We’re Going Into the Greatest Depression: “They Will Not Be Able To Pull Off the Stimulus Game Again”

by | Jun 28, 2013 | Forecasting, Gerald Celente | 311 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Going Into The Great Depression

    Look around and you can’t miss it.

    The world is on the brink… politically, economically, financially, monetarily, and militarily.

    Events are accelerating. Over the last decade trend forecaster Gerald Celente has been blaring the alarms.

    If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ve heard them. You know we’re going under.

    And this time they’re not going to be able to stop it.

    It will be worse than the panic of ’08.  It will be deeper.  It will be more painful and there’s a reason why… because they will not be able to pull off the stimulus game again.

    Everybody got hip to it and it didn’t work. You read even the Financial times, the major media, CNBC, Bloomberg… everyone will now admit that the stimulus only bought borrowed time. So the stimulus game doesn’t work anymore, and the governments are so in debt they can’t have the fiscal policy. So you have no monetary policy and you have no fiscal policy to stimulate the economy.

    We’re going into the Greatest Depression.

    But they will try to boost it some way. And that’s when I believe gold and silver prices will again skyrocket. They can stay low, I believe, for another several months… even a year. But I don’t see them staying down forever.

    I don’t give financial advice. I’m a long term buyer and a long term holder of gold.

    Why would I want this digital paper not worth the paper it’s not printed on?

    And number two on this whole area of gold and the economy… I believe they’re going to take us to war just like they did during the Great Depression. When all else fails they take you to war and we’re hearing the war drums beating louder and louder throughout the middle east as the middle east is collapsing.

    …Hey, great job that Noble Peace Prize winner Obama did…

    Full Interview with Gerald Celente and Greg Hunter via USA Watchdog:

    (Sourced via Before It’s News)

    The end result of this economic destruction for many Americans, as Celente noted in a previous interview, will be a one way ticket aboard the Auschwitz Express and global war.

    Forget about stock markets, bond prices and economic statistics being released by the government. Those don’t matter unless you’re actively trading or have your money in retirement accounts (in which case you might consider making an exit).

    What matters now is insulating yourself as best as possible from the coming destruction to Americans’ wealth and day-to-day lives. As Celente suggests, gold is an asset you want to be in possession of. Likewise, when our system of commerce comes to a standstill as a result of the collapse of the world’s reserve currency you need to own barterable physical assets and have them easily accessible.

    We will soon see what it truly means to live (and survive) in a depression.

    With nearly 50 million Americans on food stamps, 100 million on welfare, and no economic progress in sight, it won’t be long before the world as we have come to know it changes drastically.

    Expect riots, starvation and bloodshed. You can be 100% sure that the government is planning for exactly this scenario.

    The signs, as they were before the crash of 2008, are everywhere. It’s happening right now.

    Buckle up, folks.


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      1. Nothing stimulates me more than the recoil of a .45…

        • Can you eat that? Can you even wipe your behind with it? Live by the gun; die by the gun.

          • I can certainly trade ammo for food. It has more value than gold. I can also trade it for TP. For certain, if you dont have a gun, you will die by it. If you have one, theres a small chance you’ll live.
            Sounds like you wont be around to worry about it.

            • Vote for Jeb Bush so he can fix everything Obama screwed up.

              Bush and Christi or Rubio 2016

              • Headsup, Boy you sure plucked 3 of the GOP’s Party Machine right out of the air. Thank God they showed their colors early. What are you the front man for TPTB in the GOP.Trekker Out. Think Tea Party!

                • First and foremost this is a spiritual war, The Gospel of John, Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, there are hundreds of passages that tell us exactly what is going on today. Firearms will probably have a role in survival as everything continues to deteriorate either as protection from the evil ones or as a means of procuring food, but the most important thing is to get right with God, your family, your neighbors, and mankind at large. Most of us will not survive physically through these times, but the real power always rests with God. And TPTB who have joined Lucifer, the Serpent, like him crawl around on their bellies speaking evil and lies and are more vulnerable to and more fearful of a righteous man’s prayer to God than to all of mankind’s weaponry combined.

                • Mountain Trekker says:

                  “Think Tea Party!”

                  The “Tea Party” has been co-opted!

                  It’s all rhetoric.

                  Any candidate coming out of the “Tea Party” in 2016 will be owned by the Republican Establishment. Period.

                  If the Republicans manage to win the white house in 2016, nothing will change. Sure they will tinker with a few things around the edges [so boobus is distracted], but no substantive changes will occur. It will be business as usually [Statism with a slightly different stench]. Count on it!

                  • yourmotherwaswrong says: the “Tea Party” has been co-opted! I would amagine that the Tea Party has backed off of their support of Marco Rubio now that they have seen his stance on Illegal Immagration. Six months ago Rubio looked pretty good but theirs know way of knowing what any person will do in the future. That is why in my earlier comment I said it was good that they showed their colors early. As for these illegals and TPTB saying we need them because they do jobs that Americans won’t do, well maybe we should remember the 45 million Americans that are on food stamps, and then remember the pictures of Americans during the Great Depression with 3 or 4 kids hanging out of an old truck or car with a wash tub and a chair hanging off of it as they drove across country looking for any kind of work they could find. When the government does finally go belly up and all those on the gov. dole stop getting a handout, they will wish we had run these illegals back to Mexico. Do As You Like, But As for Me I’ll Continue To Vote! Trekker Out.

                  • I changed my voter registration at the courthouse, to say “not affiliated with any party.” If we ALL did that- then all candidates wold have to stand on their own merit, not the party’s merit, or lack thereof. I think the only way to get that in place is to get enough signatures to have it put on the ballot, in one’s state, and try over and over to get a law passed that outlaws party politics in their state. Eventually, if people see it enough times, they will finally give it a moment’s thought, and when they do, they will realize that is the ONLY way that voting should be dont. Without party affiliation, because ‘party’ covers up the ‘potty
                    EVERY time.

                • Yeh vote for GUN GRAB CRISTY! NOT! if you do
                  You will all know what it’s like to live in NJ ,
                  Something I would not wish on my worst enemy.

                  Semper Fi 8541

                  Deep behind enemy lines in the People’s Republic of NJ.

                  • Cristy better hope that society doesn’t break down to the point that people come looking for him, as he is too fat. Even the poor shooters won’t miss him.

                • Tea Party… like Mr. Tea Party Marco Rubio?

                  Why not just stay home and stop supporting this phony better luck we’ll get em next time self perpetuating enslavement? Every time you vote you agree to be ruled by TPTB.

                  • Coffee Drinker says:

                    “Every time you vote you agree to be ruled by TPTB.”

                    Wow… At least one other person here gets it!

                    Now we need to clue in the rest.

                  • Good Idea, Coffee Drinker. Me and you will show them, we’ll just stay home and let somebody else do the voting, that way we can be ruled by their choice. I’m sure it will be someone alot better than who we would vote for. Wish I had thought of that before.WASP

                  • @The Moderator & Coffee Drinker

                    Moderator: You “flagged” my last post, so I’ll try again.

                    Coffee Drinker says:

                    “Every time you vote you agree to be ruled by TPTB.”

                    I support that statement. It’s a valid argument.

                    Also, let me add: People who refuse to accept unpleasant truths have no right to complain about politicians who lie to them.

              • OH! Hello, Mrs Clinton! Nice to see you lurking! – Wait! Did I confuse the two of you AGAIN! I am so sorry, Mrs. Bush. Forgive my faux pas.

          • Hi there, Quentin. Nope, can’t eat it. Can’t wipe with it. You got a point there. But, the thing is, I have ample food (and the means to produce more) as well as a substantial quantity of tp. All stored at the okie compound. The .45 only serves to keep it in MY possession.
            Can’t argue with your ‘live by the gun, die by the gun’ idea. Or electwire’s comment below. Both are true. And, yes, we have some trustworthy neighbors who will be welcome at our home (they’d do the same for us)
            The thing is, apart from God himself, I’d like to be the one who makes the decisions about who uses my stuff. Bureaucrats, jackboots and zombies need not apply for my provisions…

            • Quentin

              Life is hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid

              • If your stupid then you dont realize how hard life is. Stupid people worry how they can scrounge money for alchohol or drugs and talk bad about people who have it better.

            • SO: If the zombies get past my gatling guns, I may have to trip the wire …. if you know what I mean. 🙂

              • Speaking of zombies anyone seen “World War Z” yet? I tohught it was good but with some definite plotholes involving realism. I gave it 3 out of 4 stars meaning it’s good but with flaws keeping it from being great. When I was in the theatre there where 2 Muslim couples (1 couple Middle Eastern Muslims, the other obvious African Muslims) on an apparent double date sitting a few seats down from me. At one point during the film there is a scene involving Israel fighting the zombies. Well when the scene shows the Isreali civilians and military the Muslim couple literally “BOO” outloud at the freakin’ movie screen!!! What other normal, sober, sane adults do that???? Well my point is I believe there is a better chance of a zombie appocaypse occuring on earth before there will ever be total peace on earth. At the risk of sounding like some high school dropout NeoNazi skinhead, I think America has become too culturally tolerant and because of this our country is going to start experiencing much more cultural and racial overheating with whites vs hispanics/Muslims/ and ghetto folk ala Tayvon Martin/Zimmerman. Like a zombie this enemy has no compassion or ability to be reasoned with. Maybe I’m wrong or letting a summer action movie affect my thinking. End rant, Mclovin Out.

                • Just saw it tonight. For such an expensive to make movie, it’s a shame there were so many holes. But it does keep you on the edge! And reminds me once again, how blind and ignorant we can be to what is going on in the world. Baaaaa….

                  • Wife and I decided to go for the laughs and watched “This is the End”. We’re still laughing. World War Z is next.

                    Refusing to CYA or, at least be aware is what bothers me the most about the sheeple. They’re going to be very, very dangerous.

                • Mclovin,

                  You seem to be saying there’s little social cohesion in the U.S. population. Compared to 100 years ago, for example. Everyone well aware of their various differences. Not the homogeneity of Norman Rockwell’s Vermont village in the 1930s.

                  When times get tough cohesive groups tend to fare best. Fragmented groups it’s
                  “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I just hafta outrun you.”


                  • Yes, I concur. I’m waiting for the verdict in the Zimmerman-Martin case. Think there’s a strong possibility there will be riots in the street. That will give selling my house a boost since the people in the larger city twenty miles from us will want a house in the country, and I can sell this and go back to South Dakota. Think it will be a disgrace if Zimmerman is convicted, particularly because it’s based on fears that the blacks will riot. I imagine Ohio will just roll over for that, so will be on my way back home, anyway.

                • That movie teaches two important things.

                  1) When boarding a C-130, keep your finger off the trigger.
                  2) Turn off your sat phone when trying to sneak across the runway.


                  • Poppy don’t forget #3: Women have a 6th sense about always wanting to talk at precisely the wrong time…

                • Haven’t seen the movie but I think you’re correct about the social, cultural, racial situation that’s been waiting for the fuse to be lit and the powder keg is ready to blow. The PC garbage has overtaken common sense and basic respect for others, just a bunch of different sheeple flocks adhering to the designed separation by TPTB to acheive their desired results.

                  I will not continue to let my beleifs and rights be trampled, I say what I mean regardless of what others think.

                  MOLON LABE

                • outlaw muslims

                  • Why do so many folks complain of the huge divide between people in the usa?…If I recall it right, Christ Himself said…”Think Not that I came to save the world…Rather think that I came as if Bearing a Huge Sword, with which to Divide the world into Two Halves.”

                    Indeed two halfs, one is the rightous good, and the Other 1/2 is the bad and evil. That Is exactly what we see developing Today and for some time now.

                    Thats why we Must keep in mind that regardless which group or race folks are from, not all of them are against us or evil. That included Muslims- Blacks-Jews-Mexicans etc etc…Two distinct sides. Us vs Them or good vs evil.

                    Thats Christs plan. Nobody else will change it. So this vast division of peoples attitudes and ways etc is a Good thing. Means we are close to the fullfilment of it All soon. Then we Rebuild with Christs Plans whatever they may be. If you keep this in mind it makes it easier to plan ahead and what to consider on Who you group with.

                  • I remember one author said all Muslim women go to heaven – because it can’t be possible to go to hell twice. I think the same is probably true for molested children. And child slaves in North Korean prisons and other places.

                    As to USA collapse, sure feels like some things are breaking. Not sure but clearly there is huge investment bubbles in commercial real-estate and other investment banker schemes.

                • No I haven’t seen WWZ. I won’t support Brad Pitt who doesn’t support the Second Amendment, and Jolie is the poster girl for the NWO and the Trilateral Commission.

                  Boycott them and all others in Hollywood like Will Smith who enjoy the wealth WE give them, but who do not support basic and intrinsic American Rights.

                  Engage the enemy by cutting off their revenue.

              • Hey DK, you’ve said cash in a can is a wise bet!

                Q: Have you changed your mind?

                Q: Will we see inflation or deflation?

                • Your Mama: Cash in a can is a good bet if you can’t afford silver or gold. Deflation is the great fear because a deflationary spiral is controlled and magnified by consumers who either cannot spend or will not spend.

                  Once consumers withdraw from purchasing anything but essentials, it might be hard for them to decide to buy a new house, or car, or boat. Then the deflation feeds upon itself. You can witness this in the housing market; and the second leg down is coming.

                  War will create inflation; but to project whether there will be either inflation or deflation at this juncture is not possible by the trends which are mixed. One would have to be an oracle to make a prediction.

                  war is coming and War creates chaos; and with chaos anything could happen. therefore one should invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. Keep ten dollar bills in number ten cans if you cannot afford silver or gold.

                  After the next war, the dollar and other major currencies will be reset and the dollar will lose considerable value. DC is trying to inflate the dollar now, but it is difficult to do so when demand for dollars is so strong. 🙂

              • dk- read you loud and clear! I’m counting on you to take them out on that side of the Rio Grande. I’ll handle the zombies from back east who’re trekking west. Between me and the Texans, I think we got it covered! 🙂

                • I’m here in the middle of Iowa; I’ll take care of anything coming across the Mississippi.

                  Keep your powder dry.

                  • That’s where I hail from – are near QCs?

                  • I am 25 Miles from massive sized Fresh Water Lake Huron.(mich) and I will Gladly Sell plenty of Water to as many westerners that arrive Here when, after amnesty and another 50-100 Million immigrants come to Add to that already 20-30 Million here Now, cause massive Loss to water reserves out west due to too many people useing limited water there.

                    ps I Will accept Gold for Water! Silver too!

                    pss DK is correct. Deflation would mean if you got cash and enough of it you can then buy a house-property-Farms-Vehicles etc for way Less than you ever dreamed of.

                    Just like the great depression was for whoever Had cash Dollars.

