12 Bad Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed

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    The following article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper.

    Daisy is the author of The Organic Canner and The Pantry Primer: How To Build A One Year Food Supply In Three Months.


    If you’re involved in the preparedness lifestyle, you’re probably into planning. Most likely, you research and study the excellent preparedness strategies put out by experts. Whether we prepare for incidents small or large, we all ponder what we’d do if something world-as-we-know-it-ending went down.

    The trouble is, a lot of the plans that get made are more likely  to get you killed than to save you. And people post these plans online, then new preppers read them and think, “Wow, what a great idea.”

    I really love being involved in the preparedness lifestyle. I get to meet and correspond with lots of like-minded, down-to-earth people.  We have those awesome conversations that you just can’t have with the checker at the grocery store cash register.  I get to engage in email and social media discussions too, the likes of which would never occur with my second cousin who thinks that missing a pedicure appointment is a disaster worthy of government intervention. But sometimes, I kind of cringe. Not all preparedness plans are well-thought out and practiced. In fact, there are several recurring themes that I hear or read that are not good ideas for most preppers, and I bet that many of you reading have also privately rolled eyes at one of the following strategies. (Or maybe even  publicly.)

    I’m truly not trying to be mean when I share them with you here, nor am I trying to say that I’m the Queen Prepper of the Universe, who knows absolutely everything.  I’d just like you to consider the variables if one of these plans happens to be your default strategy.

    Bad Strategy #1: “I’ll just hunt and live off the land.”

    Oh my gosh. No, you probably won’t. You might try to hunt, but guess what? Loads of other people have this same idea.  Unless you live hundreds of miles from civilization, the population of deer and wild turkeys will be quickly decimated in an event that renders the food delivery system inoperable.

    Furthermore, hunting is not as easy as simply wandering into the woods, taking aim with a rifle, and popping a wandering buck in the head. Have you ever hunted? Have you done so recently, and by recently I mean within the past year? Have you ever field dressed an animal? Can you hit a moving target? Do you know how to set up snares? Do you know how to butcher and preserve meat? Are you in good enough shape to drag a 200 pound carcass through the woods?

    If you can’t say yes to every single question listed here, hunting should probably not be your go-to plan for feeding your family.

    Bad Strategy #2: “I’ll go into the woods and live there.”

    This is closely related to Bad Strategy #1.

    But it’s worse. Living in the wilderness is not going to be a marshmallow roast. First off, there are no marshmallows out there. Just lots of predators and food that has to be killed and skinned before you can eat it.

    In this strategy, people like to talk about their proximities to a national forest. “There are thousands of acres, just on the other side of my fence.”

    Okay. But when is the last time you went into that forest more than a few miles on foot?  Did you spend more than a couple of nights there? Was the weather inclement? What are your local predators (not including the human variety)?  Do you have a camping kit that you can carry in on foot? Will your children and spouse be able to also carry supplies? Are you planning to build a house with some tarps and a Swiss Army knife? What will you eat and drink? Are you adept at foraging in your area? For how long can you actually survive on what you can carry?  How are your First Aid skills and what supplies will you have?  Can you handle the loneliness? And what about the other, perhaps less than moral, individuals that have the same idea? Have you ever lit a fire with wet wood?  Have you ever camped, outside of a campground area? What if it rains? In many climates, getting wet is a death sentence.

    Bad Strategy #3: “I’ll bug out on foot for 73 miles through the mountains, even though I don’t regularly exercise.”

    If bugging out on foot is one of your plans, I’d like to suggest you pick a clear day, put on a loaded backpack and some hiking boots, and go for a practice hike to your location.  Go ahead. I’ll wait here.

    This one really bothers me. There is a large contingent of armchair preppers who have this idea. However, they don’t exercise regularly. They look back 20-30 years to their high school or military glory days, when they played football, ran track, or had a drill sergeant screaming right behind them as they ran. Just because you were once very physically fit, that doesn’t mean you are still able to hike up a mountain in bad weather with a 50 pound kit on your back.

    This is a classic recipe for a heart attack, by the way. Extreme over-exertion. High-stress situation. High-sodium, easily packable food. Out-of-shape person. A few miles into the journey, particularly if it includes a steep climb, the person will experience a pounding heart, dizziness, and faintness, as the body tries to shut down to protect itself from the unaccustomed demands.  If the physical stress continues, the heart won’t be able to keep up with the demand to pump blood. Game. Over.

    Embarking on an overly ambitious bug-out journey can endanger not only you, but the people making the trek with you.  What if you have a heart attack half way up the mountain?  What if you have an asthma attack? What if you injure your out-of-shape self? Who is going to help you? If the situation is bad enough that you’re bugging out, you aren’t likely to be airlifted to a hospital for medical care.  Will someone put their own safety at risk to hang out with you while you recover, thus forcing the family to divert to Bad Strategy #2?

    I’m not trying to talk anyone into staying in a bad situation when bugging out ould be the wiser course of action (like in Bad Strategy #11). But if your bug out route is a long distance or over difficult terrain, you need to get out there and start training before you put the lives of everyone in your team or family at risk.

    Bad Strategy #4: “I don’t need a group. I’m going to go it alone.”

    Ah, the rugged loner.

    This is not a winning plan for many reasons.  Being with a group, even a small one, has many benefits. As Scott, from Graywolf Survival, wrote:

    Humans started banding together to survive millions of years ago. They did this for one thing: because there’s safety in numbers. If you live by yourself, you can’t collect food, improve your fighting position, patrol the area, chop wood, filter water, and be on all sides of your property – all at once. Plus, you have to devote a large amount of your day to sleeping each night. And besides, who are you gonna bitch to about your day if you’re all alone?

    …Even a small group of 12 has a HUGE advantage to defending an area and continuing on with other operations at the same time. With an adequate number of personnel, not only can you have a rotation of assignments to support 24 hour operations, you can afford people to specialize in certain tasks. This specialization increases the efficiency of the group overall (synergy) and was one of the largest reasons why we developed into a society.

    It isn’t just enough to have a team, either. You need to train with your team, tactically, with an expert if possible.  And by training, I’m not talking about going out to play paintball in the woods. Max Velocity, author and founder of a combat school in West Virginia explains:

    ‘Tacticool’ training is not only designed to simply make you look and feel good, but more insidiously it will give you the idea that you are tactically trained and proficient, when you are not. It is the sort of training that will give you enough to really get yourself in trouble. For example, basic marksmanship and square range training have a solid place in the training progression, but you must move beyond the static range to tactical field firing training in order to be tactically trained. You have to understand how to operate your weapons ‘out in the wild,’ and to maneuver in real environments. Often the problem with ‘tacticool’ training is that among the instructors there is not the experience or facility to move beyond the square range, and there is only so much you can do, so instructors make stuff up that may in fact be disadvantageous to your heath. At Max Velocity Tactical the tactical ranges have been designed out in the woods and utilize electronic pop-up targets, bunkers and other such training aids to bring a realistic tactical environment, This allows a certain amount of stress and battle inoculation to be brought to the students in training. And critically, this is all done in a safe and practical manner. (You can read the rest of his interview HERE)

    Maybe you only have a handful of people you trust. Maybe you only want to be with other military dudes. Keep in mind that there are things that you will need in a SHTF scenario that are a bit kinder and gentler.  It’s not just about brute force and protecting the camp or retreat. It’s about food, building a future, farming, sitting down, and  even relaxing from time to time. Not every moment in a situation like that will be like a scene from an action-adventure movie.  We’ll still eat dinner, read a book, talk with others, sleep, and have relationships.

    Bad Strategy #5: “I don’t need to store food, I’ll just take everyone else’s because I’m a bad-ass.”

    Who can forget that episode of Doomsday Preppers that was shared all over preparedness social media and websites, in which a redneck and his team of merry marauders discussed their plans to take everything that preppers living nearby had stored away?

    I wrote about Tyler Smith and his plan a couple of years ago:

    Most preppers, Smith says, are concerned with marauders taking their supplies. It’s not an unfounded fear, he says.

    “We are those people,” he says. “We’ll kick your door in and take your supplies. … We are the marauders.”

    We’re not in it to stockpile. We’re in it to take what you have and there’s nothing you can do to stop us,” Tyler Smith says. “We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming.”

    Smith, 29, is the leader of Spartan Survival. The group has more than 80 dues-paying members. Smith founded the organization in 2005 to train and prepare others on survivalism.

    Smith (a paroled felon who incidentally went back to jail shortly after his televised waving around of firearms) might be a joke, but you can’t ignore the danger of groups with similar plans.  This yahoo had 80 people on board with him, for crying out loud. And if you happen to have such a plan, you should probably realize that those of us who are really prepared won’t stand around wringing our hands and crying when you come to attempt to relieve us of our supplies. We’ve prepared for people like you, too. The post-SHTF life expectancy of those who plan to survive using Bad Strategy #5 will probably be a short one.  You might manage to raid a few people’s retreats (particularly those using Bad Strategy #4, but if the situations is WROL (without rule of law), it’s pretty much a given that the justice which will be meted out by the intended victims will be swift and final.

