Gerald Celente: For Some Countries Revolution Will Be Orderly and Constructive, For Others It Will Be Violent

by | Jul 20, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 38 comments

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    In his latest Trends Journal, trend forecaster Gerald Celente outlines the buildup to the coming “Great War” that will affect every country and person on earth.

    As economies in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America and Asia begin to unravel, civil wars will begin breaking out across the globe.

    The Greek Tragedy was just Act I of the “Greatest Depression,” itself the prologue to the first “Great War” of the 21st century.

    In early scenes, as economies failed, civil protests escalated beyond control. The usual mix of demagogues, rabble-rousers and agent provocateurs attempted to infiltrate, disrupt and radicalize the mass protests, in efforts to hijack or discredit movements born out of legitimate discontent. Desperate to retain power, governments imposed harsh measures, culminating in martial law.

    Under the pressure of the “Greatest Depression,” coups will be staged and governments will topple. In some countries revolution will be orderly and potentially constructive. In others, regime change will be violent as extreme elements take the helm. Dictatorial powers backed by military might will be promoted as a simplistic solution to complex problems.

    The new regimes, successful at whipping up patriotic fervor but unable to deliver on their promises, will find scapegoats to shoulder the blame. As ever, the selected scapegoat will become a convenient target whose elimination will be identified with the elimination of the crisis at hand. Scapegoat hunting — for millennia the sport of generals, presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens — will kick off the first “Great War” of the new millennium.

    Thus far we’ve seen only protests and riots in countries like Greece and France. But the pot is getting hot and it is only a matter of time before it boils over.

    If we had to guess, we’d suggest that one of the first countries to go revolutionary will be Hungary. The Magyars have a long history of revolting against thieving and oppressive leaders, and if one thing is certain it’s that the country of Hungary is now completely broke because of the same reasons as Greece. Elected officials have been manipulating the numbers in Hungary for years, stealing their share while further enriching mega-banks at the cost of making their people poorer. If you’ve never seen a mad Hungarian, buckle up. Once their currency goes hyperinflationary or their country is forced to default on their debt, essentially destroying their currency system, it’s going to get ugly. The last time the Hungarians had a large-scale revolution, headless bodies lined the streets.

    Once the people in one Western country revolt it could very well lead to a chain reaction across all of Europe, and perhaps even the Americas.


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      1. Well, it’s about time!!!

        Headless bodies lining the streets?

        The phrase “heads will roll” has been going through my mind for some time – since reading the last web bot report.

        Go to to purchase.

        Well worth the paltry $10 they charge for it.

      2. That’s no joke about the Hungarians, they are tough hombres. We had a community of Hunky’s in a town I lived in and most of them worked at the local rolling mill (you can tell this was a while ago).
        They worked hard, played hard and you didn’t want to cross one. They were also some of the best folks you’d ever meet…real patriotic Americans and just good people.
        When they rise up in a rage in Hungary there will be blood.
        The area I’m watching with interest is the former Yugoslavia. They already have racial hatred and a long, violent history baked in the cake.

      3. I just heard on the radio today ( in France) that there is a national strike planned for the 7th or 8th of September and a European strike is being called for at the end of September.  The air traffic controllers just went on strike tonight and will be until Thursday morning.  Fun’s already started for some.

      4. Lets wait till the end of  2010 to see if Celente is right.  He has said on several occaisions that we would crash in 2010.    We should wait till late Decemeber till we judge his predictions.

      5. Well said Mac. It is just a matter of time now. The PTB did a fine job propping up the system to allow themselves time to prepare. Now they will simply retreat to their undisclosed locations and hide out while you and I face the fallout of economic armageddon. Gear up everyone. You might not get a second chance.

      6. Comments…..Does any one of you know about Benes decrees?
        That is what they are up to.Hungarians will never give up.

