The Federal Reserve Has Unleashed a “Virus Of Radical Monetary Policy”… and There’s No Going Back

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Experts, Forecasting | 105 comments

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    The Fed has no mandate outside the 50 states, but it unofficially determines foreign debt and currency markets across the globe in a big way anyway.

    Now, chairwoman Janet Yellen has testified before Congress that the Federal Reserve is looking to increase interest rates, on the pretext of low inflation. The rate increase represents an enormous price fixing mechanism that will alter the course of investments for everyone.

    The ground shakes when the Fed takes a step. Never mind if it should be this way:

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday that the central bank could raise interest rates before inflation picks up as long as it foresees price increases accelerating and the job market continues to advance. (Source)

    Jim Grant, publisher of the Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, has been calling out currency manipulation and interest rate manipulation for some time.

    The main driver of these manipulations, from the shadows and out of the mind of the public, are the actions of the Federal Reserve, which affects other central bank actions and much of the global market.

    Watch what Grant said on NBC News:

    Grant called the Fed’s interventions a “virus of radical monetary policy.” And according to Grant, there’s no going back… their actions are pivotal to the entire marketplace. With below zero interest rates under QE1-3, that amounts to free money for the biggest banks and massive worldwide economic manipulation:

    To me, the substantive fact about the Fed is that is has been involved in the greatest protracted experiment in price control in modern times. Interest rates are prices that have been suppressed and manipulated and generally federally man-handled. And the consequences of the distortion of these critical prices called interest rates, these distortions are at every hand. But we can’t know the final consequences, but we can be pretty sure they will not be wholesome.”

    “And to me, this virus of radical monetary policy is now coursing through the political bloodstream. There’s no going back, at least not for the medium term. The world has come to expect that the central bank will be there in force, in unprecedented ways, with the greatest improvisations come times of trouble. There will be trouble coming up, of course there always are.”

    Incredibly, Grant points out that some 83% of the entire global stock market is based upon the 0% rates set by the Federal Reserve. When those rates change, for better or worse, there will be global echoes.

    Citing a Merill Lynch book titled “The Longest Picture”, Grant states that:

    “83% of the world’s stock market capitalization is under the shadow of zero percent interest rates. And something in excess of $4 Trillion of sovereign debt yields nothing, or a little less. So, we can’t know exactly what valuations will be in the absence of these most extraordinary interventions, but I think we’d have a very different financial landscape.”

    The great experiment in price controls set by the Federal Reserve has undoubtedly resulted less freedom and less economic stability for the average person. The last of the middle class is being vacuumed up by the post-2008 economic crisis interventions.

    There is no understanding their impact.

    Markets based upon zero interest rate free money are hooked, as a junkie is, on Federal Reserve interventions, artificial liquidity and de facto price controls.

    A little while back, CNBC commentators made it even more clear, admitting that “we’re absolutely slaves to the central banks.”


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      1. How long can the Fed and Central Bankers everywhere keep kicking the can?

        And when the kicking stops, how bad will it get?

        • A lot longer, since the can is electronic.

          • The can they’re kicking is our butt.

            • OutWest,

              Your comment reminds me of this saying:

              The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!

              In other news today:

              (1) The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday adopted sweeping new regulations sought by President Obama for how Americans use and do business on the Internet.

              (2) As promised, President Obama is using executive actions to impose gun control on the nation, targeting the top-selling rifle in the country, the AR-15 style semi-automatic, with a ban on one of the most-used AR bullets by sportsmen and target shooters.

              The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month revealed that it is proposing to put the ban on 5.56mm ammo on a fast track….


              OutWest, has your morale improved yet? If not, more beatings for you! Be happy with what’s been shoved down your throat! Or be beaten mercilessly while still getting it shoved down your throat!

              Your choice!

              • FreeSlave, they have shoved so much crap down my
                throat for so long I had to learn how to walk on
                my hands and talk out my ass.
                Shakin’ the bush, boss. Shakin’ the bush.

                • This whole scenario would make a great board game for preppers. Draw a card, oh kick the can, you get to avoid the next disaster. Land on get out of jail free or maybe find a cache of food. Make your way to your bugout while trying to avoid pitfalls. Damn man I think I;m on to something here 🙂 Don’t no one go stealing my idea lol…

                  • Genius….

                    Might name it “Preppers Panic”?

                    • Or the shit hit’s the fan, the game lol.

              • Anyone who tries to beat me will get a bullet instead.

              • As geopolitics continue to play out in Ukraine I’d say those who have eastern bloc arms might want to focus on accumulating the steel case/surplus ammo while we can. I see this on the radar too.

          • Eustace Mullins is the guy to look into

            • Always Reading:

              Eustace Mullins, another great truther. Look up
              Albert Pike, he has a “blueprint” you will be interested in.

