Wounded Bear: Putin Lashes Out at Economic Woes, U.S. Imperialism, “Certain Situation to Improve Within 2 Years”

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    With the ruble free falling value, and the Russian economy in serious trouble, Putin took to the stage in an end of year speech, boldly proclaiming that Russia would recover from its economic woes within a few short years, and hanging blame on “external factors.” He expressed his intention to diversify the economy, now heavily dependent on oil and gas, and under attack on the volatile international market.

    Putin was branded by many as ‘defiant’ in the 3 hour press conference, accusing the U.S. of being an empire and blaming it for the ongoing Ukraine crisis. He even speculated on the possibility of an internal coup in attempt to oust him, despite his widespread popularity and heavy handed tactics.

    He stated:

    “Are we the ones moving troops towards the U.S. or other states borders? Who moves NATO bases and military infrastructure towards us? Not us. Does anyone listen to us? Has anyone been having some kind of dialogue with us on that? No one. We always get the same answer: this is none of your business. Every country has the right to choose its way in ensuring its security. OK, but in that case, we will do the same.

    Ahead of the speech, a Russian TV promo for the annual speech strangely boasted that “The bear never asks permission,” drawing further sharp looks about the messages behind Putin’s posture in the midst of a dramatic economic squeeze during plummeting oil prices, as SHTF outlined recently in Falling Oil Prices Could Cripple ‘Vulnerable’ Russia, Trigger World War III.”


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      1. If Putin is not a game player and most importantly not part of this Zionist bloodshed wars killing innocents all over, he should use tactical nuke against his enemies. Destroy the ZOGs worldwide to end the bloodshed since there are no other choices left. Don’t make the same mistake as in WWII. FINISH THE JOB IF YOU MEAN IT.

        • Putin’s right! It will be better in two years O’Butthead will be gone.

          • The United States is a Big Rat.
            Russia is also a Big Rat.
            Back any Big Rat into a corner,
            and he will come at you with
            anything and everything he’s got.

            • What are you morons bleating about? It is the Saudis that are keeping oil production high to force out other producers. Once they put the US frackers out of business oil will be back at a hundred a barrel. Then you losers will bitch about that. Screw Putin and his KGB buddies.

          • Putin is correct, yet just because he’s an enemy of the NWO who runs this country (who are enemies to true Americans), doesn’t make Putin our friend. He’s still a communist at heart and is hell bent on control over man. Remember how well that worked when we decided to ally and befriend Stalin, who was just a bloodthirsty dictator as our common enemy, Hitler? It led to 30 years of cold war arms build-up.

            Don’t trust him just because he’s an enemy of Obama.

            • Putins approval rating in Russia was like 89% a month ago. And Obama… like 38%. Bug Difference. I predict something big happening like a massive grid down from computer hacks. Financial hack. Wallstreet exchange in crash freefall. Just a feeling I have. As our psychopath pyromaniacs play with fire.

              • USA acts like we are an innocent bystander concerning computer hacking. We are the worst hacker on Earth, and probably behind the Sony thing, looking for our next boogeyman. That said, there are many Russians who are more than capable of wreaking havoc on US infrastructure. With our tendancy to use off the shelf equipment even in military applications, payback is a bitch.

                • Stuxnet Virus attack to take down Iran’s Nuke facility, Grid come to mind? That is just wonder full PR for the US spreading democracy around the world. That’s why we are hated.

                  • YEP.

              • I don’t believe pole numbers in either country. It is like believing economic numbers from China or here for that matter. I do believe that the oil prices going lower are a combined effort by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia to seriously hurt Russia. This is not a good recipe for anyone. It will help the people of this country in the short term but is a serious recipe for disaster. Russia will either have to back down on Ukraine or do something else. What do you think they will do.
                Do not forget that Obama is a heart a ruthless dictator at heart wanting to bring this country down. Putin is a ruthless dictator wanting to have more power.

                Many on here have said Putin is right. You are willing to trust one idiot thousands of miles away who is one of the powers of the world. It is unbelievable to me. They are all starving for world power. They will stop at nothing to get it. We are headed for world economic collapse and war. We could have terrorist attacks along the way. We could even have an E.M.P. Then we will have starvation, disease, riots, gangs, and chaos.

                I will not argue for either side because both are going to bring disaster to the world. In fact they already have. How fast it comes is up to them.

                • Mike:

                  One cant help but wonder where the pro-Putin people are getting their information. When you read the behind the scenes of the Russian government they seem to be controlled by a criminal element the same as the US.

                  We are being fed what the MEDIA from both sides want us to know.

                  I believe the PEOPLE in both America and Russia do not want WAR; but we are both being pushed that way, support it or not

                  Albert Pike said TPTB would forment three wars and his blueprint is worth looking at. The first two wars went exactly as he stated; maybe a look at what he has to say about the third would be worthwhile.

                  Let you fingers do the walking. It is all there.

                  Actually it fits the timeline of Revelation.

                  • Granny

                    If it fits the timeline of Revelation that is scary stuff. I agree with every bit of your post. Both countries and most of the leadership in the entire world is evil. Pure evil.
                    They care nothing about anything but there own power and wealth.

                    I find it so strange that it always ends up being about wealth. Follow the money and you normally find the truth about things.

            • Well keep in mind after WW2 – there was a big fat pie sitting there call eastern Europe, and both the US and Russia Both got more than there fair share. Imaging all the money wasted on the Cold War that could have been better used on building up humanity. Greed and paranoia.

