Trump Video From 25 Years Ago Will Shock You: “I’m Tired of Seeing This Country Ripped Off”

by | Mar 18, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting | 207 comments

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    The Donald has completely taken over the news cycle.

    His path of victory after victory in GOP primary states has the establishment freaking out, and every major media outlet scrambling for a way to stop Trump, or at least to damage his reputation.

    But why is he being compared to Hitler and inducing aneurysms among the political elite?

    Obviously it isn’t the name-calling or fiery rhetoric that has the system’s minions losing sleep and openly-plotting his demise.

    No. It is for one basic reason: his rhetoric and campaign promises have centered around restoring American sovereignty.

    Economically, he has talked about undoing globalism and free trade, bringing back good American jobs, protecting the border (and yes, building the 10+ foot high wall) and saying no to a culture of exploiting illegal immigrant workers at the expense of American employment.

    Never mind if he can keep any of those promises, because just hyping them up has been enough to cause mass panic and hysteria in the corporate halls of Washington, Wall Street and the lapdog media.

    But what might surprise you, even shock you, is that he has been talking this way for decades.

    Just listen to what he told Oprah and her audience more than 25 years ago (circa 1987):

    “I’d make our allies pay their fair share” “I’m tired of seeing what’s happening with this country.” “I’m tired of seeing this country ripped off.”

    And there’s much more than that. The Daily Caller rounded up several examples of his consistent appeals for a “strong negotiator” on trade and foreign affairs.

    Promising to balance trade and fight for American workers is NOT what the prevailing elite – who are losing control of the political establishment – want to happen.

    Their plan, as voiced at exclusive think tanks and confabs like Davos, Bilderberg, the Council on Foreign Relations and many others, has been to level the prosperous American middle class and force workers in the United States to whittle their way down to complete serfdom – and absolute dependence upon government handouts and a meager place in the grand pecking order of world domination.

    Trump won’t be a savior, but things now are looking like they might bump him off just for even reminding the American people of how far things have fallen and little anyone else on the political stage has done to stop the free fall of the American Dream.

    To the contrary, most of the political tools on stage have been only too willing to play a hand in the destruction of this once strong and vibrant country in exchange for favors and kickbacks.

    2016 is about one thing: how fed up and angry people are at the system which has operated on behalf of the interests of a handful of insiders and the expense of everyone else.


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      1. Have not changes much, also clears the fact he is not racist and he is more PC here, he is mad as hell now

        • Dusty- That is one good thing I can say about Trump — he’s not racist. However, he is sexist and a class-ist. He caters to the rich and looks down upon the middle-class and poor.

          • You are lying you know. He hires the man and women to do the best jobs,, He has to hire the little business that is close to his jobs , you have a certain time limit to get cement there even if that an owns the business.. It is not his fault you have no man or no man want you and you have problems with men

            • I have no problems with men, a childish accusation. Some of my best friends are male. You are not familiar with my other posts. Your reply lacks substance and is patently absurd.

              If you like Trump and want to vote for him, then do so without attempting to insult those who don’t support him.

              • How do you like that snotty arrogant reply.
                This character,common sense,is certainly a nasty little piece of work!

              • CC you are an obvious sick lesbian! On a serious note, some of the blm agitators will soon die. Hope their pay was worth it.

              • Do you know any? Men, I mean? You probably know lots of males but out of many of the males I know, few are really men. They’re really just older boys. The men in your life may be different.

                Trump is neither sexist or classist that I have seen. Your accusations appear to be baseless to use. Show us? We can’t prove him to be not classist or not sexist because if he never said anything to prove himself a classist or sexist, what do we show you?

                No, you have to show us. As they say on one site I visit, “Linky or you stinky.”

                Show us Sexist Trump or Classist Trump. Or are you just saying that because he has a supermodel wife and two daughters that are extremely attractive.

                I have an extremely attractive wife. I get accused of being sexist all the time. I think when women see my thin, beautiful wife they think I probably tell her that she has to be that way so I’ll keep her or something. No, really, I’ve seen the demeanor change in women after they meet my wife. Its very strange.

                So, CommonCents, lets see those links? You probably don’t have any. You are just assuming he’s a classist and a sexist because he’s rich and has a beautiful wife and daughters. Its a common liberal thing to make assumptions. Links please.

                • Trump says a lot of pro America things but he is part of the elite. He makes his money working with and through them. He is on the news ALL the time since he started to run. Why? If the elite are so upset with him why is he on the news at all? The control all tv access and content. They have shut out others so why not Trump?

                  He is running because they want him there. WHY? Is he a red herring or a trojan horse?

                  • CARA: I never thought of that, but you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. I always figured Hillary will be put in by hook or by crook as that’s what TPTB want. Nothing we can do to stop it. However, I hadn’t thought about that factor. To have so called “protests” at his rallies and blocking highways, getting people worked up and pissed off, is icing on the cake for the set of blinders they COULD BE using. Not sure if you are correct, but now I smell smoke. Thanks. Now my sleep will be twice as restless……. (sigh)

                • Tommy,
                  Short answer is Ted Cruz is not eligible to run for President and he knows that.
                  He is also not eligible for the Senate. It has always been an honor system. Cruz is without honor. He will be used to slow Trump down then dumped. Obama has a birth certificate… apples and oranges. It was certified by Hawaii. Cruz is a Canadian national. Maybe a half dozen lawsuits have been filed against him, one of which was dismissed on a technicality and may be refiled.

            • “to get cement there even if that an owns the business.”

              Forget what follows this jiberish …. this makes no sense at all.. I read that post multi times and couldn’t make anything out of it…. imo… you might as well have said,
              “whfhkbqetjwrg brg RGMT SC ERMADF etrmad N”….and “dgethyr dnjaf agnag hfbawgnjr….fbdfbFBFBDFBV DJTUKBETMW5ARRBDFH.”

              If you want to support the “Donald”….don’t embarrass us who do.

              • I comment back on people who comment to me
                It is Not my fault, you know nothing about business
                And it is not Trumps fault that you know Nothing.
                You never take the time to do background check on
                any one
                You listen to the debates and then you think the people
                are telling you the truth.. so be it, l am NOT
                for higher taxes to give free stuff to lazy azz people
                I do not want Socialism that leads to Communism

                I voted for people who screwed us before but l taking
                my chances with TRUMP

          • Commie-Sense is another George Sorass paid shill to post BS about Trump to sway public opinion.

            How much? How much is he paying you?


            • He is not for new world order or socialism. are you on welfare? got something against working

              • The verbiage is just a wee bit off here. This poster sounds like either someone who is not a native speaker to the English language or some kind of trollbot. Perhaps what we have here is a member of China’s “50 cent army”, a group of about a million trolls that get paid by the post.

                • A snot nose kid from basket weaving U who heard a few lectures by the rad/chic professor & becomes full of himself.He is a’legend in his own mind’ & he is here to tell the adults what the world is all about!

                • Dustyfae,

                  You are spot on. English may not be your native language but you are able to spot a troll. Welcome to this forum.

                  The establishment is freaking out because they are losing control in spite of the millions and millions of dollars they are throwing at Trump and Cruz. I sure hope they are being guarded and their supporters are on top of the game, wide awake, alert, and oriented. We are entering an extremely dangerous period as the NWO truly feels threatened and could resort to desperate measures to destract, destroy, and annihilate the leaders of the opposition. They are still in control of enormous power, wealth, and resources. Three cheers for this article. Lousiana voted for the right man in the recent elections.

                  Louisiana Eagle

          • CommonCents: Yes TRUMP caters to the rich. Of course he does. He makes his money from the rich. You cannot sell ten million dollar apartments to the poor. You can’t rent the poor a $400 a night hotel room.

            He does not look down on the Middle Class. If he did he would not be running for President at age 70; he would be banging all the beautiful women of the world at Mar del Lago, while he can still get it up.

            Get a clue. 🙂

            • BTW My Peeps, I have been telling this community for YEARS that the New World Order was preparing to transfer the excess world production from China to Mexico; which is why the Mexican Peso has been declining precipitously in value and is now about 18 to 1 to the dollar when the historical norm has been 10 to 12 to the dollar.

              China will not be able to compete with Mexico when the Yuan is 6 or 7 to the dollar. The Yuan is going to be CONFETTI !!!



            • Are you aware, he also built low income
              homes and apartment building for the low
              income people.. ??? And have backed the
              good construction companies doing this
              Those bridges he built are not just for
              the rich

              • Dusty: I do not follow his business, except that I am familiar with his high end, global hotel/resort assets.

                Love TRUMP TOWER IN Vegas !!! 🙂

          • Thing is, we’re either going to get Trump or Clinton in 2017 the way it’s headed now… We’ve had Clinton’s war mongering for 20+ years and look at the destruction she’s caused in the Middle East, Ukraine and elsewhere… she’s a NEOCON, to the core…

            So, you want Hitlery or Trump? I’ll take Trump and ALL his possible faults over a KNOWN EVIL WITCH any day of the week and, due to the fact that we’ll likely EITHER get Hitlery or Trump, I now believe if you’re going AGAINST Trump, you’re pulling FOR Hitlery… think about it that way and the case becomes very easy for most people who have been paying attention to Hitlery’s crimes for the last 20+ years…

            • Stefan, agree with every word of your post, but one.

              NEOCON = Neo Conservative.

              She is DEFINATELY *NOT* conservative. She calls herself “progressive”, however, when you hear that word “progressive” that means that she progresses and the rest of the world de-gresses!