        • “Incredibly, Grant points out that some 83% of the entire global stock market is based upon the 0% rates set by the Federal Reserve.”

          I mean, let’s just that it was half of that. Let’s say 40% of the ENTIRE global stock market is based upon the 0% rates. What happens if rates go up to 1%? Or heaven forbid, just 2%. What would happen?

          Seriously, is this over-hyped doom-and-gloom, or could financial collapse really occur if rates went up to 2% or 3%?

          It just seems insane that the whole shah-bang, entire countries and economies could just collapse over interest rates hitting 2-3%.

          • Look to the Jap T Bill market, A 3% rate would indeed destroy the market. They would have no net tax money to spend.

        • ….on a side note, old yellen is one ugly ass woman. She could not sell her ass if she tried. Damn
          Buy gold and silver, ammo, and food. Real money they are.

          • Doh! He’s a woman?

      2. Audit the Fed and get an idea of how bad things really are. Audit the gold reserves and see if the gold is really there. Reinstate controls over the banking industry to prevent them from making mistakes to start with.

      3. The Zionists Virus has unleashed a monetary virus? Kill the HOST VIRUS and save the humanity.

        • Stolz:

          We can all bank on the fact that it is the international banking family of muzzies who own the feral federal reserve cant we? (sarc)

          Twelve families own the stock of the federal reserve and they are all Zionists. Their tentacles extend into the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of International Settlements.

          A poster here blames it on our congress critters. You would have to dig up the dead ones, starting back in 1913, to get the original criminals who allowed this to happen to America.

          Counting on congress to rout out the Zionists’ Federal Reserve is a pipe dream. President Jefferson told us what would become of our country if we allowed a private bank to control our money; all he predicted has come to pass.

          Jesus Christ took the moneychangers to task in the New Testament. Those same people control the worlds money today and for the looks of things it will take HIM to clean up this train wreck we have allowed to strangle us.


          With 300 million+ people in the US…..had we backed up to the Feds door in the last article and each taken our share of the free money given to the banksters we would not have ever had another worry in the world. How odd that that free money to them is now a debt that we taxpayers are supposed to pay back.

          And unlike the Federal Reserve who chose winners and losers we would have all been winners.

          The final piece of the money puzzle will be United Nations script, and the banksters will call in all their loans which will including anything of value in countries all around the world.

          Having a hard time believing the “One World Order” supposed “conspiracy”? Good luck with that; you must have blinders on.

          • yep, yep, yepper, the only one who can a save us now is geezus hissef, Oh Lard, please come and put paid to everthang.

            • polk Salad Granny: The most polite respond to your post would be:


            • P-S-G………. (aka POG stalker)–>

              Yer having a cerebral-GYN old-timers episode, yes???

              Tsk…tsk…tsk, polk-salad…

     your case..salvation likely comes from “Energized C-batteries”…loaded in your “BOB”** ..**(battery-operated-boyfriend)!!!

              Why don’t you take a few minutes off….& relax…w/ your..ummm…er…personal moment savior.

              ..then check-in here…and mellow out!


              Kinda hard to “BITCH” at better females…when you’ve got a good ‘after-glow’…going, huh!!!!!!


              POG’s right……and you’re just jealous….’cuz she’s “hotter” …than you!!!!

              • well who-weeeeee!. Ya’ll is sho’nuff rite ’bout that cunter. Dat ole’ pog is soooooo hot everbody want to know who her undertaker is!

            • Dear Pissed off Granny:
              Unfortunately for us, your post is basically correct. I admit that I too don’t like to be reminded of ‘the Israeli problem’, but so many of the threads in the rope that’s choking us lead back to the chosen ones- it’s naive to ignore it.
              Also, you are on-topic (thank you).
              your pal, A

              • Anon a Mouse:

                Yep, on topic. Should please the poster “Daisy” who accused me of stirring up the racist pot, when I asked if the Mexican who caused the train wreck in California was an illegal.

                Because I never could find where the MSM ever confirmed that, yes or no, I was curious if they planned on burying that tidbit in their disinfo pile. Does that question seem “racist” to you?

                Seemed like it did to “Daisy”, but then maybe she didn’t care if he was one of the kazillion illegals entering this country.


                It is my understanding once an illegal gets a SS# they are going to be allowed to claim tax credits going back a few years. They could be gifted up to $35,000 for entering this country illegally. (This was per G. Beck, I have NOT taken the time to verify this).

                • Verify? Hell, evrthang ya’ll says is posted from nut job links ya’ll tries to ” verify” as yer own kinda troof.

          • POG, you and many other awaken patriots have stated the real issues and who the real enemies are over and over. Well written post as usual. I would like to add a link for the lazies or the ignorant to read. However the trolls should bypass it.


