Celente Forecasts Winter of Discontent; October Will Be Month of the Big Unraveling

by | Sep 9, 2011 | Alex Jones, Gerald Celente | 245 comments

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    Leading trend forecaster Gerald Celente, of the Trends Research Institute, discusses a host of issues and topics with Infowars Nightly News host Alex Jones. Among other things, Celente says he’s never seen a summer like 2011, and warns that this Winter will not be a good one for Americans:

    Gerald Celente On Collapse and Depression:

    When is it going to collapse? As I’ve said, I’ve never seen a summer like this. I think we’re going to see the Winter of Discontent… You’re going to start seeing an unraveling more and more every day as you watch the news. So, October is my month, and it’s only a guesstimate, that we’re going to see the big unraveling.

    Even if it doesn’t happen in October, because you don’t know what phony schemes they’re going to come up with, it’s going to happen eventually. And, that’s why I’m fully invested in gold.

    Look at housing. How many times did they say the real estate market is turning around. It’s worse. It’s worse than it was during the Great Depression, and it’s only going to get worse.

    We’re seeing a collapse happening. It’s an economic collapse worldwide.

    China’s not going to make it out of it, Brazil’s not going to. That old saying ‘when America sneezes the world catches a cold’ – we’re the largest consumers hands down. Us and Europe are going under.

    What we’re telling people is, know where you’re money is, because we’re going to see bank failures one after another.

    On Civil Unrest:

    Look what’s going on in the UK. Look at the riots – they called them hooligans and criminals. It’s the same thing that’s happening around the world. And it’s going to happen here in the U.S.

    You know my saying, ‘when people lose everything, and they have nothing left to lose, they lose.’ And they’re losing it.

    Use the UK as your model. They’re taking away all civil liberties.

    What happens is, the more the government loses control, the harder they are going to crack down on us.

    So, when you see a society where so many young people have no educations, they can’t get jobs, they’re wacked out on drugs… you think you’re going to see a lot more violence?

    …The response is going to be ‘we gotta crack down on crime.’ The worse crime becomes, the harder they’re going to crack down on us.

    They’ll use it…  just as the United States used 9/11 to rape us of our Constitutional rights.

    On Fear and Hysteria:

    Look for a false flag attack – be it terror, or something along the line of fear and hysteria. Things are going to get very ugly. Crime is going to escalate at levels we’ve never seen before. The presstitutes are going to keep coming out with these phony figures, just like they do with inflation, just like they do with unemployment. They’re going to come out with them in crime.

    On SHTF Planning:

    You better learn how to protect yourself. Gerald Celente’s three G’s. Gold, Guns and a Getaway Plan. Because it’s not going to be nice.

    Watch the full two-part interview:


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      1. I am tired of worrying, if it happens I will eat to the food is gone and shoot(if necessary) till I am out of ammo, after that it is in Gods hands.

        • You’re right Tom. Many things that we see the last years are beyond our reach and influence.
          We understand what’s happening and we will be affected more or less. But we cannot always change the path.
          What i’m going to do is to protect my family, keep them safe, find some food, and keep my Christian faith burning.
          I will do this even if i have to become a beast.

          Be safe Tom. Protect your beloved ones.

          • Tom, you are spot on.

            • I’m with you guys. I am so tired of this shit, and fed the fu*k up. They’re shaking this can, just wait till they realize what is going to fall out. America has a uniqueness about it, that’s why we are the last bastion to kick over before the NWO attempts to take over. And this ain’t gonna be easy.

          • Hmm, A Christian Beast, Manos?

            • I will roar quietly and pray every time i shoot 🙂

          • well said.

            I hate to use the bankers words but, “while the musics playing you just keep dancing”

            Waiting for disaster is getting depressing.


            • too right about the depressing part.. only reason i havent taken the final leap, is because i know that people are going to depend on me when it gets bad, and with my luck the week after i pulled the trigger it would all go to hell.

          • Tom, you’re ridiculous. What Christian faith do you claim to follow that allows you to “become a beast” if needed? What happened to turn the other cheek and responding with kindness. Fear not who may kill the body, but he who may destroy your soul. Sounds like you’ve already chosen to forego your soul to preserve your body.

            Be peaceful as doves, but astute as serpents the Lord said.

            • Doug MUST be using satire. The Bible also tells us that David acted in obedience when he cut the foreskin off a thousand Philistines. Beastly. Try to take my children for the pleasure of some gang… Thou shalt pray for a swift demise, but I shall smite thee in the belly and drag thine begging carcass to my hole for the purging of evil from the earth! ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Doug, I believe we have the right to defend ourselves and our family if the need arises. I am not saying to not have charity with others, but if they come to steal from me and rape my wife and children, I will respond in kind. The teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ are full of kindness and gentleness, but God allowed his people to defend themselves if the need was there. I will stay in my home, not look for trouble, and run if the opportunity arises. However, I will not allow the evil ones to hurt my loved ones.

            • Did I say I was Christian? Help me out here Douggie boy, is there not somewhere in the bible that says I should protect my family while trusting in God? If there is not, perhaps I will write a new chapter for the times ahead…the book of Tom, Chapter 1 verse 1, God helps those who help themselves. Now Doug, you can kiss my ass.

            • Good thing our founders and others didnt glom onto the idea that being a christian meant being a wus or we’d all be speaking english…;)

            • It wasn’t Tom who said that. I said it.
              And yes, if i see my wife and daughter go hungry, or if something happens to them due to government actions or measures, i will do whatever necessary.

            • Jesus did not mean ‘respond with kindness’ when he said “turn the other cheek”!

            • In the end, we will all have to decide whatever level of mercy we choose to dole out. Anyone with preps is going to find it more and more difficult to share with total strangers who did nothing but watch tv and wait for the government to give them an entitlement, which is 98% of the population.
              I intend to share with my neighbors, as it is in my best interest. But other than that, the stupid sheeple are on their own. I can hear them bleep now. Bah, bah, bah. Where’s my handout? it’s in that line headed into the FEMA camp.

            • And what if you don’t believe in the Bible?

            • Doug ? we are allowed to fight back and defend ourselves if life and limb are threatened. Turning the other cheek is applied to enduring the basic garbage of daily living,the sneers and gossip etc

          • OKAY GUYS AND GALS, I NEED HELP. Here we are talking about the coming Hell fire hoards, and if and how we can use force and still be allowed to wear our peace is my motto and Jesus still loves me pins… But we all know it is coming and we will have these decisions to make, God willing we will have the option to make tactical decisions… Now picture you and your trusted few out there making it. And picture me and mine 3/4 of a mile our about a kilometer to your West. Maybe, right? You don’t know my hometown and I don’t know yours. On our patrols, we learn about some intel that means we can acquire needed supplies our personnel… We just have to travel a few miles. On that mission, Tom and Jim cross paths with Sheepdog and company. We aren’t wearing Patrick Henry hats or flying Gadsden flags. But we would not want to fight. HOW DO WE NOT KILL EACH OTHER? Sounds like a stupid question, but give it thought… Ideas?

            • I am not sure how that will play out. I mean, have we been in so many conflicts and gun fights that we are edgy and panicked and ready to shoot someone on sight. I pray that it doesnt come to that. I pray that my morals and beliefs hold up if it does come to an end. I really cant answer that. Christian means Christ Like, we are trying to immitate Christ in our lives. However, we are still broken sinners who fail all the time. I dont know I will do, that is my honest answer. I just pray God gives me the strength to live my life in a manner pleasing to Him.

            • Simple; I will not fire first on the flag of my country; or the one that says: “Don’t tread on me”.Not to say I won’t be ready to fire back

            • some communication will get around. I live in an urban area, but yet there are farms around. people do know each other to a certain extent. I know the people around me to a certain extent. I would be comfortable communicating with them to form armed roadblocks to keep the rif raff out. it’s hard to figure it all out till it happens. but, around here, pretty much everyone is armed. I already know that for a fact. makes me sleep better at night.

            • M+ Christ said be humble, not a doormat.

        • Do what you have control over and give the rest to Jesus but don’t waste time worrying about what might happen.

        • I think it’s in God’s hands to begin with. Everything else is icing on the cake. The Key is to make sure one is thankful for those “hands” on a moment to moment basis, no matter what one’s religious affiliation is or is not. To act in accord with God’s Laws, whatever that means to the doer of those deeds, as long as others are inspired and uplifted by those acts, e.g. as one sows so shall one reap. What we put out comes back (ten fold).

          God helps those who help themselves (and others).

          • How does it go?

            God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage the change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

            • REVISED VERSION
              God grant me serenity to accept the things I cannot change
              Courage to change the things I can and
              Wisdom to know…the best place to bury the bodies of people who tick me off 🙂

          • nicely put. I believe we can share and help our closest neighbors, but still maintain security with lethal force if nesessary. Time will tell, will it not?

        • Tom is right…trust in GOD, have faith in your family and protect them, but it’s time to stop worrying…this is GOING TO HAPPEN AND SOON, so get ready. Good luck patriots and I hope to see you on the other side.

          God Bless.

        • Tom, I too am tired of worrying and waiting for the hammer to fall. I have seen a number of Mr. Celente’s doom predictions pass without incident. He has howeverbeen alarmingly accurate with several 2008 financial predictions. I think (hope and pray as well) that October 2011 will come and go without a major event. The sad part is with this type of prognastication, you only need to be right once. “They” still have a few tricks left to postpone the inevitable. About 15-18 months I think.