            • You make some good, common sense points. To me, real prepping is a well rounded plan that includes as many “things” as possible. Weapons are part of this, but by no means the answer to everything. Preps are like insurance. You own them, and really hope you don’t need to use them. They are the price we pay to survive a world that has forget what common sense, and personal rights are. They are the answers to the questions that arise in these troubled times. Good luck all

          • Quentin H. : How will you defend yourself and your goods when others try to take them by force, including the females in your family? Will you call the cops? If the situation is bad enough, the cops will be home taking care of their own families. And even if there were one or two left in the station (single guys), the phones would be down because those folks would also be at home taking care of their families. So what’s your Plan B? You better be real good and running and/or hiding.

          • People that quote that “live by the gun, die by the gun” are misquoting a Bible verse in the new testament.

            Okie never said he was going to “live by the gun” he simply expressed his pleasure in fireing a .45. Its different.

            While you can’t eat that .45 or the gun it comes out with, there are multiple instances of people taking down deer with a .45 long colt and eating quite well for some time. So, while you can’t eat the .45, it can produce food for you.

            …and, it also can keep you from being eaten.

          • thats what the usa has been doing around the world time for the usa to die by the gun

          • Go away IDIOT.

        • SMOKIN its very relaxing but I like the 9mm

          • 9mm, my third love! 223 and 44mag are first and second.

            9mm is so compact yet pretty powerful and comes in a variety of weapons. Big pistols (I have a couple S&Ws, a 5906 and a 59), little pistols (I have a Ruger LC9), cheap pistols (I have 4 Hi-Points. Shoot like a rifle. One of them is a jammer…), carbines (I have three Hi-Point 995s). I’ve even shot a REVOLVER designed for 9mm. Don’t have one… YET!

            9mm is a very useful caliber.

            • now everyone knows what weapons you have.they are coming for them. you just got put on their list

        • or a 9mm, or a .357, or a 44 mag, or a .223, or a 308, 270, 30-06, 7.62, shotgun of any gauge, etc., etc…

          never shot a .50…

          we get your drift.

          • lastmanstanding

            Have one in every caliber you mentions.
            Ps, have plenty of ammo for each also.

            The .50 causes it’s own drift!!!

        • 1911 is nice, favorite is my Rem700 308 with a match grade 1/10 bbl with a JP large body comp on it, can watch my hits through the scope, love group therapy with it!

          • Sweet piece ! Can’t beat .308 for distance and accuracy .
            Model 700 /M40 used to be the go to military tactical rifle in its day ,it replaced the Winchester model 70 in 1966 ( the model 70 pre ’64 used by the USMC, which was made famous by M. Sgt. Carlos Hatchcock in the Vietnam era.)

            Semper Fi 8541

            • .308 is also a great bullet when shot in the 30-06 case and used in the 03A3 and M1 Garand. I prefer the 165 grain spbt jacketed at National Match velocity. The 170 grain hard cast lead bullet is also very good. I paint the tip for subsound loads in lead.

              I’ll pack ammo for you anytime and that includes 7.62×51 for the fine combo in 700 Rem. and other fine bolt rifles.

              Semper Fi

              • Have had real good results with 175 SMK in both 308Win and 30-06, like loading 180gr SGK bullets in both for hunting.

            • I love it, minor recoil, all stainless and composite, my next fave is my Ruger compact laminate ss, moke kick but slides into my Eberlestock pack like a glove and is light, even with the short barrel its way more accurate than i can shoot, off a bipod 200-300yd shots are easy

        • Smokin, I love my .45 but have you ever stood in the backdraft of a muzzle brake of a 50BMG when its lit off. Now there is some stimulation. Trekker Out.

        • +1 SO! The cool feel of the slab grips and the way it “bucks” in your hand. If God made anything better he’d of kept it for himself.

        • Me the 10mm after warming up with a .45.9(sarc)

          • 45 for light days

          • 10mm rules the roost for autos, and gives you a chance to get to a long gun, if needed. The brass goes into orbit though, and that hurts if you reload.

        • @ SmokinOkie. Can you tell me why, on this web site, that making your post would get you thumbs down. Are there wackos out there that just “thumbs down” to every thing? If you don’t believe in guns and bullets, get the hell off this site….

          • kyrocket, Im with you. Sometimes theirs just no logic to these red thumbs. I’m a .45 man, but I ain’t seen none I did’nt like. If your a 10mm or a 9mm or a 44mag or whatever, more power to you. Now if your a non gunner that’s your business. But you will get a down thumb from me on that. Trekker Out.

        • This guy cannot be taken seriously. He has been spouting, and profiting from, the same bullshit for 10 years. He says keep your money OUT of institutions, and where is his? In MF GLOBAL making more “worthless paper”

          Notice that everyone who talks……… every website that exists about this stuff……

          IS PROFITING. Including this one.

          Hell, Michael Snyden was a LAWYER and now just publishes websites… 3 that I know of…\
          that HE profits off of.

          Ya think these people are worried about you and me?


        • Went to the range just yesterday with my Colt 1911 a1 and Springfield XMD 3.8. Was very stimulated ! Keep your powder dry.

        • Or the smell of the powder burning.

      2. I think I have enough PM’s. I need more lead, rice & beans.

        • What do I need pms for if I have nothing to buy? Keep your gold. I’ll keep my wine and bread. No offense.

          • Historically the biggest use for PMs during wartime is to try to pay greedy, evil people for safe passage somewhere.

            • Yeah, you might want to go to Casablanca and see Rick, but you’ll be better off to have the precious metals, lead and copper. Shoot the bastards.

              Semper Fi

          • Iowa: What will you trade/barter with when you need other services such as those of a dentist or a gunsmith? Unless you personally have all the necessary skills you’ll ever need and you have perfect health until the day you die, you’ll need something to barter with. Will you trade your food? Going hungry isn’t much of a plan friend.

      3. 230 gr hydrashock out of a 1911!

        • Can you eat that? Can you even wipe your behind with it? Live by the gun; die by the gun.

          • @ qh.. you can shoot something to eat with it. I feel sorry for you if you live in a city…. you will figure it out soon….when its too late.

          • I never cease to be amazed…

            WHAT about ‘not having a gun’ makes you THINK that you are going to be ABLE to say “No” – in any wise, way shape or form – to someonbe who DOES have a gun…and WANTS what you have?

            I’m not sure it can be put any more simply than that…and if you DON’T understand that, then there is nothing left to say, is there? I surely feel sorry for those who are DEPENDING on YOU….I hope He finds some way to let you – and you alone – suffer the consequences of your stupidity, and not them. Ater all, “Stupidity is the quick way to Extinction’…as someone else here mentioned recently. Ahh-dee-ose Dude…

          • @Quentin – Nothing personal and I do respect your opinion and to some extend agree with your general logic. Indeed you can’t eat a gun or the bullet and so on but if I have saved food for my family and when SHTF you come to take it with force, I’ll proof it to you that indeed you can eat a bullet and then some. Now be honest please….do you agree with my logic? NOTHING PERSONAL BTW.

            • Consumer Metrics Institute: Recovery is a Sham

              U.S. GDP revision released Wednesday:

              … the big one, plunging incomes:
              “And as mentioned above, real per-capita disposable income took another hit: it is now reported to have dropped by an annualized $796 from quarter to quarter.”

              “For the income of the average family to fall by 9% in one year is indeed a huge hit. The savings rate is around 3%, so for spending to be stable the other 6% would have to be drawn from savings or borrowed. Hence the falling imports (which might explain the recent bad news out of China). Now combine this with soaring mortgage rates…”

              The Daily Crux

              • Ky Mom. I agree with everything you say, but can you explain why there are no parking places at the steak houses every night, and such a long line at the fast food drive through? I don’t understand it. Where are these people getting the money to eat out so often?

                • Credit card at steakhouse. EBT at mickey Dee’s.

                • They can’t cook and won’t cook, and, therefore, do not buy groceries. And the other commenter is correct about credit cards; my metals guy told me the other day his customers are no longer buying with cash and debit, but credit … just like in ’08.

          • I own a gun for one reason. I wish to be left in peace by the fools in this world. It has worked so far.

            • Just like Abraham!

          • Q

            You just don’t get it do you? People on this site and many others don’t live by the gun, the gun lives by US, it is a useful tool used to deal with whatever we find it capable of dealing with.

            People like you don’t even know what tools are for, when is the last time you even used a pipe wrench?

            Answer I’m sure is never, you rely on others to use tools for your benefit, always believing they are trusted and have your pathetic interest at heart.

            You’re a fool who only adds stupidity to your own inequity with every post.

            • I am one of those guys that has the tools and ability to use them . I am always being asked by people who lack both if I can get them out of a fix . Now that ammo is scarce , my reloading tools and know how are in demand . These same people that find themselves in need are the ones that have ignored all the signs of danger ahead and spent thier time watching sports or reality tv . They are the ones who have trusted that the government will be there to help in times of trouble . I believe Q is one of those people . Hard times ahead for those that wasted time and didnt learn to use tools . Guns included .

              • Islander. My neighbor has lived beside me for 35 years. He has come to me twice when there was a deer hit by a car in our front yards, but was still kickin. He wanted me to bring my gun (because he didn’t believe in them) to kill the deer.
                I have a pig that has gotten out and I cant seem to catch him. He keeps going to their well manicured lawn and they are raising the roof. I have decided to shoot it to keep peace, but just ask who will be the first coming to my door for a pig to eat when the crap hits. What does it take to wise people up???

                • Cant teach or fix stupid!

          • Good point Quentin Holt!!!! Looks like I’m off to Costco to stock up, on 200 rolls of you know what. I thought my gun could do everything, but as Quentin has pointed out the obvious, I’ve seen the error in my ways ….. My gun cannot do everything I ask. And he sure ain’t driving, so shove over!!! You’re ridin shotgun, Shotgun!! (hope you didn’t think I was talkin to Quentin?) My gun does everything except wipe! So, Quentin Holt, there’s a useful job for you to do. You sound like the ideal candidate. Get wipin

            • Wow , dang near blew beer out the nose on that one Cede . get wipin indeed

          • Quentin Holt;

            You can eat if you like lead poisioning.
            Besides; why would I worry about something like eating lead, when I will just take your with my lead.

            Catch the drift.

            I other words, stop you whining and grow a set.

          • Hey Quent, take your BS somewhere else..
            If you want to argue and taunt this is not the place
            for you .. You read like some other argumentative
            A Wipes on this site . Stuff it jack ass.

          • Hmmm…. I think your stance will win you and your family in a SHTF senario the coveted Darwin award.

            MOLON LABE!

            Always check your six

      4. I’m a simple person and when I learned a few years that the government is borrowing 42 cents out of every dollar they spend (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more now) I could see the writing on the wall. That leaves me with facing a few realities and knowing just how powerless I am to make a difference in what government does. So I….
        1) Except that there’s not a dam thing I can do to make any correction in what government does.
        2) I can get my life and my house in order.
        3) I can learn basic skills that my grand parents knew, I’m into learning homesteading.
        4) I can choose to be happy or depressed, I chose happy.
        5) I can leave time to live, love and enjoy friendship
        6) I can not let the filthy, depraved, lying, treasonous, pos, dog wad, pecker snot, ivy league puppy mill inbreds, dill weeds make me a miserable person. If I do, they win.

      5. Yes we need to be able to protect ourselves but how many will you kill over a piece of bread? Can you shoot your neighbor? Are you going to let the old lady next door starve? Like it or not we are in this together

        • The bible says we are to feed and house the widowed and helpless, and thats what I will do. I havent got to the part about helping the lazy dirtbag, obama phone, ebt card sucking leaches. I will help my neighbors as we will work together.

          • To help those that truly need help, a concept that has been forgotten. The others that you describe fall under the “hurray for me, to bad for you, I got mine” sad indeed, problem is they can’t help it, “The Man” indoctrinated them to the point of no return.

            • The sense of comunity and the unspoken responsibilty that comes with it is almost non existent these days, sort of sad, am hoping everyone nead me gets it back when things unravel, some im sure will, good old school folks, but i also know some who will just EXPECT that those of us who have used their resources wisely will just hand food and supplies over, liberal gun controllers all of them, to them i say too bad.

        • @ electwire.

          A brother killed his sister over a bag of ice in Katrina.
          Neighbors shoot neighbors all the time now.

          Old people are dying of insufficient care in nursing homes.

          • electwire says:

            “Can you shoot your neighbor?”

            Why not! The government does it all the time!!!

            • they shoot the dog first. I read @ free republic that a police chief tried to shoot a dog and missed, the bullet glanced off the side walk and hit the owner in the leg. Bad cop…. no donut.

        • To answer to your last 2 questions. “Yes”.

        • Wow…..the government trolls have come out of the woodwork on this thread.

          • I’ve been following Celente for a decade now. Sometimes his timing is a bit off, and he made and had the guts to own up to a serious error with paper PM’s. However when it comes to WHAT events will come to pass, and HOW sadly he seems to get it right.

            I’ve never wished more strongly that a person could be wrong, nor believed more that he was right.

            I need to boost my seed collection. The weather is so darn unpredictable it’s hard to know which crops to store, and I don’t want to make the wrong call.

            • Celente probably had to buy paper gold and wait to take delivery because of the quantity involved. I doubt you can walk into a coin shop and buy the quantity in question.

        • That’s an open ended question, it depends how many are coming after the bread.

          I’ll plead the Fifth on this one.

        • The old lady next door has 600# of sugar in racks in her Garage. Don’t know what she has in the basement. Here in Wy the old gals shoot 30-06es, the young ones go with 7MM. We don’t much tolerate the stupid.

          • Don’t you just love a woman who shoots a 7 mm Mag, or a .300 Win Mag?

        • I’ve seen this quotation attributed to Ayn Rand: “One can ignore reality forever. What one can’t do forever is ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

          Possibly two-thirds of the adult American population lives for its football games and its shoe buying binges at the mall. We are a dumbed down, brainwashed population who know little of our own history and none of anyone else’s. Plus, sadly, we are infected with American Exceptionalism, which quick and dirty says:

          “We’re entitled to rule the world and if those ungrateful wretches resist we’ll be happy to kill them. Because we are God’s anointed. And they are not.”

          It isn’t 1950 anymore. The little guy doesn’t need the Power Elite’s cooperation to express his facts and his opinions far and wide. Nor to seek and find same.

          One needn’t be brilliant, nor have an advanced degree and years of professional success to connect the dots.

          One simply has to turn off the television every once in awhile and take a stab at thinking for oneself.

          The evidence that something is not right is EVERYWHERE.

          So even having a suspicion that things aren’t as they are reported, is it YOUR responsibility or someone else’s to optimize your outcome? That is to say, your everyday necessities … will you secure them or do you expect someone else to?