            • Stolz:

              Great link. It is all there for anyone interested.

              And Polk Salad Granny….is that you WWTI or your other Sybil twin Nobama?

              And Hunter…. your description of PSG is spot on. Made my day!!!!!

              • Hell, don’t take much to yer day there granny, jest turn ya’ over once every hour so’s ya don’t be a gitten them ole’ bed sores none.

        • Kinda funny how the FED is a virus and SILVER is an antivirus 😉

          • Genius>>>

            Damnit sir…was waiting for you to show up!!! Kudos & thanks!

            If you don’t mind, ..take a look at the following video (link) below, per a solar set-up…w/ emphasis on the battery choice (especially)!!!!

   question centers/concerns… therein!!!???


            Why wouldn’t 12VDC (sealed gel-cell/trolling-fishing mtr type batteries work, just as well???) ..if not better, relative to discharge (depth %-age rate) & recharging?

            ..this guy is ‘sharp’ / knows his shit, he’s (I suspect)…up your way! See link below & mind the space, pal…

            ht tps://

            • Hunter, the video was correct pretty much but he had some inferior equipment. Trojan batteries are the worst I have ever had experience with. Every single off grid system I worked on that had trojan batteries had premature battery failure. I have even had it happen to me the one time I used trojan. He fucked up bad installing the batteries also. He had them right up against eachother which is a sure death from overheating. ALWAYS have at least 3/4 of an inch or so between batteries! I see he has a midnight solar charge controller which is an excellent choice (it’s what I use).

              His system was setup for DC loads as I did not see an inverter and he had a DC load panel. As far as batteries go it is a well known and proven (just read the manufacterer’s spec sheets) that gel batteries cannot take overdischarging without significant and irreparable damage. They are expensive and have a short life span (number of cycles).

              If you must have sealed batteries at least get SLA (sealed lead acid) type. Flooded lead acid batteries are the best. They have a long cycle life, are very forgiving to overdischarge, the cheapest to buy, you can equalize them, etc. The ONLY reasons to buy sealed or gel batteries is you have to have then indoors where gasses will be a problem. Or because no one will be around to do battery maintenance (add water). Yopu can have flooded lead acid batteries in your dwelling as long as they are in a sealed box that is vented to the outside.

              A gel battery of say 200 ah with a dod (depth of discharge) of 50% per day will have (just for reference purposes) 500 cycles of life.

              A flooded lead acid battery of 200ah at 50% dod daily will have about 1600 cycles of life.

              Thats just off my head but thats about the ratio plus gel costs twice as much or more. Some good lead acid batts will last 10 years or more.

              Another thing is if you mount your panels on a top of pole rack you can turn the rack a few times a day and increase your average out put from the panels by 35-40% saving you money on panels and batteries. Hope this helps 🙂

              • “if you mount your panels on a top of pole rack” you could also have a windmill going in the next storm 🙂

                • The problem is that the center of the pole is in the middle of the rack and the voltages of the two will fight eachother. Also anything above the panels will shade them and cause a lot of loss. Nice idea though 🙂

                • off topic

                  @ sixpack,

                  Re: your comment ID 3339139 at 11:46 p.m. 25 Feb. on the Shock Report thread. Nice job you and your sock puppet “W” did using the disinformation tactics I cited.

                  In what capacity did you “work in a district attorney’s office?” Most likely my legal experience is at a higher level than yours.

                  Your cynicism is no substitute for knowing what you’re talking about. Well played with the straw man statements.

              • Could this be true love?

        • Stolz, it looks like the red thumb bot is back. Or I suppose it could be a disgruntled poster here or two. From my observations of the last few weeks, any posts with truth are red thumbed. I guess we can call it a badge of honor lol. I know it doesn’t bother you as it doesn’t bother me either. Just kind of comical how some people will thumb down anything that destroy’s their paradigm lol.

          • One thing about it Genius, one of them red-thumbed EVERYTHING! Shows how much thought we should give to thumbs.

            • Sounds like BOTH of you care a great deal about how many thumbs up/down you gather. You’re always talking about it and that’s NOT a sign of indifference to them.

        I’m so tired of these A holes kicking the can, They are just making it worse. When it hits the fan its going to be HELLL!!!!
        That does it I’m buying More AMMO!

        • Hopefully instead of kicking the can, soon they will be kicking the bucket 🙂

          • That’s the thing, I think that the worlds Soros’s and Kissinger’s are gonna want to see their plan unfold before they kick off.

            • Ya wth, Kissinger must be 150 years old now damn. These bastards live forever it seems.

              • To prove a point. How many royals or top bankers have EVER had cancer???

      5. They will keep kicking the can until one of three things happens: Some idiot pushes the button– Mother Nature– or God Says enough! All we can do is prepare our family the best way we see fit.

