10 Prepper Uses for Safety Pins

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Ready Nutrition.

    Safety pins.  Simple little things, yet so much can be done with them.  I highly recommend toting at least a half dozen with you of various sizes, large to small.  They cost practically nothing.  Here’s the tip: Take the safety pins: learn and practice what you can do with them.

    The humble safety pin has more prepper uses than you would think.

    Readers, Skeptics, and Skeptical Readers, greetings!  Let’s explain reasoning a little bit more in detail than regards the simple subject of this article.  My intent as a writer has never been to delve into the “High-Tech” and pricey solutions to things that you may face.

    Many survival magazines offer “Sales” rather than “Solutions” to your needs to prepare.  In too many articles, people have lambasted me for suggesting low-cost solutions that are both “doable” and within the budget.

    If you want secure communications, go ahead and suggest a SEAL Magnaphone with built-in scrambler, or a $15,000 current-gen pair of NVG (Night Vision Goggles), then go ahead and buy it.  If your main goal with any article is to suggest something “better” than the advised thing, that’s great.  The majority of the readers, however, are looking for simplicity combined with affordability.

    Anyone can buy $100K worth of gear.  Now, what does that person do when the gear is either defunct, “appropriated,” or unusable for one reason or another?

    My work attempts to propose solutions that can be employed without bankrupting a person, and also some knowledge of what can be used when all of the laser sights, night vision devices, ATV’s, cameras, reticle-dot sights, and all else are just useless circuitry.  Those days are coming: mark my words.  In the meantime, we have to develop our skills and win with the tools that we have at hand.

    10 Prepper Uses for Safety Pins

    Safety pins.  Simple little things, yet so much can be done with them.  I highly recommend toting at least a half dozen with you of various sizes, large to small.  They cost practically nothing.  Here’s the tip: Take the safety pins: learn and practice what you can do with them.

    We’re going to run a condensed, hardly-exhaustive list of uses for the safety pins.  Here we go:

    1. Temporary repair fasteners for clothing
    2. Fishhooks
    3. Probe-tool (medical use)
    4. Lockpick
    5. Suture substitute
    6. Lance
    7. Support (individual or as a chain)
    8. Bandage/dressing support
    9. Cleaning tool
    10. Toothpick/minor dental first-aid tool

    The list could go on and on.  Tear open a swatch in your pants leg while you’re out in the woods?  If you don’t have time to sew it up, use the safety pins.  Fishhooks.  All you need do is notch a couple of notches for barbs (when you do, notch “upward” in the direction of the safety pin’s point) for improvised fishhooks.  Tie off your line through the top-notch of the safety pin.

    For use in removing metal or wood splinters or foreign debris: make sure you sterilize the end of the safety pin prior to use as a probe.  Burn the end of it for about ten seconds with a lighter or match, and then dip in alcohol if you can.  You can also use this technique for lancing a bad wound to allow pus to escape.

    As a suture substitute, you can approximate the edges of the wound if it’s a bad bleeder with the safety pins.  This is temporary!  Seek medical attention immediately to prevent infection and further complications.  You can make a chain of them to hang an IV bag if necessary or to close up and secure bandages and dressings.

    Pin them where you can get to them easily.  If you wear a hat, then pin 4 to 6 of various sizes in your hatband.  You won’t even notice they’re there.  When some kind of need arises, though, you’ll remember that you have them.  Taking common, everyday items and making more out of them than their original intent is the kind of adaptive ingenuity you’ll need when the SHTF and an emergency arises.

    And (not completely knocking your high-tech gadgets) when you pick up a piece of equipment, know two things: complete mastery of its capabilities and functions, and what you will replace it with when you no longer have it to use.  Always train from low-tech to high-tech, and you won’t be caught with your pants down.  And if that happens?  You may have busted a button; therefore, a safety pin will help…if you have it.  Fight that good fight.

    JJ out!


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      1. Love it, cheap, effective, easy, small… Thanks!

        • Safety pins……bwahahahahaha. Getcha some.

      2. Safety pins are good. I have on my mind all the african savages at the southern border demanding entry. How the hell did they get there? Swim all the fucking way from africa? This most certainly is a coordinated attack on us all.

        • Was wondering that myself. Who paid to bring them here? I certainly dont have the cash to boat /fly to Africa.
          They should be returned to Africa.

      3. Jeremiah is back !!!

        Safety pins are good for keeping babies diapers in place. Be sure to keep some of the ones with the safety features for diapering.

        Disposable diapers may not always be available. One could create a cloth diaper with velcro instead of safety pins for greater peace of mind.

        You can put a gold safety pin on a hat or scarf or on a tie. There if and when you need it.


        • Get some of those giant ones that the are used by the hotels that clean their bed linen. Don’t forget to have good cordage in your kit. I use both bankline cordage (165 lb. test) and paracord. Buy a couple of sail needles. Good for making repairs and using on splinter removal and sewing up wounds. Don’t forget the roll of Gorilla tape. Repairs torn tents. Torn in thin strips, ball it up loosely, and light it with your bic and it will get your fire going.

