10 Scenes From The Economic Collapse That Is Sweeping Across The Planet

by | May 14, 2013 | Headline News | 154 comments

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    Earth-From-Space-300x300When is the economic collapse going to happen?  Just open up your eyes and take a look around the globe.  The next wave of the economic collapse may not have reached Wall Street yet, but it is already deeply affecting billions of lives all over the planet.  Much of Europe has already descended into a deep economic depression, very disturbing economic data is coming out of the second and third largest economies on the globe (China and Japan), and in most of the world economic inequality is growing even though 80 percent of the global population already lives on less than $10 a day.  Just because the Dow has been setting brand new all-time records lately does not mean that everything is okay.  Remember, a bubble is always the biggest right before it bursts.  The next major wave of the economic collapse is already sweeping across Europe and Asia and it is going to devastate the United States as well.  I hope that you are ready.

    The following are 10 scenes from the economic collapse that is sweeping across the planet…

    #1 27 Percent Unemployment/60 Percent Youth Unemployment In Greece

    The economic depression in Europe just continues to get worse with each passing month.  According to the Daily Mail, the unemployment rate in Greece has nearly tripled since 2009…

    Greek youth unemployment rose above 60 per cent for the first time in February, reflecting the pain caused by the country’s crippling recession after years of austerity under its international bailout.

    Greece’s jobless rate has almost tripled since the country’s debt crisis emerged in 2009 and was more than twice the euro zone’s average unemployment reading of 12.1 percent in March.

    While the overall unemployment rate rose to 27 per cent, according to statistics service data released on Thursday, joblessness among those aged between 15 and 24 jumped to 64.2 percent in February from 59.3 percent in January.

    #2 Detroit, Michigan Is Insolvent And Is Rapidly Running Out Of Cash

    I love to write about Detroit because it is a perfect example of where the rest of the country is headed.  They have just gotten there first.  At this point, Detroit is essentially bankrupt, and the new emergency financial manager is saying that Detroit may totally run out of cash next month

    Detroit may run out of cash next month and must cut long-term debt and retiree obligations, according to emergency financial manager Kevyn Orr’s preliminary plan to save Michigan’s largest city from bankruptcy.

    Orr’s report says the cost of $9.4 billion in bond, pension and other long-term liabilities is sapping the ability to provide public safety and transportation. He listed cutting debt principal, retiree benefits and jobs among his options.

    “No one should underestimate the severity of the financial crisis,” Orr said yesterday in a statement. He called his report “a sobering wake-up call about the dire financial straits the city of Detroit faces.”

    #3 Economic Despair In France

    France is going down the same path that Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy have gone.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article in the Economist

    HELDER PEREIRA is a young man with no work and few prospects: a 21-year-old who failed to graduate from high school and lost his job on a building site four months ago. With his savings about to run out, he has come to his local employment centre in the Paris suburb of Sevran to sign on for benefits and to get help finding something to do. He’ll get the cash. Work is another matter. Youth unemployment in Sevran is over 40%.

    #4 7,000 Abandoned Buildings In Dayton, Ohio

    All over the upper Midwest, there are formerly great cities that are dealing with thousands of abandoned buildings.  Dayton, Ohio is one example…

    Like many urban cities in recent years, Dayton still finds itself knee-deep in abandoned, dilapidated properties as the result of the foreclosure crisis and economic downturn five years ago.

    Boarded up buildings that appear to be on their last legs litter the city as it attempts to recover.

    Kevin Powell, the city’s acting manager of housing inspection, says officials plan to use $5.2 million — half from the state’s Moving Ohio Forward program and a matching grant from the city’s general fund — to raze 475 abandoned properties by the end of September.

    That will scratch the surface of an estimated 7,000 abandoned property problem that is growing.

    #5 Overwhelmed By Squatters In Spain

    In Spain, unemployment is rampant and people have become incredibly desperate.  In fact, in some Spanish cities you can now find entire apartment buildings that are being overwhelmed by squatters

    A 285-unit apartment complex in Parla, less than half an hour’s drive from Madrid, should be an ideal target for investors seeking cheap property in Spain. Unfortunately, two thirds of the building generates zero revenue because it’s overrun by squatters.

    “This is happening all over the country,” said Jose Maria Fraile, the town’s mayor, who estimates only 100 apartments in the block built for the council have rental contracts, and not all of those tenants are paying either. “People lost their jobs, they can’t pay mortgages or rent so they lost their homes and this has produced a tide of squatters.”

    #6 The Collapse Of Chinese Power Consumption

    Energy consumption tends to closely mirror economic activity.  That is why the recent collapse of Chinese power consumption is so alarming.  The following is from Zero Hedge

    According to CLSA’s Chris Wood using NEA data, China’s monthly power consumption (the most accurate proxy for underlying economic strength according to the current premier) growth slowed from 5.5% YoY in Jan-Feb 2013 to 1.9% YoY in March, the slowest growth rate since May 2009(as discussed in-depth here).

    #7 Horrible Economic Data Coming Out Of The Second Largest Economy On The Planet

    The economic data that has been coming out of the second largest economy on the globe has been quite alarming recently…

    For starters, China’s recent economic data, as massaged as it is to the upside, is downright awful. China’s PMI numbers were the worst in two years. Staffing levels in the Chinese service sector decreased for the first time since January 2009(remember that year).

    China’s LEI also shows no sign of recovery. If anything, it indicates China is heading towards an economic slowdown on par with that of 2008. And if you account for the rampant debt fueling China’s economy you could easily argue that China is posting 0% GDP growth today.

    #8 One Out Of Every Five U.S. Households On Food Stamps

    Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps.  Today, even though we are supposedly in the midst of an “economic recovery”, food stamp enrollment continues to soar to new highs.  The following is from CNS News

    The most recent Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP) statistics of the number of households receiving food stamps shows that 23,087,886 households participated in January 2013 – an increase of 889,154 families from January 2012 when the number of households totaled 22,188,732.

    The most recent statistics from the United States Census Bureau– from December 2012– puts the number of households in the United States at 115,310,000. If you divide 115,310,000 by 23,087,866, that equals one out of every five households now receiving food stamps.

    #9 Child Hunger In America

    Those that work for the big banks on Wall Street may have no problems feeding their children, but overall there is a rapidly growing child hunger crisis in America today.  Just check out the following statistics from one of my previous articles

    *For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  That number has risen by 57 percentsince the 2006-2007 school year.

    *In Miami, 45 percent of all children are living in poverty.

    *In Cleveland, more than 50 percent of all children are living in poverty.

    *According to a recently released report, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.