              She’s a NEOLIB as in Neo Liberal – She’s a warmongering establishment liberal. …and criminal. …murdering. …traitor. Oh, jeez! Now I can’t stop! …liar.

              …attack dog.



              • So a neocon and a neolib are the same thing?

                • Yes, they are part and parcel of the One Party New World Order who agree upon one thing: a Global Government for the Crony Capitalist Political Class; at the expense of everyone else.

                  Think of them as the left and right ends of a length of rope spanning the political spectrum. When you bring the ends together, it forms a noose, and there is no distinction between the ends.

                  Especially US. Especially America. Especially The US Constitution. Especially the Second Amendment which gives the American People the right and the power to vote from the rooftops to crush the North American Union.

                  The North American Union is the goal of the NWO One Party System, placing another layer of bureaucracy over the top of our current system; taking control of government from the people to Ministers like in Europe, where there is NO direct connection between the electorate and the decision makers. 🙂

                  • Durangokid
                    yep you got it well explained.
                    It is the same as kings and lords… we got rid of them and replaced them with CEOs. The bigger the corporations the more NWO dominance you get. It is the same as kings and lords and unchecked has the same result. This is a permanent battle, not a one off win. Jackboot left and Jackboot right meet and are effectively indistinguishable… the D/R corporate machine!

                    One reason that Americans created something different was we had so much land and working the land made us very independent… we could take care of ourselves. We have eatenthe bread of the masters and lost the only thing that make us free Iin the first place. We still have that possibility, if we accept it. Not hard so much but running against the norm. It is slower! I am building my homestead and nothing is fast track… no instant gratification… I work for each step.

              • NetRanger

                Hillary’s foreign policy is identical to the Neo Conservatives as identified by Bush 41 & 43. Domestically regarding money issues her policy’s also parallel with Deregulation of the Financial Sector.

                Domestically, abortion, welfare, women’s rights, black lives matter and the like are the bait to keep masses politically involved. This maintains the illusion of democratic self rule.

                Hillary is absolutely a Neo Conservative.

                Sanders is a real liberal

        • Donald Trump is simply capitalizing on the ignorance and gullibility of the American populace in order to maximize the net revenues for the Trump brand (via marketing and advertising, courtesy of mainstream media).

          “People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over.”
          Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan administration.

          • As opposed to what???

            Everyone else doing the exact same fucking thing??? Except under some guise of “legitimacy”?


          • Trump is 1000% CORRECT. How about we post the addresses of these POS Globalusts and riot into their properties and burn them down. That is what needs to happen to rid our country of these cockroaches that love to destroy all that is good about America. Dammit it says right in the Constitution Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Fuck the shill zog press, burn them down too. These cockroaches are in every town in America. Get busy folks, take care of business. Its time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Organize in your neighborhoods and town and get to it.


            • Here is another Bad Deal that President TRUMP can point to and declare Americans are stuck with due to incompetence and Greed.

              The Costly waste of $400 Billion Program by the Pentagon to enrich their MICM Military Industrial Complex Mafia Shysters.

              Pentagon finally admits the F-35 doesn’t work.

              Military Admits Billion-Dollar War Toy F-35 Is F**ked

              You see President Trump would have written in the F35 Contract that if it does’t work we get our money back. All these shysters that put this BS into play, are all playing on their yachts retired laughing their asses off. Trump would arrest these a-holes and confiscate their wealth. Yep Lockhead Martin Fleeced another crop of idiots.

              Trump is right right now we loose at everything and why these NEO-CON a-holes are attacking him.


          • It’s good to see you didn’t combine those two paragraphs…

            Believe me…We did see that…

            The first was your opinion… and the second was a quote…

          • I love this double back betrayal insultation. Its entertaining, but…

            It doesn’t work anymore Tobias Hess, you’re done.

            I’m the very LEAST of ignorant, no thanks to the establishment. I slipped my programming years ago. I’m the very least of gullible, I saw right through Obama, Bernie, Romney, McCain. With GW, it took me a while.

            I have done the research. I’m certifying Trump. Is he perfect, no. I’ve been looking back over some material. Someone compared Trump to Reagan. The reaction? “He’s no Reagan!” “He’s nothing like Reagan.”

            Really? I voted for Reagan. While I wasn’t as astute then as I am now, I can see many similarities. Reagan didn’t want to be president either, just like Trump. Trump is more like Reagan in many ways than anyone one of the naysayers will admit. I see so many people saying so many things they’re not qualified to say.

            The amazing thing with Trump is that there are so few things with which I disagree with. He knows what he’s doing. And, yes, it most certainly is to help the Trump brand. That is not a bad thing. Part of what I see is a man that wants to save America because America saved him. If America is destroyed, so is he.

            Nothing like having a candidate with skin in the game! …and Trump? Yeah, he’s ALL in to the tune of about 4.5 BILLION.

            Trump 2016: Because we can now see we’ve been getting ripped off like he said 25 years ago.

            • NetRanger
              Trump and Reagan were both dying to be President. Come on…
              no one goes through what it takes to be President by accident or without massive desire to be alpha dog. Trump was prepping for it back in the 80s. Reagan sold his soul to the corporate devil and laughed his way to hell about the people accepting piddle down economics. Nancy is with her man now.
              You can rightly see this desire in Clinton… but are wearing pink glasses for Trump and Reagan.
              We have eaten the masters’ bread and the result is slavery.

              • Reagan actually lost at the last brokered convention, back in 1976. We got Gerald Ford as the nominee, and he lost to Carter. Fortunately, the same mistake was not repeated in 1980.

                As for wanting it, yeah, I agree that both men wanted it pretty bad. In Trump’s case I am not so certain he really wanted it at first but think he does now that he knows he can actually win. Is he a better choice than Hillary Clinton? Yes, but then again I think I could stomach Bernie Sanders better than her if for no other reason than he is not coming out as a gun grabber. If we lose our guns and surrender them willingly then all is lost. As long as we have them there will always be hope.

                • Winston
                  Sanders was never a gun grabber. He has been pressed by running on the Democratic ticket, though. Neither he nor Trump are full members of the R/R corporate machine. I would take him over Clinton.
                  I would rather Libertarian. I would take killing the Fed.




          DID YOU HEAR THAT?



          WHICH IS WORSE?


          • What is wrong with making money for yourself ?

          • Please AA get out of society. I would bet the hate is reciprocal.



          • White people are too susceptible to advertising. They want it all and it dosent matter if they can afford it or not.
            My daughter had a crappy little 3 bedroom house on 5 acres. She and her husband have been fixing it up slowly for the last 4 years. Her friends wont even go visit her because they think the place is a dump. She drives a 10 year old car, mostly cooks at home, has a garden and some small animals for food. Yet most people look down at her as if she is a pennyless fool. Yet everything she has is paid for, she has no debt and has more money stashed away than the actual values of the cookie cutter track homes her friends rent from the bank..

            • “She’s as dumb as a fox.” Tell her to keep playing her cards the way she’s been.

            • Good for her. Wish I had a 3 bedroom on 5 acres of land. Most important is the 5 acres of land. She’s smarter than the bank slaves.

            • Friends that are too good to visit are not friends, in my book. Sounds like a very smart young family. There is a site I found recently which is being used by some people in my area to sell their extra produce: www DOT ripenear DOT me

            • Ed,
              That’s great for your daughter !
              She’s very smart!
              If her so called friends won’t come to her home because it doesn’t meet thier standards, they aren’t real friends.

            • Congratulations, Ed on raising a “pennyless fool” daughter. 😉

              Funny how Americans have been coerced into believing that being a wage slave to more “stuff” is a higher status. Nothing could be further from the truth. Subconsciously your daughters friends know. While they say they are snubbing her because she’s a pennyless fool, in reality, it is fueled by their jealousy of her. Its all subconscious and they don’t even understand it themselves.

              I have been clued into this stuff by some very old and very wise people. Its not how much you have, its how far ahead of it you are, financially and how long you could last with no income before you started suffering from lack of food, water or shelter.

              • NetRanger, it’s really the people drowning in debt who are the ‘penniless fools’. I have no debt and refuse to go into debt on anything. No loans, credit cards, etc. I use cash for all my personal transactions, except for a debit card I use ONLTY for some occasional online shopping and I do as little of that as possible. I won’t let anything interfere with my prepping.

            • Good for your daughter, to hell with her friends.

            • Ed
              They don’t want to visit because it forces them to review their choices. Pressure to conform only hurts those who don’t. She will come into her own. Dad is there and that means a lot.

      2. He might have done something back then, he reminds me a little of Ross Perot. Now he spews more BS than common sense… did he have an aneurysm or what? Same Donald, but speaking in sentences.

        • Rebecca, I’ve definitely heard BS being spewed by the other candidates but not Trump. I know damn well the others are already bought and paid for by Wall St.

          • Brave

            Goodness, how on earth have you missed BS coming out of Trump’s mouth?

            He doesn’t know what the KKK stands for? BS
            Megyn Kelly has blood coming out of her whatever? BS
            He is worth $10 billion? BS
            He is funding his own campaign? BS
            He has power and authority to do whatever he pleases? BS
            He opens his mouth and out comes BS. That makes him a BS machine.

            • Rebecca

              Do some heavy prepping. Going to be a bumpy ride. As far a Trumps B.S.

              “Damn the Torpedo’s, Full speed ahead”.

