Gerald Celente Sums It Up In One Word: DEPRESSION

by | Sep 20, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 33 comments

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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins RT on September 17, 2010.

    This is nothing new for our readers, of course:

    Depression – and that’s what we’re looking at. When you hear George Soros say ‘blah’ it seems like a battle between the billionaires, because last week I heard one of the other billionaires out there, Warren Buffet, saying that, quote, ‘the best days are ahead.’ So, one of them has it right, but as we see it, we’re closer to George Soros.

    This was supposed to be – from the Vice President of propaganda – the summer of recovery. It’s the summer of the greatest recession.

    Watch the Interview with Gerald Celente:


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      1. Comments….. He never wavers off of his original forecasts.  The latest news out is that we have recovered from the recession.  But polls from MSNBC shows that 63% of people don’t believe it.  How can you have a recovery with high unemployment, and record foreclosures?  As Joe Wilson said “YOU LIE!”

      2. I did the poll and it showed 86.4 believed the economy was in doubt.

      3. Goldenfoxx I thought the same thing when I saw that article that the recession is over.  How can it be over when every single person in every single town in our county knows someone who has been unemployed for months? Someone who can’t afford their morgage and feeding their kids?  I guess the government thinks that if they deny, people will spend money like they used to- however, its hard to spend money you don’t earn at a job you cannot find.

      4. Comments….. pm
        September 20th, 2010 at 3:01 pm
        I did the poll and it showed 86.4 believed the economy was in doubt.
        Thanks for correcting me, I was too lazy to go back and look it up and I didn’t think I was that far off!  LOL!  86.4% are feeling the pain.

      5. Comments….. Hillary:

        In speaking and reading many comments all over the net, I haven’t met one person who thinks that the government is telling the truth.  The Tea Party sure is getting under their skin. If they aren’t such a threat, why do they continue to slander them and what they stand for?  Celente also is predicting a revolution–a revolution which he says is already in progress.  The Tea Party is just the beginning – we’ll know more November 2.  Weknow who the Rhinos are already–Rove and Powell just to name 2 of them.

      6. Come the first of the year when the taxes are raised we will have that much less to spend…. who ever believes the economy is getting any better and/or believe anything the government says hasn’t been pay attention.

      7. i believe our political leaders. the worst is over. just look at the stock market exploding upward. all the experts on fox news say the recession is over. that’s good enough for me…

      8. Mushroom, I guess you’ll be in the dark along time if you keep believing Faux news and think the DOW  “is” the economy. Look up the Plunge protection team, a goup financed by you to prop up the market in times of turmoil. Began after black monday.

      9. Comments…..Mushroom,  since when is the economy the stock market?

        1929-1939: “A Decade that will live — in stupidity.”
        Why Stuck on Stupid?
        Seventy years ago the leaders of both US political parties turned away from the policies that had created an economic powerhouse we call the Roaring Twenties. For ten long years Americans suffered through wrenching economic dislocations: deflation, inflation, a four-year economic contraction, endless unemployment, mindless political experiments, and ruthless attacks on businessmen for political gain as their leaders stayed Stuck on Stupid.
        Today, after a twenty-five year economic boom, Americans are once more faced with a political elite that wants to monkey with success. It wants to raise tax rates. It wants to restrict trade. It wants to increase government power.
        It’s time to look back and remind ourselves how it came to be, starting in 1929, that America got itself Stuck on Stupid. Otherwise it could happen again.
        — Christopher Chantrill

      10. There is something that I do want to say…I’ve been following Gerald Celente for the past few years.  I like what he says but he has not always been right though some of you claim that he has.  For example, a few years ago, he mentioned that during Christmas 2009, people would be getting food for gifts and starving, etc. (to sum it up) for the GENERAL public.  This never came to pass.  Yes, a smaller proportion of the economy probably did suffer this way but not the way GC made it sound to be.  Also, he declared that there was going to be a major pakistani attack on our country (yes, there was that captured bomber) but nothing has happened yet.  So what happens is that his forecasts that he says earlier, he just doesnt’ talk about anymore.  And for the forecasts that don’t come into fruition, he calls due to “wild cards.”  Again, I like the guy, he feeds me good info but he’s not as great as people on this blog make his sound to be.  He’s human folks.

      11. Of course the recession is over, I talked to a young guy today and his income is up,… he said this as he was leaving his day job to work his night job. It stands to reason his creditors must be happy that he’s making his payments,… until he drops from exhaustion that is.