          • I have found myself thinking that things would progress much faster than they have. But sooner or later the things that we speak of will happen. the longer it holds off, the better prepped we can be. I do feel we are running out of time rather quickly though. The elites have many tricks they can pull. But in the end, you can only depend on the preps you make to get you through. What else do we have?

      2. Last weekend I was drinking a few beers with some
        fairly new ‘acquaintances’. When the subject of
        SHTF came up, one of them said, “Just hit someplace with
        a lot of canned goods, first.” What he meant was,
        attack a store (or prepper?) for their food in order to
        This mentality is prevalent amongst a considerable
        amount of today’s ‘citizens’. These people, although
        Americans and considered ‘cool’ by their friends, have
        somewhat lower IQ’s and basically feel it’s ok to steal
        their way through an emergency situation. Got GUNS?

        • Don’t worry. There are enough armed Americans and business owners that they will be the first of the stupidity herd to be thinned out.

          • Looting is a high risk occupation and the retirement plan REALLY sucks.

            • Ben Dover,
              That’s funny! And don’t forget, looters make an excellent source of protein.

        • The next time it comes up you should ask them if they’re okay with stealing food from other people who have had the foresight to stock up. If they say yes, ask them if they realize that anybody with the foresight to store food is likely to store weapons and ammo too. If they say yes to that, and act like they are unconcerned then hit them with the whammy. After they kill the parents who they are taking the food from, are they going to shoot the children outright or let them starve to death? If this doesn’t bother them, walk away and don’t go back. These are not people you want to know where you live.

          • Heck, Dante, these are people you don’t want to EVAH associate with; even in good times.

            • I know. My thought is maybe they are good people who just haven’t thought things through to their conclusion. That seems to be a common failing, just look at the type of people we tend to elect.

              That’s why you give them a chance to think beyond their comfort zone. If they get uneasy when they go there, you might be able to nudge them in the right direction. If they aren’t uneasy…they are people who you want to stay far away from, regardless of the situation.

            • Look at their lives now. You can tell who is who if you’re honest and don’t buy their bullshit once they sense you don’t want to hear they are a raider. I’ve mentally catalogued all the raiders I know. They dwell in large population centers to ‘peaceably’ mooch off the collective. There’s a lot of them. I call them vultures now, raiders ‘then.’

          • When somebody starts talking that kind of trash, your response should be “Well, then, in that case, you’ll leave me only 2 choices, do I bury you, or eat you?”

            • /sarc on
              Choice three: Freeze ’em in the seasonal (deer,elk,moose,caribou) freezer (unless mother nature does it for you). Move the wood chipper so it discharges into the pigpen. Don’t forget to run a softwood log or two to clean up! For those who opt for choice two, bone meal is good for the garden, so you might consider a bone grinder:) /sarc off

          • I suspect that most of them are just talking sheiite, and would be easily discouraged if they tried to carry out this activity.

            It is easy to think/say these things when you don’t have to actually make the very perilous effort. That said, it shows that these people are totally unprepared for any emergency and would expect/demand that SOMEBODY save them because they are SPECIAL (at least two generations have been told this for their entire lives).

        • WARNING to potential LOOTERS

          A percentage of my preps have been strategically and lethally sabotaged.
          Good luck figuring out what’s safe and what’s deadly without me.

          “Do not contend with a man without cause if he has done you no harm” Proverbs 3:30

          If you have unauthorized access to my preps, you have harmed me, so beware!

          You’ve been warned.

          • I agree Wild Goose. Also, people should not blab their preps to anyone, not even close friends. Bartering is fine with like minded friends. Others living near you and strangers will use a gun if they want stuff from a store or anyone else. J, you’re right, the slackers are everywhere and they will become gangs or beggars later on. One lady gave up on prepping after her husband died, she said she would move in with her daughter. Families if they agree, need to think about living with relatives for financial and safety reasons.

          • Wild Goose, I like your style. A little strategic Aminita mushroom or Lily of the Valley in the food preps makes sense, as well as the odd hot load in the ammo. I do think you are being too kind with the warning though. You wouldn’t want to be tortured for the secret would you?

        • They will find the prepared aren’t as willing to give up what they have worked for, as these dim wits think they might be. I’m trying to get a mind set to do anything i can to protect what I have worked for so hard. Anything…..

      3. There was a little blurp on Fox LA this morning about what everybody thought of Obies speech last night. This one female was ranting how proud she was that Obama was her President. Laughable. It was easy to see why, spineless, dependent along with the rest of the group she was with. This chick was in tears while ranting about how great Obie was/is. Pathetic!! You know what, it might be time to thin the herd and clean up the gene pool.

        • The gene pool has been permantently altered by welfare. We are rewarding the very behavior & people who, by in large, do not need to be reproducing. Lazy people who don’t want to work have lazy kids who don’t want to work. And on and on it goes.


          • At least they won’t have the energy to run when you shoot them.

            • LOL why did that remind me of that scene from Full Metal Jacket where Pvt. Joker is talking to the door gunner:

              Private Joker: Why should we do a story about you?
              Door Gunner: ‘Cuz I’m so fuckin’ good! I done got me 157 dead gooks killed. Plus 50 water buffalo, too! Them’r all certified!
              Private Joker: Any women? Children?
              Door Gunner: Sometimes!
              Private Joker: How can you shoot women, children?
              Door Gunner: Easy! Ya just don’t lead ’em so much! Hahaha! Ain’t war hell?

          • Oh, I’m with ya there…

          • +100

          • can’t agree more, a strong work ethic is learned through example, if the example kids have is that nothing equals a paycheck, why go beyond that. We are screwing with evelotion at this point

          • This reminds me of a school my children once attended. I’m a single mother of two children and have always been a very hard worker. Sometimes, because of this, I’m not able to be there for every single event.

            One day my daughter, in grade two at the time, came home very excited. “Mommy, Mommy! Did you know that you can quit your job and still get money? Alex’s mommy gets paid and gets a free house and everything!Money just comes to you once a month!”

            Needless to say, we switched schools as soon as possible.

            • Over in Cincinnati, there are “magnet” public schools (aka decent) and every year new spots are awarded on a first-come first-served basis (really stupid idea). Parents who work are at a disadvantage because most cannot camp out in line for days like the leeches can. People have been complaining about this process for years, but as far as I know it is still done this way.

              Glad I don’t swim in that cesspool.

            • Daisy, I’ve been there and remember that you are teaching your children by your actions every day and they are learning from you. Love them, teach them to be christians and if you miss some school performances they’ll understand when they are older.

            • WOW, Just….wow.

              That’s so friggin sad. And you know who gets to pay for it right…..you of course Daisy. You and me and those of us here who I assume are all hard-working prepers.

          • +1

            • BD – here’s a novel idea: how about awarding vacant spots in magnet schools to children based on IQ and deportment? Nah…

        • that idiot will find out the hard way just how bad she has been used. And yes, the herd will be thinned. The elites have already planned that out a long time ago. This isn’t going to turn out well at all. I need to do an equipment check—pardon me for a few minutes…..

      4. He’s certainly not always correct on his timing and he certainly isn’t Mr. Happy, but he’s been right to a great degree. Western society is breaking down.

      5. Good day to post this article. The Greeks deny they will default over the weekend. But Germany and France have warned their own banks to be ready for it. One of the European Central Bank board members resigned today in disgust over the direction of the ECB. Stocks tanked, treasury yields tanked, dollar went up 1 full basis point. Oil and unleaded fuel futures tanked. I’m going out and get “tanked”.

        • I am wondering just what the hell we are going to look like next week at this time……..see ya then!!

          • I have a hair appointment so my HAIR will look better – no more gray! 🙂

            • Heck I don’t have that gray problem no more…..no more hair, LOL!!!

      6. If the fecal matter comes into contact with the oscillating air device today then I know I will have done all that I could to prepare to take care of my family. If not today then I will do a little bit more to be ready if it is tomorrow. After each one of us has done our very best to be good stewards and providers for our family then the rest is in God’s hands. It doesn’t matter if it happens in October or whenever.

      7. Bad news around the corner on Monday.
        Watch for tommorow’s demonstrations in Salonica-Greece.
        Our NWO prime minister will be there to speak. Around 11.000 riot police forces are deployed already.
        But the news are bad all around the meditteranean. Have you seen what’s happening with the Turks and the Israelis?
        I believe that the NWO suckers are afraid of the people revolting globally.
        That’s why they will make their move to distract our attention.

        • Somebody somewhere is going to get tired of paying all of those police forces someday.

          • I hope so, but our friend Soros is helping all those crapy regimes.

          • That’s starting to sound like the mak’ins of a country (city) song.

          • When I was a girl, two policemen could disperse a disorderly crowd of 30 with no trouble (“come on folks, break it up and go on home”). Now it seems to take 30 policeman to subdue just two fightin’ fools. WTH has been happening these past five decades? We can put a man on the moon but can’t keep one city block under control?

        • In 1994 was sitting in front of my TV watching the news as the riots were breaking out in South LA just 80 miles away. The cops were so screwed, they were wildly outnumbered so they just ran. Its going to be the same here only wilder. That was just a small %age of the total population less than 1%, what the hell are going to do if say 3% get out of control? Law enforcement is F**KED here. I dont see them doing any more than protecting Capitol state assets, that is if they decide to hang around.