              • Slingshot
                I am prepping as fast as I can. I need it. I am working my garden too, even though my last frost date isn’t until May. I am boxing up some bug out items, in case I can leave in my pickup… beyond what I have in there for every day.
                One thing I do appreciate about Trump is that he is making the Republican leadership show their stripes, even folks on here are noticing. You’d think the Republicans would be more discreet! Guess not.
                It is all scary to me, but at least I know it is only street theater covering fascism.

                • Rebecca, maybe I’m missing something here and I could be mistaken about Trump, but I do know the others are totally useless. I just wish we had some alternative for peaceful change in the nation. I’m not looking forward to the war that’s coming, but I know it’s coming, I know there’s no stopping it, and I’m still doing a lot of hard prepping. Maybe I’m just suffering from ‘prepper’s fatigue’. it’s just that I’m so fed up. I’m fed up with what TPTB have done to our country, our culture, our people, etc. It burns me that I have to keep prepping; keep buying the necessities that will help me survive what’s coming to this land. It burns me that one day I’ll have to leave my home for good and go to the BOL where I’ll spend my final days on this earth. I’m leaving for it sunday for another supply run and short vacation. At the moment everything is getting the best of me. I’m sorry for any disagreement. I guess I was reaching out for something that’s not really there.

                  • Brave….
                    Eventually Rebecca will see the method in the madness of the genius of “the Donald”… lol ….
                    all hale the Donald….

                  • Brave
                    I apologize for being mean. I am worried too. I am on my own land, but all by myself unless my family can get here… not the best set up but the best I could do at the time. I wish I were farther away from the city. It is what it is. I hope we do fine and are with family members when it counts the most.

                    • You are still in a better position than many of us are. I live in a suburb of a large city that is being overrun with drugs and crime. Because of a lack of good jobs the rents are cheap and that has started to attract the wrong kind of people. As much as I would like to move out, I can’t for reasons I would really rather not discuss here. I’m surrounded by idiots, some of whom find it necessary to shoot off guns in their back yard in a crowded subdivision. My house has already been hit by a stray bullet once and probably will be again. My state has also made it illegal to go off grid or even collect rain water.

                      Safety is relative though. Nowhere you live is ever completely safe. You have to make do the best you can and consider the trade-offs then hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Just don’t forget to have balance in your life because spending your whole life only preparing for a disaster that may not come is just as foolish as going through life without a backup plan.

                    • Winston Smith.

                      I am in a similar position as yourself. My neighborhood was built in the Late 1970’s and was real nice. I have lived here over 30 years and as all neighborhoods do, they change over time. Our society has changed and not for the better. I have gun fire and some of the homes in my subdivision are empty. A couple of the neighbors keep the yards cut and keep watchful eye over things.

                      I will tell you that the majority of my home defense in hidden in plain sight with a few materials under cover. I will not have to go to Home Depot to get material for the creations around my home serve double duty. They do look nice. Don’t want to upset the neighbor’s till it is time. ;0)

                      It will be the Boneheads than you will encounter first.
                      Looters, robbers and people who want to do others harm.

                      Boy are they in for a surprise.

              • Say Reba, First, I do not really believe their will be anything of any election this year, and that we’ll be into a war of some sort, leading to even more war of a greater sort. But all that aside;
                I don’t think it matters (at this point) who gets their hiney into The White House. I no longer believe there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats (inside The Beltway, meaning EVERYONE in DC seems to be ‘on the bandwagon’ …or any reports they are making are NOT making it onto The Evening News. Nope. CNN reports 24hrs a day on nothing but the presidential race, and has been broadcasting ONLY that from the beginning. NOW CNN is having all sorts of programs that discuss how to get rid of Trump and how CNN is MORE than Anti-Trump infinitum. Why is it that “all of a sudden” (from the onset), every major/syndicated columnist, major media (CNN-ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX …yeah, those are the old names, mostly), avidly supporting “the worst of government? (What have THEY been offered? Their lives with their jobs being to continue to make us believe nothing has changed)?
                I no longer believe The United States is ever again going to be but a shadow of her former self, and only God knows what will lie in ruins if ‘that is to be?’
                I DO KNOW that millions upon millions of American citizens have been legally donning firearms, boys AND girls (which I find sexy-as-hell) …and taking down this number of people would be no easy feat. “Door-to-Door isn’t going to be employed as the outcome is already known to them …and so THOSE plans are kept ‘close to the vest’ (and so far I’ve not heard a peep).
                There be dark clouds on the horizon to the West (and weather moves East …so batton down the hatches cuz we are in for a blow! (with tornadeos)

                • Equorial

                  I don’t believe it matters either. None of them are magical saviors, though. I am disgusted with the whole pretense that they might do anything but destruction. I am prepping as fast as I can… but I will be 18th century and I am learning skills and prepping to that. I learned how to make lye for hominy… natural homemade lye. I will turn my dry corn into hominy, tortillas, and atole.

                  If it holds off long enough, I will have a better setup, I have pushed hard on paying it off. No debt! At least I have my 5 acres and an op sec garden. I may have to make do. I am working like crazy on my garden right now, then back to other things.

                • I also agree with you ,Listen to your church bells
                  or fire sirens if we get knocked off the grid
                  Over the 7 four years Obama has been talking
                  third term

                  • He has? Then why is he trying to increase pension amounts for ex Presidents? Seems like he is looking forward to retirements on taxpayer dollars at almost $4 million a year.

                    • Obama wanted the Supreme Court ,then he wanted
                      the head chair on UN.. If he can not get them. he
                      needs to make and continue his free ride off the
                      taxpayers .. That is all Obama wants is covering
                      his butt for continue making money.

            • I prefer a BS businessman over our GOPe…I don’t like the other political lying, war starting ,EBT card issuing, Terrorist supporting, lobby sucking land grabbing, constitutional ignoring assholes.

              • Dave in Idaho,
                lol, TPTB are all BS businessmen, they are just more successful than the Donald.
                How is your garden growing? It is so warm here, my peach tree is blooming, but my last frost date isn’t until May.

                • Looks like the Flouride is working quite well on the dumbed down Anti-Trump ranters on here. Turn off the boob tubes for starters. You deserve your FEMA Camps for numbskulls. Try getting educated & go read the COMMIE Patriot Act and NDAA POLICY Mandates, if you dummies even know what that is. Sheesh…

                  WAKE up Sheeple.


                  • Commie Patriot Act belongs to Bush… remember that good old boy Christian savior? “Why ah Jes KNOW he’s a good Christian man cuz Barbara wouldn’t be with him otherwise.” Yep I heard that nonsense before Bush got in.

                    • Most likely it doesn’t actually belong to Bush. He was just a puppet who faithfully carried out his master’s orders and offered a piece of policy that was written long before 9-11. In the end, both parties are ruled by the same people and the differences are just cake decoration meant to entice the proles into believing they have a choice and a say in their government. I almost wonder if Trump isn’t one of them either, and is just saying what he says to make the disenfranchised think that they finally have a chance at representation when in reality not much will change. The opposition to him from the Republican party may just be a trick as well. Then again, perhaps I am too cynical.

                    • Hi Winston
                      Just trying to get people to notice that the D/R corporation machine gives death to the Constitution and the country. Yammering about Obama means NOTHING… if you vote Republican. 50 percent are independent, which means NOTHING… if you can only vote for the D/R corporate machine. There are other parties. Pick one and start moving away from the precipice If that 50 percent would join another party… the current machine would die a natural death, bullets unnecessary.

                    • What most don’t know is that HW Bush was born George H. Scherf Jr,… somewhere in Germany. A 2nd f was later added later to the end of scherff because of some sort of satanical reasoning. Was sent w/his father (Sr) to spy on Nikola Tesla since Sr was Tesla’s book keeper.
                      H W also had his hand in the murder of Tesla on 6 Jan of 43 and later on JFK.
                      Btw Sherff Jr aka H W is a Ashkenazi jew per his wife, oh and when you check the genealogy of the Bush family it looks like swiss cheese, full on holes, but the Walkers is easy to follow.
                      The info is out there just gotta do a LOT of digging.

                  • Hey, I’m not a Trump hater, but Trump still seems at least a bit naive on many issues like unconstitutional laws so lets be careful before fanatically backing someone who could just as easily be another shill for the elite. Trump likes the patriot act, but it goes against the supreme law of the land and thus is void in an corrupt judicial system. Also, it’s good to remember that the number one job of the US president is to uphold the constitution and Trump is already admitting that he doesn’t care about the constitution. I like Trump more than the other two evils, but he might just be a lesser evil and not the savior we think he is.

                    • Well put. The man is an authoritarian and not a constitutionalist. For him, laws are there as a pragmatic means to an end and can be altered when inconvenient. It may well be that instead of electing a man that saves us from the elite, we instead elect a man who decides to do away with the constitution and introduce a new document that is more to his liking. If that happens, or we have another constitutional convention, just imagine the sorts of people who will be involved and how few basic human rights you will be left with. Sure, you may have a job, but it will be the kind of job you get in the developing world with similar pay and benefits. However, on paper you would be employed and take a job back from China. What scares me even more though is that I trust him more than Clinton, and only because she is openly anti-gun.

                • I planted 20 blueberry bushes, that are 3 years old. 56 raspberry plants, that are 2 year old runners. I ordered the cinder blocks, but they cannot deliver them until the roads are open to truck loads because of frozen ground under the roads. So I think while I wait, I will go up the road/trail and look for something to kill/eat when season opens up. You would be shocked on what the county considers a road….mountain goats are nervous to travel on them.