    #10 The Tremendous Suffering Of Hundreds Of Millions Of Desperately Poor People That We Never Hear About

    There are billions of people around the globe that are deeply suffering but that do not have a voice.  We usually never hear about the desperate poverty that these people are living in, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.  The following statistics that Stephen Lendman recently compiled should shock and alarm you…

    At least 80% live on less than $10 a day. Over three billion people live on less than $2.50 a day. More than 80% live in countries where income disparity is increasing.

    The poorest 40% of world population has 5% of global income. The bottom fifth has $1.5%. The top 20% has 75%.

    According to UNICEF, 22,000 impoverished children die daily. They “die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death.”

    An estimated 28% of children in developing countries are underweight, malnourished and/or stunted.

    How can so many people be living like that in a world with such wealth?

    Sadly, things are going to get much worse.  The economic and financial systems of the world are rapidly breaking down, and in a few years these are going to look like “the good old days”.

    And a growing number of people are starting to realize the direction that things are headed.  For example, according to a survey that has just been released, 48 percent of all Americans believe that the best days of America are now behind us.

    So what do you think?

    Are our best days behind us, or are they still ahead of us?

    Please feel free to post a comment with your thoughts below…


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      1. Self serving politicians and crony capitalism for the last 50 years are to blame. Capitalism is the best system, if the leaders who oversee it are moral and enforce constitutional principles. There is no fair competition anymore. Dems give solar companies billions that go bankrupt, in return for campaign cash. Repubs give special advantages to big companies in return for cash. The world is impoverished because of corruption. Just look at the arab world, billions in oil, in the hand of a few, who spend it on weapons, to keep themselves in power. The world is awash in sin, and the result of sin is first, warning, then judgement. We are way past the warning stage.

        • In 1947 oil was 75 cents the barrel and there was silver in the dime. By 1962 oil had risen to just over $2.00 the barrel and in 1965 silver was taken out of the dime.

          Commies and cowards everywhere.

          • I’m part of the 48% that believe our best days are behind us, as well as the majority here. If we can clean house (State, Local, and Federal Gov’ts) we could recover. Our biggest expense would be housing the criminals in prisons.

            • Give me a break. Dow, S&P, Nasdaq. All at all time highs. Yet you people see and talk negative BS !

              • You forgot the /sarc tag at the end.

                Oh, maybe you didn’t?

                I’ll just stand aside as you leap into the abyss.

                  • Yeah. What a naive simpleton.

                  • Now that person is a special kind of stupid.

                  • W
                    ow a little over 400 homicides in shitcago and this ass wipe says it is a safe town. Even the south has Idiots.

                  • The greatest weakness of democracy is that people get the government they deserve.

              • Housing was at all time highs in 2007 and it crashed. The stock market will too, idiot. They’re called ‘bubbles’ for a reason. They inevitably pop.

                With near zero interest rates, the only places to plop Ben’s Trillions are in a) the stock market (bubble) b) real estate (think farmland, bubble) or c) commodities (retreat to safe assets)

                Just wait until the Fed stops buying bonds. The market will crash and many ‘experts’ are already calling for it. And if the Fed doesn’t stop printing mad money, buy a wheel barrel, you’ll need it for your pay check.


              • The same can be said about the housing boom. Did you made any money on that boom anonymous? Or did the wealthy cashed in. This stock market’s bear movement is not real because none of the market data is real. Companies are hiring? More people are earning higher wages to spend? More products are being sold? Look closely at those numbers and tell me the rise in the market is real.

              • That’s cause we keep on printing money, when the dollar collapses so will the market….better get yourself into hard assets anonymous

              • Yea you dumb ass! Go sell your DOW or S & P stock and go try to buy something, oh wait! That money is worthless now!
                Your an idiot!

              • Buy high! Sell low!

                They want to thank you. Now they can get that 145th swimming pool full of lime Jell-O they always wanted.

              • Shhhh…. it’s okay, go back to sleep …

              • You have NO CLUE how the economy works do you? Get an Education before you spout off about something you don’t understand.

              • Give me a break. Are you part of the 1% or the one tenth of a percent who sees nothing.
                Your Dow, S & P, etc are all being manipulated.
                You must really be brainwashed and bamboozled.

            • It could be that our best days are not behind us, but that they were imaginary in the first place.

            • Why house them… chain gamgs and tents… works for sherif Joe.

            • There should be no problem housing and feeding prisoners. There are a number of uninhabited islands in the Aleutians; put non-violent felons on one island, violent on another, somewhat violent on a third, etc.

              Then, realize that “we” don’t have jobs because the people who save money to invest have been taxed out – – so no savings, nobody left to invest in tools that can produce jobs. Stop taxing so much so that some savings for investments can be accrued.

              Then, decentralize. Small countries are inhabited by happy people. Large countries are top heavy and just gott’a fall. How many people in Southern California? More population density than any other part of the world. The logistics to supply those people can’t be maintained. Get the population density down to a somewhat reasonable level.

              That’s a start!

          • 1965 the silver was taken out of the dime, get your facts straight!

            • Trudat, fellow numismatist.

      2. grab the rug.

        • Some of the top ten reasons that BO has that cat ate the canary stupid grin. Others’ failure means success for BO.

          • The people of the world are paying dearly for the
            malfeasance of reckless, uncaring governments. This
            isn’t going to end well at all. Prepare, prepare.

          • one major reason he has that stupid grin on his face and his nose stuck up in the air is because he knows that no matter what the idiot Darkies will always support him.Obummer has no shame and he knows it but hes so damn sure that hes right and what he is doing is exactly the right thing to do.his arrogance knows no bounds.
            But he is to use Mrs skittle shittin unicorns favorite word FECKLESS !! useless unskilled and totally clueless from his days as a community organizer to his term as a junior senator in one of the most corrupt cities. too the white house where he basically became what he fights against he is Worth some where between 3 and 4 million.so doesn’t that make him one of the 1%

            in his latest rant against the right he Blames Rush Limbaugh and BUSH!! he claims that Bush left the head of the IRS in place just so he could mess with Obummer. this makes Bush one of the sneakiest presidents yet he knew back 5 years ago that Obummer was going to be in such a mess that he had this person head the IRS just to screw with BO. What happened to BOs transparency plan ? i thought he was going to have the cleanest white house.

            i have to wonder what the bill to have the Wh fumigated will be. from all the stench his admin has generated.hopefully he will go back to chicago and deal with the inner city.

            look at any inner city ghetto and
            these fool’s will sell there own children. for Crack if need be. we are looking at 4 or 5 generations of career welfare.But the great one OBUMMER promises them even more welfare.
            its not going to get better till we have a serious discussion about Welfare and Welfare reform.

            when we have that talk lets all include the rampant fraud going on trading EBT cards for I pads or going into the shitty little stores and buying three or four single cigars with there EBT cards but actually scanning a package of cookies or loaf of bread.

