The Crash of 2010 is Happening Now

by | Oct 9, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 47 comments

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    In December of 2009 we published Gerald Celente’s trends for 2010, with a follow-up post in January titled Gerald Celente on Collapsing Markets, Terrorism, and Currency Devaluation. Reviewing Celente’s forecasts from nearly a year ago it’s clear that this man knows what he’s talking about, accurately predicting several trends that took hold this year including neo-survivalism, anti-immigration, the not-made-in-China movement, the rise of alternative media and the fall of the mainstream, as well as the crash of 2010, which many believe may be taking place right now. Celente not only forecast the Crash of 2010, but made specific note that it would be led by a currency crisis – which just so happens to be playing out in the US dollar as of late.

    In the following Goldseek Radio interview, Gerald Celente discusses what he believes is happening now and where we’re headed next (and it’s not pretty, folks):

    (Video is available below this commentary)

    What we’re looking at here is a global meltdown. The crash of 2010 that we said would happen is happening. We didn’t say it was going to be a stock market crash. We’re looking at a currency crisis.

    I know the game here. You just can’t keep printing money endlessly and not devalue the currency. Remember, that’s the game being played now. It’s a global currency devaluation. You see it with China, you see it with Japan, you see it with the French and you see it with the Europeans.

    They’re all trying to lower the value of their currency so their manufacturers could be more competitive in the export markets.

    Most of our regular readers are tuned in to the crisis taking place, and have known for many months, perhaps years, that this is the direction things were going to go. And while we can’t predict the future, and we can’t be certain that these are the opening salvos of the currency crisis that will eventually destroy the dollar, it’s certainly looking like the depreciation trend is in full swing. The US dollar is under serious pressure from not only the Federal Reserves unabashed printing through quantitative easing, but foreign investors are decreasing their purchases of US treasuries, in fact scrambling to figure out a way to get out of bonds before it’s too late.

    The crash of 2010 is multi-faceted and does not solely include the destruction of the US dollar. It’s all around us:

    • The jobs situation in the U.S. continues to deteriorate, and the trillion dollars the Federal government spent in stimulus has done absolutely nothing to provide meaningful growth in jobs. Fully one in five able bodied Americans are unemployed or underemployed in this country, and there will be no regression of this trend for many years to come. As pointed out in the Goldseek interview, one in eight Americans are dependent on the government to put food on the table.
    • The real estate market is literally in a re-collapse, as evidenced by falling prices and what is happening with major banks and the foreclosure processes that involve millions of homes – they’ve ceased. Does anyone believe this is a good sign? The entire mortgage market is corrupt, over-leveraged and completely unstable.
    • The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is used by economists to calculate when we’re in a healthy period and when we’re in recession is projected to decrease going forward. As cash-strapped consumers have lost jobs, lost wages to inflation, lost credit availability and used up their savings, they are buying less consumer goods and sticking to the things they really need, like food and energy (which just so happen to be rising significantly as a result of the collapsing dollar).

    This is the real deal now. We are, regardless of what those with their head in the sand are saying, seeing yet another collapse in global economic conditions. The green shoots have withered and died. Where the stock market goes is inconsequential at this point. Even if it goes to new highs, those who see large “gains” in stock prices will see them wiped away by destruction of the base currency in which their assets are held.

    Celente regarding $5000 per ounce gold:

    I think that they’re going to intervene before it goes to that price. That’s what I’m concerned about. They could stop trading it. You know, they could blame it on terrorists, or your Aunt Tilly. Whatever they come up with, whatever they could dream up.

    That’s why I’m a buyer now and have been, because I think the door is going to close at some point. Because as you well know, there’s just not enough metal out there that’s going to be able to meet demand. So, I think before it gets to $5000, I think they’re going to put restrictions on it or make some kind of a peg that’s going to keep it on that level.

    They recalled gold once before in the 30’s and they could do it again now in 2010.