          • I expect every cop with a family to disappear from the streets, with their guns and other gear. I also expect the remaining cops to stand around just long enough to start thinking “I am here to die for WHAT?” before they also leave, also with their guns and gear. So whatever police force they manage to scrape together will be under-equipped, all but untrained, and far too few to make a difference.

            Be sure you understand this folks, when the fan gets smothered, you are going to be on your own. Enough minor situations have occurred which show how much you can depend on the authorities to save your bacon.

            • Always Remember; when you and your family are in a dire situation and seconds count,
              Why would you need or want self-protection?

            • They’re too heavy to carry around.

            • any police who do remain after the family men and the duty-dodgers you described have left will probably be more inclined to protect the wealthy first, take bribes, abuse their authority and confiscate your property…

              They will be replaced however by federal police or federally-funded mercenary-types like in New Orleans after Katrina. The abuses these guys wrought on the general public…summary arrest and beatings…homicide…gun confiscations….property confiscation….forced pet abandonment etc. will not soon be forgotten.

              I’d rather face hungry looters and unprepared neighbors than brownshirt-types from the other side of the country with a federal paycheck in their pocket.

              Probably a good idea to start getting to know your local police & sheriff deputies now so you know who to trust if the house of cards comes tumbling down.

            • Have you ever heard about the Swiss Guards, mercs defending the French Monarch during the Revolution? Tough policemen will die fighting, since it’s ingrained in their brains.

            • If it gets really tough most officers who can retire will. Many honest officers with families will quit due to increased danger and irratic pay. Most areas will be hard pressed to replace them. The result will be uneven at first.

              Some areas might augment their force with local “volunteers” “auxiliaries” or militia. This could work well in some places if the volunteers are wealthy (ie. don’t need pay) and competent training officers are available. Otherwise it could lead to repression and targeting of outsiders.

              Some areas might be assigned federal troops to “help” with policing, with uncertian results.

              Some areas might totally lack police and others may be only sporadically patrolled by State Police, county deputies or National Guard.

              In the worst case, where funds are lacking, and other help is not available, some officers might go rogue, with, or without resignation. Both fake and some former cops might prey on citizens. It would be difficult to distinguish them from “highwaymen with badges” still on the force, after several months of little or no pay. The few honest cops remaining would be in danger from all sides. Think Mexico on steroids.

        • Hi Manos – I’ve been watching and noted the Israeli / Turkish problems.. this isn’t good; but was foretold.

          Keep your head down and your heart right.

          • Thanks man, I will do that.
            Old Christian orthodox monks have foretold the clash in the meditteranean.

            Be safe too.

        • I think you are on the right scenerio track. The natives are getting restless, and distraction is the order of the day. Not good…

      8. Greek Pensioners turn back to living off the land

        “Here you can go a week without spending a single euro over here,” says a man who moved back to Crete two years ago to live in the village of his birth. “You get fresh food from your farm and if you need something extra, like olive oil for example, you can get it from a fellow farmer. You only need money to pay for your gas and bills,” he says.”


      9. If it were in god’s hands, you wouldn’t need the 3-B’s. but then, he’s never been about protecting people or feeding people, is he?

        • Tell that one to Pharoah nd JOseph.

          • And don’t forget Moses and Daniel!

          • Pharoah and Joseph were sent a sign so they would prepare to feed themselves. I think pretty much everybody reading this have received a sign as well, whether they want to attribute it to God or not.

        • Oh, He’s always been around, Sketch…it’s just that we have told Him we don’t need Him…and we can all see how well THAT is working out, right?

      10. what’s going to happen is going to happen as soon as the USG and the Fed can no longer steal from the richer half to support the poorer half…

        bread and circuses will only work until the society you are trying to feed and distract becomes a bigger circus than the propaganda charade the govt. is using to distract it.

        I highly recommend that everybody stay within the boundaries of the law for as long as possible regardless of how it goes down since they have the power to confiscate, confine and convict.

        You might want to bury one of your rifles, a set of web gear and some ammo as well just in case the USG uses the next few months’ craziness to attempt a weapons confiscation.

        Civil society only exists if the ethical remain civil…the law only matters when the lawful follow it…justice only matters when good people offer justice….

        don’t give-in to the coming melee…just do your best to protect yourself, family, neighbors and property from it…you can’t defend your family and homestead from behind bars.

        • very good points. but when things get really chaotic, the confiscation of weapons isn’t going to go as easy as the government thinks it will. You don’t erase 250 years of tradition in a few weeks of confiscation. it just won’t happen that easy. There are too many red necks that will be willing to die, before they give it up. That you can count on. and that’s just the south.

      11. Gerald Celente is a complete democrat idiot!

        • No TooBad, Alex Jones is a fraud, not sure why Celente wants to be on such a sham of a show.

          One has a good track record (Celente), the other does not (Jones).

          Either way, it is all out of our hands, wether you think our future is written down by God, or you just believe it is out of our hands… it is just out of out of our hands.

          p.s., wgat does democrat republican have anything to do with anything… fckg zombies.

          • Francis: Alex J, Celente, Lindsey Williams, Steve Quayle(and others) have made predictions that didn’t happen for some time, so many quit listening to them, like me. Quayle made predictions in the past and several radio stations dropped him I was told. Another year has come and gone, and the banks are still open, things are as usual. People predicting events soon lose credibility and will seem like idiots by the end of this year if things are still the same as now.

            • Sorry, I just can’t agree. Everyone makes mistakes, no one is perfect. But a trach record is a track record, and Celente has a good one.

              I have a feeling you, like many others, just don’t understand collpase. There will be no single event. We are already collapsing.

        • Uh..no he isn’t. He ALWAYS criticizes the Democrats.

          You must be one huge moron if you think he is a Democrat.

      12. And its not like Gerald hasn’t been wrong before , just look at 2010 ! ENOUGH SAID

        • You are right. 2010 will be infamously known as the year that America got it’s financial house in order.


      13. whether its celente or ruppert….the earth is changing with or without the bankers or politicians…….just look around,the midwest which is our bread and basket has experienced the worst tornados on record and then in the spring it flooded, now its going through some of the worst droughts in the last 30 years. then the sun solar cycle is going to max outnext year and we have already had 6 X class flares..so mother earth is trying to tell us something …..are u listening?

        • Nibiru/Elenin?

      14. Personally I think it will start in Detroit the first week in October. Under the welfare lifetime cap its estimated that at a minimum 12000 families will loose their benefits.

        Yes it seems Austerity has arrived on our shores. Good luck to all of you who live in Michigan the Free Loader Rebellion is about to begin.

        • In 1965 Detroit, Mustangs were rolling off the assembly line and the Temptations were singing about “My Girl.” Who’da thunk that a mere 45 years later it would have come to this???

          • 64 and 1/2, six cylinder, 3 speed. 66 V-8 with pony interior, buckets, ac, tac, clock, 8 track, V-8 small, fast back or convert, cool. 67, getty up w cherry! Drop in mr. 351 from Cleavland and raise the front end when you push the right lower limb.

          • We should be thankful for having lived in those good times! I know I am ! Only bad part in the 60’s was Vietnam, just another Government lie!

        • i’m with you on this one patriot one- once true and real austerity happens, there are gonna be a whole lot of pissed off free loaders and not just in michigan.

          • I can hear it now:
            WHAT?!? You mean I don’t git my free money no more? What’re y’all trying’ ta do, make me WORK for a living?

        • Methinks the SHTF in Detroit a few years ago. The zombies just didn’t know it.

      15. the SHTF when we lose the dollar reserve status. till then remain calm and carry on.

        • I agree. That doesn’t happen over night, but close.

      16. Some of what he says is right but a lot of it sounds like liberal nonsense. He complained about a nude woman wearing only body paint being arrested in New York. He criticized deregulation and lower corporate taxes when over-regulating is strangling business and US corporate taxes are the highest in the world. We need to have deregulation but no bailouts for failing businesses.

      17. This isn’t the guy that said in April we’d be in “SHTF” in July is it?

        • That was Rupert Murdock. Regards James

            • You are right!! I must of had a senior moment when I posted that. How embarressing!! Regards, James

          • james – No that was Micheal Ruppert, and if you listened he said that the end of July early August would be the start of the collapse due to the Japan situation. He called for the end of the infinite growth paradigm.

            Can you say nail on the head?

            Rupert Murdock is that Fox media mogel isn’t it?

            Celente has a very good track record, same with Ruppert. Both hold very high prediction rates, neither is perfect.

            No one has ever predicted a “date of collapse”, (leave that to the Bible thumpers)how could you predict something that does not happen on a single day?

            Where is the common sense here?

            • Francis, any real “Bible Thumpers” as you call us would never predict a date for the end of the world, as any real christian knows that God is the only one who knows when it will end. The only ones who do make predictions are the nutjobs who don’t understand the teachings of our Lord

            • I also expect a downward spiral punctuated with crises.

      18. Coming to Celente’s defence, who could have envisioned all the unconstitutional crap the government has done in the last two years with bailouts, money printing,etc?
        I have no affiliation with him but what he says makes a lot of sense. I don’t have gold or a bunch of money either. But, his insight to what the banksters and government are doing is spot on.
        Hold on to your shorts because it seems we are in for a very rough ride. Prepare the best you can and do the best you can. That is all a common guy can do. regads,James

        • GEE……i havent heard that the past 4 years…….HOLD ON TO YOUR SHORTS BECAUSE WE ARE IN FOR A VERY ROUGH RIDE !! its not going to happen any time soon but untill then watch the climate change !!