          To exercise one’s free will NOT TO prepare is to VOTE FOR the consequences of not preparing. When those consequences are weightier than an academic difference of opinion,

          to wit, dehydration, starvation, epidemic and homicide,

          to IGNORE the consequences is TO INVITE them.

          I buy quantities above my own immediate need. The intent is to be as charitable
          AS I CAN AFFORD TO BE.

          What I will not do is let voluntarily ignorant parasitical people impose sacrifices ON ME for choices THEY freely made.

          The ethical difference between a self-reliant libertarianism and the kleptocracy of collectivism, in the sense Rawles speaks of in his Precepts, is crystal clear.

          If you choose to sleep on, you have pre-ordained your own destruction.

          • Your comments deserved about 200 times the up votes it got. We get a lot of bluster and bullshit on this site from people who *think* they love the smell of napalm in the morning.

            I would much rather have someone like you in my neighborhood. At least I know if we made it, the world we rebuilt would not be filled with the same corrupt and ignoramuses that seem to be everywhere now.

          • Two-thirds of Americans??

            Make that 95% of Americans and Europeans are too ignorant, too fat, too complacent to open their eyes on what’s going on in the world.

            I gave up telling people my views, being ridiculed for it.

            I hope the S will never HTF, but if it does, those ridiculing me don’t need to come look for help at that moment.

            • AMEN. WELL SAID

          • anonymous6.8, I happen to like to watch football and buy shoes, but I am also ready in all the areas necessary, including how to do stuff.

        • that depends on who’s pc. of bread it is ,now if its a pc. of bread laying on the floor at walmart it makes no never mind to me ,but if you are talking about that pc. of bread that “I” the little red hen toiled to get to keep my children and grandchidren from starving ,and some idealog that has a case of normalcy bias and hasnt put back nothing because he (or she) was to busy watching snooky shaving her ass ,yes there going down ,i see it as simple math ,there life or my families life ,and anyone that knows me ,knows that thats an easy decision for me

        • Electwire: You’re missing the point of being prepared. I won’t have to shoot anyone over a piece of bread because I’ll have all I need. The gun is to protect me from those who haven’t prepared and believe that they’re entitled to take, by force, what I’ve worked hard for. If someone wants to use force then I’m the one “entitled”, and I will use force to protect myself and my family. I owe nothing to the improvident. If they die it’s on them. I do, however, feel ethically compelled to take care of those that can’t take of themselves; the widows and orphans as the Bible says. I will watch over and care for the weak, but never the lazy. Kudos to Dave on that one.

          • Absolutely, Prescott!

      6. I have mentioned this before….the “next” war will come to us. It may start elswhere, but we will not stay untouched in the States.

      7. My motorcycle riding buddy (69yo) informed me today “he had gotten completely out of gold and silver. He just couldn’t stand the losses any longer.”

        Aaaaand it’s gone. Buy high, sell low. It never fails. This guy years ago took his entire retirement and bought gold. He sold after it went up and paid off his $500K home.

        Now, however, he’s buying ‘GLD’ and ‘SLV’. Folks, these so-called ETF’s are nothing more than a scheme to steal your hard-earned $$$$. Buy PHYSICAL SILVER! American Silver Eagles (of silver rounds, which is mostly what I had before the terrible boating accident where I lost them). If my buddy had PHYSICAL silver, he’d still be holding it, just like everyone else is holding onto theirs. If you’re playing the etf’s and the ‘stawk market’ you’re gonna get burned.

        Silver (and of course Gold) will again soar to previously unseen amounts. When all the money that the Fed has printed finally starts making it’s way into the economy (and don’t think for a minute it won’t), hyperinflation WILL HIT and you Precious Metals will go up to new all-time highs.

        Here is a graph of all the $ sitting in banks as reserves, soon to be unleashed into the economy:

      8. I guess I have been away from family and home to long,(almost a year),each news story just seems to drag me deeper into the dirt,

        Is there any positive news out there?

        • Steve the first albacore tuna have been caught of the Oregon coast and they were caught without a geiger counter.

          • Oh yea, definately 20 thumbs up for that one. And still LMAO.

        • To your question, “no”.

        • Well, the new inventory surpluses of ARs and AKs is driving MBR prices back down. Ammunition is still tight though.

        • @ Steve

          Actually…not so much lately, just a little Hope here and there.

          Like maybe that AF1 will crash in a full vertical dive at full speed into the ocean on the way back from Africa,
          otherwise…I believe we’re F_cked, quite possibly.

          • I don’t think that would stop what is already started.

          • Steve, I just saved $300 by switching my car insurance to Geico!

            • Luther,

              Go eat a green lizard and shut up…

            • I am saving almost 7,500 in four years by not having anything to do with a cable company — that is seriously good news.

              • 3 years for me. $2,000 saved.

          • You remember a time in America when we prayed for the president and our leaders? Now we pray that all of DC gets swallowed up in sinkhole and we never have to look at them again.

            Not the America I grew up in, not a little bit.

            • I keep getting into arguments with my kids over gay marriage and illegal aliens — you sure can tell the indoctrination they receive in schools. I keep trying to tell them you can’t accommodate every single form of lifestyle because it would be endless and you have to set standards somewhere. That is where America is right now: Accommodating so many things that nothing makes sense anymore.

        • Get a dog. When all this crap bothers the dog it’s time to worry, Till that time; do as the dog does, look around before you go to bed, sleep lightly, burry a few bones, and don’t worry. Suggest you don’t go around sniffing A-holes, but if you can learn to lick your own balls you got something.

          • ive been married for 37 years but i still have the occation to bury a few bones ,did hard work all my life dont think the back would take the ball licking thing

          • ………and mark your territory, cover your crap.

          • damn netbook, I meant thumbs up!

        • @ Steve,

          Yeah, there is some positive news. Millions of us are prepared to defend our lives and liberty.

          And a few of the brightest remaining sheep awaken with each new day.

          Not that we necessarily will prevail. But one thing is for certain.

          The people busy destroying this country will be in for one hell of a fight before it’s over.

        • Nope!

        • Steve, all kinds of positive news. First and foremost Jesus Christ is Lord and in control. Second, Gold and Silver is getting cheaper, so maybe some of us poor folk will be able to get in before it takes off again. And third, we’re still free enough that we can get on this site and cuss and discuss the powers that be, without fear. So take advantage of all three while you can. Trekker Out. Fear No Man, Fear only God!

          • Thanks brother

          • Thanks brother

        • Steve, there is great news. God is still on the throne and his Son sits at his right hand as your intercessor. As for here on earth……..if you woke up this morning this side of the turf, you’ve got a good start. Take care.

        • New, cheaper desalinization method introduced at UT Austin.

        • Well, Steve, I don’t know you, but if your somewhat like me, there is a lot of good news. Think about your own situation. Here’s mine: I can walk, run, hike, and camp. I have a house that’s paid off and a nice Harley Softail and a hot-rod Mustang. I have a good job. I have a great wife who I’ve been married to for many years. My daughter just got a teaching job at a nice private school. I’m getting a new puppy on July 4th. I have good neighbors, and we watch out for each other. I am in good health, and generally in good spirits. I have lots of books, and I’m not afraid to read them. I cook something good every weekend, and can afford the beer to go with it. I have lots of hand tools and I like fixing things around the house. It’s also good news that I’m NOT addicted to the boob-tube or Facebook, I’m NOT going to allow myself to get tubby and lazy, I DON’T have to believe in a “Great Leader” or a fleshly ideology, and I DON’T have to go shopping or hang out in bars to satisfy myself.
          I am also a Christian, and the best news is that I believe in the Divine Logos, Christ our God, and “I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day”. And I even have a waterproof Bible, thanks to JWL.
          Don’t let others control your emotions or drive you to despair. In the midst of all the bad news, sometimes you have to make your own good news. And sometimes your attitude rubs off on other people and makes them a bit happier, too. And that’s a good thing.

          • Thanks Mark,

            Your right , I diden’t mean to complain, I have a lot
            to be thankful for , I thank the good Lord for making me a fighter, Thank you Lord for good health, and I pledge to stand with my neighbor and fellow American to defend freedom.
            Just a bit in the dumps , but thanks for your comment.

      9. For quite some time now, the lazy, entitlement demanding, POS slobs have been living off my hard earned tax dollars. Im tired of me(us) paying for thier new car down payment(cash for clunker program), thier fucking obama phones, taxes on electricity, telephone(look closely at your bill), heating fuel, property tax etc, so they can watch opera while I am welding in 105 degree heat and paying taxes. They live like middle class while I struggle to pay car insurance etc. BRING IT ON. we can all starve together…. after I run out of food….which might take awhile..

        • Hang in there bud,
          That is the reason i cut my sales, got lots of vegetables
          That im just giving away, dont pay taxes on stuff i give my friends.

          • If you are giving vegetables away, are they coming to get them or do they want you to deliver them? In the past I have found that most are too lazy to pick them up themselves.

      10. Forget gold buy ammo everything that is being produced the govt is buying. What you get your hands on will be worth more tomorrow. You cant eat gold. Id trade ammo for food because its useful and I have alot. I wouldnt take gold for barter until law and order abound and the rule of law is established. We know that has failed.

      11. “And this time they’re not going to be able to stop it.”

        They might have been able to ‘head em off at the pass’ in 2008 if they had let the MARKET clear the detritus out in a normal fashion…it would have hurt a lot of Folks – beyond the shadow of a doubt – but it would have stopped it there and then…there might have been the possibility of saving ‘something’. Instead they flooded the banks – and by extension the “BANKSTERS” – with enough fresh-minted coin to keep it all afloat. What did they accomplish?

        The destruction of the United States as a ‘power’ in much of anything other than SPYING, the secure entrenchment of the very People who commited this atrocity on us all, the now nearly complete destruction of the Trust of the People of this Nation in ANY form of governance or regulation by ANY agency whatsoever, anywhere…

        Excuse me..but isn’t this ‘Hell on Earth” already, seriously, I’m asking here….

        • @MayBeSo

          Yes, it is “Hell on Earth!”

          And I believe it’s all been planned. These people [in government] aren’t stupid. They can read a balance sheet.

          The American Empire is now so far gone that, “they” simply don’t care. The rot is so advanced that it’s overtaken any reason [see Roman Empire].

          You would think that those in control of the State would understand that their survival depends on the well being of the citizens of the State.

          But that apparently is not the case here. Call it “Hubris” [aka, loss of contact with reality].

          This all ends up in collapse, ruin and revolution.

          History may not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

      12. @ MayBeSo

        Hope we get the “Wild West” first. Then Hell on Earth.

      13. With the way that things are shaping up, this economy doesn’t have much time left before the plug is finally pulled. Everyone get everything you can now while you still can. braveheart

      14. @ slingshot,

        You and me both. “Wild West” I can handle…the other…not so well.

      15. It appears that all the comments so far have absolutely nothing to do with post/video presented..
        Attention deficit disorder must be the norm here nowadays..

        Looking forward to intelligent discourse regarding the above [post by Ma

        • ahhh never mind..

          I’ll head over to zerohedge..or sgt report for some insightful feedback from folks who actually have cognitive thought on a regular basis..

          Mac..too many of your readership/commenters have fallen below the sheep status lately..

          Btw ..where the hell is the shtf forum?


          • “I’ll head over to zerohedge..or sgt report for some insightful feedback from folks who actually have cognitive thought on a regular basis”

            Bye, bye.

            I never click on links or vids that are from an unknown to me site and so many articles are bla bla bla the worlds gonna end bla bla bla buy gold bla bla bla I’m telling you so because I’m the worlds foremost expert on my own opinion bla bla bla.

            What’s interesting and great here is the participants and what they have.

            • Rick..

              To the point..

              The steadfast commentators here are excellent..and they know who they are..

              The banter that injects itself here on a regular basis distracts from the conversations at hand..

              especially when the article posted has initial comments that have nothing to do with the content..thus my reaction to lack of cognitive thought by some..


              • possee, I tried zerohedge but they don’t want to have any fun! 🙂

                In all seriousness- how much doom can one person contemplate, and for how long, before cognitive dissonance sets in? Or, worse yet, depression? Most normal humans require a certain amount of ‘alternative mental focus’ even while discussing important topics, in order to maintain cognitive equilibrium.
                An unrelenting focus on a single line of thought can lead to obsession, which distorts one’s view of the actual level of importance of the topic at hand. Also, it leads to mental exhaustion and often precludes the discovery of solutions (not being able to think outside the box).
                Too many off-topic ideas, on the other hand, make thought processes difficult, if not impossible. (like listening to Black Sabbath, a Harley Davidson, and a jackhammer, all while trying to solve an algebra equation). It’s all just a damned distraction.
                Prepping, and the inevitable collapse of our society are of the utmost importance to me. And, I’ve learned a great many lessons on self-sufficiency and preparedness from the commenters here, including you. I’m grateful for that.
                If my feeble attempts at humor have made this site less appealing, or have hijacked the threads with nothing but unnecessary nonsense, then I offer my humble apologies to you, to all the readers, and especially to Mac. I just thought a bit of levity would help the conversation flow. It wasn’t my intention to sabotage Mac’s site, nor to be a pain in the ass with never a useful thing to add.
                Like you, I’m just trying to enjoy life, be as ready as possible for an uncertain future, and not lose sight of what’s most important.

                • Your humor is appreciated. I need a break from the doom and gloom. Sometimes it is just too much to handle without a breather.

                  • Thanks, Merree. I appreciate that!
                    In possee’s defense, I have to say- he’s a regular and respected member of the group here. He didn’t mention me by name, but since I started the comments with a totally off-topic remark (and away we went with a line of comments completely ignoring the Celente article!) I guess I am the guilty party of reference.
                    He’s not a kill-joy or anything like that. I think he sometimes wishes, though, that we’d have a serious line of conversation, each contributing what we can, and mostly focusing on the article Mac puts up.
                    Sadly, with me around…. that probably ain’t gonna happen! I can’t help myself. There’s about a thousand people living in my head, and half of them haven’t even spoken here yet. Eventually they will, provided one of them doesn’t get me arrested first! 🙂

                  • Totally agree….I love the light hearted comments Okie….who says we have to “stick to the subject”. I have learned so much from this site from random comments. It’s the anti Jew and all caps comments that drive me nuts. The guy with all the 3s in his name needs to be banned…other than that…I enjoy this site and appreciate all the hard work and time Mac has put into it. If someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to allow their finger to click on it!

                • I like the humor Oaksmoke. Keep it coming it’s appreciated. Managed to launch some milk from my nose one morning at the kitchen table. Read it to my wife. What’s life without a good laugh?

          • Bubye

        • @possee.

          Just old news being rehashed.

          • slingshot..


            Celente definitely has his finger on the pulse…have been listening to him for years..

            but the constant drumbeat of “great depression” has been banging around for the last 10 years ad nauseum..”any day now.. anytime..”

