Stock Market Deja Vu – Guess What Happens Next

by | Jun 1, 2010 | Forecasting | 10 comments

Karl Denninger over at Market Ticker superimposed the 2007 stock market top with current market action.

As Denninger points out, this is rather interesting. Can anyone guess what happens next?

H/T Rick Blaine

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    1. kingkang

      oh oh….me…me, i know the answer….pick me pick me!!!

    2. wheedle

      Something wicked this way cometh ?

    3. manos

      Thanks for the link. I had seen those somewhere before but i cannot recall now.
      I have a doubt on all those specific dates and events, though.
      The whole system is being manipulated right now, and it’s not for “their” best interest to let a collapse happen.
      What i would if i were “them”, is to create a 1984 Orwellian society, with millions of ants working while few elitists would enjoy life.
      The best way to achieve this is through constant pressure on every aspect of society, slowly enough though in order to present it as the “only solution”. Look what’s happening in Greece, Romania, Portugal and Spain. They persuaded those idiots that only if they give some of the labor rights, their countries would decrease deficits. But the country is its citizens, so if you kick the one, the other is going to hurt.
      There will come a time when we will accept everything impossed to us, or even begg them to give us pain.
      I hope it’s an extreme scenario, but things are weird. We go back to the Pullman strike in the 19th century Chicago. People died in order to achieve a minimum wage and decent working conditions. That’s what i’m afraid of.
      Be safe.

    4. clusterfox

      time to look at SRTY, TZA and VXX.

      (denninger is to savvy to ignore)…

      good luck…

    5. Schaef

      This completely backs up Marc Faber’s prediction as well. He thinks we will have a brief rally heading into July, then down we go into the abyss again. Since the value of the dollar is relatively high right now, it makes for the perfect opportunity for another massive bailout. In the words of the Beastie Boys “Get ready, cause this ain’t funny. My name’s Mike D and I’m about to get money.”

    6. kingkang

      I’ve heard about this summer rally and end of year crash.  Just placed a large order on SDS, will go to sleep and wake up in 2011.

    7. MadMarkie

      The very first time that 2,500 of my coworkers and I were
      laid-off so that our well paying  AMERICAN jobs w/benefits could be “outsourced'” and sent overseas so that foreigners could do our jobs for pennies on the dollar was in 1994. At that time I was ‘forced’ to endure and “outplacement interview’ administered by a snippy little girl in her early 20’s.

      The very last part of this so-called interview was her question to
      me; “In closing, do you have any questions for me?” I asked her what we as a country were going to do once all of our jobs had been ‘outsourced’ overseas and no one here had a job or any money left to buy their cheap, garbage quality, foreign inports? The little girl looked at me like I had three heads, and didn’t know what to say in response.


      Get readyboys & girls, the ride of your lifetime is just about ready to begin. If you have any last minute purchases/preparations left to prepare yourselves please get them taken care of sooner rather than later; time is running out. For those who haven’t made any preparations; get ready to stick your head between your legs and get ready to kiss your you-know-what goodby! God Bless and the best of luck to all; we’re all going to need it ….. very soon.

    8. Tony

      Huge stock market crash coming. I predict it happens by

    9. Henry

      Guess what happens next?
      No one knows.
      Whoever says they DO know, then they need to back it up and “bet the farm”.

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