11 Children Have Been Rescued From a Muslim Extremist-Run Compound In NM

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    Eleven children were rescued from a compound in New Mexico which was being run by armed Muslim extremists.  Authorities found all the children living in deplorable living conditions after raiding the property looking specifically for a three-year-old boy.

    According to The Daily Caller, the police didn’t find the little boy, named Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, but they did discover 11 other children between the ages of one and 15-years-old being held in the “saddest living conditions and poverty I have seen,” Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said in a statement posted to the agency’s Facebook page Saturday.  Hogrefe also added that he only saw a few potatoes and a box of rice as food at the compound.

    Abdul-Ghani’s mother reported her son missing after Wahhaj took the boy, who turned 4 on Monday, to the park in Clayton County, Georgia, and didn’t return, The Albuquerque Journal reported. She added the boy suffers from a medical condition. Investigators believe that the three-year-old boy, who turned four on Monday, they were looking for had been at the compound in earlier weeks.


    Siraj Wahhaj, 39, and Lucas Morten, two very heavily armed men who are believed to be “extremist[s] of the Muslim belief,” were running the horrifying compound, Hogrefe said. When police arrived on the scene, Wahhaj was armed with an AR-15-style rifle and several loaded 30-round magazines. He also allegedly had on him four loaded pistols.

    According to a report by Fox News, Hogrefe said authorities had conducted surveillance of the compound while looking for the missing boy before he decided Thursday to get a search warrant. The warrant was immediately obtained after a Georgia investigator forwarded a message in which someone at the compound reportedly told another person that people who were living in the shanty were starving and needed water. “The message sent to a third party simply said in part, ‘We are starving and need food and water,’” Hogrefe said. “I absolutely knew that we couldn’t wait on another agency to step up and we had to go check this out as soon as possible.”

    Police stated on Sunday that they are still looking for Abdul-Ghani.


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      1. “Armed Muslim extremists” running a camp in NM with child prisoners???

        These boys are the poster children for secure borders…

        Packing an AR and with four pistols on ‘em???

        I’ll raise you one Damascus steel BOWIE knife and four trip flares…

        Yeah, i’m gonna give up my guns and ammo… duhhhh…

        • Vet: Right, so why do you think they want to cram all of this anti-gun down our throats and to continue to piss upon the constitution and eat away at our so called “rights & liberties” which are going, going gone…WTF is wrong with this picture.

      2. Certain denominational chruch’s have funded and allowed these types of people into America along with Government approval. Securing the borders is ineffective if Government and chruch’s continue this policy. People will easily blame these types of people, while neglecting “who” is actually allowing it to happen.

        • The Lutherans are the worst, they should be deported.

          • If you deport people because of their religion you are breaking the First Amendment. Do that and the 2nd Amendment is up for grabs. You cannot cherry pick.

            “The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices. It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely. It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.”

            • Blah, blah, blah.
              Fine, if you won’t deport them for their insidious, ridiculous dogma, deport them for repeatedly breaking our criminal and civil laws. It cannot be tolerated any longer, there is no moderate mooslim and they want everyone to bow and scrape to them.

              Does the constitution state that it is OK for your religion to kidnap, incarcerate, abuse, sexualize, and rape children? The founding fathers did not even want catholics to enter into this country. Seems obvious as to why in light of the revelations about that pagan based, Jesuit ruled pagan consortium.

              Islam is an idolatrous dogma based on the ravings of an epileptic, pedophilic, Catholic-inspired lunatic whose followers were crazier than he was.
              Perhaps beheading seems religious to you, but it does not to me; it is an insane raving belief in nothing rational arbitrarily spewed out long after Christianity was established.
              It is an off-shoot of the Catholic Church just as most protestant “denominations” are. Each is a harlot daughter of the whore of Babylon and they still follow their mother’s lead.

          • Episcopalians.

            • And your point is?

              • Humor.

        • Pure bullshit.

        • Islam is a disease that needs to be purged from all Western nations.

          They will NEVER integrate. Please see Europe for proof.


      3. The part of social chaos, caused by migration and open borders, began during the time of MLK, and the Summer of Love, about 50yrs ago. This borders argument is 2-3 generations, too late, and there is clearly little intention of keeping it as a campaign promise.

        The libertarian angle assumes that these same people should have moral and intellectual responsibilities, such as, to eat any way they want, to hold land, keep the compound in whatever physical state, use whatever kind of medicine for their disabled kid, and to own the assault weapons. Libertarianism assumes that even he is self-conscious.

        From my perspective, all I can see is a pic. This is supposed to be used as a way to talk me out of my own civil rights / legal privileges. People who look and talk, just like the accused suspect, here, are used for case workers, in my jurisdiction. And, my friends, in the system were threatened not to talk about it.

