A Green Beret’s Guide To Planning Your Personal Posture: “First Things First: Always Be Armed”

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Green Beret's Guides | 373 comments

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).


    The subject of this article is to help you prepare yourselves for an emergency…any emergency, in whatever scope.  Many of you are already doing this; however, you may pick up a few useful tips.  You may also have some to contribute in the comments section.  I wish to be the facilitator of a discussion in this article.  I wish very much for you to participate in it.  Trust me, I will be taking notes.  As I mentioned in my last articles, it is very important to share information and I rely on you, the readership, as well.

    First things first: always be armed.  The ones who do not wish you to be armed are those who are armed.  Those who are armed place those who are unarmed into work/death camps or kill them outright.  What state do you live in?  Do you have open carry laws?  Do your homework…and then make your own decision.  Here is the ultimate concealed carry law:

    Amendment II  A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
    The Constitution of the United States of America, December 15, 1791.

    “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Such is the reason that state after state sees their feeble “concealed carry” laws crumble when challenged: they do not hold water to the Constitution of the United States of America.  You need to be armed at all times to increase your chance of survival.

    Let’s talk about some things that may work for you.

    Cargo pants.  These are preferred because of what you can stash in them.  You can hold an infinite combination of gear in them…a polar-tech cap and a balaclava, a “drive-on” (do) rag – the o.g. Army cravat.  You can carry shooting gloves (leather for all-weather) and ear plugs (radians do tell!).  With all of these things in the cargoes, there is still plenty of room for the main function:  when you change your mags or speed loaders, you can shove the empties in your cargo pockets.

    For ammo, have (depending on your caliber) (1) loaded mag/chambers with hollow-points, and a backup of Buffalo Bore or another type of +P rounds.  Such can be switched out when the storm troopers step out of their Tie-fighters/MRAP’s.  With pistols, always have one in the hole, and always be scrupulously conscious of it.  Before you are dangerous to the bad guys, it would behoove you to not be dangerous to yourself or to other good guys.

    I strongly recommend an “Uncle Mike” type of plastic holster that holds your piece in your beltline, and an additional mag pouch/speed loader pouch on your belt.  A good folding knife and a Gerber or Leatherman tool is also strongly recommended.  Don’t use them!  Keep them in immaculate and serviceable condition.  If you need to use tools, use other tools.  You want what is on you to be in perfect condition for when conditions are not perfect.

    Good footgear is quite important.  Living in Montana, I have my footgear for extreme cold winter weather (Rocky Goretex) and then switch to issue Jungles in the summer, usually black.  I also wear desert tan (intermediate cold) issues.  Whatever your preference, you need to be able to walk with a load on your back in them and be comfortable as well as have those ankles supported.  Quality socks are very important as well.  From the time that a grid down/SHTF event happens, you have to be ready to rock and roll immediately!  Your survival may depend on how you are dressed/can quick-change into vestments, and how much equipment you have on your person at that time!

    Always have a small flashlight for if the power stops.  Two years ago I was in a sporting goods store and there was a large hailstorm going on.  All of a sudden the power went out, and there was panic in the store.  Whole bunches of elderly people were stumbling around in the basement level, and the management had no backup.  JJ, on the other hand, had his trusty mag-lite and led the older people up the stairs to the exits.  The whole store shut down: a store full of flashlights and batteries that they wouldn’t use.  They weren’t for use, though: they were for sale!

    You see the point: you need your stuff with you and on you.

    Also needed is a reliable lighter (I carry a Zippo and a disposable one).  Safety pins: these little lifesavers can be affixed to your hat and on the inside seams of clothing for when you need them.  Regarding clothing: what you wear may not be what you can hide very well in.  I always wear cargo pants.  Always.  If I’m in a suit and tie, you can bank on my pants having cargo pockets.  I also carry a sweatshirt with hood and a heavier jacket in my vehicle (that blends with the area I may have to run around in).

    Here’s one for you for use with the weapon.  Save your produce bags from the grocery store.  On a kydex/Uncle Mike’s holster, you can place your weapon in the bag when you’re running around and it will fit snugly in the holster.  This will keep dirt, moisture, etc., out of the weapon, and if need be it can be drawn and fired.  For long-term stuff, I’m partial to the old Bianchi flap-and-hook style o.g. pistol holster.  The latch is great to keep that baby inside of the holster when you’re running in the woods from wolves or through the storm-drains chased by homey the clown and the lollipop-guild.

    Loosely fitting clothing will break up the outline of your body.  Also, remember all of the caps and do-rags I mentioned before?  A quick disguise is where you find it; need I say more.  An old Russian saying: “Do not be a white crow among black crows or you’ll be pecked to death!”  Make sure that you blend in as best as you can.  Earth tones in your dress if you have to dee-dee into the woods.  Balance your tones with the discretion of common sense.  Do not try to be a walking Realtree monster right next to downtown city hall.

    Cash on hand is a tough one to call.  I believe $100 would be good to carry and not touch under any circumstances for starters.  You can also balance this with a little gold or silver in the form of jewelry that you could afford to part with if, say, you needed a ride or a few gallons of gasoline.  Do not attempt to be “Mr. T,” nor should you carry around your great-grandfather’s gold pocket watch.  Blend in and be inconspicuous; be the “gray” man in the crowd.

    If you wear eyeglasses, you should have a spare pair where you can reach them, or (at the bare minimum) a small repair kit and a tube of super glue to fix them until you’re out of the danger zone.  A compass is a good thing; pick one up that’s not going to be useless in the event of EMP.  Follow the KISS principle and pick up a good durable liquid-filled one or a Lensatic that can take a beating and still give you a direction.  A good P-38 (can-opener, not the Lockheed WWII fighter aircraft) should be a must-have on your key ring.  Ballpoint pens and paper (I keep index cards with me) are also handy for your own Intel-keeping or for a message you may need to leave for someone.

    This article is for informational purposes and is not a suggestion or advisement, explicit or implied, from SHTFplan, its writers, or staff, to violate any local, state or federal laws.  Contact a lawyer or legal counsel prior to taking any actions as outlined in this article.

    We will cover bags for your vehicles and small carry bags for your person in our next segment.  Until then, weigh this information and tailor it according to your needs.  Take some time to consider those needs carefully to employ them in a day-to-day practical setting that is both inconspicuous and effective.  Take action today, because tomorrow may be too late.  Exchange ideas with one another.  May the comments section be more packed than a can of sardines, I wish!  Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. This is very good advise.
        I don’t go any where with a weapon on me. Lots of reason, but the main one is to protect my loved ones.

        Wake up people and stop wearing flip flops, and wear good well made shoes. Some “t” shoes are very well made but having a pair of good hiking boots with you is much better.

        Cargo pants I have in my truck, I also have a bullet proof vest in it also.

        I try and wear clothing to blend in. I keep most of what Mr. Johnson is advising us to have in a box in my Pick-Up
        I also have many other things.

        Mr. Johnson thanks for the article. It will help a lot of folks.


        • I had a little laugh. I used to wear flip-flops all day everyday until it affected my back. Now I only get to wear them when I go to the beach.

          One other question for you experienced marital arts guys out there….I would like to take some classes as well as have my kids take on something of this sort (ages 4-20 at home). Can you share your varying opinions considering who knows how long we might have to actually learn anything useful given the state of our country?

          • the amount of time you have is ZERO time

            your kid could be getting his ass beat as you type this comment

            no joke .. he who hesitates gets his ass beat .. no joke

            • My kids are home and the other is at work. I pretty much know that nobody is getting their ass handed to them right now;)

              That’s not really helpful, can you offer something that is actually constructive or you don’t have that ability.

              Yep-that was my bitch mode.

              • Sept.-Oct. is a likely time for things to go south for many reasons. I would try to get things done by the end of August, if that’s possible. I know that’s not much time for training, but every little bit helps.

                • Are you sure it is not October to November, or August to September? I am always entertained by predictions especially ones that have it narrowed down to months.

                • Arch….can you provide additional analysis why you pick Sep-Oct for “things to go south”?

                  • Black Monday: October 1929.

                    Black Monday: October 1986.

                    Second biggest drop in DOW: September 2001.

                    Biggest drop in DOW: September 2008.

                    Here’s a good Roy Acuff record, “This World Can’t Stand Long”:

                    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ8RR3croQw

                    • The Harbinger. September/October. While there have been November and even December drops, the predominant recessions/depressions start out in September…and then on and on. Be Well.

                    • September/October 2016 sounds right for another reason. Riots seem to happen in hot weather and if our current prez decides to declare martial law it would be shortly before the election. He could then cancel the election and remain in power.

                  • I also look for major problems this fall. The reason is simply Obama. The time line for trying to take our freedoms is better with him in office. The UN is waiting to place peacekeeping troops in our cities as or after we burn them down in riots etc.
                    I may not be exactly correct, but I think you can find my reasoning to work in most situations.
                    Best of luck to each of you, may God bless you everyone.

                    • On the Biblical calendar, the end of the Shemitah year is Sept. 13, 2015, which is a Sunday this year. The stock market closes on Friday, 9-11. The Shemitah year was intended to be a time of blessing and releasing of all debt, but if a nation turns away from God and does not follow His principles and precepts, it becomes a curse instead. Remember what happened in 2008, 2001, etc. Good info here: https://swissthomas.wordpress.com/2013/06/13/the-mystery-of-the-shemitah-jonathan-cahn/

              • Jeet Kune Do. And add some MMA. Also mindset is a big deal. Never give up, the real fight is different than the Dojo. Understand that the scum would prefer to blind side you, rather than a so called “fair fight”. So awareness is important. Lift weights to get strong, it can help, but the core elements of Jeet Kune Do can give nice power. I have an instructor rating in it so I am somewhat partial to it, but have studied a few other arts as well. Arnis de mano is also a helpful art, look it up, sticks and knives!
                Have a nice day.
                PS If I carry a gun on my job I would lose my job:(
                STU OUT.

                • @stu; Situational awareness is what you’re talking about. I would have my kids in Krav Maga…while still a “martial art”…it has a lot more realism to it. You can’t teach biting, nut kicking, eye gouging and otherwise dirty fighting…it will cost you money being sued. YOU will have to teach your kids that, and explain it to them. I would have to agree with JJ as to what to carry, though I might disagree as to how. My EDC is a Kahr P9, two spare 10rd mags, CRKT T-16, a Swiss Army knife, my challenge coin, a Coglans Dynamo crank light, a CLEAR butane lighter, a cerro steel with striker, a Streamlight 180 lumen E2, two pens and writing paper, a pocket fresnel lens, and a wallet “tool”, my wallet with $100 in small bills, and change. I also never go anywhere without my BOB and I keep a Bug out Box in my truck at all times, with water and many other survival/repair items and a jump pack. Be Well.

                  • The $100 bills might be unused and clean enough to make so-so toilet paper. They won’t have any other value in overt SHTF. Copper coin (that’s what current U.S. “change” is made of) is another matter. It’s valuable in it’s own right (ever hear of those types that get electrocuted trying to steal copper from utilities?!). Real money is anything that’s valuable on its own–not because some “government” (bullies) point guns and bigger missiles at you and tell you to “accept it as ‘legal tender for all debts, public and private'”.

                • anon 1970: JKD is excellent – studied it for ten years plus. however, like most martial arts systems [i know, i know, bruce would abhor his beloved Jeet Kune Do being called a “system” or style] you’ll need time to learn, practice, and program your body to become reflexive. years, really, which you probably don’t have.
                  as a side note, i believe you will not want to neglect a personal relationship with the Lord of the universe, Jesus Christ. to know Him is to love Him, and there is nothing else in this world like it. i don’t believe anyone who lives outside of His love and protection will fair well in the coming troubles, both mentally and physically. what on earth do you have to lose by asking Him in to your life?
                  but i digress…
                  to bring your loved ones up to speed for SHTF i would suggest a more combatives based system, where you could take individual responses, to say, a dozed different scenarios [response to a punch, kick, chokes, throw in a few gun disarms, etc.], and work those until you have reflexive response. Krav Maga might be the short term answer for you and yours, or some other military based style. martial arts is only one piece of the defensive pie. basic knife and rifle/shotgun proficiency should not be neglected either. you need to cover all ranges, from empty hands to long range [scoped bolt action rifle]. are you able to get instruction in basic marksmanship/gun safety for your older kids [and yourself]also?

                  • It would be nice if we were all able to spend years of practice at these martial arts, and could find and afford a good sensei. But at 68, with two replaced knees and bad shoulders, I believe my .45 double stack 1911 and 2 full magazines will resolve most social problems. 4.5# trigger and Golden Sabre (FBI load)cartridges at 230grains. If, not then I need a flame-thrower, a minigun, or a miracle.

                    All this stuff about fighting physically is dangerous to begin with. One speck of blood from your opponent’s system in your eye can leave YOU with a blood-borne pathogen whose results can be problematic at best, and fatal at worst. Moral of the story? Keep your eyes open, and your ears, constantly assess your environment, carry a sharp knife and a pistol of at least .357 caliber.

                    Be civil, polite, and kind to everyone you meet, keep your physical distance, and have a plan to kill them, as Jeff Cooper was fond of saying. Your “gut instinct” is really your subconscious telling things are not right, and that there is danger about us. Listen to it.

                    Don’t get the idea because you are skilled in karate that it is a solution. Street fights don’t go down according to dojo rules. They can come at any place, at any time, and of the aggressor’s choice of time and weapon.

                    Therefore, your handgun must be positioned so that it useable in 2 seconds of your reaction time. Your other hand is used to keep, or try to push, them away. You might get cut or a broken arm, but when you operate your handgun, your opponent should, by all rights, be dead or mortally wounded. Cuts and breaks will heal – I’ve had both.

                    Death is irreversible, to the best of my knowledge, excluding those recoveries that can only truly be described as miraculous.

                    You guys who are bad-mouthing each other and making stupid statements: GIVE US A FUCKING BREAK!! We’ve heard all this Bullshit in high school, and for me, at least, 50 years ago is too long gone to continue to listen to and read those who talk like a fool. And a huge waste of time for everybody,

                    “Jeremiah Johnson”: you full well know that character was based on the life of John “Liver Eatin'” Johnson, of whom it was said killed over 100 Crow warriors in revenge for the death of his loved ones. And did eat their livers with a little gall squeezed on for flavoring, just like the buffalo hunters did. Yum, yum, yum!!

                    You’ve got a superior blog here, excluding the childish bleats of a few immature characters. Give us more of your own useful pieces of knowledge learned in the service of our country, and persuade your old buddies to kick in too. The more the merrier, and the more to contrast and compare, the more solid is the knowledge developed.

                    Respectfully, with thanks and honor to you for your National Service, I am, humbly yours

                    Donald H. Conner

                    • Mr. Conner,
                      Well said. Well deserved saying to the immature high-school-failures who like to play the cyber-bully game here.
                      Appreciate your comments!

              • There is an old Marine book entitled Kill or Be Killed. It might have even been mentioned on SHTF before. It is available as free downloadable .pdf. Just goggle it. Various arts mentioned by others here are good if you have the time and money but to get an immediate start try that.

                • It is “Kill or Get Killed”. I just found it. Good book. Thanks.

              • Look in the phone book there are a bunch(depending were you live)that have self-defense classes for kids, talk to sense and see if it’s what you are looking for.

              • Krav Maga- The Israeli street fighting system. Swift and devastating. can be mastered faster than any other martial art and not even close. It’s designed to inflict maximum damage on attackers in the shortest time possible. It should ONLY be used in life or death situations as it can often be fatal. Six months of serious training will have anyone well equipped.

            • Oh look, Enemy of the State just got his ass handed to him

              • And for speaking reality
                It doesn’t bother me any
                You have to understand where it’s coming from
                Some people you just can’t reach

                • to add,, not many people have the ability to drill thru my skin .. its pretty dam thick , to be honest i don’t have time for that anymore, and neither does anyone paying attention
                  and i always feel if one doesnt want my advice or see it my way.. im completely fine with that .. all we are is gaming against our own ends ,, to each of us it will be different, a future without fighting for it is a lost cause, one can only give advise they feel works for them, or how would they have an opinion

                  • Wasn’t trying to drill through your skin btw, if that was meant for me. I just know that you probably won’t take me serious since I confess to not wearing camos and combat boots. Though I was asking a real, genuine question.

                    We can’t be thin skinned in this world. I try to be friendly to everyone and I especially like grumpy, pissy old men. Usually I can get a smile but sometimes it ain’t gonna happen. Then I put my bitch face on and move along, HA!