    European central banks have stopped selling gold. The US Mint has halted sales of one ounce gold coins. Are precious metals markets hitting critical mass? We have opined that gold may go up or down from here in the near-term, but the long-term trend for a massive rise in PM’s remains intact. The question of whether or not the governments of the world will restrict the purchase and sale of gold is yet to be determined, but we highly recommend to those of our readers that hold any significant amounts of precious metals that you either get them out of the United States, or get one of these:


    Any restrictive actions on gold and silver transactions will more than likely lead to a black market in the metals themselves. Though you may not be able to “eat it,” we strongly believe that so long as a buyer exists somewhere in the world, the market for precious metals will remain healthy, albeit underground.

    One other major variable directly related to the global economic collapse, is the rise of massive protests in response to a loss of confidence in government. You may not see it on mainstream television in the United States, but make no mistake, there are massive labor protests happening around the globe right now – especially in the Europe. Gerald Celente suggests that these could lead to something much more serious:

    They’re looking at it as a one dimensional issue, as though it’s economic. But it’s bigger. It’s revolution. It’s revolution, it’s three dimensional, and it’s being played out in technicolor live. Turn on the TV tonight, you’ll see it. Not on the U.S. stations, but the other ones.

    It’s revolution that’s going to be followed by war. We’re in the 1930’s all over again.

    That’s the way we’re looking at it. You also have these nationalistic parties forming. All the pieces are coming together. Is there a Hitler yet, or a Mussolini?

    These types of events have occurred the world over throughout history, and they are happening right before our eyes. Do not underestimate the rhythmic cycles and repetitions of the past. This time is not different from those we’ve read about from the past.

    Celente voices his concern for what’s to come:

    We believe – unless the trends reverse, unless the people take action and stand up and real speak out – we know we’re going into the Greatest Depression, and we’re very concerned it’s going to be followed by the Great War.

    At the risk of sounding like pessimists and that we’ve given up on the American peoples’ ability to “stand up” to the economic and political tyranny spreading throughout our country, we are very concerned that the United States has reached a point of no return. Though the events to depression, collapse and war may be slowed, we believe the chances of change in the trend are rapidly approaching zero, if they haven’t already.

    This is not something our readers want to hear, nor is it something we want to opine – but look around. Put down the hopium pipe, because hope, unfortunately, will not be enough.

    Interview with Gerald Celente on Goldseek Radio:


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. Hope in World War III is like holding US dollars for another 30 years…

      2. This was a good article. I love reading your blog. I have a question that may sound silly to some. If the fed can just print money from thin air, why don’t they offer the American people direct loans at low interest rates for like 30 years? That way we could all consolidate our debt and start all over again. I know people will say: “that’s what got us into this mess the first time around”. But I think it would have been better to offer “consolidation loans” directly to the American people instead of giving 780 billion to the big banks.  A 30 year fixed rate loan of $250,000 from the FED at 0.000001% interest would be a payment of $694.44 per month. Can somone explain why this is not a good idea.

      3. Wow! If that doesn’t make double down on the canned goods, rice, beans and bullets, I don’t know what will!

      4. What would be the value of that $250K?

      5. celente, schiff and others like martin weisz and alex jones are all profiteering from selling economic horror senarios. their real ulterior  motive is to sell newsletters and stock market prescription plans.

        the united states is the envy of the world. just look at the empire state building, the brooklyn bridge, the gateway to the west arch in saint louis and the golden gate bridge. america has the best economy and the strongest military which is bringing democracy to far away countries that hate our freedom like iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, somalia and yemen. the american dollar is the reserve curency of the entire world. this is why i believe in the strength of the ten dollar bill.

        i save ten dollar bills for any kind of economic problem in china or saudi arabia. these ten dollar bills will get me and my family through any economic problem like crashing gold and silver prices and expensive grocery prices.

        god bless america and god bless the ten dollar bill…

      6. jimmy torino,

        that’s a great idea,  #1 it’s more like 780 billion x 10 or 20 & #2 it’s not about helping the american people who are paying for it, it’s more like destroying the middle class so then we have to depend on government.
        when people start looking at this, I mean really looking at this, it doesn’t make sense, in fact it’s infuriating……… I can’t watch the news without “liar” escaping my lips.
        God have mercy on our souls, because we’re letting this happen, you want to know who’s doing this, look in the mirror.