            This depression has already hit..it is a slow and degrading descent into hell for many of us out here..decreased salaries,increasing fees,taxes,medical,energy,food costs etc etc..

            never mind the total erosion of liberties and the ever encroaching big brother grid..

            Many here immediately blame it on the jews,blacks or muslims…it is far more reaching than simple race or religious baiting..

            These bastards plan everything..

            Nothing is by accident

            Everything is by design..


            • You are so right. Remember the late 1970s when inflation was running wild? Companies were blamed for their profits being too high and unions were blamed for wages that are too high while Uncle Sam spent like a drunk sailor and the Federal Reserve was all too eager to supply the money. Nowhere was the connection between deficits, money creation, abandonment of Bretton Woods. OPEC was blamed and the oil peg was not a topic of discussion.

              “These bastards plan everything..”

              “Nothing is by accident”

              “Everything is by design..”

              Oh so true.

              • Spot on..

                We capped ,or reduced, most oil production due to Kissinger s deal with opec in the 70’s..

                We would buy their oil, they bought our treasuries(debt), and we sit on some of the largest oil reserves to date..

                Bleed the rest of the world first…and of course bomb you back to the stone age should you dare trade outside the petro dollar..hmmm..Iraq,Libya,come to mind
                Iran,Syria are in the crosshairs.

                Afghanistan..hell that’s an easy one
                over a trillion dollars worth of lithium yet un mined..and don’t forget the lucrative poppy crops to finance the black opps..

                Meanwhile..let’s decimate the continental u.s. with cheap money and labor..provide 24/7 bread and circus for the masses so they don’t pay attention to their ongoing demise..

                How quaint it all is..


            • possee.

              Everything is by design. These people do not plan using days or weeks. They think in years and decades. Imposing their will in small increments. While most of the populace can only think as far as a week or two.
              I know that some readers get frustrated at the grave yard humor that surfaces once in awhile at this site. Just trying to take the edge off things.
              I agree the depression is already here. Cities in disrepair and almost bankrupt. Tent cities and the homeless. Families trying to make ends meet. Our buying power diminished. EBT and SNAP cards. All this did not happen over night. The problem is that we go looking for it all. We have to decide what is fact or fiction and what is truth or lies. That is like picking the fly shit out of the pepper. Our information sources are found wanting. Are the articles we read just a disguise to sell merchandise? We have written and read so many articles and we are still no closer to the defining truth.
              Prepping has its own pitfalls. One prep leads to another. We buy and then store them. Then we have to secure them from theft. Security becomes a concern and weapons get involved. Has many disasters can one prepare against? We become hoarders of a different class with mountains of gear and supplies.
              How many of us have taken a step back and said, What the Fuck? Even with the urgency of Mr. Celente’s warnings, how much can the “New Prepper” absorb and put to practice. I have been doing it for years. Have a lot of cool stuff. Spent plenty of money. Found out what works and what doesn’t work. Exposed my weaknesses and strengths. Can only shoot so many bullets and shoot so many guns. Carry so much weight and run so fast. Can do just so much by myself. I find myself wanting to do things that are not practical for me. They don’t fit the plan. Making Dandelion wine, a garden or the canning of food as example. Although I have the urge to do these things, I am reaching the point of overload.
              So I call myself a Terminal Prepper. I am mostly done with the materialistic part and now concentrate on the cerebral.

              • slingshot..

                The advantages we have are numerous..

                First we are aware of what’s occurring..unlike most..
                so we have the initial mindset to be ready and not wake up to shock and awe/disbelief

                Second..we have preparations for short term survival..whatever that may be..

                How this all plays out is anyone’
                s guess..

                I just try to enjoy each day as well..despite the bullshit around us..it ain’t easy though..for any of us.


        • Not sure what else needs to be said, we all know it is going to burn and the worthless in Washington and ignorant masses are mostly to blame.
          Saw the writing on the wall in the 90’s, and said it then, we are finished if people don’t start doing the right thing over the easy thing, and things will not change because most people like it this way or are getting over with the present way.

        • possee,
          I listened to the whole interview. I like listening to Gerald Celente. I think he was being prompted by the interviewer to re-affirm most of the themes with which we are so familiar on this site. Mr. Celente was happy to oblige and did, in his own inimitable way, confirm that we are going into a depression, that we are going into WW III, that Americans are fat, lazy, and clueless, and that our state today is far worse than George Orwell could have imagined when he wrote “1984” in 1948.
          OK. What’s the take-away? Most people who comment on this site already see all of the above. For us, interviews like this one are merely reinforcement of what we already believe.
          Such materials are probably being presented so that those “sheeple” who are still asleep might actually have an “AH-HA!” moment and change their thought patterns and behavior over time.
          As to your ADD charge, it looks like to me that people here just want to vent and socialize, and use any story as an opportunity to hang out with people of like mind. Why insult them by accusing them of having an incapacity to focus? They are highly motivated to read the stories and watch the videos. That’s why they keep coming back.

      16. cure for the depression- ww3. welcome. take a seat, hope that the bombs dont fall on your city. if you surive, congratulations, have kids, teach them well.

      17. When it happens. None of us will really have enough ammo. That’s how bad it will be and I mean that on a serious note!

        • @ buzz,

          If you survive each succeeding ballistic encounter you participate in, your vanquished foes will have no further use for their unused ammo. Call it the fire fight discount.

        • You can only prep so much. Consider that in Ukraine 1920 there were aprox the same pop of people as todays canada has. 30 Million folks if I recall right. Mostly was Farmers. Smaller family farms and villages, small towns besides one or more large cities.

          I bet they had tons of sutff too. Most farms do right. And they lacked so many modern items we have today too, so were already daily prepers as a rule. Yet almost without warning, litterally like a lightning strike, town after town and village by village were totally overrun by bolshevik kommies and red army.

          They had guns too. Obviously Not ar’s nor as many as we in usa have. However they did have rifles and shotguns and revolvers. But like nite to day, it all changed overnite. Those not exterminated killed at first had every food item taken or destroyed before their very eyes. Livestocks shot and taken or burned. Not even one single potato or carrot was left for them as food.

          And resistors got shot dead on the spot after their wives and kids got shot for refusing to out others etc. All who fought got shot dead. Those left alive were allowed to litterally Starve to death slowly. Within just over One year, less than 18 mo, a full Thrid of Entire Ukraine were Dead. 7- Million alone starved to death. It is called the “Holodomer” the Other Holocaust nobody ever hears of.

          Before all that occured they too likly thought they were ok and will remain Self sufficiant etc. Yet it is actually amazeing to consider just how Fast things can change when Others deem You Un important and desire You and Yours all Dead. By viscious evil bastards who Love seeing folks in dire straights. By evil bastards who keep reinventing better methods of Tortures and ways to Prolong your deaths. Then who Celebrate such “victories” on various Holy days celebrations such as Purim.

          Not many folks in any nation are really well equiped to deal with such ruthlessness and pure evil. The avg common folks in usa-canada-all european nations, find it difficult to believe Any other humans can be so evil or viscious or so desire to harm and murder massive tens of millions of good avg people. And that alone should be counted as a Negative for Our side and nations folks. Its like how many liberal deluded types believe all are good folks even if you need first describe Your world view and Then all can sing Kumbya together as one. That ends up Fatal for them who think such. But basically to some degree or other Most avg folks think Nobody can really be that bad or evil…Untill it occures.

          If america ever has to deal with such rapid moving forces hell bent on Our destruction, we likly will Fall as Ukraine did. They then had None or very limited communication abilities. Most still used Horses and Buggy or wagons. Most Remain within Their village spheres as why go elsewheres if you have all you need there right.

          Untill without warning like the RED horse of war in Rev. The Red army kommies decided Todays the day to inavde Ukraine. Same goes for Poland, more russian villages than you can count, basicly entire eastern europe Fell to evil Kommie Bolsheviks and it lasted a full 75 yrs.

          One gander at actual black and white photos of dead in streets with Dogs And folks barely still alive Fighting over “parts” to Eat says more than a hundred books can say.

          And no matter how many guns or prepe we now have. Unless way more americans awaken soon, we just may find we too cannot long stand against such evil ruthless killing machines as them Bolshevik kommies are. And do not say we will be that way too if necessary. Because we Never were nor can be like them. They have had 3000+ yrs of practice and,most of them today, all their orig ancestors were violent Hunns-Mongrels-Turks- All violent Barbarians who basically have never changed.

          Oh yeah, they do change languages, clothes worn, clean shaved, able to Blend in nicely. But to reawaken their orig babaric mentality and abilities is as quick for them to do as simply to Put out a notice nationwide or worldwide when needed. They Can comunicate in so many ways we cannot it Boggles the mind. But like I say they had Over 3000 yrs practice doing nation wrecking and mass genocides. And are of a type who Loves doing so.

          Our type folks will do it If we must. But we Never enjoy it. They Do. And nobody can say for certain, but ALL signs do Point to Americans Are in their sights for the Next nation they plan to Wreck and do genocide to.

          At times I think it be good if we got enough folks together and Bought one of Many ghost citys abundant in Northwest areas due to ceasing all loggings etc. I saw a couple such entire towns for sale online.

          Entire town still basically intact. Just no people any longer like ghost city. Wouldn’t take so much cash if enough folks desired to do it eh. Elect Own mayor-Cops-Sherrif and become a legit City or Town/village.

          Even State and Fed govnt would have to honor it as such eh. Lots of posibilities and maybe only need a hundred or a few hundred folks to do it. Better than go it alone or with very Limited neighbors on board like now. Something to consider perhaps.

          • @ Them Guys – you wrote ,
            “…evil bastards who keep reinventing better methods of Tortures and ways to Prolong your deaths. Then who Celebrate such “victories” on various Holy days celebrations such as Purim.”

            I agree with everything you wrote except that.
            I’m not Jewish – I am Irish & very proud of it (even though I didn’t pick my parents, lol) — seriously,
            I request that you, my friend & ally, please give thought to this:

            when you generalize as casually as that, you poison your entire argument. You literally make yourself hard to believe. That’s a great pity, because 99% of what you wrote is accurate… BUT the thinking people won’t accept what you say if you call the baby “bath water” & toss it out, that way. Yes, a FEW of the elite/illuminati/etc b*stards happen to be physically descended from ancient Hebrews. But some of the Bad Guys are German – yet I don’t ever see/hear diatribes haranguing the Krauts. Some are “caucasian mix”, yet I don’t hear anyone blasting damn whitey. Some of the Elites are oriental, but I don’t read/hear anyone cursing ‘yellow dogs of the east’. Nope – ONLY the few Elites who contain a bit of Hebrew DNA, are singled out — and then you tar-&-feather the ENTIRE RACE with the label. Dammit, friend, get it right. You have so much else right — please get the rest of it right! Be accurate! In these days of a compromised media & lying politicians, we need all the truth we can get.

            Knowing how hard it can be to change a habit,
            I suggest an immediate but small change. It will help. any time you blast “the Jews” (or “the jews”), include the word “Elite” — as in, “the Elite Jews”. This is [more] accurate. On the other hand, if what you MEANT was “bankers”, then please type “bankers” and not “Jews.”

            Not all bankers are Hebrew.
            Not all Jews are bankers!

            Plenty of Elites/banksters are of other races. If you meant George Soros – yes he is of hebrew descent but he ain’t no Jew. A Jew doesn’t betray other Jews, but Soros works hard & long against Israel, against Israel’s allies, & against every tenet of Judaism that has ever existed. He’s a blight on all mankind & is living proof, IMHO, that God is astoundingly merciful. I think if I were God I’d have blasted Soros to heck & back long ago. But Soros has plenty of Elite company, & not all of them share his DNA. You gonna let them off the hook because they have different DNA? I sure hope not!

            so – thank you for your “awake-ness” & your contribution, PLEASE be fair & accurate. This will increase your credibility. 🙂 Thank you.

      18. Problem with the people on this blog is the new talk of hating all old people and all things jewish, Also the new love affair with gay rights espoused here lately. There are some sick folks lurking here and I believe it is actually turning people off such as myself.

      19. I still fully believe in my opinion that something massive, maybe semi massive, physically must happen first. This is no longer farfetched however as you have several problems boiling over. The Middle East is something to watch as the next new moon window approaches. July 8 is the new moon, which means starting July 3 about the moon is dark enough for an Israeli attack, just like the new moon windown in which Syrian arms shipments were hit recently. The problem with beyond July 8 is that Ramadan starts on July 9. So this month the likely window is July 3-8. Because of the 4th of July, it is even more narrow and likely just July 5-8. This doesn’t mean an arab strike to start everything could not happen at anytime.

        I usually don’t watch trials, but I have been watching the Zimmerman one on and off. It is looking more and more likely that the defense is winning, as holes with the story that Trayvon was the innocent victim are seeming more and more fictional. How will blacks react to this if Zimmerman gets off with no charges? I am not sure if they will riot or not. One is that they have their savior BO as their God leading them and this could calm them enough if BO comes on and commands his followers to go home. There is a lot of unemployed blacks in the country that are just looking for an excuse to riot and vent their rage and pick up a big screen TV or two in the riots. Not sure about this one, but it would be a good excuse for the government to at very least test martial law like they did in Boston.

        I go more towards the natural type disasters, and the Gulf and Atlantic are pretty warm like back a few years ago when Katrina, Rita and Wilma hit. The three areas that a super hurricane could affect the entire country, and the most reasonable targets are Houston, Port Fourchon, and New York. Category 5 hurricanes in either Houston or Port Furchon would wreck the energy section for the country. If New York was hit by 30 foot+ storm surge it would topple the economy. Not to forget a massive earthquake either.

        Still one event that people don’t give much thought to is a true terrorist hit. We are not talking some suicide bomber, we are talking a real dirty bomb with hard core deadly radioactive material, a nuke, a germ, even an EMP over a limited area. Conditioned are the masses that feel that terrorism means something that is forgotten about in a couple of days. A true hit would hurt the target zone, but also scare the hell out of everyone. This could easily tip the economy.

        I can certainly see the government false flagging something before the economy reaces critical mass. This could be a black swan like almost none of us thought of. There is a tipping point, how close we will probably see with the type of ‘knee jerk reaction’ WHEN something does happen. Start to see all sorts of executive orders be issued and troop movement from bases around the world back to the U.S. homeland, we are in mega trouble. If the government tells you not to panic that is when it is time to run. I think we are getting fairly close to that moment in time.

        • Hey BI, hope you and yours are well.

          If Zimmerman is found not guilty I think that the black community will start riots and we will see them commit countless hate crimes against Caucasians. Just look at the antics that they did after the shooting, to some it doesn’t matter if the shooting was justified. All that matters to them is that Zimmerman be convicted regardless that Tray on was a punk.

          It will be very interesting to watch as everything plays out.