        • The die is cast…good vs. evil is here
          Plan for the worst and pray

      6. What goes up, must come down. Big money is exiting the markets.

        Mom and pop buyers are getting in, like BJ, who bought Freeport MacMoran in January in a declining commodity environment (but brags that he has made a few pennies since then) and a collapsing price for copper; from $4 a lb a few years ago, down to $2.60 a lb recently.

        Lumber prices have disintegrated. A sure sign of the end of the business cycle.

        This market will end badly with a 60-70% correction and an extended, deflationary Depression. Deflation destroys the wealth of borrowers and consumers who leverage their purchases.

        Hyperinflation destroys the currency of the NWO; that’s why the PTB will destroy your wealth through debt, not theirs, which is invested in real assets and held in cash and near cash (US Treasuries).

        Get out of the markets and get into short term Treasuries. Own some physical gold and silver. 🙂

        • god would you shut up DK, The NWO wins either way, in fact hyper allows them to implement their one world currency so they would prefer to deflate first to buy as much as they can then inflate to destruction. I thought your stupidity, hypocrisy and overall lack of any credibility was very well shown to the SHTF club last week?!?!? yet here you are, still acting like obama!! what a tool…

          • No I won’t shut up. I have a 1st amendment right to my opinion. Get a clue. The dollar IS the currency of the New World Order.

            Attack the messenger when you cannot attack the message. I cannot be intimidated. Debate my points if you can or you can stfu.

            No hyperinflation. 🙂

            • You don’t have “a 1st amendment right” in this forum.

              Your comments here can be “moderated” out by the administrator of this site if he chooses.

              • YMWW: AS usual you restate my words incorrectly to give them the meaning you want to refute.

                I didn’t say I had a 1st Amendment right “in this forum”. I said I have a “1st Amendment right to my opinion.”

                LMAO!!! Wrong again!!! 🙂

                You are not the only poster to have their comments “moderated”. I have too. Its Mac’s Blog. Get use to it, or start your own. I’ll contribute. 🙂

                • The durangokidd has changed his tag… Again.

                  He now calls himself “nothing but net?”

                  Take note.

                  I have.

                  • YMWW: LMAO! Hey clueless that was a clue for you. Find the others!!! 🙂

                  • YMWW: LMAO!!! That was a clue for you, clueless. Find the others!!!! 🙂

      7. Good luck to everyone going foreward. We are all going to need it!

      8. Don’t get distracted. The real prime mover in this mess is Congress, which we allowed to be captured by the big banks. Ultimately, it IS our own fault. There were voices crying to us when Glass Steagall was gutted during the Clinton administration. We apparently were too enthralled by sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll to pay any attention.

        • That is straight out of Obama’s talking points. Blame congress, blame Bush. And Obama doubles the national debt from 9 to 18 trillion in only 6 years.

          Wheres my welfare check!!! Where is my free health care? Where is my free food, housing, Obama Cell Phone?

          Oh, that’s right, I am white with a job, so I have to pay for everybody else to get the free stuff.

          • The Halfrican can’t overspend on his own. Not yet anyway. Congress still has to appropriate the money, and it’s Congress that authorizes the programs it’s spent on. Is that so hard to comprehend?

        • We allowed congress to be captured by the banks? How stupid of me not to realize they have diapers on and can’t think for themselves and need to be told right from wrong. Without our guidance they would do everything wrong. But then I wasn’t around in 1912 to do anything about it so hmmmmm. Maybe I can just mail some big boy pants to them and they will change 🙂

          • Genius:

            “Captured” is the most laughable word in his whole post.

            Wouldn’t “bought” have been a better, honest choice?

            Particularly from one who professed to be a word guru.

            • Ha ha yep. you got it POG. Bought OR blackmailed. I have a feeling it’s about half and half.

      9. Isn’t this the definition of terrorism ?

        • That depends on your definition of terrorism. (billary klinton) “I swear I did not terrerize that woman to smoke my helmet”. The USA corp. is probably the biggest terroissst org, on the planet. But then, It’s only fascism if someone else does it. Damn it’s good to see another Mark Passio fan 🙂

      10. They still desperately, insanely, hope this idiocy will work.

        At present, the financial firms still harbor the delusion that they can foist off future losses in real estate, equities, bonds, and commodities onto the hapless retail muppets – sadly, those intended victims have no money with which to purchase these assets, and certainly not at their grossly inflated current prices. Their time is growing short.

        These firms have not yet realized that they are going to be left holding these assets as the bubble bursts, unless they manage to con another financial firm into buying these assets from them – nobody else has the resources to do so. It’s a game of finanical musical chairs, and they are the only ones playing.

        The epic backstabbing to come, should be quite entertaining for everyone else.