                    • “FreedomFighter,” above, got it right. The “Kill Or Be Killed” pdf is exactly right. No wasted time on “martial arts,” no need to become muscle-bound. Learn a few specific actions that disable the enemy. And then don’t be stupid and let them get up to attack again. Finish them with one or two other simple specific actions.

                      Example: The approaching enemy gets your stomp on his/her kneecap. The enemy bends over, hobbled. You apply an edge-of-hand blow to the neck, and then you step behind the enemy and apply an arm around the neck for the strangle-hold and/or break of the neck.

                      Advice and images from that pdf are here:

                  • and you call what you gave him “an advice”. As if that was not enough, you claim that he was not paying attention. In fact he was, you are the one who is not.

                    Anon 1970. As far as self defense, it’s too late for that, as I would guess it would take a minimum of a year or 6 months/ 4 times a week, for a regular person to train to a point, where the training would become a second nature to act upon on impulse. For now you need something to just build everybody’s physical strength, stamina, agility, etc. If you or your wife are attacked, you’d at least be able to react with sufficient amount of aggressiveness to cause damage to your attacker. Vs. if you didn’t train in any way. There are several programs out there but I know that Bill Phillips (bodybuilding) Body-4-Life 12 weeks program might take care of such emergency for you. Look it up on the internet, it’s all over the place. I did it and all I needed is a workout bench, few dumb bells that I got from thrift shop and I was on my way. The program consists of 6 workouts a week, Sundays off. Half is some kind of high intensity aerobic work out that last only 20 mns x 3/week and the 3 others consists of 45 mns body building. So total time you need to commit to, to get this done is 4 hours a week, that’s it!!! You also can find the book that lays it all down in thrift shops, you don’t even need to buy a new one. The book has all exercises/full photographes, etc. it’s well written. I did just 6 workouts a week of bodybuilding and no aerobic and at the end of the 12 weeks my biceps were rounded up dude! LOL. I could not believe it. I lost 10 clean pounds of fat and my blood pressure went down by 19 points!! I just cleaned up my eating little bit, but the workouts I didn’t mess with, I executed to my best. Like I said, I didn’t not do the aerobic, that means, I did 45 mns daily, Minus Sundays. If you start next Monday, you’d be done by June 27. It’s really worth the try. Your physical strength is as important as your ability to defend yourself. In fact, it will open the door for you to be able to do just that. I hope this helps.

                    • Thanks Daisy! I have your book and I am a ‘she’. I do work out, I lift with my husband 5 days a week and walk for my cardio. I am trim and have no health problems. So, essentially I am already in shape. I guess I could up this to long hikes with kids in tow to built up further endurance.

                      My kids are healthy and very active. We live different than most Americans. They don’t have gaming devices or watch much on the teevee. An occasional movie when they are sick or it is a lazy, rainy Sunday. But I think we could work on endurance. Though we have animals and bake our own bread and well, they are just really busy with life. They do take various music lessons and I think adding martial arts would be a nice offset.

                      In short, what I am saying is, we are in shape and could use time to build up the endurance to make long hikes with gear on. My little folks are too big to wear in a pack anymore so having them walk/hike would be good for them.

                      Maybe I will try that program to mix it up a bit. I sometimes feel bored to death with leg day, curls for the girls day…haha. My husband has names for the workout of the day.

                      I need more tactical training. We all do.

                      Even if we only have two months, it won’t hurt to go for it. What’s to lose?

                    • So Sorry about the gender mix up Anon 1970,
                      I am glad you turned out to be a lady. The program is not girly trust me. Even though I am a female, neither am I. I am tomboy/ex Air Force/hardcore security background, and hang out mostly just with guys. Worked out my entire life to few exceptions here and there. I did it with 20+ pounds dumbbells on each arm as a cure to lower my blood pressure once I found out the problem, but I got a lot more than that as a reward. Since you are in a good shape, you could use it to start from where you currently are to pump up that strength to A max. Trust me, for what’s upcoming, no strength is enough or too much. I’ve been through so much in my life, and if it was not for my physical condition I wouldn’t even be alive today, to start with. Even when I was in the military, other females often times found themselves in an absolute rot, while on the other hand, I was just sailing through. From experience, I can assure you, that you will never regret having some nice, even bold muscle mass as it always comes in very handy.
                      What you could do is start some self defense program, do as much as you can. And by the time the SHTF, see where you’re at. I’ve been closely watching this thing for last few months and it does not look good at all.
                      I think you should go for some US military combat/ body to body basic self defense training. Drop all those juitsu, tekwondo, this and likido that. It’s too confusing to be able to pick the right discipline that will serve to prepare you best and your family. there are very basic moves to perform either when attacked or when attacking. look on the internet and see if such thing as a condensed related course exist and it probably does. Go after the organization that provides it. You have very little time to get this done.

          • Look into Krav Maga, you can learn very useful and defective techniques in a very short time and keep adding to them if more is available.

            Various stick fighting schools are good to consider as well, practice is usually done at home and you can always find a stick no matter where you are. Kids can equal an adult in this.

            Suitable for all ages, but lets face it: Young children need adult protectors.

            • Pankration and junsado are also very good.

            • Found a place. I will be checking it out next week with two of my kids.

          • The easiest martial art to get a quick advantage over an opponent of much larger strength and size is Aikido.
            Here is all you need to start.. Practicing this is hard on the other persons joints. Be careful.


            • Aikido is for mentally ill slaves. I tried it in college and found it to girly for me. It is so stupid it takes years to get to the point that aikido is useful. Jujitsu is dangerous to learn because big people are twisting on your joints. My kid competes in jujitsu competitions but he fights in the heavy weight class. No fat on that boy . I suggest learning auto-nomic fighting and tae kwon do for a self defense hand/knife strategy.

              • Whoops i meant to say, “I have slapped the piss out of a aikido instructors during competitions.”

                • Did you do that in prison, or was that while you was giving all of us the lowdown on what gun you usually carry.

                  • I never said i carry a gun. I just said i am an expert shooter which i am. Guns are bad. I gave up my guns for the children;)

                    • Every time i get an expensive nice gun my kids borrow it and never return it. My children have the best stuff.

                    • You think you can tell us how stand up to the world and cannot even stand up to your kids HUMMMMM. I have also noticed you equate expensive with good. I like those people, Figure to end up with an expensive Gen 4-5 night vision off one.

                    • I wont stand up, i am a coward and so are you 🙂

          • @Anon-Martial arts is great for discipline and learning. However it takes years to get to the point where you develop the muscle memory needed to remember that training in an actual fight. I think given the amount of time we may have left (0-6 months) I would work on helping your kids get in good shape and look into a good boxing gym. Help them get comfortable with fighting and they’ll learn the basics. Just keep in mind that fitness is key.

            • The place I am checking out has kickboxing too. I realize boxing and kickboxing are different body parts but, it wouldn’t hurt,no?

          • Yes , get them in some sort or contact martial art. For instance jiu-jitsu, boxing, or preferably wrestling(no im not talking hulk hogan style). Ive trained in martial arts about
            20 years and the kata punching air shit doesnt work. You have to train with contact to simulate an adrenaline dump. I would say 10 hours a week for 6 months, a person could handle most street situations.Then again anyone has a punchers chance.Next I would recommend a good book by john mosby(yes like the southern partisan) and apply it.You can find it on the forward observer magazine web-site.Theres alot of good info there.

          • I would recommend MMA training, which is primarily Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have been training both for the last 4 years. Muay Thai is a very practical martial art, the main goal is to incapacitate your opponent(either KO or lost will to fight via pain response). Using fist, feet, knees, and elbows, many striking options at various ranges are available. Jiu Jitsu is great for for close quarters, especially if the fight goes to the ground(always did in the schoolyard). Again, the goal is to incapacitate your opponent. Anyone who has been a victim of a rear naked, triangle, guillotine choke or felt a deep joint lock can attest to its speed and effectiveness. Both are great for personal conditioning as well. I am not saying other options are bad, but you have to think about the instruction available. Many Karate and Tae Kwon Do dojo’s teach strikes that score points and win tournaments, not the fast up elbow that stuns your would be attacker and buys you the time and distance to clear leather. Both disciplines can be learned quickly, and you can work on mastering them for the rest of your days. Just my $.02.

            • My 20 year old is an old soul. He is sweet and gentle, until you piss him off then he might just put his fist through a wall. He isn’t violent in the way he has ever put his hands on anyone. He just gets mad mostly if he is hurt or sees injustice. Physically, this kid has a good build. Very muscular and his body is naturally cut. He’s never been in a fist fight.

              I keep thinking martial arts would be good for his mind. He lost his dad, not completely just to a traumatic brain injury and it destroyed him. He misses his dad, though he is still alive. Just a fraction of the man he was.

              He tends to keep to himself and is a keen observer. Quiet and introspective.

              If things continue to bump along another 2-5 years maybe this will end up being doubly helpful for him.

          • i believe that the martial arts do a lot of good things for many people, especially for our youth. Thy teach discipline, build confidence, and are great for anyone who knows little about self defense. However, I also believe that they can also mislead people into having a very dangerous “false sense” of security. The martial arts, as they are learned today, have many “rules”, a nice soft mat to fall on, and instill a huge amount of honor that their members are expected to have at all times. Heck, even MMA has many of the same attributes, believe it or not. Unfortunately, when SHTF happens, those folks who you are preparing to defend against will be very desperate, not in their right mind, and “honor” will most likely not even be in their vocabulary (with the possible exception of to their fellow gang members). If you are really serious about learning to fight for protection and self-defense, I would suggest investing your time and money into one of the many “street fighting” courses out there. Just google it and and find something that sounds like it fits you. There are a lot out there. If you grew up on the streets, then you know that there are no rules or discipline. Honor….maybe, if you are in a gang. And trust me, there are do cushy mats to fall on. Only survival. Survival my any means necessary.

          • If you are going to take a martial art Kajakimbo, JKD, kravmaga
            Get the art that will give you the skills to do the most damage in the least amount of time. Nothing is easy to learn but try to do some sim private lessons the instructor
            Will teach you things he won’t teach in reg class.

          • Anon 1970, late to the dance here, but enroll in MMA schools for hand to hand. Best all around for most people. Look for schools that teach striking and ground game.

            The key is to try and not go the ground, due to bad things happen up close, so striking is key to keep criminals at distance. Obviously staying away from bad situations is key, but my attitude is to teach ‘attitude’ when defending yourself. The welfare of your attacker is secondary compared to the welfare of you or family. So when going face to face, keep it brutal and ruthless.

          • As a former Kung Fu instructor, I can tell you KISS. Keep It Simple. JJ can tell you gross motor movements (swinging arms and legs, basically) will work in most situations. I have been telling and training my daughter since she was 4 this “Eyes, nose throat, go for the kill”.

            No vision= no pursuit.
            No breathing = no pursuit
            no life = no pursuit

            Styles or techniques to look at would be Krav Maga, Kung Fu (more like Kempo, with less flash and flair), boxing, Kung Fu San Soo,

            Military styles/techniques could be SCARS and related. I don’t know the effectiveness of those, though, as I never trained in them.

            Basically, the old addage is true “It’s not the size ofthe dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”

            Being big helps though haha

          • Krav Maga. Developed & taught by IDF. A lot easier to master than karate, and more effective. Search on utube & amazon.

        • do you mean WITHOUT a weapon on me?

          you say ..”I don’t go any where with a weapon on me”.

          • “E”
            CRAP! I forgot the word WITHOUT.
            I carry a Kimber Pro Carry II 45. With Laser grips.
            “E” Thanks again.

            • You should carry a better gun sarge, you should know better:(

              • You paid too much and while you are f-ing around with the thumb safety the bad guy will already be changing mags and re holstering.

              • Glock man are you? Had one, hated it.

                • Depends, some Glocks are ok. Mainly full size like 10mm 20. Dont like the small ones. SDs are OK but prefer Sig. New ones, not the german made ones. But the sig 516 in a pistol version with arm piece and 100rd drum mags are good.


            These are a few things that will help you monitor whats going on in your area. Connect lights or buzzers or anything you want to the motion switches. All the above uses 12vdc so you can power it all from batteries.
            Night vision is great just get whats affordable for you I like thermal imaging myself (PS 24 scout).
            Use mannequins as distractions and time delayed fireworks will also distract people. Strobe lights and smoke bomms are useful too.

            Get a drone with a camera mounted on it to peek out above trees and obstacles.
            Setup false trails with false tracks to send others down the wrong path or to funnel them to a kill zone.
            Leave food or snacks (jerkey) laced with nasties behind, they will surely be hungry.
            Study up on man traps and use as you see fit.
            Get a good crossbow or regular bow for silent operations.
            These things will help people who don’t have large groups as well as people who do. Affordable force multipliers that may save yer ass! Enjoy and keep preppin, 🙂

            I had more but it looks like nsa is blocking me from posting it 🙁

          • Radios will be totally useless, come overt SHTF (whether or not you’ve kept–how many?–of them in–how many?–Faraday cages and such). Reliance on modern junk will be for the ones who become obsolete with it, come outward SHTF.

            SHTF is already occurring, more or less overtly. To a large extent, it began when George Washington marched against the Pennsylvanian veterans who thought the freedom they had just so expensively won applied to them and not just to General Washington and his Hamiltonian Federalist elites. Other milestones, such as the damnable compliance with the slave culture that resulted in Appomattox, “Reconstruction”, industrialism, WWII militarization of society, and the strengthening of Federalism by income tax, the New Deal, the “alphabet soup” of federal government agencies and such, all intensified and made possible the further onset of overt SHTF.

        • Old people:

          For the record I do not talk with a lisp, no cross-dressing, no tattoos or piercings, no matching outfits, no flowers, no rainbow flag, no exaggerated hand gestures, no wiggling my big bubble butt as a walk, no poodle, no chick flicks, just 100% fucking tough guy badass muscled alpha male prepper with massive testosterone levels that make me want to fuck anything that walks.

          I am a fucking sexual tyrannosaurus.

          • What a coward. Only cowards try to act bad ass all the time. I try to act like pee wee so people will attack me and that gives me the opportunity to practice my auto-nomic fighting techniques. Last twelve fights i had in the military left my opponent wondering how they got so hurt so quick?

            • My barracks room mate used to start fights for me with other people because he enjoyed watching me trash assholes like acid etch:)

              • Best weapon up close is a plastic dead-blow hammer. If swung by someone like me who can bench 325# it will splatter a bad guy if he has a knife or not:). And most places dont care if you wear it on a tool belt

                • Just kidding, i can only bench a 12oz can of beer. You should try to punish me for being naughty;). I deserve a good police / green beret beat down. Hahahaha If you attack me you will learn some new stuff for your blog, that hard way;)

                  • My advice to slaves is be unassuming but when fighting be all consuming. Bruce Lee would have liked that advice:)

                  • I like the “12 oz can of beer” part. LOL. I understand now why one of the guys that come here beats on him all the time. One can pretty much tell he is an empty can as those tend to rattle easily and a Lot.
                    Look how Humble Jeremiah Johnson is, with all the training he has gone through, the Guy is so low key it’s frightening! LOL. Now I would not F with somebody like that.

          • Go visit Michelle.

          • Come on ass itch, everyone here knows that you are a limp wrist.
            Sexual tyrannosaurus? Shit, all that means is that your arms are too short to masturbate. No wonder you are a frustrated fag.

            • 🙂

            • Haha arms too short. That is fuuuuuneee:)

              • And head too big.

            • no, you guys got it all wrong about acid. he wrote the BOOK on love!…..that was a HANDBOOK, as i recall….

            • LMAO, dude you Rock.

          • @Acid Etch…

            In your dreams.

            You’re a flaming faggot, pencil-necked little momma’s boy. And when SHTF, you’ll crawl into a fetal position and suck your thumb.

            • All kidding aside, acid etch is a sweet guy and i hope he is in the same fema jail cell with me. I need a good punk now and then. He can wash my socks too:)

          • You sound like one seriously effed up dude.

          • I certainly hope you use PROTECTION…

            • I think he meant to say tyranny saurus.

              • Tranny sore ass

                • LMAO ROFL. Now, that’s a valid Decoding.

                • LMAO ROFL. Now, that’s a valid Decoding.

          • Tell that to my 12Ga. I’m sure it will be as impressed as I am.

          • Acid make along story short your a punk ass wanna be key board commando shut the fuckup

          • Don’t knock poodles man. They are great hunting dogs for cold climates, they have hair instead of fur and it doesn’t stop growing…yeah that makes them a little higher maintenance, but the benefits are awesome. They are highly intelligent, mine problems solves on a low level and can take down a rabbit with the best of Lurches.

