Gerald Celente Conspiracy Theory: Terrorist Attack in the Near Future

by | Aug 24, 2009 | Gerald Celente | 2 comments

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    Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente joins the Jeff Rense show Friday August 21, 2009 to discuss social and economic trends. (Four part interview follows excerpt and comments)

    The interesting issue, we believe at this moment to look at, is that in a parallel universe not more than eight years ago President Bush was sinking in the opinion polls just as President Obama is. The country was starting to lose faith in him. The media was mocking Bush he was away on his month-long vacation in Crawford, Texas. Then on 9/11, just a few weeks later it all changed and people started looking up to Bush to lead them against the war on terrorism and his popularity escalated. The same thing may happen now with Obama.

    Quite a conspiracy theory from Gerald Celente. It seems that with certain news outlets, Mr. Celente talks a little bit more about how he really feels, and, given that his interview is with Jeff Rense, this make sense.

    Mr. Celente has called this a ‘false-flag operation’ in the past, suggesting that whatever is going to happen is a planned event. Of noteworthy mention is that Harry Dent’s (of HS Dent Investments) nine year terrorism cycle is pointing to another potential terrorist attack some time in the next several months. Whatever the case may be, it is a near certainty that if a terror attack happens, we will see the opinion polls for President Obama rise as soon as he responds to the attack. However, this will probably be a temporary boost because poll numbers mean nothing to the avergae Joe, especially if his 401k gets wiped out in a stock market collapse, prices rise as a result of hyperinflation/currency devaluation, and oil/gas prices skyrocket on news of escalated war actions in the Middle East.

    Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense Part 1 of 4:

    Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense Part 2 of 4:

    Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense Part 3 of 4:

    Gerald Celente on Jeff Rense Part 4 of 4:


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      1. I like Celente, but I think he loses credibility when he aligns himself with conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and the like. He is free to think and say whatever he wants, but I believe that some thoughts should be left in your own head. Instead, he should rely on his ability to predict future events and let his track record speak for itself, but to speculate on the who and the why of these events I feel is going a bit overboard. For example, if he predicts a 2nd 9/11 type of attack and it comes true (even though this would be horrible) he can still say he predicted it. However, people will be very hesitant to listen to him in the future (even if he was right) if he starts pointing figers at their beloved leaders. You can never prove it anyway, so why come off as a kook?

      2. @AS

        What is wrong with you? Gerald Celente is trying to warn his fellow countrymen about the collectivist takeover of his country. Consider 9/11 – is it really plausible that an airliner crashed into the pentagon, the most heavily defended building on Earth, surrounded by anti-aircraft missile barrages? Are folks supposed to believe that the anti-aircraft missile barrages weren’t working that morning? What, are those missile barrages like a toaster of a TV set – they were just on the blink on the morning of 9/11? How ridiculous is that?

        9/11 was an inside job, especially when you look into the pentagon incident. As for Afghanistan, heroin production has exploded under Karzai. Where is the heroin going? Into Russia and China, America’s great geo-strategic enemies, to ruin their populations, just like Britain’s opium wars in C19 to weaken China.

        The MSM story is all lies to cover up the great Central Asian geo-strategic game for oil, gas, heroin, money and influence in this resource-rich part of the world.

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