      7. Hey shroom… you crack me up.  Just curious, why always $10 bills and not $5’s – you’d have twice as many?  Or even $1’s… I hear they’re coming in two ply soon.

      8. Comments…..  Notice how Gerald said that it wasn’t a stock market crash, but a currency crash.  Hard assets is what will be of most value.  He says that 80% of his portfolio is in gold, however, he also that the gold hoarders will be the ones to blame.  I’m not into gold myself especially if the government wants to confiscate it.  Beans, bullets and bandaids.

      9. Hey  Mac… need to replace that picture of a grain scoop shovel with a real digging shovel if anyone plans to do any real PM burying….unless you plan on burying them under a pile of shelled corn….ahahahaaaaa….

        On gold/silver restrictions by the govt: 

        Aren’t they gonna have a hard time minting the damn things one day, and the next day saying they are illegal to use ? 

        This ain’t your Grandpa’s depression…..back in that day, folks were trusting of the govt, and allowed Roosevelt to cram CLEARLY unconstitutional executive orders thru starting the process of gold confiscation.

        Today, that crap won’t fly….almost EVERYBODY knows the govt is out to screw them, and they won’t get a sheetrock bucket of metal if they go door to door.  What they will most likely get is severe shortage of collection agents.

      10. Hey  Mac… need to replace that picture of a grain scoop shovel with a real digging shovel if anyone plans to do any real PM burying….unless you plan on burying them under a pile of shelled corn….ahahahaaaaa….

        On gold/silver restrictions by the govt: 

        Aren’t they gonna have a hard time minting the damn things one day, and the next day saying they are illegal to use ? 

        This ain’t your Grandpa’s depression…..back in that day, folks were trusting of the govt, and allowed Roosevelt to cram CLEARLY unconstitutional executive orders thru starting the process of gold confiscation.

        Today, that crap won’t fly….almost EVERYBODY knows the govt is out to screw them, and they won’t get a sheetrock bucket of metal if they go door to door.  What they will most likely get is severe shortage of collection agents.

      11. I wouldn’t call beans, bullets & bandaids, hard assets . 

      12. And I have no idea why that posted twice !

      13. Seraphim,

        OK but what about the fact that everyone always says that the FED can print all the money they want? How about printing money for the American people is all i’m saying. If your giving it to the big banks, how about giving some to us. Why cant they do that? What are some of the “bad things ” that would happen if they did?

      14. This was posted at the link below the text, which was then changed to what is now posted under it – follow the link if you like.  It evidently pissed somebody off pretty badly… go figure

      15. All good down here in Oz, wake me up when the stock market tanks there. That is our trigger, or at least it was in 08

      16. Well, gold is skyrocketing and temperatures are dropping to the 90’s so its time to head for the mine and dig some dirt. Its been a nice cool, lazy summer.

        Spend those worthless FRN on some prospecting equipment folks!

      17. Nice article. That shovel you showed works good for scooping manure, and we all know bureaurats don’t like getting dirty or getting anything on them that isn’t easy to wash off.

        Jimmy Torino, here’s your answer:

        “1. Educate, educate, educate. First educate yourself. Learn about the Austrian School of Economics and why printing trillions of dollars is hurting every single American, even those that don’t pay taxes. It is called the Inflation tax and comes when the Federal Reserve prints more and more dollars and weakens the value of each. This makes prices go up and we pay additional taxes in every penny we spend. If printing money could solve all our problems, then why not just print up ten million dollars for every household in America? Wouldn’t that jumpstart the economy? Actually, all that would do is cause the dollar to crash and send us into hyper-inflation. If that is bad, then aren’t these bailouts going to be bad one day too? We got into this mess by printing too much money. How is more poison going to help the poisoned?”