            • and those poodles EAT less food….and they got better hearing than big dogs…and they let you know when they hear sumthin’….why do you think they call ’em YAPPY dogs?!!!

              • Since the hair stays put, they skin out clean:)

          • I saw you walking out of farmer Jones cow barn…..shame on you Acid! couldn’t find a woman huh?

        • Do not stand out from the crowd by being Mr. tacti-cool, but have a BOB with your combat clothing type IIIa vest and helmet in your car always, in the trunk in case the fucking pork shines a light in your car. Fucking pigs. Emergency triangles in case your car breaks down. Window breaker and seat cutter within reach.

          Everything that goes on your body has to be nylon cordura or polyester including belt boots and gloves never wool (except marino wool socks) never leather and for fuck sake never cotton. I wear medium thickness ankle merino hiking socks in the summer and heavy crew length merino socks in the winter. I like Merrell socks.

          Don’t wear fucking GI leather boots they are way too fucking heavy they don’t breathe and they wont perform. I use two pairs of synthetic uninsulated boots year round for varying wet and dry weather conditions. The only real difference is that the waterproof boots have a waterproof membrane and a much denser mesh weave and the dry weather boots are very porous mesh to facilitate ventilation. If you go for routine 15 mile hikes you will know how stupid it is to wear leather boots. Look at Merrell, Columbia, The North Face, and LL Bean. This is very important. Optional: I have knee high laceless leather boots for my motorcycle and I occasionally wear Wellington boots when hiking in the deep snow.

          I have camo and black outfits for both hot and cold weather. My Under Armour black polyester tactical pants have mag pouches hidden in the cargo pockets as well as hidden light and knife pockets. I don’t know if they still make them.



          One minimalist for high speed and one to carry shit for overnight expeditions. I never use a framed backpack for any situation. Remember: what is comfortable for you when you step out will sure as shit not be after hiking a few miles.

          Urban environments: I like to wear the old fashioned safari jacket with many pockets and D rings. I like the old fashioned trench coat when it rains in the city cause it keeps you dry down to your knees. Waterproof dress shoes. Tactical briefcase with a lot of pockets. Carry a sawed off shotgun and no one is the wiser.

          I’ve been learning the Israeli pistol method and it appears that “appendix carry” between your leg and your crotch on your dominant hand is the fastest draw statistically. I do not like the isosceles stance. I turn my body to at least make it a smaller target. I want to get a baby Glock chambered in .357 Sig. Yes, I know the fastest way to stir the fucking pot on SHTFPlan is to mention what sidearm I want and I’m sure you old bastards all think that your sidearm is blessed by the angels.

          • Baby Glock in 357 sig? I want one. Put me on the waiting list too.

          • Acid, if you did half the training you claim you would not have time to post here.

            • What Gandi said Acid.

          • You’re so full of shit your breath stinks.

        • Favorite hiking shirt:


          You need a very breathable mesh.

          I usually buy the thinnest possible uninsulated shell layer fitting big on me. If you get too hot on the trail you can stow your top in the backpack easily. If you need to put several fleece (never wool) layers on underneath the shell, also no problem.

          I found these are high performance, but I don’t like the current colors they are offering (I have the top in andes blue and the bottom in el cap khaki, b/c I am gay). 🙂



          Most like to wear boxer-briefs on the trail, but I need these to stop my huge dick from swinging around:


          • You must wear your boxers on your head then?

        • Dear Sgt. Dale,

          You’re welcome. I thank you for reading. I’ll always give it 110% to do as much as I can to teach and also to foster dialogue between all of us.

          It is crucial, just as there is an “Us” in the abbreviation U.S.

          You have a great day and thanks for the encouraging words…believe me, I need ’em. Drop me a line anytime.


          • “JJ”
            E mail me at sgt.dale@hotmail. Andy time

            • Quit kissing the ass of the hired help. Geeze

          • Jeremia, good article, thank you. I do most of those things except wear cargo pants (because they catch on everything at work) and there is no way I can carry a gun at work. I keep all those things in the truck though which is parked not to far away. I can carry a 4 inch blade knife though I usually have a nice shrade on me. One thing I keep in the truck that goes with the bugout bag is a case of mainstay food bars. For about 60 bucks it is 10 bars of 3600 calories vaccum packed and 5 year shelf life unaffected by temps. and the size of a shoebox. Extra batteries are a must also for portable radio and flashlight. Keep up the good work and like you say, a lot of good info in the comments too 🙂

            • Dear Genius,

              Thanks for the comment and the compliments. The food bar idea is a great one; used them quite a bit on the teams. All you need is water and there you have a great meal that is portable and space-efficient.

              Everything you post in the comments is “golden” in my opinion. You guys and gals who place such useful, profound stuff in here are the ones who make my day. Thank you again.


        • Yes i have to laugh every time i hear YUP my guns are safely unloaded in the gun safe! just like ALL guns should ALWAYS be considered loaded ( even if you know they are not) a locked up or a unloaded gun is worthless and YOU will rarely ever know when you will need to use it! BUT if you don’t know how to use one then don’t risk other peoples lives by thinking you do, get out and get some help and make yourself proficient with it!

          • Dear Apache54,

            Those are very good, very valid points. The man you know will be a good matchup for you is the one with the holster a little worn, and the bluing rubbed a bit on his weapon. This is a man who uses it.

            You are spot on: the survivor must first master all of his equipment. Practice, practice, practice.

            Thanks for the comments, and you have a great day.


        • Situational awareness is number one self defense weapon. Get your face out of that stupid smart phone. Always know where the exits are. Identify objects that can be used as weapons.

          A personal favorite is dry chemical fire extinguishers, they are everywhere in public buildings, including gun free zones like schools. I look for them.

          Practice when you go into new places like stores, restaurants etc. identify three plausible weapons you could use as soon as you walk through the door.

          I’ve said it before, that another student once pulled a knife on me in a high-school cafeteria. Stupid move because a chair makes a fine club that trumps knife, and we were in a cafeteria with literally a hundred chairs.

        • Just a side note:

          The plastic bag trick the author mentions. It will discolor the blueing on the firearm. In as little as 12 hours I had a nice .357 revolver ruined on condition. It will still function fine but the value is out the door. Use it only if you don’t mind the discoloration on the gun and don’t plan on selling it. If there is moisture or dampness you will ruin the finish on your gun.

          • I was taking a shotgun magazine tube extension and modifying it to hold an ultra bright flashlight.

            The project came out great and looks awesome, I completed the finished welded parts with Ceri-cote that I baked in a toaster oven. It is an incredible finish, that is super durable, that kicks the crap out of blued finishes.

            You say your guns collectable value it trashed, well ceri-cote can repair it and make it last several generations in my opinion. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/metal-prep-coloring/paint-finishes/air-cure-non-aerosol-paints/cerakote-ovencure-ceramic-coatings-prod26563.aspx

            I have already cleaned it with about every solvent and gun cleaning agent in my kit and it is impervious.

            If you want your fire arm to last, and give it a near indestructible finish, it is a good option.

        • The author made some good points, but not everyone is familiar with the military jargon he used. It would have been more helpful had he written all of his remarks using plain old understandable English, sans military jargon.

          Something that has perhaps not received adequate attention for responsible families to do in terms of preparing for a serious downturn in the economy in this country….

          Ladies, in addition to the now highly repetitive admonitions to know how to garden and can, you also should either learn (quickly) or brush up on your needle skills: knowing how to cut out a clothes pattern and sew a simple set of clothes for your children, a simple man’s shirt, how to replace a zipper, a simple dress, etc.; learn (quickly) or review your knitting skills because there are a great many items necessary for daily life which can be knit, such as socks, hats, gloves, mittens, rugs, purses/shopping bags, sweaters, shawls, towels, washcloths, scarves, baby clothing, blankets of all sizes, belts, men’s ties; learn (quickly) or brush up on crochet skills for items that could come in handy as bartering items like placemats, shelf edging, pillow edging, tablecloths, plus doilies; sew rags from worn out socks; stock up on sale thread; acquire or give some maintenance attention to a reliable sewing machine and learn all of its functions, not just the straight stitch…some astonishing bargains on very good, well built older sewing machines (often with a cabinet included) can be found at estate sales and consignment auctions if you focus on the well known and well regarded brand names; maybe learn how to weave and have your husband study plans available online and in libraries for building a loom from plain lumber, as they do in the 3rd world; maybe learn how to spin using a simple wooden spindle and study books available from a library on the ins and outs before investing in a spindle or spinning wheel.

          In other words, learn or brush up on the traditional, longstanding skills for keeping a family in clothing, bath needs, etc., in addition to keeping food on the table. If you ask around, you may well find a woman, or man, nearby who knows some of these skills and may be willing to teach you for free if you are serious about knowing how to keep your home going and your family well cared for.

          What a family can do, what skills they have for themselves as well as for trading items they can make, hopefully will never become necessary for survival or even thriving, but if it were to get that bad, a family will be much better off by having some of these old fashioned skills.

          Make the library your friend. There is a treasure trove of information a most libraries on learning and refining skills like these. Once you have chosen and become reasonably proficient with one or more of these skills, stock up on the tools and supplies needed at rummage sales, consignment auctions, flea markets, etc. Right now, most of these tools and supplies are ignored and overlooked by the average shopper and real bargains can be had.

          • You will be able to open your own sweat shop will all that loom stuff. You will be the new martha stewart.

          • Dear Anonymous,

            Thank you for the excellent comments. I take all of them in a constructive manner in order to better myself and to better serve you, the readership.

            Apologies for the mil-jargon; methinks I may even give a little time into perhaps a small index that can translate such, just in case I slip again and do not define the acronyms.

            I have a great book, by the way, on a barter economy and barter essentials. Because of your suggestion, I think I’ll do a piece on it. I have some interesting experiences in Central and South America in that area that may prove useful to you guys.

            Anyhow, excellent suggestions. Keep the comments coming, and be sure I will correct my errors.

            Sincerely and Respectfully Yours,


      2. Thanks Jeremiah. Your articles are the stuff of wisdom. Hope all went well up in Montana regarding the water issue. What’s the latest there? Any last minute reprieve?

        • This article reminded me that I should have something better than the little bubble compass on the end of my hunting knife. I remedied that deficiency just now. thanks.

          • Dont forget to update the magnetic declination in your area. It has changed a lot in recent years. This is imperative to keep your compass accurate!

          • Is my compass broke? Always carry two compasses. Having two giving the same reading helps a lot.

            • Yes 2 are better than one but, do you understand magnetic declination? The earths magnetic north and south are different from true north and south. As the magnetic poles move it throws your compass reading off from true north. For instance if your area has a declination of 14 degrees west you must adjust your compass 14 degrees to make it show where true north is. There are charts online Im sure where you can find the declination of your area. If you are using a compass and map and don’t adjust the declination you will be way off.

        • Dear FreeSlave,

          No dice. Montana lost. I posted an article to my Editor this morning; it should come out soon. We lost the fight. This spells trouble for the whole U.S. More on all of it to follow.

          And thanks for the compliment; it means alot to me. I’m going to give all of you guys and gals my best. Hope to hear from you again soon.


          • Slaves don’t deserve water.

      3. Thank you, this is helpful.

        Being a woman I do most of the shopping/errands. I tend to shop close to home and typically don’t bring my children. But, I always dress well. I fix my hair, wear makeup and sensible pants/blouse/shoes. I think if I wore anything with cargo pockets I would stick out in the flip-flop wearing, beach community I live in. I carry a purse that I wear across my body. My question is, if I’m wearing say, a pair of slip on shoes, is it ridiculous to think I can get back to my truck for a quick change? I realize it might seem foolish to not ALWAYS be dressed for a SHTF event but it’s reality for me.

        My purse can hold a flashlight, pistol, and other small things which I always carry being as I don’t wear cargos out and about.

        • Never EVER pack your gun/pistol in your purse!

          wear it on your body .. period

          • Ahhh, so you can offer constructive criticism. Well, that’s a problem because of the clothes I wear. Where do I hide a gun with skinny jeans and a blouse? Really. I’m not going to wear camp.

            • How about pepper spray, Anon 1970? It’s more concealable than a small gun, although you should have a small gun too.

              • Here are some ideas for ladies concealed carry: http://thewellarmedwoman.com/holsters/the-well-armed-woman-pistol-pouch-by-thunderwear

                Surpise-surprise-surprise (as Gomer Pyle would say:) we gotta keep ’em guessing!!

                My little keltec pf-9 fits nicely and so does a ruger sr9.

                Also, maybe consider making a get-home backpack which has a pair of cargo pants inside and a spare magazine. I would rather have it in my car and not need it than not have it at all. Yes, I realize that I might not be able to get to the car however at least I tried!!

                • I will look into that further. I would like to carry 24/7. Being rural, it makes sense to carry at home. Having a couple options seems like a good idea but I wonder if having two options would slow reaction time? I tend to become unusually calm under stress so maybe it wouldn’t.

                  • Anon 1970:

                    Options are good: I bet most professional sheepdogs would say something like “2 is 1, and 1 is none”.

                    Take some lessons at a gun range or thru a concealed carry instructor.

                    Here are some expensive lessons I’ve learned-

                    Standardize your ammo (don’t let any guys tell you that 9mm bullets are too small: there are +P loads that will double-tap just fine and standard FMJ bullets still hurt! I’m petite and am not super accurate with a larger caliber short-barrel concealable weapon so I’m sticking with 9mm. I practice with less expensive ammo and keep the hollow-points and hotter loads in my magazines.

                    Get a double-stack if you can (16+1 rounds) plus at least 2 spare magazines. Loaded spares for your get-home bag, to carry, a spare for the console in the car (if legal where you live).

                    PLUS if you don’t like shooting your weapon it’s not fun at all and women need to have an “I love my gun” relationship. Personally I LOVE my Ruger SR9C (after working thru a variety of what husband wanted me to have). When you hold it, it has to be comfortable and controllable. Practice, practice, practice and keep practicing: you need to be familiar, safe, and comfortable with your “friend”.

                    For us females, carrying concealed has a different set of bumps-in-the-road and I’ve made many adjustments to holsters to make things work just right for me. My personal preference is carrying concealed at waist level, but it depends on what I’m wearing.

                    I highly recommend a get-home-bag (lots of great ideas for lightweight items at greywolfsurvival.com) with your must-haves to get-home. Pack your get-home-bag and don’t use the stuff (check and rotate regularly but keep it intact).

                    • I’ve been working on my bag all week. I also ordered pepper spray and a Gerber knife along with a mag lite to leave in my truck.. I know someone just posted a pack recommend but I can’t find the post. I’m petite so a huge pack is not for me, something that will work for a shorter person.

                      Also trying to figure out what to carry for my littlest folks. They are too young to carry much weight but could carry a small child’s pack. I always have food, water, jackets, first aid in the cargo area but I think I’m missing something.

              • And a good 2 cents worth it is, thanks.

            • Look at “smart carry” holsters business folks like them for conceal carry when wearing suits and dresses and to workout. Good for small guns like a snub nose revolver and such. But if you are a female you could also carry right below bra.

            • Sometimes survival requires one to step out of their comfort zone
              Or wear something a bit differently to conceal your liberty enforcer

              I know ladies that wear a nice skirt
              And on the inside of their thigh is a snub nosed 357

              Or a bra holster , or the ‘ol simple one
              Wear your shirt not tucked in

              I guess it’s one of those things , if your serious about it … You’ll find a way

              • Fat women cant wear inside the thigh. It causes rub blisters. But they can sneak a greasy pizza out of the store that way!

            • ankle holster

            • SMH

              yes , yes i can .. but one has to be receptive to the advice or its a waste of time ,, and by being more worried about your clothing style rather than your life ,, just seams silly and a waste of time to discuss ,, just my opinion mind you

              if i felt wearing my shirt out as a change in my “style” that affords me the ability to conceal a nice .45 ,, than why would i need to worry about if it looks right ,, if its my life it can save

              pick it or me apart if thats what you wish.. some will understand ..not my problem to worry about

              • I’m being reasonable and realistic. I’m not more concerned about my clothing than my safety, but I would stick out like a neon orange thumb if I wore tactical pants into the market. When SHTF I will wear the most practical things I have but for now, I’m living in a different world and trying to be as careful as I can within that world. I wear a dress and heels at least once a week and frankly enjoy being feminine. I don’t think I’m risking my life, but rather living it here and now, preparing for the coming Shitstorm. Your comment about it being too late to have any marital arts training and my kids getting his ass kicked was not constructive in any way. It’s cool though, maybe you were having a shitty day or you just don’t really have time to give a well thought out reply. Or maybe you are just incredibly grumpy. No prob. There’s been so much helpful advice that answered my sincere questions in all good 😉

                I appreciate all the helpful advice in this thread. It’s been so helpful to have it broken down by people who have been learning and living it for a lifetime.