      7. I really respect Celente he may or may not be right about 2010 but his batting average is still really good.
        I have been following Oil Production/Reserve figures along with crop stats for the last several years.
        I would be surprised if we do not have a real meltdown by 2013 or so.
        This is just from an Oil/Food production standpoint, never mind the whole everyone is broke thing.


      8. Christine are you an American living in France? Send Robspierre to US, we need him here! Thanks.

      9. @Durango,
        I hope you’re kidding about Robspierre. Nancy Pelosi might think she’s American royalty, but the LAST thing we need in America is a repeat of the French Revolution. You’ll remember that, ultimately, Robspierre was guillotined, just like tens of thousands of his countrymen.

        We don’t need another revolution, we already have a Constitution. If the politicians won’t follow it, then simply ignore them through nullification; even if you have to do it alone.

        It takes far more courage to face down the system with nonviolent noncooperation than it does to choose violence and go down in flames like some delusional Rambo. Chances are good that violent actions will harm innocents as well, and then you’re no better than the people you’re fighting against.

      10. My Grand parents and my mom & dad lived thru the first Great depression of the 20s and 30s I listened for hours as they talked about it . Even now I can recall a lot of what they said . What strikes me the most is that back then people had a sense of  ” We are all in this together.” they had a bond of hardship shared that if they could they lent a hand to a neighbor , they helped each other .  The one fear my Grandmother had was that she called the “Tramps” , those who tramped the roads looking for a hand out or what they could get away with.  Some were trustworthy and honest , some were not .  Now with the next Depression coming its going to be a different situation, the general thinking of those in need will end up being  ” You have , I want and so therefore you must give me….” Get the Idea ? This generation will demand to be fed , clothed ,  housed and paid for doing nothing .  “ITS MY RIGHT “  will be their rally cry .  I don’t see a sense of community , honesty, justice or fellowship in the current generation,  its going to be “Biggest Hog First” .  So this is where I see the breakdown begin to occur , The current generation demands instant gratification,  the ” I want it NOW ” bunch, when the depression really hits , people will be lucky if they have instant Coffee let alone instant anything else !! and so those among us who will grab a gun to get what they want will do so and the fighting will start .  I will not call it a war or a revolution , more like a break down of our morals and common sense a breakdown of right and wrong and civility . A break down of anger and hatred envy and jealousy.  we will be the worse for it , and those who live thru it will have little to be happy about . Then we will see the end of the country known as the USA. We might split into four or five different regions . we will see I think the jury is still out on that one, but it could happen.  Any way thats my opinion and I am sticking with it !

      11. They seem to like war over in Europe, they have one every generation or so. Must have something to do with the cold weather?
        I suspect a good war will be crafted to distract everyone from their woes and to remove the bulk of angry young men, who do the most damage in a revolution.

        It’s interesting to note that nearly every single revolution in history was fought over, or against, Taxes. Even the US civil war, contary to what is generally taught.

        When the long credit cycles end, the people lose their wealth and the government raises taxes to offset their falling income. Given enough pain the people will rebel, given a war though they unite and support the government.

      12. Airborne71,

        You are quite correct in your assessment….picture the Super Dome in New Orleans during Katrina, and all those folks hollering “WE NEED HEP”……that is a micro shot of what the whole country will look like when things get back enough.

      13. Gerald Celente is usually ‘spot-on’ with his predictions. He may not be able to put his finger on an exact date for anything happening; but he has been correct about most everything that he has predicted.

        Things are going to get interesting very soon. .

      14. Celente did predict the crash of 2010 already.  The sovereign debt crisis and the flash crash of May 9.  Also, we will have more around labor day weekend.  The rebound at the end of the year according to my technical indicator is false.  April 2010 was the top, and we are going down as Robert Prechter who is on the same page as Celente is saying 3rd wave down.

      15. Once again, he has a lot of this right, but I doubt his timing.   Late 2011 will start to look real bad.   

        btw,  Celente needs to review these predictions after the first of the year.