                  • Dave in Idaho

                    My goodness, you will be able to feed the entire county! I got my blocks last summer and the truck still couldn’t back up my steep driveway. I am clearing the area for my underground shelter and dumping the soil into my raised beds. It is starting to show a little of my dreams now! I have 5 blueberry bushes, 2 raspberry, 3 blackberry, 4 elderberry. If I can feed 10 I will be set to go.

                    Went on an “easy” hike with a group and it turned out to be mountain goat challenged. If I had fallen 500 feet, Careflite out would have been unnecessary. Good luck with the hunting (yum!) and take care with the sudden drops.

                  • Dave, you’re lucky your county will put roads like yours on the public system. Here, the landowner gets to be responsible for however much road it takes to get to his property, if the county thinks they won’t get enough taxes out of the landowners to pay for the road.

                    Result is say, ten landowners doing upkeep for 5 miles of road, with the county telling them what the standard has to be.

              • So what yer sayin is the other choices suck harder than Ivanna

            • Rebecca loves all these illegal Aliens draining our city budgets on free health care and education for these invader criminals. Stealing Americans jobs. She loves to shop at ChinaMart and learn to speak spanish.

              Rebecca do you pay property taxes? Or are you a freeshit army COMMIE? Do you have any Friggin clue?


              • WWTI
                Off you go on your paranoid bizarre smoking maryjane rants again. Only explanation I can see for your Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde skews on here. Thinking Donald Drumpf is single handedly going to save this country is magical thinking. Very young age, all that magical thinking: prepuberty. Spare me from your commie nonsense, I am a Libertarian and I see Donald Drumpf for what he is. I have my 5 acres just about paid off, and I prep every week… of course I never claimed lifestyles of the rich and famous like you… but never had to pay anyone to give me a bit of company either. Spare me magic pills, I take truth straight up like a shot of Genius’ whiskey.

                • Rebecca is drunk on herself. Another female lunatic. At this point Trump is the only solution or even close to a solution to fix our country. The rest are puppet shills for the dumbed down. Not sure what the rest of your rambling rant is about. blahh blahhh blahhh….


              • Kelly did have blood coming out of her you could see it in her eyes, the woman is jealous over him and full of hate for him ,She attack him over and over, he was warn about her, he knew fox was backing Rubio and told to come down hard on Trump , Good thing he did not know what KKK was, shows he never hung out with them , Do you?

                • The Donald does not know exactly what the kkk is? Haha haha. As for Megyn, I saw that film clip a dozen times and she was very mild with the Donald’s little feelings. My goodness how is he going to survive the general election? Talking with heads of staye? Fiighting with congress? Not to mention he does more than his share of trash talk… next to his mouth, Megyn Kelly is positively angelic. I have trouble believing anyone could say otherwise with a straight face. Oh right… no one’s face is showing here!

                  • Rebecca is pissed cause Donald is a self made Billionaire and Rebecca is a poor ranter. Every think why you are alone and why nobody wants to be around you? Enjoying another self pity party day, whining and slamming President Trump? I bet you like Rubio that other Neocon shill.


                    • Wwti
                      smoking Mary Jane again, swamp rat?
                      I am not the one who has to buy someone to touch. For that matter, good thing daddy gave trumpie millions… he bought someone too!

            • Rebecca,

              It might be BS to you. With due respect, Megan Kelly may be history! The debates were not suppose to be about her but she definitely had blood coming out of her eyes and every other pore ‘figuratively speaking’ as she tried to take scalps and act like a ‘know it all’ with her attempt at one up-manship and ‘gotcha’ questions. I am glad Trump was able to hang on to his scalp/hairpiece/weave/whatever and call her out for what she is. In my book she is a Connie Chung, and is attempting to make her profession into a ‘blood-sport’. She is playing with fire. She was suppose to be a moderator.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Louisiana Eagle
                Megyn Kelly asked appropriate questions about his very public behavior toward women.
                Moderator means asking questions that will come up in the general election. Not many women have missed his filthy attitude and mouth. He has a right to talk like acid etch and women have a right to not vote for him. Valid question should have been answered and passed. He has made a worse fool out of it than needed… what a nitwit. Keep in mind that 30 percent of Republicans only comes up to 12% of the country’s vote. The Republicans had an opportunity to take the Presidency and have blown it out their behinds. You may disagree with me, I am okay with that and okay that you vote for trumpster. You do what you gotta do. If this were the trumpster’s biggest fault, I would vote for him. It is a blip on the radar so why is he going after a reporter like a madman? CEOs are tyrants… not saviors of democratic republics. That pissed of revenge shtick is very CEO.

          • The other POS COMMIE JEWS like Glen Beck and Mark Levin spew their BS on the radio daily and it’s all lies. Esp Glen Beck. What a fat mental crybaby. I’d like to sucker punch that POS and drive his fat nose into his neck. We need to take ALL OUR Radio and TV Airwaves back from the 5 person ZOG monopoly spewing garbage 24/7. Its polluting good minds into mush. Ok be a good little Minion and run along and Eat some more GMO’s..and drink some more fluoride. Yumm yummm, its all good for you. Trust Us. POS Commies. Here eat some rat a tat tat.


            • Glenn Beck a Mormon Jew, Who knew? Oh, yeah, the guy who put an extra W in his re-user name.

          • Braveheart, keep up the good fight. Rubio, Cruz, Clinton, and Sanders are all part of the political establishment and career politicians, whose only interest is in serving themselves.
            Democrats and Republicans are the two horns on the same goat. The goat being the NWO.
            The reason the establishment doesn’t want Trump is because he can’t be bought or controlled. They don’t own him. Trump is the only one of the candidates who is advocating BORDERS! All the others know darn well that a country without borders is no country at all.
            DONALD J. TRUMP AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER (by Paul Walter)

            • Exactly Sarge. Trump is draining the seedy swamp and all the Monster shills are being exposed for what they are. Trump is the “New Sheriff in Town” and put the criminals on notice. I see Trump as more like Batman. Superhero we’ve all been waiting for for decades. He is the pressure release valve the population has been griping about, but didn’t know what to do about it. Trump is a “Getter done kind of Guy.” I relish the day all these dual citizen’s passport are stamped null and void. You are either an American or you are not. No more of this Pretend invite them all in Crap. America has been raped and pillaged enough by these Zog shills.


            • Sarge

              Why are you including Sanders in your Establishment group? Regarding the core issues of the use of the US Military for Wall Street, Financial Deregulation and Free Trade he is at least on par with Trump. Sanders is the anti Establishment candidate on the left and is likewise being shortchanged by the Establishment.

              • Kevin 2
                Bernie Sanders proudly calls himself a socialist and is running on a platform of raising taxes, universal health care and free college tuition.
                Sanders and Clinton voted the same way over 90 percent of the time. He has the support of the Democratic establishment as well as she does.
                Sanders says that “not all corporations are bad, because some are willing to work with the government on its agenda.” There’s a word for a political system where the government controls business and labor and clamps down on opposition: fascism. There’s nothing anti establishment about it. He is so far left, he’s not even a Democrat.
                Sanders may slam special interest and super PAC money in politics, but the truth of that matter is that he is a hypocrite. There has been more super PAC money donated in express support of the Sanders campaign than for Hillary.
                Sanders has taken PAC money from groups that lobby Congress. According to the Credit Union National Association, Sanders has accepted money from ideological and single-issue PACs, including the Human Rights Campaign (a gay rights group), Planned Parenthood and NARAL (pro-abortion rights). These are liberal groups that Sanders himself called part of the “political establishment”.
                Clinton also denied she was part of the establishment, and said she couldn’t think of anyone else who had called her that. I would call Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton two heads of the same fascist snake.

        • So, Rebecca, vote for Hillary.

          That should make you happy.

          Because other than Trump there will be no change at all in the direction America is headed Hillary can very possibly defeat him, can absolutely defeat all the others, and will aid in accelerating us in that current direction.

      3. DustyFae, uh, he may have been a certain amount of PC in the past, but not now. He brings up issues the other candidates won’t touch. TPTB is scared to death of his message and will stop at nothing to keep him out of the WH.

        • Brave,
          YOU hit the nail on the head! The establishment is SCARED to death of TRUMP and they should be, as they are ALL SCUM and need to hung (tried first of course) for treason!

          • Apache54, I’m starting to think Trump may be a serious candidate after all. I used to think the last chance we have for PEACEFUL change was Ron Paul. Now maybe we have another chance for peaceful change after all.

            • Better register to vote, you might even change your mind about that !

            • Brave,

              Register to vote third party. It is built in to our system as the best way to get out a quagmire of existing parties. It has been necessary before and is necessary again. Drown both parties in the bathtub… they are the same, anyway.

              • Rebecca,
                I agree the parties are basically the same as in NOT for the good of the country and or its people. IF we have elections depending what comes out of it might just see a third party as the people (enough of them finally ) seem to woke up a see how screwed over we are and what it fixed. well only time will tell, but maybe , just maybe there is still some chance! good luck on your garden, we cannot plant till about mid may sometimes as late as june before last frost happens

                • Apache54
                  I am as mad as anyone, I just see a different path out… recreating self-sufficiency and a new economy. New political parties. I will be the first to applaud Trump if he busts up some of the NWO and restarts the path to nationalism… but no Hitler promises, and he does go there. My last frost date is in May! I am still building raised beds. I have “noticed” that these raised beds that are a potager, and not in a straight line, sure control human movement around my house. No straight rush but some cover, if you crawl. Something to think about. I planted my sturdy herbs and am using my plant science major to study herbal medicine… I call it food for health, because herbals are essentially curing with food.