    Bad Strategy #6: “I have lots of weapons and tools. I’ve never used them. But I have them.”

    Do you have prepper tools that are still in the box?  How often do you make it to the shooting range?  When’s the last time you actually felled a tree then chopped firewood?  When did you do it without a chainsaw?

    There are loads of different examples that I could give about tools that just sit there in their boxes, awaiting their moment of glory when it all hits the fan. For the purposes of Bad Strategy #6, I’m including firearms as a tool.  Skill with an axe is not a given.  Accurate aim doesn’t stay with you if you don’t practice. Have you ever attempted to pressure can over an open fire? Even building a fire is not easy if you’ve only done it once or twice. (See Bad Strategy #9 for details.)

    Not only is it vital to practice using your tools during good times, when you have back-up options available, but you need to test your tools to be sure that they operate as intended. I once purchased a water filtration system for use during off-grid situations. It was missing an essential gasket.  Without that gasket, it would be totally useless. Sure, I could have tried to MacGuyver something, but the point of buying all of this stuff is to save your MacGuyvering for things you don’t have. Because I checked out my tool before I needed it, I was able to send it back and get a replacement.

    Bad Strategy #7: “I don’t store food. I store seeds.”

    I really love gardening and have stored an abundance of seeds. Seeds are a very important thing to store. However, if you store them to the exclusion of food, you’re going to have a really bad time.

    The problem with depending on seeds for your food supply is that Stuff Happens. Stuff like droughts. Stuff like aphids. Stuff like blossom-end rot. Stuff like the thrice-damned deer that managed to get past your fence.

    Furthermore, if this is your plan, have you grown a garden recently? Have you produced food on your current property or your retreat property? Do you have a compost system? Have you developed your soil?  First year gardens almost never produce what you expect them to. Do you know how much produce your family will consume in a year? How are you at food preservation? What about off-grid food preservation?

    Because of these concerns, a garden should not be a stand-alone survival plan. It is a vital part of a long-term preparedness scenario, but you must also be prepared for the potential of failure.

    Bad Strategy #8: “I’ll just run a generator and continue on like nothing ever happened.”

    Generators are loud, smelly, and finite.

    If you want to bring attention to yourself in the midst of a down-grid scenario, the surest way to do it is to be the only house in the area with lights blazing in every window. Generators are commonly stolen, because they’re impossible to hide, rumbling away beside your house. A person following Bad Strategy #5 would be likely to think that if you have a generator with extra fuel, you might have some other awesome stuff that they’d want too.

    It goes further than simply drawing attention to yourself though.  Gas, diesel, and propane generators can be dangerous. They can produce high levels of carbon monoxide very quickly, so if the plan were to enclose it to deter thieves, it could be deadly. Trying to power your entire house by backfeeding while still hooked up to local utilities could endanger the lives of neighbors or utility workers. Refilling a generator that has not completely cooled is a fire hazard. Make sure that your generator doesn’t fall into the category of Bad Strategy #6.  There’s more to it than simply flipping a switch and having  power.  You need to learn to operate and maintain the generator long before you have to rely on it.

    Keep in mind, if you do opt to use a generator, that this is not a long-term solution. There’s only so much fuel that anyone can store. Eventually, it’s going to run out, and if your plan was completely dependent on being able to run a generator, what will you do then? My personal preparedness plan is to revert to a low-tech lifestyle that doesn’t require electricity.

    Bad Strategy #9:  “I’ll just use my fireplace for cooking and heating.”

    This is one that I learned about the hard way, myself. A few years ago, my daughter and I moved from the city to a cabin in the north woods of Ontario, Canada.  I figured that with a giant lake at our disposal, a well, our supplies, and a woodstove, we’d have all we needed to surive an extended power outage.

    Unfortunately for us, born and raised in the city, lighting a fire and keeping it going was not that easy. The mere presence of a fireplace or woodstove does not warmth create. It took me an entire month of daily trial, error, and frustration to master a fire that would warm the house. I also learned that cooking on a woodstove was not as easy as sitting a pot on top of it. Dampers had to be adjusted, heat had to be increased, and the food required far more monitoring than expected. The year we spent there taught us more than we ever imagined about what we didn’t know.

    If using your fireplace or woodstove is part of your survival plan, how much wood do you have? Is it seasoneed and dry? Can you acquire more? Have you actually chopped wood before? Recently?  When is the last time you prepared food using your stove or fireplace?

    The good news is, you can make this strategy work, as long as you don’t go all Bad Strategy #6.  Ramp up your wood supply and begin using your fireplace or woodstove on a regular basis to work out the bugs in your plan now.

    Bad Strategy #10: “I’m going to hunker down in the city and scavenge what I need.”

    This is a terrible idea on so many levels it’s hard to know where to start.

    First of all, when utilities are interrupted, those in large metropolitan areas are left with few options. It’s hard to dig a latrine in the concrete jungle. Remeber when New York was hit by Superstorm Sandy? People were defecating in the halls of apartment buildings to try and keep their own apartments moderately sanitary. Unfortunately, sewage built up in the pipes and spewed into apartments, filling them with deadly human waste.

    Store shelves will quickly be emptied before and after disasters, leaving little to scavenge.  If you happen across the wrong place, you’re likely to be shot by a property owner defending his or her goods. If you wait too long to evacuate, roadways will be blocked, and you can end up being a refugee, with no option but camps. Cities will be populated with desperate people, some of whom were criminals before the disaster struck. Even those who were friendly neighbors before the disaster can turn on you, because desperation can turn anyone into a criminal in order to feed their families.

    Highly populated areas without outdoor space will quickly become death traps in the wake of a disaster.

    Bad Strategy #11: “I’ve got my supplies, and now I don’t need to think about gloom and doom.”

    Some people like to stock their goods and then forget about preparedness.  They don’t like to consider the threats they might face.  But mentally preparing for disasters is a very important step. I recently made a list of prepper movies (you can find it here) and suggested that they be used to run scenarios in your head.

    This very vital step can help you to do the most important thing when a disaster occurs: accept that it has actually happened. The prepper mindset is one of problem-solving and flexibility.

    It’s a unique way of looking at a situation, assessing the options, and acting that defines the prepper mindset. Think about any stressful situation that has ever happened to you.  Once you accepted the fact that it had happened you were able to set a course of action. Once you had definitive steps to take, you probably felt much calmer. You took control of the things you could, and you executed your plan.  Only by taking that first step – accepting that this mishap had indeed occurred – could you take the next two.

    By refusing to consider the things that could happen, you run the risk of being unable to immediately accept it when it does happen. This sets you up for a very dangerous period of hesitation that could mean a death sentence for you and those who depend on you.

    Bad Strategy #12: We’ll set up a perimeter and shoot anyone who breaches it.

    With folks like the ones who intend to practice Bad Strategy #5 around, it’s no wonder that some people intend to practice Bad Strategy #12.

    However, there are a few reasons that this is a bad idea.

    First, instead of just protecting you, this can actually make you a target. Less than ethical people may start to wonder what you are protecting so stringently, and may work to develop a plan to overtake you. Alternatively, more ethical people may decide they don’t want a group like yours in the area and plan to forcibly evict you.  If the situation doesn’t start off like the wild west, people who adhere to this Bad Strategy will turn it into that scenario.

    And finally, the real kicker: those who survive some life-changing event will be the new founders of our society.  Do you really want to live in a place where people have to shoot first and ask questions later?  How we choose to live will set the course for how we continue to live.

    There’s time to adjust your plan.

    There’s good news, though, if I just peed all over your favorite plan.

    There’s still time to make adjustments to make your plan more workable.  You can brush up on your hunting and foraging skills. You can start an exercise plan so you don’t die when hiking.  You can test out your tools and find your weak points. You can adjust your plan to be more ethical. You may not need to chuck the plan altogether, but merely test and modify it.

    The key with all things preparedness is to practice, to drill, and to make it your lifestyle. Work out the bugs now, while back-up is as close as the hardware store or grocery store.  Get yourself mentally prepared to accept the situation and change your plans on a dime if necessary.

    Finally,  consider the kind of world you want to live in. If there was a giant reset, those who survive would  pave the path for a different society. By our plans and actions, we can create a different type of world. One with justice, kindness, ethics, and freedom.

    Right now, our society is led by criminal corporations, sell-out politicians, and thugs, both in and out of uniform. I’d like to believe that we can do better.

    Resources to help you build a better plan:

    The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster

    Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival

    Rapid Fire!: Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations

    The Organic Canner

    The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months

    Prepper’s Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: How to Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Who cares,
        All you need is 1 bullet

        • Kula,

          I was told to always save that last bullet! Is that what you are referring to?

          As long as there is life, there is hope! No one is going to get out of this unscathed, even the best prepared folks in the NW Redoubt.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • How strong one’s heart is, is way more
            important than the size of their stash.