            Most inner city people have no real clues about hard work and actually earning your pay check after all that’s for those stupid HONKIES.

            quite honestly i am sick and tired of the attitude and the arrogance of most teens now. not to mention the appearance of the stupid kids today need proof
            check this out and ask why this punk cant get a job.


            This is why America is going down the tubes clowns like this are walking around with absolutely no shame.

            We as a country have lost our moral compass and while there will always be people who have the decency to be ashamed when they do some thing wrong most just figure oh well. for at least 20 years the children in America have been taught situational ethics.
            they have been taught manners don’t matter and being decent is for stupid people.

            they have taken prayer out of schools and discipline from the parents. and made it easier for little girls to get pills and abortions as if that baby growing inside has no meaning or value.
            and in most cities Planned parent hood performs more abortions then any one else. but what there really doing is Eugenics! keeping the welfare class down and more manageable.

            But what they should be teaching is self control and responsibility.

            again we need to find our moral compass and get back on the right track or its dooms day for america

            skittle shittin unicorn

        • The USA is not Europe. Europe has systemic problems that flow from its political and financial structure. That said, the Bible tells US that Europe becomes a dominant global power under the Anti Christ.

          The Bible hasn’t been wrong yet.

          The economic problems in the USA stem from Free Trade. If your political leaders legislate the transfer of the American means of production offshore to benefit the global investment class ….. then of course there are going to be abandoned, vacant buildings in Dayton, Detroit, and everywhere else. This is as certain as night follows day.

          TREASON! Engage these MF’s or be enslaved by them.

          • DK

            Free Trade hurt Europe too just not as much due to the niche market of ultra high quality goods the Northern European nations serviced that BRIC did not. I’m dismayed that Europe with its labor party’s with significant political power rolled over with the Free Trade agreements. I Infer that the power elite have massive political control globally. Buying US Senate and Congress is easy but undercutting the people from the European Labor Party shows that the people globally have little control over their respective countries.

            • The controls that are in place in Europe now, started after the” Treaty of Rome” in 1957 or 58, don‘t remember which. This was the forerunner to the EU. That’s when “they” put the Euro zone on the fast track to destruction. I believe it has taken longer then planned…but they’re near the end now…

              Our “control problem” started, in earnest, after tricky dick and all his dastardly deeds,gold,petrol dollar,blah blah…and didn’t we have price and wage controls for awhile under him? In any case, “they” are pulling out all the stops now…buckle up and put your seat and tray table in the upright position…
              It gonna’ be a bumpy ride…

              The only unknown is the trigger for the final act…natural or man made…

            • K2; I am not so sure that Free Trade hasn’t hurt Europe as much as the USA considering that the unemployment rates for most of Europe (except Germany) is higher than the States.

              To wit: Spain and Greece as the most glaring examples.

          • durango kidd says:

            “The economic problems in the USA stem from Free Trade.”


            “If your political leaders legislate the transfer of the American means of production offshore to benefit the global investment class”…


            Certainly not a REPUBLIC!!!

            The government is the problem. Not markets or trade.

            Constrain the government to it’s original constitutional mandate and the economy will take off.

            Of course the government(elites) and the control freaks(bureaucrats) who occupy it will never willingly give up control.

            And I say “willingly”.

            • YMWW: We haven’t had “free trade” in this country since the Indians invited the white Europeans to establish “Free Trade Zones” on the continent and populate these zones with other Europeans.

              Free Trade IS the euphanism used by the Global Investment Class to describe the world trading system. The Sheeple do not understand Crony Capitalism. They call the system “Free Trade” too, as do the retards, demturds, and Libertarians.

              Not everyone is the intellectual giant that you are. 🙂

          • There was no Europe in the bible.

            Maybe you’re thinking of Nostradamus.

      3. how about a lien on congressional salaries and pensions?

        • ponomo says:

          “how about a lien on congressional salaries and pensions?”

          BETTER YET:

          How about we get rid of Congress, their salaries and their pentions?

          They can work for a living. Like real Americans.

          Don’t need no stinkin congress!

        • Its time for local public interest groups to personally sue their elected representatives citing malfeasance in office. Office holders are not immune from prosection or personal liability.

          Sue the Bastards!

          • Unfortunately, the community organizers are enraptured by the largess handed to them by elected officials. Obama came out of the ACORN school of getting things done, and many of his supporters in Congress share those ideals.

            As long as the bread and circuses (or Obamaphones and cable TV) continue to be handed out, community activists and their neighbors will be fairly satisfied with their elected officials.

          • Statist solutions brought to you by a Statist.


      4. There are many signs of economic collapse here in the U.S. and around the world. All one needs to do is open their eyes. It is not ‘if’, it is a matter of ‘when’.

        I read the feds are planning to stop QE before 2014. We know that the stock market is now completely “detached from economic realities.” I believe when QE stops, that will be a trigger.

        “QE was always about one thing only; pushing the market higher…

        The fed knows this and is now trying to prepare the market for withdrawal. But the market is on total life support from the fed.”

        Zero Hedge

        • I’d bet the governments of Europe are glad they effectively disarmed their populations years ago. Once we enter the next phase of our “recovery”, when the unemployment rate approaches the rates in the EU, it’ll all be over except the cryin’ and knashin’ of teeth. Just make sure that the teeth aren’t knashin’ on you.

          • Navy Vet – You are correct. A quick check on the site ShadowStats will confirm real unemployment above the 20%, not the ghetto math being used in Wash. D.C.

            I am very thankful for my military training and the wisdom of more years of life to see the tsunami of FUBAR coming our way. Like a known ambush waiting for the trip signal. This time we are all walking the path.

            Keep the faith all. Your attitude, mind, body and skills will be the best asset. The gun safe is just the insurance.

        • Jesus Christ lived in appalling poverty by today’s standards (and those His times as well), but managed to reveal the secrets to inner happiness in a way that has lasted 2,000 years.

          As an added bonus, He identified the problem we face today and left it obvious by losing his temper one time in His life…at the money changers.

          Poverty is relative, and is only associated with ones monetary worth, or the availability of money.

          As soul can only be happy when it is filled with goodness. Money is a tool the money changers use to buy that goodness and replace it with their terror.

          If you feel you need all the latest gadgets, or any gadgets at all, to be happy, then you will forever be in a self created world of misery and fear of THEM, which the banksters have gladly helped you build for yourself.

          Doing without the things that are not necessary to begin with does not mean you are in poverty. It means you are closer to God and to living the way He intended you to live.

          It’s the money changers who say otherwise. It’s your choice to listen.