      16. Skip Celente.
        The guys to follow are Marc Faber, Doug Dachille, Hugh Hendry — dudes who invest on behalf of others, hundreds of millions.
        Celente has nothing at stake except pushing his persona to get more newsletter subscribers.
        Celente is a long-time supplier of consulting services to large corporate interests.

      17. All good points, Respice, but if the PTB THINK that the natives are coming in the middle of the night with pitchforks to tar and feather them, rather than plastic forks, they may think twice about implementing their plans against the citizens of this country.

        Fear works both ways. They lost their fear of God long ago. Now they need to fear us!

        I prefer to “follow” the individual who is successfully investing their own money rather than someone spending the money of someone else. There’s a big difference between the two.

      18. It’s not hard for Celente to predict economic collapse worldwide,  because just about everyone else,  is also.
        a mad Hungarian” Didn’t he wrestle for the WWF?

      19. Celente has been a major influence in bringing the truth to light.

        Some say he is redundant and repetitive.  I see his mainline sense of purpose in his research  not some abstract hyperbole spewing from some mindless politico. We would all do well to mind his predictions as so many of them have been correct.

        Remember 2 + 2 =4?

        My son may not be able to balance my checkbook but even he knows the stores don’t take monopoly money and that’s all they have been printing for the last coupla years. I agree with Airborne [hooah by the way brother] I think that states and or communities are going to try and hang together and look for leadership at those levels. The sad but true fact is there WILL be mass choas and a general thinning of humanity. I’am a fireman/paramedic and you wouldn’t believe the bullshit 911 calls we have fielded over the past ten or twelve years. NO ONE seems to be able or willing to take care of themselves anymore.

        Roll your ankle………….call 911
        Stung by a jellyfish —yep…….911
        have a fainting spell…………911
        I’ve fallen and I can’t get up……yea you get the point. I’d like to kill William Shatner and his bogus bullshit 911 show, since they figured out they don’t have to pay we get to see the steaming masses in all there woefull glory. What’s gonna happen when the phones stop ringing?

        Educate yourself and plan accordingly, were already ahead of the curve. Thanks again gents you remind me there is still hope out there. 

      20. Stealth, you’ve got that shit right when you said, “NO ONE seems to be able or willing to take care of themselves anymore.” 
        It’s a bit of an over-generalization, to say No One, but regarding a large segment of “Western Civilization’s” highly domesticated herd of humans, its absolutely true.

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        After Katrina, Baton Rouge was hit with a deluge of refugees. I work in Baton Rouge and do a lot of driving around the city.  Well when Big Mama Government plopped out her overgrown teets, her little piglets didn’t waste any time latching on and sucking as hard-n-long as possible. (Now by no means is this a racial comment; I know for a fact that large numbers of whites without any losses caused by the storm who lined up to milk the tit) There were literally thousands of people swarming and blocking the major streets around the building that you signed up for the FEMA funds. I’m sure you guys saw how some of the people blew their FEMA checks on gold teeth, got day hair did, and other wonderful examples of survival instincts. Now I’m sure there were a good number of elderly people who put the money to good use who really needed it, but they weren’t the majority by any means. If that crowd had suddenly been told that there was no more money, then you’d better get out the riot shotguns and cattle prods, because the SHIT Was gonna hit the fan. For months the hands outs continued, including supplemental food stamps, which included even those who drive $50,000 mercedes with $3000 rims on them (witnessed too many of these examples during these tax dollar orgies.

        I won’t pretend to know how many food stamps recipients are truly in need and how many are to one degree or another simply leaning on the public for their own convenience/leisure. If someone is gonna starve without it, then by god help them out. The problem is that once they get on gov’t assistance, there isn’t much incentive to get off, especially when they’re able to buy food that they wouldn’t have dared spend their own money on before . I personally know a number of people who are getting food stamps just because they can. As one told me, ” Why not? Shit it leaves me more money to do what I want.” Sounds like fun huh? OR not. To them it leaves more money for them to devote to their personal pleasure, leisure, and entertainment,and they couldn’t care less where the money comes from. If you can afford to buy $150 to $200 dollars a month in cigarettes, then you shouldn’t be on food stamps. And that’s not even mentioning beer or any recreational drugs.  The reasons to hope for a collapse and any subsequent purging continue to stack up.