            • outwest,
              AMEN to that my friend!

          • When my father was an air force pilot who frequently flew over the North Sea (survival time if you ejected over water was measured in minutes) once questioned why they were issued 9mm sidearms.

            His wing commander said “In case you eject over the ice and encounter a polar bear. Polar bears can smell you for many many miles.”

            My dad pointed out that you can’t possibly expect to kill a 1000+ pound polar bear with 9mm.

            His SO replied “Oh it’s not to shoot the bear.”

            • So, you’re saying that 1000+ polar bear can sustain multiple FMJ 9mm Parabellum rounds to the cranium and survive?

              Now, you go shooting him in the ass, its just going to piss him off. Unfortunately too many people that handle guns think chest cavity shots are the only thing you can do.

              “Shoot them in the head and they fall down dead.”

              I think the story of the 9mm handgun not being for the polar bear is just dumb. Anyone want to bet I can’t incapacitate a 1000 pound polar bear in less 10 seconds and it be completely dead in 5 minutes with one magazine full of 9mm ball ammo out of an M92 Beretta?

              • Think about the effects on the body after having to eject into such a hostile environment as mentioned. Injuries, shock, frostbite, snow blindness.

                • It’s been mentioned on here many times, about compiling a list of “enemies” for follow-up after SHTF… well, apparently someone did just that, and they’re equating publishing public info, right there with terrorist acts.

                  They even mention ISIS in the same article. I really think they’re scared.

                  “Right-wing group blamed in leak of U.S. officials’ home addresses: CBS”

                  ht tp://news.yahoo.com/u-investigating-online-leak-senior-officials-home-addresses-125228104.html

                  • Did I mention it’s OFF TOPIC?

                    Well, sort of. I guess one could get killed for exposing the “enemies”…

              • netranger,
                well i have shot BIG bears in Alaska and you know how to place your shot as most times the round will not penetrate the bears head due to the shape of his skull, i have seen 338 just make grooves instead of penetrate it.Alaska says if you carry a handgun for shooting bears then at least file off the front site so when the bears takes it away from YOU and shoves it up your behind it won’t hurt you so bad!

                • LOL 🙂

                • Shoot em in the eye or mouth?

                • @apache54, is it better to use pepper spray, rather than a handgun, to deter a bear?

                  • Tay,
                    actually the best defense due to the circumstance of a bear being really close is flare pistol and shoot the bear with the flare, only thing on his mind is that burning thing stuck to him and you can escape, much better than pepper spray. and before you ask yes it does work! wink, wink! i have seen and used pepper spray and under some types of bear involvement it can work, but if the bearhas been agitated, won’t work! only makes it worse!

              • I read a story of someone in Alaska defending themselves with a .44 Mag revolver against a brown bear, and having the bullet ricochet off the skull of the bear. The person was mauled, but survived.

              • You have to be careful shooting bears in the head. Their sculls are thick and tough. Hit in the wrong spot in the head and the bullet glances off. Now you have pissed a bear off and given him a head ache. I am not sure if the nine would even penetrate the scull. I will have to look into that one.

              • It’s called a joke. Sheesh.

        • I actually know people that believe they can raise a garden and take an occasional deer and wait out the chaos.

          I’ve tried to explain that there isn’t enough deer in the county if 1000 families decide they want to raise a garden and take a deer.

          I personally don’t know how to reach out to folks like this anymore. I also am getting to the opinion that if I keep talking people will realize I have prepared and decide to show up at my house to get food.

          I keep trying to explain to people that a multi-millionaire couldn’t feed our small county for more than a few days to a month but together each of us doing a little on our own could make the difference between survival and chaos.

          But what the heck do I know I’m just a black helicopter chasing prepper; right?

        • You mean like that Green Berret that told SHTF preppers to pile sandbags 2 deep on their 2nd floor in case a zombie shoots up through the ceiling?. And the preppers house of straw, crumbles into the basement crushing every occupant in the house with 5 tons of sand.. BTW/ my prepping plan is unfolding quite nicely
          Day 51. Thriving.

        • This is why I speed climb big wall ice mountains.

          Why I go on all these technical adventures.

          Why I do my own car maintenance.

          Why I study combat medicine.

          I am hung, fit, and ready for SHTF.

          • You are so full of shit. In reality, you are a 14 year old faggit who talks big on this site because you have no real friends. Speed climb ice mountains eh? You think anyone here really be lives that shit? Haha!

        • I’m not completely against going it alone. But it wouldn’t hurt to have one of those small shipping containers buried underground.

          • Acid,
            if you do bury one, REMEMBER, those containers were NOT meant to have loads put on them except on the corners, you will need to reinforce the walls if you want to bury them!

            • apache54…shhhh!

              • A buried, unreinforced shipping container would make a casket fit for an elitist…

            • Apache54, I’ve examined shipping containers very closely. The walls would hold without reinforcement. Though, were I to bury one, I’d probably bolt a 4×6 treated member down each side. The top is the problem. Its made to keep the rain and snow off, thats it. I’d say you put more than 12″ of soil over the top and it would cave. Covering it with treated 2x12s with a 4×4 stiffener down the center should do it. Either way, you’re talking some additional expense. The biggest problem is keeping the water out. You can’t just did a hole in the ground and drop one in and cover it up. In my part of the country, in about 6 months, it would be full of water unless you did some kind of epoxy dip. Then, the thing would slowly float out of the ground unless you parked you machinery on it for a few months.

              This bunker stuff is a lot more complex than people think.

              • netranger,
                not gonna argue with you, your choice BUT i am a engineer and I have examined and I have seen what can happen depending on how you bury it! so just trying to give some help, but your choice

              • I would use the container as a concrete form. You can build temporary structure inside to hold the container shape and pour a nice steel reinforced concrete roof. Many other problems to overcome….. you will need a great plan to keep water out of your hole, air quality, etc.

                Bottom line for me: Skip trying to bury a container. Easier to build a bunker from scratch.

                • shootit,
                  YUP that is my thoughts as well, you can use 4X4 to shore up the inside walls while you pour over it.

                  • The walls will collapse inward in short order. Shipping containers are a DUMB idea. There are numerous videos and photos posted on line that graphically illustrate the total worthlessness of shipping containers underground.

          • Here is a good paperback for your BOB. “How to stay alive in the woods” by Bradford Angier 1998. A complete guilde to food, shelter and self preservation that make starvation in the woods nearly impossible. Knowledge is power. WWTI. Day 51 in the woods.

      2. None of us know exactly what will happen, being flexible with plans might save your families life.

        We should not take life so seriously, we will never get out alive…
        Van Wilder

      3. As I’ve stated before; “You don’t know what you’re going to do until it happens. How you respond will make or break you.”

        • This is the wise approach.

          In my opinion grand plans are a waste of time, as far as an overall plan.

          You simply need to think about how to respond and survive in specific situations.

          Its the “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”

          Learn how to deal with situations. Don’t expect them to come in some kind of orderly fashion. Deal with SHTF just like you do the rest of your life.

          The only saying is, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Such it is with SHTF. Its not doom and gloom thats banking on your door, its opportunity making all that noise!

          I say if one mans junk is another mans treasure then one mans doom is another mans dream come true.

          …its all in how you handle it.

          • Great words! I dig that.

      4. Here’s one for you, (off topic) another site is reporting that the Lesbian Union has endorsed Clinton for Pres, does that surprise anyone? The sodomettes have spoken.

        • Well, Hillary is their evil queen, after all.

          • #13: Fucking with Genius or his wife 🙂

            • Dammit Genius!I was going to say don’t fuck with Warchilds family/friends/pets as mistake 13,arghhh…!I will go it alone as would with my attitude probably bring flack on a team,in troubling times will if come across others try and help em(share some Goldfish ect.)but with my burned out/don’t give a fuck attitude will no matter what the odds when see someone hurting others whether they are in or out of uniform will just go for it in a blaze of insanity and,well,die.I really have just reached a point in life that though care about others and will try and help others(even strangers)a large part of me just no longer cares.

              • Warchild, I thought you were coming over to our place to watch the fireworks from the deck. You don’t have to go it alone, you are more than welcome here. We could use a good man or two. 🙂

                • Eh,when(if!)I get to the homelands would be a bit if a truck in trying times,but would say,a final deck party has a nice ring!On a more serious note,my state of mind(Yah,I know,what mind Warchild?)I really believe excepting coming across someone needing aid would be a detriment to a group in that I really have reached a dark point in life and while willing to give it a go when I get back to see some light unless that happens better for me and others I ride out a shit storm alone.I really was kinda at that point for last year before personal life/reality hit,just kinda emphasised that point.I realize folks already get this but you come across me and I moved on please utilize all my goods in pack ect.,just if you can safely help others,hell,if needed,feed me to your dogs!

        • I loved it when Hillary fought for women’s rights when she knowingly got a child rapist off the hook with only a few months in prison, slut-shamed the 12 year old girl in court, and then laughed about it.

