 1000 feet of mud that we sit on. Thanks!

        • @ laeagle. The swarm of earthquakes in California was predicted based on the Drake Passage getting active and a couple of other plate boundaries. The Yellowstone earthquake and increased activity is simple, look for earthquakes in Adak, Alaska, it is directly below Russia’s most eastern border between Alaska’s western borders on the plate boundary between the North America and Pacific plate.

          New Orleans definitely has ancient faults. There have been records of 4 and 5 point size quake back in the late 1700’s to some in the mid 1800’s. Some say that the New Madrid actually extends to the Gulf still. I would be concerned over that methene problem off the coast. If that bubble ever rapidly reached the surface you could have a tsunami. I doubt the 75 foot size like the weather Channel fear mongered over, but a 20 footer might be possible.

          Louisana biggest threat is hurricanes. Camille was almost as big as that massive storm that went through the Philippines last year. When I was watching Katrina there was potential for this to be much stronger than it was if the wind shear had not cut it down some. It has been awhile since a true storm has gone through the Gulf. Wilma had the lowest pressure ever recorded for the Atlantic basis, even lower than hurricane Mitch. You get one of these super lower pressure hurricanes, no wind shear and that warm water that has not been stirred up for a few years and you could have a super hurricane.

          I did some plotting years ago to see just how intense a Louisana or Texas hurricane could get because of the petroleum products at Port Fourchon and/or Houston that would devastate the U.S. economy. Worst case scenario you could get a hurricane, with 90 degree water fueling it, no wind shear, and other near perfect atmospheric conditions such as the lack of dry air, a hurricane with a pressure reading in the 860-870 mb range, about 25 and 1/2 inches of mercury, 225 mph sustained winds, gusts to 250 or 270, and a storm surge of 40-50 feet. In other words a doomsday hurricane for anyone in its path. How do I know this is possible? Because this type of hurricane has been observed in the open waters of the Pacific. A perfect storm that would wipe out anything. The calmer things are that would tear apart a hurricane, the worst the hurricane will become. That is what to look for if the Russians have not nuked the U.S. by summer/fall months IF the hurricanes impact the Gulf this year, which they should.

          • BI, As always, your insight is deep and much appreciated. You have a loyal following here. I was beginning to wonder if something had happened to you when you were silent for a while yesterday. It reminded me of when President Bush went missing. You are indispensable. Hopefully you don’t live near a fault. Again, a big thank you!

      8. All this to show just how small and week we are compared to what God can do to this earth.
        The plant goes through this kind of thing every day. The plant in its on way is alive and growing. Just like anything God creates. One day this plant will die.

        • plant? sounds like yer smokin’ a plant, sarge! ahhh, yuh gotta love them typos!LOL

          • BCOD
            You are right I for got (E.T.) PLEASE BEAM ME UP SCOTTY!!!!!
            Today has been my Friday the 13th. And just think tomorrow is April fouls day!!!!!!
            If you want to know the truth? There has been this bright yellow red ball in the sky. This ball put out a warmth that I haven’t felt in over I think 6 months. Now its gone and the black fluffy things are back. The warmth is now going away. SH#%!!!!!

            • Someday, the Sun, will return to our land…

              • It will return when the dark powers that reside in Mordor are vanquished from all of middle earth, just need the ring bearer to finish his journey and throw the ring into the fires from whence it was forged!

              • We have been having terrible weather too, not the snow and cold, but cant cultivate shit when its so wet and anything you plant either gets mildewed or washed away!
                So yep, a bit more sun, a lot less pouring rain..

            • i like to check with spellchick before i hit send(hopefully you catch the INTENDED typo there)….anyways, i’m gonna look like a FOOL if eppe submitted this one already, but these are very funny and i THINK i got them in an email from a friend…if not, then i appologize.
              The Washington Post’s Mensa Invitational once again invited readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.
              Here are the winners:
              1. Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.

              2. Ignoranus: A person who’s both stupid and an asshole.

              3. Intaxicaton: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

              4. Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

              5. Bozone (n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

              6. Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid

              7. Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.

              8. Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

              9. Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

              10. Osteopornosis: A degenerate disease. (This one got extra credit)

              11. Karmageddon: It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s like, a serious bummer.

              12. Decafalon (n):The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

              13. Glibido: All talk and no action.

              14. Dopeler Effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

              15. Arachnoleptic Fit (n.): The frantic dance performed just after you’ve accidentally walked through a spider web.

              16. Beelzebug (n.): Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

              17. Caterpallor (n.): The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you’re eating.

              The WashingtonPost has also published the winning submissions to its yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words.

              And the winners are:

              1. Coffee, n. The person upon whom one coughs.

              2. Flabbergasted, adj. Appalled by discovering how much weight one has gained.

              3. Abdicate, v. To give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.

              4. Esplanade, v. To attempt an explanation while drunk.

              5. Willy-nilly, adj. Impotent.

              6. Negligent, adj. Absent mindedly answering the door when wearing only a nightgown.

              7. Lymph, v. To walk with a lisp.

              8. Gargoyle, n. Olive-flavored mouthwash.

              9. Flatulence, n. Emergency vehicle that picks up someone who has been run over by a steamroller.

              10. Balderdash, n. A rapidly receding hairline.

              11. Testicle, n. A humorous question on an exam.

              12. Rectitude, n. The formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.

              13. Pokemon, n. A Rastafarian proctologist.

              14. Oyster, n. A person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.

              15. Frisbeetarianism, n. The belief that, after death, the soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.

              16. Circumvent, n.An opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish men.

        • “The planet goes through this kind of thing every day. The planet in its own way is alive and growing. Just like anything God creates. One day this planet will die.”

          there I fixed it for ya

        • Ha! Just threw in the Deep Purple CD!

      9. ALright, Where is our resident Earthquake person…..BI ???????

      10. “I fell in to a burning ring of fire. And it burned burned burned, that ring of fire”.

      11. Humans are truly at the whim of nature, this includes our own nature that if ignored always affects us in a negative way.

      12. I absolutely hate when people go off topic, but I came here this morning instead of my usual evening visit, hoping for an OBAMACARE topic since today is the deadline. Hubby is out of the country on his forced early retirement celebration on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands. We are not signed up. Brave denial of the system has lead to shuddering worry for me today. He is always telling me, don’t worry, be happy, every little thing’s gonna be alright (cue in music). So, who here has signed up? Gonna grab a last minute enrollment?

        • Oh HELL NO!

          They will never make me sign up.

          Dont care.

          • Sign Up For What? Trekker Out.

          • I will NOT COMPLY

            • Not signing up here.

              • One libtard that wants to be a prepper.

                • I forgot who I am—ain’t signing up until I ‘member…

          • Hubby is right!

            As the sign-up ratio between the healthy young adult population (who’re slated to pay the premiums/care, of the infirm & the gimmedats)..

            ..and the “rock & a hard place geriatrics, is way off kilter, percentage wise.

            The idiots in the regime are so far out of touch, they never considered/realized that most healthy young adults are either burdened w/ crushing “student/college loan debt”..or currently unemployed/underemployed…amid an economy that’s contracting/dying…and therefore lack the cash-flow/reserves to finance Obummer’s communist health-care fiasco!

            Fear not DollarstoDonuts, O’commie-care will likely be allowed to die a quiet death, for three reasons:

            1.> ..the economy is collapsing.

            2.> ..you cannot repeal the math.

            3.> ..inter party politics.

        • Still have company insurance. When we lose it (its not if but when for everyone), HELL NO! We aint goin governmental. Do not comply.

          • I’m told that the company plans are targeted for massive ‘modification’ this year. Last year was the private plans.

            It’s going to get a whole lot worse.

        • Didn’t sign up and told my kids not to sign up. Wait and see….

        • I am Divergent …..so no compliance here !
          Standing by in
          Montgomery County Texas

        • Thanks for the answers! I will continue to sing the song and move on!

      13. Shake, Rattle and Roll.

        • Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!

      14. Wonder if Rawles is having doubts about his Redoubt.

        • Yea cuz he is Soooo smart ya know!

          • Agent Provocatour, I’ll give Rawles credit for having some interesting articles on survival-related topics, but I don’t believe his Redoubt is the place to be. You have to freeze for 6 months out of the year up there and that’s not good for my arthritis. I’ll take Appalachia any day.

            • I don’t know, BH.

              I have to give Rawles a lot of credit for the way he thought this one out. Low population, the western redoubt area is downwind of missile fields and Yellowstone, and as long as you are west of the Great Divide, there are shorter, milder winters where the average winter temp is right around freezing. Couple that with independent-minded people and plentiful water and food production, it seems to be the best part of the country. Wish I could relocate. Having said that, maybe I have a “grass is greener” type of outlook on the whole thing.

              Well, I guess I can’t be totally sure, but the more I read and study it, and what I remember from the few times I’ve been there, it is God’s country. To me at least.

          • I believe…just me …but don’t you want to NOT FREEZE to death? I’m just saying.

        • It makes the “Appalachian Redoubt” look better.