          • you can have my shorts. they come with free racing stripes.

        • TPTB have pulled every trick in the book to delay the inevitable. The longer they put it off, the worse it will be.

      19. just like he said….EVEN IF IT DOESNT HAPPEN IN OCTOBER IT WILL HAPPEN EVENTUALLY ” …..wow……what an easy escape when it doent happen because it wont happen in october just as it didnt happen in december of 2010 !

      20. Over and over and over these guys predict a new date for collapse. And over and over it don’t happen.

        Now its October. Or it could be November. Or December. Or next year. Or the year after.

        Either shit, or get OFF THE POT!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Who? Prove it, give us a link. I watch and read at least ten different people on this subject, NO ONE HAS EVER PREDICTED A DATE OF COLLAPSE, EVER.

          We are in collpase folks, don’t expect it to happen over night, it will likely take years, and any predictions are those to inform us of the next step down.

          • FLO,
            You’re exactly right. We’re already IN the “collapse”. It’s a slow moving train wreck that started in 2008 and will hit bottom in a few more years.

            It’s my opinion that the SHTF scenario that everyone here worries about is going to come about due to a nuclear attack or a solar storm or volcanic/earthquake activity NOT by an economic collapse that we’re seeing materalize before our eyes. Yes we’ll see the leeches riot and raise hell when the economy hits bottom, but the starving zombies will result from an entirely different set of circumstances.

      21. Don’t worry Obama’s new jobs plan will save us all. Alrighty then.

        • Thanks, Mark. I feel so much better. You’ve no idea.

      22. Today’s [a good day] news from europe…

        FTSEurofirst 80 2,754.94 -3.93
        FTSEurofirst 100 2,747.14 -2.76
        Euronext 100 558.71 -3.11
        Next 150 1,341.03 -2.72
        AEX 276.10 -2.57
        BEL20 2,117.82 -3.24
        CAC40 2,974.59 -3.60
        PSI20 6,048.70 -2.50
        DAX 5,189.93 -4.04

      23. Civil Unrest:

        LONGVIEW, Wash. (AP) — Hundreds of Longshoremen stormed the Port of Longview early Thursday, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain that is the center of a labor dispute,…

        Six guards were held hostage for a couple of hours after 500 or more Longshoremen broke down gates about 4:30 a.m. and smashed windows in the guard shack…

        “We’re not surprised,” Duscha said. “A lot of the protesters were telling us this in only the start.”

        One sergeant was threatened with baseball bats and retreated, Duscha said. “One officer with hundreds of Longshoremen? He used the better part of discretion.”

        …police arrested 19 demonstrators who tried to block the tracks. They were led by ILWU International President Robert McEllrath, who said they would return. …


        • The big problems will start with the socialist unions aided by the lacky press.. they will operate with almost near impunity, since they are technically a part of the current administration and regularly perform their dirty work. Watch for more “rabid reactions” from them… The current admin knows that they have virtually zero chance of maintaining power after the next election.. they will unleash the hounds of hell.

      24. In case nobodys noticed we are in the SHTF right now and it’s gonna get worse, a lot worse.

        • i’ve been saying this for three years or more…yep, for those who think this is bad, it is gonna get worse. for those who dont care and ignore it…surprise!

          • Overheard a woman the other day complaining because she missed a Pampered Chef party…surprise is RIGHT!!!

            • Is there NO GOD?

              Americans are sooo spoiled. We have been soooo blessed, and just like bratty kids, just demand more.

        • I agree, the only reason we haven’t already imploded is the reshuffling of existing wealth and the printing of faux wealth….

          when the shell game runs out we’re all hosed…

      25. Celente said that we’d have the “crash of 2010″…
        I’m still waiting…

        • I agree. I bought into this talk about 4 years ago and it was “imminent” then. All the time these doomers seem to be peddling stuff to help us prepare for what never seems to come.

        • His prediction in that year was killed due to bankster manipulation of the economy, no one is perfect, but he was not wrong. We have technically been collapsing since 2008.

          Early August qurterly reports of 2011 were a big step down, it should have happened in 2010, it was simply avoided by the banksters games.

      26. The ability of the feds to drag out the demise of our economy is uncanny. The Senate today voted to add 500 billion to the budget, immediately, without the Congress. How does that work? We don’t need no stinkin’ constitution.

        • Just figured it out. The $500 billion will go to Europe to save their banks and Greece.

        • but they will:)

        • Uncanny can of peas.

        • the last four years we have seen alot of turmoil in housing, banking, farming and so on…many banks today in small towns and cities are operating with skeleton crews (one to two tellers only), manufacturing has had major big layoffs and closings, classrooms are way overcrowded, grocery prices are up 50+%, and so on and so forth….it is not getting better-rather, it is very slowly getting worse. more people would notice these things if they only trusted their own eyes and ears and quit depending on big government announcments and proclamations.

          • true, there’s no doubt in my mind that we are already in a “controlled collapse”. The best you can do is have a plan and work it-canned food, growing your own, learning to preserve it, silver – gold if you can afford it, weapons and ammo – and you had better get proficient with primitive weapons, too, having 3 sources of water, 3 sources of energy, and discreetly find like-minded people to form a group that you can rely on, with the necessary skills and means to survive. Our group is working on two final large tasks – communications network (hams) and solar panels with battery banks. Once those are in place, we’ll be ready

      27. Ol’ Charlie Mcgrath @ wideawakenews.com has got a good vid concerning O’Crumbles job building measures that he just came out with. I like Gerald Celente. I think that he keeps an eye on whats going on. Predicting timelines and events is how he makes his living. Please take this in consideration guys and gals. Remember, the bible urges us to “occupy” until the return of our lord. CARRY ON!

      28. 6.4 earthquake, Vancouver Island, depth 14 miles. 2 bears felt it.

        • Ha! You’re funny!

          • I thought 2 bears was a place.

            • I thought 2 bears was the Indian chief on the mosey wales movie

        • Smokey, come home – Texas needs you.

      29. IMHO “GOD” has nothing to do with any of this or anything for that matter. We have very little to do with whatever fate awaits us. Only a few of those who profess to b “prepared” will actually have any impact on what happens to them and there will be an element of luck that may be the difference between living and dying. It’s that simple. I understand many people believe “GOD” is watching over us and will ultimately “decide” how this will all end. Some quote scriptures that can be applied to current events or to the current human experience as if that is proof of “GODS” existence. The reason scriptures written thousands of years ago can be applied current events is because the human species hasnt really evolved much from the time the scriptures were written and they were written by men, for mankind ABOUT mankind. The world of shit were in now is the result of years of deceptive and corrupt practices by greedy power hungry men who have taken advantage of an undereducated largely ignorant populace. It wasn’t “GOD’S” doing so why would “GOD” be expected to intervene this late in the game when “HE” could’ve prevented the whole problem from occurring in the first place? I’m sorry but I get sick of hearing otherwise rational sounding people who are sharing what they know about a SHTF plan but then destroy their credibility by deferring the ultimate outcome to something that doesn’t have any more validity than the tooth fairy or Santa Claus. I guess I wish people would stick w talking about what this site is focused on and what we all can (or most of us) agree is reality. Which is how we can stay alive when the SHTF and help others do the same.I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. Youre entitled to your opinion and have the freedom to express it. I just dont think this is the appropriate forum for sharing it. So, if I havent just turned everyone against me I have a question related to what happens to the prison population in times of social and economic collapse? My little brother is going to be in DOC for the next 96 yrs (he’s 42 yrs old and has been wrongly accused and railroaded into lifelong incarceration by by a corrupt judicial system). Is it life as normal inside when it’s total chaos outside? If Fed govt is broke and can’t keep the lights on or pay private corrections what happens to inmates? Spare me the “Who cares?” type of responses pls.

        • Don’t know anything about your brother, but I am REALLY sorry for him if he is truly wrongly imprisoned. He would be far from the first.

          Seems our “justice” system finds some excuse for every career criminal, but likes to come down hard on good people at every opportunity (anyone who defends their life with a firearm comes to mind).

          We should all care what happens to prisoners in a crisis because either many, many predators would be unleashed on the rest of us when we could least cope with it, or, a relative handful of people could decide to upgrade sentences to death, even for minor infractions.

        • I’ve got a “buddy” in for life as well, he too claims complete innocence; but that is another story. What happens to the incarcerated IF the shft bigtime ? If they are locked in their cells at the time; they starve to death. That’s what happens to them.

        • the_Isle

          There’s a slight condescending flavor to your post and I’m wonder why you criticize those who choose to add to their preparedness portfolio a valuable tool/asset such as establishing an alliance with THAT which governs all of creation? Seems like the prefect way to “do less and accomplish more”. In fact, if I was in your position, I’d be looking for all the “subtle” help I could muster up rather than complain and blame your so called “GOD” as the source of your troubles. If you want to help get your brother out of the dark, turn on the light. Maybe you need to re-establish your connection with THAT which governs ALL the Laws of Nature and tap into THAT so you automatically, naturally and spontaneously have support of those Laws of the Universe. Sounds like maybe you feel “abandoned” but that was your choice. No one is ever abandoned if they are open to Consciousness, the field of all possibilities. It’s through Consciousness, the all pervading transmission wires of the nervous system that connect one with the Unified Field, where ALL answers to ones questions reside.

