Celente Business Trend: Sell Guillotines!

by | Aug 23, 2010 | Gerald Celente | 33 comments

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    Gerald Celente joins Yahoo’s Tech Ticker to discuss the Greatest Depression and according to Celente, it is happening now.

    Eventually, those people who lost their homes, their jobs and their liberty are going to lose it:

    Look what happened in Atlanta a week ago. Section 8 housing. What were there 445 openings? Thirty thousand people showed up.

    You’re going to see more of it.

    [Regarding Greece riots]

    You’re going to see it all over the world.

    You know, what they call austerity programs. What are they doing? They’re bailing out the banks and they’re making the people pay for it. And, the people don’t like that.

    You’re going to see it [riots] world wide.

    One of the good businesses to get in – entrepreneurial businesses – may be guillotines because there’s a real off-with-their heads fever going on. People are really fed up.

    You’re seeing people lose it. You’re going to see more and more of that. It’s going to be first in Europe, then in Eastern Europe and then you’re going to start seeing it in the USA.

    It’s going to happen.

    The last place you want to be when the shit starts hitting the fan in your metropolitan area is in the middle of a riot. We can expect to see them materialize in front of major banks, government buildings and even food banks. Just look at what happened in Atlanta, as Celente pointed out, when there were 445 available Section 8 housing spots and thousands of applicants. That was more or less a peaceful demonstration, as our social safety nets remain in place for the most part – for now. Fast forward a couple years when our governments (local, state and federal) are completely broke and unable to provide the most basic of services. People will not be as controlled as they are now.

    Gerald Celente on the Greatest Depression:


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      1. do you enjoy reading blogs……………then start defending net neutrality.


      2. Europe & most of the world gave up their gun rights.  Kind of curious how that plays out.  We know how that would go over here.  When the match is lit it won’t be a bunch of cars like in France or a bank in Greece.   

      3. Comments…..Guillotines are too messy, a bullet would be faster.  Did anyone see the video of the woman beating the crap out of  a McDonalds employee because they don’t serve chicken McNuggets for breakfast?  She lost it alright and it took two people to keep the drive through window closed. The woman ended up smashing the window.  So, over some food she lost it.

        We haven’t even seen the beginning of violence yet.  I was amazed that the crowd of 30,000 in Atlanta didn’t get out of hand and rioting.  I wonder if the PTB sprayed something on the cocoapuffers to keep them all calm.

        My philosophy is to avoid crowds, shop on off hours while the cocoapuffers are still in bed.  Keep my guns loaded and within arms reach. Even though I live out in the country, I never know when the zombies will get a butt up their butt to pay me a visit.

        Celente hasn’t  backed down on his predictions, he’s about the only one sticking his neck out with his predictions.  Giving timelines, where as others are saying a collapse will happen, they never give a timeline.  We shall see.

      4. Celente sticks to his guns.  His reputation is on the line with all these predictions.   But he never backs off from them. 

      5. Tommy boy,
        your gun rights have already started to be taken away, under the Bush administration.  Up to each individual I guess to decide what your “rights” are… i say cut and run now , but hey…

      6. Mac,

        Another great find. The weird thing about Celente is that he’ll admit when he gets it wrong.

        Yeah, that Atlanta crowd is really kind of a poor example if you’re trying to be a doomer. Oh, there were some problems… with heat and some people had health problems. Some tempers flared a bit, but, overall, they were pretty much a model crowd. What happens when they get their power cut? …and they’re hungry? …and they’re out of gas? …and meds? …and smokes?

        I bet the cheese, bean, rice or bread line won’t be so peaceful.

        Uh, yeah. You watch. Think “hell on earth”. These people well go nuts. Like Celente says, “When they’ve got nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

        Celente never give definite timelines. He’s been questioned about that. He claims that is nearly impossible to do. You’ll notice his timelines are always RELATIVE and not actually when something will happen. He knows that it takes triggers and that the dishonest bastard thieves, the ruling elite and the elitist rich bastards can delay and prompt things to happen. Not like a switch, mind you, but they can effect it.

        I look for Celente to die a mysterious death one day.


        You think much like I do. I avoid crowds the best I can. I see crowds as assemblages of animals with little or no caring for their fellow man (or creatures for that matter). I was in a large city (metro area is almost 1 million) for the last two days. I was fit to be tied. What gets me is that if you look at a map with all the bypasses and highways leading into them,  maps make them look like a huge pimple with stretch marks. When you go there, you find most are true to form. 

      7. You guess a lot. 

      8. To Ken slager…

        You couldn’t be more confused if your head was chopped off. Net neutrality has the exact opposite agenda of its moniker, and google supports it!

      9. Anytime I go out in public, I’m really nervous.  The general population out there has an IQ of maybe 65.  People are so stupid, so impatient, so……it’s scary.   I’m always on guard. I am an ex-marine, so my mind is always thinking about what types of weapons are available within the immediate environment, and how I’ll use them, if needed. I sometimes pack heat, but for the most part I rely on my wits.