      18. /* Style Definitions */
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        You took the entire meat out…maybe you have the same censor?

        McCain’s Death Camp USA, The loss of zionist – ‘jewish’ victim status

        Our work is *all* about the future. We take bazillions of bits of data, grind it up and gnaw on it fiercely sucking the juice of tomorrows not yet manifest into today’s unfolding. We view the future as history awaiting. In that future history, certain events rise up and slap your face right in the midst of gnawing the tasty bits. We call these temporal markers.

        Used as way points in emerging circumstances, these temporal markers are the meaningful paragraphs extracted from an anticipated future history book about tomorrow’s major developments affecting omni-humanity.

        Such a temporal marker has made an appearance.

        We here at HPH had been anticipating that ThePowersThatBe (TPTB), through the twisted offices of their political minions and slaves, would be bringing out ‘laws’ in the near future to be used as ‘justification’ in the effort by TPTB to exert their total dominance over omni-humanity prior to the large scale social shifts expected from mid 2011 onward. We have been waiting for the appearance of certain linguistic structures in the msm (mainstream media = propaganda outlets for the TPTB and their political zionist minions). These linguistic structures have now emerged.

        Noted zionist, political minion (slave to TPTB), pretend hero, and ‘senator’ to the Populace/USofA, John McCain has been given the ‘honor’ by TPTB of introducing the ‘laws’ that our future history books will cite as the ‘justification’ or ‘political excuse’ for the upcoming “American Holocaust”. Here is a link to a description of the ‘law’ proposed by zionist and political slave (of TPTB), John McCain, that contains the linguistics we have been anticipating for over 8/eight years.

        The details of how TPTB will use their tool’s (John McCain) language to start the process of ‘indefinite incarceration’ in the USofA are not pertinent to this discussion; further these details will be very apparent in the events that manifest from late October (about the 27th) to and through the 4/four days of omnihumanity planetary emotional tipping point of November (8th – 11th inclusive) and the following 2/two months of release language.

        It needs to be noted that the portion of the American populace most afeard of the ‘death camp scenario’, which is to say the fundamentalist xtians, will prove historically to be mostly *not* at risk. Yes, they will have their ‘travails’ and ‘trails’ in the upcoming period of Naked American Fascism, but not as they had been brainwashed (by TPTB) into believing, e.g. that ‘christians’ are the intended victims of the death camps. After all, why should the TPTB waste the gas in their McCain ovens on ‘christians’ when such minds are so easily controlled by fear and manipulation of historical fact, and when such ‘christian minds’ make such good, and willing slaves. As a side note, many of the self professed ‘christian’ fundamentalists *will* be killed and worse, but this is due to their future history role as concentration camp guards and executioners.

        After the ‘troubles’ in America subside, in that wonderful time beyond the pending social fracture and the rise of Naked American Fascism, in those days on the other side of the November 2010 tipping point and the economic and social chaos of 2011, in the halcyon moments after the POU 2TPTB (Planetary OmniHumanity Upheaval against TPTB) when the Survivors of the McCain death camps gather to process through their suffering, at least then they will all be able to live the rest of their days knowing that never again…..

        …and as a side note to those who care, yes…the data shows jews are killed in the upcoming American holocaust, but the distinction of ‘jewish’ victim-hood will be lost in McCain’s’ more egalitarian (non-sectarian) American Death Camps…..after all, this is the land of the free, home of the brave and we pride ourselves on being a nation where all persons are ‘equal under the law” and where any bastard, without regard to race, creed, color, or religion, who pisses off officialdom or TPTB or their minions. will be declared an ‘enemy of the state’ and ‘indefinitely incarcerated’ under the ‘authority’ of what will become the McCain Death Camp Act of 2010.

        Enjoy the future. And watch out for that first step….it’s a real doozy.

      19. Gold is still sold online where I live in Europe.
        Of course banks don’t support gold.
        They want you to save your money on their savings account instead of putting it into gold.
        They don’t have a profit that way.