          Why not link up with THAT which can guide one through the turmoil of life? Especially if that THAT has the Universal road map ready to download.

          If one finds oneself chronically complaining about others, blaming others or demanding from others, look to the Ego and small self. One’s got to learn to contain those “demons” before one has any hope of deserving access to The Great Cosmic GPS system for navigating through life with the maximum support for one’s actions.

          • EA – “a valuable tool/asset such as establishing an alliance with THAT which governs all of creation?”

            What the hell are you talking about? Give examples, because your Biblical God (which you are clearly reffering to) is a man mad fantasy. Like it or not! IT IS PROVEN WITH FACTS!

            Certainly not A God of creation, as proved time and time again via archeology, bibliology, psychology, and mathematics.

            What God is, (if there is one) no one really knows, show some humility for once in your life and admit that the Bible is NOT the word of God, that two babies is enough, and “it” the Bible, is the word of manipulation set forth by man, not of diviness. This is easy if you look without fear, and without ego (heaven awaits you).

            Peace be with you child, translation… Best wishes to your salvation, called knowledge.

      30. Isn’t this big fun? I love a good collapse….. Well, even it it doesn’t happen think of all the cool stuff we got put away.

      31. Well, I guess gas isn’t going down anymore. I had freshened one barrel up. Just got back from filling it to the top. 55gal of fresh gasoline. Average purchase price: $3.60

        The other barrel is half empty. Most of it was purchased at $2.80 but its almost a year old. I’ve been using it. I’ll probably go out and buy another $100 worth and fill it back up.

        Of some kind of SHTF over the weekend, you know what they’ll do with the price of gas. It will skyrocket.

        • and i hope net ranger that you are buying ethanol free gasoline so that you will not suffer erosion of small engine parts..pure gasoline is getting harder to find and the price of corn is only going up.

          • I’ve been running E10 for 20+ years and I’ve never had a problem, however, for storage I seek out pure gasoline. Gasoline bearing alcohol doesn’t keep well and tends to invite much more corrosion on the system. Though, it really doesn’t matter. I rotate out the gasoline ever 6 months anyways.

            Did you mean “corrosion of small engine parts”? I find its only a problem when the stuff sets for a long time (like over winter). Ethanol impregnated gasoline is way more corrosive.

        • Unleaded gas futures went down about 10 cents on Friday. I don’t know if we’ll see it.

      32. We all know its going to $hit, to hard to put a time line on future events,it could happen tommorrow, or in a year!

      33. Rome didn’t collapse over night. It took decades of neglect and sloth for it to all fall apart. Study some history; Rome, Athens, Sparta, the dark ages, Chinese dynasty, etc. They all had golden periods followed by eventual decay from the inside that allowed them to fall apart over 50 to 100 years. We have been decaying since woodrow Wilson and FDR, accelerating ever on towards the cliff that will be the end. The SHTF along time ago but the turds stuck to the Fan blades!
        In an ever widening gyre the center cannot hold.
        It isn’t instant mad max or escape from new York, its more like a cancer that eats everything slowly until all that is left is a brain and eyeballs thinking wtf! A bit long for me, luck all.

        • 3 or 4 bladed?

          • I keep working at prepping and putting up the 4 B’s beans bullets bandaids and butt wipes. Lots of crap to wipe off of things when shtf. Its just a slow process to get ready when you barely make enough to pay bills and raise 4 kids and 2 great danes.
            But I must be doing something right when my kids wanted leathermans and archery equipment for birthday presents.

            • Maybe 7?

          • think of it more as a jet turbine instead of a desk fan. sack of manure goes in one end, shit storm comes out the other.

        • Bummer. I have been hoping for Mad Max. Been working on my post-collapse wardrobe. Now what do I do with my hockey pads, chains, and sleeveless leather jackets?

      34. Currently:

        Mass Inflation, Yes; Hyperinflation, No

        “The reason why Americans should not take seriously the scenarios of Germany-Austria in 1921-24 is because we are not defeated. There is no way, short of some sort of biological warfare-induced plague, that we will suffer what Germany suffered in 1921-24. In any case, during a plague, there would not be hyperinflation. There would be martial law, price controls, and rationing. …

        This is why I do not think we are facing hyperinflation . . . at least not until Congress nationalizes the FED. …”


        … note: “until”

        • Clark: Your guru Gary North now says no hyperinflation. LMAO! 🙂 only “mass” inflation which he defines as (15% to 30% inflation.

          Thats “double digit inflation” Clark. Rememeber, you heard it here, first, last year about this time. When you were screaming “hyper-inflation”.

          LMAO :-)!!!!!

          And then he defends the keynsesians!!!!! OMG!!! 🙂 Did you read the article? Who you also rail against!!!!! 🙂

          But hey! It must have been a lucky guess on my part. Just remember I am not as smart as John Williams or Marc Faber !!!!!

          🙂 LMAO!

          • DK, it’s clear you’re not as smart as John Williams or Marc Faber, and certainly not as cool.

            And, no, I wasn’t “screaming” anything.

            I don’t see where Gary North defends Keynesians. He only says they’re not completely brain dead, “There are too many economists, even Keynesians, who know that price ceilings create shortages.”

            And again, no, we didn’t hear it first from the bankers friend DK, many People said so.

            Also, consider this perspective:

            Putting the Hyper-Inflation Cart Before the Accelerating Price-Inflation Horse

            “…No one knows how this will play out…” [Not DK, not me, not Gary North, nobody.]

            “… every central banker that now hugs dollars could choose to ditch those dollars. It is likely that not even hell has a downward swirling slide comparable to the slide that the dollar will take, if the worlds bankers decide to shun the dollar. Such a shipping of dollars back to our shores could in itself cause a hyper-inflation that would be very hard for even a skilled Federal Reserve chairman to handle (and I don’t think Bernanke is so skilled).

            … Long term there are too many unknowns to be in any camp, especially when you have a machine known as the Fed that can shoot out billions trillions of dollars whenever it chooses and the size of the manipulated part of the economy gets bigger and bigger. I just watch what the Fed is doing and adjust accordingly on a roughly six month basis. The constant adjustments are no way to live, but are necessary because of the fact that we do have a central bank, the Federal Reserve, that manipulates up and down the money supply. Right now, because of the new money accelerated growth that is occurring, I anticipate that the climb in price inflation is going to escalate dramatically, where this spike in price inflation will stop, I have no idea. I just take it six months at a time.”


            And finally, don’t act all smug and smiley faced DK, you helped steer many People into financially disastrous real estate transactions, that’s nothing to boast about or be proud of and hardly a position to look down upon others and proclaim one’s self Master of the Universe as do your friends in banking et al.

            Don’t forget DK, you said, inflation was nothing, there are many People who strongly disagree with your proclamation and might even call you sick and twisted for saying so.

            • Clark: Whos’ foaming at the mouth now? 🙂

              Inflation is nothing Clark if you have real assets that increase in value; which is why I have encouraged people to buy gold if they can, and if they can’t, buy silver until they can use it to buy gold.

              I haven’t steered anyone into anything but precious metals. Yes, I believe there are good opportunities out there in real estate and have identified three of my own: two industrial parcels (both rail served) and the bank branch I have always wanted. Now I need to liquidate some assets to buy them.

              I haven’t steered anyone into real estate, but in my past life as a REALTY WHORE I serviced the people that came to me for my skills. Still there are opportunities out there now for those with the cash to buy.

              Clark, people must adapt, change, evolve to the changing circumstances in which they find themselves. It has always been that way. Today is nothing new, only different.

              If you are only discovering that now, it is because you are so young and foolish. Life can be stressful I will admit, but the man that masters patience masters all things.

              If I am smug {yes I am:-)} Its because you have deserved it. If you were a man you would admit your mistakes (if only to yourself) and think before you open your mouth again at me, or anyone else, until you know what you are talking about.

              Please go back to school, if only part time, as you can afford it. I did it on my own. You have family for some support. A college grad makes on average of two million dollars a year more than a high school grad; and that disparity will widen. Money isn’y everything but it is better than the alternative. Use the time of your youth to best advantage: get a formal education.

              Good luck. 🙂

            • Inflation is Not “nothing” and savings isn’t everything. It’s Not all about the money.

              Also, what worked for you in the past might not work for most today. This next article indicates you need to follow your own advise, “Until you know what you are talking about.”

              How Much Is That Bachelor’s Degree Really Worth?
              The Million Dollar Misunderstanding

              “Many claim that a college degree is worth a million dollars, but like so many other “facts” about higher education in the United States, it is not quite right. Indeed, using a set of reasonable assumptions that factors in school selectivity, the cost of a college education, and foregone wages, I show that the million dollar figure is grossly inflated, and may be three times too high.”


              And consider the title of this link: Broke and Jobless: 85% of College Grads Moving Home


              A scam, like any other, is still a scam:


              From an older comment of mine:

              You say, “Who are the 80% of the people who are successful and who are working?”

              Wiki Answers says, In the U.S., “of those 25 years of age and over in 2000, Only 33% had a college degree.”

              Where do you pull your 80% figure from?
              Is there a rabbit there too?