      10. Celente, Schiff, and Faber got it right. The writing is on the wall for everyone to see now.

      11. Maxhardwood,Goldenfox,and Netranger…..It isn’t the crowds that scare me, its paranoid folks like you that are dangerous. Your comments relating people to animals is exactly the same thinking of the Nazis.

      12. Comments….. When I go to a store, I make note to look into people’s eyes.  Most of the senior citizens have dazed looks.  They seem unsure of their surroundings and are almost afraid to ask for any help.  I always try to help those that are in scooters cuz they can’t reach stuff.  Those middle aged, they don’t look at you, no eye contact, no smile, just a blank face, an empty shell walking by or just standing there.  The younger ones eyes dart here and there like a trapped rat figuring out which way to run.  There’s very little humanity left it’s every man for himself.  You don’t dare look sideways at the car next to you at the stop light.  I make fewer and fewer trips into town now, I just loathe it any more.  It was kind of this way after 911 except for people were nicer to one another. 

      13. I have been carrying a black shotgun in the back of my pick-up for 10 months. (with locking roll cover and locking tailgate) This little burg we live in has, I heard the other day, 42%+ is on assistance of some kind coupled with 19%+ unemployment.  When the government handouts dry up, this place is going to be hell to live in. Friends and the people we play poker with feel the same way. They are doing like we are doing, building a surplus of food, arms, ammunition, tools and medical supplies. Our Med. kit is as big as a footlocker and getting bigger. One of the guys has had an FFL for 16 years. He told me Sunday he has sold more pistols, shotguns and rifles in the last 7 months than he has in the last 16 years combined. And I know for a fact he doesn’t sell guns to just anybody.
         The UPS guy (a friend of mine) told me ammunition is just pouring into this town. And not just boxes, cases of it everyday.   
         My wife and I had a long talk about this bullshit a while ago and we have decided this is going to be a real life adventure. We are going to take it as it comes. We are not going to do much about it other than what is right in front of us. How this is going to shakeout, who the fuck knows. We are 56 and 57 and I don’t care, our kids are a serious concern. I have a younger brother that has been to the other side. His exact words were, “don’t be afraid of it, it’s the most peaceful feeling I have ever had, I wished I had stayed there”

      14. When do you guys think that the chaos on the streets and the breakdown of society will start to take place? I’m curious as to what you guys seriously think.

      15. Corny:  Touched a nerve?  Gay Road will keep you company in Canada…..

      16. Yeah hammerun, I’ve been there too, and its a great place; but I have alot of things to do here before I take a one-way ticket to paradise.

        Check please!


        August 23rd, 2010 at 5:09 pm
        When do you guys think that the chaos on the streets and the breakdown of society will start to take place? I’m curious as to what you guys seriously think.–

        I visit a lot of survival type sites and just news sites basically to keep informed.  I don’t have a crystal ball, but I am pretty good at gauging where we are at and where we are headed.  I knew this was going to be bad when it all started to unravel in 2008.  1 million foreclosures so far this year and another 1.5 million next year.   Millionsmore out of work and millions of people to house and feed. This is not sustainable, not now and not next year.  40% of the people can’t take care of the other 60%.  The rich have places to bug out to, they are protected.  I would say definitely within the next 3 years and possibly sooner, we are going to see chaos like we have never experienced on American soil.  IMHO, it will be every man for himself.  Safety in numbers for sure, but what happens when the food runs out, where’s the safety then?

        I read the comments left by people at many sites, and I haven’t read one positive voice for the future.  Dunno if people are just basically depressed with the whole economy, or they too know that harder times are ahead.  I’m reading more and more people killing their spouses and children, we are experiencing a break down in society.  I am not confident about the future, and no one can say with absolute certainty how it will all play out.  Just plan and prepare like it will happen tomorrow.

      18. @ Tony,,,

        It’s already happening.
        When you hear about states unable to pay the bills,,,,
        Police and firefighters being laid off in record numbers,,,
        Mexican Nationals trafficking drugs across unsecure borders,,,
        Chicago officials requesting military assistance to quell violence,,,,
        Banks shutting down every week,,,
        People cashing out their savings in record numbers,,,
        Abandoned homes being stripped of anything of value,,,,,,

        Tony,,,,,it’s already happening. You smell the smoke before you see the fire.


        ken zlager
        August 23rd, 2010 at 11:41 am
        do you enjoy reading blogs……………then start defending net neutrality.

        Have used Ixquick search engine for a while now–many have changed to this.


        I’m online every day reading the economists columns–I don’t see how this mess can last till 2011 or 2012–I just don’t see it.

      21. Things can get ugly very quickly.   Everywhere I look, I feel an even more urgent need to prepare. I pray there is enough time to do what we need to do.