      20. If you want to thank someone for hastening the coming national catastrophe you can thank Barack Hussein Obama, ultimate assclown of the universe.   You people who voted this piece of shit into office should all go self terminate so the rest of us can save our ammunition for the hordes of Mexican criminals coming over our southern border.    Maybe Barack will sponsor a Jim Jones kool aid drinking event for you.   Hopefully soon.  A mass die off of Democrats and Liberals would be most welcome right now. 

      21. Alli, which concentration camp will you place your Zionist Jew God Jesus into when He returns? Jesus wants to know so he can decide which part of HELL he is sending you to.

      22. alli – what the heck are you talking about…………

      23. once again everyone, don’t look at the stock market when it is going up.  we’ll start talking about it when it goes down.  when it is going up it is nonsense.  when it is going down it shows how bad everything really is.

      24. eugend69,

        those photographs were all taken in canada or australia. america is the greatest republic in the history of the world  and americans are the greatest people in the world (except for a few malcontents who were fired for good reasons and are now writing horrible anti-american lies on the internet)..

        the great american banking system and the american dollar will prevail agaist the tyranny plots of japan,  china and the taliban. i would urge you to be more intelligent and see through all the plots that america’s enemies are fomenting. remember that america’s enemies are very smart and they plot continuously against the world’s greatest country.

        god bless america and the democrat and republican public servants who are sacrificing and guiding us all through this latest economic problem.

      25. We’ve been in the crash for over two years now. The momentum of the world’s total economy is breaking down. IMO, one possibility is it will not peter out to nothing, but rather it will hit some level and suddenly crash. And that could be this fall and go into spring 2011.

        Food and a place to live that you can’t get thrown off of will be essential. Needless to say, crime will rise to unbelievable levels very quickly.

        And that’s the good news. The bad news is it really could go Mad Max, for a while. Then after MM we’ll have a dictator to “straighten things out”. 

        Another possibility is that TPTB will find a way to kick the can down the road for a little while longer. Never underestimate them.

        But eventually it all hits a wall sooner or later and the reality will be the same. Dictatorship.

        Just my $o.o2

      26. GREAT write Mac!  I agree PR.  Because of their vote we got snookered again.  I’ll bet the ones in a depression are still wondering what happened.  Bought another 5 gal of rice & 5 gal of beans today NR to keep the good neighbors at bay in future.  Anybody ever buy just large bags of beans & rice & get the stare at store?   Tell them the homeless shelter smiles when they see you…. Which country do you live in John?  Alli, do you have a Phd?  Drove a new F250 diesel today, $62K.  There’s no inflation, right.  Topped off tanks in truck with $200.  I don’t expect fuel to rise much before election.  Look out after.  Over 9% increase in wheat last Friday, WOW.  I think bank stocks are on their way down.  Many other stocks Wooba falling up before the big crash someday.

      27. Goldenfox, what is your education level?  Gold is a hard assest.  It’s listed in the Wall Street Journal.  Buy a few 1/10 ounce coins & you can help yourself later on.

      28. From Gary North,  Bernanke’s Declaration of Independence,

        “Conclusion: the FED will not hyperinflate.

        I don’t know if Congress will get the message. The rest of us had better get it.

        Congress will kick the can. But the day will come when the FED will not help Congress kick it any longer. That will be the day of reckoning.

        Bernanke was saying that Congress will have to nationalize the FED in order to gets its deception game rolling along…”

      29. The problem with Hyper Inflation is that it isn’t controllable.    It is in essence a lack of confidence in the currency backer.

        I would suggest this youtube video of Mike Maloney.

      30. @Scar   Is that a 1982 & prior $.02 or 1983 later $.02 cents?  Priceless wisdom.

      31. And another view: .

        “Labels make it easier to avoid rational thought…”
        Truer words never spoken.  I’d like to steal that ……
                                                        from a ZH follower,

        Be loved .. &
        be smart.

      32. @Tom

        Actually, the split was in 1984 sometime. Early 84s were copper but late 84s were the copper plated zinc. Personally, I prefer pre-1965 dimes and quarters.