              Wikipedia says, “…Overall the average American, age 25 or older, made roughly $32,000 per year,[5] does not have a college degree,… lives in his or her own home in a suburban setting, and holds a white-collar office job…

              The professional/managerial fields were the only two occupational fields where college graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or higher represented the majority…

              professional occupations… 68.2%
              Business and managerial occupations… 53.4%”

              That does Not look like 80% to me.


      35. People should be prepared for hard times anyway without anyone telling them to, Prepping is just good insurance like having auto insurance except you own and keep the insurance, not some CEO up in Hartford,Ct.
        These people who are using scare tactics about a crash every few months are getting very rich from it. I’ll be if we went to some of their 5th avenue appartments, they wouldn’t have the things there to make a cup of coffee and toast.

        • Room service

      36. I never know what to expect as long as the Fed and politicos keep pulling the occasional rabbit out of their hats when they suspect the need arises. Three years ago I told my family that they (the gov/goons) would print, print, print. Today, I believe it will be more of the same for several years down the road — unless the situation gets so out-of-control that they (gov/goons) cannot even pretend to manage… and that their actions just become laughable to the general populace. People “are” waking up finally. Some are preparing. Most still not thinking about that yet. It will probably be too late when most people decide to make preps. That is my fear. That (the fact of their being too late) will be very problematic for the few who have made preps.

        The situation in Greece and with its debt is interesting as it shows us just how far the bankers/gov/goons are willing to go to prop up that mess and so, prop up our mess and everyone else’s mess. Everybody knows they are broke. Everybody knows they can’t pay. Ever. Under any circumstances. So, if they (gov/goons) pull another rabbit out of the hat for the sake of “keeping” on keeping on — let’s just say that that will prove they they still have a few rabbits and they’ll keep on pulling em out until the hat wears out.

        Stay frosty.


        • Nail on the head! Nuff said.

      37. Jesus said ” No one will know the day, or the hour except
        the Father”.

      38. It’s death out there. You can just feel it,
        It going to happen soon.

      39. Drudge removed an article from his page about the Senate voting, under special rules, to increase the debt limit $500 billion, immediately. It was on his page yesterday. He pulled it faster than usual It didn’t stay there 12 hours. I figure that money is going under the table to European banks and Greece this weekend. A half a trillion and nobody notices. The MSM is nothing more than a voice for the PTB in cahoots with PBJ and BLT. I’m getting hungry.

      40. off topic

        But has anyone else heard about the International Hearings on 9/11 in Toronto from Sept 8 to 11? They have a website:


      41. Well, a lot of Bible talk going on here. It’s as if many are envisioning the return to barbaric practices prevalent in the Old Testament. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Kill or be killed. And as it were history repeats itself. Even holy history.

        So now that the end game ala Celente is playing out in many minds what is there to do when it’s all finally said and done?

        Every man will have to face their moment of truth. No doubt some will face it better than others. And some won’t even face it at all. I suppose with the latter it will be those which receive ‘the mark’ without an iota of protest. They according to the Bible will have the most comparatively painless existence on earth. They will be good at kneeling and their reward is they won’t starve. Everyone else however.

        You’re gonna have to serve somebody.



        • Rick Halsen said “They will be good at kneeling and their reward is they won’t starve.” This is true…they will be taken care of while on this earth…it’s what happens AFTER that they should be worried about! As for me and my house…we will serve the Lord!

      42. glad I doubled-up on the dry-storage food and rotated my MRE’s with new ones…..just in case….

        • Yes, but MRE’s age so well!

      43. I’m about as prepared for any exentuality as i can be short of a solar panel / battery apparatus, night vision goggles and a bunker in the boonies….

        If it does come apart and the people resort to their basest instincts… all I am going to pray for is the safety of my family and two babies and that God forgive me for what I might have to do to my fellow man to assure that safety.

        In all faiths that worship the one true God….he gave us rules to follow in the form of prables to avoid the very mess we are in now….IMHO he owes us nothing more.

        • Speaking of coming apart…two days ago in our sleepy little town elderly woman was in her basement doing laundry. Heard a loud banging noise coming from upstairs, so went out the basement door and around to see WTH was going on. Saw a man on her front porch trying to break down the door with his body. This was at 2 O’CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON – broad daylight! She confronted him and he ran, she got into her car and chased him (no kidding!) and was able to give police a good description. Unbelievable. Desperate people do desperate things. And I’m afraid our little party’s just beginning…

          • I’ll bet he knocked on the door first.

            • I’ll bet he did, too.

            • I have a friend who lives alone and she has a dog. The other night she went to bed early and woke up at about 11 p.m. with the dog barking and running from one window to another. She rolled out of bed and hid on the floor as she called 911 and she saw a pencil flashlight through the window outside. Then she heard someone trying to break the door. They didn’t even care about her very large barking dog inside. Thank goodness the cops came just in time and she was okay! They got prints and all but haven’t found anyone yet.

              It’s getting very scary.

            • I know it might sound strange to some, but I pack heat when I’m outside in the garden, cutting the grass, etc. It might not be my first choice (most time a small .22) but perhaps it will allow me the chance to fight my way to something better I have positioned around other areas of the property. Remember, the devil goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

          • I live in a semi urban area–some farms, and some regular housing. We just had a home invasion a short distance from here. Just break the door down and go in, in broad daylight. Things aren’t going to get any better. load up, and get ready. Equipment check time.

      44. Well, if it comes it comes. I just made the “final” purchase for my prep.. a nice solar oven. I’ve been putting it off since it was the very last item on my list. So if the SHTF, I guess you can blame me for finally completing my prep.. 😉

        • Sns, If you get a chance to try it out, give us a review.

          • Will do..

        • Did you purchase the Global Sun oven? I was looking at it online, read both goodan bad reviews on it. The bad reviews said the food had a bad taste to, almost like plastic; others said they had no problem with it…haven’t seen any other manufacturers – might be an opportunity in there for someone with some capital…Did yours cost somewhere in the $300 price range?

          • That’s the one. $241.99, free shipping. This is the first I’ve heard of any bad reveiws ( taste of food ). All the reviews I’ve read were glowing. But, if the SHTF, I won’t mind a funny taste in food as long as I know what was put in it and I’m able to heat / cook it without making any fire or depending upon a fuel supply. In So Flo, we have lots of sunshine, so it seemed to make perfect sense to me.

      45. Well, 16 more bags of sugar…and ordered 50 lbs. individually wrapped ground beef with some minute steaks..at the ‘butcher’ shop near here…
        Folks, let me say this…word is catching on..last year when we went to get our beef…there were maybe 3 or 4 customers on that Saturday.
        Today, couldn’t get in, standing room only so thinking it was a fluke, went to eat and toured the city for a while; returned to even a more full room; had to leave my order and will return Wednesday.
        They know what’s coming…they don’t like the prices at the grocery either.

      46. Christians As well as anyone else who receives this mark will be cast into the lake of fire.
        My brothers in Christ, our faith is about to be tested.
        Rely on our God!
        Draw close to Him!

        ” He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

        “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” Revelation 14:9-11

        • jrsmac: Preaching the word of God is fine as long as you don’t mix YOUR delusions in with it.

          But, really, I think most posters here are Christian. If you want to reach the lost you should go down to the street corner where you live and start your rant to save the hookers, pimps, and drug dealers.

          Christ came to save the lost. WE here know where WE are and where We are going. Why labor in vain?

          • Personally, I think he is trying to help us realise the times and the potential severity of them. His pointing out the prophesied mark is well timed, again, in my opinion. So, I extend a Thank You to jrsmac for caring enough to mention such things..

            • Thank you Sam not Sam.
              Here is an interesting site.

              A snippet for believers, and especially non-believers.
              I did not listen to the audio of those in hell, because I think it would be too horrifying.

              The following article appeared in the well respected Finland newspaper, Ammenusastia

              “As a communist I don’t believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell,” said Dr. Azzacove. “Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw and we know what we heard. And we are absolutely convinced that we drilled through the gates of hell!”

              Dr. Azzacove continued, “. . .the drill suddenly began to rotate wildly, indicating that we had reached a large empty pocket or cavern. Temperature sensors showed a dramatic increase in heat to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.”

              “We lowered a microphone, designed to detect the sounds of plate movements down the shaft. But instead of plate movements we heard a human voice screaming in pain! At first we thought the sound was coming from our own equipment.”

              “But when we made adjustments our worst suspicions were confirmed. The screams weren’t those of a single human, they were the screams of millions of humans!”
              The following is a recording that claims to be the actual sounds of hell from the above article.


            • Ditto. Have many times wondered if the “mark of the beast” will be a small computer chip implanted in everyone’s right hand, which will hold ID, bank acct. info and the like. The technology is there; maybe TPTB are waiting for the appropriate “crisis” to make the idea more palatable to the teeming masses.

            • Sam not sam

              Sam I forgot to say thank you for your support.

        • Jrsmac – If you would read your Bible you would realize that you are the damn fool worshoping false idols. WAKE UP!!!!!

          I wear a perminent cross upon my back,!!! and my chest!!!! to symbolize the EVIL HYPOCRISY of your teachings.

          Exodus 20:4-an5 – “you shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.” You shall not bow down to them or worship them…”

          You make nothing but idols to worshop your Satan (EVIL)!!!!!!!!!!! And I emphasize your ignorance!!


          What you worship, is as close to the “devil” as anything imaginable!!