      21. For RESET Press Here: [(o)]

        …and its a good thing I know its not real for if it were I jam my finger all the way through so hard it would break my screen in half.

        We desperately need this government to crash. DESPERATELY. Between the crooks that run it and the piglets that suck it, well, it may not be Christian like and I know YWHW will forgive me this one sin, but I still feel guilty: if they die horrible, painful agonizing deaths, sorry, but I will be giddy with laughter.

        Between the economic pain they have given honest upstanding Americans to the beatings and deaths they’ve dealt through their criminals in blue and brown, they deserve the most horrid.

        For me, it will very much cover the hunger pains and the cold. The thought of my children and grandchildren will drive what I do from now on. They are what matters. I and they will survive this. The criminals and traitors will not.

        Funny how things just seem to “work out” for the best most of the time. We are about to embark on a grand adventure. Oh, sure, you could whine and moan about it but its still coming. Might as well enjoy it!

        Bring it on. This depression lite stuff is getting old. I want the licensed version!  

      22. Celente’s  basic sentiment is pretty simple. We’ve hit the economic wall. Dow 10000 really is defined as a way of reducing  the real average salaries plus benefits to 1990  levels. Since the top 1% owns 83% of the stocks, 99% owns 17% of wall street Also we’ve hit the wall on gas prices.  Any growth in the economy will just be transferred wealth to our vast oil imports.   There is no love or joy left when the 1% crowd takes away lively hoods and replaces our jobs with servitude status jobs. Be prepared has a great economic contraction begins to start show fissures in the fabric of civilized living.  These social wound are going to hurt friends, family members and communities. Sorry to say!

      23. 5TH OF NOVEMBER

      24. Comments…..We can see people clashing with civic leaders over their pay. Like the City of Bell, CA.  People are fed up taking it in the shorts by the government.  Why would a down and out Revolution be such a bad idea? We’re out numbered and out gunned by the military.  They have secret weapons that we the tax payer paid for but will be used on us.  How does that stick in your craw?  If those such as the oathkeepers hold up to their part of the bargain, then we do have some hope.

        Have plenty of food, water, guns and ammo and cash on hand.  Most people don’t even have 2 days worth of food in their cupboard, and most people do not know how to cook. McDonalds is their food of choice.  What will happen when the cocoapuffers don’t get their Big Mac and fries?  What’s your plan, got one? 

      25. Bell CA was the place, one of the poorest cities in California ,the article said. The salaries were out rageous. Almost $500,000 for the Fire Chief; almost one million for a Chief of Police? And iron clad contracts to boot? The FBI needs to investigate this city badly!

        And where is the States Attorney and what is the US District Attorney doing? Obviously some serious colusion and malfeasance going on here and someone needs to be collecting their paycheck from behind bars after a commensurate fine!

        Minorities in a minority city taking advantage of their citizens, no doubt.

      26. Comments…..Durango Kidd: The 3 top salary earners have already resigned.  So what!  They still get a big fat salary paid for by the taxpayer.  The people did take matters into their own hands and that shit is going to stop.  I am glad that citizens are finally standing up and saying enough!  FBI getting involved?  Yeah and what?  No, the Attorney General here – Brown — flush it needs to probe into that.  But he’s too busy running his dumbocrat campaign to get involved in something so lethal as that.  The people will take care of it, no doubt in my mind.  Food, guns, ammo and water.

      27. Goldenfoxx:   Lets put them in solitary for 60 days first to contemplate their misdeeds. We can always hang them later!   🙂

      28. Comments…..Durango Kidd—yes, let Bubba take care of them for 60 days.  Actually, their pensions should be stripped to what the least State worker gets paid.  They’ve already collected their pensions for the past 4 years as far as I am concerned. 