        Just my 25c worth (which is selling at 15x face right now.)


      33. Excuse me, Tom,
        I’m fairly certain it’s 1982, in that year, some are and some aren’t.
        Drop it on a hard table surface, if it makes a distinct “ting” sound it’s copper, if it makes a thud, it’s zinc.

        Heh, “You ain’t got a thing, if it don’t make a ting, do-wrap, do wrap, do.”

      34. Any penny pre- 1981 is copper. Post 1981 and you get mixed materials.

      35. so, how would the govt make it illegal to sell PM’s?  and how would they exactly come and take it from the populace?

        i take it that the small investor, like myself who has only about 200 oz of silver, probably wouldn’t worry about being raided by the national guard.

        i imagine, and please correct me if i’m wrong, that people who placed orders in the past years through (for example) Monex for large amounts (minimum order is $5k), have their names on file for owning PM’s in significant quantities.  would they be targeted more than the average collector?

        thank you all for your comments!

      36. I like pulling out a silver junk quarter along side a clad quarter & asking somebody what’s the difference.  (Most people tell me the date is different)  Then I ask them which will buy a gallon of gas.  I lose most minds then!

      37. The government can and most likely will make it illegal for you as a private citizen to own gold and silver.  They will also make it illegal for you to sell it or for anyone to buy it.  They will “allow” you to sell it to them at a price they set.  They don’t have to send the guard to confiscate your 200 oz of silver.  If they don’t know you have it they simply have to wait until you try to sell or otherwise convert it and then they will charge you.  Do not be fooled into believing that this will not be enforced.  When the situation fets dire the propaganda will be that those of you who have “prepared” or “hoarded” will be part of the problem.  The meme will be that if you hadn’t bought up a years supply of food that there would be plenty of food available for others to buy.  You will very easily be made into the scape goat.  Make no mistake, when TSHTF there will be a lot of angry people and our elite leaders will need scape goats.  Having gold or silver makes you the bad guy don’tch know.

      38. JTorino- You are right. The logical idea would have been to deal with the problem loans directly BUT the money was given to the banks because the people who control the banks also control the elected officials who govern us. Look at what is happening: The banks wrote a law that allowed risky mortgages to be made and their boughten lawmakers pushed it into law. The banks made money making the loans and selling  the risky instruments to unsuspecting buyers and then had those same boughten lawmakers give them the TARP money. Talk about a deal. They rob the citizens with loans they can not pay for when they reset, and then they rob the citizens again with the bailout/TARP money handed to them FROM OUR POCKETS.  It was always about destruction of the middle class and redistribution of wealth to the top.  Look at their One World Government/UN goals: 1. Create a non-democratic OWGovernment 2. Redistribute all wealth and resources from the west to the 3rd world ( I would say that will be through their pockets)  3. Do what it takes to get #1 and 2 done.  Those are their stated/written goals. Soooooo should it surprise anyone that they are doing it?
        The Great Depression was created by JPMorgan and friends and we have had several others since then. They know what they are doing  and we are busy doing our jobs and taking care of our families so we can’t see it till it is in motion and happeing to us. Now they just sit back and watch their work pay off.  How do we stop it? Well that would mean removing all boughten lawmakers. We can tell who some are but what about the others? And with all their money the bankers/elite will just buy more lawmakers. We need CLEAN lawmakers who support the constitution and have integrity and patriotism and there are very few of those left.  This is a quiet war, make no mistake.  Look at what Warren Buffet said about currency devaluation. He called it a war where the goal was to devalue the money so the elite wins and the citizens have nothing.  He called it killing your own solidiers to win. We may not be in war/ killing mode but the banker/elite are!

      39. In the Great Depression the President enacted an uncontsitutional law the made it illegal for a private citizen to own/possess gold. All gold must be turned in to the citizen would face guaranteed prison time. They government planned to get the gold for free from citizens and then use it to support an pay down the unsupportable debt the feds had incurred. Sound familiar? They can confiscate your retirement funds and your precious metals with the stroke of a pen. Of course if you sit on the PM for a couple decades you might be able to sell/ues it then. Some people did this and some died and passed it on to their kids to sit on.  The question is : would this include jewerly?