          God bless,

          • If I had a bag of skittles it would have the same amount as Trayvon Martin’s.

          • @ Norse Prepper and 22Mission. It seems like everything has some sort of junction point for next week Like a lit firecracker, it will either explode or become a dud. The Zimmerman trial could wrap up by July 4th, it is possible. The long weekend and the holiday itself is always a favored terrorist day for attacks. Israel of course and the Middle East. Just the overall government garbage coming up one after another on BO’s watch. Snowden could decide on the 4th. of July to release more about people’s freedoms being erased and how just how elaborate the spy network on regular Americans is.

            If blacks decide to target innocent white people and also innocent spanish people, even asians for some sort of revenge against society this country is going down hard. There are a hell of a lot of firearms owners that will not take this on their backs. Just like these other countries, secular war based only on the color of someone’s skin can definitely begin. All the while the government sits back and says “mission accomplished”.

            I was talking today about black people, and they are far more racist in general than white people. Most white people don’t dislike black people, they are afraid of them because many of them have intense hatred for anyone not black. This hate will become too clear when there is something that triggers them off. Many black people will listen to this trial and say to themselves that just maybe Trayvon was punching Zimmerman’s head into the ground. Others would not believe it even if someone video taped it.

            Again, gun owners are not going to take be shot at by gang bangers. All this plays so well into the plan of that bashee witch feinsteinless, BO, and other anti-self defense nut jobs. It becomes a national security risk for people to own firearms with the race wars. BO signs an executive order to burn the 2nd Amendment and all the good guys, the legal gun owners are put on notice to turn in their firearms. Then hell explodes in the U.S. This may be an exaggeration, but perhaps not. Evil insidous thoughts and plans are being discussed in the government right now for just such scenarioes.

            • BI: Zimmers Trial to Last 4-6 more Weeks, acording to several tv news reporter shows. Do not see the reason it lasts so long. Normal trials last moe like a day or two. Cannot see what can take that long as 4-6 weeks more. But thats whats being reported on several tv channels yesterday.

              Anybody see news clip video of some black woman in a pink cowboy vest with shinney Pink Cowboy hat and speaking to a huge crowd of blacks?…Not sure as it didn’t show it but looks as if shes being interviewed by a reporter film crew. She was railing on and on how “Poor Trayvon was so Hunted down like a Dog in the streets!” and alot more BS added to that. The crowd surrounding her was blacks with pure hate and mass vengence in their eyes and looks.

              They need zero reasons to loot and riot or kill whites.

              Most folks aint aware of it but the last 18 months or so, there are Ongoing mass chimpouts almost every day all across the nation. Some are small with 20-40 african savages chimping out on some innocent whites they attack. Others consist of as many as 500 african savages chimping out doing same. Those very large groups are less common though. But at minimum it is like 2-3 chimpouts Per week on avg I’d say. MSM’s Refuse to show or report any of it. Only if forced to due to deaths and the msm Never mention its africans atatcking whiteys….Always just “Yoots” or Inner city “Yoots”..”Disafected Teen Yoots”…Disenfranchised, Yoots etc…Never “Folks we have a situation of Blacks Savagely attacking Innocent whites out of nowheres without warning”

              Turn that around to whites savageing black “yoots” see how Thats reported in all msm. It is obvious govnt and msm’s Want a race war worse even than black panthers does!

              This is not good. Avg normal folks like us aint supposed to be almost wishing for a chance to whack them monkys as pay back for last 50 yrs crap. But its difficult to Not think that way.

              Theres a really good reason at Babylon the Original 3000+ yrs ago God seperated folks into Other nations, and He made sure afrcian blacks ended up 7000 miles away from white nations. The Two races just do not cohabitate well. Too many differences. And it aint Most whiteys who has trouble acting civilized and peacefull. After several centurys to assimilate with whiteys, it is high time Liberals admit Their Multicultic diversity experiments are vast failures gone Horribly Wrong. And whites has paid the price way worse.

              If I was prez, I’d offer them a few yrs welfare perks and Cash UP front if they agreed to Exit usa and Never return.

              Got zero problems with the remaining 5-10% blacks who do act normal etc…It is that Bad 90-95% part which makes the rest look so bad eh. Russias lookin better every day!

          • riots wont happen in my county.

          • It is with mathamatical certainty that the blacks will riot if Zimmerman is found not guilty. If Governer Scott were smart he would have the national Guard deployed, and B52’s loaded with napalm bombs from Macdill in the air over major cities in Florida.

            • The B52 are a bit of overkill but after its all over Law enforcement will make a case for drones under their control.

            • Slick One: I’ve lived in Miami and the riots were contained to their own neighborhoods in the past. Most whites and latins in the surrounding areas are armed to the teeth and would make short work of them if those clowns ventured out of their zone. I know this because of all the gun shops and ranges that are always busy in the Miami area. Florida has the second largest population of blacks in the country behind N.Y. but they still only make up 16% of the total population. So just ask George A. Custer if numbers matter. If Zimmerman is aquitted I will be carrying an extra ‘piece’, just in case.

            • No Buffs (AF nickname for B52s). Drones are less expensive and not likely to used to “accidently” transport nuclear weapons between bases. Plus, they have to be available to carpet comb [insert your favorite “spring” country here].

              • The threat of a Big Ugly Fat Fella roasting rioters with napalm bombs is a great deterrent.Can a single drone cause the damage a BUFF can? Puff the magic dragon
                would also work well in the rioting hoods.

      20. Yup we are going down in flames if we don’t elect better people instead of people he’ll bent on changing America I don’t know about any one else but I would rather not have the change !
        Fuck change!

      21. HOW TO KNOW WHEN THE FINANCIAL CRASH IS COMING. This is so simple that anyone can do it.

        The economic indicator to watch is the interest rate on the 10 year treasury bond. The economy of the ENTIRE WORLD is based on this one figure. The rate was 1.6% about a week ago and is now 2.50% which is what caused all the stock market gyrations in the last several days. When the interest rate on the 10 year bond passes the interest rate on the 30 yr bond (3.5%) the SHTF. It won’t matter how much paper the government prints, America and the world will be in a depression when the 4-5% level is breached. If you are thinking of buying gold or silver, be careful. The price may crash as low as 4-500$ when the stock market collapses. (Maybe lower)
        I know most of you don’t invest in stocks or bonds, but it does not keep you from checking the 10 yr bond rate. I can guarantee you that you will know when the crash is going to happen. Most people will be in a daze asking what is going on and you will be tucked away in survival mode protecting your physical assets.

        I guarantee you that most of you will think this is worthless information because it is too simple. Ignore this at your own risk.

        • simple is good for me cowdoc…just a tip though…

          there will be absolutely no gold or silver anywhere for purchase at the price you mentioned.

          better to buy it now.

          to those who say that you can’t eat pm’s…get your heads out of your ass and learn how to negotiate.

          if you can’t think outside the box, your chance of survival is thin.

      22. Well, no doubt we are seeing the breakdown of social and economic standards not only in this country, but world-wide. There is social unrest world wide at this time and the level of violence seen in other countries have not yet reached our shores. If when it does, it will be very bloody because so many are armed with some of the finest weapons they can buy on the open market and few from the black market too.
        I just think we are heading into a situation of terror and unimaginable acts not seen by any American since the revolution war.
        We need to pray for our country.
        Just my opinion…….

      23. They want their new world order…wouldn’t surprise me if (they) destroyed their own white house. Seems as tho it represents, at least to me, our old order. I certainly could picture them stating that they would want the new white house in a place, say, Denver area.

        • @ LSB… dont you mean Under the denver airport?

      24. Almost time to get ready to can tomatoes. All i can say is keep buying ammo cause ya gonna need it from what i been reading. race riots in the cities, not enough police or dhs, this is gonna get interesting in a big hurry so keep your powder dry, wet your whistle now while ya gotta chance cause this dont look good. keep preppin and god bless

      25. A plug here for Michael snyders novel…The beginnining of the end. It really puts whats happening in perspective. This really is a battle between good and evil folks. Keep prepping and praying.

        God bless.

      26. Quote of the week, take or thoughts off the troubles and focus on a giant of history that has gone before.

        “An honorable Peace is and always was my first wish!
        I can take no delight in the effusion of human Blood;
        but, if this War should continue,
        I wish to have the most active part in it.”

        “Surrender?! I have not yet begun to fight!”

        “I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm’s way”

        It seems to be a law of nature, inflexible and inexorable, that those who will not risk cannot win.

        Whoever can surprise well must conquer.

        If fear is cultivated it will become stronger, if faith is cultivated it will achieve mastery.

        John Paul Jones

      27. slingshot & possee: I agree
        RickinOregon: re:tuna: Tommy The Cat
        will be very pleased 🙂

      28. @Be Informed

        In your opinion, what is the likelihood the a seismic event could happen in the Yellowstone area? Documentaries claim that it is overdue for a mega event.
        Is there the potential for a terrorist strike out other military actions to provoke this mega volcano?

        @ anyone who wants to respond
        It appears that every one is convinced that there its going to be a catastrophic event soon that will send us into chaos, starvation, riots, and such. Does anyone have evidence to support a time frame? People say soon, but how soon? Sure things look bad and we are in debt as a country up to our eyeballs, but why does all of this have to collapse? Is there no way to fix this?

        I am just a layman trying to understand, so if you can make it simple for me, I would appreciate it.
        Thank you for any info, out links to info that will better help me understand all of this.


        • @ James in Dallas. I have read from geologists that it is suppose to build up to a super volcano and we would have plenty of time to be prepared. This is not true in the case of an earthquake in the right spot. National Geographic did a fictional account of Yellowstone being “unzipped” and the magma was able to breach the surface and continued to erupt. The timeline for this is most difficult to gauge. There say the eruption occur on a 600000 year cycle, but this is based on ONLY the last 3 eruptions. The hot spot is also another issue.

          Just like in Hawaii, the hot spot moves. Yellowstone use to be a supervolcano in Idaho for example. Just like the islands in Hawaii, one island goes dead and another one comes alive and mountain building begins. That hot spot might have moved to what I call a more dense plug, thicker crust. Since the last eruption this hot spot has likely moved about 30 miles or so. This can help prevent another eruption for a long time. There is also the possibility there is less mass holding it at bay. The fact is that there is a lot more magma that people relaize down there. While they thought that the Yellowstone eruption would be in the order of 3000 cubic kilometers, it actually might be almost double this, in the range of 5500 cubic km.

          What to look for in regards to a slower eruption cycle would be in every newspaper, they could not hide the swelling of the ground, the chemical releases, the water table changes, the mass of earthquakes. We would know. The quick eruption would likely be an earthquake of at least 6.5, probably above 7 that would rip open a big enough fissure to rapidly start the chain reaction. So look for a close enough large earthquake to Yellowstone as a possible eruption ignition event. Like in 1959 in which many were worried when a close by quake of about 7 hit the Montana region.

          As a time frame, long term geologic events such as Yellowstone are very difficult to get even within a thousand year period. The odds say that the event is probably a little overdue, by nothing like the southern San Andreas is. With other events, you can use rough ballpark numbers for estimating events. For example it has been 68 years since the last world war. IF a world war occurs every 50 years, then the chances of a world war this year would be 75%. .98 times itself 68 times = .25 that there won’t be, .75 or 75% there will be. a 100 year time cycle would be .99 times itself 68 times is 50%. Say every 200 years a world war occurs, then the odds are .995 times itself 68 times or .71 there won’t be, or 29% chance there will be WW3 this year based on the 200 year occurance. That is one way of calculating the odds.

          This can definitely apply to geophysical events. With the ecomonic collapse this has to do with phantom numbers and the ability of those cheaters figuring out how to continue to fool everyone. Only they really know. Other time frames in regards to such an event as a deadly pandemic have to do likely with the population increase and the number of tropical and sub-tropical areas that have become totally unclean cess pits. Germs love hot, humid and moist, filthy hellholes to breed like an ideal petri dish. I would say for each population increase in India and other countries in these zones of 10%, the odds of setting off a death plague go up by double based on the amount of raw sewage and amount of land that can hold the human excrement and other toxic wastes. Eventually these numbers reach 100%. This is the way pathogens work in a lab, eventually they run out of space and look for hosts to carry them to new locations. Much the same trees create feather like material around a seed to let the wind take it to a more favorable location.

          I also use the amount of arable land per square mile that equals the amount of people within a country or the world. I have found that starvation or the need for another country to feed the people is reached between 1500 to 2000 people per square mile of arable land. The United States only has about 460 people per sq. mile of arable land and is an exporter of food. India is about 2000 people per sq mile of arable land and is going hungry and needs other country’s food. Only about 20 countries in the world are under that 1000 people per sq. miles of arable land. The world is at about 1400 right now, near that dangerous threshold.

          If you are wondering how to do this, the World Almanac has the percentage of arable land for each country. Take the amount of land and muliply it by the percentage of arable land to get the total sq. miles. Then take the population and divide it by the amount of arable land to get the number of people per sq mile of arable land. It is a very telltailing project to see just how out of crop land there really is around the world. Few places in the world have more than 10% arable land in their nation. I hope this gives you an idea why so many people are worried about true nightmares coming. What can you do about it? Try to prepare as best as you can for your family for what is coming.

      29. I was thinking about something a friend of mine told me today. Years ago, they decided to explain to their child the hierarchy of the family. They began by pointing out that the father was the head of the household. As the head, he made the big decisions. The child thought about that for a few seconds and responded by letting them know that the mother was the neck, and she could turn the head any way she wanted. That ended the lesson.

      30. Well BI

        I would say something is shifting .
        And the window for something is here .
        Long holidays and weekends seems to be it .
        And the south would be the spot to bring it .

        There seems to be an abundance of military here .
        With combat equipment .
        Like I say though, I sure hope it does not go live .
        Mustard gas is horrid
        And does settle to the ground

      31. I’ve got my tinfoil hat and that’s all that matters.

        • Get a lead lined one.

      32. Just a thought, after working at a hospital for the last 20 years, seems like the last 5 to 6 years emergency preparedness is a key issue. I’ve notice areas in the hospital we are storing hundreds of military style cots, personal protective gear with breathing apparatus, medical supplies, decon tents, we are setting them up and running drills, and now just cleared a large area to store food I was told, bet they are mre’s. Being in the maintenance dept. I see a lot as well as train for it. Now we are being told that everyone in our dept. Must take their pager home and leave it on in case of a big situation. Maybe I’m just getting paranoid in my old age,But I do believe something wicked is coming our way, just hope they don’t think I’m sticking around at work when it does!

        • Iceman

          What part of the country do you lived? Can you post some pictures of the supplies?
          It is one thing to use filter masks and another to use positive air flow suits.
          In the decon. Are they using soap and water or some chemical agent. Anyone else in the medical field see these types of actions.