      5. I’ll buy everything I need with silver dimes.

        • Are they not just the best? I think silver dimes could be the absolute best SHTF investment, in general terms.

          Its just too bad we can’t get gold ones too! That would be about 120 bucks a pop. 10th ounce gold coins just kill you on the premiums so I stay away. Junk silver, however, is the best.

          Just be sure you’ve got the firepower to keep possession of it.

      6. You know what i don’t like about prepper articles like this? These people think that we will all be living in the woods on a prolonged camp out surviving on our stored food.

        Nothing could be furthest from the truth.

        We will be in our homes, we will have all the food and supplies we need because that is what we stockpile for.

        Nobody will evacuate or bugout because nobody will want to leave their castle, like me.

        I want to see some prepper articles that talk about maintaining my standard of living, not surviving on cans of beans and starting a fire with a ziplock bag full of pee.

        • check out homestead and survival dot com has some great DYI articles

      7. I’ll have to slightly disagree out of principle on some of these. Just because its hard for some to do something doesn’t mean it is for others. Building a fire and hunting may be second nature to many. I don’t see how you can discourage someone from growing a garden or using firearms. Lots of flaws and discouragement in this article. Survival doesn’t mean sitting on a stack of canned beans and never trying anything else out. Hunt. Fish. Garden. Store food. Do it all. Don’t not do it just because your neighbors might be too. One deer lasts a long time.

        • I BELIEVE what she’s saying is DO IT NOW, …not AFTER the fact when it will be to late to LEARN this stuff.

      8. This is a really good article. With all the preps, if you are at it alone, you will not survive. You will need a surgion, with medical instruments, one orthopetic sergions, and trama physcian, and a good surgion, with supplies to treat with good shelter and tranporation for the rough terrain, and your going to need a base camp that is fortified with enough protection to protect you from dangerous survivors, and other elements. Like my scientist friend told me, 90% of the preppers will die within 3 yrs, the United States population will be 3 million elites in underground bases, with all the best doctors, and people with them, and all the food and resourses. Then will use thier satilites, and drones to finish off the rest of us. Only barely 5 million people will be left on the surface, then they will come out to capture us, and enslave us at gun point to make work, move products goods and services, kill who they want, destroy what they want, and dispose of who they want, etc. He mentioned that we, the US have over 1000 satilites in orbit. The cabal know exactly what they are doing, they have been planing to kill all of us for years. Only Divine intervention from God Almightly himself would be able to come here and stop them. So far, with all the worshipping and people speaking on his behalf, have not convinced me that he will be stepping in anytime soon. Lets be realistic, no one is going to be saving our azzes. The tanks are rolling into all the major cities, and the prepositioning of assets to kill us, domestic, russain, chinese, lativian, etc, and so far where is the almighty? So, there you go. There is not good news for the turnout and we only have 65-70 more years left on the planet, then the environment changes, and the air becomes unbreatheable and the planet takes on desert like conditions. In short, we are completely dead. We are finished. The good news is that us preppers, most of us, the smartes, fittest, the youngest, and most intelligent, the most armed, and tactical with the local doctors of the group, who have baned tegether in a group of atleast 100 people will survive, each person must be skilled. It must be balanced with women and children to make it successfull. Groups like this will be a part of the 5 million. 3 years later i am told, the air will be better as quality because the bodies will have decayed, and the air in general will be better, with less diseases, until the environment changes, once the volcanic eruptions begin on the Ocean floors, dropping the oxygen levels. I hope helps with answering a few question for my fellow preppers. Hopefully some of us here on this site will surive and make it. I have strong faith in God, that God helps those who help themselves. And this is the way that mother nature works.

        • One bullet,

          Really nothing worth sticking around for if TSHTF

          • Kula I really can’t believe what I hear you saying. You have made many comments in the past, and I’ll not do a backcheck, but I’m sure sometime in the past you made the statement I’ll die fighting. Please correct me if I’m wrong, and retract what your now saying. Never, Ever, take the cowards way out. Trekker Out. Go Down Fighting!

            • I gotta agree with MT on this one Kula. At least go out with a fight. I respect your opinion higher than most others here, it is really sad to hear you say this.

              • Sometimes you just get to the point where you gotta say WTF!
                Were damned if we do, damned if we dont, if you make good money the gov takes 1/3 of it, if you have nice land the tax the crsp out of you on it, so either way you have to have tons of money coming in or just go broke, there isnt shitfor jobs, everything costs an arm and a leg, peoplesre rude and self absorbed,
                So what the hell is there to stick around for????
                If everything goes to shit i really dont give a crap about rebuilding anything, i didnt ruin it all ill be damned if ill be held responsible for the aftermath let alone making it right.
                Ashes to ashes dust to dust

                • KULA,
                  I hear what your saying and at times we ALL get that way, BUT when it does hit the fan, just get f—–g MAD and take as many of them b——–s as you can and you will feel better for it! yup almost been there but survived being downright pissed-off! that feeling has never come back since that day! HOPE this helps, my friend!

                • Kulafarmer.

                  “So what the hell is there to stick around for?”

                  Very Simple. Payback. Payback in Spades.

                  • We all have days Kula when we think “the hell with it” but when our backs are to the wall I reckon you’ll be one who wont take a backward step. I plan not to but who knows, some dirtbag in “Bad Strategy No 5” only has to plant himself 300 metres away from my retreat one night and snipe me when I come out in the morning for a pee.

                    I may go easy, but I wont go willingly.


                    • And there ya have it,,,
                      Rather go on MY terms when I choose and make sure there is nothing but the dust and ashes blowing in the breeze.

                  • Ref to :

                    Slingshot…and Especially Kulafarmer

                    Slingshot….I am in total agreement with you….I may not be the “Last Man Standing ” but I won’t go down on my knees…..

                    Kulafarmer….I have admired you and your postings for a long time….I am a Vietnam Veteran and the hell of that finally caught up with me about 10 yrs ago..and I got to go to what I fondly refer as the ” Daffy Duck Farm !!! ” and I wondered if I was going to make it through…it was bad….I made it through Drug Free…You can make it through this…

                    I tell all my Buddies…. ” Fuck it….I have paid for my Ticket and I plan on seeing how this Movie Ends !!! ”

                    Hang tough…… ” Don’t let your ticket go to waste”….

                • Kula,am to a degree with you but will go out with a bang(pun intended!)trying to help others.I will make the govt. stooge/just in general bad people waste some ammo getting me down and hopefully take a few with me and at least make it known folks willing to go out with a fight trying to help others.That said,really have no plans or desires to live out the big storm even though am to a degree prepared to,options nice thing to have.

                  • Thats the thing isnt it,
                    Prepped well for most things, storms, tsunamis, shipping strikes , etc,,,
                    Roving bands of violent theives, goose stepping govt thugs, gimmedats, enemies foreign and domestic???
                    Fuck that shit, count me out, my girl is on the same page, will smoke a fat dube, drink 12 of Heinikens, take a hand full of sleeping pills then go sit in the jeep in the garage with the tunes blasting, and the motor running and a timed incendiary device sitting in my powder magazine,,,
                    Ashes to ashes dust to dust

                    • Kula, Keep on keeping on.
                      But it did bring back some flashbacks from the 80’s.
                      Keep it cool….

                    • I’m about there too Kula. Fuck it all. The human race needs to be wiped out.

                    • Eppster,
                      Yep, and i dont do ANY of that stuff anymore

                    • Dear Kula,
                      I feel ya braddah.

                      Dude. Your posts are one of the reasons I visit SHTFplan. I have clicked on this page in some pretty low times (mentally), and your view on things has helped me. You have insight regarding prepping that other folks don’t. Thank you.

                      I am hoping you don’t get to put your doomsday plan to work.

                      I am hoping you and your girl skip the pills/carbon monoxide and just enjoy the beer and pakalolo.

                      You are way ahead of the game prep-wise, and it sounds like you just need an attitude adjustment. Smoke that kine and remember why you even gave a shit when you first started preparing for your future.

                      This whole SHTF stuff is overwhelming! All the potential situations, predictions, and opinions. The fucking government, the fucking system, the fucking idiot that cuts us off in traffic, etc. Oh yeah… on top off all this shit, we have to figure out how to pay our monthly bills. FUCK!!!

                      I get it, man.

                      But just in case you haven’t done your “Ben Franklin Pros and Cons” list, I hope you remember to put on the cons side of your ShouldIEndItAll list…

                      you got preps.
                      you got a girl that agrees with you on something.
                      you got a garage.
                      you got a jeep with tunes that runs.
                      you got access to beer, weed, and barbiturates.
                      you aren’t AcidEtch.

                      Meh. Things could be worse. Enjoy what you got while you got it. I wish you the best.

          • Once when I was little and my dad was stationed at Alconbury AFB in England (home of TR1s and other spy planes) there was a nuclear air raid alert. Full blown on deal with sirens, pa announcements, planes scrambling. As a major military target that is home to one of 2 major spy plane bases (Beale AFB in CA is the other) that just announced multiple incoming Soviet Nukes (this was in 87 or 88 if memory serves) I just knew it was TEOTWAWKI.

