Short of A Miracle, America Doesn’t Stand a Chance

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Do you LOVE America?


    The most recent video from CSL Financial Group provides a brief run down of the American financial crisis (going back to 1913), the fiscal and monetary problems facing America today, and solutions that would work if implemented on the local, state and Federal levels:

    (Video follows excerpt and commentary)

    We cannot keep increasing regulations, paying for heatlh care, adding more taxes and fees, and still expect the US to grow jobs when there are countries near and far with less regulations and costs, making great incentives for businesses to start there instead of here. America is on the brink of a collapse; it is approaching the end of its time to fix it before it does collapse.

    Currently, in order to maintain the same unemployment rate in 2011, one hundred fifty thousand jobs need to be created each month just to keep up with population growth. We need to stop government spending, stop wars of aggression costing us hundreds of billions a year, end the Federal Reserve, and abolish the income tax, and reduce business regulations across all states and federally. Without taking these steps, short of a miracle, America doesn’t stand a chance.

    As economic doom approaches (and for many, it’s already here) it is hard to imagine how we got here in the first place. It’s disheartening that in nearly one hundred years only a handful of elected officials tried to stop the disaster and recognized it for what it was. For the last 40 years, we as a country have done nothing but borrow and spend. The majority of those in Congress either knew exactly what they were doing, or were delusional in thinking that later generations would figure out how to resolve the problems they created. Delusion will now make way for reality.

    While the solutions proposed by CLS would most certainly lead to a better end result, the fact of the matter is that no such steps will be taken. Congress remains, as they have for several generations, in a state of voluntary confusion. They are driven not by serving the people, but rather, by self interest.

    We have a hard time believing that anything will change until AFTER a complete collapse of the system as we know it. Very few are prepared to make the hard decisions, because the hard decisions are not politically feasible. Governor Walker’s actions in Wisconsin are just one example. As the crisis deepens, the decisions will be forced upon state legislators and governors, and eventually federal officials, as well. Like Wisconsin, with each forced budgetary and fiscal measure, people will protest. They will be democrats, republicans and those not affiliated with any party. This is how it will go for years to come.

    The system, built upon mounds of debt, will crumble. There is simply no alternative.

    America doesn’t stand a chance, in our opinion, of mitigating the crisis. Our political system at this time has devolved into a cleptocracy that will only maintain until every last penny and credit limit has been used up. Only then, once the thieves in government and quasi-private industry can steal no more, will real change occur.

    Then, it is our hope and belief, that individual responsibility and the fundamental birthright to pursue happiness through liberty of thought and expression will be the driving force that will yet again give America a chance. Only when the individual is allowed to flourish – to be free – without the reigns of government directing our every move, will we as a nation succeed.

    We hate to sound like pessimists, but collapse is a foregone conclusion, in our opinion. We have passed a point of no return, and now all we can really do is watch it play out before our eyes. While the following video offers some positive, optimistic strategies for resolving the crisis and changing our current paradigm for the better, and as much as we would hope the measures would be implemented, we just don’t believe that our elected officials and dear leaders will take the steps necessary. Thus, we take the following as a warning of what’s to come:


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      1. A tearing-down to the foundation is sometimes required whether a person, a building or a nation. Since America’s birth theologians have wondered where is it in the biblical “end times” scenario. Perhaps all we’ll have left is our weapons and our young conscripted away to Armageddon.

      2. I agree, it is too late to do anything and nothing will be done.
        I also believe that once all the superfluous material possessions have been taken away, the People will find themselves much happier.  At least their kids will.
        We have been living an unnatural existence for a long time.  Man was not meant for a 9 to 5 grind for the profits of a fiction.  If you don;t believe me, look at what it has lead us to.

      3. Stupid Government.  These things should be done but will NEVER be done.

        The average American sheeple are far too stupid or too involved with MTV reality shows to even have a clue.  They will just vote in the person who provides them security – government freebies.

