10 Numbers That Prove That We Are Rapidly Becoming A Nation Of Government Dependents

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Headline News | 98 comments

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    As the middle class disintegrates and poverty grows, more Americans than ever are becoming dependent on the government just to survive. Today, we live in a country where most workers do not earn enough to support a middle class family, and we are seeing the homelessness crisis spiral out of control in major cities on both coasts. During this election cycle, many conservatives have been freaking out that an increasing number of Democrats are openly embracing socialism, but the truth is that we are already most of the way to becoming a socialist country. In fact, as you will see below, more than half of all Americans currently receive more money from the government than they pay in taxes. We have become absolutely addicted to government money, and this is one of the major trends that is eating away at our nation like cancer.

    The government is not supposed to take care of us from the cradle to the grave.

    Rather, our founders understood that the proper role of government is to create and protect an environment of liberty and freedom where we would be empowered to take care of ourselves.

    Today, most Americans cannot independently take care of themselves, and that makes them dependents. And when you are a dependent, you aren’t really free.

    One of the reasons why I write so much about the decline of the middle class is because it is an existential threat to our way of life. If you look around the world, or if you go back through history, you will see that tyrannical regimes tend to thrive when populations are poor and cannot stand up for themselves. If we want our Republic to survive, we need a strong, independent population that is not economically dependent on the government. That is what we had throughout most of our history, and that is now what we are rapidly losing.

    Just because you are working does not mean that you are independent. At this point, most jobs do not pay enough to support a middle class family, and the ranks of the “working poor” continue to explode. In reality, Americans are working harder than ever in 2018, and yet things continue to deteriorate.

    The following are a few numbers that prove that we are rapidly becoming a nation of government dependents…

    Over half the country now receives more in government transfer payments than they pay in taxes.

    -According to one recent survey, the cost of living is higher than the median income in 42 U.S. states.

    -Today, 50 percent of all American workers make less than $30,533 a year.

    62 percent of Americans say that their financial situations have not improved since the last presidential election.

    And here are six more from my friend Alan Yerushalmi

    If things are this bad now, how dreadful will the outlook be once we are deep into the next recession?

    History has shown that once national governments begin to expand in size, they usually keep expanding until they ultimately collapse.

    Sadly, a large portion of the population has become convinced that the government should be in the business of handing out as much “free stuff” as possible. Housing, healthcare and college education are now being called “human rights”, and tens of millions of our fellow citizens feel that they are entitled to be given these things by the government. Needless to say, this has chilling implications for the future of our country, and I really like how Ryan McMaken made this point in his most recent article

    The political implications of this are considerable. As Ludwig von Mises once noted, once we get to the point that a majority of the voting population receives more in benefits than it pays in taxes, then voters will demand more and more wealth be transferred to them through government programs. It will then become politically necessary to extract larger and larger amounts of wealth from a minority in order to subsidize the majority.

    Market economics will become less and less popular because the voters will have realized they can — in the words of James Bovard — “vote for a living” instead of work for a living.

    Every additional dollar that the federal government spends is an additional dollar that is being stolen from our children and our grandchildren, and we are already more than 21 trillion dollars in debt.

    We have been on the greatest debt binge in human history, and that debt binge delayed our day of reckoning, but it did not cancel it.

    In fact, one of my contacts just emailed me with some deeply troubling information. He has a customer that is a Bank of America board member, and that board member told him that they expect things to really start falling apart by late March “at the latest”. This is word for word what my contact told me…

    “I had a customer this past Saturday who was a very high ranking Bank of America board member, and she said in the meetings, they expect late March, at the latest, that things will really start to disintegrate fairly quickly or very quickly. That was AT THE LATEST she said.”

    When I say that “dark days are ahead”, I am not using hyperbole. We really have reached a turning point, and things will never be the same again.

    The relentless march of time is inexorable, and eventually the clock runs out for everyone. America has been living on borrowed time for quite a while, and a perfect storm is looming on the horizon.


    About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

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      1. Ever notice these doom and gloom guys never provide ideas for a fix?
        Let me offer three.
        #1 Unless you are a property owner free from any mortgages over the age of 35 you cannot vote.
        #2 Repeal the 16th and 17th amendments.
        #3 All government employee unions are to be made
        illegal, be eliminated, and all their assets
        to be confiscated.
        Won’t happen but it would fix the problem really quick.