      12. Glad I bought silver and gold.  My retirement will not be in an RV or travel….my peasant retirement will be feeding the chickens, cutting wood, hunting, fishing, food plot gardening.   Living in a very large tipi.  I bet I’ll be happier than those traveling the country in an RV.  Once you’ve seen it all…what then.  I’ve already seen it all on the internet.  The NWO wanted me to be a peasant.  Fine…I’ll buy nothing.  NWO, you are king of nothing. 

      13. Kingkang:  Maybe he’s a little ahead of his time & we will wish we will get food for gifts.  I know I am self employed & paying for the soup lines….

      14. The writing is on the wall for everyone to see. The ” Greatest Depression ” ,as Gerald Celente has described it, is moving toward the next major downturn. No one knows what trigger will set it off, but when it does people may get trampled while running to the bank.

        I believe hunger will be the catalyst. When people can no longer afford to buy food, no grocery store will be safe. Stock up now folks.

      15. Celente looks like crap. He is getting more and more haggardly looking, the sign of a depressed man. Why?, because his doom and gloom predictions, the riots in the streets,the food shortages,the bank holidays,etc., have not come to pass. I too would be depressed and looking like crap if I had to use bullshit doom and gloom predictions on a Russian owned media outlet to sell a newsletter. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next interview was on Iranian National TV.

      16. LOL. Celente appearing mostly on RT TV which is a Russian Commie news outlet. Watch carefully as Celente speaks you see vids of homeless people. Shame on you for appearing on a Commie propaganda news outlet whose goal is to make Mother Russia and Communism the superior ideology to Democracy and American Freedom.

      17. Comments…..@mushroom

        “i believe our political leaders. the worst is over. just look at the stock market exploding upward. all the experts on fox news say the recession is over. that’s good enough for me…”

        Shroom, you continue to prove the propaganda disseminated by the Lame Stream Media is hitting its mark with the common sheeple! If you choose to live in the dark and eat their shit, you too will soon find yourself in one of the FEMA camps, just so you have a cot and food for the day — but then again, that would be the definition of a mushroom. Just don’t be surprised at the amount of labor you will be required to do to ‘earn your keep’.

        Why do you bother reading this site anyway if you believe what you see and hear from your tv?

        For me and my house, I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees…but, you suit yourself.

        If you aren’t storing beans, bullets and band aids now you’re probably too late! Having a lead delivery system is also a useful tool to have in your bag.

      18. Depra,

        Even though Celente is indeed a bit depressing, he speaks the truth.
        Slowly we are heading for some bad times. Unemployment is increasing globally, and the world leaders think only of how to bailout the banks.
        Even though production is stable in all sectors of the economy, there are less and less people who can buy this production.
        Finally we must not confuse the stock market with the real market. The stock market today is more like a casino game, in which small players will lose no matter what.
        Watch the signs and make your preparations.
        Globalization was the worst that could happen to the people of this planet.

      19. Comments….. There’s plenty of families around that have taken in other family members.  Food is the one commodity that people have to have everyday.  I do know people who have given gift cards from grocery stores as gifts to their family members and friends.  I see more and more homeless people on the street begging for food.  Find a food bank in your area and sit and watch the long lines form as people wait to get something to eat.  The only reason why we do not have rioting at the moment, is because of the government handouts which the taxpayers pay for. Also charity like the food banks.   How long can this go on?  Check out daily job cuts . com and see how many people are losing their jobs everyday, and how many businesses are closing.  Oh and as for the bank holidays, just check out bank closings FDIC.  Five banks went under last Friday. FDIC doesn’t have any money to cover all the lethal paper the banks are holding.

        I don’t hold onto every word Gerald Celente says, but he does watch the trends and while no one is right 100% of the time, I believe he has been accurate more times than not. 

        He’s calling for a crash by the end of 2010 – we still have 4 months to go to see if he’s accurate.  Anything can happen by the end of today – life is uncertain, there’s no guarantees.