              • Yes you would be voting for Hillary

          • Trump’s message is exposing the cuckservatives for what they are, and it ain’t pretty.

      4. Love that 90’s hair!

      5. This why I voted him in the Illinois primary.

        If the Relictards don’t give the nomination. I’m voting 3rd party, and adding to my preps. Because we are going to need them.


        • I tend to agree Sgt. …
          I’m sick and tired of the thousand cuts… lets finish this.

          For the children..our time not theirs.

        • Sgt. Dale, if the corrupt Repubs who no longer represent The People, refuse to honor the voice and votes of the majority, we need to get behind Donald Trump if he runs as a third party candidate. Yes, we know that a third party hasn’t worked in our favor in the past, but THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE TO SAVE AMERICA from the powers that shouldn’t be! The thugs and crooks in Congress today are NOT the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan. This can be a PEACEFUL revolution at the ballot box IF the citizens unite against the tyrannical forces that are bringing our great nation down and into the slavery of the NWO.

        • Sgt.D, I have to admit that I have had reservations about Trump. His rise has had some close similarities with the rise of Hitler. That being said, I will still ‘pull the pin for him’ if he gets the nomination. I would have never voted for any others. Hillary, well, I’ve seen what that murderous, conniving, she-bitch slut, is capable of. And the remainder of what the repubs have had to offer… they suck ASS.

      6. Word is Trump is not going to have anymore debates between the republican presidential runners.


        A few adds here and there is fine. Pick it up again when the debates face off between Republican to Democrat.

        • Smart thing to do, he has nothing to gain by participating in them and they just waste his time at best.

        • It’s time he let the rest of them go pound sand and start getting ‘presidential’ in his appearances. The race is between him and Hillary/Bernie, time to deal with that.

        • Dang, last comment I made was at 9.43ET and went into moderation even though I use the same Email address for the last several years. 3pm ET and still in moderation land. Oh well frig it.

      7. He said what he said back then and even now because he needs an inordinate and unhealthy amount of praise and applause – an ‘applause junkie’…very consistent with narcissism, a serious personality disorder. He was also plugging his book (which was newly-released back then) and saying whatever audiences wanted to hear boosted sales.

        If he is selected to be our new POTUS, within the first year, we will be a jaw-dropping kind of appalled and sickened by some of his actions and decisions.

        He’s also being sued by thousands of attendees (in addition to the 90-something unrelated lawsuits he already has in process) whom he ripped off; hardworking people who put their faith, confidence and trust (and paid good money to do so) in him – see ‘Trump University Lawsuits’, there is plenty of information out there about the bs and stunts he has pulled. IMO, he is not trustworthy.

        Trump says what people want to hear. He will only deliver on the promises that benefit HIM and make HIM feel good. He WILL abuse his power and also use his position to even out the score with his enemies, which he has many, and it will be at the expense of Americans.

        He will take no responsibility for his wildly insane actions and decisions and instead finger-point, blame some entity, or use other lame excuses and scapegoats as to why he is always right, nothing is ever his fault, and as usual, claim he did nothing wrong…”not my fault.”

        IMO, none of the other candidates are any better than him, (although for different reasons, with Hellary being the absolute worst) as already stated in other thread posts.

        I had warned people about Obama the same as I am now about Trump, so if Trump is selected, and people gasp as jaws are a-dropping, at least I won’t feel guilty for believing in a con-man, skilled in the art of deception.

        • Common Cents

          All that would be left is, Lock and Load.

          • Yo Slongshot – it is lock and load now. It doesn’t matter at all who is selected , this ends in total all out civil war

            • I meant slingshot

              Jesus Christ Mac , get an edit button please

              • But slongshot is funnier , lol.

                Didnt Trump use the word “slong” ? hahaha

                • If he hasn’t yet he should

                • I believe the word starts with “sch.”

                  But still funny.

                  • It was funny to me because Trump did not know
                    the younger generation took it into slang..
                    but they themselves dgi not know where it
                    came from and what laguage it was first used

                    It use to mean snake

                    • Dusty Fae
                      As a factual matter, schlong has meant penis for a couple hundred years. Trump is apparently much older than he looks. I get you will vote for Trump if the RNC allows him to run. Good luck to you.

                    • I took the word to mean snake and l am not 100 years
                      old either..LOL
                      The People that has been in there for Decades
                      claiming they are helping the people have not
                      done that,
                      l want to see if Trump can help, won’t be the first
                      time l voted wrong. I hope is for real
                      But l do think there will be no election —
                      The decades of old people who gas robbed us, they are
                      not going to give up their free ride off of the taxpayers
                      They are making a bunch of slave in the colleges and
                      carbon copy of themselves and freebie wanters

            • Captain Crunch.

              Been called a lot of names but that is a new one. ;0)

              I am going to agree with you. The course correction to fix this country will drive people to riot and then Civil War.

              There is too much to fix. To many lies. To many Deals.
              We should prep like our lives would depend on it.

              I am at the point where I am Maxed Out. Anymore stuff and I could not handle and would be a detriment to my plan. Mainly leave stuff for others who do not deserve it.

              I feel calm now. It is going to be a long wait.

              • Sling, maybe this will help:

                2lbs. barley malt extract (dark)
                1lb. rye malt extract
                10 lbs. cane sugar
                2 teaspoons distillers yeast
                7 teaspoons fermax yeast nutrient
                Put malts, sugar, nutrient in a 5 gallon bucket and add 1.5 gallons boiling water and mix well. Fill bucket to the 4 gallon mark with lukewarm water. When Temp is 80 degrees add yeast. Cover with lid (no gasket) or gasketed lid with airlock and ferment 2 weeks at 72 degrees or more. Run as usual and put 100 proof avg. in 1 gallon jug with 1 cup charred oak chips (more char will be darker) let sit 24 hours, put in freezer 24 hours, put near heat 24 hours until you have done the freeze/heat (not hot just good and warm) at least 4 times. Filter through a coffee filter in a small collander and bottle. Makes 6 pints of smoooooth wheeeskie that should help alieviate your troubles with the world … 😛

                • Oooops, almost forgot, make that 9 lbs. of cane sugar and 1 lb. of CORN sugar 😉

                • Copy That. ;0)
                  With correction.

                • Mr Genius, By the time you purchase all those ingredients with the cost involved, and the time wasted running around to gather it, then making it, you could buy real prepackaged liquor at the store from century long experts. Bet that crap you invent, gives you a fun hangover for days.


        • Narcissism.


          Huh. That’s kind of funny you know that? Hers is so epic it pretty much eclipses Narcissus himself.

      8. It’s hard to see Trump stopping the North American Union which seemed to be moving closer to a done deal. That southern border wall is unlikely to be built. If Trump goes on to win the presidency I’ll figure he can be bought too. This campaign and voting ordeal is sick nauseating fakery. It really is a pathetic freak show of fakers all around. Giving them all a lie dectector test on TV while they also are drinking truth serum would beat the stupid “debates”. These are all rehashed crooks.

      9. Trump needs to make commercials with real people that lost their good jobs due to the Free Trade agreements. White, black, yellow, brown, male and female. This is what separates him from his peers and Hillary. This message resonates with the electorate. Syria? No one gives a damn. Jobs, good jobs, thats the issue.

        I would close these commercials with the workers saying. “Hillary, while I took a 50% pay cut you got paid $26 million to speak paid for by Goldman Saks; whats wrong with this picture”?

        The above is short, clear and politically devastating.

        • I will gladly take a 50% paycut if the govt. gets out of my life 100% !

      10. I love how everyone is flipping out over Trump. The left, the right, TPTB, the media, certain people on this board! That has shown me that Trump is not owned, not a puppet. While TPTB in both parties freak out about whether or not they will make bank off the back of the US taxpayer, Trump is willing to put his life and his businesses on the line in order to revive the US.

        Is Trump perfect? No. But at least he loves the US and is interested in seeing every US citizen become prosperous. Unlike the current whitehouse resident which has proven that he IS a globalist who has worked overtime to destroy the US.

        • PHIL ,
          i’M not a big Trump fan , but he has his good points.
          And i think Cruz does too , i wish Trump would debate him.
          Either way the PTB dont want either , so one of them will get my lever pull come november.

          Can you imagine a Crus-Trump ticket ?
          Wont happen , but in the end we just cant let Hillary in the whitehouse , i will write in Ted Nugent .

          • Ted Nugent/Jesse Ventura
            Now theres a good pairing

            • Kula, would be interesting…

        • Philosopher,
          I agree and it appears HE is the only possibility of fixing our country

          • A54, I have no problem with how much Trump has pissed off everyone, except real people and voters. This is a choice between the globalists and taking back the reins of power and trying to fix this country before they run it into the ground.

            I have seen the end result of communism. It isn’t pretty. It makes me laugh how these young kids that have never been anywhere are falling for the same old communist propaganda. Along with some old and aging fools like Bernie. It isn’t my problem if they failed to understand what happens to useful idiots after a communist revolution. This is a battle. Make no mistake about it.