          • Except for the water problems. Does anyone have any knowledge about what’s really behind the warnings? I’m more than just curious. We’re seriously considering leaving Ohio for Kentucky or West Virginia, but there have been a LOT of weird things reported in that area which will impact our decision. And, yes, WHERE is B.I.?

            • Saved by Grace through the Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t care what BI or anyone else says about the Earth shaking. I live in the Yellowstone ecosystem, and I’m livin the dream. When the time comes, just standup and be counted. Trekker Out. Live Free, Die Free!

              • There you go….I know you’ll be smilin’!

            • I would head farther south. Cumberland Plateau( upper) is somewhat isolated, is away from the nuke plants, and we call it No Mans Land for a reason….even Mennonites from Kentucky are settling there….

          • Archivist, my cousin’s BOl is within the Appalachian Redoubt. I may be headed there soon because of New Madrid. Still waiting for BI’s analysis. Oh, BI, where for art thou?

            • Lemme get this straight Bravehart, before I start to break your balls…

              If B.I. tells you to, you are planning on quitting your job and moving to Georgia because the New Madrid fault is going to go?

              I’m not sure if I can wait for your response to break your balls over that statement, dumbass.

              But I will.

              • Rich98, let me clarify that post for you. I never said one word about giving up my livelihood. I already face several reasons for leaving Memphis BESIDES a possible earthquake. Plus, I’m not a dumbass and why would you want to break my balls?

                • To everyone, did you hear Rich98? why would he call me a dumbass and why would he want to break my balls? Not even ncjoe, or finx, or eisen, or Petersen ever said that to me, I’ll give them credit for that. Rich98, what’s your problem?

                  • I don’t think Rich98’s nuts have even dropped yet have they Brave 🙂


                  • Hey boys…don’t you think this schoolyard stuff has gone on long enough? I THINK there are far more important things to address here….after all, is that not exactly WHY all of us come to this site?

                  • Bravehart, IM just funnin with ya. I don’t think your a dumbass.

                    jus BUSTIN yer balls!

              • Ok dinglefritz, its “bust your balls” not “break your balls”…..sheesh… amateurs…

                • PO’d, I just have to ask Rich98 what HE is using for a brain? Would it be a fried egg by chance?

                • good evening, aussie. I don’t know what’s up with Rich98. I’m not even looking for trouble with him. I just wish he would get his shit together.

            • Braveheart,

              You have to have one heck of a good job to stay in Memphis. I would have left for any low-populated area long ago. You’re a braver man than me for sticking it out this long.


              • Stig American Cousin, I’m lucky enough to knock down $45000 per year where I’m at, otherwise I would’ve left years ago. It will take MEGA-SHTF to get me out of here. At least I have a place to go to when it hits.

          • Me and the wife are hunkered down in the northern part, Archivist. Good and plentiful water, plenty of hardwood, some decent hardworking folks, streams, rivers, and mountains. Aint too shabby here.

            • I have lots of relatives all along the TN-NC border. In fact, around the northern end of that border, I’m related to almost everyone you’ll see there.

            • sssshhhhhh…the both of you.

              ” Nope, nothing but briars and thorns grow around these hills “(that’s for the yankees and leftcoasters)

              • I didn’t say where I might go. I just said I had relatives there. I might go somewhere else, or I might not go anywhere. OPSEC always.

                • sorry, wasn’t questioning your opsec, just don’t want any stray kalifornistanians to stumble across this site and decide to come be neighbors. sometimes inflection is lost in my text.

        • Calgacus, The Acadian Redoubt is the place to be, if you can stand an ocassional hurricane.

          • Whew boy the intense humidity that would melt me, laeagle.

            • Calgacus, The last 5 months have been cool and we’ve had a lot of rain. The really hot and humid months are in July and August. Below Interstate 10, we are close enough to the Gulf that the temperature rarely goes into the 100s ( actually the heat index may get up there but it usually is in the upper 90s.) I know the midwest can get pretty hot/humid during the hot summer months. You can usually play golf all year, if that means anything. The Cajuns found a safe haven down here hundreds of years ago and have thrived: fishing, hunting, farming, and raising livestock. Real estate is expensive below I-10 but more reasonable north of I-10. Great and wonderful place to live!

              laeagle from the Acadian Redoubt

          • laeagle, I’ve been thru a few hurricanes myself when I lived in FL, so I know the feeling. Just don’t want to be near any swamps again.

        • Nope, if Jellystone goes, I’ll be on my way to see Kula, at Mach 1 speed. I can hear it now, “Oh look, there’s Mcdave, and there’s Mcdave, and there’s some more over here”…Aloha baby

          • Axis deer and kale and purple sweet potatoes for all!

      15. What we need is an extraterrestrial invasion.

        All those spaceships flying around would be like shooting skeet. Only crazier.

      16. This article was posted first on the TheEconomicCollaspe Blog.com last night. I found that lead article quite interesting to be posted on that site. Usually I go to THEEXTINCTIONPROTOCOL.WORDPRESS.COM to get my earth change info.
        I am convinced by the evidence presented that we are in big trouble and the issues we face now, may pale in comparison to what the earth seems to be about to do. I’ve been visiting that site for about four years.

        More postings regarding these topic is needed because it is possible that much of the US population may have to be relocated and face a reduction in resources. There is amulti-stage collapse in progress that I believe which consists of Social, Economic,Cultural and Earth Changes. Some may believe that these events would be separate from one another. I don’t think so.

        I believe that our plate is going to get full. The problem is some of America is in denial and will get caught unaware. I know that often, much that is posted stems towards a government/economic collapse. I think the earth change events that are upon us will hamper our ability to be fully prepped. We don’t have enough stored for what is coming in that we may not be able to resupply after an event and to have to face another.

        I must confess that I have been concerned about what is happening beneath my feet that I cannot see or prepare for than most of the issues we all blog about. I can do something about that.
        The earth is a changing…..

        If you have not been paying attention to whats happening to our planet, now is the time.

        That is my opinion on this matter

      17. It’s Bush’s fault

        • It always is…

          • Its that bible verse that speaks of “The whole Earth and All of Creation, Groans in antisipation of the revealing of the Son’s of God.”

      18. I sure hope they get the foreign bullet train out there so we can be forced to pay for it in the future.

        Woooooooo wooooooo. All aboard. Guess who’s driving the soul train. Do you know where the caboose is.

        • The Caboose is in every small towns square. Ain’t had one on a train for 30 years. Trekker Out.

          • I thought Moochelle was dragging one?

          • You’re not getting but POP knows.

      19. The wrath of God
        Yes the earth is waking up.
        Wars and rumors of war.
        The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are about to be unleashed and NOT one at a time but all at once.
        God Help Us.

        • Just read on NBC news that Russia is putting troops in place to invade Finland. This weekend “Ivan” held large war games on the Finnish border.

          Finland was part of the old Mother Russia but split around WWI from them. Finland is an EU member but not a member of NATO.

          • Should be interesting. Everyone in Finland has a rifle.

          • My Grandmother told me about when Russia invaded Finland before…she was there…and the events were horrific, to say the least. I rather doubt that history will repeat itself in this case….Suomalainen have Sisu….and perhaps I should try to explain this, as I oftentimes use it to end any post I make….my Pop told me that Sisu meant having raw strength, determination, courage….I have since discovered that it also means resilience, taking action against the odds and displaying courage and resolution in the face of adversity…..THAT is what I pray for ALL of US to attain….
            Be Prepared for ANYTHING that occurs
            Have Faith, Keep the Faith, Share the Faith
            and Have Sisu

          • The Russkis tried that once, got their butts kicked. Finally won by force of numbers.

      20. Nothing to fear but fear itself: and spiders

        • Ancient Echoes: yeah, those spiders give me the creeps too. And centapedes, god I hate those things!

        • And Finnish long range snipers.

          • And Earwigs…. Nasty!!!!!!

            • And Tasmanian Jack jumper ants, those fuckers will kill you if you get bitten too many times. Thank christ they are anti-social bastards and do not work together.

      21. Living in oklahoma on back porch smoking deer hindquarters enjoying apple pie liquid refreshment and my chair got kicked twice like somebody kicked it. Figured it was one of those aftershocks. Really crazy. Not used to that kind of stuff. May God Bless all you brothers and sisters living in active regions of earthquake zones. I feel for ya.

        • Smoked some backstrap the other day with orange chips for an hour on low heat then battered with egg & flour, country fried until brown & slipped it into the oven on 200 for an hour until better half got home. Felt & heard that shock in the missile silo this morning while stocking Hooter’s & chicken drummie’s sauce.

          • All this talk of smokin’ and Hooter’s is makin’ me..well, HUNGERY..’n stuff…

            • I’m getting very Hangry……..

          • Wife tossed a Mt. boston butt roast into the crockpot yesterday along with a bunch of garlic and onions…just fell of the bone. Most of the fat was cut off previous to cooking. Just tender non-gmo, non-steroid, yummy beef.