          • Slingshot, I will take some pics when I can, also get more detailed info on equipment being used. Also the next thing going on that raised a question is that we are in this program called electrical shedding, where when called upon is to turn off whatever is not being used, when I asked the rep. That day it was said to ease up usage off the grid during peak usage, high temps as well as when it gets really cold, of course there’s a $ incentive but where was this years ago, shouldn’t we conserve all the time? Anyway, let’s just say I’m located between new York and DC.

            • smart meters can “shed” electric remotely too. Most of Kalifornia has them now.

            • Over the last 6-8 months my hospital has installed its own power plant. We almost ran out of diesel after October snowstorm in 2012, CL&P got the electricity restored just in time. I can’t speak to mre’s , decontam, etc. but I did find this very interesting.

          • I am a Plant Operations Director at a hospital. We have lots of disaster supplies, and practice witH the supplies on a regular basis. Oh, and just to inform you, the taxpayers paid for all of it. The government wants us to be prepared!!!………….Rushmore

        • Healthcare providers, please substantiate. My friend’s wife is a nurse. The following comes from her.
          The much anticipated construction of a new regional hospital, approved, has been put on hold. Reason, ACA , ( Obamy Care).

          Staff has been layed off, in droves. Reason, ACA.

          How Gov keeps Medicare costs down….. Lump sum payment in first part of the year. That’s all you get. When it runs out ( it has, by the way), your on your own. But you still have to treat Medicare patients, by law. ( I would not really want to be a patient right now!)

          Nurses and staff expected and realigned to handle significantly more patients than ever before.

          The only thing positive I have heard about Gov Run Healthcare comes from my Lib buddy who likes to brag how Medicare keeps operating costs to under 3 percent. Damn these buerocrats ( spell ck typed burro rats, that’s great!) can keep costs down! Single payer, single payer…. That’s what he wants. And bad. He wants it bad. Gov good, choice bad.
          WTF is wrong with these people? It’s a mental disease. White guilt? Suicidal? Gov Love?

          p/s… Libby buddies current rant….. Locals getting Maine tags for their trailers, cheating our home state out of revenue. I attempted to explain market forces, giant hand, state’s rights, etc. and it just made him more furious. ” our state needs those taxes. It deserves those taxes. It does good things with our money. I don’t mind paying, and wouldn’t mind paying more! ” wtf!

          • Rick, you’re right, staff at my hospital has been cut down,all departments, now the recent thing is if a patient’s call light/bell is going off and I’m walking by, I need to stop and look in on the patient and ask if I can help or say the nurse will be with you as soon as they can, WTF, I like to help but where is the real help? I shouldn’t be responsible for that, just like I’m not comfortable in a decon suit, but I guess the maint guy is expendable.

            • New patient safety video instructs pts to call their own RRT if they need help and nurse doesn’t come. An RRT is one step below a code blue. Talk about wasting resources when drs, reps therapists, a pharmacist, and clinical resource RN all have to show up. Now al the druggies and manilulators know how to get attention, and deny real patients the care they need.

              Also , oblambie’s ACA mandating electronic records is ballooning healthcare costs. It has turned RNs into overqualified data entry technicians. the whole situation is disgusting. Computer charting in Anesthesia has been the worst. Sme things automatically chart but when SHTF with the patient, at some point you have to start inputting narrative. I usually call my backup attending in the room and while we manage the patient I chart while there are two pair of eyes on the pt/surgeon/monitor. Our computers are mounted in a fashion that forces me to turn my back on the surgical field/patient to chart. Its utter bullshit.

              If you want to make healthcare more affordable we need tort form, so drs cand simply treat their pts and nor practice defensively.

              Sorry to get so off topic, but damn, I worry I wont have a job in another 18 months.

              • Interesting POV from the trenches, PenCRNA, and I’ll bet you have a lot more you could write on the topic. It’s real-life observations like yours that need to be brought to the attention of those who are motivated enough and influential enough to do something to turn the situation around. Perhaps it’s too optimistic of me to imply that TPTB are rational and pragmatic and might just do what is efficient and what works. But you should be heard anyway.

          • Rick,
            Maybe you should talk your liberal friend into reading Peter Schiff’s “The Real Crash”. He explains why we should abolish the SEC, FDIC, and IRS, and do away with the federal income tax and FICA, Social Security, and Medicare. And LBJ’s college subsidies, and all the remaining artifacts of the New Deal.
            He may violently resist such ideas today, but once those ideas are in his head, he could come around in the future, especially if he’s young.
            What’s that saying attributed to Churchill? Something like, “If you’re not liberal when you’re young, you have no heart. If you’re not conservative when you’re older, you have no brain.”
            Regardless of whether or not Churchill actually said that, there’s some truth in it.

        • Iceman

          You’re not paranoid it’s appening here in the UK as well, and the ‘practice’ trauma and major incidents are changing, it always used to be a Tain wreck or multi car pile up, now it’s AZ mat and mass blast injuries. It’s not you.

          Take care

          • HAZ not AZ …hazardous
            . Sorry x

            • It’s OK, Burt. I just thought it was your accent.

      33. Yesterday I read in “BusinessInsider” that the U.S. will be more than Saudi Arabia’s oil production.

        Sent review these terms:

        “Okay, great! Only failure to warn everyone that we will be equal, no drinking water!”

        In the act was classified as “spam.”

        Anything suspicious, very suspicious.

        I have written here many times, my email is known [email protected] Network since dial-up was created.

        Now little, six o’clock, I was having a few beers with my in-laws to twenty miles from here. They live in “sites” Farms are further away.

        Conversation goes, talk is, both are of the opinion that no march “burn” something not appear in the media, becomes “a gay thing” (according to them).

        Another thing I heard was coined d’one on animal feed, urea complaining that he came at last batch of diet lost 36 head of cattle. The feed was at bay, it rained, one by one the animals were lying “stews”.

        It did not help the handler thread needle in the stomach, died.

        Burgers were good though!

        Returning to the case of oil, may believe, is the cold “fraking” (as it is “cool” to live on the West Coast, the radiation from Fukushima is there.


        “Tudo bem, excelente! Só falta avisar a todos que, ficaremos igual, sem água potável!”

        No ato fui classificado como “spam”.

        Coisa suspeita, muito suspeita.

        Já escrevi lá muitas vezes, meu e-mail [email protected] é conhecido na Rede desde que acesso discado foi criado.

        Agora pouco,seis da tarde, fui tomar umas cervejas com meus cunhados a vinte quilômetros daqui. Eles moram em “sítios”, Fazendas ficam mais longe.

        Conversa vai, conversa vem, ambos são de opinião de que, passeata sem “queimar” alguma coisa não aparece na mídia, vira “coisa de gay” (segundo eles).

        Outra coisa que ouvi d’um dos cunhados foi sobre ração animal, ele reclamando da uréia que veio no último lote de ração, perdeu 36 cabeças de gado de corte. A ração estava na baia, choveu, um a um os bichos foram deitando “estufados”.

        Não adiantou o tratador enfiar agulha no estômago, morreram.

        Bons hamburgueres foram embora!

        Voltando ao caso do petróleo, podem crer, é fria o “fraking” (assim como é “fria” morar na Costa Oeste, a radiação de Fukushima está lá).”

      34. Uma piada que ouvi de piloto de avião num bar: “-Sabe como acha um japonês em aeroporto? É só cortar a energia, o que brilhar no escuro é japonês!”

        Coisas da radioatividade…. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


        A joke I heard the airplane pilot in a bar: “You know how to find a Japanese airport? Just cut the power, which glow in the dark is Japanese!”

        Things radioactivity …. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!


        • chew tabaca, chew tabaca, chew tabaca, “spit”

      35. Don’t forget Adam Kokesh and his march on Washington DC. The police have arrested this guy numerous times, the govt. knows people are fast approaching the edge. July 4th weekend could see something happen, if it does I would say a good 80% chance that this will be a false flag incident, keeping that in mind I believe many Americans are going to stand their ground, then we will find out if there are still true Americans in our police and military.

        • That march was cancelled like a month ago. Kokesh himself admitted, after much criticism from all sides, that it was not a good idea. He and others suggested that people march unarmed on their state capitals, if they still wanted to protest, instead.

      36. Was out enjoying a brew after work, watchin the kids play in there pool, enjoying the heat. I just had a thought come to me thinking if SHTF I really hope the power stays on. Im to poor for that fancy solar stuff and hate choppin wood.

          • Not true. I’ve always assumed Daisy and her daughter had to be in pretty good health to survive in the wild on their own, but some people aren’t.

            If there is a cme or emp and the grid is fried, what says the generator will start? And if it does, do you have a lifetime of gas? Everyone on life support or needing a medication that has to be refrigerated or can’t be made in your kitchen will die much earlier than if there was power.

            Most could survive, but won’t because the masses aren’t prepping for it and when their kids are hungry or they just want what you have there will be chaos!!
            molon labe

        • Where I live, many thousands would die of heat-stroke. We have already had rolling blackouts that affected not just residential customers but businesses and hospitals. No discrimination; if you don’t have a natural gas-fired or Diesel generator, you get well acquainted with skin-searing heat. Actually, data centers and some hospitals do have backup power to last a few days, but beyond that all bets are off.

      37. Sorry for the shift of topic. Did any of you see the Fox report on Bengazi tonight? I am so totally ashamed of our government. And our people, who put their blinders on and voted for the Odamanation of our presidential seat. All the “conspiracists were right, so why not believe every thing that is claimed now? How can anyone even consider hillabillary for ANY future office? Why are charges not being brought up against officials all the way to the top? We are in serious trouble! And I have just figured out why there have been no threats on o, the other nations are laughing at us and enjoying the spectacular circus that is the US.

      38. just remember this folks …

        this is All happening by NWO GLOBALIST BANKER U.N. DESIGN

        the ZOG AmeriKa FEDGOV and STATEGOV’S are All in on it – UN AGENDA 21

        your very own in-the-know state congress senate and political prostitute critters are banking $$$ on it , becoming multimillionaires off it all

        ‘Welcome to the JEW.S.A.’

        this is the very real ‘ZOG AMERIKA NWO UN AGENDA 21 HUNGER GAMES’ and you all now have-no-choice but to play in them nation wide .


        * affordable secured protected safe housing , stored food water + gardens , weapons to defend it , and become your own bank i.e. leave only enough cash in banks accounts to cover bills , close cash out all paper investments , store your wealth in / buy pm’s and learn new home based trades . learn to become flexible and have a triple redundancy on everything mentioned above .

        * get a ‘second passport’ to a neutral semi modern low crime country i.e. ecuador iceland switzerland ibiza madagascar thailand etc etc

        * hide secure your prep’s and secure your homes / vehicles with rec vid security camera’s and solid locks / anti-theft devices

        something very wicked and evil ‘zio-jew usury’ comes this way across All of ZOG AmeriKa


        NinaO ;0p

      39. Why pay any attention to folks who give finiancial advise. they say buy this stock or this prep. now they tout gold & silver. In a 1870,s or 1880,s survival mode gold & silver are a worthless liability. a steel trap or a sharp knife would be worth more. Would I let someone starve. If they starve its not my doing. They should be accountable for themselves. Ill not risk starving me & mine feeding anyone else. those who you trust when push cones to shove will not be trustworthy. remember DTA Dont Trust Anyone. Family are the worst. Look at how the siblings will fight over the parents stuff when they die! Would you today give those your willing to trust with your life if SHTF happens your credit card? A blank check? A key to your house? your pin number? unfettered access to everything you own including your wife or young daughter? of course not! yet many folks stupidly believe thpse same folks will somehow become trustworthy in a SHTF situation.When society falls apart if your not a mean dangerious crafty physically fit lucky self reliant person with Know How. Someone who is willing to do and endure unthinkable acts. If you not ruthless
        your going to die. It wont make any difference how much you prep or how much gold & silver you hoard

        • sc,
          I walked for 3 hours yesterday, and it was 102 outside. I got VERY thirsty. I wondered what people would do to get rid of that awful feeling, especially if they felt that way for days or weeks on end, and also had the rip-roaring shits from the Giardia, Shigella, and Salmonella that they got from drinking filthy water.

      40. Mclovin, good evening. You’re right on target and no, I don’t think your thought process has been affected by a movie. The threats that white people face from all these minority groups is real. We can only WISH it was a movie, but it’s not. I spent the years 1975-1982 in Miami which is about as culturally diverse as anyplace can get. You’re especially correct about us being too culturally tolerant; to the point that our own culture is being threatened and in danger of becoming extinct. Whenever TSHTF, and the great die-off begins, those minority groups will be among the victims. We’ll lose around 90% of our population to various causes before the dust finally settles. It will be so horrific. braveheart

      41. We are on the 399th page of a 400 page book about America.

        We are about to read ‘The End’.

        And in The End, 99% of folks did not live happily ever after.

      42. A few years back Cargill the worlds largest food producer I believe, got a new CEO. A former North Dakota farm kid if I remember right and he said something that stuck with me. He said we are only 1 or 2 bad crop years away from having a real food shortage and millions if not billions of people starving to death as a result; the Gov’t coffers are empty.

        Earlier this week I was watching the local news and they said the average corn height in the state was 10″s and last year at this time it was 32. I have never seen so many fields lying fallow as there are right now; it’s surreal…

        This could be the year the CEO was referring to and food prices could explode and food could even become scarce if people start to panic. If you think the outcome of a trial will induce rioting, wait till the freeloaders can’t find food. The parable of the ant and the grasshopper will be more like the ant and a swarm of locusts who have been conditioned to believe they are owed & deserving of what you have and will definitely try to take it thru whatever means necessary. My 2 cents… L

        • Lanny & Mark,

          Your posts about food supplies reminded me of this article…

          China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Since the U.S. is in debt so badly to China, I assume they will get their bushels first.
          Years ago, the U.S. used to keep large surpluses of corn and other grain…just in case.

          But, that is not the case now.

          The article below is 5 years old. I wonder what the current situation is?

          US Grain Reserves Dangerously Low

          As of 2008, “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief. … Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry. There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve.

          The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”

          Free Republic dot com

            • KY Mom,
              Somebody there at that FreeRepublic page posted a link to the USDA CCC Commodity Inventory report, and they update the PDF that’s posted here:

              That inventory is correct as of 31 May.

              Here’s an interesting little piece on the CCC:


              “When the Commodity Credit Corporation acquires commodities through either collateral acquisition or nonrecourse loans, it stores and processes commodities through contracts with commercial warehouses.”

              So tell me if I’m reading the PDF cited above correctly. The CCC can acquire inventory and store it or it can dump inventory. If it makes large acquisitions, then the absence of that inventory from the market would tend to apply upward pressure on prices. According to the PDF, CCC-owned inventory for all commodities is ZERO at the moment. So have they just dumped everything to artificially lower prices? If so, they seem to be doing so at a time when our capacity to produce corn, sugar, and other commodities is very low. As I remarked elsewhere, my nice motorcycle ride in the country yesterday turned to near-panic when I saw dead corn fields as far as the eye could see.
              What is going on here!?