        I think that you should want favoritism in your own favor.

        • Yes, these are the people who stated they would conquer America using our own laws to do it. You will notice they are quickly becoming part of our government in many capacities local, state, and federal. American people truly will have their work cut out for themselves if they expect this country to survive and return to a Constitutional Republic.

          • And, the collaborators will tell you that savages had more vigor. They just wanted it more than you, so magically pulled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their hat, like a stage magician, in cars, land, clothes, education, social services… when there wasn’t enough matériel, to go around for traditional conservatives, no matter how hard they tried.

            I don’t strictly have any problem with identity politics, when the nepotist is me.

      4. We will have this kind of outrageous thing happen here, time and again, until there are no more moslem scum in this country.

      5. Further info on the Chicago mayhem last weekend, one crime scene had 40 shell casings and another had 60 shell casings. And that was only from two of the scenes. They’re not charging the offenders with felonies. Oh. Because they’re not looking for the offenders. Chicago reports that in the last 66 murders they have only charged one offender. If they look for them, and if they find them, they won’t get charged with the proper offense. Then they plea deal down to misdemeanor or beat the charge altogether. Then they’re back out on the street and shooting away, again. Socialism, you gotta love it. Get the rope.

        • It is caused by cowardice.
          Gangs are the product of cowards.
          That is the difference between the white community and the black community.
          Left to his own methods, a white man will take out the trash.
          The black man never will.
          He is also quite willing to live on his knees.
          Which is why Americans went to the trouble and expense of importing Africans. The American Indian wouldn’t be a slave.
          There is simply nothing to recommend in the black man.
          Avoid them.

        • kinda funny as here in chicago most of the gangbangers have access to guns despite the laws. Ask them how many bullets they have: it holds six, or the clip holds 15, etc. Funny as hell. 20% kill rate, maybe less. Please don’t teach them anything; I like knowing that most of the time they will miss.

      6. Are these “ARMED extremists” of the Muslim faith imports from North Africa or just poor blacks who ran out of welfare? EBT card maxed out?

        If Hitler had prevailed, there would be no non-whites in the USA. He would have deported the blacks to Africa and the 3ews to the Country formerly known as Palestine. There would be no black gangster culture, no Chicongo killings, no drug problems.

        Thank your lucky stars, we defeated the evil Nazi.


        • They are just trash who changed their name to a muslim name to be cool.
          Sorta like Lou Alcindor.

        • http://muhammad-ali-ben-marcus.blogspot.com/2016/09/black-hispanic-gabriel-diaz-is-proud.html

          I think, Hitler was a race traitor, for affording honorary, Aryan status to cultural aliens (with features that he liked), demoting ethnic Germans, and allowing nominal Germans to eat of out the garbage.


          He is credited for building a Volkswagen and autobahn, by putting his own people under the lash, while hiding advanced technology. Hitler destroyed then-obsolete infrastructure, so it wouldn’t be used by Allied forces, but surrendered the high technology.

          • (Quit reading, now, if the following text is illegal, in your jurisdiction — )
            “Clear the streets for the brown battalions,
            Clear the streets for the storm division!
            |: Millions are looking upon the swastika full of hope,
            The day of freedom and of bread dawns! 😐

            For the last time, the call to arms is sounded!
            For the fight, we all stand prepared!
            |: Already Hitler’s banners fly over all streets.
            The time of bondage will last but a little while now!”

      7. Watch. ,Esoteric Truths: The Coming Days. And see how bad things will eventually get if we wait too long to physically remove the third wold types.

      8. Barbarians treating their own the way they treat everybody. But I don’t agree with sensationalizing the fact that they are armed. It’s OK to be armed in this country. RBKA transcends politics, religion, is for all.

        • Well said. Too many unnecessary details in the report giving ideas to those who are weak-minded enough to believe in the islamic dogma.

      9. Extremist mooslims must be removed from the USA. We cannot allow even one to take root here.

        The have no business here, but here they will meet their moon-god Allah only to learn there are no virgins.

        I think,by now, pedo-moohamhead has popped them all especially those under the age of 12. Arrested development, pedophile scum.

      10. Folks the bottom line is that muslims are NO damn good period!!!! they are actually a cancer, a plague unleashed upon society and all of the commie clowns in Western cultures seem to want to let them in by the millions, WTF is wrong with that picture??

      11. …….do ordain and establish this Constitution for OURSELVES and OUR POSTERITY. Who does that leave out? Everyone who in not of European ancestry. No one else really has rights under the Constitution. The writing is clear.

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