      40. The Hitler or Musslini is the One World Government and it’s leader.  The UN announced to Congress that on 11  10  2009, the OWG was a legal entity.  It is not democratic or people oriented. It is all about money and control. Not good.

      41. Man Mushroom you are poorly educated.  The only thing we’ve done in Somalia in the last decade is execute a few suspected terrorists.  We’re not bringing democracy to them.  Hell we don’t even have it in the USA anymore.  Corporations are people too and will soon be voting like the average citizen (they already do with their pocket book, the government does not do what is best for you and I but what is best for their “investors”, they’re not idiots they know who is looking out for their best interest).

        Nor are we bringing democracy to Pakistan.  Time to read books instead of watching idiotic sporting events (you know, grown men cheering on other grown men playing a child’s game is quite humorous for how retarded it is — Hopefully that didn’t offend too many people *sarcasm*).

        A lot of people on here are worried about the UN or the New World Order taking over.  But the UN will be broke soon as few member nations will be willing/able to pay their dues.  NWO most likely has the majority of its holdings in paper money, that problem will be solved sooner rather then later.  There we go.  Now to just focus on retaking our country and restoring it to what it was about 100-150 years ago.

      42. @c – Try some periods, comma’s etc.  But who cares if the government demands your gold.  I had mine buried in the backyard and the day they ordered all residents (don’t forget its not just citizens but legal residents too) to turn over their gold/silver holdings mine would be dug up and stolen :-(  Just like my guns would sink on my non-existent boat the day they asked for those too (would just limit my target practice abilities I suppose 🙁   ).

        Only those silly enough to obey either “law” would be hurt and they’re just retarded anyways (let’s hope they don’t reproduce as we have enough idiots, mostly occupying government positions at all levels, to last a few generations already).  Just use a bit of common sense, don’t obey unlawful/retarded rules unless they can some how prove you are disobeying and the punishment is worse then you’re willing to accept.  Its not like gold/silver transactions are recorded and reported to the Federal government.  Heck, I live close to Canada, they’re gold coins are 24k instead of the lesser American ones at 18k (Most foreign banks etc pay a lot less for American gold eagles) and just drive them over the border (make sure the amount you are carrying is under $10,000 USD and you’re set without having to declare it as you just exchanged one form of currency for another).

        Few problems we face on a daily basis are difficult to solve if you just think outside the box, or better yet realize their is no box limiting you period.  In Washington state fully automatic weapons are banned/illegal.  Fine, I think its a retarded law and wanted to be able to purchase, legally, fully automatic weapons if I so chose too.  About 2 hours of research on laws I found a lovely loophole.  Costs a few thousand but if I really want the gun(s) its the price of doing business.  And yes I verified with a lawyer that this was legit and fully legal (I paid the price for his time/knowledge and I feel I am better off for it, more prepared).

      43. @ c (again) – “…unsuspecting buyers…”, there is NO such thing as an unsuspecting buyer, just a lazy buyer.  If they fail to take the time to read everything involved they shouldn’t be involved in it or do not cry about it when they get burned.  Now if they read about it and still invested, well investing IS a gamble.

        This is how the stock markets work, someone has to lose money for another to make money.  Someones misfortune or misread or misunderstanding can be my good luck, or hopefully not but the other way around too.  Win some, lose some.   Just hopefully win more then you lose otherwise try investing under your mattress 😉

        But please don’t try to paint the uneducated (that somehow got money to invest) or lazy as victims.  My father played with some of these investment instruments but was well aware that he was playing with fire.  But big risks for big returns (and big losses).  He made out well while a friend of his got burned badly.  Thankfully he is smart enough not to whine around us, he failed to educate himself and just jumped in.  Fire hurts, sadly stupidity rarely does 🙁

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