        • s/b
          “Unless you are a property owner free from any mortgages and you are over the age of 35 you cannot vote”

          • No problem with that. Those not entitled to vote should be exempt from being drafted.

            • Agreed!
              As a Vietnam era Vet, I was a court ordered volunteer(jail or military), I don’t think there should be a draft – ever. Nor should anybody not yet 21 years old be allowed to join the military(I was 17 when I went in).
              I put in my time (over 5 years) and Honorably discharged as an E-5.

              • A draft was absolutely necessary in WWII.

                Do you think we could go through another WWII without a draft?

                • Good! Draft all the retard millenials and get rid of them! Start with the registered democrats! Oh wait… we would lose any war then hmmmmm…

                  • Draft all the LBGT and put them all on the front line waving their little faggoty rainbow flags at the enemy. That should work.

                    • That is what the Russians did they had penal battalions.
                      they rushed german positions unarmed if they retreated you were shot.

                • Mr Stiner: yes, can be fought w/o a draft. we have 21st century hi tech weapons (DEW, drones etc) manpower is secondary.

                  • limited number. Just like in Vietnam, the military had to use WWII left over bombs because they ran out of current ordinance.

                • Maybe a military draft will curb our desires for more wars.If little Lord Fauntleroy was drafted to possibly die for the neocons/banksters,we might want to use diplomacy instead.

            • Pull out all your credit cards, max them out and stop paying the bill. Even a 10% participation rate would bring the banks tumbling. Stop paying all credit card debt. Stop feeding the beast.

              • Well let’s see. Bank of amurika is about the biggest piece of shit bank there is! I suppose I am middle class because I make more than 36K a year and HAVE NO KIDS to suck me dry. I have no mortgage, NO car payments, NO credit cards, NO loans, NO rent, Just PROPERTY TAXES to pay for all your fuckin’ kids shit! I can live on a lower income easily just cutting back on luxuries (which others in my bracket can’t because of kids). In fact me and my wife are better off than anyone else I know. And make less than a lot of people I work with. One thing I have learned in all my years… PEOPLE ARE STUPID!

                • Genius, you hit that one right out of the park. By Christmas I expect to have enough money saved up to buy myself another old truck for the first time in years and of course PAY CASH for it. just read a few of the credit policies out there and try to tell me credit HASN”T been turned into a LUXURY. I make 44K per year and have to risk my neck on CRAIGSLIST of all places to look for a vehicle. Dealers are out of their freakin’ minds with the prices they want for older vehicles. Car sales have really taken a nosedive all throughout the car business; major dealerships, wholesale lots, and even those rinky-dink buy here-pay here lots. I’ve always gone to a private owner that had something I was interested in, paid the price they want in cash in full right there on the spot, sign all the necessary paperwork, and be done with it. No extra stinkin’ bill to worry about. Only insurance coverage I’ve ever had is liability. CRAIGSLIST is really risky business but that’s where a lot of cars for sale by individuals are advertised these days. Financing is for people with more money than brains. BTW, headed back to the BOL in the morning for a month of FUN, WOOHOO!

                  • Good for you BH! 44K can do a lot for you in my neck of the woods. Craigslist is great! I have gotten a ton of good stuff and deals there. No one says you have to buy it just shop around. I have made a lot of money off craigslist too. Don’t worry, I know you ain’t no fool!

                    • Been there did that, spend half you life collecting it, and the other half trying to sell it. LOL

                  • Lookie here bh, you make enough to finance a nice truck. And stop with that “financing is for people with more money than brains” bull crap. I know you don’t wanna get caught up in the finance thing but sometimes it’s a tool if you know how to use it. On the other hand it might be just the way I think. I use credit and financing to my advantage. I know you’re older than me but not by a lot. Treat yourself to something good. Take care of it and you won’t be disappointed. I just bought a new truck. I got a good deal. It’ll be the last “new” vehicle I ever buy. It’ll probably last 20 years and that’s why I bought it. Credit is not a bad thing and it’s not for fools. Your problem is that you see what people have done to themselves by abusing credit. Use it as a tool and make it work for you.

                • It’s so pathetic talking to people at work, they make 30K a year more than me but don’t have money for anything. Debt, Kids, Moronic shit like new cars, big house, credit card shit, every dime they make they spend and then some. They actually own 0. I own EVERYTHING I have! If I don’t have the cash for something, I DON”T BUY IT! I could make 2X what I make now and work 2X the amount but for what? So I can be the richest man in the graveyard? I am lucky I have the job I have but it took me a long time to get there. And when I did I wasn’t an imbicile and wasted it all on crap. See the last sentence above….