            Game over I’m in a school on base at ground zero. Everyone’s ducking and covering, teachers upset, kids crying, total chaos.

            I remember thinking no way to survive multiple warheads at ground zero . . . so I picked up my lunchbox and walked outside. No one tried to stop me and I remember thinking “I wonder if I’ll be able to see the inbounds?” as I found a bench and ate my lunch. I really can’t remember ever being so calm and watching so many silly people freak out and all I’m wondering is if I’ll see a warhead’s smoke trail in or bright light or what.

            After some time they announced the end of the drill and I went back inside and was yelled at for leaving my class.

            Point here is that even once TSHTF, rather than use your 1 bullet, wouldn’t you rather pop a bag of popcorn and at least watch what happens?

            • Rebel In Idaho.

              You have to get a picture of it in you minds eye.

              You can see people running and screaming. Many will throw themselves on the ground and roll around. Some might stand still. Oblivious to what is going on around them. Those that shout orders to stay calm and try to stem the wave of human bodies coming towards them. Review all this on U-tube and learn from it. Avoid it.

              I think we will all see some crazy shit in the future. It all goes slow motion when it happens.

            • i don’t know ’bout y’all, but i’m gonna enjoy the SHIT outa’ this muhfugguh for a minute when it finally goes KABOOM!….see, that guy down the street with all the guns and food wasn’t crazy AFTERALL!!!!…i got no IDEA what happens the NEXT minute…

        • After reading what you wrote H.C.K.S. I have just one question its actualy for Kula. Can I borrow that bulit??? J.J.

        • Custer’s Last Words.

          “Where in the hell did all the Indian’s come from?”

        • This is not the way mother nature works, this is just how YOUR mind works.

      9. Re: Bad Strategy #1: “I’ll just hunt and live off the land.”

        Unfortunately, many people believe this.

        The most recent person I heard say this lives about 30 miles from a large city with two colleges, does not know how to raise a garden and has no food storage.

        I listen and take note.

        • KY Mom – so many think it will be easy and it wont. They luck out on a deer during open season and think it will be a walk in the park. Those who have no idea at all and try it out of desperation wont last a month – less if it is Winter and you are in the colder climates.

          I have been in Oregon, Idaho, Utah and the higher areas of Arizona in Winter – it is tough! If anyone bugs out to the mountains in those States they better have everything well set up first because there is no way on earth what you can fit in a F250 will be enough to get you through a Winter. You are gunna pitch a tent and live comfortably at zero degrees F? Get real!

          This whole “bug out to the mountains” bit has me intrigued – when TSHTF and there is no heating, the masses will be like ducks – they’ll be heading South! No one, who is facing hardship will go where life will be even harder.

          If you are set up properly and I mean properly, as in a BOL, supplies and equipment along with the knowledge and skills to use ’em the mountains will be the place to be as no one will be heading your way and the first Winter will kill most of the tenderfeet off anyway.

          I am an amateur metal machinist and they have a saying, “Measure twice before you cut once”. Well, when it comes to something as serious as where to go when TSHTF, think twice before you act once!


          • yup yup!!

          • ready down under,

            Well said! I agree.

      10. WTF does Daisy Luther know about survival? She used to blog here all the time and didn’t know any more than your average dumb a$$!!

        I’ve been through 1 war, 5 hurricanes, and two marriages, so I’m just as much an “expert” at survival as Daisy the NAZI!

        Keep your head down and watch out fur them hogs!

        • I moved out into the woods i bought, cleared a nice area, cut trees, use propene for cooking and coffee with a tea pot. Camping and thriving. Bought a Goal Zero Yetty 1250 wirh a couple of solar panels and am running power tools. Srill have 9 cases of drinking bottle water and 4x 2.5 gal of spicket drinking water for cooking meals. If I can do it anybody can. Buy more camping gear than military gear… properry 3 sides water with gators in it. Its my moat. Going to barb wire fence the 4th land side with a fence and security gate. All sorts of game out here for the taking… still eating off the 7months of cannes food and salmon. Biggest threat out here is the mosquitos. Buy the HQ 6 pannels of mosquito netting. Perfent for my trailer door. A screend tent room is what I need next. Location is everything in prepping. Get out of all major cities and away from the Free Shit Army of assholes for starters. The closest town from me has one stop light. And no red light camera spy shit out here. WWTI. Let er Rip!!

        • Them Hogs, Pretty harsh buddy. Daisy is just doing what the rest of us are doing and that is the best that we can. Appears she set up her own site specialized in food stuff and found she has a knack for writing or at least a lot of people like to read what she writes. Calling her a Nazi, although your right, just seems a little on the harsh side. At least she is putting herself out there.


          • @them hogs your partially right. though i encourage you to give her some room and encourage her to grow further as a writer, she has true skills as a author and editor, she provides a valuable service as a writer to beginner preppers (especially women) by giving them a needed forum and basic start point to become a prepper with the basic needed skills , knowledge , equipment and mindset to survive whatever may come.

          • BigB,

            I agree. Calling Daisy names is just juvenile and uncalled for.

            I enjoy the articles at Daisy’s website. She provides lots of useful information. She is especially helpful to newer preppers. She breaks it down into easy do-able steps.

            She is also kind and encouraging person. That comes through in her writing.

            I wish Daisy had been writing her website when I started prepping. It would have made it a lot easier.

        • well GIT BIZZY, yuh HAWG! git tuh writin’ sumthin’, ‘stead of flappin’ ’bout what somebody ELSE is contributing!….let’s hear what yuh got????!!!

          • +1 buttcrack


      11. # 13 I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about because I have never been in a SHTF situation, I just recycle information to keep “preppers” interested in my website so I can sell advertising. If you have survived on your wits, you will do well in a SHTF. If you sit and think things over about how a SHTF scenario is going to go down, your a fucking fraud. The ghetto rats survive the streets by being savvy. The article writers wouldn’t walk down the streets of a ghetto. Prepping is all good but I am sick of these gurus telling us how we should prepare. Put some shit aside for a situation but seriously, can ANYONE predict what is going to happen. GOD people..use your brain!

        • Biggest tool for preppers is your brain. Then ambition and adaptation. Get back to basics and find your inner peace, and reduce your nagativity in your life. And replace it with time living in peace. Away from populations is the key.

        • you’re not your

          I’m glad I don’t have YOUR wits about me in SHTF.

        • I don’t really understand the attacks on this article or the writer. Much of what was written here will depend greatly on where you live when the SHTF. Much if not most of what she says is true. Never discount good info when or where you can get it. This article to me is kind of a breath of fresh air from the continous doom and gloom and hate that has been on here lately. Trekker Out.

          • Good info is good for everyone and should be shared.

            But don’t let the unexpected bite you in the ass. Hurricanes and wars may be at the top of the lists but how about these incidents. A dog attack. I mean pit bull style. A car wreck is another. Head on’s and rollovers my favorite. Snake bite. Fall off a roof or out of a tree.
            If you had one of these experiences, what was the first words out of your mouth before or after contact.

            There are things you can not predict. They just happen. Be grateful for the ones you can.

            • Sling, 10/27/07, had a 2×6 ladder rung detach from a treestand. Fell 24 feet on my back. Broke a non-breakable rifle stock. Had a backpack and gun across my back. Landed and flipped on my belly. Took about 5 minutes for the shock to subside in my body. Felt worse than 220v. Only injury was I about bit thru my tounge. Had to gather myself up and walk 5 minutes to camp. My fellow hunters freaked out. Bass Pro said it took 8-900 pounds of pressure to break that stock.
              Needless to say, I promised not to portable tree climb anymore…
              I guess if it not your time to go, well you get up and keep on keeping on…

              • eppe
                I flew through the air with the greatest of ease when the rope snapped on a swing. Funny how you flap your arms to keep from going inverted. Doesn’t help, LOL
                I was young then.

                • Sling, strange part was I removed quartz rock from the exact spot I landed 1 year earlier, and put new wood screws in that same board. At 47 years old then, so it took a month to get back to normal.
                  Sure puts a new perspective on this small blip of time we are here, and how fast you could go…
                  Kula, we are here for ya….

              • Eppe, I rode one of those self climbers down a trunk once as well. It was one of the early models and became dislodged and down I went, landing still in the sitting position. I think that’s when I busted the number seven disc in my back. Over the years it got worse but two doctors said, “don’t have surgery”. I still use ladder stands but the older I get the shorter they get. I’ve killed just as many deer from the ground as from a tree stand however.

          • NO SHIT M.T. I AGREE!!!!

          • Im with you MT. Thought is was a good article and should have got you thinking a bit. Anyone in the final stages of prepping wouldn’t have got much from it but no reason to bag out the lady who offered it – good stuff in there for a newbie looking for ideas and info.

            Havent seen any advice articles written by Them Hogs have we?