              • If the world spent all the money they’ve spent on war, surveillance and other ways of killing off people in the last hundred years, on getting into space exploration, we’d be colonizing other galaxies by now. We’d probably be like Star Trek in real life.

                We’ve given up freedom and life, for hatred and death.

                Maybe the universe would be better off if we just wiped our stupid selves out. Is this really the best humanity can do?

                • Sixpack,
                  You don’t know how right you are . In the late 1950’s we had the capacity to lift in low earth orbit the mass of an aircraft carrier , no shit it existed , it was developed by two individuals at General Atomics , a physicist named Taylor and another Dyson Freeman , the project was called ORION and utilized Nuclear Pulse Propulsion ( NPP) using Teller Ulam devices , Research was VERY far along including development and testing of the pulse buffer plate ( tested in 1961 ) and a flying 1/100 scale model using C4 as propellant , somewhere on the net the video exists ,

                  I have seen with my own eyes VERY complete drawings with numerous engineering studies THAT WERE FINAL REPORTS and signed off on . ALL WERE MARKED SECRET .
                  Missions were planned for exploring the outer solar system , one I remember reading was a planned expedition to Saturn , what shocked me was the time frame 3 months ! It had the potential for INTERSTELLAR travel there was a flight plan for Alpha Centauri .

                  The project was canceled in 1963 just after the atmospheric Test ban was put into effect after the Kennedy administration . Lee Harvey Oswald killed more than just a president .

                  In 2004 NASA unsuccessfully tried to revive a study of the program , it was DENIED BY DIRECT ORDER OF THE WHITE HOUSE all team members were Transfered to other government agencies under the explanation of Agency budget cuts .

                  I should know I was the Engineering Team Leader .

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • NightBreaker:

                    Oswald killed Kennedy????

                  • Night Breaker;
                    You are either the most interesting man alive or you reside in a rubber room. What will it be??????

                • Definitely could have fed the whole world rather than just making enemies,
                  Unfortunately humans are the most destructive species on the planet.

                • One would think if one thought
                  the scientists would have noticed
                  in their examination of deep-space
                  that there are no ‘Type II civilizations.’

                  The constraints apparently are not physical.
                  They are subjective.

                  Hate withers to death Life.

              • I agree so I trust neither side. Both governments are evil.

              • The US got a piece of Eastern Europe? Really? Eastern Europe was under Soviet control until 1992. As usual you are full of shit.

            • “communist at heart”??? Russia is actually more of a democracy than America is right now, so the only slur we’ve got left is what we think is in his heart? Doesn’t every human have the right to think whatever they like, in the privacy of their own heart?

              • Agreed. USA is much more socialist and opressive than Russia. Russian women are much hotter, less arrogant, and more level-headed than American lard-asses.

              • which is a real drag because were supposed to be a fuckin REPUBLIC..not anything near a democracy!

                • America has been Hijacked by the ZOG. Until we rid ourselves of these Parasites feeding off of us, we are doomed like stage 3 cancer.

                • AMEN…..and most people don’t even mention or realize that. Even on this board where people are supposed to be awake…….say the word “democracy” all the time.

                • A constitutional republic no less,
                  The democracy crap really grates on my last nerve,
                  Mob rule, cause thats so much better than socialism, marxism, or communism!

                  • Im right there with ya boss

                    so sick of all the politicos and ill informed about what our government is supposed to be

                    regardless of its hi-jacking and by whom, I will not submit to a democracy or anything other than a true republic ..yes a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!!!!

                    I have been in a country that is considered a democracy
                    be very careful what you wish for ..the cops definitely dont want this to become a full blown democracy because they would get their ass beat on a daily basis without recourse

                    the definition of a democracy is 2 wolfs and 1 sheep voting on whats for dinner.. careful what you wish for because in our current state we would not be the wolfs,, and a the countries that are democracies have NO GUN RIGHTS,, and very few human rights

                  • Yes, it is a real pet peeve of mine when people say “we are a democracy!” OR “They’re over there spreading freedom and democracy” OR “they’re over there protecting our freedom adn democracy.”

                    And 20 minutes ago, I read a headline saying “Marco Rubio calls Rand Paul an isolationist.”


                    Not that Rand could hold a candle to his dad and is already proving to be a sell out….he will damn sure get demonized by the mainstream righties and lefties.

                    Hosea 4:6

                    • I didn’t say the U.S. is a democracy, but it sure seems more like a democracy than the Republic is it supposed to be.

                      My point was, everyone hates Russia because they claim it’s a communist dictatorship, when it’s more like a democracy than the U.S., and that’s saying a lot for a country like Russia, isn’t it?

                      If we don’t get our hatred in check pretty soon, we will destroy ourselves as a species. I hope I’m not alive to see that happen.

                      Everyone have a Merry CHRISTMAS, and yes, I did say the hated word CHRISTMAS!

                      To hell with offending some muslims or jews.

                      Merry Christmas Folks, and a Happy New Year…providing we make it that far…

                    • 6,
                      My post was an in general post, not directed at you. I had to go looking for a post by you after reading your post….to see what you were referring to.

                • There is an excellent book written by Prof. Charles Wiseman entitled ‘The Third Paradigm’. An explanation of the evolution of governments. In it he points out that it is the natural evolution of a republic to become a democracy and a democracy will become communistic. This is the result of a small group of people gaining control over a large group of people and an even smaller group of people gaining control over them. You can see it everywhere you look.