            Just had a leftover samich…with a homemade dill pickle.

            I got a killer “sun pickle” recipe that I’ll have to share one of these days. Only the suns rays and a cool spot needed to keep all year.

            • It IS good, and good for ya’

        • Son I had some of that liquid refreshment the other day but it was called “lemon drop”. Tasted between regular lemonaide and Mike’s Hard Lemon-aid. Very dangerous cause after about 30 minutes I couldn’t feel my legs.

      22. Perhaps Marvin The Martian and his dog K9 set off the q-37 explosive space modulator under Cali.?

        • Where is the Earth shattering ka-boom?
          There was supposed to an Earth shattering ka-boom.

          • Sufferin suckotash!

        • @warchild OT ian anderson scheduled to be at the ryman in nashville this october. just saying.

      23. Ain’t nothing better than back strap. We like to marinate it and put it on the charcoal grill. Man that is some good stuff.

        • Make your tongue slap your brains out!

        • Tastes so good it’ll knock your lip off!

      24. Putin sure is testing the west. If he leaves them there after the DRILLS,can one say PRE-STAGE. Every fiber in me says it is coming and coming soon. Before our Mid-Term Elections. Then a major False Flag and Martial Law; our new Emperor will rule. We are all being set-up for the big one.

        • Putin and hoosane in cahoots?
          Or is Putin puttin’ it in his caboose?

          • I’d bet its a “little one” of both.

      25. Of course we are having unusual weird weather and clatyclismic events. Its very easy to know something is up with the planet. And its being caused by a cycle that happens from time to time . man isn’t the cause of it. and man cannot abate or mitigate it. These earth changes would still be happening even if man had never walked the planet. Its end of an age magnetic pole shift. As the shift progresses these events will increase in magnitude & frequency. It could take decades or even hundreds of years before these clatyclismic events reach their zenith and start to abate.

      26. Paging BI…Paging BI…please report…

        My guess he is knee deep in charts, graphs, globes, string, computers, duct tape (yes, all men have their various uses for duct tape) and other various things in order to bring us up to speed on what’s going on 🙂

        • Hope he didn’t get NSA’ed… ya’ know

        • Southern Gal, No, B.I. dropped his nut so hard after reading this, he had to be taken to the ER for an erection lasting more than 4 hours!

        • My Guess, Southern Gal, is that he is in the ER, after dropping his nut so hard over this article that he has an erection lasting more than 4 hours!

          • Rich 98, compared to BI you would be considered “needle dick the bug fucker”.

            • Forgive me Ladies for being so coarse.

          • You got that right.

            • 0311, welcome back. How have you been?

              • been ok Brave, you?

          • Oh how I miss JOG and Copperhead and Watchman and Old Vet…..

            • FOB;
              I rarely comment but I try and read this site daily. I do agree, some of the original commenters are deeply missed. Zoltane, Manos, Burt the Brit, SmokinOkie (he does stop here once in awhile). I think Mac should schedule a reunion.


      27. Here are two things I feel we all know is coming. 1. Collapse and WWIII. 2. None of us know when. Having said that, it is in all our favor to share wisdom on how you feel we should be preparing ourselves and our families for the future. Wisdom not shared is wisdom lost forever! We all need ideas to keep as much sh-t off of us when it hits the fan. After all this is SHTF web site. Don’t get me wrong I like to shoot the sh-t like everybody else, but the time is now to share ideas, before we lose this wonderful opportunity. I could give a rats a$$ about the unprepared, those to blind to see the writing on the wall,they deserves everything they get, and yes I to have love ones that are blind.
        Please start posting more ideas for us to possibly use, when IT HITS THE FAN!
        Anything big or small will help one another. Sorry for the rant.

        • River-Rat

          It comes and its goes as far as the survival information goes. You have been putting out great info here lately, Thanks. There are many subjects we should talk about. Animal encounters, snake bites, bug bites. The list is endless.
          We need also to be informed on what is going on in the world. Then we have information overload and the threads breakdown. This site has peaks and valley’s in the spreading of formation.

          Today I had to go into Doc’s place for a CT scan. They asked my to place my hand over a palm reader to make identification easier.
          I said to the nice lady, “Not going to happen.”

        • Interesting that you should broach that River….when I first came here, most comments were so informative regarding survival that I could not take notes fast enough to keep up….and the ideas of others took hold with me and I came up with ideas for myself….my personal opinion of the shift is that people are really waking up to the FACTS now…and are frightened, angered, frustrated and, in some instances, feel rather alone,…so they feel a need to comment just to get their thoughts out and connect with others who understand the reality of life as we know it now….
          For myself…I have attempted to garner as many books as I can….information is invaluable…and what you know is far more valuable than what you have…
          I am ready in my mind….and my spirit…I get discouraged at times and wish that this all was not coming to pass…but, We face what we must face and adapt ….this is why knowledge is so very essential…and why we will all gather together in groups, because talents are spread among the many and only in unity will we survive…

          • I agree Mrs. Feisty.
            Many people seem to be picking up on things and it looks to me like a dissonance between what is important and what is bearable. It would appear that rather than talking about what can be done or what is needed to learn, people are easily sidetracked by unimportant things. In a way it is a coping mechanism, but, it is also a fault.
            I believe that fear is running rampant in our society.
            Sure we take out the trash and go to McDon’s but underneath the average person is afraid of what is going to happen.
            You may fear a nuclear 1st strike as something bad, but many people are learning the fear because they see what is happening and now they have to downgrade their cable package.
            It is interesting to me what seems to get people’s attention. Like the music junkie who only now figures out that the Crimean situation is real because his favourite download site is former Soviet Bloc and is now sanctioned.
            This past week I have had friends, family, and Co-workers confide in their fears of WW3. These are people who all ignored the news before.
            It is funny in a way, one day they will be totally obsessed with their own way of life ending and the next they claim it’s not going to happen.
            Sure, the Cuban Missile Crisis did not end with people glowing in the dark, but, WW2 did.
            I have had family asking me if it is smart to be driving so far south into these United States when the risks are so high for a confrontation. Maybe it is my own cognitive dissonance that I continue to work.
            I still learn, read and try new things when I can, and I plan on doing that right until the time comes when I no longer can.
            Call me crazy but, I have faith in God.
            He has my plan, I just have not figured it all out.
            I will continue to give advice and a shoulder when asked,
            and try to be there for my family.
            I am grateful for those who are here on this site whose comments can be read, and advise is useful.
            Even the people who complain. Every opinion every word is something that can be learned from.
            The articles may seem old hat to some, but old news is something we all need too.
            Just because we all die eventually does not mean that knowledge of what happens is any less important.
            Some may lock onto the physiological aspect and what happens to our corporeal bodies as they decay and add nutrients to the planet. Others the spiritual and what happens to our souls when that time comes.
            Others the psychological and the people whose lives we leave behind for better or worse. Others the material, what monuments or riches left for others.
            This is only one thing. We all face it. We are not going to be surprised that it will eventually happen.
            Old news.
            Be glad that people have the chance to see old things anew. The basic Bible has not changed very much in thousands of years, it still is a world wide best seller.
            Anywho, i have rambled enough.
            Thank you everyone.

            • Learning a new skill, no matter how seemingly trivial helps stave off the fear. For this reason last year I went and did an upgrade to my existing first aid skills, and learnt a whole bunch of other stuff about wild foods.

              This year my learning nemesis is making apple cider vinegar that is of a high enough quality to use for food preservation. I’ve attempted this several years in a row now without success. Very cross with myself as vinegar has so many uses from sanitising, to a health tonic to storing my meagre harvest. Like salt, we’ll need it after shtf but the shops won’t be open.

              If I ever get lazy and say I’ll read about something, but I won’t practice doing/making it just now? Then I only have to think of my failures with producing high quality cider vinegar and I’ve kicked my own butt.

          • One other not so serious thing.
            Was in Walmart the other day and I see at the book shelf there is a copy of Noah, the official book of the movie with Russel Crowe. All I could do was laugh when I saw that. Why would i pay to buy that book when I already had several copies for decades in my home?
            Pretty sure how it ends.

            • The book is better than the movie !

        • River-Rat;
          FOB is correct. I started coming to this site a couple of years ago, and at that time probably 90% of all comments were somehow related to being prepared. I think part of the reason it has evolved away from that point is that a lot of us here have most of the basics covered. The more advanced items can’t really be covered in a few sentences or paragraphs.

          I Think Rawles web site is a good example of this. There is a ton of great info on that site, but I don’t read it everyday anymore. Most of his postings and guest articles are geared towards the newer prepper. Not much of what he posts interests me. Nothing against him, but I am just beyond his intended audience now.

          But, in keeping with your share the wisdom… Something easy to overlook is your footwear. I know everyone has at least a good pair of boots, maybe two, etc. But what about extra shoe laces. I know you can use 550 cord, but it is much easier to pull out a new pack that is already the correct length. IMO

          Also, what about new insoles for your shoes. I wear boots every day for work. I can double the time between needing new boots by purchasing new insoles for $20.