            • Aussie, what did you think about the vaccination article a few days ago?
              [email protected]
              Since you wanted to email…

      12. I like this article; exposing the illusory, romantic notion for the need of a B.O.B. The intelligent preppers have a G.H.B. so when the shit explodes and one happens to be away from the home (unfamiliar surroundings), and one has to abandon ones vehicle, one will be carrying the “necessities” essential to trek on foot, home.

        Home IS the best place to ride out the storm if a prepper has done his/her homework. Unless, of course, a 8.9 on the Richter scale hits for about 5 minutes, then it depends, whether or not the home is still standing, in one piece.

        Up to 95% of those going out will probably end up dying, one way or another.

      13. It is possible even the best laid plans will go out the window for most. Because very few as written, practice their disaster plan. There are even groups formed now for self protection and survival who’s plans will need to be modified because of the unknown.

        I have always believed that, if possible, families should consolidate, Grandfather,ma,dad, father,mother, children. Power in numbers. Can rotate watches 24/7 and do other things.

        Regardless what is said and done, some will follow some of the do not do’s and die. I feel, unless you have to, stay put, that is of course you live in a major city like New York or so. There are those here are comfortable in the woodlands because they have spent much time there and they will probably live, most of us would not.

        Right now many people are wondering about that event on going in the pacific; In my opinion that is part of the earth change events that are unfolding world wide. (Check out the number of volcanoes) There is really no place you can run, hide and escape and thank your lucky stars.

        I think it is going to all crash before a new system is put in place. Living each day is going to be a trial.

      14. “Lions Tigers and Bears, Oh my!”

        “YES! DURING A SHTF EVENT ‘EVERYONE’ should heed the obvious ‘city slicker’ daisy the lady excellent advice AND STAY OUT OF THE WOODS!”

        “It’d be a shame to have to ventilate any of you for treading on my chosen hunting grounds.”

        “Darwinism will decide who lives, who dies come SHTF time!”

      15. The 4 Most Likely Ways You Can Die If the SHTF

        ht tp://www.prepperfortress.com/the-4-most-likely-ways-you-can-die-if-the-shtf/

      16. I know or have known people that fall into each of these categories.

        I tend to stay distant from them.

      17. Keep your eyeballs on silver. Went below $16 today. Buy up every ounce you can afford below $16. You will be rewarded again handsomely. Sold all my Silver at $42 and back in again at $16. Buy low sell high.. Get physical silver in 1 Oz rounds.

        • If you’re into metals for trading profits (mostly meaning paper trading) Palladium and Rhodium are something to consider.

          Not practical to trade the physical metals but paper trades can be quite profitable if you watch the market (especially Rhodium if you are patient enough since it spikes fairly regularly but it can be a number of years between spikes).

          Platinum is still below Gold, but is far rarer and has essential (consumable) industrial uses which will eventually take precedence over tepid economic conditions as China and several other countries have to deal with environmental conditions. This is an intriguing situation since plat is pretty much a co product of gold mining and there is less mining going on with currently depressed prices coupled with what will almost certainly be increased future demand.

        • I loaded up on silver 15 years ago when it was 4.00 an oz. 🙂

      18. What was Hitler’s unforgivable sin?

        Hitler resisted Judaism. When you’re a little kid in school or at the movies, resisting Judaism can be made to seem a very wicked thing.

        As an adult, you can be made to think that to resist Judaism is the very worst, the most dangerous thing. When you see what has happened to people who have resisted Judaism, well – you certainly don’t want that to happen to you.

        Adolf Hitler was, is and will always be the most dangerous character in history due to his resistance against Judaism combined with his eloquence in explaining why Judaism must be resisted. Some of us “Jew-fighters” have a personal motto, delenda est judaica, or Judaism must be destroyed. Or, Defense Against Jewish Aggression. When we have studied the history of whatever period you care to name, or just looked at the news, true humans react with the natural urge to remove this cancer from society.

        The most astonishing example of the Jewish mentality was last year’s murderous assault against the humanitarians attempting to bring food, medicine and building materials to the people of Gaza.

        Jewish ways are repellant to the human mind and are not examined overmuch for that reason.

        • How dare you speak about America’s only ally in the Middle East in such a foul manner? I hope John Hagee sits on you and squishes you like a little bug!

          • John hagee hasn’t been right yet.

        • When you want to know who controls you…first ask who you can never criticize.
          Never criticize Zionist Marxist Banksters who run the ZOG/ Federal Gov. and the Talmudist Monarchy that enslaves the Average Amerikan Serf.

          • Amen!

      19. Mac I know you dont have the balls to put this here .. I do unterstand… but consider that we anyway done..

        Fundamental Truths

        “He who would live must fight. He who does not wish to fight in this world, where permanent struggle is the law of life, has not the right to exist.”

        “If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such a law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know, with the result that the inhabitants of this earthly planet would finally disappear.

        Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago. And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

        – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

        • I’ll ALWAYS fight against the likes of you and your sick ideology.

          • Good Goyim. The Talmudists need Cannon Fodder.

            • Go take a crap dude, you’re full of it.

      20. I don’t want people in my forest, stealing my food. I spent 10 years planting berry bushes, wild foods and planting seeds to grow it. Stay away!

      21. The Fortune 500 companies that didn’t pay a PENNY in 2014 income tax despite being worth BILLIONS

        ht tp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3037299/The-Fortune-500-companies-didn-t-pay-PENNY-income-tax-year-despite-worth-BILLIONS.html

        gee I sure am glad Maine went after all those food stamp cheater types

        now maybe someone will go after the REAL deadbeats

        • I’m always amazed at people that bitch about corporations that “don’t pay their fair share”. Politicians have done an amazing snow job on people to convince the of this.

          Corporations don’t pay taxes, you idiot….PEOPLE DO.

          If you tax corporate profits, there are simply less profits to distribute to the shareholders, and thus, they have paid tax TWICE on the same income….once at the corporate level, and again at the personal level. How hard is that to understand ???

          And if you tax corporate profits, you encourage them to move to low, or no, tax areas….which is what they do….because they have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to provide the best return on their investment.

          You want to really stimulate the economy ? Eliminate all corporate income taxes, and watch those jobs move back onshore.

          • Exactly right. Corporations do not ever pay income taxes, they simply collect them. You, I, and all their other customers pay them, the corporations simply pass them along.

            Corporate income taxes only exist because so many actually believe that revenue can be collected from someone that’s not them.

            “We screw the other guy and pass the savings along to you!”

            • “corporations are people too my friend”
              Mittens Romney

              I love yer theory about corporate taxes
              it also explains why NIKE and others produce their products
              in slave labor companies for pennies
              and then of course sell us those shoes for only$20 bucks

              oh wait
              it’s more like $200 isn’t it ???

              WTF ???

              you REALLY think corporations are gonna pass on any savings to YOU

              if the answer to that is yes
              I got some prime ocean front property just outside Tuscon
              I;ll let you have cheap

              • You’re confusing issues. Idiots pay $200 for a $20 pair of shoes. So what ? If the market would not bear the price, the price would come down. Your lack of basic understanding of economics is about on par with most people.

                • I’m sorry
                  which government agency did you say you post for ???

                  • Which political party is paying you, Satori?

                    You’re leading with your leftism again.

                    • sorry smokey
                      ya gotta in wrong AGAIN

                      a FIERCE independent here

                    • sorry smokey
                      ya gotta in wrong AGAIN

                      a FIERCE independent here

      22. Daisy I think your wrong on most accounts most people will try to hunt and will starve while trying to hunt most sheepe living in mega cities will die there afraid of their own shadow there are a lot people who will make itjust to mention a few Sarge, Braveheart, OutWest, kula and myself Swampratt Ive been in the ARMY ive lived in the swamp that’s where the name came from ive eaten stuff that would make most people puke it is very easy to disappear with very little and survive just fine good luck to all when the SHTF Swampratt

        • Swampratt I think it was a decent article but aimed more at what I would consider noobs or perhaps the majority of city/big town dwellers. For those that fall into that category it should be an eye opener. I plied the marshes, trapping muskrat, otter and nutria as a child and still do to hunt (waterfowl, fish and sika deer). I used to catch snapping turtles in the spring by hooking them deep down in the black mud with a steel hooked pole and bring them up to sell (and eat). I too have eaten quite a few critters that creepith and crawlith from out of the marshes and glad to get them. Good luck.

        • Would be nice if you puked out a little grammar.

      23. Prepper Tip of the Day

        got a smart phone?
        you REALLY need to read this

        Inventor of Antivirus Sofware: “Encryption Doesn’t Matter In a World Where Anyone Can Plant Software On Your Phone and See What You’re Seeing”

        ht tp://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/04/mcaffee.html

        if you want privacy
        yer gonna have to do a whole lot more than pull the drapes !

      24. After about 45 days there won’t be many people left. All the weak, stupid, the gun hating liberals, unarmed, too old, survive on drugs or medical care will simply be gone as they have no way to feed them selves and or will to weak to be a threat to those who were prepared.