            • Did anyone ever stop and think….??….

              What if all this Pukin vs. Odrama/NWO stuff is being spun for our benefit and more importantly ..theirs.

              If they are in on the “whole” thing as two big evil dick-taters (lol), and are laughing all the way to the zog banks.

              What if they don’t care one iota about the country they represent and it’s only about their individual greed, power lust?

              I don’t think Pukin believes for one second that he can take over the world scene and he is also smart enough to know the world will not allow “him” to run it as a dick-tater. The joosters in control of the money will not allow it.

              He could be already in line to be one of the generals of the NWO, and just throwing his peeps a curve ball.

              It is possible in the realm of the craziness we are witnessing.

              • Another question and a flag of possibility that hasn’t been discussed.

                We all know the United Nations is the controlling voice of the NWO; so, what happened to Russia/China/Iran/N Korea voting alliance?

                Have they been ousted? I think not.

                Something very strange going on with this. Maybe the zog controlled UN is pushing those four into a corner for a pissing match that will result into the beginning of ww3?

                Time will tell, but it will eventually result in that Rush-an led federation of troops comming against the “house” of Israel, where 5/6ths die at the hands of the Almighty, in Hamangog. That will be millions, but not to be confused with the final battle called armageddon, whereby those deaths are spiritual only.

                Most people are confused by ignorant, backwards thinking preachers on this.

                • Right you are, OIC.

                  The war of Gog happens a short time previous to Armageddon. Gog/Magog takes place in a wilderness area away from cities and most likely will be Alaska. It takes place while everyone is still in flesh bodies. I believe it will transpire just before Antichrist comes on the scene and could very well be the catalyst that brings him in, on a platform of peace and later prosperity.

                  If, the bible is “literal” on the timing of events in Ezekiel, and those days haven’t been “shortened” along with the days given to Antichrist, it could be a long haul, “seven years” until Armageddon. I believe that time given in Ezekiel has been shortened along with the days given to the two witnesses, of a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

                  Armageddon has been preached and taught to be a bloody battle in the Valley of Megiddon where the details of flesh melting away is told as “nuclear” result. But the scripture is very clear; At the last trump, when Christ returns to show the world that the fake is sitting in Jerusalem claiming to be Him, every flesh body will be “changed” into their spirit body and the flesh will dissolve and melt away…Zechariah 14:12.

                  How does blood flow up to the horses bridles? The horses are changed also and their flesh bodies with bridles are lying on the ground. A 200 million man army carries a lot of blood and their blood will flow downhill as a creek over the laid out bodies of horses. Not four or five feet deep in blood as is taught, by most.

                  So, the last battle is more a battle of spiritual powers and the Lord ends it with the two edged sword of his tongue. His Holy and final Word does the work, not man. That is the Lord’s Day and it will last for one thousand years….the Millennium.

                  • LMAO!!! PWTW, you gotta quit smoking that crack! Its is fucking up your brain!!! The worse distortion and re-interpretation of scripture I have ever seen !!! 🙂

                    Folks, read Revelation for yourself. You are fully capable of reading, interpreting, and understanding it for yourself!!!

                    You will not come to this conclusion !!! 🙂

                • “We all know the United Nations is the controlling voice of the NWO;”

                  Unless I misinterpreted you, I think you’ve got that backwards, OICU812… The UN was designed and deployed by the NWO, as a first step towards a one world government. That’s why the UN is supposed to have authority over the entire planet. It is just another “consent by the governed” ploy, making people THINK they have power, when they don’t.

                  The UN should be disbanded, and they should take NATO with them on their way out.

              • “He [Putin] could be already in line to be one of the generals of the NWO, and just throwing his peeps a curve ball.”

                Excuse me. Where is the NWO Kool-Aid? So many people are slurping it up, and gulping it down by the gallon. They keep hyena-babbling about a not-very-secret NWO ZOG Bankster Criminal Conspiracy Cabal. The NWO Kool-Aid turns them into Zombies with their eyes bulged out and their mouths so wide open you can see their tonsils as they repetitively scream like mindless banshees:

                “NWO!! ZOG!! Banksters!! Jews!!! Zionist Pigs!! NWO!!”

                These NWO Screaming Zombies have had too much Kool-Aid which results in a cognitive malfunction. It’s very disturbing.

                • Spoken like a true globalist. The new world order is no longer a “theory’. They have shown themselves, against their wishes. The MSM kept them a secret for over 40 years, but no more.

                  Even the NWO themselves, admit they exist…why can’t you admit it?

              • Remember Obama’s comment in the last election when he thought the microphone was off? ” I will have more flexibility after the election. “

                • Obviously, it didn’t mean what some people think. Notice that there was never any response from Putin, to suggest he even heard/understood the comment. It’s just more rhetoric to try to cast doubt…and it’s working to some extent.

                  DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Still, people can’t see it.

            • He works for the same bankers as Obama.
              Wake up and just stop playing there game.

              • Since the evidence of Putin being our enemy just isn’t there, people shift their views to try to make him part of the NWO, just like obama…same unfounded hateful shit, just a different angle.

