There’s Only One Way to Beat China

by | Oct 29, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 18 comments

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    Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute explains why China is way ahead of the economic game and how the U.S. has effectively given away its edge.

    But he sees one way to bring America back to what it once was:

    Anybody that can’t see what’s going on, they better wake up.

    First what the United States and Europe did, and Japan, is they sent the jobs over to China for cheap labor. And then what they did was they sent the brains. China said ‘the only way you can produce here is we want your technology.’ So, whether it was Siemens or GE or any of the major Japanese companies, what they did was they gave them their technology. So China now is really in a position where they are not only holding the technology, they’re holding the money.

    The only way the Chinese are going to be defeated, and the only thing America has that the rest of the world doesn’t have… is innovation. And, as long as they keep giving our innovation away, we lose.

    As long as they keep giving our money away, and our productivity away, and our intelligence away, and the governments in this country stopping the entrepreneur. And that’s not a line. Just like they busted that little kid up in Oregon for selling lemonade because she didn’t have a $140 license. They’re doing the same thing to every entrepreneur in the country, because they’re tipping the fields to the too-big-to0-fails.

    The fact of the matter is, folks, that China has a hand up on the U.S. And contrary to the beliefs of most mainstream thought, China is not our friend. They are a communist government, and as such, believe that peace only exists when everyone else is communist. Make no mistake: China’s goal is the complete and total disintegration of the American way of life, and so far, they’ve done a very good job at seeing it come to fruition.

    We previously wrote that Americans’ Entrepreneurial Spirit Will Never Be Destroyed, and we still believe that. Our governments seem to be doing everything possible to kill that spirit, however. From forcing companies to buy healthcare, to requiring IRS transaction reports for all purchases over $600, to increasing taxes on small business owners, to destroying our savings by mass monetary destabilization, and passing legislation that benefits the large corporations at the detriment of small business,  our local, state and federal governments are wrapping their tentacles around everything they can. Perhaps our politicians don’t realize, in most cases, what it is that they are doing and the long term ramifications of their actions.

    But the guy on the street does, Main Street that is. And at some point, when he’s lost everything, and he has nothing left to lose, he’s going to revolt.

    America has always been the leading innovator in the world – since our inception. We still retain some of the best minds in the world.  What led us to create this nation in 1776 and revolutionize the world in the 1800’s and most of the 1900’s was that our unabashed, sometimes brazen, spirit for innovation and revolutionary ideas was allowed to run free, without interference from a government whose sole purpose was to generate revenue and feed its appetite for uncontrolled spending.

    The innovation is still here and eventually the people will force the issue.

    Until that time, we will continue our decline into a third-world nation, where the best and the brightest are left to scrounge for scraps and the middle class becomes non-existent – while China and other emerging economies appropriate our technology, processes, and jobs for their benefit.

    Listen to Gerald Celente discuss China:


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      1. If there is no enemy, then why the need to create one? as if there aren’t more important things to worry about right now. This is alarmist, divide and conquer type alarmist crap…

        This country wasn’t made great by its government or the corporations. it was made great by the PEOPLE that had the IDEAS. China has just taken those ideas and ran with them. adapt or die. China is NOT the enemy (right now). Just because another country is better at something than ‘we’ are, does NOT make them the enemy – Japan and Germany have been kicking ‘our’ ass for decades now.

      2. I appreciate your comments Sketch. We cannot scape goat China for taking advantage of situations placed right in their laps. I think the creativity and vitality of the American people is still top notch. It’s the present and past American administrations that have allowed the nation to fall so deeply into debt. China is not to blame our the USA’s fiscal irresponsibility. When our economy collapses under the weight of all this debt it is not China pulling the strings. We did it to ourselves collectively by our every decision to buy on credit, go into debt, and don’t worry about the bills. China is just an opportunist. They are not prepared or able to become a new world power. China faces great obstacles in securing enough energy and food to feed it’s own people with terrible infrastructure problems. After peak oil it will not longer make economic sense to have a product produced so far away and then shipped to American because the fuel to get it here will be too expensive. Globalization will fall flat and manufacturing will return closer to the market in which the product will be sold.

      3. China has many mouths to feed that want a little freedom.  It is cheaper for them to buy grain than grow it with the water that they don’t have. 

        The U.S. is already a communist country. All ten planks of the Manifesto are in place and the government oversees every facet of one’s life. Land of the free and home of the brave? Must be someplace else because it’s darn sure not the United States.

      5. I think we have to innovate a way to rid ourselves of the current oligarchy.

      6. All remaining American manufacturing companies need to purchased, owned, and managed by employees.  Employees would then control executive compensation, distribution of excess profits, and the purchasing of goods and services from foreign nations.  These employee owned companies should receive tax breaks and other benefits based on the number of  jobs they bring back to America.
        World War III is an economic war and the United States is losing.