        That being said, those who make it for the first say 90 days will likely band together and try and rebuild and many others will simply try and leave the country.

        • Idea,do think folks here and not on forum will to best of ability care for friends/family with medical issues.Has been discussed here and other sites regarding alt medicines/care in tough times.The fact that folks even think that way gives me a little hope for the future in really challenging times.

      25. Here’s a bullet of truth; some highly trained, prepared people will perish. Some completely untrained, unprepared people will survive!

        Survival of the fittest is a natural law and it’s not necessarily who you think it will be. There are thousands of things you just can’t prepare for that will kill you. Quit worrying about it, that will kill you for sure. When God says it’s your time, your done and there is no prep for that!!!

        • While that’s true as far as it goes, you can certainly tip the odds in your favor. Just think about how much your odds can be improved by simply changing your location. Then there’s water, food, medicine, self-defense, training, mental preparedness . . . and so on.

          The race is not always to the swift, nor the fight to the strong . . . but that’s the way to bet.

          • The bet is that most people’s psychological makeup will kill them in a hurry. Instead of trying to survive, they’ll be trying to “REVIVE” their old lifestyle. They’ll try to live on like they have been and they will perish. I’ve seen it happen when our current economic doldrums we’re in came about. Many people just kept living off their savings, still eating out, still putting it on the credit card, still paying their premium cable bill. Once they hit the end of the savings and the cards, they just sit and stare. Every penny they get goes to fractionalizing their life it shot stints of previous lifestyle.

            If they had, instead, dropped the cable and went on beans and taters, they could have had enough so that things weren’t so bad until they got another job. Feast and famine fare for animals. For humans that will use their brains, you can smooth out the rough spots. This is what preppers do.

            Look, when its over, its over. Accept it. Some of us can go through disasters, conflicts and collisions with steady hands. Learn from us. Some people freak out when the adrenaline kicks in. Some of us it calms us. If you’re freaking out, find a rock and hang on.

            I found my rock. When faced with life threatening situations I find my hands as steady as I need them to be. I found The Rock and He delivers.

            The pain of change will kill most. Personally, I welcome the change.

            • NetRanger,
              you said: “Instead of trying to survive, they’ll be trying to “REVIVE” their old lifestyle.”
              That’s a great point. The “Normalcy Bias” might be the term for this.
              It also accompanies the Mindset that things will return to the Cushy life we had before…No things are going to get WORSE and People are going to DIE long before their life expectancy.
              Mental Preparation may be the Foundation for Survival.

            • Good to here from you again NR we’ve been around a long time. Love the adrenaline part, but the older I get the harder it is to control. Now when the danger passes my hands will shake for 15 or 20 minutes. It’s best for me to keep moving to burn off the excess adrenaline.

      26. All of the above is very good advice. The truth is that none of us have lived through SHTF like the one that is coming.

        All we can do is prep the best we can, practice with all the tools we have, stay off the radar, and put our faith in God and the folks in our group.

        If I don’t make it I can always say I did my best, but my best just wasn’t good enough.


      27. Yes, this came from another site, but some of it is good.
        Hope you smile when you read these. Be Well….
        Bles all here…
        ht tp://preppercentral.com/?p=2624 Excerpt:
        You’ve had a survival blog for 4 years and your spouse doesn’t know.
        Your family does not know there’s a case of Dinty Moore stew hidden in the basement
        You stand around the office water cooler laughing with your buddies about all those tin-foil hat wearers – but you have your own roll of Reynolds Wrap at home.
        You’re an anonymous poster on Infowars.
        While you were supposed to be grocery shopping, you were checking out escape routes out of the city.
        You’ve got a Swiss Army knife on your keychain that looks like a roach clip, instead of a roach clip that looks like a Swiss Army knife.
        You’ve read The Turner Diaries with a flashlight under the bed covers, so now you think you know what’s coming.
        You download Steve Quayle’s podcasts to your i-pod so you can listen to him on your way to work, alone.
        You anonymously put your spouse on a mailing list for wilderness vacation spots.
        You’ve got a browser bookmarks folder named “Recipes” that includes links to Survival Blog, Preparedness Society Forum, the Economic Collapse Blog, Survival Mom, and Surviving Survivalism.
        You’ve told your in-laws that the camping equipment in the garage is because you love the great outdoors.
        You’ve convinced yourself that you like the taste of freeze-dried storage foods.
        You play the video game, Half-Life II to practice what you will do when chaos breaks out.
        Doomsday Preppers is your favorite TV show, but you have to TiVO it so you can watch it when your family is out of the house.
        You’ve asked a survivalist group to try to convince your spouse that prepping is a good idea.
        Your family thinks you’ve become a religious fanatic, but every Sunday morning you are really taking trips into the wilderness.
        You tell your wife the gas mask you bought is to spark up your sex life – you’d rather have her think you’re a pervert than a prepper.

        Read more: http://www.shtfmovement.com/jokes-humor/topic18306.html#ixzz3XL3zDgrT

        • Amen Sgt, and yall will love this prepper joke I posted, if it gets thru moderation.

      28. I have spent over 10 years developing strategies and plans to survive at home, without power, with out water, without heat etc.
        For example did you know you can go to Walmart and buy a above ground swimming pool for a couple hundred dollars? You can fill it with water and add your chlorine to keep it sanitary and then cover it and save it for those times you have no running water. Of course you will need to filter this water before you drink it, but YOU WILL have lot’s of drinking water, that your neighbors will not have. Also if you have a garage or a drive in basement you can buy food grade totes and store water in these. The larger totes hold 650 gallons of water, so two of these will give you 1300 gallons of water for you and your family. Water is the Achilles heel of prepping as without water and in 2 days you will be searching for it desperately. Just some of the stuff you will find at:

      29. I have a brother-in-law who sticks to his guns and says he will hunt for food in the woods if SHTF.
        I try to explain this is not a sound strategy as he will be hunting with a couple hundred others who are starving and looking for dwindling game and who will ALL have weapons. Sounds like a Twilight Zone episode.
        READY, AIM, FIRE.

        • Yep,if your BIL is the first one to fire a shot all the ones within hearing will rush toward him, shoot him and take what he’s killed. Me, I’d be laying back waiting for everybody to finish shooting each other over one deer. I’d be waitn on the winner to drag it back to his truck then take it from him after he did all the work. Just a case scenario. I wouldn’t be out taking deer at that time unless I knew the terrain, done some scouting, hard up for food and then it would be with crossbow only (no sound) and armed with back up firepower for the hoards.

      30. thanks daisy, you’re an asset to preppers all over…and i for one appreciate you!

        • Well said bcod. Thanks Daisy.

      31. The bugout strategy is total nonsense. I’m in no hurry to be a refugee. A lot of folks want to jump into this why. If you have to you better be health strong young and willing to do anything. You still might not make it. I’m not going anywhere I’m making my final stand from home I’d rather die in a fight than live like a vagrant out of a backpack.

        • Ass hat,
          Good point. Those “Bug Out Bags” (BOBs) are great for Vehicle “Get Home Bags”. You never know when you will be caught in an emergency far from the homestead and you will have to get back to your Base.

      32. Great article Daisy!

        Amazing how many people are clueless about the scarcity of wild food, especially in forested areas. There’s a reason you’ll only find about one bear for every 1 square mile of forest! The monstrous human population streaming out of cities will overwhelm nature. There are actually far more deer living off the shrubbery in the suburbs than you will find in the state parks. It’s all about habitat.

        Human civilization couldn’t build cities, until they learned to farm or live off the sea. Until efficient farming there just wasn’t the volume of needed food available, to support the people. In a SHTF, that clock gets wound backward. How many preppers have a stash of garden fertilizer to go with the seed bank they have, or a plan for plowing, tilling, or irrigation for the inevitable days of drought!

        The first thing colonial settlers did to survive was to clear the land and start farming.

        This reminds me, I want to get a spare points and condenser for the old tractor! The newer one with electronic ignition will be toast in an EMP/CME.

      33. Once in a while SHTF manages to put up a worthwhile post. This is far and away one of the best. Thank you Daisy

      34. Sounds to me like a lot of people would just give up. You will have to have the right mindset before you can survive. You will have to put morals and dignity or so called social status away. Campaigns would be that of terror. Brutality and Terror will strike fear in the most competent solider. When he sees his comrades up on pikes and slaughter, he will not be able to concentrate on anything else. Madness? possible. If we every get to that point, it will be that bad in the streets among common people along with the people who go to church. they will end up killing you for food and survival. Remember, when you are near death and need food, you most basic animal instincts arise. SURVIVE!