          • Very true words. This is why the general populace will react like a crack addict going through withdrawal, once the easy access to money ends. The mood will increasingly be something along these lines:

            “What, I can’t buy whatever I want at the mall whenever the mood strikes? I’m angry and demand my right to shop! Let’s take to the streets, break some windows and take what is rightfully ours!”

        • KY Mom, have you seen a date when QE will stop?

          • patient momma,

            The date as to ‘when to start’ is still being debated.

        • When QE ends and interest rates necessarily begin to climb all that thin-air money comes out of the stock market as it crashes and goes into the things we buy. None off it goes into wages for a time. We may well see what hyperinflation looks like in the world’s commanding economy.

      5. The world as I know it will never be the same. One of the few bright spots of my life is gone. Angelina Jolie announced she had here breast removed. I have now loss any need to continue. That was one of the few things in the world that kept me going.

        Everything is destroying it solve. What is worth fight for anymore.

        • Phone call from BO- “Hello, Angie..Uh I need that favor we talked about before. Benghazi’s gettin hot and now the IRS thingy and the phone records on the AP. You think you can drop the titty bomb today?” Low and behold, this morning we have top headlines about Brangelina. Brilliant. They know how to change subjects masterfully.

          • I was thinking the same thing. But at least thy will be rebuilt we have the teck. They can be where Lara Croft can be proud.

        • In this time of troubles, what else in the world is as soothing as a woman’s breasts? Solomon wrote a song about them. And, the girls in my age bracket actually don’t have them sagging down to the waistline.


          YOUR FRIEND,

          MR. ‘KREUZ

          • Eisencrap
            If your lucky you might get old. If you run your trap in the real world like you do in the virtual, you might not be so lucky. Mehtinks you’re prob pretty ball-less in a one on one. Prob be just fine.

            • The next boob eisendouche sees will be his first,unless you count the weekend he spent with Barney Frank.

              • he spend the weekend with ms lindsay and insane mccain, he saw a pair of boobs

          • Mr. E-Kreuz: I know from the blog replies that you tend to get the response you crave (a negative response is better than no response thing you got going), but I tell ya sometimes your “wicked” sense of humor just cracks me right up.

          • Well Eisenkreuz, the girls in your age group might not have them sagging down to the waistline – but I’ll bet the boys do.

            At the very least, the ones that you “hang out” with.


          • Re: Eisenkreuz.

            Stop feeding the mentally challanged(retarded).

            “Just say no”…to the Troll.

            You don’t argue with someone elses child.

            You ignore them.

            JUST IGNORE HIM.

            Eisenkreuz is looking for a reaction.

            Deny him!!!

          • Yeah….stop worrying about everything… let it all fuck up. We’ll get by…we always do.
            So I crank automation software with my guys. If the company folded and I could not find work and we hit mad max days. I have enough tools and supplies to be find for a very very long time. Also. I’m all prepped up for farming.

            No big deal.

            fucking worry warts.

            Relax, enjoy the summer, float in the pool and watch the chemtrails float by.
            Count your blessings and don’t worry…be happy.

            I’m 48. No time to worry about all this shit. There’s nothing I can do about any of it.
            So I’ll just rock on…keep reading, being a warm loving kind of guy…be helpful and friendly to all and the world will turn and my life will be blessed.


            There you go… a non monetary prep….that more should pay attention to.

            Final tough…. Get all your medical tests and surgery done.
            You’ll feel better.


        • It’s ok.

          She adopted Africa.

          ALL of it.

          Brad, Brad Brad. This must be looking like a pretty stupid move right about now, huh Brad?

          • With her money she can buy the best money can buy, hell Brad probably said you should have done this sooner??

      6. Normalcy Bias is rampant. All the sheeple are believing the crap from the media and administration, “Hurry go out and buy stuff to boost the economy,everything is fine”. The power elite are bleeding the whole world dry and we will be left holding the empty bag full of IOU’s. I don’t believe the best days are ahead of us, until our government starts keeping their oath to defend the constitution we are doomed.

        • “until our government starts keeping their oath to defend the constitution we are doomed.”…

          Which is never so the best days are clearly behind us…

      7. Hello all! I don’t know what it will take before sheeple realize how bad this is going to get! However the level of thinking skills of the citizens is deplorable. They just think “how much per month”? I “need” the latest iphone, tablet, video game, etc. All crap designed to distract and destroy the art of interpersonal communication face to face.
        I have tried to “suggest” to loved ones what is coming and they just tune me out so I have just quit trying.
        Finally got my garden tilled yesterday and will be planting tomorrow. Too hot and windy today. Gog Bless, James

        • Well, maybe that’s the problem. But I am amazed at how well people seem to be doing around where I am. Whenever I go out during the day, the roads are packed. Don’t these people work? Yet, they’re on their way to shop. Starbucks is always full. The mall parking lots are full. Lots of stay at home moms as dad makes plenty in a secure job I guess. Everyone has nice gadgets and I’m hassled for not having a late model smartphone and expensive service plan. I cannot buy a house as I’m perpetually out-bid (and the prices aren’t cheap to begin with).

          I dunno. I see the charts and stats and they look one way. But then I go out and about and it sure doesn’t look the same.

          • I know what you mean. I am in farming area and the farmers are doing great. It will take a currency collapse to get these people to realize what has happened to them. James

          • I think that what people see is directly proportional to the number of government contractors in the area.

            There are defense contractors in all 435 congressional districts, but some have more than others. The closer you are to a military base, the better the economy will be.

            I want to go where the economy is bad. Those areas will be less affected because their crash has already happened and adjustments have been made accordingly.

            I am very close now to settling into my final arrangements and enjoying the freedom of being totally disconnected from the outside world of corp terror and hate.

            I will leave owing nothing to nobody, with no mailing address, and no corp documents. I will be in possession of no property the corp has any claim to or paperwork on.

            • sounds nice. but where would you live? not asking you to give away the exact location but in a park? private land you own without a physical address? just curious…

              • Giant steps aaare what you take…
                walking on the moon…

            • GC, it’s too bad one has to die, to get to a place where they are completely free. Your comment is a testament to how FUBAR the world really is.

        • Does anybody know of a smartwatch model that has GPS, weather, barometer, temperature, and tide tables, all-inclusive?

          • Eisen needs attention.

            • EISEN since no one on this site wants your help I am
              willing to give you a chance I am running out of paper
              human targets I am looking for a live one do you want the job

            • Grippentrog. says

              “Eisen needs attention.”


          • EISEN since no one on this site I am willing to give you a chance I am running low on paper human targets I am looking for a live one do you want the job

          • Check the next Crackerjacks Box (inside box/free toy)!