                Thanks to each of you for your time and shared experience. I’m gonna have to retread all of this a couple more times in case I’ve overlooked anything.

        • Learn barefoot running and bare knuckle boxing.

          • Acid, you could use a good PK!
            PK=prostate kick

        • Look into what we guys call the Flash bang Bra. Also look at some of the small Guns North American Arms makes. The 2″ 22LR/Mag one is nice for a smaller Bra lady. If you are Dolly Partton try the 6″ .44 Mag.

          • Those north american arms are crap. My tootoo mag broke after 200 shots. And only an expert like me could hit anything:(

            • I threw the revolver in the trash. The warranty would fix it but it wasn’t worth the shipping to Utah for that crap pistol. I was embarrassed to own it anyhow. If you are not spending at least $700 and adding tritium night sight or laser you are getting junk.

            • After 200 rds! I figure you shoot that toy 5 rds, clean it and just buy new ammo every 5 years or so. It’s not meant to shoot target. Takes two minutes to reload! If I ever use it, it’s because I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt and can barely hide my parking meter change. Noway I’m gong to shoot more than about 10ft. I want a real GUN I have 5 Browning Hi powers, 2 S&W 357 and a 1911. But it’s a hell of a lot better than nothing.

              • Cop I know said he’s only seen the little ones used twice. Both times a gal stuffed it into the guys shirt and pulled the trigger and both times the guy went down dead.

                • So? Guy was probably drunk.

                • Cops lie 🙂

              • Not really, all that piece of poo tootoo mag does is give the perp or cops a legitimate excuse to shoot back.

        • I know you wont listen to someone who knows like me but…you are better off with a 22 lr like a small Ruger mark II and learn how to shoot it like a machine gun. Then pick the right bigger gun. By then you will know enough about guns to have a reasonable chance of knowing how to carry one. Purse carry is stupid. Only 3% of people who carry and are attacked can use their weapon effectively. You have to be smoking good to use a small handgun against a perp packing a 12 ga or 30-06 deer rifle. But dont listen to me, i have only taught self defense with the police dept for many years.

          • If you by some miracle listen to me but get a newer Ruger Mark III, remove the round in the chamber lever. That thing makes the gun into a Jam-O-Matic!

          • Hey-I’m listening. I don’t like purse carry but don’t have any other option besides stuffing it in my jeans. Im gonna look into the bra holster. That would be easier for me especially as I wear looser tops and often have a toddler on my hip.

            • At least use a fanny pack carry or cowboy boots might look good and they hide small revolvers well in ankle holster. Purse is the first thing a perp grabs.

              • Boots! Yes, this will work. It’s slung across my body so I am going down with it if they grab it. Maybe it’s stupid to wear it that way but it slides off if I don’t.

                • Sweet i will take you shopping for some hot looking gator boots or biker boots or thigh high boots yes yes yes!

                • That is my point, you dont want to go down with your purse. Keep your gu/valuables in a sturdy fanny pack designed for guns. just keep make-up and snot tissues in the purse. When they grab the purse just let it go. DON ‘T go down with it. If a perp does get your gun st least be smart enough to get away. Like most people who post here, if you can get more than ten feet away the perp will miss you with every shot. If you want to up your odds then carry a. 1911 45 acp. In the purse and a real gun in your boot . That way when the perp steels the. 45 he will only have a worthless, weak, jamming, Piece of shit. Then you can pull your real gun and blast the tard .

        • Dear Anon 1970,

          No, not at all; the idea is fine. Pack some boots in the car, and in a carry bag (when you wear flip-flops) tote a pair of tennis shoes that compress easily in the bag. That isn’t too much weight, and it’ll protect your feet/enable a faster getaway until you can retrieve those hikers/boots.

          Same for the cargos; you may also consider cargos that convert into shorts for wear, and stow the “legs” in the bottom of the bag. It’s always better to have long pants when things “go south.”

          Have a great day, and thanks for your input.


      4. Great information.

        I have a gentlemans farm, so everyone of my jackets have a folding knife(for cutting open hay bales) and a flashlight in the pocket.

        A year ago I started carrying a handgun at ALL times. Not a small one, a full-size SIG, usually my P226(9MM) or P227(.45). I’m in NH, we have open-carry and concealed. Getting a concealed carry permit is as easy as buying a gun. I use Black Hawk hip holster under my jacket, summer I’ll wear a shooting/fishing vest.

        I also keep a Get-Home bag with me. Mine is made by 511 Tactical and is their M.O.A.B. 6 version. It’s roughly 500 cubic inches, and built to stand up to daily use by LEO or military.

        In my truck I carry everything I need to stay multi days from home including $300 in cash. I’m currently looking into a why to mount my SIG 556 SWAT model rifle under the backseat. Since the only states I go in are NH and VT I don’t have to worry about gun laws, because both states are open carry states.

        • That is one of the main reasons why i am looking to move, our gun laws here in Hi are a bitch, and the cops will take every chance they can to bite you with them.
          No open cary
          No concealed cary
          Firearms must be in a locked or lockable case.
          Can only be transported
          To or from gun range
          To or from gun shop
          To or from hunting area and must have valid hunting license
          Ammunition can not be in the same case as weapon
          Magazines must be empty
          Is bullshit
          Needless to say we have a very high amount of violent crime with all manner of weapons etc
          And when tereae firearms involved are almost always illegaly obtained or held.

          • I’m sorry its that way and it should not be. Common sense should be used but its not. Most not some of the police are the problem and the politicians. If we all stopped working their little system would be over quickly. I know that wont happen but unless there is a insurrection from this tyranny that is going happening to peoples rights its only going to get worse. We must get our country back and I’m not wanting one or saying we should be a revolt or a insurrection has to happen in order to get our country back. They know what they are doing and we are aware of what’s going on. It’s going to take something pretty serious for people to stand up and fight. They will not risk losing everything or being picked off 1×1 without everyone involved.

            I have never heard so many people pissed off with what’s happening to us and this society lately. No wonder they want to target right wingers. Left wingers don’t care about anyone only themselves. They probably feel they have nothing and want anything they can get or like to see bad to happen to right wing people. We are living at a time where the truth will never be told and everything is a cover up to control us. Policies and corruption have ruined our country our grandparents fought and died for. We have to honor them,

            • Agreed,
              It is really a shame, disheartening and depressing all at once how things are going,
              It never ceases to amaze me how oblivious people are to the realities of what is happening.
              Even if you cut out the chatter of people like AJ or Dave Hodges or SQ or Rense, if you wstch MSM you get a pretty healthy dose of the BS that is occurring everywhere in the country.
              Yet, people chose to be oblivious!
              I get it that theres not much i can do, but when the hell are people going to wake up?
              I think like you said it will take a serious event to wake people up and get them to stand up.
              Personally though, i ask myself, is it worth standing up with all the johnny come latelys? When they do wake up and start moving, me thinks will be better to sit tight, watch, wait, then when the ones who slept so long get their asses handed to them start moving,
              We have seen this and spoken of it for years now in some cases, i would rather watch the naysayers get their just results than stick my neck out for them in any way shape or form,,, IMHO joing along with them is whats going to get people killed.
              Anyway, things to ponder,,,
              When is it time to get rolling??

              • Hey, easy on the ‘johnny come lately’s’ there Kula. Don’t discount us, we are the sleeping giant the PTB’s are afraid of. When we ‘wake’ up the game will change.

                I share your frustration though, awakening the sleeper while not easy, try waking up the one’s who think they are already awake. Now that’s a tuff sell.

                • I know, sorry about that, was just reading farther down the page and saw your post,
                  No offense meant

                  • None taken, I was being facetious.

                    • I know
                      But hey without edicate we would be like ,,,

          • I might be moving to you in the near future for work.

            • its nice here, depending on what island housing can be an issue, and expensive. But in some ways its worth it, Not sure what sorta work you do but if your moving with a job youve got it half licked. Not much climbing here, rocks either too soft or too sharp, makes those swinging transitions a bitch.

              • Kula just can’t resist, Acid really liked that part about having it half licked. As for work, he mostly does Blow Jobs.

            • No need to move. There are plenty of bottles and aluminum cans to be picked up right where you are.

          • Roger that. HI gun control is my biggest motivator to keep procrastinating our move back.

            • Yea its a bummer,
              Ive been trying to get my groove on in the F class and long range shooting game, got a warning from a couple nice DLNR enforcement officers, glad it was just a warning because it could have been a bring us all your guns or else moment. So now, just because you have private range to shoot on doesnt mean you wont be immune from the laws, sorta smoked me for a while.

          • Hawaii is not really a state, it’s a commie camp.

            Get out of there, Kula. You’re a good man and I like reading your stuff.

            • Thanks, true, so true, the old timers are great, grew up around conservative Catholic Democrats,,, and republicsns, but thats the old school.
              The new comers, not so much nice about them.
              My biggest problems are not sure what to do for work when i move, and not sure what to do about lovedones who wont move. I can deal with freezing weather, snow, even lack of amenities, but bein as im not made o money i will still need some sort of income, scary when your over 50 to re invent yourself yet again.

            • japs don’t like armed amerikans in Hawaii

          • No wonder why Onama wants to live there

            Sorry to hear about your lost right , sounds to me with everything else that’s going on
            Maybe it’s time to force your right back down their throat
            We really are not the UNITED states , or none of us would have to be dealing with this crap

            I’m sure Hawaii is a beautiful place , I feel that people get screwed hard by the ones appointed
            And those types care not about our rights unless we make them care

            • Yea, when you look at a US map showing the constitution free corridor along borders our whole state is orange!
              Good luck enforcing that is all i can say to that,

              • There really is no constitutional free zone. Its a “faint” that LE try to use into bluffing you to agree with a violation of the 4th amend search. How can gov say that the Constitution is void in certain areas?

                • exactly.. its ruse, a lie.. etc.. MY constitutional rights were never signed off on by me,, so Fuck what you think cop

          • Kula,
            correct me if i am wrong, BUT a flare gun for your boat IS NOT considered a normal gun and you are allowed to have it and not locked up? IF that is still true from my adventures on the island of Kauai then a flare gun works on people better than it does on bears, so check it out!

          • Kula – Do the cops carry? Do the criminals carry? Why let tyranny prevent you from exercising your right to carry too. If they can, so can you.

            • Its a fine line between being a felon and a free man, for now ill stick with free, people have tried that argument, they are all prohibited individuals now

          • Cracks me up when I watch “Hawaii 5-O”, the bad guys always have full auto assault weapons, guns everywhere, the streets are a war zone, bullets flying in every episode!

            They had an episode where they traced a gun to a gun store that had all manner of assault weapons set out all over the store like it was a boutique. Dann-o went off on an antigun rant about how easy it is in Hawaii to get guns. It was an absolute Hollywood fantasy that bore no connection with reality or Hawaii gun laws!

        • Angry white guy , you make the most sense. I like sig too but try a SCAR17. It can be fired folded.

          • My SIG 556 SWAT version has a folding butt stock. Cuts the overall length down by about 15 inches or so.

            • SIGs are awesomeungus. I like em

        • Have you seen the tactical style (quick access) ceiling mount racks? Hands up is easier than hands down… we’ve looked at gun shows however no luck. Maybe online next.

      5. Altoid tins make a great storage container and I saw a youtube video on how to turn one into a mini cook stove . I don’t have the link ,been awhile since I saw it.

          • thanks …. useful repurposing and great additional vids at the link

      6. Carry a leatherman but don’t ever use it…………..yah you lost me there bud. I’m actually surprised some green beret had to write an article explaining to people that can openers, hankerchiefs, knives, lighters, yada yada yada, should be on your person at all times. I have everything but the suit with cargo pockets and the cash (because I’m always broke) hell I’ve forgotten whose face is on a hundred dollar bill, it’s been so long since I’ve seen one of those.

        • Funny, I was think the same think Dick. The leatherman is there to be used, not adored and cradled. If it wears out, you buy another one. I have yet to wear one out after years of daily use.

          • I have one of every leatherman they make, from the micro to the full sized tool. I even have a multi-tool with a little hammer on it. I keep every one of them clean, oiled and ready to use. I have at least 3 different ones on me at all times. All tools combined, I have everything from tweezers, can openers, saw blades, pliers, hammer, scissors, screwdrivers and knife blades on me any given time.

            I have a little flashlight that charges with a gyro, so I never need to worry about dead batteries. I’ll add a lensatic compass when it gets here, to go with my mini level.

            I’ve got a small solar charger in one pocket and adapters in another. Several lighters. Mylar blanket.

            That’s the kind of stuff I keep in MY purse (that I’ll talk about in public). And it’s not a large bag, just very well packed.

            You won’t find any eyeshadow, eyebrow pencils or perfume. No ipods, handheld games or toys. You could say that my purse IS my GHB/BOB…and it looks just like the rest of them walking up and down the street.

            • You wouldn’t realize how densely it’s packed unless you tried to pick it up…which you do at your own risk.

              • Maybe that’s why you’ve got the back problems! Lol. Just playing with you six pack

                • No pain, No gain…

                • Plus, if I have to swing it on someone, it’s like getting hit with a brick.

            • Haha, advice taken except…. I will still have lipstick in my purse.

            • Get a Bat Man utility belt . He doesnt carry a gun either .

          • Dear Richard Head and Townsaver,

            To clarify with the leatherman, what I meant was to have one in mint condition for when the going went bad.

            I have a Gerber Multitool (made in the U.S., what a rarity!) and have carried it for 16 years. I use it as sparingly as possible…when I’m in a bind. If I’m going to tighten screws or hex bolts or something, I go to my tool box if I can and pull out something for general purpose.

            Townsaver, you’re right with that…it’ll probably never wear out even with normal use. I just made the suggestion, is all.

            I have two of everything. Also, all of these things that may seem an oversimplification (they are to us) are not to everyone.

            If it doesn’t apply, my apologies for the inconvenience of the words. If it does, then use it.

            But thanks for the comments. I have read some comments before from each of you and your words are valued by yours truly. Keep ’em coming!

            Have a good day.


        • Yea, same here,
          I have carried the same Spyderco police knife for the last 18 years, cant imagine having something else,
          The only exception is my strider, or some of my hunting knives, they usually live in one of my packs somewhere and ALL get used regular
          The leatherman bounces allover with me too, cant imagine not using it,,, why have it!

        • Its why I have multiple leathermans. One for my daily use and two other brand new backups in my go bags. I think that is what he meant. Nothing worse than needing something and it breaks on you right when you need it. Happens to me more times than I can count

        • I get what he’s saying. I have a Sidekick Leatherman that I use for everyday chores. Takes quite a beating and tends to get a dull on it that’s difficult to sharpen. I think what he’s saying is to have a new one (ie: never used) in your possession or Get-Home Bag to use if TSHTF.

        • The Gerber multi tool kicks Leatherman ass all over the place. One hand open with a a flick of the wrist brings the pliers to bear. Leatherman takes both hands and half an hour to get open. Locked jaws with a leatheman with my Gerber and we did the twist. Gerber ate that bastard.

          • In the pockets-
            I’ve chosen a folder instead of a multi-tool for my EDC. I may WANT a multitool but I may NEED a defensive blade ( like a thin, relatively lightweight Spyderco Caly 3.5 with subdued pocketclip). My Gerber pliers+ tool goes in the daypack.
            Best EDC light I’ve found is the Streamlight Nano- its only about 1″ in size, so you’ll actually carry it.
            A Bic mini lighter.
            & a $15 per month phone bought with cash at WalM’rt…

          • .02, you are dead nuts right, I had always used Gerbers and I lost it and bought a $70.00 Leatherman and it broke the 3rd time I used it. I bought 3 Gerbers that were like new from a friend that has a sporting goods store that won the bid for all the knives the TSA confiscated at the Jackson Ms. airport. I never want another Leatherman.

            • Mark, Gerber has lifetime warranty as well. I FINALLY broke my Gerber after 15 years of HARD use. I am an equipment operator so every hose clamp, clogged grease fitting, loose nuts, etc etc I used my trusty Gerber until one day i was being way to violent on the screw driver and broke the hinge that holds the multi tool section. Sent it to gerber to see if they could fix it, the send it back in a new case (in case of sentimental value as it was O L D) and a new and improved Gerber free of all shippiong etc. I also carry the Gerber F.A.S.T quick blade. 50 bux but WOW what a weapon.