          Just my thoughts for today.

      28. Someone wake me when this site actually prints some hard facts and not scare stories.

        • Ppod- you will be sleeping a LONG LONG time!!!

          • Let me just sum up every article this site prints… ANYTHING CAN AND/OR WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, AND EVERYONE IS OUT TO GET US! Please, just print facts! We get enough fear stories from the mainstream media!

        • PPod
          Big hint for you; there are 12 facts listed in this piece. Theres a number by each fact. Cant get any simpler.

          • Trouble is, there is no discussion of how the factoids are linked, if at all. Just the 12 bullet points and the fear porn.

        • are you blind?

          • We have bizzaro world going on here, Wrong.

            Right is wrong and wrong is right.

            Seems as though the gov has recruited a

            pack of trolls to back up Rich pickanumber.

            Too much levity to be a coincidence.

            I believe the gov is getting extremely

            desperate to try and discredit us.

            Suckaboner obama, better luck next time.

            • OutWest, I think you’re right. Ppod and HTJ don’t sound any smarter than rich98.

            • suckaboner obama… 🙂 I’m thinking he’s been doing that a long time OutWest. Pretty sure mooschell’s got a big one for him. Gorilla size.

              • Seriously, I saw her on the news yesterday
                in a summer dress and she has a pair of
                shoulders on her that would rival Dick Butkus!

        • Structural steel has a tensile strength of 40 000 PSI
          Lead has a melting point of 327.5 C
          Brass is a composition of Copper and Zinc in varying amounts (with a little lead %2 for some applicatins)
          Black powder can be made with 3 cheap to find household items and smokeless with only 2. (which makes me wonder why idiots would spend who knows how many dollars to pull apart fireworks to put in their pressure cookers)
          Pool shock for $20 at Walmart can treat thousands of gallons of water for drinking.
          Crushed charcoal sandwiched between 2 kitchen towels can filter water as you pour it between two buckets if you keep the towels taut.
          Stabil is great treatment for fuel. After I am done with my power tools for the season I run them almost dry then dump an ounce or two in the tank and let the engine run till it dies. I only buy high octane fuel for them and have no more problems as I did with the ethanol garbage.
          Anyone else care to chime in with some FACTS?

          • @sctv
            as to running out your gas, I will chime in a bit. your right on point of high octane (no ethanol) garbage, but a easy solution to running the tank almost dry is to install a cut off valve in the fuel line next to the carb. the bowl in the carb may still foul, so the little bit of stabil is good as well. I never ‘turn off’ an engine, shut off the valve, wait 30 sec’s or so, and you know that carb is clear.

          • Ok I will bite..
            Black powder can be made with 3 cheap to find household items ……. Where does one find potasium nitrate laying around the house? I dont recall buying pure sulphur from the store either.
            Stabil is great treatment for fuel…..
            Ya its ok but pri-g lasts longer and is a lot less expensive per gallon for treatment.
            Have you ever even made black powder? somehow I doubt it, its a mess and to do it right you need a binding agent and screens, a tumbler with lead balls, and about 40% of the finished product is useless super fine powder unless your making rockets with it.
            Please describe how to make smokeless powder from 2 household ingredients (waiting in vain)

            • Genius-

              Concentrated potassium nitrate is available @ Lowe’s hardware in the “lawn & garden” section…as “STUMP REMOVER” (dry granules).

              ..pure Sulfur can be found @ Tractor Supply stores or most farm supply venues…its labeled “Flowers of Sulfur”

              –good luck–

      29. With Kaliforniastan sending the likes of Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Waxman, Sherman, Waters and such to WA DC to be the true Scumbags that they are, I would be nothing but happy if that cesspool was destroyed by a major Shake!

        • Gee, thanks! And by the way I didn’t send anybody anywhere.

      30. 3/4 million more homeless people in LA?

        …do you seriously think anyone in LA would even notice? That is a drop in the bucket.

        Oh right but they’d be in Bel Air. Bummer. Can’t have that can we?

        • Maybe they’ll ship them to Arizona and Nevada. After hurricane Katrina a bunch of the homeless victims were sent to Houston. Anybody know if they ever went back?

          • CBGB, no they’re still there. I live in Texas, we will never get rid of them until shtf.

          • Most of them stayed in Houston, creating a huge social problem.

            They found out they could live just as easily on handouts in Houston as they could in New Orleans, didn’t make any difference where they were.

      31. B.I. Must have dropped a huge load right in his pacts with this article!

      32. Hey river rat. I don’t know a whole lot but if you are going to feed your family wild game, Italian seasoning dressing works great to break down the meat so it is more tender and gives it a good flavor also stock up on lemon pepper and garlic powder. Venison rubbed down with this before pouring on the Italian seasoning makes it taste great. It also helps to fork both sides so those marinade items can penetrate. For sure don’t over cook the venison be it smoke or over a fire. I hope this helps somebody. I know there are more folks who know other ways that may taste better. God bless. Take care. Stay strong and shoot straight.

        • I use a can of Campbells golden mushroom soup and a can of water over any venison in the crock pot and it makes it taste really good. Kinda makes its own gravy. YUM!!!

          • BARBIE:
            Are you sure you are not my wife HA, HA,
            Thats the way my wife likes to cook pork chops, chicken and roast beef. and yes it’s YUMMY!!!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • OKIE:
          Iknow this off topic but:
          You got me thinking about fix’n some venison up.
          I like to use the Italian dressing, garlic salt and three or four drops of liquid smoke, marinade on my meat. Put in the refrigerator over night so all the spices get good and friendly with the meat.(pour off the marinade) Then put in a slow cooker all day on low. Cooking in 50% water and 50% Dr. Pepper. (If you do not have any soda pop put in a couple of pealed and quartered apples or pears, brown sugar and more water).
          This works good on wild pig also.
          Almost forgot. POKE a lot of hole in the meat with a fork so the marinade can get into it.
          Just ate supper and now I’m getting hungry again!:-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

      33. Haha! He’s on to you Mr Be Informed!!

      34. Thank you for the tip Okie rebel–that is new information to me and I will keep that in mind regarding what spices/herbs to have on hand.

        I know there have been comments about sharing information versus fellowship with the regulars here who are more knowledgeable and have bonds with other members who have been here for awhile. As a newbie to all of this (and very new to the internet blog world), I appreciate and need all the tips and guidance that I can get. I also have no real opportunity in my day to day life to ask questions about preparedness without raising suspicions or getting worried glances. I am not sure if this is the place to just ask what I need to ask or do I wait until a topic is being discussed and then ask at that moment. I am really at a loss.

        I have a few areas in my overall preparedness that I feel some level of competence and then other areas that are very foreign to me and I am just ‘starting where I am’.

        Anyway, I am just jumping in because I need to jump in.

        • Welcome to the show, GGG, ask any questions you need, many here are old timers and most will give you good advice on the world of “prepping”. Remember there are no ‘dumb’ questions here, we bounce things off each other everyday.
          Once at deer camp, one guy donated a 30lb venision back leg for dinner, had nothing to marinate it in, but did find a half jar of grape jelly, so we smeared the leg in jelly, wrapped in aluminum foil, placed on grill for 3 hours. Everyone came by and said we had ruined the leg, but when it came off, it was gone in 30 minutes between 6 hunters…

          How about a joke???
          An Israeli doctor says: “In Israel, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s testicles, put them on another man and in 6 weeks, he is looking for work”

          The German doctor says: “that’s nothing, in Germany we take part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work”.

          The Russian doctor says: “gentlemen, we take half a heart from a man, put it in another’s chest and in 2 weeks he is looking for work”.

          The United States doctor laughs: “You all are behind us. Five years ago, we took a man with no brains, no heart and no balls and made him President.
          Now, the whole country is looking for work!”

          • Thats great,,,
            Funny as hell,

            Sad that its true but still funny!

            20 thumbs wayyy up!

          • EPPE:
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

            • Here’s some internet CPR for ya—

              blow, blow…push push push…blow, blow…push push push…ya breathin’ yet NR?

        • GGG.

          There is plenty of stored information here at SHTF.
          I am sure we have about covered everything under the sun for survival. Look up the past topics on this site.
          Things change and if it is still not clear as to the information you seek, just ask.
          Your question may lead us to a topic not discussed before.

        • Gigi,,,
          This is a great place to ask questions!
          Lots of folks with lots of knowledge,
          Survival blog has thousands of organized and archived articles too no forum but fun to browse the many writings,
          The Organic Prepper is a good site too and Ready Nutrition also has lots of good reading, the ladies who write those blogs are helpful too if you can catch them,
          Otherwise we have a family of sorts here on this site thanks to Mac and his generosity for our BS, and folks will always give an opinion or direction even if peeps dont want it!