                  • Genius, I’m the same way. I can’t stand to hear people talk about their new cars, blah blah blah, etc. I’ve never gone broke to pay for a vehicle in my whole life and I damn sure won’t start now. All my spare money goes into preps, the things I know will help me survive whatever curveball life throws at me. It also took me a long time to get where I’m at now. I was stockpiling even way back when I made less money and the only difference now is that I can buy more at one time than I used to. No loans, credit cards, car notes or any of that BS for me. There’s morons in my company that are literally going broke to pay for new cars. They don’t know how to get their priorities straight. I don’t regret for one minute what I do or apologize to any mofo for it.

                • I am exactly the same as you except I do have credit cards and I use them but I pay them in full every month so they pay me to use them in the form of rewards and I’ve never paid a dime in interest. I figure WHY NOT? I’m going to be paying bills anyway, may as well get them to help.

            • With modern robotic and drone weaponry, who needs a draft?
              We could probably cut the manual military force by half or more immediately and have no decline in operational abilities.
              Like our bloated government agencies, the military forces have almost become a form of govt assistance– creating useless jobs that produce nothing and having the American taxpayer pay for these people’s expenses. It’s a ruse–sure they have to get out of bed and go to a location, unlike the other welfare rats, but it is still just busy work to create “consumer units.”

              • Javelin, all of the current electronic weapon systems are just as vulnerable to an EMP as civilian electronics. If that happen then what?

              • Albert Einstein is alleged to have said something along the lines of, “I don’t know what weapons will be used in World War III…. but World War IV will be fought with sticks and rocks.”

                Think: ‘post-Terminator wasteland’

          • Eating turkey with the Indians?

          • Eisen, this boomer might reach DEFCON 5 and put his fist into your stupid trap for blaming boomers for all the problems. we’re just as much victims of TPTB as anyone else, dickbreath.

          • Yeah, and these gen xers and millennials are gonna rebuild what the boomers broke? Bwahahahahahahahahahaha ???. I love how you play the blame game. Could you imagine a gen xer or millennial having to survive on their own? Shit, they might be able to play video games for weeks on end but mommy still has to feed them and do their laundry. They don’t even know what pilgrims are. Oh I’m sorry, they think pilgrims are the racist murderers who started it all



            I am currently paying cash for my daughter to go to our state university. It is about $23,000.00 a year. That will be $92,000.00 for a 4 year degree.

            That equates to 2 years of entry level salary to match that amount.

            Compare that to me. When I graduated in the early 1990s, my 4 year degree cost $25,000.00. That was equivalent to about 3/4 of 1st year entry level salary.

            Compare that to my father (now 77) he graduated in the 1960s for a cost of about $2300.00 for 4 years, the equivalent to 1/2 of the first year of entry level salary.

            The liberal bullshit of college for everybody has only caused hyper inflation in the cost of education and will enslave a generation of kids with unpayable debt.

            The solution is to only fund 50% of student costs with student loans. make the kids pay the rest. Half the kids would drop out, the other half will work their asses off, eating top romin like real college kids, and will produce people with a real work ethic.

            • JS, the REAL solution is just shut off student loans altogether and shut down all the libturd colleges/universities. College is just NOT the way to go anymore except for certain degrees like medical, engineering, accounting, IT, and the like. the curriculums have become so political it boggles the mind. Colleges used to teach so many useful and important things but not anymore. Trade schools are more like a young person’s best bet but these kids have the attitude that they’re too good to get their hands dirty, etc. They won’t make it in the real world. They are toast.

              • Or just don’t burden yourself with kids. All in all you’d be about 300K ahead by now…. But it’s your bed and your laying in it so….

                • My kids are well worth more than $300,000.

                  You are missing out on what could be the best part of your life.

                  • JS,
                    Well stated!

                    • Ya to each his own I suppose. I have 0 desire and never have to have kids. I have my wife and my ultra-super-doggy!Cost much less than kids and affords us a semi-retired living with many cool things. Or I could be a total slave to my offspring and have the guilt of the shithole they will be going through….

                • Genius, I don’t have any kids myself so I’m way ahead.

              • “College is just NOT the way to go anymore except for certain degrees like medical, engineering, accounting, IT, and the like.”