        • Oh I forgot to mention we had some chicken that we canned(Oh Oh pressure canner) three years ago and it was delicious! James

        • In the 1930s Depression many families struggled to feed themselves and others did just fine. They saw other families going hungry or loseing their homes but the majority of Americans tightened their belt, gave what they could and just continued as usual. But we were much more rural and agricultural then. Many diaries speak of hunting and fishing more and going for as long as possible without spending cash because they had so little but they could grow their own food and hunt. Today we are very urban and therefore more at risk.

        • I think what it will take for most of them to wake up is TSHTF.

          They are living the “American Dream” and will not wake from the matrix.

          I have been trying to awaken the sheeple for over twenty years and they don’t want to be roused from their slumber!

          Keep tilling and tending because food will be the next “GOLD” in these dark times!

          Peace and blessings….

        • Its getting to where it is easier to just tune everyone else out because they are pretty much either tuned out themselves or just not worth the time to find out.

          Actually looking forward to the day the power dies, phones stop working, banks close up,

          Then i can go into the garden with a much more casual direction than trying to keep up with orders,

          When everything starts shutting down ill just be growing for our family and maybe a few of the neighbors,

          If the “golden hordes” start materializing it could be a problem, but our area is NOTHING like anywhere from the west to east of the lower 48,
          Still lots of good people here, and lots of good people who are well armed, so i think the compost pile will be rich in bone and blood meal.

      8. America is also fat. When calories become less, the fatties will panic. We have been very fat with a self-centered lifestyle. I wonder how many Americans know how to peel and boil a potato?

        • What a ridicilous statement to make.

          Yes, the majority of us have worked full time at various jobs and taking care of ourselves. Over 70 years, myself, never drawn a unemployment check, never been on food stamps or any public assistance.
          Personally, of course, I have never been too proud to take any job that I could find to support my family.
          Until recently we have always had a large garden, raised our own beef and chickens. We know how to can fruit, produce and meats. Knowledge of how catch fish and process it too.
          I am an active fisherman and hunter and make furniture for a hobby now.
          None of us are afraid of work as your wild assed statement implies.
          Locked and Loaded here, just be ready to be kicked in the teeth if you try to take what is ours, or to hurt my family or friends..

        • I don’t ever peel potatoes. The vitamins and good stuff, including flavor, is in the peelings. Waste not, want not.

        • Boil a potato? No, scrub it and eat it all, including the skin for max nutrition.

          Better yet, soak and boil some beans, add rice for a complete protein. Forget potatoes; rice and beans store much better. Also, be sure to have salt – it’s necessary,



        • I call BS on that statement @eisenkraut-

          No such rule have been implemented, you probably do not have the mental capacity to read or even understand that Law.

          Like some I think someone has already colored your comic books so you don’t even have to do that.

          Back to your basement, live in the glow of that TV tuned to Fauxnews.

        • Eisen. Are you talking about the same old people you often make fun of? Are these the same old people you think don’t deserve to be free? (your words). They same old “cowards” as you call them? The same people who you think are responsible for our current state? The same people you belittle for fighting wars? Just curious.

          • Grippentrog: Eisenpussy is just a soft little turd who sits in his room at his momma’s hosue playing “warrior” in various games and he thinks this makes him a super-soldier. The problem is he’s so whimpy he couldn’t kick his own flabby ass let alone anyone else’s. All this bucket of lard does is sit at home and type out insults to real men and women with his fat little sausage-like fingers while snacking all day long.

            • all while he is writing books and offshore sailing on his skateboard/motorcycle with the barbed wire motif and the skull head with Bit coins for eyes and his Rechargeable lantern he plugs into mommy’s house after staying in his tent in the woods. using the skills he learned from the TRUE survivors.

              and planning his one man march on DC come july 4th to take over the govt from the OLD ( over 30) people he hates.

              Have i missed anything ??

      10. I’m ready. Let’s get this started. It has to happen, and the longer things continue, the harder the crash will be. It will be horrible. Tomorrow, it will be more horrible. Oh wait … let me finish my book first. Let’s see about Thursday.

        • I kinda want to see who wins DWTS
          And i think there are a few more episodes of Grimm
          So can we schedule it in after that?

      11. If you make $25,000 a year you are in the top 1% of global earnings. Americans do not know what hungry is…yet. It is coming. More worldwide droughts and floods are stressing the food supply. Not to mention population overshoot. All enabled by 200 years of cheap hydrocarbons. They are gone. The “waste based” industrial economy is dying. Get your gardens going and supplies stocked to become as sustainable as possible. I don’t know how many here have cut back gas usage, but we certainly have. No more Wallyworld trips at 25 miles one way. Shopping is done in bulk from the Amish or truck farm or butcher locally. Carpooling now for work. Going to side dress my tomatoes and peppers with compost tea this week. We go through a lot of canned tomatoes and sauce. I need to expand some more to get a bigger patch of potatoes. Tough times are coming.

        • JRS….

          True. The tough days are approaching and the hurricane financial wind force will sweep us away. Been eating dandelion tops. I am experimenting on myself so I can show my family and listening others on what to do. Finally have seen other ‘weeds’ germinate, so will eat some lettuce with lambsquarter and redroots (amaranth)….

          People need to figure the best diet to survive with about 1500 calories per day per person. Good luck to all, sounds like the day of reckoning not too far away and the NWO coming in to save the day….

          • Young stinging nettles are THE most delicious and nutritious “weeds!” Saute them in butter, and you won’t. Believe how good they are. They contain ots of iron and calcium. Only proviso: don’t eat mature or flowering ones due to their increased oxalacic acid content.

            • Sorry, should be oxalic acid

        • I grow a lot of pumpkins. One of my favorite foods is pumpkin pie. Stock spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, etc.

          • My aunt just passed away of old age and natural causes. She left a portion of her preps to me. I’ve been rearranging cans on my shelves all day.

            I hope I’ll be as lucky as she, to leave this screwed up world as a proud prepper, who DID NOT outlive the preps.

            • 6p,
              live worth of your aunt and be happy she taught by example. God rest her soul.


        • JRS, good article on Survival Blog concerning potatoe growing. It confirmed what I’ve been doing (hilling them up).

      12. As I was walking down the street one day
        A man came up to me and asked me what
        The time was that was on my watch, yeah…And I said

        Does anybody really know what time it is
        Does anybody really care
        If so I can’t imagine why
        We’ve all got time enough to cry

        Who would of guessed the group Chicago
        could tell the future….

        • They were good musicians. Especially liked to hear the brass.

      13. Funny, isn’t it, that most, if not all, of these crooked politicians have dramatically increased their personal wealth in recent years. Life is good for the wicked, evil, and crooked as long as they serve their masters, which, of course, as we all know, is not the everyday average citizen!