                • Sixpack

                  They are in the game together. Both of them. That is what I believe. They need something to distract the people from the economy. Something to blame bad economic times on other than there own stupid policies. History is clear. If there are bad economic times then war happens.
                  There is no way to know what conversations Obama and Putin have had behind closed doors. I just believe it is a game to further take wealth and freedom from all. It will be at the expense of many lives in both countries. Most likely the expense of lives in all developed countries. Then the wealth is further divided and the population is controlled somewhat as well. There positions are further strenthened by so many young men going off to war to die. That way it is easier also to control the people in there own countries.
                  That is just my opinion. Putin is not a good guy. He is Evil just like our own leader……

          • Putin and Russia do not have two years to find a bottom. Rather the bottom will be finding Russia in about 90 days or so and it won’t be pretty.

            Its a heads I win, tails you lose situation for Putin, and a no win situation for the rest of US. Not gonna end well for anyone; especially the Russian and Ukrainian people. 🙁

            • DK, I just read to the bottom of this thread.

              It’s utterly beyond hope. Let ’em stew in it.

              See ya next time!

              • Too many awake posters for Old Coach?

                • granny, maybe too many religious fruitcake wackos,anybody YOU might know?

                  • That was rather uncalled for.

            • dk

              Given your statement..

              could you elaborate on your 90 day scenario?

              here’s my observations..and possible scenarios..

              Wasn’t it but a few weeks ago that the shale oil boom was to amplify our economy and create a dominance in the world oil conglomerate?.,.and all the experts nearly agreed that happy days are here again…especially the gop..

              … it’s reported that the entire UK oil biz,along with the ND boom, is collapsing..massive layoffs and no more investments in the north sea,north dakota rigs…

              ..and now we have a global glut of oil,supposedly,and its $ is dropping like a ton of bricks on the commodities market..

              meanwhile.will.Russia circumvent its western oil market and sell via China in their recent trade agreement..outside the petro dollar..?

              this will not please the opec(eu,uae, and u.s.) cartel…

              and obviously they can not pull a nato(libya,iraq,egypt) on russia now..or can they?

              will ukraine be the flash point..?

              and now more(us) troops headed to iraq…

              and to top of it all off..

              stock market rallies 400plus points yesterday?

              something just ain’t right in my book…


              • Stock market must be up in anticipation of the coming war profits…

                • trade wars(sanctions)

                  currency wars

                  world wars





              • Possee: It will take Russia and China ten years to build those two proposed pipelines that have been talked about for twenty years prior to a signed agreement. They are a moot point and totally irrelevant at this point.

                Energy Technology is exploding. Its hard to say what the real discounted present value of that investment will be worth in ten years. Maybe it will be a great deal. Maybe it won’t pencil. Typically these production agreements have clauses to protect both parties, given certain variables.

                I say 90 days because the economic situation in Russia is deteriorating at an astounding rate and foreign currency reserves are dwindling rapidly.

                Its hard to imagine that Putin can stem the tide; even with a bank bailout and financial help for his crony capitalist buddies, without more real revenue. These two demands on FCR will take the $400 billion that Russia currently boasts.

                Where does the additional revenue come from in the next 90 days with the ruble plunging and the price of oil and gas tanking, to fund the country going forward from March 1st?

                The New World Order has struck again. Don’t underestimate these MFRS. Look what they did to America by selling FREE TRADE to Americans as a FREEDOM. 🙁

                • “Its hard to imagine that Putin can stem the tide; even with a bank bailout and financial help for his crony capitalist buddies, without more real revenue.”

                  Just look what they’ve done with the U.S. economic low tide: They’ve been propping us up artificially for how long now? What makes you think that only the U.S. has magicians among them? Only America can adequately hide their sunken economy?

                  You could’ve accurately said: “Its hard to imagine that the Federal Reserve can stem the tide; even with a bank bailout and financial help for his crony capitalist buddies, without more real revenue.”

                  …and been just as accurate.

                  • sixpack: The difference should be obvious to you; the Federal Reserve controls the world reserve currency. Its called the Federal Reserve Note.

                    Russia doesn’t have that luxury anymore than the Soviet Union did, and the result could be similar, or worse. Probably worse as Putin’s pride and Russian nationalism now works against him.

                    What works for the goose does not work for the gander. 🙂

                    In other notes folks, (Posse) the cost of operation for producing wells in American shale is $20 a barrel, so the wells that have been drilled already will keep pumping. At about $60 for a barrel of oil, half of new wells in some shale are unprofitable so new, proposed wells will be shelved.

                    This will keep the pressure on and gasoline cheap until a new black swan changes the parameters of the Great Game. Current gas and oil prices should continue to prop up the world economy for a little longer and mitigate recessions in Europe and Japan.

                    Keep prepping. 🙂

              • Mac, you want to read this yourself.

              • The NWO has been trying to get rid of Putin for 15 years…only in their dreams.

                • I tend to agree with you, sixpack, but at some point Putin’s policies become an albatross around the Russian neck. Will they sacrifice Putin, or the nation and their personal wealth?

                  That could be the choice.:-(

          • If you think this is all Obama you’ve got your head in your ass</strike the sand. 🙂

            If we get another Clinton or Bush we’re fucked. Only thing that will help is a Rand Paul and if that happens he’ll get JFK’d in no time.

            We’re in a shit sammich no matter which way you slice it.

            • /fail/

              Fuck this, I’m going for coffee. 😀

        • WW3 should be the entire world vs. the zionist elitist psyco shitbags! Use all the militaries of the world on a no holds barred attack on these cretens! Divide up theyre property and wealth and be done with them. No survivors, no prison, just complete elimination. The people of the world pretty much just want the same thing, to be left alone and have a decent life. I figure it would be around a million politicians, bankers, govt. pricks, wall streeters, psyco cops and troops. Sounds easy enough hmmmm 😛

          • Genius….Amem. Special Amen that you excluded the innocent Jews who themselves are against their blood sucking Zionist sect. but not powerful enough to destroy them.