                Those jobs are “expendable” too. College will not even be the way to go at all once robots and AI takeover.

              • If i had to do it again, I would be a plumber.

                My plumber charges more than my attorney!!!!!

                • I’m a plumber, 10 years ago I was charging 180 an hour! Now I work for the state and do side work whenever I want. If it were me I would have gone HVAC.

                • JS,
                  When I was in the military my AFSC was 328X1 avionics. I took the USAF plumbing course due to boredom. I did not take the final test because it would have given me an additional AFSC in plumbing as I had passed all the intermediate tests. Knowing how the military works, even though I had a critical AFSC, they would sent me to bungfuc ked Egypt to fix someones sewer. Today I do my own plumbing and I still have all the USAF training materials.

                • Why hire a plumber when you can do the work yourself?

                  • I chew my fingernails. Would you want to be a plumber if you chewed your fingernails?

                    • Haha, no I suppose not. I’d rather chew my toe nails then. That would be a good cessation plan though.

          • Sew up Eisen’s stupid trap.

        • It’s not a fix if it doesn’t happen. We are in deep shit. The kids/women want socialism communism lucifer.

          Looking for state,area with like minded people. South or West. Have many family friends in those area’s.

          • There is no fix. Collapse must happen, then there will be a reset.

            • Agree.

        • To back up the abolishment of the 17th strictly interpret the 9th and 10th Amendments.

        • It felt beyond amazing to have sex with a non-American skinny white girl with no tattoos who didn’t act like a fucking entitled bitch and who gave me space to be a masculine man. I’m so appreciative.

          She was so fucking hot. Wow. I’ve never seen an ass like that in my life. I would do anything to marry that.

          Who in the motherfuck thought trading traditional marriage for the hookup culture would be a good fucking idea??? Baby Boomers must be the dumbest pieces of shit in the fucking universe. And what the fuck do women see in going to work every day vs. being a stay at home mom?

          American women are fucking fat slobs. Who the fuck could get an erection for one of these hambeasts?

          They have no motivation to be attractive cause the government pays their bills.

          In 1957, the average-sized woman was 5ft 2ins tall, weighed 136 lbs, had size 3 feet and was a dress size 12, waist of 28 inches and 34B breasts.

          Men should only fucking refuse to put up with any more of this fucking garbage culture.

          I want a hot girl not a sack of shit. And today’s woman is a selfish entitled bitch to boot.

        • I’d be sorely tempted to adding the repeal of the 12th, 13th, 14th , 19th and 23rd. Though, I ask – not criticizing – why the 17th? Senators elected by popular vote? I’d sure rather have it that way than they be named to office by the States. Add in term limits for all legislative offices and no pensions. And as regards this article – eliminate both the income tax (your 16th repeal) and all government socialized programs. Get the government completely out of any pension (Social Security), Medicare, EBT/welfare…..

        • “Ever notice these doom and gloom guys never provide ideas for a fix?”

          Good point. There are many legal ways around the current economic and political situation today for those who have educated themselves to be self reliant, independent, and free within the confines of the US Constitution. I have mentioned some of those ways in past comments.

          # 1 Limiting voting to those over 35 who have free and clear property is not a solution. This gives power to the Gentry Class, if not only the Investment Class and these classes, along with the political class (most of whom fall into the first two) would control government JUST LIKE THEY DO NOW. So scratch that idea, it doesn’t work; evidenced by our current situation.

          # 2 I don’t understand why you would include the 17th Amendment as a solution. Doesn’t that one give the power to elect Senators to the People ??? Why change that ???

          # 3 Government employee unions will be the death of America. Too many employees do too little work for too much money. With apologies to Winston Churchill: never have so many, received so much, for so little (work).

          All Americans, black, white, yellow, brown, & red have a vested interest in the success of the Nation as the Founders Framed It, (allowing for the abolition of slavery) with personal freedom but requiring personal responsibility.

          Teachers have NOT engrained those two founding PRINCIPLES into our Public School students and that is the root of the problem which has festered for two generations. The LEFT took God of of the schools and invited Satan in.