      43. Norse Prepper, good evening and good to hear from you. I hope you and yours are well. I think it’s a safe bet there will be riots if Zimmerman is acquitted, but watch out for the prosecution and/or the judge to pull some dirty trick to railroad the poor guy. They know damned well there will be riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty and will do anything to keep riots from happening. all these gangbangers are still making their threats and normally work in mobs, but try to get any of them to fight just one-on-one; forget it, will never happen, because they can’t win a one-o-one fight. they gotta have their “homies” for back up because it’s the only way they know how to fight. let any of them try that with me and they’ll be staring at the business end of my pistol. that trial is one reason I’m speeding up my prepping. I feel we’re all running out of time. braveheart

      44. Hey Mac! I know there are endless articles out there, and you can only post so many. Check this one out! posthttp://www.infowars.com/ex-chicago-cop-zimmerman-acquittal-to-cause-race-riots/ Of topic I know but something we should be discussing IMO!

      45. Estou no Brasil e acho muito divertido ler comentários aqui de gente que diz: “vou matar”, “vou defender minha família”, “vou resguardar meus valores de família”… .

        Fico imaginando uns caras no décimo andar de algum prédio ou, no máximo na garagem de alguma casa com o notebook na mão.

        Em todos esses anos que converso na Rede com pessoas que falam inglês, poucas vezes encontrei alguém que dissesse:

        – Se der merda, vou ajudar meu vizinho.

        Individualismo assusta, creiam.

        Muitos falam de “Deus”.


        “Deus” só há um!

        Salvo melhor juízo, somos filhos Dele.

        Que mal há em conversarmos diretamente com Ele e passarmos por cima das religiões?



        “I’m in Brazil and I think a lot of fun reading the reviews here of people who say, “I will kill,” “I will defend my family,” “I will protect my family values​​” … .

        I wonder some guys on the tenth floor of a building, or at most in the garage of a house with notebook in hand.

        In all these years I talk Network with people who speak English, rarely met someone who said:

        – If it sucks, I will help my neighbor.

        Individualism scares believe.

        Many speak of “God”.


        “God” there is only one!

        Based on my knowledge, we are His children.

        What’s wrong with talk directly with him and move on top of the religions?


        • You obviously haven’t been on this site for long.

      46. Regarding the topic: Going into the Greatest Depression:

        Do you have community– a caring group of people in your life– and are they “awake” to the likely Simultaneous life-KILLING events that will be foisted on us in one fell swoop to paralyze, jolt, and weaken us?

        Do you have nonperishable food and water stored somewhere to last you 3+ months?

        Do you have any solar gadgets, or other systems in place [for when the Grid goes down and stays down for 10-15 weeks] so you can have some light, some power, some heat?

        Are all those things in a Faraday Cage?

        Are your supplies redundant, and spread out in different places?

        What if Hurricane Sandy was both a warm-up (a test), and revelation of how civilians without power, water, food will respond/yell/cope/moan/adapt and what if anything government, on any level, will do?

        It might be a very cold winter, my friends, I certainly hope not, though.

        Are you prepared for hysteria and other non-sensible reactions– both in your neighborhood and in your government– when the next false flag goes down?

        Do you realize that next false flag could very well be this July 4th weekend because the Boy Scout jamboree was moved from its traditional secure location to an unsecured one?

        Are you prepared to conserve your physical energy if simultaneous events come down on us and to carefully think out your strategy?

        Do you believe your God is infinitely MUCH bigger and infinitely MORE powerful than all the evil going on?

        Do you TRUST (have faith) in your God, and do you pray for Guidance?

        Do you realize that Prism is probably part of a massive world-wide surveillance system designed to control us, limit out freedom, and destroy our liberties?

        (Do THOSE people realize GOD surveils THEM!?)

        Do you know that there is a patent online that demonstrates how your flatscreen (yes, your flatscreen) can be utilized as a camera?

        Do you also know there are patents for cable boxes that include a microphone and camera?

        I have nothing against any one from another country but do you know that foreign troops have been training in our country and spotted by citizens here and there? If that is the way it’s always been and is considered a courtesy, then why are they kept hidden, out of sight, out of view, and unpublicized?

        My friends, we very well may be living in the end times described in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. Prepare spiritually. Stay in the light. Think carefully– very carefully as to how you decide to act or behave because although God has already conquered evil, Satan wants to take as many souls as it can to hell. The real battle is a spiritual one the manifestations of which are all the topics we discuss at this site.

        My family members, like yours, lived, suffered through the Depression. We need to be hopeful but we need to be prepared. We also need to treat each other here at this site with respect. It’s ok to agree or disagree with each other, right? But if we do it without “attacking” the other, then we will have much more class than those out to destroy us and our liberty. As John and Paul wrote, “Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussin’ and fightin’ my friends.”

        “In war, truth is the first casualty.” – Aeschylus

        “The root of all war is fear.” – Thomas Merton

        “It is no secret that evil is live spelled backward.” – M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “Those that make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK

        “Feed the man dying of hunger because if you have not fed him, you have killed him.” – Gratian

        – The Lone Ranger

        • One of the hurricanes we lost power for 2 weeks, got it turned on for 1 day and lost it for 2 weeks again. I enjoyed it. I have solar panels,etc but they don’t work with a hurricane. I ended up using a set of jumper cables from my car to charge the batteries for about 30 min. a night and just ran refridgerator, tv,fans and some light off of it. I agree totally with your post. Fear is one of our biggest enemies. Almost all anger is fear. Fear of losing what we have or not getting what we want. I also hope that I feed my neigbor instead of fearfully holding onto what I have. I also do dissaster cleanup. Some towns were so wiped out. Water deliverd from trucks and Government workers handing out mri’s. My wife always complains when I come back that I’m depressed from it. Getting prepared spiritually has to be put ahead of the phsical. Whatever you put ahead of God He seems to remove it.

          • One more thing..I heard this speaker that was a prisoner of war. He talked about priorities and how they change. He was one of the ones that the Japanese took on the death march. He often credit his survial to God and the fact that he was a small man. He said first food was really important. They were starving. That’s all he could think about as they marched. Then they put him on a barge and it was so hot. They never gave him any water. Now food didn’t matter, all he wanted was a drink. Then they shut them down in a whole in the barge. People had the runs, urinating, vomiting. He said he couldn’t breathe. He no longer thought about water, just air. You don’t really know what you may need or where you may be. God may have you go visit a realative before your city is bombed. I was thinking when I had that month without power it didn’t really bother me cause my life was such that I was always have to figure out how to deal with the problems. God will give you the trials to prepare for what you will need if we turn to him. Try fasting. Most get really sick if they never went without food or water for 24 hrs. Yet if you do it several times a year it dosn’t affect you a lot just makes you a little week. First time though you body dumps a lot of poisons and most people feel like crap. It will also really help you in putting God first and removing the fear in your life.

        • Feed a man dying of hunger? I dunno know about that. however The poductive have been feeding & housing the parasitic for decades with food stamps of welfare. Fuck them. Ill not give them any food. It will be their own fault if they are starving. I wont have killed them. they will have done it to themselves. Every squirrl knows to store up acorn & nuts for the winter. Any squirrl who dont starves and his lazy genetics dont get passed on. Humans should be at least as smart. If we enable the parasitic humans we twart the natural selection and increase their numbers. Let those parasite oxyen thief,s starve Ill not be their enabler.

          • Sheptical, when you are that man dying of hunger, I will feed you.

            The Lone Ranger

            • Ill never ask you to feed me and mine. you have a responsibility to your own. Ive got enough to take care of my tribe. If we let others have it we deserve to starve. Charity begins at home. there will be so many starving if you share with the parasites who didnt prep you couldnt save anyone. If you are irresponsible & feed one starving parasite person the masses will learn you have food the starving will quicky rob you of everyhing.Then you will starve. Why not let god sort them out? If you prepare to take care of you and yours and I take care of me and mine an all others do the same nobody will starve. Those who dont work dont eat was a good policy.

          • I agfree I am tired of having my earnings depleted by hoards of welfare collecting baby mommas with their 4 to 6 bastard ghetto children. Amazing that some people subscribe to the theory of “Mo Baby = Mo Check”, and then breed like flies and roaches. You breed them you feed them, yo baby dont be my problem.

      47. I’ll level with you guys. I’m finally doing pretty good. I’m the core guy at my very large company…it’s healthcare related…so it’s not going away anytime soon..folks need care..depression or not.

        I’m all prepped up…so spare me the chatter…
        I’m looking forward to buying some aging boomers bike who lost his job and is trying to pay is mortgage. I’ll come in with cash…maybe some silver.

        Then I’ll enjoy it. ha There you go.

        Don’t think we’re headed to mad max days. Such bs.

        But yeah….you’ll see “ghost malls”, main st. will shut up. China mart will be what’s left… some gas stations. Just like my grandma told me..that everything shut down.

        Just so long as I keep my house. I rent the upstairs…it covers the mort. So I pick up the utils and the taxes.

        OK…so no trip to disney…fuck it…seen it.
        No or less eating out… getting tired of that food anyway.

        I have the land ready for a massive garden and a huge greenhouse.

        There’s nothing I can do about any of this shit. I’m an NRA member..that’s as far as I go.

        I only have about 25 years left…time to breath the chemtrail air….look at the grey blue sky that’s not washed out and dream of a time when I remember very DEEP blue skies.

        Time to remember seeing the factory smoke and everyone had a nice house, car, and the like.


        One day the UN troops will be commies… when we get to that point… you’ll start to think differently as they drag you to a fema camp.

        rot there. dems.

        • Craigslist has many Harley bikes.
          I find it strange they are selling before the summer season has a good start yet.

          • @JJ ..Maybe they want to ride something reliable like my Honda VTX1800.

        • Let men marry men.
          Let women marry women.
          Let women abort till they are ecstatic.
          3 generations?? No more idiots!!

      48. Here is a idea that should get me a few red thumbs. What if this is all a Distraction? Maybe thePTB know of a coming disaster. Could Wormwood in the Bible be the planet Nibiru? If so, then maybe all that deficit spendind doesnt matter. All the underground cities that the PTB have built with our taxes, bullets (2 billion) for the DHS are now missing. Could they be stored in the under ground? The polar shift is happening, is this natural or caused by wormwood? The PTB ARE preparing for something. It may not be a economic collapse. I think it is, but there is some strange shit going on and alot of $$ spent on underground construction. Also there has been alot of false flag or “distractions” going on, for instance N Korea (fizzled) Bengazi(fizzled) Syria, NSA, Gun control etc. People (patriots) murdered or dying of heart failer that are in the “know”. I just dont want to be narrow focused and be blind sided. Most of you remember JOG. He did know something, and he did study the Sun alot as I think he is a physist. The PTB know something that we Dont. And we all know about the economy. forgive my spelling/punctuation as I was a welder mechanic, not a journalist.

        • Don’t usually offer prepper advice but somethings to look into. If your in the Northeast U.S.. Learn to identify groundnuts. They grow everywhere around here.(not peanuts). They have a long root with a potato every 4 to five inches. They were never commercialized because they were a 2 year crop if planted by a seed. My land is covered with them. The Indians and the settlers used to fight over them. Very good cancer fighter also. If they don’t grow there plant them. Each potato makes a new vine. Two species of the Air Potato are etible, also Kudzo which grows over a foot a day and takes over everything. Lots more of these invasives were brought here because they were food for other countries. Now they are trying to get rid of them. Especially your water plants. Check them out on eattheweeds.com.

        • Definitely wormwood could be Nibiru or Planet X…most likely it is. Your post has given me food for thought. Thanks 🙂

        • Dave, it would explain a lot..esp. attitude of the butthole congress.

        • Wormwood is “Cherynoble” in Russian. aka Nuke plant disater 20 yrs ago.

      49. Pretty much the only thing that makes me feel good is more preps, more tools, and steps closer to self sufficiency.

      50. Stockholm syndrome, or capture–bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness. The FBI’s Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 27% of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.

        Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.” One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual’s response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be a threat.

        • By Jove! That syndrome just may explain the hows and whys for 50 million folks who refuse to aknowledge the true threats from zios! 50 million zio christians has stockholm syndrome!….Love and Worship of their destroyers! Bingo! ok so now what? any ideas How to Cure em all asap before usa falls for good.

          • Them Guys; Have you had a chance to read the article ;Earths Alpha Predator;Zionist Mafia? The article is on Rense.com.
            What is your opinion on Melvan Tavakoli Keshe the iranian nuclear scientist that is developing technology to render all modes of modern warfare obsolete. Could be a better gift to humanity than immunity against Zionist aggression! Mossad

      51. waiting for the daylight, so I can get in the garden – waaaaayyyyy too much rain in NC; everything is water-logged. last year and year before it was drought. If you think it’s easy to grow your own food – guess again, and start trying. You’ll eventually run out of the can goods you’ve store up and will need to produce your own. Gonna be a lot of hungry Obamabots out there. Grow food, store it, and figure out how to defend it…the time is near.

        • 1) IF/WHEN I run out of canned goods..the end is not near, it is here!!
          2) weather conditions? exactly why I made a raised bed for tomato plants this year

          side note: this fall, making another with old lumber and rebars this time–cheaper

      52. Like Gerald Celente. Cut his arms off and he wouldn’t be able to speak. I do get a kick out of watching/listening to him. A lot of what he has to say is repetitive, but as dumb as some folks are it sometimes is necessary to keep repeating it before the light clicks on. I on the other hand am not going to keep repeating it. I’ll tell you once or twice and if it don’t get through you’re on your own.

        • GC is a lonely, bitter old man. He never has anything positive to say about anything.

          • Still spreading sunshine I see, whippersnapper. Celente forecasts trends. If the trends are all going south… what else can he say? Besides, he isn’t reckless enough to put a specific date on a specific event. He doesn’t claim to be a prophet. Or psychic. He points out the trends. And he’s right more than wrong. Plus, his remark about ‘terlet paper’ was kinda positive. Reminded me of those quaint northeast accents!
            Now, get out there and make it a good Saturday. Stop by a few garage sales and junk shops. And find me a good shortwave. I need the whole rig- radio, antenna, wiring, all of it. Oh, and it has to be under $50. I’m a little short on cash right now…


          • After readin’ some of your shit I wouldn’t either, you little tick-turd.

          • After readin’ some of your shit I wouldn’t either, you little tick-turd.

            • Huh! double tapped you dipshit.

