10 Things We Know About The New Mutant “Super COVID” That Is Causing Extreme Panic In The UK

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The End of the American Dream. 

    On Sunday, hordes of London residents were flooding out of the city after they learned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was going to put them in Tier 4 lockdown for the holidays.  Johnson said that he had to make this move because of a frightening new variant of COVID-19 that reportedly spreads much more easily than previous versions.

    Scientists are telling us that this new mutant form of the virus is “unlike anything we’ve seen”, and it is making headlines all over the globe.  There is still so much that we don’t know about this new mutant “super COVID”, but here are 10 things that we do know so far…

    #1 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that this new version of COVID-19 “is 70 percent more contagious than the original strain”

    The new Covid-19 variant that has ripped through the South East is 70 percent more contagious than the original strain, Boris Johnson revealed today.

    The PM today revealed the “frighteningly transmissable” new variant was spreading rapidly – forcing him to put millions of Brits in Tier 4 lockdown for Christmas.

    #2 We are being told that this new variant is the main reason why the number of new cases in London has doubled over the past week…

    The strain – called VUI202012/01 – has caused cases to double in a week in the capital as it buckles under the new variant.

    #3 According to Dr. Susan Hopkins, this new strain has now spread to almost every other part of the UK…

    She told Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “It has been detected in many other parts of the country.

    “Every region has cases but with very small numbers.

    “It has also been detected in Wales, in Scotland, we have not had any detected in Northern Ireland.”

    #4 According to the BBC, this new version “is rapidly replacing other versions of the virus”.

    #5 There are two key mutations that are causing a tremendous amount of concern.  The first apparently makes it much easier for humans to catch the virus…

    One mutation called N501Y alters the most important part of the spike, known as the “receptor-binding domain”.

    This is where the spike makes first contact with the surface of our body’s cells. Any changes that make it easier for the virus to get inside are likely to give it an edge.

    #6 The second key mutation could potentially be even more dangerous, because it may make “antibodies from the blood of survivors less effective at attacking the virus”

    The other mutation – a H69/V70 deletion, in which a small part of the spike is removed – has emerged several times before, including famously in infected mink.

    Work by Prof Ravi Gupta at the University of Cambridge has suggested this mutation increases infectivity two-fold in lab experiments.

    Studies by the same group suggest the deletion makes antibodies from the blood of survivors less effective at attacking the virus.

    #7 Joe Biden’s pick for surgeon general is insisting that the vaccines that have been developed will likely work against this version of the virus as well

    Vivek Murthy, Biden’s nominee for surgeon general, on Sunday urged Americans not to let concerns over the new strain shake their faith in vaccination.

    “There’s no reason to believe that the vaccines that have been developed will not be effective against this virus as well,” Murthy said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    But the truth is that until testing is done, nobody really knows whether the current vaccines will be effective against this new strain or not.

    #8 Multiple countries have announced that they are shutting down travel from the UK in an attempt to keep this new variant from spreading.

    #9 So far, the U.S. continues to allow flights from the UK, and this is making New York Governor Andrew Cuomo very angry

    Andrew Cuomo on Sunday slammed the ‘reprehensible’ inaction as the United States ‘continues to let in six flights a day’ from Britain, where a new coronavirus strain is spreading – as more countries, including Canada, ban flights from the UK.

    The New York governor told reporters: ‘Right now, this variant in the UK is getting on a plane and flying to JFK. Right now. Today. Literally six flights a day. And all it takes is one person.’

    #10 We are being told that cases of the new strain have already been reported in at least three other countries

    Maria Van Kerkhove, the Covid-19 technical lead at the World Health Organization, also appeared on the show.

    She said the variant had also been identified in Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia – with there being one case in the latter that did not spread further.

    We will wait and see whether or not the current vaccines are effective against this new version of the virus.

    If they are, the outlook for the immediate future may not have changed very much.

    But if the current vaccines are not effective against it, researchers may have to go all the way back to square one.

    And even if the current vaccines are effective against all of the variants that have developed and will develop in the future, the truth is that no vaccine will be the “messiah” that so many people were hoping for.  According to the CDC, thousands of Americans have already reported severe problems after receiving the first shot

    Thousands of people have been unable to work or perform daily activities, or required care from a healthcare professional, after getting the new COVID-19 vaccine, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    As of Dec. 18, 3,150 people reported what the agency terms “Health Impact Events” after getting vaccinated.

    The definition of the term is: “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.”

    At this point, it is still very much an open question whether any of these current vaccines will be considered a “success” or not.

    And considering the fact that all of these new vaccines “hijack” the cells of those that get injected, there are millions upon millions of people that will never be willing to take any COVID vaccine under any circumstances.

    Meanwhile, scientists assure us that COVID-19 will continue to mutate.

    In fact, another new version of the virus was just discovered in South Africa

    South Africa’s Health Minister Zweli Mkhize announced the 501.V2 mutation of the virus, reports The East African. Unlike the UK strain, this one might cause more severe illness. The official said on Twitter that local clinicians had found anecdotal evidence of the clinic presentation of patients. They said that a larger proportion of younger people are developing critical illness without suffering from other comorbidities.