      14. Yep, i’ve been reading stories such as this one for years now. And what’s happened since? The stock market surges, gold and silver tanked, people still spending like it’s 1995 and the media reports all is well. And the sheep STILL believe it. As long as the sheep believe it, they’ll continue to spend spend spend and keep this Titanic steaming along. Sorry, I just NOT believe anything is even remotely going to happen with this economy anytime soon as they ALWAYS have an answer for it. YES, I DO BELIEVE a collapse will come, but when?? It could be years!! Like I’ve said before, seen hundreds of these types of articles the last few years, and NO collapse. I’m sure i’ll see hundreds more before it all falls apart……….some day.

        • Hey Tyron, one engineering principal is the past predicts the future. People will do tomorrow most likely what they did today. So, we’ll see food prices continue to go up. More and more conversion to a government-funded and government-run society. And some new iphone thingy. Also, food producers will have less and less actual food in their products. I have opinions on all these stories.
          Dayton was/is NCR HQ: was a great company until victim of corporate raid and slice and sell in early 1990’s.
          Food stamps: why work when government is giving out free stuff to those who don’t work? Or, like most probably, just fake it. “Daddy” ain’t legally part of family and street smart ones are doing under-the table work like selling stuff.
          64% youth not working in Greece? American youth don’t work much either. That’s why there are so many jobs for immigrants. Talk to a young person about the jobs they had in their early teens or even college and many never had one! It actually disgusting.

          I think the “economic collapse” is people who don’t understand the new economy. The new economy is not working hard but scamming it. The scammers are the economic winners clear and far away over everyone else.
          = $60B for alternative energy cars to automakers? Could have just cut a check for the $12k it takes to do a good conversion and had 5,000,000 electric vehicles. Yep, you read that right. 100,000 in every state. Only God, GM, Ford, and Chrysler know where that money went!
          = $500M for a solar panel manufacturer who absconded? Could have put solar panels on 20,000 homes. Or even offered 200,000 tax incentives at 2,500 each.
          = $10T or so in credit created out of thin air and “loaned” to banks at around 0.25%? Could have let 50M people refi their houses at 0.25%!!!
          Nope, this economy is not going to collapse. Only if you work hard and are honest then you’ll be brow beaten. That is what has happened and continues to happen. You can hardly divorce yourself from this slavery. Certainly TPTB are betting you will not trade in your integrity and gaming you for your honesty.

          • NCR vacated Dayton and moved to Georgia in 2009. Also, the General Motors Moraine Assembly truck production plant closed in 2008.

            What remains are companies such as Lexis-Nexis, NewPage (fresh out of bankruptcy) and Reynolds & Reynolds. A huge employer in the area is Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, as well has a number of hospitals.

            Dayton seems to be a scaled-down version of Detroit, struggling to find a path from its 20th century manufacturing mindset to whatever fits the bill in today’s America.

      15. Whatever happens, trust in God.

      16. Eisen, we “old people” have been out here fighting against Obamacare and all the other crap the feds want to shove down our throats. Economic collapse is just around the corner. When it happens, TSHTF, period! what we have all feared and been prepping for is almost at hand. Eisen, you do what you want for yourself, but I’m going to stand up and fight. I know what’s coming is going to be a real challenge for everyone and I intend to survive it. Those who have prepped will make it. Those who haven’t will pay dearly for not doing so. Everyone get whatever else you need now before TSHTF. coming to a city and town near you. BTW, Eisen, I checked out that video you posted a link for a few articles back. it was very interesting and confirmed a lot of things I have heard over the years. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. I can’t figure out Eisen, the people could be some his best friends available on this site, yet he continue to jerk them away. I mean the wisdom here is beyond most other sites on the internet. Each person has their specialities and we all learn much. JustOneGuy is an expert on the Sun and I throughly enjoy learning from his knowing about the subject way beyond what I could glean from most sites on astronomy. Daisy is the expert on organic food and I just have to ask something that I don’t know. There is so much to learn and yet Eisen attacks people again and again.

          I tried the other day to offer a peace branch to attempt to get everyone concentrated on one issue, our survival and he dumped a load on the idea. The ncjoker is actually dangerous and God help those when this lunatic decides to get all the people that wronged IT. NCJOKER will only see targets that move. Eisen just will continue to annoy everyone, without realizing that good people here are likely what would help save him with their accumulated knowledge WHEN the fall, the collapse of almost everything occurs.

          Really, I look at the Sun and I remember what marlon Brado said in the original Superman movie when his image was telling Superman about the Red Krypton Sun, “The source of your strength and nourishment, and the cause of our eventual destruction”. The star out there harbors energy that could throw humans to the 19th century in technology, and CNN (crackerjack numbskull news) the most useless news on the TV is talking about Angelina Jolie and Prince harry, and OJ simpson.

          I don’t get it braveheart, we are standing on the precipice of hell on Earth from some possible solar mass EMP or a thrid world war starting in the Middle East and most everyone is playing pocket pool with their minds. I can see where the 1% that do understand and do prepare understand this. Eisenkreuz wake the FUCK up and see that the people here are some of the ONLY people left on the planet that still use their minds and some of the best allies that there is.

          • Come on BI
            Some people just have no socially redeeming value.
            We cannot save everyone and be thankful for the
            one’s that we can. You did your part. You tried.
            More than that, no one can do.

          • Be informed

            its too bad no one knows where NCjoker ( ncjoe?) lives
            i know some one that could actually take care of the problem. legally

            he owes me a favor and could drop a hint or two to the right agency or mental health unit LOL say the fbi or nut house.

            Just saying

      17. People never miss an opportunity to push their religion on others, regardless of they believe.

      18. For those who care, went to Wyoming Freedom Conference this past Sat. And first off, to address the idoit that always likes to complain about old people, sad to say but only about 100 people showed up, and out of the 100 hundred you could have counted on one hand the number of those under the age of 35, and that included youth with there parents. So if we can save this thing, it will be only because old people stood up and met the challenge. As for those of you that say voting is a waste of time, its only because people don’t do it,or they’re not educated to who the candidate is or what they stand for. There were 4 good Conservative State Reps. at this conference and as they stated Wyoming has 78 socalled Republicans and only 12 Democrats and we still can’t get Coservative Causes passed. And why! In their own words out of 78 Republican only 20 or so are true Republicans. My question is, why do Coservative people continue to put those same RINO’s back in office? And lastly, I may be somewhat prejudice, But let me say Wyoming has an opportunity to replace a RINO Governor with a true Conservative. And that would be Taylor Haynes, a black doctor. He is the real deal. Trekker Out.