      7. The summer months are headed our way and heat and humidity can determine your comfort index. There is new clothing that is to keep you dry and some clothes that keep you cool by evaporation. One thing for sure you have to get out of the air condition and acclimate yourself. If you are in a woods setting there are 3D image cammo suits that breath by allowing air flow through the material like netting. Otherwise the bugs eat you up if you wear shorts and short sleve T shirts.
        Ever think about your hat. Need one with a bill to keep the sun out of your eyes. Netted type helps too. Wear a good belt to carry you out of harms way. Maybe truncated leather gloves. Good boots and socks. I see the Sgt. Dale has light body armor and I also favor holsters that cover the weapon to keep the dirt out. An old leather military style 45 holster is nice. Just cut the stiffner out and pull the lower plug out and it should fit large frame pistols. If you decide to use a chest rig insure it fits well and try shooting your rifle with it on. One point slings with elastics are a plus.

        Determine what type of load you want to carry. No use carrying a combat load and lose agility and movement because of too much weight.

        Good article J.J. Lots to cover.

        • Columbia is the industry leader in smart clothes.

        • Thanks, Slingshot.

          It is a lot to cover. The best part is now: being able to read all of your exellent comments. This is the kind of discourse I yearn to see for all of the articles. It is the free exchange of ideas from each of us that enables us to strengthen each other in these times. I draw from all of you; I learn something new every day.

          Have a good day; keep reading and keep the dialogue alive!

          Respectfully Yours,


        • Nice article J.J. Besides having a LifeStraw for water, I have alcohol wipes and Moleskin in Bug Home bag. I agree with Acid Etch on socks. Wool. Thick ones too. Costco has wool sock packs that I buy here and there. They are Grey in color. I wore these non issues in the desert in 120 deg weather. Didn’t care that they were hotter than other socks. So if there is an event were my vehicle doesn’t run, I have my hot weather brown suede combat boots. I’ve humped a many a mile in them and they work. Clean feet with alcohol trim moleskins to fit feet and put on clean pair of socks and said boots. Why moleskins? I didn’t ever use it in the Army, but then again my feet were tougher and younger. Been out a few years and as an IT worker, well lets just say that I’m getting softer. Plus I’m over 50 now. Moleskin is just insurance against blisters. I want to get home and not have to deal with blisters. I’ll have other things to worry about at that point. Coyote medium assault pack has many goodies. Everything J.J. mentioned except flashlight. Oops, didn’t think about a small one on person or in pack. Have 3 D Cell Mag in truck though. I have CCW so I have 9mm M&P Shield in pack, extra mag and box ammo. My work would frown upon me having this in vehicle on their property, so I have keep it on the down low. I normally carry Taurus Millennium in .45 too.

          My biggest concern is that I have my Multicam IOTV. Kind of would stick out like a sore thumb in summer. Must think about how to conceal this better. It’s not designed to fit under anything but a jacket. A jacket would be just as bad to have on in summer here in TN. Would be needing that LifeStraw more often too. Any suggestions? Keep it home? Been thinking about soft amour for under cloths instead, but added expense is making me procrastinate.

          Since I have a four door pickup, I have wrapped IOTV around pack and put it in a black trash bag, so it looks like a bunch of cloths or even trash.

          • I forgot to add, that I carry a Tanto bladed folding knife with coated blade. It has a glass breaker and seat belt cutter on it. Got it at Wal Mart for $5, but now it’s not even on their site. They have similar ones. Item Number 553523028 is one, but not exact.

          • Dear Azrael

            I tend to hide special equipment under newspapers and “garbage,” such as cardboard boxes and other junk. The equipment itself I try (if it’s oversize) to stuff into Army duffel bags after placing it in a garbage bag for waterproofing if it needs it. Then I could just haul it out and stash/cache it for later if my vehicle taps out.

            Your solution sounds fine. It falls in line with Sun Tzu: All warfare is based on deception.”

            As to the rest, you have it all well-organized. I look forward to reading your comments. Stay fluid. If you feel you need a piece of equipment, find a way to take it if it won’t compromise your motions. Always look for temporary cache/stash points, wherever you travel.

            Thanks for the comments and for the good words.



          • Sorry I was mistaken on the Wool Socks. They came from Sams Club.
            They are called Omniwool Merino Wool Medium Weight Hiker Socks. 3 Pair for about $15.

      8. S&W Airweight in my pocket,(been carrying one there since Vietnam), a G19 in the glove box, and a Mossberg 590A1 behind my truck’s seat.

        Since my time in the jungle, the only “knife” I use is a carbon steel machete.

        The author forgot to mention “Hog repellant” so ya’ll better watch out fur them hogs!

      9. I carry a small can of pepper spray in my EDC bag, light weight and easy to use as well as a Kel-Tec .32 with 4 mags as well as all the other stuff.

        • Traveling or walking my dog I have a small can of pepper spray with me. Some here have suggested wasp spray….should work as well.


          Seen on my local news here in Oregon. Beer using recycled sewer water being made in Portland. Waiting on permits to sell it to the public. Hmmm…from the toilet to the bottle to the toilet, now that is recycling at its best?

          Anyone have any info on what is left in recycled sewer water. When I research it there is lots of opinions. Lots say that drug residue has not been taken out.

          • They recycle urine on the ISS, so it’s doable, but perhaps too expensive to do right.

            If the water is distilled, it should be pure, without even the minerals that make well water taste good. If it’s only filtered, it makes a difference how it’s done. Some filters don’t catch everything. Eye medicines are so expensive because they have to be filtered through ceramic filters to filter out viruses.

            Some of the water on sale at Wal-Mart has in the fine print that it’s just tap water from someplace else that’s bottled and shipped. People that buy it are stupid. Since it’s just tap water, people could bottle their own for nothing.

            • Ever since I filled my water jug from an ice cold, perfectly clear Rocky mountain stream, high up in the mountains, the rest of the water available tastes funny to me. It’s been 40 years since, and I still can’t forget that taste. NOTHING touches it. Nothing.

              • I can relate 1972 and 1974
                Nothing like it

          • Confederate and POG I have somewhat of a macho image of myself and a gun mentality, and I do spend a lot of time in bear country both Black and Griz. So when in the mountains I have alway carried a sidearm and figured that was all I needed, but I just saw a Wy. Game&Fish video of actual Grizzly attacks and they made me a believer of Pepper Spray. So I would recommend pepper spray, if it will turn a Griz I’m sure it will handle an attacker. But get a good spray whatever that may be, but don’t think one of those little ones that go on a key chain will do the job, cause you will be in a world of hurt if someone or something attacks you. As for me I’ll still have my 45 or my 44mag. on my hip. Trekker Out. Bear Spray Ain’t Cheap, Unless You Need It!

            • Remember Trek, the hot pepper Bear spray doesn’t work on Mexican bears.

              • That’s funny!!

            • mountain trekker,
              i have been in the wilds of Alaska and if that was a last resort i would try to save my life with pepper spray but works better and is legal almost everywhere is a flare gun, when that bear gets hit with that ball of fire he forgets all about you and only wants the get that burning thing off of him, YES i know this from experience. also works good on people, when i would drive across Canada at that time a flare gun DID NOT have to be locked up, so used it there as well!

          • You know what they say about beer POG, you don’t buy it, you only rent it. )


        • I just carry a can of whoop-ass instead of a can of pepper spray.

        • Springfield 1911 and Smith&Wesson Ar15 travels with me..Going to build an Ar 10 from Palmetto State Armory in the near future. Nothing too in depth just hang an upper and lower together.

          • Throw the 1911 in the trash and by a SCAR17 and forget the AR10 non rod operated junk. AR10 is too dirty without rod operation and they are too heavy.

            • AR10 shits where it eats. Get a rod operated gun or stick with a light weight AR15. 5.56 with good burning powder like CFE 223, BLC (2), or H322. AR15 in high pressure 223 is not as dirty as a .308 powder hog. Speed is life.

            • You know, you have a lot of loud mouth opinions. The 1911 has been around over 100 years and performed a lot better than you do. Just because you don’t like it isn’t any more significant than a fart in the wind. I’ve got a Stainless Springfield 1911 and it has only 2 problems, 1. Springfield is way to proud of their brand name, it’s in large, very ugly, type on the slide, and 2. The 1911 was designed for someone with a very long hand for it’s width. Which makes it’s grip uncomfortable, for me. Myself, I don’t really care for the gun, I like the 9MM Browning with +P hollow points, but I’m not stupid enough to tell the world to trash the 1911, The world has already decided it’s a remarkable gun. And anyone that argues it’s not capable of: “DOING THE JOB” is a fool.

              • The 1911 is well…designed before 1911. It is an antique. I have several and haved owned series 70 and series 80. They are nice for taget shooting just like my antique cowboy guns and hawkin black powder rifle. There is better stuff out there for self defense so that is why the 1911 belongs in the trash:)

              • The 1911 is well…designed before 1911. It is an antique. I have several and haved owned series 70 and series 80. They are nice for taget shooting just like my antique cowboy guns and hawkin black powder rifle. There is better stuff out there for self defense so that is why the 1911 belongs in the trash:). Most students in my self defense classes find unloading a 1911 is not as safe as a sriker fire or a pistol with a decocking mechanism since you have to jack a round out with safety off and a light trigger on a 1911. Since you will be unloading a pistol often in an apt or house instead of the battle field it is important to avoid discarges. If you unload 1911s in your house make sure you have it pointed at sand bags or basement wall. I would never rocommend a 1911 for self defense or new shooters. Fucktard.

                • On a side note, on 1911s. Older series guns if you install the firing pin plate wrong it can multi fire and if a new shooter is not holding it well it can double tap them in the face when you drop the slide. It is better to keep 1911 away from armchair warriors and new shooters.

                  • When i see someone bring a 1911 to my class i just think crap i will have to do a lot more work to get them proficient and safe. Holster design becomes more critical. They usually have a cowboy attitude. Anymore i tell them to try to get a firearmed designed in this century and not a taurus. Would you want a novice shooter packing a cock single action gun near your family in a stressfull situation? It is just stupid and should be avoided. You can always tell a 1911 user but you cant tell him much that they will understand:)

                    • You do know the 1911 is a semi automatic pistol? As far as when designed, those of us that like the female of the species note they were designed long ago, a good design is a good design. I never said I loved the 1911, but your opinion of it is just an opinion, not shared by millions of others. Additionally, your opinion of it’s failure rate isn’t supported by fact. No doubt, some of the old soldiers that have been used for close to a 100 years are in need of retirement. I have absolute faith my SS Springfield will do the job if I do my part.
                      I don’t like the 230 grain solid it was designed to shoot, I prefer the 9MM +P hollow point, But to maintain it isn’t an extremely effective tool to kill someone is just stupid.

                    • P’noid:
                      You do realize that “Ghandi” is just a poser and little else? there is no way he has his own training center and is the ex=-spurt he lays claim to. He’s totally bogus and just another immature insecure, non-performing little troll.
                      His comments contradict themselves and prove he isn’t what he says he is.
                      he is incapable of cogent expression or an adult conversation, and his posts on this blog prove it.

                    • The last time i was at the range two days ago, some old fart was having trouble with his 1911 ripping the primers on the spent casings like a striker fire gun. I said the firing pin must be sticking or the spring is weak so take it to a gunsmith. This made me realize that if it wasnt for overpriced 1911’s half the gunsmiths in amerika would go broke:)

                    • At least Jennings prices their guns correctly and dont gouge people like springfield doeshttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-04-21/following-soft-capital-controls-ecb-threatens-greece-ela-cut-even-1-million-workers-. Luckily when the old dudes “New” 1911 didnt work he had his S&W auto to practice with:) smart to bring extra guns when shooting 1911s

                    • I guess my problem with 1911 ‘s really is i am a good shooter, not a junk collector.

                    • Me thinks thou doth protestuth to much

                    • Nah, he’s just another convicted Felon that is not allowed to have firearms, ergo, he has to be nothing more than another internet poser who is also impotent mentally, physically and morally.
                      He’s completely bogus as his posts do contradict themselves consistently both in content and syntax.(or he is a multi-user poser)

                    • My opinion is more than an opinion. It is a correct oppinion share by the 300,000,000 amerikans who dont own 1911s:)

                  • You know, after talking with my junior instructors about the 1911, we decided we are tired of clearing students jams, stove pipes, broken barrel links, smashed spring buffers, dangerouse operation, and idiot attitudes about the week 45 ACP round. We are no longer going to allow them in my self defense class:). People need to keep them for something that doesnt matter like IPSC competitions. Even Browning chambered it in the .45 ACP as an after thought when the military wanted a fatter round so John M. Used cut down 30-06 brass to make the first 45s, 1911 were as cheap as possible for war contracts:). They are still junk:)

      10. People underestimate the value of a knife as a weapon, and in particular a stealth weapon. Silent, fast, and unseen till it is deployed if then.

        IMO, and in my defensive philosophy, an opponent should never know you have it till he finds it tickling the front of his spine.

        After which whatever weapons he had now belong to you if you want them.

        • Army method is to stick it in the kidney from behind, and then they cant let out a whisper from the shock of it and they die quickly.

          • Haha that kidney thing is not true. I was trained to stick through the neck and pull across. You watched too many “Where Eagles Dare ” movies.

            • The head lock fang technique works better and you dont have to watch the mess.

      11. On the subject of “pocket pistols”. Does anyone on this site have an opinion on the S&W 9mm “Shield”?

        • Shield 40s jam using truncated cones and they dont support the brass well at the feed ramp. Cases bulge with hot loads and may rupture. I rate it as good but not as good as sigs

          • Out of about 400 rounds you will get 3 to 4 jams with a s&w shield. Plus they hurt your hand if you shoot much.

            • 9mm is a little better in a shield but it is too puny of a round out of short barreled pistols.

              • Plus Sigs shoot tighter groups. Sig pistols will shoot one hole groups at 15 yds but shields wont and the shield ‘s trigger is hard to pull and not very smooth. An expert like me can hit with it but most people are lucky to shoot an 8″ group at 15 yards with a shield. But for a cheapo slave the shield conceals well. Very slim 🙂

                • Also Shields jam when that plastic piece on the back of the slide slips down and jams the slide from going into battery.

              • 9 mm is too puny .. period

                • Yes i agree, i dont own 9’s anymore. I like 10mm glock 20, 40’s or 44 rem mag titaniums airweights, 357 mag i am iffy on .

                • O2

                  See FBI going back to 9mm

                  • Yep, probably found out 10mm is too hard to handle for newbies and the 9mm ammo is cheaper. They usually have full auto anyhow. Slaves are not allowed new designs in full auto 9mm. As long as slaves are willing to fight protecting banksters you can have cool guns.

                • You don’t shoot jacketed hollow points +P. As with the 25 32 380 the US loads all of them light because of all the old junk guns out there.

                  • Yes, manufacturers would rather you rounds be too weak for self defense that get sued for too hot a load.

              • Gee, “Ghandi” if all 1911’s a “crap” as you call them, then it stands to reason by your opinions, that the SIG 1911’s are over priced pieces of crap as well.
                Nice to see you engaged in such shameless self-promotion. I call you out as just another armchair poser-wannabee.
                You “teach a class” in what exactly? Where? How about have the balls to post your real CV so potential students of your here can see how well “qualified” you actually are?
                Or, you can email here care of this blog with it. I would LOVE to see your resume and qualifications for your verbal flatulence… oops! opinions. You are troll poser and nothing more. Folks, ignore this immature basement dweller. The librarians are tired of helping him with the bog words. He contributes NOTHING.

                • Show me your target groups, distance shot, and shot timer numbers, and body count in real fights. The resume you can keep . Idiot.

                  • What a poser.

        • The S&W Shield is an excellent pistol. I have one and exclusively use the 8 round slightly extended mags with it.(bought 4 extra 8 rounders) Wife has poached it for her EDC, so technically, it’s no longer mine.
          WE carry Speer Gold Dot 124 grain JHP +P rounds in it. Very accurate, at least for us. Hope this helps.
          I don’t think it qualifies as a true “pocket pistol”, and in the interest of true posting, I don’t “pocket carry” any pistol, just a NAA .22 magnum as a get-off-me-I-hate-you” backup.(BUG) My bug is in my daily wear cargo pants, and yes, I get “nice” (rugged) ones and try to look at least business causal stylish and very very grey. Haven ‘t been accosted yet, but I do keep my head on a swivel. THe Shield is an excellent personal protection pistol, it’s what GLOCK should have made, had they not waited forever.(just my very subjective opinion)

          • I got mine through their military program. It was a bit over $350. Couldn’t pass up that deal. Can’t remember exactly, but I know it was well under $400.