            • Bernie Sanders never had a paying job,
              Lived in his Parents basement Met his wife
              lived off of her,he finished college ,went back to
              living off Parents, Sold parent house after their
              death. Got a newer better house. Started
              running for local Poliyics, First
              real paycheck, came from taxpayers.
              He is for socialism and higher taxes and this is how
              he wants to give free stuff and it is never free.
              Our college Kids are just a copy of Bernie but
              they won’t have jobs and have to pay taxes.
              and continue to live in their parents basement…LOL

              • Dusty Tae

                My son went to college, got a job, many promotions, and bought a business, which he still runs. It isn’t the generation, it is how each of them were raised. Ditto every other generation. During economic downturns, many people are out of work. When there are fewe r jobs than workers, everyone cannot possibly have a job. Some, like my son, generate their own job. He employs 9 others.

                I taught my son that he cannot expect someone else to feed him… especially not global megacorporations. His eyes are wide open and he doesn’t expect a savior. I don’t expect a magical savior either.

                • And neither go l expect a Government to control all
                  things in life nor do l want to be a slave to the
                  At least Trump do not have just Rebulicans at his
                  Speeches like the other ones who are stacking their
                  Audience Nor does he pick them out or close the door
                  to all media , like the others pick their chosen media

              • Give credit where its due. Sanders is and has been against the Free Trade agreements, Wall Street bailouts, too big to fail too big to jail, the demise of Glass-Steagall and the bullshit wars.

                I could care less if he ever had a job as the above is a damn good platform. Actually him and Trump share a lot of the same thoughts in paragraph one above.

              • Hello. Your comment was not a direct reply to what I said, at all. If you want to talk about another idea, please scroll down to the bottom and post your idea rather than hijacking my comment and the rest of the thread. Thank you.

                • I am sorry , l stand corrected and truly sorry

                  • No worries.

      11. The more the media and those in power now flip out over Trump the more I like him.

        • Semper Fi. And yes, same here.

      12. The globalists will not allow Trump to stand in their way.

        • aljamo, I wonder what kind of mind controlled person they’ll try to use to off Trump?
          Redneck, liberal, conservative, ex military, foreigner (muslim?)? Ah, the possibilities are many!

          • Mexican

            • Ask HILLARY Seems like she always have
              mysterious deaths following her and Obama

          • An illegal alien, or maybe an anchor baby from a sanctuary city. Or a pencil-necked college kid with an acting major.

      13. If I vote for Trump, I get what I want.
        If I vote for Hillary, I get what I want.
        If I do Nothing and stay home. I get what I want.

        Got to love this country.

      14. The fix is in with both parties. We’re getting second best from both. Keep kickin those cans down the road.

      15. Its being said and it is plausible that this election boils down to Trump and Sanders against Goldman Saks.

        • If Hillary is not indicted soon, we need to threaten riots and such just like BLM did about Trump last week.

          • White people don’t riot. They can loose their IRA & 401K and have Corzine say, “I have no idea where the one point two billion went” and walk away not only without charges but still retaining his financial licenses. Da brothers murder over $5 or street disrespect. Obeying the law is a cultural thing.

      16. Personally I think trump is a big mouth. He talks hard. I’d bet he doesn’t even have the brains to run his business. He has people working for him to make him successful. If your rich you can get the best people to work for you if you treat them right. He isn’t gonna be pres I just don’t see it happening people are gonna smarten up to his game. Hillary is gonna be pres it’s just that simple. There are more freeloaders than working folks. They want free shit and are gonna vote for a demoncrat. Everyone is gonna vote for who they think is best for themselves. Your not gonna vote for jobs when your living for free. Let’s just cut the bullshit people. It’s hopeless keep prepping it’s your only chance.

        • Yes the free shit army will vote for hillary. When it all goes down. it will not be any fun. Race wars, ethnic cleansing, wholesale killing and infrastructure collapse. It will revert to a stone age existance. If you have anything of value some one else will try ti kill you to get it. not even a 1800,s lifestyle.. When the entire power grid goes down. Not one person alive today will live long enough to see it come back on.

          • Old Guy

            I am prepping for living in the 1800s. In part, because I can handle the processes myself, in part because until we take our lives back from corporations we will never be anything but vassal serfs. No big corporate CEO sees people any other way. They are king of the mountain. Freedom is creating something for yourself.

      17. I’ll take Trump over the known evils of establishment scum. After all, we know if we elect Hillary or Cruz, they’re in someone’s pocket. And Hillary will continue trashing the USA Ala Obama policy. Will Donald be any better? Probably not, but making those scumballs behind the scenes quake and make the politically entrenched nervous is worth voting for him. I hope he gets reelected for another 4 as well. Our country is beyond saving at this point anyways, might as well have someone different and fresh while we go down in flames.

        • D, also we can enjoy the humor that Trump sometimes provides. I liked the moment in the debate a little over two weeks ago when he said, speaking of how he would handle Hilary, “…and we’re going to hit her with the husband!” , meaning he was going to bring up Bill Clinton’s serial womanizing offenses. I was ROFL!

      18. That Trump-Sanders ticket looking better, or possibly Sanders-Stein. Might as well pair up Clinton-Cruz. The main thing that sort of creeps me out about Trump is 3 of his endorsers, Palin, Cristie and Scott, all of which repulse me.

      19. Country is not gonna be fixed it’s not part of the agenda globalism is. my thinking is we are past the point of no return. Whoever becomes the pres will inherit the failures and explosive debt of the Obummer regime. It’s like terminal cancer it’s past the point of no return. Might as well get your kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames. Don’t worry about debt if you are not set up for the coming shit storm. Go get what you need to affect survival. People shouldn’t have to prepare in a hurry if they been seein the writing on the wall they wouldn’t. If they have just been enlightened then get your firearms and ammunition. Go get some canned food enough to get you at least 6 months. Get some good heirloom seeds. Canning jars tons of lids for them a hot water bath. Bags of rice salt sugar. A rugged spade for every member of your family. A pick Mattox. Contractor grade wheelbarrow. Get some wire fencing by the roll. Get 2x4s some 4×8 sheathing as thick as you can afford and enough to cover a small garage or large shed. Quality skill saw and corded drill. Make sure your vehicle has current papers and maintenence is up. Get those new tires and brakes now of you need them. Store some gas with stabil in 5 gal cans as many as you can store safely. Extra propane tanks a good splitting maul and buck saw. Files to sharpen all your tools. Oil to keep tools from rusting on you. Bailing wire pliers to go with the wire. 5 gal buckets with lids. You can get at Home Depot for $5 lid and bucket. The uses are endless for them. Get some cheap twine to hold up plants off the ground so the don’t rot on you. A come along can be picked up for $20 to 30 bucks. Big boxes of exterior screws I’d get 1.5 inch and 1 inch screws. Big boxes of 8 and 16 penny nails. A few hammers so others can help when you need to build stuff. Some corrugated steel panels for roofing chicken coops or whatever. get a few army duffle bags the ones with backpack straps. These can be picked up cheap used you might have to wash them but new ones are up to $40 used like $15. You can get three for $45 in most cases used. They are excellent for everything and fold up small when not in use. 12 guage shotgun and claymore bag to keep shells in. I’d avoid anything that makes you look tactical. Get some duct tape and a roll of 3mil plastic sheet sold in the paint department. Get muck boots so your regular boots don’t get ruined. Work gloves are a must. I know all this stuff will cost you a little bit that’s why you should get a little at a time. Just some suggestions of what to get. Tools materials food. .

        • The thing is, most people that don’t already have that shit are pretty much idiots that don’t know what to do with it anyway. Metrosexual freaks and pussy boys that never used a tool in their life. You can hand a boy an axe but you can’t force him to learn to use it. Most people that grew up like men using tools and knowing how to do shit already have that stuff, the rest are lost, stupid, knuckledraggers and should perish otherwise they will be at your door….

          • Most people today don’t even know how to use an axe. You don’t want to be anywhere near a newbie who’s trying to use one. And some fools want to stand too close to you while you’re using one.

            I recently bought me another antique one. You can’t have too many tools.

            • While growing up as a preteen, next to my eldest grandpa’s homestead; I got to learn some of the old ways, and tricks of the trade.

              Grandpa never ever burned anything but wood for heat and cooking.
              he never owned a chainsaw. I never even saw him buy a handle for any ax, sledgehammer, regular hammer, or mattock. He made them all by hand, from select, dried hickory stock, he cut.

              His handles were smoothed by using large chunks of glass for peeling off the fine shavings around the handle section. he had the money to buy new handles, but preferred the old ways.

              He taught me the basics of using an ax, as a kid, and it has always stayed with me. No other grand kids even cared about learning the old ways, not even his own sons.

              We never had a need for a splitting maul, we just used a heavier ax, usually a double sided for the hardwood, because in those days the sawmills were all portable and the slab piles were plentiful. We loaded up the old pickup with oak and hickory slabs, and brought them home to cut up using a bow-saw.
              Granny’s cook stove only got poplar and pine wood shoved through it.

              • And your point is? That you don’t embrace change? That you want to live in the 18th century?

                Then why are you using the internet? How about communicating with carrier pigeons?

                Brains are not your forte are they?

                • Hey nardsack, you really cut me down to size there, little troll. i’m real hurt. whooow whoow. Tarnished for life. i think I may never regain my composure.

                  Your stupidity says it all like your handle.

                  You are just another pimple on some fat black chicks ass, and can’t handle that some people have a life, and live with pleasures, and wonderful memories.

                  In fact, in real life, you probably can’t even make “a pimple” on anyone’s ass, much less a nasty smelling black bitch’s butt.
                  Go suck your thumb and cry to mommy. Ha! Hee, hee.

              • PITW: that is awesome that you were able to learn some of those skills! Looking back I regret that I didn’t learn MORE from my grandparents, that I didn’t ask them more questions and spend more time learning from them. I will take that regret to my grave. I learned a lot from my grandmother but not enough.