            • Innocent people are not zionist, if they are not zios and hate them then they would be safe.

            • amen amen amen

        • Twas the night before christmas
          and all through the whitehouse
          evil bills were being passed
          by every zionist louse
          trying to be sneaky
          while no one was there
          to stomp on the people
          without any care
          then having a party
          with abducted small boys
          the sickest of fookers
          theyre satanist toys
          when what to theyre evil black eyes did appear
          the US militia dressed all up in gear
          with full auto fire they blasted away
          and killed every scumbag and saved the day
          then moved on to wall street
          with weapons in hand
          cleaned the place up
          then bankerland
          when all the scum were removed from earth
          the breath of freedom was given new birth
          the new found glory had a great feel
          who the hell said santa clause isn’t real!


          • Genius—that is Genius.

          • You just brought smile to my face Genius. Thanks.

          • That’s why he is a Genius. Ditto. Had enough of this crap watching our country hijacked and ripped apart? I sure don’t want to be the generation that let America slip adrift with no rudder.

            • Like this Hate Movie “THE INTERVIEW” produced by Sony and their Zionist CEO. Plot to Assassinate a foreign leader. Who produced that crap and feeds the flames of hate to our country. That zippo zog needs to be expelled from America. Hate mongers like that that stir up vicious hate.

              • WWTI:

                Remember when another “movie” caused the Benghazi fiasco? We are being set up again. And you know who produces most everything coming out of unholywood.

                • Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it…Senator Joseph McCarthy raged against a perceived communist threat in the 40s and 50s. Many of his attacks were against Commywood royalty. We’ve lost control of these nasty little commies again and we are now reaping the rewards of this lapse of vigilance.

                • pog, so now you AGREE with wtti? Again, as long as anybody hates Jews, he’s just fine with you and your ” god”.

                  • Anon:

                    WTTI has the PTB figured out. That much he and I agree on.

                    We also know an israelie paid pimp when he stalks us. Their paychecks paying your way, Anon?

                    • So granny, now you’re going to cry about being ” stalked” when you’re being called out on your own bullshit? Stop it now granny, Nazi’s are supposed to be tough, not whiners, you’re going to lose your death’s head insignia if you keep it up.

          • Genius, that was outstanding and made me smile and laugh. You have truly earned your moniker. You REALLY are a genius. I’d give you a thousand thumbs up if we still had that feature. Eppe, watch out, you have some serious competition here.

          • Love it, going to send it around if you dont mind

            • By all means my friend, share anythig I ever post.. 🙂

          • GENE U US

          • I had to save that to my persona;l collection, Genius, thank you.

        • Stolz. BINGO!! Putin could do that and come out of this being a world Hero. Coordinate it with IranChinaVanesuala and the rest. We know who the world Oppressors are. Its pretty pathetic of the MSM gleefully cheering on of the destruction of a nation. POS SCUMBAGS.

          • Especially when they’re too stupid to realize, THEIR COUNTRY MIGHT BE NEXT. Remember, in the NWO, NO COUNTRY can remain sovereign…none.

        • Bottom line is…Our economy and national debt are in FAR WORSE condition than theirs, the difference is “our” SCHIESTERS are doing more to cover and hide it.

      2. Russian nationalism, and or any form of nationalism is the enemy of the NWO/TPTB or whatever the hell we call those who believe they should lord over the masses.

        We have years of bloodshed ahead of us, nothing can change the inevitable confrontations that will and must happen, it’s what I hope will bring us back to God again. History has proven this over and over and nothing I’ve seen will change the coming Dark Age.

        I do not wish for any of this, but history and man’s actions appear fixed on control and destruction, when man has known freedom and is backed into a corner revolution will be the outcome.

        • Y99, I have the same sentiments. I feel 2015 will be the year of decision.

        • Pretty sad as Americans need to depend on a foreign leader such as Putin to set us free from the Clutches and bondage of the UN and NWO as our own politicians sell us out day after day stripping our rights and constitution away. And as we send in our tax payments that get funneled to the DHS run by the ZOGs that buy war tools that are set to be used at war with the American people. 1.6 Billion Hallow point Bullets, 2700 Bearcat personnal carrier tanks, New FEMA Camps, and 95% of the DHS’ s Grants being funneled to Jewish organizations. No kidding look that one up. That tells you who they are picking and choosing to favor a better out come. Prepare the Battle is coming soon.

          • Americans don’t have to depend on a foreign leader to help fight the NWO, they can do it themselves. They’re just to chickenshit to get it done.

            • Chickenshit? No. Stupid, lazy, and living in the dark. 🙁

      3. Will anyone know the true truth???

        • epee: God is the only one who knows and defines the truth not humans BUT the evil always is at war with God’s will. The answer is very simple: Zionism cannot exist without terrorism. So long that Zionism remains politically powerful, there will always be terrorism.

          • Zionists wage war on Gentiles not only through violent subversion, but also through a war of “cultural Marxism” designed to wipe out our heritage and traditions. Don’t believe me, read on:


        • Eppe:

          In prior posts I think I recall that YOU know the truth.

      4. We paid for and fomented the coup in Ukraine, but when I make this statement in company I get the squirrelly eyes. The vast majority of Americans are utterly clueless of geo-political events. I don’t like Putin but he’s right…we are a meddling empire.