        • Hogs:
          I think they are a good gun, it’s like cars they get you were you want to go but which one do you like, Ford, Chevy, Dodge.
          I looked at them and the XDs from Springfield, I bought the Springfield, I would have been probably just as happy with the S&W I just liked the XDS a little more.
          I bought it for concealed carry in 45 acp.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • I have a Shield 40. Nice little gun…no problems yet. Stay with the 9,doesn’t jump as much.

          • You must not shoot much. The shield has lots of problems.

      12. Its really frustrating to have questions and be ridiculed or mocked instead of given honest and helpful advice. I have really legitimate questions that I’m looking for answers to.

        If you don’t have a concealed carry in California and just carry (because it IS our right) is there anywhere, besides the airport that you might have serious problems. Are there metal detectors in stores?

        Ive heard there are no stupid questions so please keep that in mind while you write a response. Don’t mock someone who is trying to learn.

        • What do you expect, is the internet, a place full of f**ktards who only care about talking smack to make themselves feel good. Your first mistake is asking for advice on a forum. You might as well ask for clean place to eat on a used bathroom gas station toilet seat. Forums attract the worse annoying f**ktards imaginable. If I were you I would just go take a class or get a book, anything except asking a bunch of ass monkey’s advice on a forum.

          • I think there’s a lot of solid info on this thread but you are right about the internet in some aspects.

            On a site like this a I expect some helpful answers, which I did get.


          Just conceal it and walk around with it in a calm and casual manner in inconspicuous clothing and don’t draw attention to yourself.


          • Ass’ed Itch it’s almost a waste to even respond to your comment. I have open-carried 365 days a year for 6 years and LE has not bothered me even once. I have had numerous people ask me if I knew my pistol was cocked, and so I had to educate them on the fact that it was a 1911, as for hysterical people, there was one that notified the PostMistress that I was carrying in the post office. Nuff said. Oh and btw, I always walk around calm and casual. Hope it does draw attention! I’m a free man in a free country, had the privilege of telling that to a Germany couple in Yellowstone Park. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t. Guess You Can Tell I’m Free!

            • It’s illegal to carry in Post Office, so take it out of your holster and put it in your pocket. Relaxes stupid people when they see an empty holster. Stupid, relaxed people are fun and easy.

          • Acid; I don’t know where you are, and I hope never to be there, but here nobody even cares. Last time I had anyone say anything, was in a fast food place I go to every week or two. The Guy said where’s your gun? You always carry one in here. I said: It’s in the trunk, I was just at the police station getting a mew CCW and they don’t like guns in the Sheriffs office (Went and got it). Buy the way, mostly here we have Police Officers, and Sheriffs, not pigs. The game wardens are polite and helpful. Possibly it’s because we treat them better than you do, and maybe because everyone is packing. “A well armed society is a polite society”

            • We dont have police officers, we only have NWO bankster enforcers here.

        • 1970, I commiserate with you in regards ‘frustration, ridicule and mockery. But don’t let that deter you, keep asking your questions. There is, however, one ‘stupid’ question. It is the one that is not asked.

          Department stores and their ilk do not use metal detectors. They would be going off every ten seconds due to jewelry and car keys and such.

          Keep asking and the answers will find you.

        • anon, a couple things if you live in kalifornia. went to a seminar put on by a gun attorney at a gunshow…his advise”NEVER talk to a cop when caught with a gun on you”….ask for your lawyer, and WAIT IT OUT!any(every!)thing you say WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU in court! carry a target, some earplugs and such with you in the car, so “i was on my way to the range” if caught with it in the car. carry a field jacket 2 sizes to big in the car in case you get caught far away from home and have to walk. also a holster or way to keep it under that jacket. you don’t want ANYONE to know it’s there until they hear the BANG, BANG, BANG…BANG BANG…STOP, OR I’LL SHOOT!”…..you know, like the cops do to U.S. citizens…also, a sock full of big ball bearings can be a VERY effective weapon, for less-than-lethal situations…or a padlock in a sock……and to ALL of you out there, if you aint got body armor, you will be at a serious disadvantage, when the s DOES htf…..kinda sick of hearing all the naysayers…quit trying to figger out ways it WON’T help you, and think about all the ways/times it can save your LIFE!…i’ll take MY chances WITH it….and BTW, make SURE that flashlight is LED, so the battery lasts a long time…and they can be a formidable weapon!

          • Buttcrack,
            In the PeoplesRepublikof KalleFourkneeya, a sock filled with anything, is legally classified as a “black jack, sap” and is an instant felony(prison time) as is an ASP baton. Yeah, thank the liberal pukazoids in Sacramento.
            However, I have used many times, the cable locks that come with all firearms in California(required by state law), as a “field expedient” self defense impact weapon if/when accosted. “Honest officer, it was laying on my front seat, right there, and when these bad guys came up, I just reacted…..”smile sweetly for the jury and you’ll walk. However, Anon, lives close to the beach, so it wouldn’t be out of character at all, to have a pair of “beachy” socks, half full of sand laying on the back floor boards at all…you do watchya gotta do.

            • baseball bat a baseball glove and a baseball in the back seat in open view ,, im going to a game ostifer

            • Go to a large truck stop, they have a small flashlight in a heavy Magalloy tube for use as a tire thumper. Truckers know about stupid laws and have figured out a way around them.

          • Excellent!!!!! What a fantastic idea. Never would have thought of that. Sometimes being kinda clueless helps with cops too.

            My ex is a cop. So, I kinda heard the stuff that worked.

        • Our county commissioners meetings have a portable metal detector set up at the entrance. If I have to go, I get there early, before they get it set up. I just go right up to the meeting room and take a seat, with no checking at all.

        • Anon1970:
          I spent far too long in law enforcement in southern California, and as a native Northern Californian(far north of Sacramento) I feel your concern. First, no retail establishment has metal detectors. Post offices and other federal, state and SOME local government buildings do, and ALL court houses in California do. As far as getting your CA CCW permit, it DOES depend entirely upon which county you reside in. I’m assuming your in SOCal,possibly LA or Orange Counties, so getting a CCW permit is horribly expensive (fees) and damn near impossible to get. Most other counties are shall issue, and the fees for the fingerprinting, actual permit cost, vary and are set by each county Sheriff’s department. Yes, the counties do use it as a revenue generator. IF, you are fortunate enough to get a permit, it’s good statewide, for the firearms (and ONLY) listed on your permit. Certain jurisdictions will politically sodomize you for not having the listed firearms. Second, NEVER, give any law enforcement officer an excuse for searching your person, vehicle, packs, bags, or home. I worked in Los Angeles County and routinely found good decent people illegally carrying firearms to protect themselves. I quietly educated them on how to NOT carry a gun in the glove box, center console, etc. all the usual places dopers hid their stash, etc. I never arrested a soul nor confiscated their “illegal” handguns, instead chose to educate them to the reality of how to be far more GREY. It pays to NOT be noticed. Let the thugs and thugettes get popped, YOU stay anonymous. While there are a LOT of active LEOs in California who have the same attitude I did, there are a lot of younger ones, who DON’T. So, just be careful, know where you are going, carry a high intensity smaller strobe capable flashlight, (Costco or Sams has them, use the AAA or AA only)get a good pepper spray, it’s available online as well. CA restricts private citizens to 2 oz size or less, get a STREAM version. Aim for the third shirt button and hose them down.Most thugs/ettes will “crouch” when sprayed so, aiming for the third shirt button(where it would be) usually, notice I said usually, will apply the OC Spray into their eyes. Works well MOST of the time. Larger aluminum flashlights are legal to carry in California anywhere, and make excellent impact devices to use on elbows, collar bones, and sides of knees. Swing THROUGH the object…works best. Oh, as for pepper/OC spray(same stuff) look for the Shield, Fox Labs, or S&W MAce brands, they work the best in my past professional experience. I currently carry Fox Labs, and am happy with it. It seems to work better on subjects who are under the influence of alcohol and controlled substances, than some of the others. The cheap crap you can buy at the grocery store is usually imnported from China, and has dubious reliability. My younger brother bought some Blackhawk brand at his local Wal-Mart in NorCal, so check there as well-for the brand. Hope this helps, keep asking questions, screw the trolls. They know nothing.

          • I hate pigs that dont arrest crooked politicians and banksters. They are to much of a coward to arrest the true criminals. Haha. Cops shake down the slaves. It is safer.

          • I haven’t lived in So Cal for 18 years, and I don’t miss it. I live north of SB now but not actually in SB county.

            I feel confident with pepper spray as my ex husband was a PO and made me carry it, showed me how to use it and we even did a practice wherein I learned what he taught as a PMA instructor, what it feels like to get it in your eyes/face. Nasty stuff but I know it wouldn’t take down everyone as he grilled that into my skull. He cautioned me to be careful to use weapons properly because they could easily be taken from me and used against me…I am not a big girl, 5’4″ 110lbs. As much as women like to think they can defend themselves, they are at a disadvantage. I remember how angry he was when a femaole PO was on her break-in on the bike and laid it down, for the life of her, she could not pick it up. He was not happy because it put the other officers at risk trying to cover her. That and an incident with a fellow officer who was overtaken by a parolee and he left her in a compromising position and was bad for her fellow officers who found her the way they did. I am at a disadvantage and I know it, especially with little people with me. I won’t soon forget any of those stories. Those women were trained, beyond me by a long shot.

            They other thing he told me was it only takes 5lbs of pressure to break the windpipe…over and over he told me “Remember, five pounds of pressure, don’t forget that”. I learned some good things that I still use to this day, it has become a part of my driving and living. Little things like scanning for drunk drivers, identifying gang members (he was in East LA so he had a low tolerance for that). Having a way out, always and sitting facing the door.

            With all of that, he never taught me to use a gun. I have had to learn that more recently. I don’t know why he never did. He was a weapons instructor and kept the officers up to date at the range. How could he have not taught his family.

            I miss him. He was in an accident on duty and I will leave it there. Good officer and fun guy.

            Do the young guys have less tolerance because they are new/green or is it their training that was different that years ago? Is this the same with military too?

            Thanks for the advice. I take this to heart as I know you have experience.

        • @anon1970 –

          brief list of no carry weapon zones:

          court houses
          federal buildings
          police, sheriff stations
          mental health care
          military bases
          jails, prisons

          *as a woman who wants to protect herself, you should dress defensively on the street:

          wear ankle supporting laced-up shoes with socks – so you can run and kick to defend yourself. for women kicking and kneeing is your greatest defense against an attacker. eye gouging, scratching the face, punching the throat, attacking the groin of an attacker is second.

          wear below the knee length loose pants so you can move fast comfortably and be flexible.

          wear full length tight shirts/ blouses with sleeves above your wrists. so you can move smoothly and not be tangled up in it. wear a under shirt also.

          long hair is dangerous. it’s a control point for attackers, keep it coiled up in a bun.

          jewelry is a no no. it attracts attackers and can be used to hurt you.

          wear a belt to keep your pants in place.

          carry your purse with the strap over your head and shoulder diagonally. carry i.d., cash, cards and checks in a money belt.

          personal protection – on person carry weapons are:

          thumb blade knife
          ***The Karambit knife(best)
          boot knife
          walking cane
          ice pick w/ cardboard sheath
          *if carrying a concealed handgun, carry it in a Money Belt on the front of you, under your shirt.
          *learn to use them, practice practice practice, carry in your front pockets.
          *anything in your purse is useless in emergencies, as the attacker will take, steal it from you.

          Learn Philippine Knife Fighting and buy a KARAMBIT KNIFE it is a perfect slashing weapon for women.

          Learn Taekwondo: learn how to defend yourself by kicking and kneeing.

          by combining the karambit knife fighting with taekwondo martial arts a woman would be deadly and safe from multiple attackers.


          Kicking differentiates the martial arts from other styles of fighting. The world of martial arts has many different types of kicks. There are spinning, jumping and flying kicks. Some kicks strike an attacker in the shins, and others strike him in the head.

          the basic kicks.

          Front-Snap Kick
          The front-snap kick

          The side kick

          Crescent Kick
          The crescent kick
          The reverse-crescent kick

          The roundhouse kick

          * running away should always be your first option!

          * be aware of your surroundings and don’t get trapped alone with attacker, if attacked run too large crowd of people!

          * keep car doors locked, park under street lights.

          * buy a titanium .38 special ‘revolver’ hand gun.

          practice makes you safe, so practice realistically.

            • Never kick above the waist (crotch) if you dont want to land on your ass and get the shit kicked out of you.

              • I agree. I’ve trained TaeKwonDo, Jujitsu, Army Combatives and Pressure Point Control Techniques. Kicking can be very useful, but don’t kick above the waist unless you have trained a lot to do so. Take a look at the PPCT stuff online. Learn where the nerves are and some of the kicks/strikes for them. Easy to learn and remember. All of the other I have mentioned above take time and training to become fairly proficient. Kick someones peroneal nerve hard enough and they go down. BTDT. It works. Doesn’t have to be a precise ball of foot strike like TKD above, but come across with your shin to side of their leg. They wont be able to walk for a minute or two. Enough time to cuff them if LEO or run if you were intended victim.

          • Dear Solus Lupus,

            A top flight list. I made a copy.

            Have a good one!


            • thank you @jj.

              i’ve a soft spot for damsels in distress.

              keep up the great writing @jj, it’s worth your best effort, as it will give back too you what you put into it ten-fold!

              see you ‘on the line’!


          • I would like to add a Tactical Pen. You can even take it through an airport. It’s a Pen, it writes, but is sturdy enough to be a weapon too. You have pens in your purse I assume? Add one of these to it.

            • Fake a limp and carry a tactical fighting cane.

            • For real, there is such a thing as a tactical pen? Going to look into that.

          • Never run away, they will jump on your back and you will be in a vile disadvantage. Idiot.

          • I am going to do a copy and paste there is so much here…I can’t believe how much I never even thought of and down-right practical stuff.

            I wish I had been doing this 10 years ago instead of the hobbies I had at the time. What a waste!

        • My first response would be to avoid court houses and federal buildings…and some schools. All of those these days, have metal detectors at the doors. We aware that they have metal detectors that are not out in plain sight. You won’t know you set them off until they grab you. I saw one of those in action once. They still have to post a warning sign, but the sign doesn’t need to be large and highly visible. It can be the size of a bumper sticker.

        • Long ago when CCW were a lot more scarce. I mounted a license plate under and inside of the dashboard of my car. Down near the fuse box. Using Velcro I made a holster that would hold my 9MM Browning where I could get at it but it wasn’t visable unless you got down on your back and looked up.

        • Don’t carry a gun in California. Hire a Mexican bodyguard and just carry a dead blow plastic mallet.

        • 1970 – If you’re in doubt, don’t.

          Not likely to run across metal detectors in most places the general public frequents outside of government buildings.

          As a woman, something you may consider that isn’t available to a man and is always at the ready is one of those hair things that use a leather piece with a wooden spike through it to hold your hair back (don’t know the real term for them). You can sharpen one end and they make a rather good push knife against soft tissue areas, I saw a woman with one of those using a colored knitting needle instead of a wood rod once and figured that was the reason for it (or maybe she just thought it looked cute, it sort of did). Other than myself I doubt anyone paid the slightest attention to it or thought it might be a potential defensive weapon.

          • Men in Denver use those hair pins for ear rings.

        • thanks to ALL of you that gave good advise here…i found some of them new and very useful.

        • Anon… don’t carry in a post office, court house or other fed buildings. Metal detectors will not distinguish between a gun or keys. The department stores do not use metal detectors. the scanning panels are for security strips on merchandise to prevent shop lifting. Your gun wont set it off. I carried everywhere in Ca.

      13. Reading through the comments, I thought I would toss a suggestion or two up in response to some of the things I read…

        Anon 1970: You ask where do you hide a gun with skinny jeans and a blouse. You also said that you think anything with cargo pockets would stick out in the beach community you live in. To this I would say the same thing I said to my wife-“What is more important, looking good or surviving a violent encounter?” It really does come down to that. Consider changing your wardrobe a bit to accommodate safety over style. Cargo shorts, women’s board shorts, looser fitting jeans, etc. are all viable options. Larger t-shirts and blouses that provide concealment for a weapon worn in a holster at the waist will not stand out in any beach community I’ve ever lived in, other than a nude beach – LOL.
        As for footwear, if you can’t run for your life in it, then it’s probably not the best option. There are many, many styles of sneakers that will fit in just fine around a beach community. An attacker is NOT going to standby and let you run to your vehicle to either get away or “gear up”. If it’s not on your person, it is not available for use in defending yourself and your loved ones. That includes items in a purse. Your weapons should be strapped to YOU, not in a purse. There are a variety of “disguised holster platforms” available, including one that looks like a fanny pack. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Style should NEVER come before Safety.