        • Yup…

          Just another twist from sick little minds…

      11. The Federal Reserve is a virus, so whatever they do is going to be virus related. We have also a pressing problem in America that needs our attention concerning the Federal Reserve.

        As far as I’m concerned, the Federal Reserve is largely responsible for the creation of the unconstitutional, communist backed Department of Homeland Security, since it is the Federal Reserve which controls the U.S. government.

        The DHS aside from continuing their course of trying to remove our rights have also swallowed up many of the intelligence agencies in America and they have also been seducung and corrupting many of the law enforcement agencies in America. All of this is in accordance to the destructive will of the Federal Reserve.

        Sides are being drawn up as the slow and gradual strangulation of Americans continue. You law enforcement and other government agents better start thinking long and hard about what you’re doing. Is turning a blind eye to your involvement in the strangulation of the Constitution and of Americans so you can keep your paychecks worth the price you will pay when Americans start killing all communists, communist enablers, traitors, and usurpers?

        Honor your oaths. You can’t be on both sides of the fence.

      12. We need our own barter economy that doesn’t include the fed. You know I’m a butcher your a mechanic I need meat you need work on car. Let’s make a tax free non gov included deal. It would work if people were honest. But some asshole would hack someone’s car and say I shit that steak out last week whudduya want from me. That is how it would fail someone would take someone to court and poof gov is involved. Or someone’s car was old and worn and something else broke on it and they went to mechanic and wanted to blame the breakdown on what was done prior. If the economy fails this will be the problems that become of a barter system . Were fucked the writing is on the wall. The gov will be involved in every aspect of life. Obummer got reelected the people wanted total rule over there lives. The FCC a gov agency took over the internet. Does this sound good to you. You know that working poor folks are gonna be the ones to suffer because of it . Put a fork in freedom it done.

        • Are you the shitty mechanic in this story?

      13. Seems like it’s been forever that interest rates have been at record lows. They can kick this can down the road just so far, but eventually keeping zero to near zero interest rates can not stay there forever, something has to give.

        Just like the Stock Market – record highs, will become record lows. It’s all based on speculation, hell what isn’t these days?
        Their phoney data does not match up to reality.

        Unemployment numbers – highly exaggerated
        Consumer buying – highly exaggerated
        New car purchases – highly exaggerated
        Housing Market – highly exaggerated ….etc…etc..etc…

        But those mouth pieces that talk from suits say everything is doing wonderful, and we are rebounding and the recovery is ending and things are on the up and up…

        Lies can only go so far, until reality decides to show up to say otherwise.

        When that day comes, I say let the sheep have their mayhem.
        Tony Montana is staying out of it, and going incognito for a good 2 or 3 months or whatever it takes.

      14. I think things will hold together until the end of the present administration, then all bets are off. Thanks Mac for keeping interesting and informative articles on this site.

      15. We need Andrew Jackson back. He knew this would be a problem in the 1830s. 100 years before the Federal Reserve.

        These bankers have to keep the ponzi scheme alive some how. I bet in the remaining 40 years of my life (i hope i live that long) that minimum wage will be more than $100 an hour.

        What is really shocking is that the USA is one of the strongest economies of the world. What does that say about everybody else?

      16. I’m full tinfoil hat on the FED’ actions.

        Zero interest rate program has forced anyone wanting any return into the stock market. Who benefits and who takes all risk?

        With 70 million boomers retiring in coming years, people who should not risk retirement monies are forced to stay in high risk stocks. Who benefits?

        Any return to “normal rates” say 5% , first would blow national debt. It would also give an option for a safer investment, other than the market. People would leave market in droves. Who would lose?

        Whole financial system stinks…..

      17. What interest rate is Mr. Yellen referring to? The prime rate or the rate on excess reserves?

        Big difference. The big commercial banks aren’t loaning money, they are skimming the carry trade with excess reserves. Zero risk. If Yellen raises this rate it will help the banks.

        Hard to believe Yellen would raise the prime rate. The world is in a deflationary spiral so that would not make sense. The master commodity “black gold” will probably slide down to a 30 handle (WTI) when storage capacity is filled with that excess LTO in the near future. That is REALLY deflationary for the US economy.