        • GIGI:
          Hello and welcome:
          I have only been here for a short time also as far as getting into this bloging thing, had this sitE on my favoties for about 1 1/2 years now.
          Please fell free to jump in at any time.
          There are a lot of VERY BRIGHT PEOPLE on this site.
          If you have any questions that needs a good answer, I’m sure that some one here will have it for you.
          I have learned a few things, even though I have been a prepper for 35 plus years. I once was called a survivalist, BACK IN THE DAY.
          We might not always agree but, that is the way it is and we welcome a good bebate.
          If you have any thing very pressing don’t be afraid to ask even if it is off the main topic.
          Once again Welcome.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • One thing a lot of people overlook when prepping is spices. Go to cvs or some place that has the dollar bottles of spices and buy 20 or so everytime you shop. Buy salt and sugar in big bags and divide it up into zip lock bags. Buy herb seeds and keep them in the freezer, they are easy to grow indoors or out. Get a 5 gallon bucket or 2 of honey, it lasts indefinitly. Get some 1 pound bags of yeast in the vac packed foil and freeze it too. Be sure to have plenty of cooking oil also, rotate your stock and if some is rancid save it for making oil candles. Stock up on motor oil and filters and spare parts you can get at the scrap yard (alternators, starters, etc.) Lamp wicks and kerosene, oil lamps, hand tools, a lot of things are super cheap at yard sales. Just go to some yard sales and look at what you can find for preps! Theres a start, plenty more ideas if you put your mind to it 🙂

        • GGG, welcome aboard, and we’ll be glad to help in any way we can.

          • I wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome! I have been browsing archives on a few blogs and have learned a lot (both what to do and what not to do) but sometimes my questions are about clarification if the information is not completely clear (to me, it is probably clear to others 🙂 ) or if I have some additional factor to consider and need to know if the information still applies or if it changes in some way.

            Anyway, I appreciate the warm welcome and will just jump in (but hopefully not in an annoying way!) with my questions.

            Thank you again 🙂

      35. Heres something im curious about regarding the plates etc,
        The Himalayas are where two plates come together in an uplift?
        Same as mid atlantic ridge?
        So whats to say that the same thing over eons couldnt happen to the faults that run the west coast of north and south America,,,
        Maybe it the plate running under hits a blockage and cant slip so it heaves upward?
        Curious what our resident geologist/seizmologist thinks,,,

        • Kula, the west coast plates are subduction faults, where the thrusting plate runs underneath the target plate, and is subducted down into the mantle. The volcanoes on the coast are the result of the weakening of the mantle there as it stretches downward, allowing magma to rise closer to the surface. The mountains are a combination of volcanic deposition and plate folding from the pressures on the fault lines.

          The Himalaya range is from thrust faulting, where the two plates collide together like trains on a track, one or both edges are lifted up.

          In the Pacific, the plates are separating, causing the spreading at the edges and ripple effects across the globe.

          The Hawaiian Islands are volcanic orogeny. There is a ‘hot spot’, a weak bit of crust, in the Pacific, and volcanism is creating the islands, one by one. They are moving on the spreading plate to the east each year, the volcanism is creating the islands as they move. Stick around, you’ll see some new islands in a million years before you bump into Peru or Mexico.

          Yellowstone is another weak spot, it’s moving westerly. The Idaho lava beds were created over Yellowstone way back when and have moved to Idaho, with Yellowstone moving in to create a new environment over the same spot.

        • My goof, your Hawaiian Islands are moving westerly, not easterly. You’ll collide with Kamchatka one fine day. Bring your mukluks.

          The string of islands is oldest to the west, youngest in the east, where the volcanoes are at now. There’ll be another island created where Oahu is now, once it moves on.

      36. Martin Armstrong Warns This Is The Age Of Civil Unrest


        Inflation Is Coming, What to Do—NOW


        research has shown that when food prices hit certain levels
        riots ensue

        my favorite brand of soup that I like to buy when I go camping
        just went up by 50 cents a can
        my brand of coffee just went up by $1.00

        Satori ain’t ready to riot yet
        but he sure is getting his knickers in a twist !

        • New law to be introduced here in the UK


          The state is to dictate how we demonstrate our love for our children. This is one of those measures whose draconian damage is only properly understood once it’s too late. It’s so important to remember it will be implemented by indoctrinated gubbermint progressive clones. What anyone with common sense considers emotional abuse will not be the progressive overlords interpretion of the same.

          In reality for loving parents, protecting our children from the cess pit of modern culture has just got one step harder to do.

      37. It’s long overdue for Californication to fall into the ocean. Good riddance.

        • Hey Leslie Anne, do you consider yourself a good Christian? Did you stop to think about the little kids that would be drowning in the Pacific? Nice.

          • The times of Noah. Were there no little kids then? If it was good enough for God, it’s good enough for me.

        • Screw you!

      38. Like many others have posted, I sure would like to read what BI has to say on the current situation. I always value his information.

        • A negative for this comment? I just do not understand how some people think!

          • TEXAN:
            Heck I have a hard time to trying to figure them out.
            As far as that goes I have a hard time trying to figure out how I think some times.
            I never worry about a thumbs down they can’t go any where personal.!:-)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      39. The sky is falling! Errr I mean this week the crust is dissolving. BS

      40. I trust Be Informed’s opinion on this subject more than any other source. As with others on the site, anxiously awaiting his take on the article and questions from the group.

        God Bless,

        • @ Norse Prepper. I have just been off the computer today. You are correct, I will not steer someone wrong or fear monger a situation. I would not want this done to me, and plus I am extremely critical of myself that I am exact as possible in whatever I say. When I say that the San Andreas breaking from Parkfield to Salton Sea will produce a 8.1 to 8.4 earthquake that is probably the magnitude, maybe a little less or more, but likely 8.0-8.5 range depnding on the amount of displacement that occurs.

          I try to not exaggerate anything. A break from the Whitter/Elsinore fault that connects, or IS, that Puente Hills fault, that would snap the whole thing would be high 7, maybe tops 8.0. Other web sites have said 9 pointer which is ridiculous for the amount of mass that is available to break.

          I think the issue with Russia is extremely serious as months before I said that Russia would start WW3 and launch their ICBM’s before allowing Ukraine to fall into NATO hands. BO and his cronies should have never tried to push Russia further into a corner. The same joining of the EU was a prelude to Estonia, Lithuania, and Lativa joining NATO. Ukraine was trying to join the EU and the president stopped this and he was almost killed by those protestors and their western backed thugs. To lose Crimea would have been Russia losing the war before it was fought. Russia has won almost all previous wars, and the U.S. politicians and many others are talking real big about standing up to Russia. They need to take an egg timer and set it to 30 minutes, that is the time between Russian launch of their strategic missiles and the end of the U.S. as a country. Russia with its underground facilities thinks it can win a nuclear war and why they continue to develop the best anti missile invading ICBM force they can.

          I am actually more concerned about Russia and Putin and what is going to happen next over there than the geophysical part of it. Earthquakes and other natural calamities target areas ready to go, many without too many people. Mankind targets major populated areas with precise weapons in war. Russia and Putin have be shamed for the past 22 years, especially the past 15 or so years. This makes the marked and wounded bear that much more lethal. Thank you again for all you add to the site.

          • @bi drudge report has link to little fat man aka porky showing a 5 earthquake at approx 10 miles deep. sometimes you are so accurate it is like you get news a day ahead of us.

            • @ kimintn. This is a real earthquake, it is 15.9 km deep. I know yesterday I was talking about Porky setting off a hydrogen bomb to show everyone that we better pay attention to him rather than the missing airline, Russia, or earthquakes. Then today you have a real earhtquake, as long as it is that depth. One day they are coming to take me away. I think old BO is going tired of me calling him BO for one thing. People all over the internet now call him BO. I can imagine that soon everyone will be calling that fat north korean leader Porky. Mac’s site is well visited. 🙂

              • BI, thanks for the analysis, even if it’s late. I haven’t been on the computer as much the last few weeks myself.

              • wow! so a real earthquake nearby where a possible h-bomb test is anticipated. nope, that’s not creepy at all.

      41. Perhaps B.I., knowing the seriousness of the situation, has already bugged out. He’d be the first to seek refuge if he felt the “big one” was upon us. Keep safe all.

      42. Very interesting article wonder what the elite is hiding from us

      43. HEY, YOU ALL, KNOCK IT OFF!!!!
        You have me LMAO.
        You got me hungry.
        You got me worried about BI.
        Lets get serious here. “Darnit” Cali might slip into the ocean.
        On second thought just forget it!:-)
        Lets Rock and Roll!:-)
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

      44. BI has posted comment ID 2985560 towards the top here. Thanks for the info and analysis, BI!

      45. I think its coincidence.

      46. ‘You’re all going to die”

        Poltergeist 2

        Seems the grim reaper has visited here and taken over the entire site..it’s as if nearly everyone has bought in to the fact that our demise is imminent no matter what the situation..

        Take a deep breath and relax..

        No one gets out alive anyways… sooner or later.

        That’s life..

        In the meantime..

        Keep on..

        Enjoy the day..


        • I might not die. I might still be alive at the second coming and skip that step. Go straight to heaven and do not pass GO.