        A few people mentioned that their Leatherman is carried to be used, not adored. I can see both sides of this but what I am getting from the original article advice is to preserve your emergency tools (Leatherman) whenever possible. If you are depending on it to keep you alive, replacing it is probably NOT an option at that point. Sure, test it out, make sure you didn’t get a badly assembled one, and then go a little “light” on it’s use so that it is still in better shape should the time come where it will be the difference between surviving and not surviving. I carry my Leatherman with me most of the time. I hardly ever use it. My EDC folding knife is a little different, as I use it more. However, I still try to use something else before resorting to it.

        • I agree on the Leatherman use. I have a nice one, I don’t remember exactly but I paid about $50 for it. It’s not used. I have a cheap $15 knock off to beat up on a regular basis. BTW I have broken a Leatherman once. Left it in my car to remind me to send it in for warranty and someone stole it 🙂 Broken needle nose being quite visible.

        • Yes, in this community, yes it would. But being a smaller one it provides other benefits. I really think this can be done with my regular clothing. I don’t wear tight tops, typically wear loose blouses, long sleeves. It isn’t ‘hot’ usually. It really isn’t just about looking good, though it is important to me that I am pleasant to look at and not an unpleasant, sloppy, disheveled looking woman. I think I would stick out if I dressed much different than I do.

          Some of those holsters look like they would work with my existing dress without drawing any extra attention.

          I no longer wear flip-flops unless I am going to the beach. Being a mom of, many, I can run in just about anything, with a toddler on my hip;) But I wear sensible shoes. When I am out I wear closed toe shoes typically. I dress up for church but I did see that there are thigh holsters and that appeals to me.

          I don’t shop in sketchy areas. I don’t go to the mall.

          I don’t have a knife. Again, it could be taken from me. But, I am going to go ahead and look around for one. My kids carry them, not like they have any training. Kinda silly I guess. But, if it were taken?

          I think I really just need to take a self defense coarse just to get some basic skills. I know I might not have much time, but then again…who knows how long it will be with the crap they are pulling. I can’t believe we haven’t hit the wall yet.

          I promise, I will take the gun outta of my purse. But I can’t carry it until I get the right holster.

          • Anon1970, if you are in SLO, SB or MOnterey County, you CAN get a CCW permit, depending upon how much the county fees are. It’s easy in all three of those counties as well as in Santa Cruz County.
            Personally, my daughter-in-law, petite, a marathoner, tried a “flash-bang” bra holster. She said it’s crap, I’ll take her word for it. As for a pocket knife, look into the Gerber LST knives, inexpensive relatively sharp and short enough to NOT get taken away from you, and long enough to prevent it as well.
            Go for the Fox Labs spray, works like a champ, as well as Maglites, or similar flash lights. My wife prefers a C-cell version, that con incidentally has the same diameter as a straight handle baton, and she’s nasty with it.(as in painfully nasty, if you are on the receiving end.
            Other than that, get creative, know the actual law, and HOW to get around it, and NEVER EVER give any LEO a reason to go search your person, and never give permission to have your vehicle searched, not ever, not for any reason. If they have probable cause, they won’t need your consent.
            As you well know, in spite of some of the single issue knuckle heads on here, most cops are decent and expect that people to have the means to defend themselves. Bear Spray in CA is legal, and it comes in a large canister like the Dept. Of Corrections uses,keep it OUT of the reach of teens and children, lest it get deployed IN your car by accident. It’s a bad thing to have going off as you are on the free way.Yeah, I’ve seen that happen. Also, look into a Koga stick, you can order one online, and yes,m they are legal in California-still. Polymer ones are from Cold Steel, google Cold Steel Koga, look at the round butt versions, they hurt like hell when deployed.
            Hope this helps. Kick butt, take names and make the scum fear YOU. WHen you call 911, stay on the line with dispatch, until the uniforms arrive on scene, those calls are recorded and you will want YOUR version of events, recorded by the good guys.

      14. Know “The Club” for your car?

        Aptly named. 😀

      15. Anon1970,

        There should be schools in your area that teach street defense. Quick and very useful. True martial arts take many years to master and I don’t think we have that much time.

        Being in CA I think even pepper spray can get you arrested. My best advice is to move. If you can’t move than you will always stand the chance of police problems if you carry any self defense weapons. I can’t advise you to break the law, but I’m always armed when I visit over there or anywhere I go here in AZ. I was even asked to leave Wally world in NV because my open carry made the employees nervous.

        • Nope, Pepper and OC Spray IS legal in California, just has to be a container that is 2 oz or less. Bear Spray is sold in MOST sporting goods stores in the Grizzly Bear size containers too….hey, officer, I was picking up a few things for my hike in the Sierras, when all of a sudden…
          Just make sure YOUR narrative is believable, probable, and passes the “prudent person” theory of evidence.(which is easy to do)

      16. Kahr .40 in back pocket, 2 spare mags in other back pocket, knife and leatherman clipped on front pocket, small pepper spray in same pocket, left pocket has wallet with cpl and small lighter, with flashlight clipped above. Belt is rappel rated with lightweight omega REAL caribiner on my keys. Wallet has stainless ccard survival tool.Buddy who works for me carrys same exact loadout… even tho he’s a marine, heh heh. Good advice. Gotta love SERE.

        • You need a Bat Man utility belt with all that crap. Just carry a sharpened spoon and use a reverse hold. I learned that in prison 😉

      17. Never ever go without being armed; NEVER– EVER, there is no time out in the real world to go get your weapon.
        I mean everywhere including your home 24/7. Have the mind set that you are going to protect yourself and your family at all cost. If needed its better to be judge by 12 than carried by 6. As for as everything else in will fall in place as needed. Also never be without your MBR, hand guns are used to fight your way back to your MBR which you should never be without.

        • Never, ever.

          Advice taken.

      18. Western culture has come to define itself through an alien ideology disseminated through Hollywood. It is a superimposed culture, a fantasy structure that we’re all living in. True Western European values have been replaced by another, a new global religion called Hollywoodism. Who is behind this new ruling ideology, re-defining western culture?

        Watch this pleasssssse….


        “Hollywood is run by the Arabs” -Alex Jonestein Shekelberger

      19. Alex Jones
        An honest investigator of crimes?
        Or a criminal trying to confuse us and protect his network?

        Alex Jones is typical of investigators in this 9/11 truth movement. Specifically, he has been exposing 9/11 and other crimes for many years. He is an experienced investigator.

        This page has some audio and video excerpts of Alex Jones to help you understand that he is trying to shift the blame away from Zionists and onto other people, mainly Americans, but also some British and Chinese.

        Most of the people in the “truth movement” are doing exactly as he does, so try to understand this technique so that you are not fooled by it.

        For a recent example, on 21 September 2007, Alex Jones tries to convince us that the Zionists are actually subservient to other people, such as the Queen of England:

        Jones-Arabs-not-Zionists-21Sep2007.mp3 only 540 kbytes

        On 30 August 2007, he gives an emotional rant about how he is tired of these criminals ruling over us, but listen to who the criminals are:

        Jones-30Aug2007.mp3 only 540 kbytes

        Tell me …please

        Why Are There Two Completely Opposite Stories About Adolf Hitler?
        Does heat come from the Sun or does cold come from the Sun?
        Is alcohol poison to our brains or is it not?
        Did Africans invent Detroit or did Africans destroy Detroit?

        watch this out


      20. Added a Glock 22 today. Local gun shop closing because of a death in the family.

      21. Sorry folks but M4, M16, AR15, AK47, M1 Carbine etc. are not Main Battle Rifles. M14/M1A, M1 Garand, FN-FAL, H&k G-3, even bolt guns in 308 or larger calibers are MBR’s. I know weight and recoil, but you have to take it to give it, so the time to get real is fast approaching, so when it arrives you will be glad for that MBR by your side. Ruck up and be ready. IMHO for what that’s worth.

        • Main battle rifle should be an alien pulse vaporizer. .308 is antique shit. Just the class IV lasers on a military rifle will fry your eyes.

          • I used to enjoy shooting and showing off with arial targets and my 30-06. Just the simple pleasure of hitting that fox squirrel in the head at 150yds in high wind with my ol marlin 22 mag is gone. Now the shooting sport is made up from gadgets people buy to try to compete with old codgers like me who just shoot well due to 50 years if practice.

      22. $10.00 for a chicken leg?

        5.3 million chickens to be destroyed… Bird Flu?????

      23. I carry a Cree led light Bic lighter Gerber para frame full size not the little one and my cell phone. This stuff goes with me everywhere. Can carry this stuff in my pocket easily. I use my flashlight at work a lot so I just keep a spare aa battery in my truck. The knife I use to cut shrink wrapped pallets and plastic strapping but when I get home I run blade through ceramic v notched sharpener to keep it up. Always good to keep a lighter on you and I don’t smoke so it lasts I usually end up losing it and buying another one. Cc is not allowed in my state and I don’t feel I need to carry. But when I travel I keep a lcr 357 with 135 grain Speer gold dot hollow points. It’s light smooth and I shoot it well. I’m a p&d truck driver so I wear timberland pro boots. I have been through tons of boots and find work boots to be the most durable and comfortable. The tactical boots do not last in my line of work. If seen people’s space shuttle door gunners fall apart on them in a few months. I always have 3bottles of water and many things in the lunch bag. I have another backpack with my gps and other driver tools electrical tape some zip ties leatherman hooded sweatshirt. The tape and zip ties have got me out of a pinch with a worn glad hand many times and tape is useful too. They take up little to no space. That’s my everyday work load stuff. It’s the bare minimum to keep around as a truck driver. In my personal truck I keep a cheap tire plug kit. I have fixed tires on the side of the road without taking them off the vehicle or changing the spare. Get fix a flat this is good in a pinch. A fleece blanket jumper cables some bottles of water small roll of sheet plastic. Got a stainless non insulated bottle to boil water if needed. Between my trucks contents and my work truck gear. I a pinch I can make a get home bag in minutes and go on foot. I feel with this stuff I don’t raise flags and look like a fruit cake but can pull off what I need to do in a pinch. If I lose any of it no problem it’s all cheap and easy to replace. Except the ruger. I like everyone on here like the guns but the fact is the knife is the best tool to me it gets used lightly but often and if I needed it it’s clipped to my pocket all the time. Some guys keep a tire thumper which can thump bad people. Being a trucker you never know if your gonna get robbed your driving consumer goods like alcohol TVs shit like that so being robbed is possible. I lock my doors never park in dark areas yes I go into dangerous areas but have never had any problems. I’m always on my guard and looking out for potential problems. I will run mutherfuckers over with my rig if they try to stop and rob me. I have small kids that depend on me so I’m not gonna let them down.

      24. Any redneck in the woods during hunting season has a truck that is an roving arsenal. Besides the handguns, rifles, shotguns of various calibers, you can add the skinning and fillet knives. In the bed of the truck can be found baseball bats, tire irons, crowbars, chain, hammer’s, axes and chainsaws, full cans of beer from the cooler to defend yourself with, as a last resort..
        Not to mention he may run you over with the truck if you piss him off bad enough.
        Think I am lying? I watched one guy “T’ bone another truck in a fight.
        So much for posturing yourself. ;0)

      25. Since the Boston Marathon attack I’ve kept a Quik Clot combat gauze “for temporary external use to control traumatic bleeding” from z-medica on me. And a Celox trauma gauze in my day pack.

        Without them, I could do little. With them, I have a chance of keeping someone alive until professional help gets there.

        I read 68W Advanced Field Craft combat medic skills, Editor-in-Chief Casey Bond regularly. Use it to guide what I buy.

        All the above are available from Chinook Medical in Colorado.

        • Why would you want to save anyone ?

          • Besides if you use a 44 mag you can just stuff a dirty sock in the hole . The bad guy isnt going to make it anyhow:(

            • lol

              I needed that

              another 44 lover

              • Haha yep i have taken deer with the 44 mag and i used to bowling pin shoot with a model S&W 29. I wore two of those 29s out. If you want good tips on shooting revolvers not deasert eagles, then read “Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting” by Ed Mcgivern. I have a signed copy of Bill Jordan ‘s book too. But really miculeck is bad ass. 44’s are hard on the hearing though. What ?

                • I SAID 44 MAG IS HARD ON THE HEARING!

                  • If someone had a 44 mag pointed at me, i would crap my pants even if i was wearing Level IIIA body armor. I decided to quit hunting deer with a 44 because i respect deer too much to hurt them that badly:(

                    • I finished off a wounded deer one time by head shot with the 44 mag. I called my ruger super redhawk ol’ blew eyes after that. It blew both of the deers eyes out of their eye sockets:( a hot load of hollow points is nasty. The biggest pistol i ever owned was s custom made bolt action postol in .358 Winchester. I had fun watching my Colonel gouge his bald head with the front sight of my canon. Hey, i told him to hold it with both hands but he didnt. Fucktard. Those big pistols will really let the air out of a bad guy .

        • John Allen

          Get a tourniquet too. A heads up on this with traumatic injury. Never remove protruding fragments from the body for it can cause them to bleed out. Cover to keep dirt out. Bowel protrusions should be covered with wet/moist material and let the doctors remove frags, and re- insert organs into body cavity.
          Good to know there are those who can jump in and help.
          Get some 4×7 battle bandages, Military type.
          Need more J.A’s in the future.

          • Heres something to think about and do,
            I have been going through my bags and stuff, in one of my pacs i had a field trauma kit, the bleed stop bandages were in the same pouch as some cold packs (the ones you squash and they react and get cold) anyway, somehow perhaps on the last outing that i took the pack on the med kit got smashed. Long story short my quick clot dressings and ice packs are shot,
            Glad i found that now rather than in an emergency.
            So check into your gear bags from time to time

            • Kulafarmer.

              I have found a military type bag. I believe it is a sleeping bag carrier. Has a handle and two straps. 10x10x10 in. Small clear plastic flat containers found at Wal-Mart fit nicely into it. It takes eight small flat containers. Like a cube, You can organize things and keep they dry and safe from being crushed. More than one cube, you can stack them.

          • that tourniquet should be able to be put on with one HAND….it might be all you got left, when YOU need it.

            • BCOD

              I took a look at those pictures of the guy who got hit with a sword. Cut him up bad. Like butchering a hog.
              I can not stress more that you should have some first aid and medical knowledge before the reset. If you have a Nurse or Field Medic in your family, what a plus. Notice a Doctor M.D. is Golden. Keep in mind there is only so much you can do in the Bad Situations.
              Had my share of cuts and bruises, broken bones and sickness over my life span. A small medical education from them.

      26. Good stuff, but not very practical in a city, business or professional setting. I’ve seen guys with 3 to 5 things hanging on their belts and all their pockets stuffed full, they look ridiculous and with all they are carrying they never seem to have a gun! As I’ve stated in prior comments my EDC / GHB has evolved to a modular bag system specifically designed for me in my geographical area. I mean really how many people would need an inflatable life vest, fins, mask and snorkel to get home? While everything is always near by I never have everything on me. At any given time if I was stopped for a gear checked you’d likely find a 9mm or .40 Cal. Pistol with an extra magazine, small multi tool, small light, keys, iPhone, bottle of water and wallet. The rest of the system is rarely more then 1000-1500 feet away from me at any given time.

        With all that said every morning when I leave for the office my wife ask me why I carry that bag every day? I just smile and tell her it’s so I can always get home to you honey! The bottom line though is if I ever need my bag system things have gone horribly wrong and it’s going to be a long walk/swim home. It’s simple: food, medical, navigation, shelter, security, water and you can survive almost anything.

        • A friend of mine that works an office job in Denver wears a back brace under his dress shirt, in the back brace is a padded pocket that conceals a handgun, think he is carrying one of those new curve 9mm pistols now but used to be a 19 in there. When you look at him with his coat off you would never know there is a handgun on his side

          • PO: I am in the same situation. I carry a small pack inside the building I work and have a bigger pack in the car with good hiking boots and some gear. I also have to work at times in city. I have a friend that has a shop where I keep a cheapy but serviceable mountain bike stashed in case roads are clogged up.