        “The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either” ~Benjamin Franklin~

      4. The Chinese know what they’re doing.  They will let us do ourselves in and then re-populate N. America with the greatest mobilization ever seen.  Think about it…America’s geographic isolation will play a large role in what is to happen.  Instead of being the land of opportunity, it will become the ultimate badlands.  As common Americans go berserk because they can’t afford cable tv and manicures and toys and toilet paper, they will do each other in.  The well-to-do will have already fled to warming Canadian provinces, far removed from the fray.  As the Caucasians melt down, the population will fall off, with millions of victims.  Then, there will be a 3-pronged influx to pick up the pieces on the cheap.  Chinese on the West, Latinos from the south, and Indians and Africans on the East will repopulate N. America.

      5. The iceberg has been struck.  Water is gushing in.  Only a few life boats.  No other ship within 500 miles. 

        Just as sure as day follows night.

      6. Ok–so assuming we have 6 months to take action, WHAT.DOES.THE.AVERAGE.SHEEPLE (like myself).DO?   I don’t want to even begin to criticize the doom and gloom millieu, i just want to know what 5 things i can realistically do, assuming I have a little bit of time to do them.  Other than specific action points, this is all just depressing.

      7. BOTWR: America is “absent” from end times prophecy because we will be so devastated from Earth Changes, that it will be all we can do to protect ourselves, hang on, and survive.

      8. @Mac
        There is something that I keep wondering about.  I am not planning to bug out for anything.  But if there was a train wreck or nuclear power disaster or something I might have to.  Would you advise us to keep BOBs in our van?  I already keep several duffel bags with a change of clothes, toothbrush, etc. in them.  There are 5 of us.  It would be easier to add a few items to that.  It would also save space in the house.  The only thing I worry about is what if a fire originated close to the carport?  What do you think?  I guess that would be the case with anywhere I keep the BOBs – a fire could prevent us from acces to them, right?  Thanks for the advise.

      9. Things are very bad. But we can’t give up. We have to try and reach as many people as we can. America is like a junkie. Unfortunately we may have to hit flat bottom before we
        really understand that our government doesn’t work. That’s mainly because the people don’t work. I no longer blame the government. Our government is our responsibility and we let it behave like a spoiled child.

        Wake up people. We have a huge mess to clean up and not much time. We have to get organized to solve real problems. Join your countrymen, it’s time…
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        “Spread the News

      10. I came across a comment awhile back on and wondered if this was an example of People “engaging their government” and getting, “organized to solve real problems” rather than the more effective method of simply Opting Out, if so, it doesn’t seem to be accomplishing anything:

        Mikey’s Adventures with a “Reasonable Republican ?”

        I spent 4 hours last night in the Dodgeville, Wi. High School gym (a small county seat town in farm community) with Senator Dale Schultz(R) Wisconsin, a panel of local leaders and about 350-400 anti-walker bill people. By all outward appearances, he could have been the only republican in that building. He may not agree with me but I do believe that he is a good man but he is a politican and that is close to being a real estate agent in my book .

        As one man stated to the senator, this small town, our way of life and this meeting is our Norman Rockwell Moment, and we want to save it. These are working people struggling, many with two jobs to make ends meet. One lady, who wasn’t from Schultz’s district, drove many miles and spoke too. She joked that she had heard that “you guys had a reasonable Republican and she just wanted to see him”.

        After Schultz, and the panel spoke, members of the audience were allowed to address their concerns and questions to State Senator Schultz talking turns at 2 microphones in front Shultz and the panel. It was friendly, orderly and dignified although the crowd was 99.99% anti-Walker Bill and over 3/4’’s of the people who spoke weren’t union nor relatives of union by the way they identied themselves.

        This was the Heartland and not the Washington Post or the Beltway crap.

        These people that knew their stuff, they were eloquent, knowledgable and demanding accountabilty from their representative and wanting him to “do the right thing dispite his party and govenor”.

        These people were very well educated on the Scott Walkers GOP Trojan Horse Budget Bill issues and all of it’s hidden implications on everything from no-bid sale of power plants, it’s effects their local community health service providers and even small business. One man had copy of the bill in his hand.

        Everyone was very kind and polite, with much friendly joking and jabbing at their senator. Most people there knew and considered him to be their personal friend although they held him and Scott Walker accountable for this “manufactured budget crisis” and it’s many hidden agendas affecting them and Wisconsin.