      47. @BI
        Thanks for the analyses, i spoke with a geologist this weekend, was saying that they feel the PNW through the Aleutians is an area way over due for a big quake, they feel the shifting magnetic poles may play a part in plate movements at the poles as well as a possible uptick in some volcanic activity, also a lot of similar info to what you mentioned about the faults in SA and through Cali. Not verbatim but interestingly close.

        • Kula, we’ve been overdue for a big 9.0 or such here in the PNW for quite a while.

          They’re slip faults here, like San Andreas, so the pressure builds and builds, then gets released all at once.

          If we’re lucky, a big one in the Aleutians will relieve some pressure down here and give us another 100 years. Lots of people here, not many up there.

          • I agree with the 100 more years thing,
            Would rather it never happen,

      48. hasn’t anyone heard of HAARP!!!! none of the quakes are natural…they’re being pushed by HAARP

        • Angels don’t play that HAARP!

        • Jeannib:
          Do you mean that the Angels are the cause ofthoses earth quakes?!:-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB


      49. Sounds like next in storage to our solar panels will be Seismic and Geiger counters. Sheese need to monitor ionic, earth, and solar waves….has anyone seen a drone lately?

      50. @ Kulafarmer. I am looking at the Aleutians much more so than the San Andreas, Cascadia, or New Madrid as this region has had hundreds of precursors pointing to this area get whacked for the past year or so. Then I would say the southern San Andreas, Cascadia and least likely to break in the near future the New Madrid. The New madrid is actually much overdue for something in the high 5 to high 6 range which would devastate many places because of the dense rock that would amplify the shaking about one full magnitude point.

        @ Rich98. You sure are having a field day today with me above aren’t you? Inhaled too much smog or something? I would advice braveheart to move out of Memphis not so much because of the New Madrid, but because of the intense crime rate that makes it dangerous to live there and because Memphis is a target when the war starts. georgia is a better place to live outside the main cities. Braveheart had someone try to break into his house awhile ago.

        @ braveheart. I would go whether you personally feel safer. Let you instinct take you to where you belong. You will know. Trust your feelings, this is much of what survival is about also. Animals have that sense to go where it is safer before a catastrophe, just look at how these animals get out of the way of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, before it occurs.

        • BI; In the light of current events, I have to ask:
          If we have the BIG one in Cali, and part of it slides into the ocean, will that give some relief of pressure that would cause the New Madrid the ability to go off? It seems like all these plates ‘rubbing’ against each other would cause other plates to react to a release of pressure in another part of the earth, thus if the rift in the N.Atlantic ocean crumpled, would it not let off pressure for all the faults in the USA to move around? Also do you think the government website tells all that is happening, or could they “hide” some of the movements? I hope they are truthfull, so hard to find nowdays
          P.S. Georgia is a beautiful state, born here and probably die here…

          • @ eppe. The San Andreas is a horizontal fault and will slide against itself, as the destined location of California is the Gulf of Alaska many millions of years later. The only way I could see California slipping in the ocean would be some sort of void below the crust, like a sinkhole type situation. People see that huge scar across the state and think the west side will sink in the ocean. Very unlikely, not impossible though.

            The New Madrid and San Andreas are connected just like back in 1812 when the central part of San Andreas broke and so did the New Madrid. So did the southern portion of the Caribbean fault in Venezuela. Some people say that earthquake down there could have been above a mid 8 range. There are connected. It is highly likely that the southern portion of the San Andreas breaking will have more than enough momentum to continue the break to the Central portion. Then the New Madrid is in danger. Again watch for any large earthquake on the Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north latitude as this is a triggering focal point for the New Madrid.

            Government websites such as the USGS BS the actually size of earthquakes. This one was not a 5.1, it was a 5.3 or 5.4. I have been throuh thrust fault quakes and seen the readings of them too many times. Those a holes actually had the nerve to lower a 5.9 in Oregon to a 5.3. This is something that even primitive seismic stations could figure out. This is political correctness so as not to scare people. I use other sites such as the geoservice in Australia to get true readings when earthquakes are too close to populated areas where a bigger earthquake size is unacceptable to a jittery populace.

            The thing I can’t stand in California is the drama queen sh$%. They have an earthquake and people run around like a terrorist just set off nerve gas or something. people in Japan go through this all the time, they simply try to prepare the best they can for it. Oversensationalize everything is so common in this hell hole that I use to live in back in the 80’s. It was nauseating to see how people wanted to dramatize everything. It has not changed since then. People go through tornadoes all the time in the Midwest. You have an EF-0 or EF-1 uproot a tree in southern California and you would think that an asteroid just hit the area. I sure don’t miss that utter BS that is out there. This earthquake is nothing to what others feel all the time in many places in the world. But you know southern California, IF a movie star loses their home in a fire, this is real breaking news. Horse manure neck high.

            Georgia is a nice state, we will forget about Atlanta, that can be an enclave or something.

            • Thanks BI, amen to Atlanta, do not want to go there even on the best of days, in the 70’s it was Hotlanta, now it is a hellhole that no one wants to visit. Even the suburbs outside are getting crazy….

              • Eppe, some of my cousins who are in the mountains now used to live in Atlanta suburbs or down at the old family farm at Macon. That is until Bush Jr.’s 2nd term. They sold their properties along with the farm and bought some small homestead properties in the mountains. One of those is where I’m bugging out to when the time comes.

                • Braveheart-

                  Your kinfolks ‘escape & evasion’ from the Macon area, was a very wise decision because, if BO/Israel and company are successful in provoking WW-III…Warner Robbins AFB will be a recipient of a Russian MIRV.

                  • Hunter, when they gave up that farm near Macon, it was like losing someone in the family. that land had been in their possession since before the War of Northern Aggression.

            • BI.

              I am with you as the news is mostly all a farce. They hype the small stuff and play down the important information. Sometimes they do not inform at all until they have to. Americans are Politically Correct Pussies for the most part.

              Oh my, what are we going to do? You’re gonna die Stupid Mother Fxxker!

              I applaud those who try to prep, but have a case of the arse for those who do nothing. I am not saying you have to prepare for stellar events. We do have earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, floods, and tornados you know.

        • BI, I wonder if Rich98 is related to eisen [sarcasm definitely intended]. I don’t know what his problem is but he needs to either shit or get off the pot. Rich98, what’s it going to be? still waiting to hear from you.

          • @ braveheart. Exactly what I was thinking, but i don’t want to go there again. I thought about the little disruptions caused by these trolls, and I go back to just how hard Mac has worked to make this site successful. I remember the little story about how difficult it was at first and how he and his wife really gave frugal a new meaning. I decided that all I want to do is add to this site as best as possible. It is difficult to not respond to people that try to needle you to death trying to get attention.

            Then I see them, the trolls on this site, the same as I see that fat little piece of crap over in North Korea that lives like some king while he knows that his people starve and eat grass like some goat to stay alive. I see these flea minds like Porky over there wanting attention desperately. Porky is such a used piece of toilet paper, such a worthless selfish piece of rot, he can’t even see the suffering of those families that don’t know where the people of that missing airline is. Porky doesn’t care about Ukraine or that dozens of people are buried under mud in Washington. These stories take air time away from that prick head weirdo haircut Porky. So Porky fires 200 bottle rockets into the ocean, then a couple of medium range rockets, threatens a new test of some different nuke, then has his thugs fires hundreds of artillery rounds at South Korea. All because fat ass is not getting attention.

            The trolls are the same way here as Porky. They want any attention towards them, bad or good. This hurts the site and takes intelligent conversation away to swat at the buzzing mosquito. This hurts the success of Mac’s site. So I try to keep to the subject matter or something that relates to the site. Even though this site thrives on conversation, we are still guests to Mac and should at least try to show some respect for Mac and that this site does much good.

            I see Porky as a late 20’s blob that should be wearing a diaper for acting like a spoiled toddler. I see many of these trolls like I see Porky, layers of pathetic childish tantrums. Porky though has a 5 million man army and will likely test the largest hydrogen bomb he can field to show the world that “we just better not ignore him again”. Porky is the ultimate worthless troll. You would think no one would ever pattern themselves after this fat toad.

            • BI, your points are well taken by me. We don’t need to go back to the schoolyard type of thing we had previously. From now on I’ll red-thumb the trolls and nothing else.

      51. . In Leviticus 18:22-25 the Bible says “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. Defile not you yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you. And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomited out her inhabitants”.

        • From Levticus also:
          After birth of a boy or girl, it is different.
          Lev 12:4 Then it will be thirty-three more days until she is ritually clean from her loss of blood; she must not touch anything that is holy or enter the sacred Tent until the time of her purification is completed.
          Lev 12:5 . Then it will be sixty-six more days until she is ritually clean from her loss of blood.
          Lev 12:6 When the time of her purification is completed, whether for a son or daughter, she shall bring to the priest at the entrance of the Tent of the LORD’s presence a one-year-old lamb for a burnt offering and a pigeon or a dove for a sin offering.