          “Isaiah 42” you fool, I, and many more are comming to squash you from the evolutionary tree of life, make no bones about it, we come with the rath and the heart of warriors.

          Hear my words, or splinter my bones with the nails of crusifiction in a repetition of history where YOU my child feel the guilt of the collapse and its fury!!
          Go now to your doom and death, it is where you must belong!!!

          And we the rightious, will fill your positions with hope for the future which YOU have neglected via selfish egoism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          My thoughts be with you – Christian translation: I am praying for you.

          • Francis Le Oublieux says:
            September 11, 2011 at 3:29 am
            Jrsmac – If you would read your Bible you would realize that you are the damn fool worshoping false idols. WAKE UP!!!!!


            God bless you.

            • Thank you,

              The translation back to the original sentiment- best wishes. And same to yourself.

          • FLO: 2 Timothy, Chapt. 3. You’re obvious rankor reveals your true spirit. I do pity you.

            1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
            2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
            3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
            4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
            5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.
            6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,
            7 EVER LEARNING, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

            • What does your response have anything to do with what I posted?

              It certainly does not in any way shape or form describe myself?

              Except, my “true spirit.” Isaiah 42, ISAIAH 42.

              You have never met such an evangelical as myself, we are the new, the true, the blue…….

          • Francis Le Oublieux says:
            September 11, 2011 at 3:29 am

            You make nothing but idols to worshop your Satan (EVIL)!!!!!!!!!!! And I emphasize your ignorance!!



            The following article appeared in the well respected Finland newspaper, Ammenusastia

            “As a communist I don’t believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell,” said Dr. Azzacove. “Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw and we know what we heard. And we are absolutely convinced that we drilled through the gates of hell!”

            Dr. Azzacove continued, “. . .the drill suddenly began to rotate wildly, indicating that we had reached a large empty pocket or cavern. Temperature sensors showed a dramatic increase in heat to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.”

            “We lowered a microphone, designed to detect the sounds of plate movements down the shaft. But instead of plate movements we heard a human voice screaming in pain! At first we thought the sound was coming from our own equipment.”

            “But when we made adjustments our worst suspicions were confirmed. The screams weren’t those of a single human, they were the screams of millions of humans!”
            The following is a recording that claims to be the actual sounds of hell from the above article.

            Are these the actual sounds of hell?
            Listen and you decide. . .

            Real Audio Format 

            MP3 Format 


            Let me share some more ignorance with you, if they will post the whole thing.

            • You’re an idiot if you trust a communist. They admit they lie in order for communism to BE the one world government.

      47. A half a trillion increase in the national debt on Friday. To take effect immediately. Greece should have gone belly up by Monday and there should have been big a problem with Euro banks, too. If these things don’t happen, then we can kiss 500 billion goodby. The only obvious reason to push through a major increase like that without any news coverage, is for something urgent. We shall see.

      48. Isn’t it time that Congress gets put on double secret probation?

        • Yes…at RAMMING SPEEEEEEED!!!

      49. Since hell has been mentioned, I found something today very interesting.
        We’re going to examine the place the Bible calls hell. We’ll present documented evidence for a place called hell. Don’t take what you’re going to read lightly. If what you read is true — YOU COULD BE IN SERIOUS DANGER!

        Several years ago a book was published, entitled Beyond Death’s Door by Dr. Maurice Rawlings. Dr. Rawlings, a specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease, resuscitated many people who had been clinically dead. Dr. Rawlings, a devout atheist, “considered all religion “hocus-pocus” and death nothing more than a painless extinction”. But something happened in 1977 that brought a dramatic change in the life of Dr. Rawlings! He was resuscitating a man, terrified and screaming — descending down into the flames of hell:
        “Each time he regained heartbeat and respiration, the patient screamed, “I am in hell!” He was terrified and pleaded with me to help him. I was scared to death. . . Then I noticed a genuinely alarmed look on his face. He had a terrified look worse than the expression seen in death! This patient had a grotesque grimace expressing sheer horror! His pupils were dilated, and he was perspiring and trembling — he looked as if his hair was “on end.”
        Then still another strange thing happened. He said,”Don’t you understand? I am in hell. . . Don’t let me go back to hell!” . . .the man was serious, and it finally occurred to me that he was indeed in trouble. He was in a panic like I had never seen before.”
        (Maurice Rawlings, Beyond Death’s Door,(Thomas Nelson Inc., 1979) p. 3).
        Dr. Rawlings said, no one, who could have heard his screams and saw the look of terror on his face could doubt for a single minute that he was actually in a place called hell!

        The Bible continually warns of a place called hell. There are over 162 references in the New Testament alone which warns of hell. And over 70 of these references were uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ!


        Scientist and Bible teacher, Henry Morris also agrees the Bible plainly teaches that hell is in this earth:

        “So far as we can tell from Scripture, the present hell, is somewhere in the heart of the earth itself. It is also called ‘the pit’ (Isa. 14:9, 15: Ezek. 32:18-21) and ‘the abyss’ (Rev. 9:2). . .
        The writers certainly themselves believed hell to be real and geographically ‘beneath’ the earth’s surface. . .

        Caspar Peucer, a famous fourteenth century astronomer and physician, who also researched and documented the volcanoe eruptions at Heklafell wrote some very frightening information in his research findings. Peucer, claims (as others) that “fearful howlings, weeping and gnashing of teeth” could be heard “for many miles. . .” as these volcanoes erupted:

        “Out of the bottomless abyss of Heklafell, or rather out of Hell itself, rise melancholy cries and loud wailings, so that these can be heard for many miles around. . . there may be heard in the mountain fearful howlings, weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
        (Haraldur Sigurdsson, Melting the Earth, The History of Ideas on Volcanic Eruptions, p. 73)
        And Caspar Peucer is not alone. There are others who believe they have heard “cries and screaming” coming from volcanoes. Most have tried to ignore the obvious. Some simply explain the “sounds of hell” to some rational meaning. But they are there. . .
        “The fearsome noises that issued from some of their volcanoes were certainly thought to be the screams of tormented souls in the fires of hell below”.
        (Haraldur Sigurdsson, Melting the Earth, The History of Ideas on Volcanic Eruptions, p. 73)
        Inside this earth, this very moment, there are millions of lost, tormented souls — burning, weeping, wailing — without any hope whatsoever!

        In Mark 9:46, Jesus Christ says about hell: “Where THEIR WORM dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.”

        Jesus said explicitly — THEIR worm — not a worm, or the worm — but THEIR worm. The Bible teaches that Christians will one day have a body like the Lord Jesus Christ. Could it be, as some Bible students teach — that men and women in hell take on the form of their father, Satan (John 8:44)? In Revelation 12:3, Satan is described as a red dragon. Could Jesus Christ be referring to the body lost men and women will have for eternity?

        The earth’s crust on land is normally 50 miles thick. You’d have to go down 50 miles before the edge of the fire. But in parts of the ocean floor, the earth’s crust is less than a mile thick.

        Scientists recently discovered cracks on the ocean floor where fire was leaking out. Do you know what they found around these fire-breathing vents in the crust? Eight-foot long worms, found no other place in the world! The book, The Deep Sea, by Joseph Wallace (p.39), reads, “Perhaps the strangest of ocean creatures recently discovered are Riftia, the giant tube WORMS. Measuring up to 8 feet in length, the worms are ONLY FOUND NEAR DEEP SEA VENTS.”

        “As a communist I don’t believe in heaven or the Bible but as a scientist I now believe in hell,” said Dr. Azzacove. “Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw and we know what we heard. And we are absolutely convinced that we drilled through the gates of hell!”

        Dr. Azzacove continued, “. . .the drill suddenly began to rotate wildly, indicating that we had reached a large empty pocket or cavern. Temperature sensors showed a dramatic increase in heat to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.”

        “We lowered a microphone, designed to detect the sounds of plate movements down the shaft. But instead of plate movements we heard a human voice screaming in pain! At first we thought the sound was coming from our own equipment.”

        “But when we made adjustments our worst suspicions were confirmed. The screams weren’t those of a single human, they were the screams of millions of humans!”

        • You must be kidding………… you call this evidence?

          This is just a single docy on this subject. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/god-on-the-brain/

          There are hundreds of REAL evidenciary papers with real scientists and doctors who have proved what you posted a is complete fantasy created by the temporal lobes.

          Their is also great evidence to suggest the reason why some believe in a divine god, and others do not. It is evolutionary my dear Wastson, and you are the previous species. Say hello to your future,,,,, post God-man.

      50. Dark Vader is the new Lion King in 3D? WTF! I’m slowing down dam’it.

      51. @European American:

        I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my post. I think you might need to reread it though because you must’ve misinterpreted what I said and why I said it and/or you’ve said things that either don’t make sense nor contribute anything of value relative to the subject material of this website. You also didn’t answer the question I posed.

        You wrote:

        “why you criticize those who choose to add to their preparedness portfolio a valuable tool/asset such as establishing an alliance with THAT which governs all of creation?”

        Professing one’s belief in a particular faith on a site like this is a waste of time for site visitors whose beliefs don’t happen to align with yours who are looking for tangible information which can be utilized by everyone regardless of faith.

        Speaking of “having a condescending tone” I would never claim something as arrogant as knowing “THAT which governs all of creation?” as you apparently do.

        You said:

        “if I was in your position, I’d be looking for all the “subtle” help I could muster up rather than complain and blame your so called “GOD” as the source of your troubles.”