        • The first step to recovery, is admitting that we’re an aggressive people and we like war. Once we come to terms with the truth about ourselves, reparations can be made and the healing can begin.

          Some people need extra coaching though. They have to get a swift boot up their ass, before they get the message that the rest of us just want to be left alone…

      5. Prior to the German invasion in World War II, The Russians were aware of the reports of German troop movements on their border and ignored it. It appears they won’t make that same mistake again. After World war II they developed the buffer nations between them and and NATO.

        It has been reported that The Cuban Missile Crisis arose from the deployment of the Jupiter intermediate nuclear missiles in Turkey. At that time, as now, the western powers have always sought to surround The Russians.

        Since the alleged end of the cold war, the short sighted main stream media often declared that we were the single remaining super power. They counted the bear out.
        The Bear is back.
        Any nation that has a stockpile of nuclear weapons should never be ignored or disrespected. They might decide to use them.

        Look for the Bear to move into The Middle East……..


        I’ve been summiting many Appalachian peaks lately in snow, rock, and ice, totally off-trail. Many of the mountains have gullies and damn near vertical sheer faces of rock and ice that I take on for fun. I’ve been through many small avalanches; they are common. It’s windy and freezing on mountaintops because of anabatic winds. I spend entire weekends on the mountains.

        BEWARE many of the bug out bag articles I read are written by people who have never made a go of living in the wild for any length of time. Just today I read one on TDS that gives idiotic advice like you don’t need a tent or a sleeping bag, you don’t need to take bottled water, youll just find it in the wild, BULLSHIT.

        I FUCKING ALWAYS need a tent and sleeping bag even in summer, you don’t know what the fuck youre talking about. Even if I’m camping near a stream I always take a canteen you will need to drink that shit just by hiking its not a leisure activity.

        One crucial issue that never gets talked about is your clothing system. The more time I spend out there in the wild the more I want the best technical clothing I can get. Never use cotton or wool. Heavyweight baselayer, compression shorts, convertible shirt and pants with UPF 50 protection, fleece DWR top and pants, rain suit, softshell and hardshell suits, both uninsulated, down jacket. That should have you set. I always carry either the hard or soft shell jacket in my pack so my upper body doesn’t overheat. They should be uninsulated so they stow and because you don’t want that much temperature variation, believe me the presence of the shell barrier will warm you considerably. This “breathable shell” shit is bullshit, you cant exert yourself with a shell on. Boots I stick with rubber in snow and good ol leather laceless any other time. My boots are all waterproof but uninsulated so they can be worn in summer; many sock layers will take care of that cold shit.

        • P.S. I always pack a solar charger for my electro-vibro-buttplug along with extra batteries and vaseline, and my long-johns all have the trap-door butt for easy access. These important preps are not to be overlooked when heading into the wilderness. I have tried cramming dry pine cones up there, and it’s just not the same. We alphas need our anal stimulation or we get a little grumpy.

          • Acid; You are one sick ass.

        • Acid, I can agree with your post except for the part about your boots should be uninsulated. I have 2 pairs of waterproof boots with Thinsulate insulation I wear in winter. I swear by Thinsulate insulation. Guaranteed to keep your feet warm. Extra layers of socks will give you blisters on your feet over time. I learned that the hard way before I discovered Thinsulate. I do have other boots that are uninsulated which I wear in summer months only.

      7. Putin is sounding more like Oblamer every day.

        • Not even close.

      8. FUCK SONY




        • Hacking IS cool especially if they are on our side 🙂 Hackers could be the best weapon we have against the PTB 😉

          • Why else do you think they prefer to have the best hackers they can arrest, working for THEM?

        • Acid; you are a Hack!

      9. Putin is doing what he has to do to protect Russia and his people. More than can be said about the US or the EU. Some see thru the Western BS propaganda. Some just want more of it so they can sleep better. But they will never get the truth behind the US MSM Iron Curtain.

        I don’t see a communist Russia here, just a semi-socialist country like most of the EU and the US. But, as he said, you don’t corner a bear and expect to come out of it unscathed.

        • Makati1, I agree. Putin is just doing what is necessary to protect his country. I wish the Obama and his masters in the NWO would back off from Russia, but I’m not holding my breath. The day is soon coming when the bear will lash out. The NWO is biting off more than they can chew.

          • …and I hope they choke on it.

      10. this will just teach russia a well deserved lesson on economic warfare and russia will become stronger for it in the end.


          • P.K.
            Very good post.
            I would love to see Putin and Obullshit in the ring, and go 3 rounds. (It wouldn’t last that long)

            • Putin would kick obammys mangina in 1 punch.

              • Putin would fuck up Obummers mangina hole bad

          • @pig killer,

            How do you embed the video here? I tried and couldn’t get it to work.

            • @bj this is a ? best for @mac slavo via an private email.

              as this is his website and he may not want everyone to be able to post whatever they want on his website.

              for @mac’s and shtfplan site integrity protection i suggest you ask @mac via private email.

              my apologies, as i’m sure this is not the answer you want.


          • Pig killer, that was a very interesting video. a world of difference between Putin and Obama.

            • MAC, this embedded video thing is distracting, and contributes nothing to the conversation. Please delete ASAP.

              • OldCoach. Geeze if you don’t like it skip it. Nobody is forcing you to watch the video. You sound like an old hag nag.