        The ruling class that we now have will discover that the emperor has no clothes.  I can feel it in the air that something is about ready to crack, and it’s going to be some haughty heads.  The last employment checks will be given out in November.  67% of the American people are against more bailouts for the unemployed.  The middle class is being decimated right before our eyes.  We shall see if the true American has the cajones to stand up and fight just like the patriots before us did.  We shall see.

      29. Hermes, I know a security guard who banked over 60,000 in two years going to soup kitchens so he doesn’t have to spend his income.  He even gets tissue paper and napkins from fast food outlets and condiments to save costs.  Those who hoard are experts at getting handouts to protect their nest egg.  They might even try selling it for money to add to their own 401k 

      30. Most people waste their money number 1 they have too much house. How? Because they finance it. number 2 they buy too much car, because they finance it. number 3 they don’t grow gardens. number 4 they buy TV and cable. number 5 they will have two cars when they only need one.  If you do it right the old lady can sit home and take care of kids and she doesn’t need a car.

      31. You have an economic slow down in one part of the world and you could blame it on weather or war, but you have a world economic slow down and that can only be Jewish created. The Jews are wrecking the whole world. Every single thing Jewish should be destroyed when we attack Iran. Iran shouyld throw everythign they got at Israel, because those bastards have really done a number on Iraq. Where civilization began and so much history and the Jews who have given nothing but wars are destroying it.

      32. I have looked at all Gerald Celente’s websites, and at this point in time, I ask the question, why not give constructive solutions to these problems instead of scaring everyone out of their witts.  How many times are we suppose to listen to him rant and rave about our forthcoming depressing future.  Isn’t there something more productive that he can do to help instead of terrifying everyone.  Enough of his mouth is enough.  Is there a positive slant to all of this?  If so, share it with us all.  We all have enough in our lives to deal with, and this is just making it worse.  After all is said and done, I don’t believe that this country is going to tank.  Mr. Celente is not clairvoyant, and can’t possibly know the exact future.  If he won’t be positive I will.  Our country will weather this storm and be stronger for it. 

      33. Karen: Gerald has to make a living, and like Rush Limbaugh, the more controversial he is the more press he gets and the more people who listen to what he says. Com’on don’t you look at those trash headlines when your standing in line at the checkout counter? Sure!

        To his credit, he does tell the truth about those in power and what they are doing to US.  Is the country going to tank? No. Are the powers that be going to reduce the middle class to serfs by transfering American wealth, jobs, and the means of production that made this nation great, to the third world?

        Yes, If we let them get away with it.

      34. The Jews want you to listen to Rush and others like him. That bastard makes $40,000,000 a year. The Jews pay him well. Only idiots listen to him. He doesn’t tell us what’s going on. The real dirt on Clinton was he had fathered a child with a negro prostitute, he raped women, He was a heavy drug user, he was a draft dodger and was very dangerous to our security. Did Rush talk about these things? Rush and others are there so you think someone is watching the politicians. But the truth is the Jews are fucking us and they us some token white guys to work with them.

      35. Duranto Kidd:  Thank you for your comments.  At least someone on this website has an insight into things and “gets it.” 

      36. Thanks Karen! I appreciate the pat on the back and the “Atta boy!”, but please, hold the applause …. just send money! 🙂

      37. its great we still have sane people somewhere in the country..   It seems like to me that the only people are even open to seeing a problem and standing up, come from states like texas…    Im from new jersey and i see no hope what so ever here..     trying to talk to people here is pointless..   no education,  they think the government is good and would never hurt us..

      38. ROB…..DO NOT GIVE UP!!!  You can take a stand…you are not alone. Go about your beliefs in a peaceful, controlled manner. Stay the course. Be strong and stand for what you believe in. You hang in there and do the best you can. Learn your history and  study it. Educate yourself. Don’t follow someone “just because”  they are  who or whatever they are. Look at web sites such as this and research it on your own. Go from there.


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