      19. Howdy, BI, I just came back online from lunch. My previous post is my FINAL ATTEMPT with the olive branch to Eisen. I think his next post will give me my answer. But I have to agree it’s NOT in his best interests to keep attacking people here. people like us may be the only ones around to help him survive in any post-SHTF scenario. I’d like to think he’ll reconsider his position and wise up, but I’m not holding my breath on that. I’m looking out for no. 1 which is ME. Anything else takes a back seat. Without people like us and our knowledge, Eisen will be toast. I never made it to being an “old fogey” by being retarded. braveheart

      20. #11 Ten dollar “bills” are being checked to see if they are real fiat.

      21. I’ve stocked all I can, maybe one more big run for dry goods, finally after three yrs of working this black gumbo/ clay soil , I know am producing amazing amounts of fresh garden products,,,, glad I started this three yrs ago, the first two years we would of starved,,,,, hoping to get a well in with a hand crank on it too,,,,,,,,…I think time is running short…..

        • loulou, pull up “Handy Pump” on the internet and look at it…I have bought one and it throws water out like nobody’s business! An excellent product to get water out of the ground. You can only make it about 3-4 days without water and this solves that problem. Much better than a crank or old cast iron pump! I’m not affiliated with them in any way, just a satisfied customer.

          • G2H, About the Handy Pump, googled it and there seems to be different types. Looking for non electric pump for a water well- 125′ deep?

            • Go to the Lehmans website, they have a good selection of hand pumps

      22. Guess What’s Hidden in the Immigration Bill? A National Biometric Database for Citizens

        “Buried in the more than 800 pages of the bipartisan legislation (.pdf) is language mandating the creation of the innocuously-named “photo tool,” a massive federal database administered by the Department of Homeland Security and containing names, ages, Social Security numbers and photographs of everyone in the country with a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID.”

        “It starts to change the relationship between the citizen and state, you do have to get permission to do things…”

        “More fundamentally, it could be the start of keeping a record of ALL things.”


      23. BI, I just want to thank you, JalapenoGal, Braveheart,JOG, and many others who I am learning from on a daily basis. It was reading this site and two others, that got me thinking, then 18 months ago I started doing something about it…long way to go, but we are getting there, and hubby is mostly on board…thank you all from the bottom of my heart and keep up the good work…babycatcher

      24. America’s best days are definitely behind us. Decades of growth in the welfare class can only lead to a weaker nation. Have you noticed how the welfare class continues breeding at a phenomenal pace while the working class and business owners are barely having enough children to replace themselves? Do the math. It is unnatural and unsustainable.

      25. This is simply judgement From GOD the Father because when the Gospel of Jesus Christ his only begotten Son was preached the people chose & loved their sins more than repentance & faith toward GOD. Furthermore Rom 8:28 Say all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. This means In Gods providence & common grace he regulates the weather so that Gods elect can have food on our plates & not be cursed like the muhammadans who cannot grow food because of perpetual drought , He regulates the honey bee so the farmers heart does not fail him, He causes the industries of this world to flourish so that Gods people can be productive & be wise stewards with their finances in order that the true gospel commision can go forth. But when the Church grieves God the Holy Spirit. when those who say they are christians behave like the worldling, talk like the world covet like the world commit idolatry like the world love holywood as much as the world & when Christians can no longer tell right from wrong so they all do that which seemith right in their own eyes then modern day churchianity can no longer be called according to his purpose. Judgement Must Come. If the church is no longer that peculiar treasure buried in the world then the world is no longer worth much. Matt 13:44

        • Read “The Synagogue of Satan”

      26. I just wanted to thank all the regulars here. I have been reading and lurking for a few months and greatly enjoy the knowledge this group possesses.

        It is a rare thing indeed to find a group of individuals from all walks of life who freely share their experiences with others.

        It is people like you who make up the backbone of the 1%.

        I feel honored to call you all “friends!”

        May God bless you all with abundant health, wealth, and prosperity to accomplish all you need before the next shift occurs.

        Peace and blessings….

      27. babycatcher55, you are most welcome and hope you keep comint to this site, but above all, keep prepping. Get everything you can now while there’s still some time. I think time is running short, but that’s just me. braveheart

      28. Swordsmyth, you’re also very welcome and hope you keep coming back for more.

      29. The Dry Baltic Index level is currently at 900…..Down from 11,000 five years ago. Just another canary thats reeling on its perch down in the mine.

      30. To: Be Informed, Braveheart, Gods Creationd, Prepared Pastor and others.
        As a regular reader of this site and your comments, permit me to express my gratitude and thanks for your postings and commentary. Believing that the SHF is going to happen in the very near future, I am trying to learn from you all as much as I can, while there is still time. You have my prayers for God’s protection. Again, thank-you for opportunity to learn from you all.

      31. Anyone here living or have experience living in the desert southwest? There are some difficult things to overcome here, storing food in summer with 100+ temps, low water availability, poor soil, etc. I love it here, but WTSHTF it will be difficult to sustain here. This site is always my first stop in the morning, great info and people. thanks

        • Learn from the natives and how they managed to cope with the environment. Identify and help propigate wild edibles. Start to expose your system to yucca (high saponin) and the moisture avaiable in cacti (away from your home range). bring back to your homestead seed, bulbs and corms from edibles and sow your local area. Gather good prickly pear pads and transplant them close to home. Saltbush, mariposa/sego lilly, bluedicks, wild onion, and the mallows (desert, goosefoot, ect) are all great edibles that will grow without your help. Create stashes on the north sides of hills (minimize sun exposure). Bury 5 gallon buckets in runoffs (drill holes in lid and attach screen) and have your own secret water holes. I choose the desert because most can barely handle it now. Come SHTF most will leave or die.

      32. Jeff, you’re very welcome. Of course, keep coming back to us, but most importantly, get all the supplies you can now before its too late. braveheart

      33. @Kreuz: What does an older women have between her breasts that a young women doesn’t? A belly button! Time stops for no man, and gravity is relentless.

      34. Hi Everyone,
        Just got a reply from our wonderful senator in reply to a rather strong phone call I made during the recent gungrab or as he put it ” gun violence legislation”, it was sickening to say the least. Look folks it appears to me that these ass monkeys truly believe in what they are doing, they genuinely think that “gun violence legislation” is what is needed for America. So again I see the division of the American people be it innocent or not. We are so divided at this point in time that very dangerous choices are going to be made, that my friends is unavoidable. This is the issue and many here have spoken up on it, we are looking for a political solution to a spiritual problem. No sense looking to a politician for answers that can only be found in the Holy Bible. We are under the judgement of God and the sooner we realize this the sooner we can deal with it.