      7. The writer of this piece is spreading the same manure as the MSM, telling us that some other nation “wants to destroy our way of life”
        It’s all horseshit, do American’s want to “destroy the way of life in China”?
        How about Germany?
        What about North Korea?
        Of course not, if anything, the Chinese just want to ensure that the US doesn’t walk all over them in the future as we have done to so many other nations.
        They have dreams of a better life for themselves and their children, long before contemplating harm to others.
        They don’t give a crap if we like baseball, apple pie and Britney Spears.
        Get real and stop this warmongering stoking of the public.

      8. china is the enemy. after we invade and subjugate pakistan we need to stage commando raids into china to blow up their dams, military bases, airports, seaports and government building. we should keep up these raids until those cowarsly commie punks realize the superiority of our military forces and  scream for mercy. after they offer to surrender we should flood their country with phoney counterfeit yuan bills. we should continue to threaten them with nuclear attacks. then we should intensify our commando attacks until the whole pinko commie mess collapses and begs for mercy

        palin/o’connell 2012


        to requiring IRS transaction reports for all purchases over $600,…Hmmmmm..
        so, if I have a vendor with a bill of $625??  I get a discount and we both profit—or a vendor of $625 and I make out two payments…one for $599 and one for $26 dated fro different days if necessary!??

        There are ways people.

      10. China is the epitomy of all current countries and is close to a Utopian Society.   The people get free health care and public transportation as well as govt. provided housing.  Mao had it right.   The govt. is our savior.  Without it we are walking in circles without their lead.  ObObama is putting us the right track to prosperity and a healthier, less stressed out lifestyle.  Let’s follow China and get our act together.
        Obama/Biden 2012-2016-2020-2024.

      11. Mushroom,your an idiot. Where will we get the money to invade Pakistan. Pakistan it self will make Vietnam look a water gun fight. There is about 175,000,000 people in Pakistan. There are about 60 million able bodied men that nation and they are radicalized and there are alot of guns in Pakistan. Second of all what jingoist neo con would support a land war in China? Land war against China would be a stale mate. China also has allies in the mideast that can destablize the region and give us a headache. You sir have no sense in military tactics and strategy. If we did “commando raids” in China they will dump our dollar and watch our economy collapse into ruin.  Have we not learn our lessons about waging war in mainland Asia in Korea and Vietnam? War with China would be our Adrianople.

      12. There’s a reason Uncle Ben is called “Chairman” , smirks

      13. I don’t get it Hoody!  What does white rice have to do with armchair?

      14. Dave:  Well said….If the best we can come up with is more fear mongering on China, then we deserve what we will surely get; more of the same.
        Let’s get real and at least accept some facts that are in front of us if we only look back over the past 25 years or so.
            Americans are overweight in debt.  Exactly who twisted anyone’s arm to buy junk they didn’t need?  Government?  The Chinese?  Hardly.  Who forced thousands to buy houses larger than they needed for shelter/a home?  These folks should look in a mirror to see the real culprit. 
        Greed on all levels contributed heavily to the problem, especially in real estate.  From the buyer to the mortgage agent to the major banks who eventualy bought and slice and diced and sold to the final level of suckers looking for an easy profit.  America is supposedly right of center (implying a good percentage of conservatism).  Where did that component disappear on a personal basis?
            The $600 1099 requirement is being damned but let’s look at the truth.  Probably 99% of us who have ever done anything with an entrepurnial bent has streched or disregarded the accounting rules.  Skimming off the top in cash and writing off questionable expense in order to cut income to a minimum, along with their taxes.  How many of you folks know people who made good money all their life and when it came time to collect SS, received a check slightly above the minimum?  The reason: They cheated their whole lives on taxes while claiming they were actually good, church going americans!  I know dozens of them.  So do you if you think about it. 
        Back to China.  It was greed again that caused Walmart to head for China and open over 700 factories, build their junk cheaper and then ship it to the American stores where they could claim you could  “save money and live better”.  In the meantime, you folks who shop there (I don’t) helped devastate main street America and the store owners who contributed to your communities in many ways. 
        No, let’s get off the bandwagon to blame someone else for our troubles and put the blame squarely where it belongs…on our own two shoulders!!!  JMO

      15. Funny that America finally turns out to be like Ayn Rand has pictured her in Atlas Shrugged.

      16. I have lived in China, and am planning to return in a few months.  Everything Celente says is true because I saw the building of new factories with my own eyes.  U.S. companies built quite a few factories in the small town that I lived in.  They gave the entrepenuer guarantees, and low taxes and the contract even had a clause to take over the factory if it did not work.  Well, the catch was to bring all the technology to China and leave it here.

      17. I have a web site where I give advise on penny stocks and stocks under five dollars. I have many years of experience with these type of stocks. If their is anyone that is interested in these type of stocks you can check out my web site by just clicking my name. I would like to comment about china I think it is about time that some chinese companies start to invest money directly in the united states. All the trade we do with china is one way everything goes into are market but nothing but raw materials and machine tools like earth moving machine tools like bull dozers machine tools for mining manufacturing. Their are no consumer products to speak of that the united states ships to china.

        • Well James, wait for another year and China will produce “Made in China” right here in U.S. of A.! The money will be no obstacle, the workforce will be no obstacle…..The ¨rest of the world¨ will ship technologies devised abroad to US.

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