              • How is it distracting? You don’t have to click on the video, if you don’t want to watch it….just keep scrolling on by.

              • nope dont do it Mac.. just because he dont like it doesnt make it that he’s running the place

                • Old,
                  What a whiny little pussy ass you are and a narcissistic one at that!

                  And why would it be taboo to share with others how to embed? If Mac didn’t want it to be possible, he would make it so.

                  I think it is way better than posting links to YouTube

                  • I dont know why it would be taboo? I agree why should it be

                    but Im not going to be the one to give it up.. you shouldnt have a problem asking Mac, and it looks to me that he doesnt have a problem with it so ask away

                    the only problem i could see is if some idiot learned how and decides to post music videos or other stupid BS that does nothing for what were here for

                    thats why im leaving it up to Mac.. its his site , not mine.. i can respect that

          • PK-
            Putin -Leader, At war w/ NWO, plays Chess.
            Obama- Shoe Shine Boy, Bootlicker to NWO, Prefers Checkers.
            Sad to say.

          • Holy shit;
            After viewing those childhood pictures I realize that Putin is actually McCaulley Caulkin!

      11. Putin said it will be over in a few short years. I can read a couple a things into this.
        US economy will collapse.
        US in civil war. (after Dec.24 UN treaty)
        Oil prices will return to over $100.00 a barrel.
        He will get pissed and launch.
        Maybe something better in the W.H. (but I doubt it!)
        Time heals all pain!!!

        • Good evening, Sarge. I have the same feeling, especially about Dec. 24. I still think first quarter of 2015 is when it all breaks loose. Looks like it will be over a lot sooner than a few years. US doesn’t have a few years left.

      12. I read that Putin has an 80% approval rating with his people ,
        U.S. President has a 16 % or less.
        The active soldiers that I know said they will go to their family’s before they die for this pres.
        This country can’t take care of its own problems..

      13. No one is going to attack the USA. World leaders have read the cards and its obvious. The rest of the world will simply sit back and watch as America falls apart from within. Taking away your status as the world reserve currency. As in world war 2 the allies decided not to drop one on Germany because everyone knew hitler would bring about the downfall of itself so we beat them back to their own borders and contained them. Sound familiar? Mist of the world don’t want to play ball with America because they cheat. Now America is going to try and drag down as many nations as it can so it won’t be alone. The only card left to play is their military. Things will get bad down there. I know there are those who pray for an invasion or an all out Attack. Won’t happen the rest of the world is just going to wait you out till your country is weak enough to topple then the USA will go the way of the dinosaur. The united states used to be a major manufacturing and export country now everything has been sold off for the profit of a few. Now all your natural resources are gone you have no raw materials except for what you buy or force at gun point. That all being said I really hope and pray that you all make it. You’ll always be welcomed here in the north but be warned we won’t let you strip mine our country you’ll have to be nice leave all racist attitudes at the border. Leave your bribes leave your self entitled ways and come live peaceably share some
        moose meat and a strong beer watch a good ol fashioned hockey game. Oh you must also trade in your handguns for a decent deer rifle and fishing pole

        • The US is like the knight in monte pythons holy grail. Getting hacked to pieces while shouting threats. Get back here I’ll bite your knees off! Oh how we must look to the rest of the world 🙁

          • Well thanks i expected to be somewhat ripped apart for my comment lol as a Canadian the most obvious example of the U.S government was a joke was when the presidency was won in a court battle the whole world saw that. That’s when I believe the world started to loose any respect or credibility. I have heard on our national news our priminister Harper don’t much care for Obama. Canada has been taking small steps towards distancing itself. I for one am glad. Don’t get me wrong our government is just as crooked just on a much smaller scale and budget.

        • ” leave all racist attitudes ”

          Don’t worry we won’t disrupt your coming multi-cultural hell. Enjoy your diversity, while there are still white people around. Soon you’ll have a mosque on every street corner, and your daughters will be shacking up with the mandigos.

      14. World War III is imminent.

        U.S. Economic Collapse is imminent.

        Food shortages are imminent.

        Power outages are imminent.

        Putin has no time to correct what has been done– right or wrong– to his country. He will probably act soon.

        Our President has already acted and keeps acting: unconstitutionally, and he is employed– not by U.S. voters but by the real powers that put him in power– to destroy our country. No evidence exists to the contrary.

        Get right with God. Now. Because tonight might be too late.

        Remember the TRUE meaning of 12/25: that our Savior was born to give us all a chance for Salvation: Eternal Life with Him in Eternity.

        But the father of lies wants you in Hell with him: for Eternity.

        What will YOU choose?

        Even greater evils will become unleashed in our own country and around the world. Trust Christ. Prepare. Pray. Confess. When it takes out the fan, share your food. It will become multiplied.

        God is in charge. Not the compassionless people we read about week in, week out. What they say, what they do, what they decide– it’s all a clever illusion.

        Keep your eyes on your God. The father of lies won’t stop until the Second Coming. Get ready now.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Nice, Lone Ranger.
          God bless.

      15. I have concerns about what the U.S. sanctions on Russia are doing to Russia’s economy. Putin is not going to tolerate the collapse of the ruble. He will strike back.

      16. World War results in national boundaries being redrawn, and new economic alliances being formed.

        Sudan has been broken up, Israel is expanding ” settlements”, Russia takes back Crimea, Ukraine coup, Libya, Egypt military dictatorship, ISIS calaphate region, BRICS nation alliance, Eur-Asian Economic zone, Trans Pacific Partnership, Syria, Boko Haram, Cuba,etc.