          In my day it was a felony to walk on the curb. Today elementary and jr high kids bring guns to school. 🙁

      2. …”by late March ‘at the latest’…”; now, where have I heard similar before? Here I thought it was right now, October… and this month’s almost gone. Or was it the end of the year? I seem to forget. Granted, we’re deep in debt. And someday the piper will demand his fee for the tunes.. And if we don’t just shoot the damned musician who loaded us up with pop tunes and his merry band of jugglers…. it’s deep do-do time for sure. And I can’t wait. Let ‘er rip like a campfire sing-a-long after beans for dinner toot. ’bout as ready as a man can be… what the hell. Sure didn’t plan on it taking this long as it is.

        • I be watchin’ almost half a century- the end is always just around the corner- one to four years away. . .

        • In late September I warned that EPS did not justify the high PE Ratios, noting that “OCTOBER LOOMS”. Two years ago I predicted the EXACT days of the 10% Correction in October. Yeah, it’s in the archives.

          I also stated in September that SHTF would likely occur AFTER the first of the year as markets fall. I mean really fall. I expect a good Christmas season to boost the economy and maybe a Christmas rally before the plug is pulled in February. I expect a short, sharp recession, that culminates by this time next year, and then new vigorous growth through 2020.

          WE’ll see. 🙂

      3. “A country of dependents.” Yeah. Right.

        Because all those rugged individuals did just fine having tens of millions of Middle Class manufacturing jobs taken away. And all those Mayberry USAs did just fine with the loss of those tens of thousands of lost manufacturing plants. Because who needs a manufacturing economy. A country that makes nothing is still the most powerful liar on the planet. And a service economy is just so much less macho than a maverick gig economy. What real man needs benefits of any kind? Job security is for pansies.

        A country that makes nothing is nothing and exactly what do you expect you are going to get with a hollowed-out US economy?

        You take all those pensions away (“under-funded equals “stole from), and then welch on your promises on all those private pensions. You wipe out all those 401Ks, and all those old-age nest eggs, exposed to risk by those banksters (rhymes with shysters), because you wouldn’t dare steal from real men would you?

        Everyday this SHTF site shows itself to be a giant sleaze bag. A true Progressive Socialist Democrat propaganda shit hole.

        • Blame,
          I have basically worked at 4 industries in my life thus far.
          I built sail boats.
          I was in the military.
          I built aircraft and aircraft stuff.
          I worked in the educational/scientific community.
          None of those have been outsourced but they were certainly
          international in scope.

          What has been outsourced is old inefficient union
          dominated industries un-willing to update and adapt.
          I have been a member of UAW, SPEEA, ILWU unions at various
          points in my life.

          You have to be smart about the decisions you make in life
          and take responsibility for those decisions.
          You cannot blame the world for what it is.
          Impersonal, deadly, and uncaring.

          • What has been outsourced is what can benefit significantly from ultra low wage labor or avoidance of safety, health, environmental such as production manufacturing and the chemical industry. Those industries needed for immediate defensive needs such as energy have remained. Of course the military hasn’t been outsourced but textiles have which are low paid (but not low enough). Much of the chemical industry fled after a study post Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, India 1984. Dupont eviscerated itself.

            • ” Of course the military hasn’t been outsourced …”

              Actually it has. The first thing GHW Bush did was outsource MILITARY parts manufacturing to Chinese Special Economic Zones in Shanghai and other locations.

              A Honeywell Avionics parts manufacturer in North Phoenix was one of the first factories transferred to China by Executive Action. 55 high end, high paying technical engineering jobs were lost via Globalism.

              Military parts are STILL produced in China. Go figure. 🙁

        • the-blame-e

          “under-funded equals “stole from

          Absolutely 100% correct. Its no different than shortchanging the hours or pay per hour on your pay check; its just that the check is coming 35 years later.

          • Phoenix police employee union pension fund was 50% unfunded when stocks were at their peak. If the market crashes 50% from the HIGHS, the pension fund will be completely worthless.

            Which just goes to show you that “first responders” will be to first to take the green weenie in the ass during SHTF. Again. Can you say 911 ??? 🙁

            • Good. Why should civilian taxpayers be forced to fund retirement programs for government employees?

      4. Was comparing notes with a guy at the gym, an electrician who chooses not to work – so he can have zero income and get state health care, while he deals with a liver problem.

        He has great health care. I would have had to pay $600 a month in 2017 to have comparable health care.

        = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
        Separate subject –

        I suggest reading the Bloomberg article about the Apple-Amazon hardware hack (by China). If true, one of the most impactful spying incidents in Human History.

        Apple denies everything, but has yet to explain why they scrapped 7000 Supermicro server boards in 2015.


        I never liked outsourcing.