                I am the only one that learned multiple sewing / needle craft skills from when I was young until I was older. Sewing by hand, embroidery, sewing on a machine, crochet, macrame, quilting, tatting. Out of 8 grandchildren I am the only one that learned half of my grandmother’s skills. The other half of her skills? Gone. Dust in the wind.

                • We take so many things for granted, but at least there are a few that did get lucky and spent time with them.

      20. So the Republican convention is to be held in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland.Trump is percieved to be a racist, drawing out self hating idiots of the white variety and the perpetual victims of the darkie variety. Does it seem strange to anyone that conflict appears to be inevitable? I hear Arpaio is set to provide security for Trump in Arizona. It’s just amazing it seems so scripted. Even if by higher powers. In the words of the Thing, “It’s clobbering time!”

      21. If the only thing Trump accomplishes is deporting a large percentage of the illegals and good SCOTUS nominations, he will do a great deal of good for the country.

        Right now, the country is seeing what the elites on the left and right are capable of, their true colors, and it doesn’t like it one bit.

        • Amen

      22. Its a dog and pony show. Trump has no intention of being president. He ran republican to assure Hillary the Win. Yes Trump will not get the Republican nomination. He will then run as a independent. That move will assure Hillary gets the win. You folks grasping at straws believing Trumps lies and reteoric are being duped. Thlk about sheeple the trump supporters are gullible fools.

        • TRUMP will not run third party, he pledge not to do so,

        • Thanks for clearing all that up for us dumb sheeple, it’s really difficult for us to think for ourselves and come to our own conclusions.

        • Old Guy

          TPTB could care less if its Hillary, Cruz or Rubio as long as its not Trump or Sanders.

      23. I saw many people in the video, both white and black, nodding in agreement with Trump.

        I predict that if the election goes on without a hitch, Trump will get the highest percentage of the black vote that any Republican has ever gotten. I have talked to a lot of black people. Most of them are tired of things and are ashamed that the first black president (not counting Bill Clinton) had to be this one.

        • What separates Trump from his contender including Hillary is his position on the job eviscerating Free Trade Agreements. The lower one is on the food chain the earlier and more pronounced the economic damage that it has done. MoTown was Motor Town and it was the mecca for blacks fleeing poverty in the south.

          Trump will get a great percentage the traditional democrat middle class voting base because of the above. The $26 million Hillary got from Goldman Saks is just icing on the cake. They couldn’t give a damn about Syria, Russia or anything else but good jobs.

      24. I have two concerns. Is he sincere or is it a set up. Then will he abide by the constitution.
        It would be nice if I thought any of this would make a difference. I will always vote. But I think it is too late one way or the other.

      25. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but in 2012 Obama signed a law making it illegal to protest at any event with secret service present – HR 347. Let’s start arresting the liberals who are protesting at trump events.

        I still don’t agree with that law however.

      26. Meet the next president of the United States. He has the full backing of the real backers;


      27. 4 years of looking at Hillary, Bernie, Ted or Donald on TV. In 4 different universes they will each have their moments in the sun.

      28. Rebecca your right on freedom is creating something for yourself. People are too lazy to do anything for themselves. That would require labor. Labor is looked down on by modern people. people on this board listen to too much political crap. The solution to the problems is not gonna be solved politically. Stop clamoring for a real leader. There is no real leaders they are men and men will persue their own agendas. I keep saying it spend more time working on your homestead and revising your plans your doing the right thing for yourself. People like us do not have the big bucks to change a thing politically. Try to take a vacation or go camping to get away from the constant political brainwashing campaign. Enjoy your life while you still can there will be plenty of time to be miserable.

      29. How can anyone not know how to use the items I listed. It’s not science folks. Those items I listed are just suggestions. Yard sales have a lot of good shit cheap. Flea markets have tools. It’s not like it’s all gonna cost a fortune. You could scrap metals for $ on the side and pickup stuff to put back. It’s not gonna happen over nite.

      30. About fifty years ago America had one of the last functioning middles classes in the world. This infuriated the rich oligarchy of the world that could control the poor class of the world with a New World Order (NOW) of promises and simple hand outs at elections. America’s middle class was the one big hold outs in the NOW.

        The American middle class has always been in a precarious proposition, supported entirely by self reliance, unrelenting hard work, planning, and “present sacrifice for future gain”, while being despised and penalized by the upper and lower classes. The American middle class was acutely aware of their neither-nor status and dreaded slipping downward more than death itself. It was always the expectation that their children were expected to climb another rung up the ladder and better themselves more than their parents had.

        So this NOW oligarchy using liberal politicians set out to get America’s Billionaire class involved and eliminate America’s middle class. The liberal NOW promised America’s Billionaire class “…if you shut down the American manufacturing base we will give you all the cheap third world labor you need as a replacement to make even more money. All you have to do is convince the conservative base….”

        So over the last 50 years America’s once glorious domestic manufacturing base that built the middle class has slowly dissolved. Plant after plant has shuttered its doors. The ongoing dissolution of the middle class makes sense if it’s seen as a return to a feudalism, the two-tier system of the Middle Ages, one of lords and vassals, of inherited fealty and mandatory service and taxes on subsistence itself. Serfs had no rights the nobility was bound to respect, no holdings free of perpetual obligation, no effective defense from official predation, including persecution by the court and its officers. This is where America is currently heading.

        In many states where the middle class was hit hardest and had no voice the cry is heard “…Trump…” This civil explosion is from the former middle class taking on the “who and why” behind their sudden serfdom. These ex-middle class people are angry and believe government is in need of a fundamental retooling and will not still until someone is shouting their anger in the halls of government. If they are denied their one chance at retribution against government we may likely see a civil explosion when the former middle class lose their tempers in mass…

        • rabbitone,
          And when you take away a white man’s purpose, and his creativeness, and his inventiveness, you take away his soul. And you create an army of soulless worker bees, with an inner rage at what they have been reduced to, thrown away trash.

          History is not kind to those who have repeated the mistakes of history. Greed is not good, and sews the winds of retribution in the whirlwind of revolutions.

          In the words of metaphor, The Last Trump blows, and the whirlwind now comes to destroy what was, and move the trash around in unknowable fortunes. The Last Trump is God’s holy messenger not in the context of him being a Godly pious man, oh no, but God often uses weird people for His purpose. In this the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
          But we, the White Anglo Saac’s Sons Protestants, cannot know what is because we have forgotten what was. This was deliberate, it is easy for the Phoenix to divide us, by the tool of ignorance, deception and ridicule. The golden bird that burns its own nest, and rises from the ashes, is not simply a child’s story, but a metaphor of history. The rich are the enemy of the poor, and the poorer you are, the better for them. For the world is a zero sum game, and to make one millionaire, requires a million people to be a dollar poorer.

          As long as we fight among ourselves, over stupid issues, we shall never see the bigger picture. There are no parties, there is only The Haves and The Have nots.

          The Last Trump of God is blowing in the whirlwind, and it is saying;


        • “So this NOW oligarchy using liberal politicians set out to get America’s Billionaire class involved and eliminate America’s middle class. ”

          I think that is reversed as the money is the power. The globalist billionaire class was the spearpoint of Free Trade and a de-regulated financial system; they purchased the left wing along the way.

          Its Fascism at the very top with Communism below them. It matters little if the boot on on your throat has a neoconservative fascist or communist foot inside it.

          • Kevin
            there are 3 jackboots vying for control… left boot, right boot, theo boot. I am sick of jackboots.

      31. Heard from a legitimate source yesterday that a secret drill is on going in Houston I involving HPD..that is designed for warfare against Houston and other surrounding cities to launch attacks on citizens who rise up because our economy will callapse before the end of the year, as in all cities in Texas and nationwide…what is bothering me is that the source is a cop him self that I know we’ll for many years and he would not make up. stuff like’s designed to counter the black and Hispanic areas of those type of populations because according to him they will be 90% of the problem, so the drill is designed to liquidate them in a bad prevent them from roaming into regular peacefully areas of residences, to prevent it from escalating, and it will be also for all areas that may rise up to demand change.. the JH15 equipment is not here to fight the chinese army, it’s here to supply that army and to fight the citizens of this state of Texas or be manned by our own military and UN assets..this is not anything new but it’s something that’s being planned..just taught I needed to mention it..the cop said that it would be is our of control that if food and water cuts. off that they don’t have any choice, it’s designed to Contain the problem. Without outside help.. so the state is doing this it deal with its internal problem instead of letting outsiders come in to offer help, using it or there advantage to take down the state or city, meaning attacks on the American population… call BS all your all want I am just telling you all what I heard.


        Hell knocks on my door, I will welcome hell.

        • It’s sort of hard to conduct a secret police drill for a city the size of Houston while in the city of Houston without someone taking note.

          Anyone there noticing anything unusual going on that might indicate this is happening with the HPD?

        • Yes folks, it’s all true. Texas will initiate horrific doom real soon. But it doesn’t matter much because next month Texas will be shooting a large space harpoon into Nibiru as it passes by and this will rip the state of Texas right off the continental US allowing Texas to secede from the US but also creating a very large oxygen problem though…..

      32. OT- I get an ad up top frequently for the world’s “25 most dangerous dogs” which features a pic of a snarling schnauzer .I clicked on the slide show and not a schnauzer to be found. They did get 25 clicks out of me though. Well played;)

        • Was the little Chihuahua that lives up the street one of the slides?