      18. One thing as a truck driver I’ve noticed over the past 5 years or so. Company’s I serve have increased surveillance some even have security forces walking around with gates it have to go to a phone box on a pole outside the property and call to let shipping receiving know I’m there then they have to sign me in they want name company license number truck and trailer number copy’s of freight bills. Time you arrive and leave. Oh and they will escort you to the gate when you leave too. When you go to the naval sub base that is another whole procedure they want your phone so you can’t take pictures they want to know if you have pipe on the truck and yes pipe is common. You have to be a us citizen then a sponsor from the navy goes everywhere with you. National guard they search your truck while you stand there they are armed with m4 and always come in twos mirrors under the truck frame looking around. Then there is pharmaceutical company anything down in the port is escorted. The list goes on and on. Nothing goes unseen or unescorted. Nuke plants haven’t been to the 2 in our service area yet but I can only imagine. I’m watched probably when I’m not at work. Me personally I don’t care if they are refining uranium which they probably are. I just want to get through my day. You wouldn’t believe the shit that goes on out there. If you work inside an office good for you your lucky you’ve just avoided tons of potential accidents. All the shit I’ve breathed in over the years probably gonna die young. My ears ring for no reason gotta be hearing loss. Can’t hear good anymore. I’m under 40 so not good . Don’t be a worker your days are numbered. Be a thinker not a stinker. Get high tech skills. When I can’t pass a physical I will be unemployed. This is due to strict rules for drivers. No wonder there is a shortage of drivers. Shortage of wages too.

        • To Asshat – I have a family member that has worked for an organization as an 18 wheeler driver for almost 30 years. Some places have satellites that monitor the trucks. Being an office worker behind a desk is not great either. Some deal with the stress of doing the work of 2 or 3 people, and take the work home with them to get it done, without extra pay or over time.
          Big brother can monitor one very easily. Many die early due to stress and stress related diseases.
          I wish I had better math and science skills, as that is where the good, high paying jobs are. Places are crying for engineers, quality craftsmen, many can’t fill their positions because of it. The majority of large corporations are Very MisManged. Very. Cluster* all day long, people working hard with less staff, less drivers, less anything. Work you 20-30 years, burn you out.
          Hang in there Asshat. You are Not Alone.
          You need a better handle.

      19. Check out ‘King World News’ and ‘GATA’ websites today- the Central Bank’s Exchange Stabilization Fund was originaly established to intervene in the setting of the price of gold.

        You read that right.

        Then the ESF setup was enhanced to include the ability to manipulate the stock enchange, commodities- basically all market trading.

        Legal rigging of US market values.

        When you get right down to it, it’s a scheme. Pure and simple.

      20. Soon, there will be a day of reckoning. Financially, politically things cannot continue the way they are. March 20th; eclipse of the sun, April; blood moon, Sept; blood moon, God is warning us of an impending upheaval the likes that have never been seen before. Pray up, prep up.

      21. ***** FLU UPDATE *****

        WHO warns about influenza co-circulation, bird outbreaks

        “The World Health Organization (WHO) today sounded an alarm about a number of signals that suggest that influenza strains, especially avian ones, are co-circulating and swapping genetic material at an unprecedented level.”

        “The WHO said the diversity and geographic distribution of avian flu viruses in wild and domestic birds hasn’t been seen before since scientists have started using modern surveillance and genetic analysis tools.”

        Mother Nature is busy in the kitchen…

        • Satori, No worries here. Whenever I drink my homemade elderberry wine it seems nothing can make me sick. I have been around people all day long that are sick with colds, flu, whatever and I am fine. I swear that wine is the cure all and antisickness miracle lol. Elderberries are very anti viral and bacterial. Go figure, it works for me 😛

          • Old coach you freaking turd, Is that you going down the line red thumbing everything? Sorry your so upset that you cannot take me down but, There’s still hope (in your dreams) 🙂

            • Genius, I’m not so stupid as to leave the “thumbs” widget unblocked. It’s tracking you, you know.

      22. Some economists – not Kudlow – but others – their names escape me at the moment – are saying the 3rd Quarter of this year is when the train comes off the tracks. On schedule and on time for the derailment. Not to push a site (it’s listed on the left sidebar at the very bottom of links) but Zerohedge has a few articles there, and in the comments sections there’s a few articulate individuals that post information as well.

        Some complain that Economic Collapse Blog has too many “lists of the day” pointing to the various failures coming down the tracks. It’s to note that the time spent perusing those same lists, and comparing them to historical and current data is worthwhile.

        As Sgt. Dale stated above – more ammo. I’ll go one further – more bacon, band aids and keep stacking. Because it’ll happen not all at once, but it’ll come. Sort of like what Hemmingway stated (paraphrasing here)
        “I didn’t go bankrupt quickly, it started slow, then all at once, I was bankrupt” And that’s how I figure it’ll happen – people will wake up one Monday morning and go to the local gas and go and can’t use their bank card.

        No biggie they’ll be thinking – must be those “evil hackers” again. Go to the job, settle in, work until lunch, then, again, bank card or credit card doesn’t work. Finally, exasperated, go to the bank and find it closed. No news, just closed. Ominous sign on the door – “Closed due to emergency”.
        Look at what happened to Greece.
        That was the “dry run”.