      35. Wonder whatever happened to Mushroom?

        “$10 bills in number 10 cans”

        Who knew the guy was a prophet!

      36. The year is 2057.
        The ice caps have melted and suburbia has been turned into farmland to feed the billions. ….

        turn in your bbq grill for cash.

        That’s my prediction. ha
        Ever see how much air that fucks up for cooking a steak?

        The socialist solution is always the same.
        They take over and distribute the wealth.
        Then they have a big meeting and someone says there’s too many people.
        They take all the guns.
        Then they will fire up the fema camps.

        So why is it that it’s the jews that are trying to disarms us.

        I’m hoping that feinstein bitch has a stroke one day and walks like a freak.
        The traitor to the US Constitution are them folks.
        I’m just saying.

        Just keep laughing it off and keep stocking up on guns an ammo for the kids.

        Don’t comply with their gun laws.

        Me…forget all the semi auto guns.

        What if you just keep buying the single shot and doubles.
        Then when civil war hit…you had some for every family member.

        IT will be a riot to watch the food riots when the dollar collapses.
        Don’t worry..be happy.

        it’s all a gas. Enjoy the economic freak show.

        My extreme backup plan.. eat the slow and stupid. ha
        Just put out a sign for FREE FOOD at NOON…and
        it will be like deer to a salt block. ha.


        I’m suck a troll here.


        • I dont plan on complying with much of anything after the end of August (if we make it there)
          Obamacare, new tax regs, higher prices on everything, police state with government assholes (yes i mean you) ( not you) monitoring us 24/7/365.3 restrictions on everything, hands out everywhere,
          This guy is going to head for his own version of Gaults Gulch.

          • I too have my Gault’s Gulch ….but to sell a business and home….
            I can leave without them but want what value they still possess to use in my new home would be helpful…. It is many years of stored labor that I must walk away from as it is … hope I don’t have to walk away from the business and home..
            but if need be …. for God and family survival I will…

      37. Detroit, Miami, Dayton, Cleveland…go take a drive through the hood’s there, look around. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out what part of the problem is.

        I know this will not be a popular comment, but use a standard bit tool on a fastener!


        • all crap holes.
          there been used to Dump the lowest forms of life on america and now they want there LAWS in america.
          they want us to conform to there bull sheet and i say run every last one back to there sand box hell holes.

          if we would only make it VERY uncomfortable for them they would leave in droves.its all about political correctness. stop supporting there asses like they did with the two Boston bombers parents. almost a million in support and for what so they could move back to russia.

          Lets stop supporting people that hate us
          how about we finally get politically incorrect ??

          troll killer

      38. #12 They are faking U.S. silver eagles

      39. Call me crazy, but I think that most of the things on that list have been going on for 50 years or so.

        Detroit’s a shithole, the French are miserable, and the Spanish are unemployed. Sounds right for the entirety of my life.

      40. “Have we seen the best of America?”
        Yes! America is going the way of the Roman Empire. They confiscated swords and regulated black smith’s in Rome. Right here and now they want to take away OUR rights and the right to defend oneself. This issue is not going to go away, because we do not have people that care about us in power. Those that bat or roll their eyes are either with those that want supreme power or they are just to damn stupid to see the reality of what is and what is to come.
        Our Fore fathers have to be rolling in their graves? If they were here right now, I do not believe we would even be having any discusions of the sort.

        Better yet, is America the best country in the world? At a time it was, but now???????

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      41. We have to return to a system of weights and measures. Anotherwords, backing of our currency with tangigles. Gold, silver and copper were used in our coinage. The dollars could be redeemed in gold, silver or copper. One silver dollar had the equivalent silver of ten dimes. Four quarters same silver content as one silver dollar etc. You knew the value of your currency simply because it was backed by gold. Now the currency is allowed to “float” and it leaves us all hanging.

      42. like i have said many times before……..it will be YEARS before any collapse

      43. I need more ammunition.

      44. Let it happen already SHTF only the strong and prepared survive no more bullshit politicians no more busting my ass to support lazy fucks that breed like rats.I’d rather struggle with like minded hard working people to start a better life and a new USA GOD BLESS YOU PRODUCTIVE MEMBERS OF SOCIETY. (the rest of you scam artists can burn in HELL for all I care)

      45. My 63 year old prediction for the future is bleak. When enough parasites feed off a strong, large beast (the USA), it will eventually die. The politicians have destroyed our industry with NAFTA, etc. The Democrats are allowing all the worlds welfare applicants into the country so they can stay in power forever. The banks have all the money now through bailouts. Obama is giving billions to any “green” company that will give him back millions under the table. The electorate is stupid…incapable of making rational decisions about who should run the country. Cities are shutting down because of managerial corruption of the leaders. The bottom of this ship is rotting out and we are all going to drown if you are not ready to live like in 1820. Prepare for the end my friends. I believe it is not that far away.

      46. Are we rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell.
        Merle Haggard.

        Yes indeed Merle. You hit it on the head. You saw it coming back then didn’t you. And now old George Jones won’t be around to give any advice. We are severely screwed for sure. Pee on the fire and call in the dogs.

      47. I’ve noticed a lot of back and forth on these posts, trying to pin the blame for things on one party or another. Both parties are controlled by the same people. As long as the population is fighting among themselves, they will ignore the real guilty party. We are all being screwed, some more than others. At least we are aware we’re being gutted and slaughtered. The use of distraction by the controllers never stops. Look for a giant distraction to come up in the next week or so. I don’t know how much heat the O-man can take. We know he doesn’t like all the bad press he’s getting. could be some interesting times ahead.

      48. I’m not skerd.

      49. Common Sense, thanks for the reply all good advice. I hadn’t thought of the water caches, great idea. I also prefer the desert. I will work on these ideas.

      50. Hello to all here at Shtfplan.

        I just wanted to let you guys know how much I
        Appreciate your posts. I have been reading your
        Comments for about a year now, but never felt like
        I could contribute anything useful. I am still very new
        to prepping and because of the info freely shared by you
        guys, I was pointed in the right direction. I share your
        Views and it’s refreshing to hear ( read ) insight from
        likeminded people. Thank you. I hope I can contribute.
        And I hope to be accepted to this site. Thanks

      51. I too am part of the 48% that believe our best days are behind us, as well as the majority here. I grew up in the 70’s as a kid and worked for Ma Bell all through the 80’s, 90’s and port of the 2000’s, those were the good old days. I had a high school diploma and grossed 72k my last year. Now I have two grown daughters aged 22 & 24 both have college degrees…..yet they can not find decent paying jobs commiserate with their education. What the eff happened?? Things ain’t looking so good these days I’m afraid…..:-(

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