        Looks like we are already in WW3. What do you think?

        • Only thing missing is all out battles with conventional weapons, oh wait, hmmmm

      17. The Russians should just nuke DC
        Turn the fucking place to glass,
        Would be the best thing to happen since the Write brothers flew their contraption at Kitty hawk,

        • Kula, and all theyre underground bunkers! And denver airport, and london, and wall street, and all the fed reserve banks, and all the fed owners palaces, and the irs, and the cia, and oh the list is too long lol.

          • If a nuke flies this way, the rats will all run into their bunkers. Then it will be up to us to make sure those rats never see daylight again, by whatever means necessary … problem solved.

            Then, on to the next den of iniquity…

          • genius,kula

            we could only hope

            then again..

            the audacity of hope..

            how’d that work out?

            then there’s the continuity of government plan

            oh well


      18. In Orwell’s 1984 you may recall there were three nation states. These three were always in a state of war. The point is with the NWO plan they also need a protagonist. A government needs a protagonist, someone to war with. This affords them many benefits such as population control, and others as well as an engine to run their economy.
        So I think while Putin is indeed dead serious he is also wittingly or unwittingly a puppet to the NWO boys. Russia and China are positioned to become Asia thee Islamist are positioning to take Africa. One wonders where they get their playbook.
        Just remember this; they are false gods and false gods ‘mimic’ the true God. And the true God never does anything without first revealing it through His Prophets. They must do the same or they are not gods. Their movies, (not all) books, and music are all involved. Just open your eyes and look.
        God bless.

      19. excellent interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts yesterday with Gregg Hunter at http://www.usawatchdog.com direct to interview: http://www.usawatchdog.com/is-ruble-collapse-act-of-war-paul-craig-roberts/ To get the whole picture of “who” was behind the “coup” in Ukraine..who has the “moral” high ground in the fighting in southern Ukraine…go to Dr. Roberts website… http://www.paulcraigroberts.org Just one question..see if you know the answer…”who started the bombing campaign in Ukraine?..against defenseless civilians? For what “moral” reason…(there was no high moral reason…)

        It is interesting, that when people are attacked, bombed, their lives and homes destroyed…and instead of just “sitting there”, they unite and fight back..they are called..”terrorists”…Such liars in all of government and the news media..Remember in Ron Pauls’ campaign, the bill boards they put up? saying…”Truth is Treason in the sea of lies”….how true…all so terribly sad… for those that have never read it…the truth from one who knew… Major General Smedley Butler.. http://www.warisaracket.com

      20. Everyone should have an anti-Constitution police chief, judge,prosecutor and politician on their initial contact list.

        • Contact list!?!?!?

          Hell we got’em right here!!!!

          • You would be very surprised to know who some of the people are who read this site even if they do not post. 🙂

            • I don’t think I would be surprised at all…not in the least. What would surprise me is if you weren’t good buddies with them.

      21. Putin is about to call the West’s buff. I’m for sure the West won’t fold. The Sand N-gger’s just my be playing with fire on this one. Prepare my friends because it is about time to fish or cut bait. Again watch Dec. 24 just get it while you can.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      22. Sorry it should be; I’m NOT sure the West won’t fold.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

      23. As we are talking world events find myself in a weird place.The comedy about north korea and the resulting hacking having the movie pulled if true is actually a fairly big deal as when do we allow north korea and the little man to dictate what we watch in the US!George Clooney,a man I usually have for lack of better phrasing severe distatse for has spoken out and tried to get a petition going in hollyweird to get this movie out no matter what it is about as this is a dangerous road country going down when a little washing machine of a dictator decides what is acceptable content for the rest of world to view,Clooney was against this but could get no one in the industry to sign petition,in this case good for him.He pointed out,what next will we allow a foriegn country to dictate.Of course,the paranoid part of me wonders if this is just some pre publicity hoax to push a movie that may and probably should from what I have read about it’s plot failed otherwise!

      24. { shaking head }
        It’s ALL part of their game and the sheeple just keep playing.
        I read the commets and see how MANY ARE awake and those that want to be.
        But you keep getting caught in their craptrap.
        North Korea hacking sony is PURE BULL$HIT………
        Putin works for the bankers just like all leaders..
        They are the only one’s that know the true game.


      25. Ronald Reagan had the Soviet Union on their knees. The US then decided that they were not so evil after all, and helped them rebuild after decades of a cold war, threats of conquest, and constant undermining of our political interests. Seems as though TPTB needs both a good guy and a bad guy to make this game work.

      26. OUR stock market doesn’t even come close to reflecting the reality of our economy. Why? Because it’s being manipulated to the nth degree. You think Putin isn’t capable of manipulating? He can do whatever the **** he wants. Maybe he’s worried about importing 20MM welfare recipients like we’ve done here in the US. If there’s no food, the leaches go elsewhere. Jus’ a little alternative theory.

      27. v=jG1pF0lE7c4

        • sorry my bad

          one hint.. it has to do with the sharing, and blogging choices on youtube

          obviously by now if Mac had a problem with it those videos would be taken down.. i hope this doesnt get abused

          and if it does I hope Mac wont get pissed at me.. Ive been banned by better places,, but I like it here

      28. Putin visited Cuba in July 2014. Cuba’s debt to Russia at 35 billion was forgiven at 90%. Also additional ventures were discussed.

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