        Think it cannot happen here? Same thing was thought in 1929…

        • Were in the slow at first part now,,,,
          Bacon makes everything better!

          • and gravy Kula
            don’t forget the gravy !!!

            • well biscuits and gravy are YUMMY, but all we been getting is SOS which means “s— on a shingle” hate that stuff!

              • Under obama, we’re all eating SOS.

                • Actually, I’ve eaten some great “SOS” at a few chow-halls…scattered about this globe!!!

                  …the “best” was at Lajes Field, Azores …on an overnight shuttle-run.


                  ..and don’t let nobody kid ya…the Portuguese can brew some ‘good beer too!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

      23. Cat Herder, I agree. Everyone get everything you can now while you can. Going shopping again this weekend myself. Prep, prep, prep.

      24. bad financial things seem to happen in Sept/Oct for some reason

        Jonathan Cahn in The Harbinger is also predicting a major financial collapse in the third quarter

        things do indeed seem to be coming to a head

        time is short

      25. I see three wildcards that could easily upset the whole cart and bring a reckoning to hand at any point in the near future making any and all financial conditions irrelevant.

        An insane Obama.

        An almost equally insane Putin.

        An even more insane Middle East (the whole thing, every bit of it, not just ISIS or Iran).

        I’m sure there are more lurking in the shadows waiting to make themselves known, but these are right there center stage front and glaringly obvious for anyone to see that’s willing to look.

      26. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday that the central bank could raise interest rates before inflation picks up as long as it foresees price increases accelerating and the job market continues to advance. (Source)

        So wait a second.

        We’re already trailing inflation on the best “safe” investments you can get.

        Now you wanna raise interest rates AS LONG AS there’s MORE inflation.

        So we’re still gonna be trailing it, right?

        Well. Shit man, I got a better idea, why don’t you call a one dollar bill a five dollar bill and don’t change anything besides that?

        I mean for all the %$&$ difference it’s gonna make. Which is to say precisely none.


        I suppose it beats hyperinflation with 0% interest rates but seriously. All we do is bleed out around here. What happened to the 6% my Dad was pulling in 2006? And of course COLA increases are also sub-inflation. So good. Basically, an even better idea… don’t mess with the money at all, flat line interest rates at 0%, and raise the price of everything 1% per year.

        That IS what’s going on here after all.

      27. Test Post.

        • Justice you have failed the test! There is no Justice anymore but thanks for trying. We miss you and hope someday Justice will return, until then, please stay in the waiting room 🙂

      28. Go time seems just around the corner. Obama is seizing more and more power and stomping on rights more openly. Hunker down

      29. The Federal Reserve is neither!

        Neither Federal, nor a Reserve.

        President Kennedy realized they were enslaving us. He put in an Executive Order to dismantle them.

        Then a few weeks later he was assassinated.

        Read “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters”.

        Our dollar is dying and there is nothing the so-called fed can do about it.

        – the Lone Ranger

      30. Soon our money in the US will be known as “ShitCoin” because it’s not worth much of a shit anymore.

      31. Folks the way things are shaping up it looks like we can’t come home till the last shots fired. If you do not pack 24/7, better start,there will be no time out to get your weapon remember if you look like food you will be eaten. As for BOL you had better be there cause the chances that you’ll get there are slim to none after STHF. Major highways will be clogged shut and side roads will be like running a gauntlet of those that have not.

      32. So negative people are when they are on the losing end. Got to find the silver lining is all the bad financial news. Someone is making $ . Just like people who sell guns and survival gear they are making $ off the fear mongering. You gotta get in on the profit. I mean really if everything was fine in the world you think people would prep hell no. They would be taking trips buying new cars bigger houses boats. So now is the time to sell preps. When things turn around if they ever do sell boats houses cars. I’m all for putting a few things back but hoarding tons of shit because you are afraid of the world you are crazy. Probably the reason you are broke. If you like to shoot and collect guns that’s fine. If you have a million rounds 5 of the same gun so parts are interchangeable buckets of rice beans and other bulk food. Really there is such a thing as too much. It’s to easy to be consumed by the doom and gloom. Someone is always making $ if silver and gold are so good and US dollars are worthless why will gold sellers take cash for purchase of gold. The dollar will never die it’s value may decline like it always has but people want dollars. If you think you are broke go to another country. I’ve been outside this country and have seen people living in houses built out of old signs and whatever they could find. My storage shed is better than some people’s houses . We live like rich people in this country.

      33. Give it a few weeks and it will all be over. Trust me, I know.

        I feel it in my heart and that’s all I can say.