      5. These “dependents” will willingly go to FEMA camps for the promise of a biscuit. The average person who has 3 days of food in their pantry (because they eat out always) will beg to go to these camps (e.g. the AstroDome). When I started prepping about 11 years ago my MOTTO was “I will not go to a camp!”

        I prep because I will not subject myself to … just so I won’t starve to death. Food has been and will always be an effective weapon against people. Prepare accordingly.

        • That bastion (bastard) of freedom Henry Kissinger said, ‘If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population..

          • Kevin2, that quote is spot on.

            I noticed that NWO SOB was at McCain’s funeral. I met him on a class trip in Elementary School and he was old then! I can’t believe he is still alive.

            • ” I can’t believe he is still alive.

              Only The Good Die Young

              Billy Joel

              Kissinger is the most senior advisor to the globalists and mentor to subsequent generations of their managers. He is about as close to actually being once of them that an employee could be.

              • Don’t forget

                “Useless eaters”

          • Slick tounge. Kissinger is evil.

          • Kevin2, you were right with the word ‘bastard’. I would’ve left out the word ‘bastion’ but that’s just me.

          • Did’ja hear that Lou Dobbs just got his entire show taken down for a night because he or his guest bad-mouthed George Soros, and linked that dinosaur with the caravan. Murdock will stand alot but not anyone running down his buddy Soros.

            Soros, Kissinger, the Clintons, the herd of elder Marxists is getting thinner. Might be why the fervor for the NWO is at such a peak.

        • Justice, same with me. I’ve already got 95% of my supplies stashed in a big storage building at the BOL which I leave for in the morning. My relatives were preppers before the word was even invented.

      6. I suspect TPTB see and are planning for a future not too far away where the disruption of technology upon employment is such that their won’t be sufficient jobs for the worldwide masses. Entitlements will be the most common source of income, birth rates will be lowered by social conditioning, euthanasia of the terminally ill / old / feeble / handicapped the order of the day. Its a political dream of Hitler, Lenin, Mao who carry it out owned by Rockefeller, Warburg, Rothschild, and a cabal of others who themselves are not socialist / communists. In essence a feudal society with a veneer of benevolence largely in function with 1984. An insect colony.

        • K2,
          You pretty much understand it!

        • The minorities who champion for increasing government handouts, who are are needed to help propel their progressive benefactors into power, will I suspect, be one of the first to feel the effects of TPTB “utopia”.

          • Kevin2, it will be interesting to see the minorities reaction when they realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods.

            • It will be predictable, mass civil disorder, looting from those that have a little. TPTB sit back, insulated by distance and security and let the everyone kill each other.

      7. Rot child once give me control of manna and I care not who makes the laws.

        Tech is moving at light speed. I’m a little upbeat because my wife and I met a millennial bartender tonight who is fully awake 1111

      8. Funny no one mentioned war as the monster threat to mankind. Poverty is growing because trillion$ are directed to supporting war.

      9. ” Poverty is growing because…”

        Of massive greed. The Military Industrial Complex is just one of its manifestations. They’re all too numerous to list.

        Is an enemy to all mankind
        The thought of war blows my mind

        Edwin Starr – War Lyrics

      10. We have become absolutely addicted to chewish “money”

      11. One of the more important factors in a successful life is education.
        Education in America is a failure.
        “The deliberate dumbing down of America” is explained by Charlotte Iserbyt in her book by that name free on pdf.

        In a nutschell: phonics for reading in kindergarten and first and second grade is what’s missing from educating. The boomers who were taught to read by the “See Dick, See Jane, See Spot” Books in public schools were and are barely literate. Of course, laws were imposed on this generation, they could not read or understand.

        The children have been dumbed down further and further.

        At the same time as kids get dumber, drugged, vaccinated, and socialized into gender confusion, they are subjected to a curriculum designed to make them conform to the will of a tyrannical overlord. The family is undermined. The culture of Western Civilization is demonized and simply left out. All the accomplishments of Western Civilization are replaced with multicultural fantasies that are not based on reality.

        There are thousands of fighting age men at our door carrying the flag of another Country, fourteen thousand and more armies of mostly male invaders are behind them. Nothing else matters unless we ? ✋ stop this invasion. Read my lips: NO MORE.

        The young buck stops here.