          How many women are sinning today???

      52. Be very glad that we don’t live in Africa. Over 2 million dead. Of course the U.S. will help. We will send 2 million replacement Africans.

      53. Enchiladas Verdes

        The Sauce:

        1 medium size yellow onion, thinly sliced, about 2 cups
        1 medium size green bell pepper, coarsely chopped, about 1 cup
        2 pound fresh tomatillos, husked
        2 or 3 jalapeno or serrano chilies, seeded and chopped
        4 tablespoons chopped cilantro

        pour a little water into a large sized saucepan; add the onion. cover
        and cook the onion without stirring, over medium heat until soft. add
        the bell pepper, tomatillos and chilies. Cover again and cook until
        the tomatillos are very soft and have released their juices, about 15
        or 20 minutes. Puree in a blender or food processor until the sauce
        is smooth. Add the cilantro just before serving.

        makes about 4 cups.

        The Filling:

        1 tablespoon vegetable oil
        half a medium sized onion, diced, about 3/4 cup
        salt and cayenne pepper
        3 cups of corn kernels (about 3 ears)
        3 teaspoons cumin
        5 garlic cloves, finely chopped
        3 jalapeno or serrano chilies, seeded and thinly sliced
        3 medium sized zucchini, diced, about 2 cups
        3 tablespoons chopped cilantro

        heat the oil in a large skillet and add the onion, 1/4 teaspoon salt
        and 3 pinches of cayenne. Sauté over medium heat until the onion is
        soft. Add the corn, 1/2 teaspoon salt, cumin, garlic, and chilies.
        Sauté until the corn is just tender. Add the zucchini and cook until
        it is tender but not soft. Set aside 1 tablespoon of the cilantro for
        garnish and toss the rest into the cooked filling.

        To Assemble:

        tomatillo sauce
        12 tortillas
        6 oz. of smoked cheddar or mozzarella cheese, grated, about 2 cups

        Lay the tortillas out on a work surface. Set aside 1/2 cup of cheese
        to sprinkle on top. Place 1/3 cup vegetables in the center of each
        tortilla and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons cheese. Roll up, making sure
        that the filling and cheese extends out to the ends.

        Ladle 2 cups of the sauce into the bottom of a 9 x 13 inch baking
        dish and place the enchiladas in the dish. Ladle the remaining sauce
        over the enchiladas and bake at(325), covered, for 20 to 25 minutes; until they are hot and the sauce is bubbling.

        sprinkle with the remaining cheese. sprinkle with the reserved
        cilantro just before serving.

        serves 6

      54. Part One:

        Make successive plantings of beets, beans, and carrots to be able to harvest
        into fall. Direct seed cool-season crops, such as broccoli, cabbage, and
        Brussels sprouts, into the garden.
        Continue to monitor your squash vines for squash vine borers. The moths lay
        their eggs on the stems, then the emerging larvae bore into the vines, causing
        the squash vine to wilt and die. Contact your local Extension agent for control
        To obtain maximum pleasure and value from your vegetable garden, continue
        planting during the growing season. This provides a harvest until cold weather
        kills the plants.
        Uncaged tomatoes can be damaged by sunscald. To prevent this, lean an old
        window screen over the plants to protect them from the sun. Be sure to stake
        your tomatoes well.
        Before you spray an insecticide on your vegetables, check the label. Each
        insecticide has a time you must wait before you can harvest.
        To prevent okra from becoming slimy while cooking, leave the stem on the pod.
        The stem is edible, or you can remove it before serving.
        Dry weather causes Swiss chard to bolt or go to seed. Water your plants to
        extend the season.
        Cucumbers develop a bitter taste if the soil is not kept consistently moist.
        Harvest them for pickling whole when 2 to 4 inches; for table use, when longer
        than 5 inches. Remove any overripe cucumbers to encourage continuous production.
        For bigger and better Brussels sprouts, pinch out the top of the plant when
        sprouts at the bottom are fully grown. The smaller, upper sprouts will grow
        larger than they would otherwise.
        Okra, one of the most showy blooms in the vegetable garden, bears flowers that
        last only one day. If the flower has been pollinated, a miniature okra pod can
        be seen beneath the wilted flower.
        Leave the casaba melon on the vine until the blossom end softens and rind
        turns yellow. Crenshaw melon is ripe when the dark-green skin develops yellow
        streaks. Pick honeydew when the blossom end softens and white skin turns cream
        Most of your spring crops are out of the garden, and weeds are beginning to
        encroach on what once was a productive space. Plant another crop in those empty
        spaces to be harvested at the end of the growing season. Try beans, kale,
        turnips, mustard, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, or even corn varieties that mature
        in a short season. Remember to restore fertility to the soil before planting
        your fall crops by working in a light layer of compost or aged manure or a small
        application of a complete chemical fertilizer.
        Shredded Chinese cabbage is a good, hot-weather substitute for lettuce in
        salads and sandwiches. A second crop may be started now for fall harvesting.
        Although tomatoes are self-pollinating, they need movement to transfer pollen.
        If it is hot and calm for several days, gently shake plants for assured pollen
        transfer and fruit set. Hot temperatures can also interfere with blossom set.
        Over watered okra will produce more leaves than pods.
        Water stress in sweet potatoes can result in cracked roots. A potassium
        deficiency causes long, slender roots. Too much nitrogen reduces yield and
        Drought and hot, dry winds can cause pepper and tomato blossoms to drop off.
        Try misting plants twice a day to cool them and help the blossoms set fruit.
        Do you have too many cucumbers, zucchini, or tomatoes? Think pickles,
        relishes, and tomato sauces.
        Cucumbers have a very short “vine-storage time.” Under warm, humid conditions,
        the fruits on the vine may remain in prime condition less than one day. So pick
        early and often.
        For the best flavor, pick ripe tomatoes as needed; flavor peaks within three
        minutes of picking. If you must wait to use garden-fresh tomatoes, don’t
        refrigerate them. Fruit texture and some aroma compounds deteriorate quickly in
        the cold.
        You can prolong the storage life of fresh okra by dipping it in 500 ppm of
        ascorbic acid for five minutes. This concentration is approximately the same as
        dissolving 500 mg of vitamin C in a quart of water. Then air dry and pack in
        plastic bags for storage of up to one month in your refrigerator.
        To get more vitamins out of your vegetables, keep the outer leaves on your
        cabbage heads. They are high in vitamin C. Grow yellow corn varieties; they are
        higher in vitamin A than those with white kernels. Wash, but don’t peel,
        cucumbers — most of the vitamin A is in the skin. Harvest some green leaves
        with broccoli heads and stalks; the leaves have more vitamin A than the head and
        are richer in vitamin C, too.
        Most fertilizer recommendations are for 100 square feet, so keep your garden’s
        square footage a simple fraction of that. For example, a 4 x 12 1/2 foot garden
        is exactly 50 square feet and would require exactly one half the fertilizer
        required by a garden of 100 square feet.
        Intensive gardeners know that closely spaced plants may yield less per plant,
        but the yield per square foot is increased because so many more plants are
        grown. The same idea can be used in container gardening. USDA research has shown
        that tomatoes grown in 3 1/2-inch pots yielded smaller and fewer fruits than
        those grown in 11-inch pots, but the total yield per square foot was almost
        twice as high because three small pots could be grown in the space of one large
        Try a slippery plastic fence for keeping raccoons out of vegetables,
        especially sweet corn. Construct one by stapling plastic sheeting (6 mil
        thickness) to stakes spaced every 10 feet so that the stakes are on the inside
        of the plastic, toward the corn. The plastic should be 30 to 36 inches wide, and
        the lowermost 3 to 6 inches should rest on the ground. If you already have a
        fence around your garden, try using spring-type clothespins to clip the plastic
        to it. Put the fence up shortly before the corn is ripe to give the animals less
        time to figure it out. Raccoons trying to climb the slippery plastic soon give