    “The evidence that has been collated, therefore, strongly suggests that that the second wave we are experiencing is being driven by this new variant,” Mkhize said during a virtual briefing on Friday.

    If it is confirmed that the new South African version does indeed “cause more severe illness”, that is something that we will want to watch very closely.

    As I warned in my new book, humanity is entering an era of pestilences.  COVID-19 has shown how vulnerable we are, and much deadlier bugs are constantly being cooked up in labs all over the planet.

    Ultimately, it is just a matter of time before more of these bugs get released into the general population, and future pandemics will likely be far more severe than what we are experiencing now.

    ***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.***

    About the Author: My name is Michael Snyder and my brand new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available on Amazon.com.  In addition to my new book, I have written four others that are available on Amazon.com including The Beginning Of The EndGet Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing the books you help to support the work that my wife and I are doing, and by giving it to others you help to multiply the impact that we are having on people all over the globe.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on FacebookTwitter, and Parler, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.


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      1. “Scientists are telling us that this new mutant form of the virus is unlike anything we’ve seen” Well, if “scientists” are saying it,then it must be true.The other possibility is that this new “mutation” was invented to keep the phony 19 narrative going and going.What a coincidence that just as more and more people are waking up to this bullshit – a terrifying “mutation” takes place.What are the odds?? Fear is the name of the game for these assholes and this phony 19 “mutation” will be the pretext to keep the sheep in line,enact even more lockdowns,and push their genocidal vaccine on the masses.This nonsense is truly sickening and becomes more insane by the day.These bastards want to control EVERY single aspect of our lives.If this keeps up,we won’t even be able to use the fucking bathroom in our own fucking house without keeping a tally for these bastards! I cannot believe we are almost a year into this massive hoax with no end in sight.When the fuck is this shit going to end!?!???When???

      2. OOOOOOOOOOOH SUPER COVID! Well you better stock up on diapers then! Or just get some ivermectin from the farm/ranch store. 100% effective in preventing and highly effective in curing it. Safe as can be too (unlike the frankenvaccine lethal injection). Or just take your shot like a good knuckledragging sheep and do no research whatsoever. One good thing is only an idiot would take the vaccine and lord knows we need a lot less idiots on this planet!

      3. This new strain seems to have all the alarming features that is required to be able to force a new lockdown. One of the British “quality” papers, The Telegraph paints a potentially very dark picture that perhaps this is dangerous, but after a very long scary story concludes: we just don’t know. It is also not new, it was found in Brazil 8 months ago. How come it just now became more dangerous.

        Meanwhile, the Danish FDC (Statens Serum Institut) notes that they have the new strain in Denmark, but points out that so far nothing indicates that this strain is any more dangerous or infectious. Some experienced researchers also wonder how we can have specific numbers this quick, when in reality it takes some time to collect the data for analysis. And naturally we are convinced daily that all vaccines will be effective against this mutation too (although we don’t have much data how effective it is against the original strain).

        In the local news (Finland), I read that the contact tracers in my city have a hard time because, roughly half of all new cases are without symtoms. In other words, they have difficulty identfying all the people who are “sick” without knowing…

        While many people have become seriously ill and healthy people died too, and we need to be careful we should also focus on reality. This story does not agree with reality, but is politically convenient if you want to enforce more lockdowns (as they have in the UK). That other countries have blocked out the UK, does not prove anything. It is an easy sell to the public, politicians can be seens as doing something and you also have to remember that the UK is splitting from Europe (this is very convenient political revenge from the EU).

        Mr Snyder is the man of lists, which sometimes are very good summaries of observations. But sometimes, like now, it is just fearporn.

      4. As I warned in my new book, humanity is entering an era of pestilences. COVID-19 has shown how vulnerable we are, and much deadlier bugs are constantly being cooked up in labs all over the planet.
        see Georgia Guidestones for disambiguation…


      5. Stoke the fear over a fake pandemic.

      6. VUI202012/0 was allegedly found in Brazil, in September.

        While micromanaging Britons, who travel within their own country, you allowed jets, from every corner of the Earth, every day.

      7. The virus acts in a way that exploits the multiracial populations of today’s cities and the extreme overcrowding that has occurred since the late 1990s as millions have flooded in from the third world including the Muslim war zones. It is a toxic viral stew that feeds on itself as low Vitamin D races catch and spread the virus through their crowded living conditions.

        Throw in the BLM riots, poor hygiene, lack of adherence to health guidance and you will see the virus mutate and keep coming back in new forms. It was identified it has gain of function elements to it including an HIV insertion.

        Governments will have to do the unpopular and force people into living like they did in the suburbs at a distance, while deporting the millions of illegals from the third world to reduce urban overcrowding. Strict contact tracing and quarantining is required as is a massive effort to whip the population into shape, getting rid of the fatties and make sure everyone works out, boosts their immune systems and practices effective hygiene and sanitation.

      8. The use of nuclear weapons may be justified in this case to save lives. The high temps would surely kill the virus saving hundreds of lives!

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