      35. The real challenge is that many preppers ‘prep’ for the scenario they think most likely to happen. But the reality will be that post-SHTF is going to be constantly changing. All 12 things the author says may apply – at some point and for a little while – only to be replaced by a new set of dangers. The ‘band with your neighbors to defend the neighborhood’ scenario is highly praised – but is a death sentence if the 101st Airborne rolls up and ‘collects all the eggs in one basket’ and hauls you off to a FEMA camp. But if there is no longer a 101st or FEMA camps, then the neighborhood becomes the best protection against roving gangs. Yet those gangs will eventually die off, and food will become a bigger issue as canned goods and prep food get eaten. So at that point you have to decide whether the neighborhood can scavenge or grow enough food to survive, or whether you need to set out into a strange and dangerous world.

      36. This article is good and contains some good “Don’t do this” advice…but an important “Not to do” is to assume that Water will be abundant and drinkable.
        Just ask citizens of the People’s Republic of California how abundant Water is. Some of them are scrambling for Bottled Water (which most likely has to be shipped in from out of state).

        The solution is to form a decent game plan on Water Filtration, purification and storage. Also a contingency plan on what to do in the case of a drought or total grid failure, etc.

        • Get yourself some Sawyer water filters, blue water storage containers and some vinyl tubing. Besides my artisan well, I have two dug wells, a quarter acre pond and 60 acre wetland with a good brook flowing through it.

          I have a system set up that I can manual take water from any of the water sources in a 35 gallon tank on a hand pull wagon, then I can gravity feed it from the 35 gallon tank through the Sawyer filters into my storage tanks in the basement.

      37. I must have missed the strategy part…a lot of what not to do though.

      38. A strategy that will get you laid and paid:

        Learn from other historical experiences of crises and keep a bevvy of beauties around your place. Young women always attract business and you can do a lot with them. Think of mafia bosses or corrupt nightclub owners: these guys know keeping young women around is very useful. They can do basic administrative tasks but you can also run various businesses along the spectrum of the sex trade. Depending what the women are up to, you can go from offering simple talk and drinks to stripping, we services to full services. Remember: many young women are in massive debt and need fast cash. You give them protection, shelter and food, and you will be sitting on a gold mine. Now, that’s more fun than spending your days staring at a mountain of tinned beans and playing scrabble under the candle light!

      39. FT.

        Hahahaha! Alright Frank Thoughts. Better than beans and scrabble.

      40. 12 bad things meme….

        1. Barack Hoobastank Obama
        2. Hillary RoadToBenghazi Clinton
        3. Marco deDictatorofRinos Rubio
        4. John IfIOnlyHadA Boehner
        5. John RunWithThePOWThingForPowah McCain
        6. Nancy YesZombiesAreRealIAmOne Pelosi
        7. Dianne YouCantHaveGunsButIHaveAShitTon Feinstein
        8. Lindsey TheTripleLutz Graham
        9. Mitch MRAPSAndNDAAsForAll McConnell
        10. John IControlTheCashSoYouDontHaveTo Cornyn
        11. Chuck ThrowingAmericaUnderTheBusOneIslamistAtATime Shumer
        12. Kermit The Frog

        One of these is a real puppet, and the rest of them have their hands up your ass to convince you that every thing is perfectly fine.

      41. I have been expected to evacuate, before, and just didn’t get on the bus. That is all.

        I see plants, animals, geology, and so on and so forth, not that far from my house, or my neighbors. People think that things right under their noses are extinct, ineffectual, figurative, or imaginary.

        I light the fireplace when there were no matches and come up with wholesome food, as though from nowhere.

        People self-censor, so will not fail at most of things you mention. They won’t try, or won’t look.

        I don’t believe that you can enlighten those people or hope to live in idealistic comfort, but even a silly jar of jam, extra socks, or a magnifying glass, are more of a blessing than the willful ignorance we face in the best of times.

        Of which I am aware, the author leaves you with no possible options.

        Don’t get all starry-eyed. I’m not saying you can build a steakhouse with a tarp and a Swiss army knife, but what else did you have to work with.

        It comes down to substituting higher living standards with morale, or making peace with the inevitable. There is no skill or genius to that.

      42. The reality is most people in the large metro areas will have to relocate or die. No water in a city of millions and the inhabits will not last long.
        Someone once posted:
        Stay fit
        Stay calm
        Stay quiet
        Stay proficient
        Stay liquid
        For me staying fit is most important. Working hard for 8-10 hr days is not a problem, sleeping at night without someone cutting my throat will be. I sure hope my dogs can wake me.

      43. Yep, Frank, in post shtf, thats exactly what i was told happened. Women will come to men and throw themsleves at them for food and water, and offer themselves up for trade. In my ideal concepts of shtf post survival group, based on what i learned form the scientist and my own research, only the fittest women, that are lean, younger and athletic will be allowed to join in. Fat uless, grotesc types that are un healthier will not not quality for good long term survival. Besides fat women eat too much, and are lazy before post shtf and will continue to be usless and lazy post shtf. The women who work out regularly are stonger, stronger minded and smarter and can help to defend us men. The thing about us men, is that if we are fat and out of shape, we still qualify, because we took the time for resourse preps, so why are we needing a bunch of fat out of shape women with no eating or nutritional disclipline, eating my food. Men, we have skills, food, know how to hunt, we are fat, some of us are older, look like crap and are damn good shtf surivivor types. Since i am athletic, i will only have save the women, who are in top physical condition, have them join us, besides, when you interbreed with these types, the children will be stonger and have less genetic defects, just saying. Some of my male friends are fat, ugly, old and athletic at the same time, some dont workout, some do, yet 100% qualify for post shtf. In fact, stonger weight trainers who are big & fat and athletic, just as good. Any big fat overweight men who are preppers, you are able to join also, why? because you have taken responsiblty, Just as good. You will be with a group of good looking athletic women, which will create the mental balance needed for a very sucessfull group of longterm survivors to build back what is left of civilization. Fat ughly over weight women, sorry, cant help you. Besides you fat women types are the most miserabley types. These types of women are ones who tell me that i dont know squat, that prepping is nonsense, that the calapse will not be happeing, that its not real. Good, you will be roasted and eaten by the bands of roaming gangs and thugs. And i have noticed that when i talk to the athletic younger ones who are working out, they are keeping up with shtf, so go figure, i am proabably going to get my azz chewed up over this post, but it is what it is. You see 90% of preppers will not survive, and i am just dead as everyone, but for argument sake, fatty women, because they lacked the fitness element, this is what got them into trouble from not being able to adjust to the environmental conditions and some may become good survival food for roming gangs who did not prep. The remining 3-5 million survivors will live on “caloric restricted diets” and will be much more heathier and leaner. This is literally a game changer via mother nature, and only the stong will survive. I am not beauty queen, but i no longer date fat women, sorry, they dont qualify. They let themselves go and will be rendered totally and completely usless in post shtf. This is and in alienable fact of life. Hopefully i am not captured and roasted and eaten, because of my good quality of meat, as in good lean food. I hope this post helps to answer a few questions that may arrise, since we having these discussions.

        • Glad you are wise to how things go down. I can bring some real-life experience to what I say from a real shtf. And, yes, the situation with women changes completely. The fat, lazy, entitled women disappear fast. They are no use to anyone. Instead, things get very real very fast for women. Those 40 and under, if they are reasonably okay looking and healthy, will have to either get with sex work or get a man. Those over 40 will either survive through being married, or, start a business.

          The very pretty and fit women 16 to 24, if smart, can get very rich. They are highly prized and will be sought after by the men who will be dominating in a post-shtf society. Like I said, the kind of women who endlessly go on about how normal being fat is, they disappear quickly because nobody will give them the time of day.

          The food situation will mean greedy, lazy women will not be able to sit around and eat and eat. They will lean-up fast: and you will see fat, puffy plain women turn into super models because their cheek bones and curves will come back: a proper healthy woman’s body is so much better than an obese, misshapen fat woman’s body.

      44. 12 Bad Strategies That Will Get Preppers Killed.

        I like this article. I like Daisy.

        But I really like the thought provoking responses that these type of articles produce.

        Whatever strategy one chooses for SHTF will be better than no strategy at all. It is easy to poke holes in the 12 from the article.

        But if someone were to ONLY adhere to ANY one of these strategies, and ONLY one, they would be WAY ahead of most of their sheeple neighbors.

      45. This article is as flawed as it’s premise. A decimated animal population due to hunting? To decimate means to reduce by 10%. Just one example of dozens in this piece. There is close to no useful information but plenty of self aggrandizing advice. The survivors will be self reliant, intelligent problem solvers in any scenario.

      46. You really think young, fit women are going to want to be with fat lazy bastards? Please! Because they are young, fit, hot and prepared, they are going to be looking for men who have something to offer them as well. Fat, lazy, old men, even those who are preppers, won’t stand a chance. The only reason they might take a chance on you is to take advantage when you have that inevitable heart attack, or to set you up to get shot when their equally hot and prepared boyfriend arrives. And those grotesque women might be used to be treated like shit by men, so that might think nothing of blowing your head off if you show up to their property. Being fat and lazy won’t work for men or women when the SHTF! You are just hoping that the scenario arrives so you can get laid!

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