      53. Have you folks heard about the Connecticut River National Blue way or The White River National Blueway? Its supposively a land grab of property by the goverment. It establishes a 180 foot vegitatave buffer zone along all surface water. Dave is correct the planet is undergoing an end of an age pole shift. I dont know if the pole shifting is caused by wormwood or not. But the poles are indeed shifting. That shifting is causing the planets magnosphere to become twisted erractic and weakened. The magnosphere is what protectes the planet from space weather. Simply put the magnosphere is the glue that holds the life giving forces of the earth in place. Myself I am hoping that if a trigger event gotta happen its a EMP that destroys all of the electric and satelite infrastructure. That way the goverments spyware and high tech gagetry will be crippled for a time. That window of time will be of great benifit to those of us who have prepared. Those of us who could handle a 1800,s lifestyle will be OK. Just maybe that loss of electric & technology will work out to be a blessing to many preppers and a curse to the UN & NWO and their supporters?

      54. when the SHTF who do you NOT want to be???


        Just put some corn meal in a bowl, add a pinch of salt, and slowly add hot water,as you mix meal with your hand until the consistency forms little thin biscuit shapes. Throw them suckers in a hot iron skillet, sizzling with oil, lard or butter and you’ve got some good eats.

        Keep the FAITH

      56. Off topic, kinda….. This Zimmerman trial and related msm coverage is absolutely fascinating.

        I have kinda aligned with Zim front the beginning, but decided to wait for the trial, and see the “real” evidence.
        First observation: The prosecution appears to be ???? … Giving the case away? Probably because they have NO evidence to support their charges, and the case should never have been brought to court. I’m not a lawyer, but isn’t there a pre-trial hearing, where the basic facts are presented, whereby this case could be thrown out on summary judgement?

        It is amazing to me that actual legal professionals can still go on tv and try to argue the case to convict Zimmmerman. Or say ” the prosecution had a good day,today”. What trial are they watching? The judge should just say ” case dismissed, sorry Mr. Zimmerman”.

        Things I have learned, that were not old news:

        Arizona Watermellon Juice Cocktail ( not Ice tea!), Skittles, and Robitussin ( ‘tussin) are mixed to concoct LEAN, supposed to give a great high, and Martin has been shown to be a frequent user, and there was damage to his liver. Ice tea and skittles for his lil bro, how quaint.

        Martin is on 7-11 camera making purchase. Tries to buy something , the clerk refuses. ( cigar, apparently , but he’s underage?) he goes outside, and two seconds later, his straw buyer come in and buys 3. It has been shown, via Facebook, etc. ( gotta love it, how assholes put all this crap on FB!), that Matin liked his weed in a ” blunt”. A cigar with the tobacky removed, replaced by weed. He had THC in his blood and urine.

        The first interview, by the police, of Jeantel ( the prosecution’s star witness , wtf?), was conducted in the living room of Martin’s mother, while she sat on a couch next to Martin’s mother! With Martin attorneys and other various hangers-on present. Are your kidding??!! WTF!

        As an aside, anybody reading this ever been burglarized? I have. Twice. It sets up emotions better left undescribed. This community had been recentley plagued by burglary. I see nothing odd about Zimmerman’s behavior in either noticing Martin, calling it in, and trying to see where he went or was going. Was he over zealous? I’d like him as a neighbor. As I see it, whatever skin color you are, if your lurking in the shadows, where burglaries have been happening, and somebody reports you a suspicious, just come out and say ” I’m just walking home”. But it would appear that Mr. Martin decided to lay in wait, or actively confront this ” creepy ass cracker” and open up a can of whoop ass, and teach him a lesson . Didn’t quite go as planned.

        Now I guess it pretty much depends on a number of factors, how you view this case. What color is your skin? Are you lib or conservative? Like cops or not? Have stuff than can be stolen, or are you a thief? Have you been robbed? Like and own guns, or think they are bad?

        In my case, I’m white. ( knock # 1). Conservative ( knock # 2) . Like and respect guns ( knock # 3). Refuse to be a victim ( knock #4). Could do without the police ( depends, I guess). And so far, barring any stunning evidence to the contrary, not only feel Zimmerman is being used as a political football, but feel this case should never have gone to trial.
        Just like they always seem to do, tptb make it worse by digging in deeper. Now, both “sides” have staked out their positions, and minds won’t be changed. Your a Martin or a Zimmerman.

        And it now has nothing to do with the facts. Will Zimmerman be sacrificed to quell potential blood in the streets? Will the Feds swoop in to prosecute if he is aquitted? What about double jeapordy? How do they get away with that crap?

        It’s all great theater at this point. And I for one, see it has a potential flash point. And oh yeah, don’t get into a gunfight without a gun. Gotta love CC!

        • Not paying too much attention to this case, but do catch it once in awhile. What comes to mind when presented with the FACTS and why in their right mind they would even try to do this case is a “win-win” scenario:

          1 – If Zimmy gets prosecuted on false charges, the black community feels justified, and the ass-hats (aka politicians) will charge forth in removing more of what is left of the 2nd Amendment (ie Castle’s Law will become neutered)

          2 – If Zimmy wins, this will give TPTB an opportunity to test-drive their martial law (ie Boston incident)

          Thus, a “win-win” scenario for them. Bottom line, buckle up folks!! Shit will happen shortly…IMHO!!

          • If we have a nation wide chimpout, will there be limits on the number of rioters that can be legally bagged?

        • There’s one and only one reason this whole circus has national media attention. How many blacks have been shot and killed since this story broke? Thousands to be sure, but it’s black on black so no point in televising the stories as it’s old news and nobody, the jesse’s and al sharptons included, really care about it.

          This is the only thing close to a white guy shooting a black, as Zimmerman himself routinely describes himself as Hispanic, he’s by God close enough to white for the media’s liking, so the circus is on. And speaking of the circus, the female gorilla that the prosecution has as their star witness fits right in. The funny thing about her testimony is, you have to bear in mind it’s been REHEARSED and it’s still unintelligible.

      57. Celente is the same guy who had his ass handed to him by the collapse of MF Global. It’s not that I disagree with him here, it’ just that he is a panic prince who, while advising others to protect themselves from impending doom, lacked the foresight to hold physical and keep his own house in order. I draw from this conclusion that, like so many others, he simply loves to hear himself talk and for that reason I pay him little-to-no mind.


        • Yes I agree Celente likes to hear himself talk. BUT you have to give him credit. he has been RIGHT on about a lot of economic and world events. He’s not a profit he don’t predict dates of disasters but he can see things that are coming down the road toward us. Kind of like when you pout gas in a funnel, you know what is going to happen.
          Hey hes only human, not a psychic.

          • agreed. well-said!

        • Way to go, Be informed

          This is a must read for every SHTF reader.
          This is the real scenario we are all facing now.

          We seem to be beating around the bush on what they
          really have in store for us.
          Mac should make this a top priority article as soon
          as possible. This is the real McCoy and a graphic
          wakeup call to all preppers and patriots.

          Guillotines never run out of electricity, rope, or

        • Those “guillotines” are part of a military ejection seat. Not the french head chopper. If you research it, you will see there is a part# etc.

        • Should of left this one to Nina.

      58. They are blowing the final bubble in all reality…at least the last one with federal reserve notes. You see it took those notes to blow all the previous bubbles and they are creating a money bubble now. So if you crash this bubble there is no last resort 🙁

      59. Lot of barter talk, swapping guns, ammo, gold, silver for food, water, toliet paper etc.
        Did anyone think you might get these things NOW a whole lot cheaper than later. IF someone has the only antibiotics for 300 miles what do you think it will cost you? (Especially if you or a loved one is dying from an infection)? It will probabily cost your all your gold and silver.
        My point is: You can buy your preps (food, water, water filters, ammo, antibiotics, TP etc.) now a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER than AFTER SHTF. You want to be the guy with EXTRA beans, rice, TP, batteries etc. cause just imagine what it will be worth after SHTF, and what it will cost you to barter, to get?
        I say forget Gold & Silver, buy storable food, water, water filters, first aid supplies, antibiotics, ammo, TP etc. which will be worth all the gold after SHTF.
        My take on bartering with guns & ammo I would ONLY do that (IN YOUR GROUP) to barter ammo or guns outside your group they just might turn your own guns or ammo against you for all your preps…
        I don’t say this to try to make you the next Bill Gates after SHTF I ONLY want you to prepare and be ready for SHTF and IF you have extra (say) TP you can give it away to someone needy in your group or swap it for reasonable value within your group (say, a couple cans of beans for a roll of TP). It will keep peace within your group and they will know they are lucky to be IN your group.
        You can feel it, you can taste it, now you can even hear it and see it coming, rushing headlong full steam. No more brakes for this baby, we are all rushing full speed over the economic cliff.
        (Right now you can buy Aquarium antibiotics (the same as human antibiotics) with out a prescription on ebay and they are cheap). This is NOT medical advice just facts what some people are doing to prepare).
        Good Luck and God keep you and yours.

        • T P Investor– Sane thinking in an insane world

        • It will keep peace within your group??????:-(



        • Trailer Park,
          I just rode my Hog through three counties. Like most Harley bikers, I take the winding back roads through the countryside. I swear, my heart just sunk every time I got a vantage point where I could see out over a lot of farm land. As far as the eye could SEE, corn was only chest-high and almost every stalk DEAD! Miles and miles of dead grain. I’m guessing the same thing is happening in Nebraska and other farm states, but now I’m going to check on US crop yields for 2013, for sure.

      60. from over on the Daily Sheeple

        Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation


        when watching MSM “news”
        the White House press secretary
        political pundits
        advertisements etc

        watch carefully to see what techniques they are using
        to avoid telling the truth
        there is virtually a 100% chance that one or more of these techniques are being used against you

        Guest Post: Secrets And Lies

        “The private dealings of the ordinary citizen are considered suspect and must, we are told, be rooted out. The secrets and outright lies of the corporate and governmental worlds, however – they are confidential. They are protected – behind razor-wire threats of legal action and closed door tribunals of hand picked experts.

        A few weeks ago I sat and listened to the former leader of the Conservative party, now an elder statesman of British politics, Michael Howard, tell an audience that governments need to lie. He is a clever man. He quoted Goebbels and then gave this carefully chosen example.

        Imagine, he said, that a Chancellor knew that he was going to have to devalue the currency. The evening before the appointed hour, he is asked by a journalist if he is going to devalue. If he tells the truth and says yes, there will be a run on the currency and great damage will be done. So he lies. “No”, he says, “I have absolutely no plans to devalue at all.” And then next morning he devalues as he had planned.

        “Was this not”, Mr Howard asked, “the right thing, the only thing to do?” And all agreed it was. The unspoken lesson that everyone seemed to accept was stability is more important than the truth.”
        political pundits

        “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
        ― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

        the manipulation starts the minute we pop out of the womb
        it continues for a lifetime
        CONSTANT vigilance is required

        • Thank you for that post, Satori. I’ve followed you links and read the material there.

      61. Too all my fellow patriots and preppers. as you all know this ends in war. No other way!!! I was thinking about why in the past two years or less,after several decades of suppression,we have uncorked the oil and gas industry here in america. Not for our benefit!!! Look for the (keystone) pipe line to be approved.and soon.
        I also believe that when we go to war in the middle east,and we will!!! our gas and oil supplies will be cut off,and you cannot run the war machine without it.
        The war mentioned in scripture, between gog in the land of magog, between the king of the north and the king of the south,is not to far off.
        This is not the battle of armageddon,but lots of people will think it is.Scripture is very clear as to who wins.
        How we are involved in this war,is not real clear… so!! But i do not think it ends well for us.It is well with my soul. k-9 out.

        • I read somewhere that the Keystone crude will be exported to the chinese. Dont know if it will be refined first which would at least provide jobs.

          • The goal is to get China dependent upon a crude supply that as much as possible can be shut down or otherwise controlled by the Powers To Be with the US facilitating the action.

            Here is a glimpse of the future. The grandchildren or great grandchildren of Vietnam vets will be standing side by side with like counterparts of VC and NVA to keep oil off the coast of Vietnam in the South China Sea in the hands of Vietnam (and with that under the control of the US) against China.

            The USSR went into Afghanistan to create an environment to run an oil pipeline through not bottlenecked in Turkey. The USA is there for the same reason in a post USSR collapse not wanting a bottleneck in Georgia.

            The picture is quite large and complex.

      62. If you count unemployment and other economic factors by the same rules that they did in 1932 you will find out that we are in a depression every bit as bad as the great depression in the early 30’s. You aren’t naïve enough to think that this administration would not tweak the figures are you?

      63. I say BULLSHIT to this article…….they have been using stimulus , WTF are they talking about they can’t keep using it

        • Rich99 ‘ol boy, I agree with a lot you have to say. But as long as there’s ink in Ber-ranky’s printer, he’s gonna let it fly! It may not be worth much in the end, but the printer WILL run.

        • Hey Rich99, I watched the vid. The deal is the money (um, gold) is being moved rapidly. And the other deal of the video is the “printing” “buys” the FRB what will become worthless paper. Questions the video raises are “Will the Fed pay something to the FRB on the notes?” 90%? 50%, 5 c on the dollar?
          “Will the FRB simply resign its contract (99 yr contract) and leave Fed holding the bag?”
          Its a long video but speaker has done some homework and points out that we are not in a static situation. They can print but TPTB are moving rapidly to physical gold.

      64. So many uneducated people when it comes to the necessity of firearms…so little time

        oh look at that where has the time gone..

        good luck Hopolophobes .. yer gonna need it!

        PS you cant eat or wipe your ass when your dead either

        live by stupidity die by the stupidity

        red thumb it, It makes no difference to me

      65. talk is cheap. What we need is about a million armed citizens to build a gallows on the white house lawn and march every politician to it, one by one, and shoot anyone who tries to stop it. Then you can have hope and change. until then, we’ll just have treasonous criminals.

      66. They are effective killing machines

      67. Mac-they know its coming. I googled resigning central bank leaders and came up with a treasure trove of info. Over 40 resignations from world banking since 9/25/2011 from an article written in 2012 so that doesn’t even count Egypt, USA, and Britain and others. Keep prepping as if this is it….

      68. I have read this site for a good amount of time,first post.I have learned things from folks reading here but must say the off topic humor is great,need a few laughs when discussing serious things or would all suffer severe depression!I prep food/supplies/ect. plus means to defend them to best of ability with limited funds plus have bugout destinations if necc. and can get there.That said,no matter how short I am of something will always try and help those who need it out,otherwise I see no point in surviving man made or natural disaster,just a new guys thoughts.

      69. ALl that will happen is currency will be revalued ie lowered in price!

      70. It is definitely a Depression. Last night I walked home from the bar in a major European city and came across the biggest line I have ever seen of homeless and hungry lined up to collect a meal from charity wagons. They were mostly men (didn’t see a single woman) and they were of all races and ethnicities. This is hitting everyone, not just minority communities.

      71. Beans 🙂

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