      34. When the crisis struck in 2007/2008 the Fed had no choice but to ‘go for it’ and complete the final steps towards total global financial harmonization. This was achieved by pushing out in secret backdoor backstopping of all the central banks of the world (coordinated at the BIS in Basel, Switzerland). As an example, Canadian banks were badly hit by the crisis because they were exposed to US investments, so received massive Fed funds to stay solvent and plump up the Canadian real estate bubble as a clandestine way to bail out companies. This was never revealed to the public who were told Canadian banks had avoided the crisis. This example was replayed around the world.

        It is important to remember, as a result of hypothecation and derivatives, the entire planet was effectively in negative wealth, as in, nothing had any real value because everything was mired in a superstructure of debt. Rather than letting that unravel, which would have been a massive global economic catastrophe, the Fed instead decided to create a holographic economy which could be directly manipulated, with all price discovery done by the Fed. We are now living in the holographic economy, which looks like the holographic computer interface used by Tom Cruise in Minority Report. The Fed is effectively moving things around as it sees fit, with the banks and financial institutions doing its bidding.

        But, what happens next? Computers were the game changer in economies. We are now going to be strong-armed into a totally digital global economy. This web will be so all-encompassing, nobody will be able to function off the grid. There is no way back and no way out. We crossed a line and will now have to just live with the idea that the US economy is the world’s economy.

        • Great post, Frank Thoughts.

          We should all feel “warm and fuzzy” inside knowing we America taxpayers can save all the follies of the Zionist bankers any where in the world, don’t you think?

          Because of their schemes there is not enough ‘real’ wealth left any where to bail ‘them’ out so ‘they’ MUST now push forward ‘their’ scheme of ownership of the whole world through the United Nations.

          Albert Pike sets the stage for us with how ‘they’ would accomplish this and his blueprint can be found easily with just a few keystrokes. The 3rd and final war was to BEGIN with “us” against the muzzies; and NO ONE can deny that is being ramped up as we speak.

          It would behoove all of us to read his blueprint as it will affect all our families; no one will be left untouched, no one.

          Most here seem to question the validity of the news? reports of the MSM, but somehow have chosen to swallow “its the Muzzies” rhetoric hook, line and sinker. Even some posters who I would like to have protecting my back when SHTF seem to accept the “its the muzzies” Koolaid.

          It is the Zionist bankers and ‘their’ bought and paid for minions (yes, Congress and ‘their’ potus also) who are formenting your and my demise in ‘their’ insane push to rule the world….’they’ just need our kids to be the fodder in ‘their’ last war against whom ever opposes them.

          Article after article here at SHTF have told you that it is the corrupt, greedy banksters that are ruining the world; but no article mentions who, exactly, ‘they’ are. How can we “kick against the pricks” if we never have the courage of leaders to inform us who ‘they’ really are.

          Stolz left you a “link” that explains it all. So ignore that link and the information Albert Pike has for you at your and your families peril.

          Control of the internet is coming to your computer. Soon information about the real ‘who’ will be taken down. Too many people are finding the real truth, ‘they’ cannot afford to let that happen.

          • Well put! It is a balls-and-all, hell-for-leather final push to a One World governing structure. Read Stratfor: they have said as much many times in their publications. Basically, the world has no choice but to operate to America’s economic template and rules. There is no opting out: if you opt out, then the Pentagon will pay you a visit (ask Syria, Iraq, Iran etc.).

            There have been pot holes on the road, that is for sure. Syria was to have been taken down many months ago. Iran was to be out of the picture as far back as 2005. Russia and others have blocked these moves. Basically, rather than dropping the plan, it is being doubled-down on big time. The decision has been made to make a multi-theatre crisis that is so confusing and overwhelming, nobody will be able to stop it. I even think many governments do not want this but will find themselves forced by circumstances into this.

            You can see the whips being used against malcontents – the Greeks, the Iranians, the Palestinians, Venezuelans. I think it is very difficult to resist because of the information advantage the system has against everyone. Think of the quantity of data they have on everyone? Now imagine that put into data engines that can scenario forecast, that use heat maps and real-time predictive computing to throw up on a giant world map screen trouble spots and flash points, which are then drilled down into and made granular by desk analysts using multi-screens that they can finger pinch their way down through the data smog until a person comes up on the screen. That information is then past up the chain for action. A decision is taken: will it just be the police, or the FBI or is the person requiring ‘special treatment’: rendition to a dark site and then maybe, disappearance forever.

            That’s the world we live in now.

            • Frank Thoughts:

              Anyone looking for an answer for what is happening to us at warped speed should take time to digest your post. It truly is just as you have just written!

      35. So what? In the end you’ll accomplish absolutely nothing. All your links to all your conspiracy theories mean nothing at all. Why you may ask? Simply put, it’s all nothing but conversation on a website, and that’s all it ever will be. That is the one and only TRUTH you can be sure of, everything else, { as far as any actions being taken by anyone} are nothing more than sheer fantasy.

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