          Seems to think he owns the entire neighborhood, definitely one tough little dude. Bigger dogs leave him alone, and children avoid him.

          • It’s those little dogs that go nuts when you walk past! We pass a ferocious dachshund on our walks who nearly chokes himself trying to get at our ankles. (On a rope attached to a tree) This mode of exercise is what substitutes for a walk with that family:)

      33. Cruz being the latest GOP backed challenger to Trump is pitiful. Apparently being a natural born US citizen as criteria has been thrown out the window, Obama proved this. Cruz is a BS zio apologist who nutty yahoo claims is a man after his own heart. He would be as bad as Clinton. He has zero chance of being elected.

      34. WHAT TIME IS IT ?
        On March 6 a person made the following statement on another website : Whoever is trying to destroy America……….THEY ARE WINNING!!!!

        Honest Statement but I must add a little something. While yes there are many destructive forces working to take America down, I must admit the most powerful group leading the charge is the American non-MAN male !

        Who would have thought, after fighting the greatest War in World History the American non-Man male would have let the Commies infiltrate our Government the way {WE DID} ?
        Who would have believed by 1973 { WE} would have quietly stood by and let men calling themselves Justices, {makes me want to PUKE}, mandate the wholesale SLAUGHTER of the MOST INNOCENT MEMBERS OF SOCIETY, and then allow the sale of their body parts ?

        OOooo,gotta make them feel good about it, we’ll just call it pro-choice, the “right” to choose, Yeah right , THE RIGHT TO MURDER YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD, BABY {And WE} –just stood by wringing our little panties going yeah but the Court said —- THE COURTS BUTT or any other word you want to substitute , IT’S MURDER !

        Yes we have a Court, and every Society needs Laws ,and Rules , and Regulations” in moderation” and every bit of that is supposed to work off of, and according to, and within the confines of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

        No Activist Judges , no Executive Orders , no Signing Statements , JUST THE LAW, “we have the greatest Law in the World” , the Constitution,and Bill of Rights !

        What happened to LIFE , LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS !,

        I know ! ACTIVISTS JUDGES, AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS making decisions outside of the Law!

        What happened to the Very First Institution GOD ever created? Marriage,What happened ? I know,





        Remember what GOD said when Cain slew Abel ? He said the voice of Abel’s BLOOD cried out to him from out the ground. How loud are the mournful cries of tens of millions of Babies ? BABIES ! {AND WE}, JUST STOOD BY AND LET IT HAPPEN ! Roughly TEN JEWISH HOLOCAUSTS, and WE JUST STOOD THERE. GOD FORGIVE US !

        Now the chickens are coming home to roost, now they’re RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, they’re after your Children , and Grand Children, FORCING Perversion, Globalism, Islam, Witchcraft, de-emphasizing Family Values ,trying to destroy our National Sovereignty ,undermining Every Good and Decent thing, and calling it Education,claiming to own your Children, Taxation without Representation,the Supreme Court making decisions based upon European Case Law, Race Baiting, and there’s only ONE RACE, the Human Race ! False Flag Attacks, Government Land Grabs,intentionally creating an Un-surmountable Mountain of Debt making our Children and Grand Children Slaves in a Dismal Future , Stealing the Power of the Vote,and Right to vote from the Electorate, Political Correctness,Attacks on Law Enforcement, and the destruction of our Military,Betrayal of our Allies, the Horrible Mistreatment of our VETS,bringing Hundreds of Thousands of NON- VETTED muslims into this Country, a larger portion just happening to be young males of fighting age while our Border Guards have been ORDERED to stand down, now there’s Millions of illegals, and how many of them are Combat Operatives,also bringing Foreign Troops by the Thousands into this Country, AND ALL THE WHILE talking about disarming the American People as if they even have the right to discuss it !


        My Rights do NOT come from the State or Federal Government ,
        Your Rights do NOT come from the State or Federal Government !

        They are granted to you by YOUR CREATOR, that’s why there’s such a war against Christianity,
        Also if they wanted a World Religion, islam would be perfect, it controls every aspect of your life from the Cradle to the Grave !

        The Bible is by far the greatest Document written in the entire History of Man ! Every ounce of organized Goodness, and Justice, and Order this Planet has ever known sprang forth from its pages, of that Truth there is no debate ! The Constitution, and Bill of Rights , Not Requests are next !

        And the Usurpers, are coming for them, they’re coming now !
        THEY’RE RIGHT IN YOUR FACE ! pick up a paper, turn on your TV, read a magazine , watch a newer movie ,listen to modern music, watch the super bowl halftime show, or pretty much anything they call entertainment, watch the so-called News, it’s in the Churches, they’re everywhere trying to sell their new- thought , which is actually old thought , as old as satan himself.

        Time is passing , things are rapidly changing, storm clouds are gathering, and the American non-MAN male is sitting there eyes wide shut, sound asleep WHILE EVIL GROWS , and it’s hungry !
        Nothing ever satisfies it ,NOTHING, it always wants more, and more, and more , and it WON”T STOP, IT NEVER STOPS, unless MEN with a concrete FAITH IN “GOD” , armed with the knowledge that the Bible, the Constitution and Bill of Rights , those JUDAIC ,CHRISTIAN VALUES are truly Good and Right , and Powerful ! OUR FOUNDATION !

        We have to make people understand that FREEDOM IS NOT FREE ! Every Generation must be on constant guard protecting it , Everything we do or say , everywhere we go, everything we now enjoy in America was purchased with the Blood of those who understood this !

        Question is , WHAT WILL WE DO IN THIS DARK TIME ?

        I’m not advocating violence, not at all, because violence ,begets violence and “ALL SIDES” involved need to remember that ! NO ONE wants to go there , but I do want to ask anyone reading this a question.

        What kind of America do you want your kids and grand kids to grow up in? Do you want an America where it’s illegal for them to protect themselves in their homes or in public ? Would that be alright just as long as a Police Officer showed up later and made a report over their Dead Body That wouldn’t just tear your heart out ?

        How about an America where if you or your child, or grand child said something the Government didn’t like there would be an all expense paid trip to Siberia or a forced labor camp or maybe just shot and killed , is that what you really want ?

        America buried ,enslaved by Debt, the standard of living going down with each passing Generation.

        Constant entanglement in foreign wars , the Worlds,and UN police force, always American Blood , always Americas Finest, always Americas Money!

        An America with no Moral Absolutes, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law , as long as it’s along party line ? No Family Values, No belief in GOD , Do you really want an America where public school health classes tell boys to go have sex with other boys because they might be gay ,and tell little girls to have sex with other little with girls too ? Public schools that take little girls as young as 12 to Abortionists and you’re on a DON’T NEED TO KNOW BASIS ? is that what you really want ?

        I could go on and on with examples of the madness , but honestly I’m getting worn out , WE all see it ! WE all know it’s happening .

        There really is Right and Wrong, there really is Black and White, Good and Evil and we ALL had better choose a side , quickly! To not decide ,is to choose Darkness !


        the usurpers are hundreds, WE ARE MILLIONS !

        Like I said before , I’m not advocating violence , and no one would have to if the American non-Man male , stood up and became MEN who would EXPLAIN IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to the usurpers that


        the usurpers are hundreds, WE ARE MILLIONS !









        they are hundreds , but WE ARE MILLIONS !


        they are hundreds, WE ARE MILLIONS ,———-TENS OF MILLIONS !


        Again I ask, WHAT TIME IS IT ?

        To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

        A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

        A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

        A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

        A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

        A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

        A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

        A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.



      35. Yesterday on our local news station, they said that Donald Trumps son received a hate mail letter with some powder inside the envelope.

        Today, on the Drudge Report, there are protesters in Manhattan, N.Y. rallying against Trump. One protester said, ” Will trade 1 Donald Trump for 25,000 refuges.”

        • The protesters were waving Mexican flags in Utah, that’s going to backfire on them bigtime.

          You could put together a dozen 30-second political ads with these idiots on the screen and use them to carry a dozen states this November.

          People do not like these protesters one bit.

      36. I was curious to see who was protesting Trump in New York since he has a lot of support there. These are “groups” that are sponsoring the New York protests of Trump:
        Cosmopolitan Antifascists
        Black and Pink: NYC
        ICE-FREE NYC
        International Working Women’s Day Coalition
        Millions March NYC
        NYC Shut It Down: The Grand Central Crew #blacklivesmatter
        NYC Solidarity with Palestine
        Peoples Power Assemblies
        Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
        Revolutionaries Against Gendered Oppression Everywhere [RAGE]
        Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee
        Students for Justice in Palestine
        I have seen some strange organization names over the years but these take the cake. What a bunch of crazies…

        • rabbitone

          I hope they carry signs identifying themselves because the swing vote in the middle class will determine who the next president will be. The groups above summed up are a tiny percentage of Americans. Black Lives Matter; how many of their supporters are convicted felons unable to vote?

          The smaller and more strange the group the more vocal they are making up in volume for numbers.

      37. Here’s how it works:
        Clinton machine assures GOP establishments that if she is elected, they will have the status quo (business as usual)….AND, they will not be “purged” from the system. Remember that the NSA/CIA has a file on every American, and enough information to indict anyone (including establishment politicians) if they don’t “cooperate”.
        GOP forces contested convention due to shortage of delegates. Trump will fall short of the 1431 needed. GOP parachutes in a Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney as the nominee.
        GOP knows it will hand Clinton the election….just the way they want it. America Finished.!!!!

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