        No shit I’m looking for help. That’s why I check this site daily and posted a question! I wasn’t complaining and blaming “my god”. I don’t claim to have a god. What I have is respect for the universe from which we evolved and for life itself. I was suggesting people refrain from posting their religious beliefs.

        You said:

        “If you want to help get your brother out of the dark, turn on the light. Maybe you need to re-establish your connection with THAT which governs ALL the Laws of Nature and tap into THAT so you automatically, naturally and spontaneously have support of those Laws of the Universe.”

        Please. What a crock of shit. Next.

        You said:

        “Sounds like maybe you feel “abandoned” but that was your choice. No one is ever abandoned if they are open to Consciousness, the field of all possibilities.
        If one finds oneself chronically complaining about others, blaming others or demanding from others, look to the Ego and small self. One’s got to learn to contain those “demons” before one has any hope of deserving access to The Great Cosmic GPS system for navigating through life with the maximum support for one’s actions.”

        You would make a horrible shrink and I think you need to utilize “The Great Cosmic GPS system” you claim to know so much about to help you find your way back to whatever hippie commune stuck in the 60’s you came from.

      52. I am so sick of waiting !!!! Lets get this crisis started, so the slate can be cleaned! In a sick sort of way I am kind of excited

      53. Looks like my postings are being blocked

      54. Greetings Everyone!
        Sounds like the SHTF moment might just be getting closer.
        The Book of Revelations(last Book of the Bible for those are unacquainted with the Good Book)speaks of the Angels holding bsck the “four winds”(I’m guessing REALLY windy weather systems on that one)until told to release them.Given the current storms passing thru,they might just have been told NOW!Or failing that idea(for those who don’t like a religious slant on these things,Global Climate Change is finally upon the ENTIRE Planet everywhere.Even as we’re saying all this,bet your boots “prepping” is gonna be the new “hot,hot” fashion statement next year.Isn’t it great to be so very NOW as the PTB grow sick with fear of what’s coming?Happens when your so very “last year”(to quote Fashion’s leading lights).
        Gotta love it!!LOL!!
        Best to All
        hug your loved ones

        • I’m ahead of style! For once in my life, I’m ahead! Wait till hubby hears this. Thanks, GFG – you made my day!!!

      55. @jrsmac….

        Interesting that when one reads this verse carefully it implies that one must not only receive the mark but also must worship the beast and his image. IOW, it implies at least to me that receiving the mark by itself but not worshiping the beast does not condemn one.

        “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God,…..”


        • Rick Halson, Good luck on your interpretation.

          • “Luck” has nothing to do with it. Doesn’t the Bible instruct one to be as cunning as snakes when necessary? It would appear to me that ‘taking the mark’ but at the same time inwardly loathing the image of the beast would be such cunning.

            There where your heart is will be your treasure.

            Taking a ‘tatoo’ shouldn’t condemn one else even the elderly, infirm, very young, etc., would be condemned as well. IMO, the taking of the mark requires two things: indeed the physical mark itself but more importantly also taking the spirtual one as well. Hence the word ‘and’ in the verse of which you cite.

            If you aren’t as cunning as the snake which is your adversary then in effect you are useless to defend those that lack it.

            Think. It is no sin to do so.


      56. I am sad to say, many of my comments are being blocked.
        Looks like it’s time to move on.

        • Jrs, the system dropped them into the spam queue for some reason… They’ve been unspammed and approved..my apologies…. One reco I can make to those posting comments : if you use an email addy (even a fake one) and use that same addy every time you post, the system may approve the comments automatically… My apologies for the inconvenience, this is a spam filter limitation and we are having problems getting around it, but we have to have it because we receive several hundred real spam comments daily… Thanks all!

          • Thank you Mac.
            I do like your web site and your open discussion here.
            God bless!

      57. Well… aren’t we all just a big bunch of happy campers today ???

        You should all be happy, MY mother in law does not live with YOU.

        • LOL, best of luck!

        • SnS
          Trade you your MIL for my oh-so-special sister-in-law and throw in her niece for good measure…
          Talk about the box of granola
          Love those relatives….

      58. Think we might have a “little more”…time for things to come together. Keep on getting your things put away. Pray from your heart and take action.

        UNCOVERED: Obama’s 2012 Campaign Strategy — Incite Civil Unrest…http://blackquillandink.com/?p=7930

        EXTRA: Obama Suspends Civil Liberties…http://blackquillandink.com/?p=1861

      59. I apologize for some of my posts seeming to be repeating. I was trying to, more than once, to get them to post, in case it was a computer glitch, which turned out to be the problem, software wise.

      60. A fine, upstanding, church going man endured a horrific home invasion where his wife and daughter were brutalized while he was tied up. The thugs eventual murdered them all and fled. When the man got to heaven, he was able to ask God,”My family! Why didn’t You do something to save us?” God replied,”I allowed the invention of weapons for a reason. Did not My Son tell His followers in regards to a sword, ‘If you don’t have one, sell your garment and buy one.’?

        (Even though the above may completely be a figment of my imagination the point remains; Don’t be stupid. Protect yourself and your loved ones by any means necessary. And if you consider upgrading the deadbolt on your door as ‘extra protection’ or hiring a security alarm service is the ticket then pack your stuff up and set it out in your yard at the first sign of SHTF. You won’t have it much longer after that anyway.

        Luke 22:35-38

      61. I see quite a few posts, with folks getting impatient. Willing the “collapse” to hurry up and start!!!
        Fair enough I suppose. Waiting is the hardest thing in the world to do. it’ll happen soon enough.

        On a happier note though, congratulations to the American Eagles Rugby team presently playing in the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. They didn’t beat Ireland in their game yesterday, but man!!!! Great game!!!! Americans can be proud of the effort your team put in!! And that last minute, run away “try” by the US was awesome!!! (a try = a touch down for you pad and helmet wearing Nancy Girls who follow the NFL ……. )

      62. Very interesting comments on this board. You have the preppers who believe in God, and you have the preppers who don’t. But I am constantly reminded of what is said when the crapola really does hit the fan, as when you are fighting for your life. There are no athiest in a foxhole. Check with a veteran of any war, who has had people trying to kill him. They will all say the same thing. best wishes to each side of the issue.

      63. Interesting comments, all I will ask is that all fellow preppers think about this.

        Do we prep for our personal survival or do we prep for the survival of the Constitution?

        The People has the authority of the Declaration of Independence on our side, any authority thinking other wise will find themselves against the People.

        It is scary to think that there is an elite group out there that actually thinks America will lay down as we give up our Soverneigty as a Nation, whether it’s to the N.A.U. or the NWO.

        Listen, a badger doesn’t look for a fight, on the other hand if he is cornered, he will defend!

        my .02

        • I am going to do the best that I can at home, on the job and in my community. I have been looking at this corruption since the 1970’s and have had a lot of time to worry. Well, let me tell you that worrying will get you an early grave. Dale Carnegie wrote a book titled “How To Stop Worrying And Start Living”. Pick up a copy. Learn to solve problems, do the best you can and live your life the way you want to.
          This economic and social mess is beyond our reach as far as individuals but we ARE able to solve our own problems. Let me go on to say that the media in this country is corrupt. They think that they are in the business of social engineering. You have to tune out the noise that they spit out and think rationally as Mr. Celente advises, or make all the wrong decisions. Make your plans, do your best and GO FOR IT ! Lead by example and others will follow.

          • all around good advice. You make some time tested good points. I also try to not worry about things i have no control over. But concentrate on things you can change.

      64. What’s coming is right there, if you are paying attention and reading between the lines. The most important thing Celente says is about the black swan event. Another bogus attack or event that will put all the under 25s to work… The answer is Africa. Look at a map. From Libya (does that rhyme with Dubya?) to Nigeria, there’s OIL there that needs to be taken. Quack-a-daffi is on the run, so we’ll have to smoke him out of his hole. Time to secure all the pipelines for Shell and Exxon. As a reward, Europe will get a pipeline. More work for the kids! There are already troops in the Horn of Africa. Soon there will be more. Much more. They’ll march around the desert and wish there were back here working at WalMart.

      65. These “pros” keep saying that a collapse is coming and nothing has happened. First it was going to happen no later than June now it is October. I am beginning to think that they are spreading fear for no reason other than their own egos. Remember when they were saying that the US was going to collapse because of the debt ceiling? It is becoming a real farce.

        • People need to concentrate on improving their future. Too much time is being wasted in worry and distraction by the slow inevitable decline of the world around them. People fill their heads with junk, enslaved or hypnotized, and the years pass without taking action.

          Instead of fretting about SHTF, be happy and confident that you are taking steps to adapt to the unexpected. An essential part of preparation for the unknown events ahead involves adapting to change.

      66. – Image of Person jumping up and down on thin ice. –

        “nothing has happened!” they say as the jumping continues.

      67. Was in UK during riots: what I saw wasn’t a police state but a wimp state. The police just stood down and let people get attacked, buildings burn, women raped and people murdered. You had to defend yourself because the police didn’t care.

        That’s how it is going: wimp state not police state.

      68. We are crashing and soon comes the end. I is obvious, i never thought of a solar oven. but we have a wood stove so i can still cook. We started a small farm to prepare, and my brother started the ammo and gun part. any ideas on generators or freezers etc? thanks

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