      4. Safety pins are useless. Bailing wire is priceless. Probably could make fishhooks out of it. Can make a garden trellis hold your rusted muffler up. Make shift hose clamp. Uses run the gamut.

      5. Quick and easy fix for ripped tent or tarp. I have seen sterile pins used to close surgical wounds back in the 1980’s. Also a quick battlefield would closer or bandage fastener.

      6. wound not would! Dang keyboard!


          1: Distill water from any source to safely drink.
          2: Distill water from any source to top off batteries.
          3: Distill water from any source to cleanse wounds without contamination.
          4: Can be modified to can food.
          5: Can sterilize instruments.
          6: Can make alcohol for fuel extention (gasoline).
          7: Can make alcohol for a heater or cooking fuel.
          8: Can make alcohol for disinfecting/ prepping for sutures.
          9: Can make alcohol for starting fires.
          10: Can make alcohol for drinking (possibly saving your sanity).

          There ya go, just be sure you know how to make alcohol because it uses a lot lower temp than water distilling.

          • Almost forgot, make 3x high proof to make tincures/extracts from herbs. Make your herbal medicine 10X as potent!

            • You put the hydrosol, into a tall and skinny container, so that the oily layer, on top, is as thick as possible. Then, draw from this layer, with a small tube, as when capping the end of a drinking straw with your thumb.


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          • Thanks for the info. Been busy outside so have missed some articles.

          • Godwin’s Law.

      7. If I know I’m going too be in a large group of congested people I put my wallet in my front left pocket and safety pin it closed (with the pin on the inside unseen). I keep some cash in my right front pocket.

        • I ALWAYS carry my wallet in the front left pocket! After you lose yer wallet a couple of times you learn! I have done this for 40 years now and NEVER lost my wallet! Besides the FACT that having your wallet in your back pocket fucks your back up royal. So there ya go, 2 undeniable reasons to always keep your wallet in your front pocket.

          • Oh ya and pickpocket proof! Theres 3 reasons now!

        • I really doubt someone will read this.
          I was sound asleep and an emergency woke me up.
          So I’m up late.
          An old Navy trick was to wear your wallet in your pants,
          half inside, the other half outside but secured inside your belt
          in the front right or left side.
          So if asleep on a train or bus nobody can easily take your money. USN/USMC trick. Use a Trifold like I do, put 2/3 inside your pants, 1/3 under the belt.

      8. to not too

      9. Since Americans are so fat I’d suggest hoarding corn syrup and all things cake. Also, no redneck 1952 H-bomb shelter is complete without a 50 year 100,000 person supply of insulin and needles, and the fat men and their blue pills.

        Hoard all the medicines needed to keep the fat people alive and you’ll become the Amazon.com of the SHTF, and don’t forget the spare batteries for those dame motorized shopping carts for you American carbohydrate fiends.

        • Thats some funny shit! True too. What ya gonna do when yer land whale mobile battery poops out? You must shop at walmart cause I don’t see these types much elsewhere (from what I remember of walmart). Ya there are the share of fat bastards at the restraunts but not so much in the produce isle of the store lol. I would stock a shitload of dog food to trade with them but…. they don’t have anything I want. A front end loader might be usefull to dispose of the bodies?

      10. If that’s your thing.

        Personally, I have absolutely no use for a safety pin despite the fact that I consider them to be irreplaceable in so far as pinning diapers.

        Fellow preppers, we have definitely been at this too long and apparently we’ve run out of sensible topics to discuss.

        By the way, if you want to cache fish hooks, for god’s sake don’t substitute stupid safety pins for hooks. Just go out and buy a gross of fish hooks of various sizes. Cheessh!

        • Consider the source of the article.

        • Alter ~ Very true! The main reason I frequent Walmart is to see what might be on the ‘reduced’ shelves. A couple years ago, they had tons of fish-hooks, all different sizes. I bought almost all of the 25c packages that they had. Haven’t seen this reoccur. Often they have lots of something for a while and then it disappears. At one point, they had tons of LED light bulbs marked way down, and I picked up a boatload of those dirt cheap.

      11. I used a safety pin when I was about 12 to build a radio. I wrapped wire around a toilet paper roll for a coil. I used an old radio earphone for listening. For a substitute for the crystal and cat whisker, I used a razor blade and a safety pin. I nailed everything to a board and put the point of the open safety pin on the surface of the razor blade. When I moved the point to the right point on the razor blade, I was able to listen to a local radio station.

      12. Those plastic smokeless tobacco(dip,snuff) cans are excellent for storing small items. I like to put fishing hooks,sinkers and roughly 30 feet of line in a tobacco can and simply put in front pocket..I have several tobacco cans being used as containers for small items..

      13. Picking your teeth with a safety pin sounds like potential trouble. I have a bunch of old brass safety pins, don’t see them around much anymore.

      14. Just glad to see an article that isn’t pertaining to politics..

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