        • BFCA, Like it or not this IS the future! I will be long gone and so will you probably when the shit gets real bad. I really hope you don’t have kids thet you are going to be responsible for putting through the hell that is coming. There really is nothing that can stop it. When I’m gone this retard ranch can FOAD (except the animals, they don’t deserve what humans have done to them). WHAT A HORRIFIC FAILURE HUMANITY IS!

          • And I mean HORRIFIC! If this is the best (GOD) can do then he is a LOSER in the first degree! Watch ancient aliens sometime, it is very insightful for tv. They actually offer proof of where we came from unlike mythical religions. If we are the most intelligent beings in the universe…… The universe is a TOTAL waste!

            • And there is MASSIVE amounts of proof we are NOT the most intelligent. We have been abandoned because we are SO STUPID and not worthy of interaction (from most celestial species).

              • Genius:

                Yes, I do have adult children. And it is too late to undue that decision. I agree that things are bad and will get worse if we continue to put misplaced feelings of compassion above that of the survival of our own.

                It is suicide not to stop these new bands of migrants. We, maybe could assimilate those already here. But there is a limit to charity and generosity when that generosity is taken advantage of as ours has been.

                I don’t have the luxury of giving up.


                • Suicide is the plan of our masters. As long as kids go to public skool we are SCREWED! And to repr, I think I will take a snip of the good stuff. I don’t drink liquor very often actually (mostly beer) but I do love makin’ it. Here’s an old classic song to drink too!


              • Great day in the morning Laddie it sounds like you need to take a long belt off’n that fine weeskie that you make. I sitting here now with a glass in my hand.

                  • We grew up with the best music ever didn’t we. Thanks been some time since I heard this one.

        • “The boomers who were taught to read by the “See Dick, See Jane, See Spot” Books in public schools were and are barely literate. ”

          LMFAO !!! 🙂

          That’s how I learned to read. Do you think I am “barely literate” ??? 🙂

      12. We are in last stages of the breakup of Lincoln’s republic. It is bankrupt, its wealth has been plundered, its gates have been abandoned, and now waves of foreign invaders are heading in.

        Think New Free and Independent States with New Borders.

        • Spoken like a true commie !!!

          We are not buying that BS !!! Americans are awake and Americans are aware. Americans are about to taste a NEW BURST OF FREEDOM.

          Red Tsunami in November !!! 🙂

      13. In the bad old days, when I worked at a resort, we were told to eat all we could from the buffet, before opening. We could not hurt it. It would be thrown away, later. We were told to take some home with us, if we needed it.

        The grease traps were harvested for renewable energy.

        Enough is not just produced, but thrown away, to feed the world. Then, the pigs get it for slop — fattening, high energy food, that prevents wasting.

        It was thrown away, and the dumpsters locked, when I worked at a store.

        Even during Depression 1, city water was unmetered, and food staples were apparently subsidized.

        During the housing (non) crisis there were 6 shelters to every 1 homeless.

        At the local halfway house, boxcars would eventually be filled with donations of clothes and electronics. People made jobs of sending it away.

        None of this is made by traditional demographics, nor within eyeshot.

        Farms are consolidated, then shuttered.

        If you pay very close attention, many “technical” positions are turnkey, unskilled, redundant.

        If we are so technologically advanced, what is the incentive to earn this.

        If not, who is paying. Where is it coming from, or what is the catch?

        • “If not, who is paying. Where is it coming from, or what is the catch?”

          Government programs provide incentives for private companies like Walmart to donate food bought from factory farms at wholesale prices and given to charity at market value, hiding excessive profits from the bottom line.

          These programs also provide CASH to homeless shelters and food banks; thus the incentive for 6 shelters to 1 homeless. The government does not audit these “charities” where much of the goods are converted by the local “volunteers” and Board Members.

          Churches push for “refugees” because they profit TREMENDOUSLY for every refugee in their government sponsored program; which funds are provided by US Taxpayers !!!

          The hypocrisy of the LEFT is exceeded only by its corruption. 🙁

          • walmart is a big contributor to the racist communist brown pride organization la raza. fyi

      14. If the world hasn’t gone to Hell by the yuletide, really make the effort to make your holidays the best ever! Really make the holidays, holidays to remember!

      15. mmmmmmm sound familiar Germany 1930s ?

      16. Lots more dependants in california where the government and United nations are working in tandem to start all those forrest fires in order to burn people out of the rural areas to create the buffer zones as seen in the agenda 21 handbook biodiversity assessment map.

      17. Trickle down economics at work.

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