            • That’s a good plan too. Since I own the company I keep a bike at the office too. The problem I have is all the bridges that are choke points and the government or the bad guys will take them over first. Look at history and what Stalin did with the Ukraine in the last century. You only need control of a few roads and bridges to starve off an area or city. I’ll be starting with plan “A” the car. If I can’t make it I’ll switch to plan “B” Bicycle and if that fails I’ll be swimming the rivers and hiking through the woods. If all goes well and I don’t get bit by a gator, moc. or coral snake; I’m good and and should be home in 36 to 72 hours. Its surely going to freak the wife out. Let all pray it never happens.

            • Keep a guitar case handy with a Thompson .45 auto with drum mags. .45 is ok out of a long barrel but is generally a shit round 🙁

      27. Love the site, gotta ask a question though Green Beret an Airborne, graduate of Sere school? I question the qualifications. Anybody in a military branch going through survival school is a grad of SERE, qualifications are a litte hokey. Beret, delta, ranger, airborne are all diferent concepts. Uncle Mikes, really!

      28. Whenever I see or meet a white man who is fat, I can’t help hating him. Why? Why would I be so quick to judge? Simple: this is absolutely the wrong time in human history for a white man to be so lazy, so complacent, that he allows himself to turn into a fat slob who couldn’t run a block or do five push ups.

        The reason is because the mass Islamic invasion of the West has already begun and is accelerating rapidly. These Islamic extremists are already mass killing people they do not like across the Middle East and Africa. And they have their sights an doing this in Europe and eventually, America and Canada. You need to combat ready and fighting fit because, if you want to survive and thrive, you are going to need to be a proper man. The crazy Muslims are fit, so you better be as fit or better than them.

        To summarize, if you are fat and you have a wife and/or children you love and care about, I am afraid you are a pathetic wimp and a coward. Because you are in no condition to defend them and protect them. Those are harsh words but they are the truth. And the truth hurts. It should. They are at high risk of being attacked by the many hundreds of thousands of angry, vicious male Muslims (and even some of their women).

        • Stuff it: I’m old, fat, out of shape and I still get my deer when I need one. Sam Colt says I don’t have to run anywhere, Mr John Browning agrees with him, and Mr Garand agrees with them. I don’t give a damn, if I was Jesse Owens I’m still not going to run anywhere. Moslem’s et al, my home is mine. The farthest I’m going is to go is lay down in the grass 500 yds from whoever and discuss things with them. If that bothers you well tough.

      29. Mr. Johnson, next time you might want to address, developing a survival mental attitude, and mental attitude in general, many have never given a thought to these things, its going to be hard for them to function when they need to. just an idea for your next writing, and thanks for the info.

        • charlies2dogs.

          Good subject. Stress factor going to freak many people out.

          • My specialty was weapons (sniping) and fitness. Later, I went into my current vocation, which is general health. I have been deployed to many s-holes over the years and I can tell you very few men in the West would survive the real deal. The levels of obesity and poor health will do them in on the first day. Just the stress alone of it getting real will have half having heart attacks (and some Sinaloa gangbanger grabbing their preps right afterwords). At a minimum you need to be physically with the strength and stamina to be able to run a few miles with your weapon and a backpack with supplies and ammunition. Without having a heart attack, passing out, puking or getting the ‘vapours’, ladies. A minimum. That will get you through the first weeks. Without that capability, your preps are a waste of time and you should instead spend your days developing business acumen and wealth and hire some hard-ass dudes to protect you. All you need to do is keep a ‘stable’ of young ladies 18 to 30 on tap, and those guys will be loyal and happy.

            • Realistically, most of the bad asses i shoot with suck. An average shooter trained by me could take them with a .54 cal Hawkin black powder rifle and a cap and ball black powder revolver.

              • I like model 1858’s black powder cap and ball with two extra cylinders . Since you asked. Two extra cylinders are plenty because after 18 shots it is too dirty to cock.

                • If ya aint kilt it with 18 balls, it aint gona get kilt .

        • Dear Charlies2dogs,

          I think it’s a good topic. I will do an article on it, and I’ll dedicate it to you. Thanks for the suggestion.



          • J. Johnson. Can you see line point mountain to your west from where you are at?

      30. Great article JJ.

        In addition to your suggestions (and commenters’) I think that before one goes anywhere on a public road in their vehicle, that they inspect said vehicle for …

        -all lights working properly… headlights, brake, turn signals, and license plate lights. It takes just a moment, and inspect tires for proper inflation while you are at it.
        My goal is to minimize any contact with LEO. I don’t need to give them ANY probable cause to pull me over. I come to a COMPLETE stop at all stop signs and red lights. I go the speed limit. I use my turn signals even when there are no other vehicles in sight. In the winter, I always make sure all lights are clear from snow/ice/mud, and that the registration stickers on my license plates are clearly visible. I stay off of the roads between 2200 hrs and 0300. etc, etc.

        I thank you for reminding me of my eyeglasses situation. I will make sure to address that when I repack my EDC.

        Another item that I find useful to put in my EDC/GHB are THICK, black, 50 gallon garbage bags. I use them as a liner for all my bags, and carry extras. Poor man’s poncho.

        Looking forward to more of your articles.

        • Dear Ben,

          Thanks for your comments and kind words. You’re as sharp as a tack. Good organization puts things into a format so that you can concentrate your focus on situational details that arise…and always change. With regards to LEO’s, that is all good advice that people should take. I couldn’t agree with you more.

          You have a great day. I look forward to hearing from you.


      31. I carry a small carryall bag I got from a paint store one time. It’s blue, old and paint splattered and nobody ever noticed it before. Perfect camouflage for my bug out patrol pack inside. Civilian coloured. I carry a pair of desert boots, compass, para cord, my general area topographic maps, a few differnt knives for differnt tasks, ziplock bags. Various meds and med equipment. A gortex bivie bag, about 10 cigarette lighters because rubbing two sticks together is for guys who didn’t think to use a lighter to start a fire. Being armed is one thing but being prepared with basic tools without going over board is probably more important. I also carry a pair of hand pruning shares, so I don’t have to make any noise when I have to push though dense foliage and a vietnam era wooden handled folding shovel. You can use it for a weapon, an anchor point, clearing a cooking area, digging, busting through doors and windows, as a lever, use it like a pick axe to climb vertically …. You get the idea.

        Most important? A knife, a water bottle and a couple cigarette lighters in a ziplock with a couple fire starter bricketts. That’s all you really need to start surviving ….. But from here, you can work your way up. I don’t mind Green Berets ….. I liked teaching them bush craft and survival skills in the jungles of Brunei. Quick learners!!

        • Dear Cede,

          That’s pretty awesome stuff you mentioned! Did you teach 1st Group guys? I went through SERE and also did JOTC in Panama when I was in 7th Group.

          I especially like the lighters. I carry a couple of Bics and also a Zippo with extra flints, since it can burn gasoline.

          Thanks for the information. Hope to hear from you again soon.


        • Na na na na na na na na BAT MAN! And his trusty utility belt . He was the original Gray man prepper.

          • I refuse to wear tights, ergo, I cannot wear a Bat Belt, either.

      32. 1) Always be armed. / (Check)
        2) See #1. / (Check)
        3) Repeat steps #1 & #2. / (Check)

        • The entire Canadian Army couldn’t police six angry Eskimo grandmothers.

      33. Entrenchment tools

        There is a size for everyone. The TRI Folds are nice being all metal and now composite material. The old long handle from WW2 is a work horse and some about 1965 have the pick attached to the head. Every Boy Scout has had his hands on one. Durable and dependable for sure.

        Seen one that assembles to about the size of a gardening trowel with a short handle.

      34. Dear sirs; How in the hell am I to educate a husband who has no inclination to be armed, be dressed for emergencies, or actually give a damn about his wife and kids enough to get his sh*t together? There has been zero input from him in training his children. I have purchased what I can, but seems he is going to be the saboteur by being a baby who depends on his mommy. In the event that I am taking the kids and high tailing it somewhere, will I find some decent people out there? thanks.

        • Real question is why you still there? In the event of trouble have enough salt on hand to put him in a crock for eating later. Waste not, want not.

        • I agree with Para Noid. Any male who is that lazy and selfish, doesn’t deserve the family he has.Apologies if I offended you, wasn’t meant at you, I am disgusted by male emotional pansies, I’ve got no use for them at all.
          Yes, we’ve raised two kick but (now adult) daughters one is still single, because there are too many males who want a “Mommy” instead of a partner.
          Useless males are drones and deserve what all drones get.
          So, take care of YOUR children, and let the biggest bay fend for himself, he’s an adult, it’s time for him to grow the hell up, or get his butt kicked to the curb.

        • I was in your boat, kinda. My husband isn’t much interested in prepping though he doesn’t care what I buy, store, carry. I other words, he doesn’t impede my progress. He’s not on board as far as taking charge of any of it but will do errands picking up supplies IF I ask.

          While grateful he doesn’t fight me I would be happier if he took the lead. I do have to tell myself to ‘chill out’ when he does things that ring effeminate with me. Growing up with military and cops has made me a little harsher at times then I should be.

          That being said, can you just go for it without him? I would. You don’t ‘need’ his help. Sure, it would be ideal but it isn’t required. Who knows, maybe he will get on board because he sees something in what you and the kids are doing.

          Our daughter is flying to TX in June to help our friend who has two babies on the flight as her husband is driving the truck. I never plan on flying again. So, letting her fly was not easy for me. She is flying home alone and has a short stop in SF and I flipped my lid. Husband didn’t see the big deal. I nearly slapped him but held my tongue and told him HE is picking her up in SF. He said, “okay”!
          That’s how I keep him in the game. Not ideal but workable.

      35. I wouldn ‘t even wear a 1911 as a trinket on a key chain. A revolver is faster since you dont have the wait for that slow-ass 1911 slide to cycle back into stove pipe position:). Cant expect that piece of shit to actually chamber a round.

      36. I really appreciate the article. It’s given me a lot to think about and explore. The only point of contention for me is your comment about not using your pocket knife and multi tool. I understand to a certain extent the reasoning behind this but would you say the same thing about the firearm you’re planning on carrying? I believe you should use the tools you rely on extensively in order to familiarize yourself with them. I want to know their quirks and limitations. I also want to know how to repair then our at least disable them for maintenance, our in a worst case scenario, parts. Anyway that’s just my 2 cents. Thank you four the article.

      37. In 1215, 100,000 Albegensian Heretics, all mounted on horse, all battle hardened and experienced, were ravaging the country side killing all the Catholics they could find. The Catholics mustered a force of 1000, 200 on horse and 800 infantry, all ill trained with little to no battle experience. The Catholics knelt down and prayed, then attacked: Two Catholics were killed and 8 wounded, the Albegensians were annihilated. – A true and factual event.

        You might even want to read “St. Michael and the Marine” – a true story read to over 5000 Marines shortly before they embarked for Korea in 1950.

        In the late 1400’s, a small group of Spanish Knights faced an overwhelming and enormous army of Muslims in Isabella’s Spain. The Catholic Knights knelt down, prayed the rosary and attacked a force well over ten times there number. As they Knights attacked, out of the clouds came three men on horses arrayed in battle armor, St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Gabriel, the three Archangels, who rode in with Isabella’s knights and assisted in the complete slaughter of the Muslim army. To this day in Spain is a statue commemorating this event of the assistance of the three Archangels, an event that was even recorded and testified to by several of the Muslim survivors.

        I suggest you read the following:

        – WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe
        – The prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello (1895-1961), Italian mystic and stigmatic, on the coming war.
        – The prophecies of Alois Irlimaier: Austrian mystic.

        And I could list dozens more who even from the 5th century, warned that following he “20th” century, would come an apocalyptic chastisement on both the Church and the world for the sins of abortion, homosexuality, contraception, immodesty in dress, pornography, etc, but mostly for the great “apostasy” now happening, the abandonment of near 2000 years of true doctrine and faith but not only the peoples of the world, but the very hierarchy of the Church itself. For the creation of a new god, made from our own passions, desires and lusts, a modern pagan god, the worship of man rather than God.

        – Sister Lucia of Fatima, known by hundreds of millions worldwide, said April 7, 1990: Russia will attack both Europe and America – and America will be spared the prison camps. Meaning apparently their plans are spoiled some how.
        – Sister Elena Aiello: (1895-1961) mystic and stigmatic, warned in 1960: Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her “secret” armies. – i.e. Obama’s army he is amassing internally and who then also invites or brings in our enemies to assist his attempted takeover and to establish a Marxist Dictatorship.

        There are many more prophecies from reputable mystics and visionaries whose visions all are in agreement of what is soon to happen.

        My point: After reading many of these prophecies, as I have said some are from the 5th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. centuries, many of which specifically mention that in the “20th” century will the world abandon God and shortly thereafter comes a most terrifying chastisement. Civil war and revolution and when all is in turmoil and chaos, our enemies attack us – “with help from within our own government.

        But the bottom line is that they all agree, that at first our enemies win everywhere while God’s justice is applied to us for our sins, that He will allow our enemies to punish us severely for the above sins and crimes against His Majesty, but then, when the payment is complete, then God intervenes and all our enemies are then annihilated.

        So, no matter your preparations, if you are a Marine, Seal, Special Forces, tenth degree black belt, if you have participated, espouse or support the above vices, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, contraception, immodesty in dress, drugs, etc, you will be in God’s eyes aligned with the Atheists, Marxists, Jews and Muslims, all enemies of God, His Church and His peoples, you will be “annihilated” no matter how much you are prepared. Take it to the bank. It is said that faithful Catholics and Protestants fight together in this coming war and what precedes it, that afterwards their is a union, a real union of Christianity which will reign triumphant, but the fight will be hard and at times seemingly unwinnable.

        J.R. Tolkien was a devout Catholic who was very familiar with Catholic prophecy and a coming apocalyptic war preceded by a very sudden,violent and short civil war and revolution. In his epic work, “The Lord of the Rings” he depicts the coming war with evil, “Mordor and the Eye” or Satan, and God’s people. He presents virtue, bravery, courage, and hope in the most dire circumstances. A movie well worth watching again and again, to understand what Tolkien is warning and telling us – it will be terrifying and the fight extremely hard and violet, but we win in the end. Period.

        So, if you espouse any of the above vices, change your ways, amend your lives, and if you ignore this advice, if you don’t believe, you are on the “other side” and will be annihilated. God forgives, providing one shows an attempt to amend one’s life and starts to pray, asking and begging to see and understand the “truth”.

        But do get ready and prepare, just hope you are on the right side in the end, for this time, the saints declare it will be absolutely clear, as things progress that this is a war between God and Satan, between vice and virtue and God wins.

        • Excellent post, jarhead! Well done, articulate and intelligent as well. Unlike a certain poser on this site…
          again, thank you for the time and work done with your post.

        • Anyone can prophesize. Sooner or later, something resembling one of their predictions will happen. Then they will say: “See? I was right”. Yes, right out of your mind. Statistically it is probable that many “prophecies” will come true.

          You appear to be quite intelligent, and are diligent in your research. Now, why don’t you put that effort into something useful that will advance your career. I don’t see any MOS for a “seer” or “prophet” listed yet. I don’t expect to either. I fear your time is consumed in old and ancient hucksterism, and that is time simply wasted.

          You’ve only got so much time to live, and spending it, unless in the pursuit of genuine scholarship which will land you a degree and eventually a teaching position, be it military or civilian, is irrational. Just like these TV “evangelists” and “mystery” TV program, you are not doing yourself any good whatsoever.

          In my earliest estimation, I perceived this site as a place from which to give what little knowledge I have to share and receive wisdom, especially from those who “have been there and done that”. Getting into theological commentary and “prophetology” belongs in “The Twilight Zone”, not a reality-based accretion of real knowledge.

          We need down-to-Earth truly useful information at the average man or woman level, not theory and conjecture. There can and should be genuine differences of belief, based on personal experience, but “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?” is not one of them.

          Donald H. Conner

      38. I noticed one error in your recommendation: Please do NOT use ‘super glue’ to repair your eye glasses with. The cyanide compounds in the “dried” super glue will constantly release fumes into your eyes!! –Major irritation– That’s why the glue’s ‘cautions’ say not to use near eyes or mucous membranes. (I used super glue on some sun glasses I really liked. Even after 2-weeks drying in my hot car, my ‘repaired’ sun glasses released irritating fumes into my eyes! — tossed my sun glasses… I’m afraid the usual white athletic adhesive tape is still the best temporary fix.

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