      22.   Tony;
         First of all, all of this is nothing but a crap shoot. Does anybody actually know? I doubt it. There are some crackpots that would like everybody to think they do.
          What I do is read like a mother. I put things together for myself and see what makes sense to me. If I were in it, I would get things going before November 2nd. (the midterm elections) cook up a National Emergency evoke martial law and cancel the elections. This is extremely simplistically put but is wildly possible and will be effective. BUT, there will be a serious repercussion for this action. This country will go ballistic, way beyond control. How would you control, threaten, combat 309M people? Infect them, no bullets no tanks no airplanes, just a genetically modified H1 virus that none of us have ever been exposed too IE; no immunity. Two to six months later your enemy is down and the rest, what ever is left will be so demoralized, they would for all intents and purposes be ineffective for anything.     
        If we get past Nov.2nd and get everybody installed January 20th 2011, it will still be rough; we got a big hole to get out of.
         But my best guess would be in the next 70 days. Good Luck…….   

      23. Bumper sticker on my POS car

        “Guillotine Tous”

        You can translate for youself.


      24. Thank you all for the comments. I agree with Wheedle that we are already starting to see signs of it now. When it gets so bad that kids dont go to school and riots are breaking out all over then you will know we reached the heart of it. I agree with most of you in that this complete breakdown will happen before 2012. The breakdown is really gaining momentum.

      25. The bible tells us that in the end the world will see trouble like it has never seen before.  I believed what it said but I always thought it would take a long time for things to get that bad.  I thought I would probably not see it in my lifetime but now I realize that the bad times my come sooner than I thought.  I dont know when things will get real bad but now I am certain it will be in my lifetime.

      26. Look them in the eye, smile GoldenFox and offer the humanity that they are lacking. We can turn this into every man for himself or we can lift each other up.  We can be a part of the problem or part of the solution.  It is up to us how bad it gets. The elite will find their holes and be safe. We can let them watch us destroy ourselves and depopulate the planet or we can work togeather to get through this.
        And yes, it has begun. It began before 9/11 but that was the very public warning.  This will not be resolved with guns, armies or laws. It will be resolved with compassion and care for our fellow mankind.   If we fail to take care of eachother then it will last a very long time. It really is up to each of us. What little bit of kindness can you give today? This hour?
        Love God and for him love your fellow man. That is more powerful than any gun or army in this battle. This is the final battle and it has NOTHING to do with armies. It is all about choice. Love or hate.  Stand togeather or suffer apart. .

      27. The rapture is very near. God is going to take all his saved ones to a safe haven. They will not have to go through all this horrible stuff. If you don’t know what the rapture is, research it. We are going through the Book of Revelations at a rapid pace right now. People need to get back to God. They have dropped out of church so much that the churches are dying fast. We need God now so bad. He is our only hope. Get down on your knees and except Jesus as your personal Savior. Then watch the skies, for he is coming very soon. All that is going on right now is all in the Bible. Prophesy is being fulfilled every day. It’s time to stop making plans about how you are going to save yourself from all this horrible stuff. It is going to happen, but by the grace of God, I myself will not be here to have to go through it. I will be in a safe haven with God. You can be too  : ) God Bless You.

      28. I just feel relieved that every guy on the Internet in every forum who claims he is a former “Combat” Marine is armed and ready to defend the Constitution.

        It’s really a load off my mind. I can relax, knowing the situation is well in hand.

        There’s a  problem……..

        They are probably cut from the same cloth of all those guys who were “combat” (in jungle, dude) veterans of Vietnam. They constitute a large part of the countless millions of the useless bar flies and losers that has been talking shit in the past forty or fifty years.

      29. Sad day for me…  Took my son to college today.  Only 3 hours away but sad…  He believes that things are bad too.  We had a serious conversation about what would happen if he’s away at school.  The bad part is he has to cross the Mackinaw Bridge to get home.  He better find a friend with a larger boat.  He’s actually taken a small BOB with him.  At least he’s thinking.  If he wouldn’t have gotten a full ride to college he would be living locally and going to the local college for a couple years.  Plus, he’s a great shot and I could use him.  🙂

      30. tommy the commie,
        hey pal, truth is truth… your gun rights have already started to disinigrate starting under the bush administration after 9/11, basically you live in one of the most communist and fascist countries in the world. save it pal…. look in the mirror. you could only dream you could be up here when shtf

      31. tommy the commie,
        hey pal, truth is truth… your gun rights have already started to disinigrate starting under the bush administration after 9/11, basically you live in one of the most communist and fascist countries in the world. save it pal…. look in the mirror. you could only dream you could be up here when shtf

      32. I wish someone would start a solutions website. I mean, cold fusion? Does Celente think that I can do this in my garage – if I can keep my garage? Farming? Hey the farmers have been have attacked for 30 years and there isn’t many of them left. Although I’m still working my rear off with my little garden. Gold? With what exactly? I’ve tried hoarding food – the problem is I always eat it. Sitting on your bed with a gun? I think you are the first person the police are going to get.
        Please, some solutions.

        Guillotine sales you mention.Will they be cut price or a cut
        above the rest ???

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