      55. Part Two:

        A garden needs 1 inch of rain or water each week. Early morning is the best
        time to water. Evening watering is less desirable because leaves that remain wet
        through the night are more susceptible to fungal diseases. Mulch plants to
        reduce water loss and improve yields.
        Keep peas, beans, and berries cool while you pick them by spreading a damp
        cloth over your harvest basket.
        For a fall harvest of cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts,
        set transplants in late July. For a fall harvest of lettuce, radish, carrots,
        beets, turnips, kale, and spinach, sow seeds in late July to early August.
        Fall is the best time to grow Brussels sprouts since their flavor is enhanced
        by a mild frost. Sow seeds directly in the garden early in the month, or set out
        transplants. Brussels sprouts are heavy feeders so make monthly applications of
        5-10-10 fertilizers from the time the plants are 4 inches tall. Apply at a rate
        of 1/2 cup per square yard.
        In summer, dry soil may make working the soil difficult and inhibit seed
        germination. Plant your fall vegetables when the soil is moist after a rain, or
        water the area thoroughly the day before you plant. Seeds may be planted in a
        shallow trench to conserve moisture. Cover the seeds about twice as deeply as
        you do in the spring. Early maturing varieties are best for late plantings.
        One of the most important advantages of the home garden is the opportunity to
        have high-quality vegetables. Harvest your vegetables at the peak of maturity.
        Don’t allow them to become too old before you pick them. Harvest summer squash
        when it’s about 6 inches long. Use sweet corn as soon as it is picked. If it is
        held under warm conditions, the sugar changes to starch, and the corn is much
        poorer in quality.
        Stop vine crops from taking over your garden or lawn by pinching off the fuzzy
        growing tips. This also directs the plant’s energy into ripening fruit rather
        than producing more vines.
        Implement all the best cultural practices to reduce pest problems, but be
        prepared to spray as needed to control insects and diseases. Some pest control
        usually is necessary to insure the production of healthful, high-quality
        Swiss chard can out produce the gardener. If it becomes over mature, cut it
        back to about 4 inches. After cutting, it will send out tender, new leaves.
        Plant Chinese cabbage in July about 90 days before the average date of the
        first fall frost in your locality. This will allow crisp, firm heads to form in
        the cool days of early autumn.
        Side dress crops like corn and cabbage with 2 pounds of 5-10-5 fertilizers per
        50 feet of row about a month after growth starts. Scatter the fertilizer between
        the rows and scratch it into the soil with a rake. If your garden is on an
        infertile sandy soil, side-dress all of your vegetables to promote vigorous
        If your potatoes are visible along the soil surface, the portion exposed to
        light will turn green. Green-skinned potatoes will taste bitter and can cause
        sickness, so protect tubers from light by covering them with soil or mulch.
        Withhold water on storage potatoes when they begin to die down. Water and
        fertilizer late in the season may disturb dormancy necessary for good storage.
        They can cause re-growth or cause potatoes to crack prior to harvest.
        When muskmelons are 1/3 to 1/2 their mature size, decrease watering. Over
        watering reduces sweetness and may cause the fruits to crack open. From half-
        size to maturity, 1 inch of water per week from rainfall or overhead irrigation
        is plenty. Likewise, trickle irrigation should be reduced.
        Dried onion flower heads make marvelous additions to winter flower
        arrangements. For this reason, you may want to allow some buds that appear in
        your onion patch to develop instead of pinching them out as is useful to ensure
        large bulbs.
        Continue to make successive plantings of crops like beans, beets, cabbage, and
        sweet corn to provide a continuous harvest until fall. A small garden will
        produce a large quantity of vegetables if replanting is done throughout the
        Pumpkin and squash blossoms are both beautiful and edible. To prepare squash
        or pumpkin blossoms, pick them after they open. Remove insects and dirt by
        washing and draining. Dip the blossoms in batter and fry until golden.
        Ornamental kales and cabbage are among the showiest of all winter plants, and
        as the weather cools, the color intensifies. Transplants of these beautiful
        winter ornamentals are available at garden centers and nurseries now.
        Summer squash with a bitter taste should not be eaten as it may contain a
        natural toxin, which can cause food poisoning symptoms, such as
        stomach cramps. Often these fruits are a result of self-seeded plants. Avoid
        this problem by not saving self-seeded squash plants.
        Turning cabbage a quarter to a half turn if they start to crack will reduce
        the water uptake that causes splitting. Or use a shovel to cut through the roots
        on one side of the plant. If that doesn’t work, better harvest them.
        Daytime temperatures above 90 degrees F prevent snap bean flowers from
        Begin to sow cover crops between rows and in vacated beds now. Sow clover,
        rye, and vetch. These will return humus and nitrates to the soil when dug under

      56. Blackberry canes tip root very easily. Get some pots and fill with
        good soil, then peg the tips of the canes down into the soil. In a
        fairly short time, they should make roots and you can cut them away
        from the parent plant.

        This works well with raspberries also. And other thorn fruits. Even roses.
        Do that with on anything that has a cane and stickers.

        • Correct. I have the Thompson thornless variety and they grow like crazy! One year we yielded over 60 lbs of blackberries from one big bush. We learned how to make great wine from those years ago, thank goodness. 🙂

          You almost have to watch the bushes as they will send up shoots and yes, vines that touch the ground will try to send out roots as well. Gotta love hearty berry plants!

      57. I wonder when ‘We The People’ will wake up to this. I mean like say 20% of population finally awaken and we say we have had enough. If you don’t fix this mess, then a Tax Revolt happens. I know, 20% would be 67 million folks. Aint’ gonna happen until the Day comes and too late….

      58. CBS news Los Angeles has a report that survival gear is flying off the selves. Tools to turn off water and gas are high priority items.

        Earthquakes and Tornados!

        A few small items you can place in a bag or your purse are a small flashlight (Harbor Freight) or chemical light, small air horn and a whistle. Gives you light and a way to have others find you if buried in the rubble.
        You can use those bicycle helmets for head protection and those weed eater goggles for your eyes.. A heavy jacket for tornado flying debris. Might help if you are wet and the temp drops.

      59. if the Waltons, Rockefellers, Morgans, Skull and Bones alumni, the CFR and the Bush family suddenly leave the hemisphere….taking their private jets, yachts, bank accounts and priceless holding along with them; then we’ll know that there is something to this story….or that we’re going to be nuked.

      60. I’m going to be nice to the trolls. APRIL FOOL! Happy april fool to all trolls out there. Rich98 and 99, eisen, ncjoe, finx, Petersen, 0311, HTJ, etc.

      61. Ahhhh hell, im done, going to go give all my preps and guns away,,, where do i sign up to work for Obamma 2016

      62. This is with all do respect to all. I have learned a ton since I been here on SHTF its been about six to seven months maybe little more since I stumbled across this page. You guys and gals played a big role in waking me up and for that I am forever grateful. I see a lot of people on here always talking about people waking up when are people going to take a stand so on and so forth.
        I posted the other day that I also came across The Operation American Spring on May 16 2014 movement and for all the research I have done it seems real. I asked if anyone else did any research on it I think it was Hunter that responded (Thanks Btw) he was the only one I was kinda surprised maybe not many people saw it I don’t know. So if anyone else out there has any thoughts on it good or bad I don’t care. If this is for real this could be the moment we are all waiting for. I hear a lot of the older guys on hear saying they need to do something before they cant. The way I’m starting to think about it is lets bring it to them instead of waiting and waiting till its in our streets and our houses and everything we all worked for get trashed or we are all to old to do anything. Sorry for the rant guys I’m just so feed up with the lies. Btw I was using the handle Newbie before

        • I have been following OAS, am on the mailing list,
          I have a feeling they will be corralled and detained when they go to DC.
          The government, notice i didnt say our government, the government does not care what you or i think, and pretty much will counter anything we do.
          Personally i feel we are way beyond any reasonable form of redress and will only effect change through violent revolution.
          How free do you feel these days?

        • EVERY move, every march was the moment we were waiting for–the only one profiting from any ‘march’ is the gas company for cars and trucks.

        • -<>-

          **(quote)** ..”How free do you feel these days?”


          Its not so much a “feeling(emotion)”..as it is the logical realization that “LIBERTY”, as defined/understood by us..is slowly being strangled & crushed by the weight and intentional misuse of unconstitutional laws/dictates/executive orders…and combined with APATHY / COWARDICE amongst the general voting population…which leaves us with a “binary solution set”…as our only options. See below, per binary:

          0(zero) = ..surrender/submit to eventual full-scale tyranny & likely…a miserable death.

          1(one) = ..or revolution 2.0 (per asymmetrical warfare).


          ..careful attention and (long-term)scrutiny of the opinions expressed/possessed, by intelligent posters here..reveal that anger/rebellion & vengeance against our political/economic/social rulers(TPTB)..is approaching the tipping point!

          ..which explains why the enemy is accelerating their agenda, at an ever increasing pace vs. time!


          Remember your priorities:

          1.> ..allegiance to your Creator.

          2.> ..allegiance to family/blood & fellow combatants.

          3.> ..allegiance to country, not current govt regime!

          4.> ..and when the balloon goes up, per a revolution:

          ..You are, what you do..when it counts!

      63. And now we can add an 8.2 quake off the coast of Chile.

      64. No doubt the ignorant, anti-science left will blame this on faux global warming… like they do everything else.

      65. I have been watching CME and solar flares activity for over a year and earthquake data. The next few days will be active till the 3rd…

      66. @ BI-you wrote “The Nazca plate is due for a mega quake. Like I have talked about this with VRF about his family in Peru, there is a high chance of a 9+ or even a 9.3-9.5 occurring in this area from Ecuador to Peru. One just has to look at the Andes to see how much compressing pressure there is between the plates here. The 9.5 and 8.8 occurred in Chile in 1960 and 4 years ago. The area around Peru and Ecador has not had a mega or super mega quake in several hundred years and is due. So is the northern and eastern caribbean plate as the last time this section unleased a Japanese size near 9 pointer was around the time of 1400 something.””
        GOOD CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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