      20. There is rioting, we just don’t hear about it. As posted in an earlier article 40+Million Americans on food stamps in plain sight! These are not bread lines or heards of the unemployed walking the streets. This is all hidden from view. As time goes on though, this will be plain to see. Expect silence from the MSM and a possible new boogie man to replace the old. This will become the new normal. Gerald Celente sais “think for yourself”. We must all find our own solutions. Don’t kill the messenger! <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

      21. More layoffs at my place.  The are puging the dead wood for good.  Times will get very tough.  If all this makes you nervous…simple.  I stocked the house with about 8k in stores from  Now I’m peaceful.  What will come will come.  Personally I’m hoping for hyperinflation.  it would be great to pay off my house and debt, just the govt. needs to do.  They will destroy the currency as they have to!  Then it’s electronic Amero….US, Canada, Mexico electronic currency…all via Obama’s new healthcare card.  That will be used to handle your account.  Terroist…they just shut your card off…or can watch what you buy.  Me…I’m moving into SAS data mining software.  I’ll work for some NWO company hunting down the terrorists.  It’s a living.  Hey…you can’t stop this NWO thing…it’s coming like a frieght train…Embrace the horror!  ha  I’ll get my NWO shots at my NWO company.  The rest of humanity will be depopulated.  Sad…but Builderberg true!  Think about it….All the elite of the world get together and don’t want you to know what they are talking about!  Sounds fishy.  The new wealth will be farm and forest land.  Get ready for your self sufficient retirment.  Plan ahead.  OH…you’ll get every penny of your social security!  But a gallon of milk wil be $45!  —-Buffalo guy

      22. Kingkang, I hear ya’, and I’ve been getting tired of all the forecasts not coming true. I’ve listened to over 3 years of this stuff now. However:

        No one could have predicted what the US government did in 2008/2009, and that was bailout the banks, bailout General Motors and Chrysler, pass the $787 billion bailout, the TARP, TALF, lowered interest rates to 0%, on and on and on… in other words we all, including Celente, severely miscalculated the timing because we didn’t take into account the actions of the largest manipulator in the world – the US Government. I do believe that Celente will be vindicated in the long run, but his timing is most surely off. That’s almost always the case for predictions, you can see the end destination, but you just can’t see the road on the way there. So I can’t blame him entirely.

        Besides, I heard Celente back in 2001 advocate buying gold as it was going to be a restless time for world governments. Boy, do I wish I had listened to him back then.

      23. Don’t worry Chris C.  Yes, you missed the gold ride but the silver ride is still available!  And yes, timing is hard to do. 
        I wish Celente gave stock tips.  That would be sooooo helpful

      24. The American Staffing Association (ASA) Staffing Index for temporary and contract employment activity improved by 24.7% for Week 37, the first week of September. This marks the 21st week in a row with percentage gains in the staffing index above 20% compared to the same week in 2009 and the 30th straight week of double-digit percent increases vs. 2009.

        The ongoing gains in the ASA Staffing Index in every single week this year compared to 2009 for this leading labor market indicator predict future broader-based, full-time permanent employment growth.

      25. The Federal Highway Administration reported that travel on all roads and streets in the U.S. increased by +0.8% in July 2010 compared to the same month last year. Total travel for the month of July was an estimated 270 billion vehicle miles, the highest travel volume for the month of July on record. On a moving 12-month total basis, the annual vehicle-distance traveled through June was 2,983 billion miles, the highest 12-month total since September 2008, 22 months ago.

      26. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) just released its monthly Architecture Billings Index (ABI) for August, which improved to 48.2 last month compared to 47.9 in July, and
        was the sixth monthly increase during the last seven months of the leading economic indicator for construction activity.  Except for a slightly higher reading of 48.4 in April of this year, the August reading of the ABI was the highest index level since January 2008 (see chart above).

        Although the ABI has still not risen above the benchmark level of 50 which signals overall expansion of billings, the leading indicator has been on an upward trend since early 2009 when the ABI hit a recession-low of 33.9, and has now risen by 14.3 points.  This upward trend is evidence of a gradual and steady improvement in billings, and a signal of future improvements in construction activity.

      27. The stock market is being used to cover up the depression. People use the stock market as the guide for the economy, and that is the problem, as the stock market is the most manipulated form of commerce we have. While the stock market remains inflated, our debts continue to grow and people continue to be without jobs.  My question is how long can they keep the game going? I guess thats everyones question!

      28. Businesses are still functioning pretty good, and that is only because the consumer is still able to live off of their credit lines. The ones who can’t live off their credit lines are getting the free credit lines from the government via food stamps (at an all time high). Unemployment benefits, and welfare benefits. 

      29. businesses are surviving because they know how to adapt.  plain and simple.

      30. I wanted To copy Gerald Celente to get Others interested,but the print runs out on the right side.How do I Print to get It all

      31. i wanted to print An Article About Gerald Celente,but The Print runs out on the Right Side.How do I Print The Article,To get Others Interested?

      32. Richard, I am not sure what you mean.. this particular article is very short with just an excerpt so it won’t print more than maybe a page or so. Please send me an email if you need any of our articles in printable text format and i’ll see what i can do. thanks. Mac

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