        One person asked him not only to vote no on this bill but to try to convince his fellow republicans to do vote no as well. “To stand up and to be a Statesman instead of a Politican for the People of Wisconsin.” The only pro walker rant was by a lady and then her son who did support Walker. She was rambling and destroyed herself.

        Then Schutlz addressed the people. He was tired after a very long day and this evening. He was very smooth, friendly and most personal. Then he went into the GOP Scott Walker party line of total absolute Bull$hit. No matter how he attempted to disguise it, it screamed Party before the People. Everyone that stayed to the end , knew it.

        It was like he was merely making the appearance to justify his own conscience or that he was sent from Madison just to sound this solid anti-Walker crowd out and to report back to the Boss.

        The crowd broke up, goodbyes were spoken and the suposedly moderate Schultz and his aid walked out to the parking lot for their long drive home.

        Those peoples Norman Rockwell Moment was over and maybe lost Forever, as their one last chance and hope for the State of Wisconsin drove away into the night….back to his real Boss, not the People, but Scott Walker.

      11. Dylan,

        Despite all the gloom-and-doom prophecies, there is, I believe, always a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel–if one looks hard enough for it. Nobody knows for a certainty when the breakdown of societal norms as we know it will begin, but we do know that things certainly look bleak. That being said, keep your chin up, keep a positive attitude, but start preparing to be increasingly self-sufficient. Five things you can realistically do? Hmm? Ok, let’s try this for starters:

        1. Water, water and more water. You can live a couple of weeks, or longer, without food, but water is life-sustaining. Stockpile as much as possible. Get a honest-to-goodness quality filtration system, and research the many different posts concerning the multiple types available and those which best fit your budget.

        2. Food. Stockpile as many non-perishable items as possible. Canned goods usually have a long shelf life. Rice, beans, honey, flour, and on and on. Again…research is the key.

        3. Fire-making equipment. This isn’t difficult. Learn how to waterproof matches, start a fire (the world’s oldest and best method ever for truly purifying polluted water and…cooking a meal if the home oven no longer has a power source) with differnt types of fire-starters. Become proficient at starting a blaze with what Mother Nature provides. It could be all you have one day.

        4. Purchase at least one handgun (minimum)–and become proficient with it! Keep plenty of ammunition stocked, as well. This may save your life, as well as the ones you love. If you happen to be a pacifist, well…I’ll most respectfully suggest that you change that attitude right away! If the situation is dire enough it’ll be every man/woman for themselves. I know that’s sad, but it’s the truth. Refuse to be a victim!

        5. Quality First-Aid kit! You can buy one or make your own. Regardless, get one!

        There’s so much more you can do, but this is a staring point. The very best advice I can give you, though, is this: Do something! Do it decisively! Do it fast!

      12. clark, you are a moran if you think the democrats are any beter than republicans, they are ALL politicians!!!!!   want to get their influence over you out of your life?  get off the government teat no matter the pain it may cause, get as self sufficient and responsible for yourself as you can and you won’t have to worry about the government providing for you

      13. i think a more pressing issue is the 3 reactors in japan that are in melt down this is 3 times what happen in the old USSR the cancers that will come from this will kill millions around the world get ready for the radioactive clouds circling the globe this is Very very bad people!!!

      14. Great comments all. thanks for contributing.

        @Stan – but the band plays on!

        @DK – I sure hope you’re wrong about the earth changes.. The science is a wee bit scary insofar as 2012 is concerned… not being a scientist makes it even more difficult to discern what is fact, fiction and opinion… I found the documentary The Horizon Project on 2012 earth changes to be fascinating (google video for those interested).

        @GA Girl – we keep some immediate supplies in the car – namely a medical kit, at least 2 cases of water, clothing (socks/shoes for sure) for summer/winter, and at least a 3 day supply of dry foods/snacks. We chose not to keep our full-out BOBs in the car because of the Texas heat — we have 10 – 14 days of food in MRE, freeze dried form in each adult bag and 5 – 7 days in the kids’ bags… with the heat running 105 in summer and around 140 in the cars, those MRE’s wouldn’t last but maybe a year, so we opted out of storing the bags there.

        Normally, we stay within 50 miles of home, so the supplies we keep in the car should be enough to get us home in the event of a blackout or something.. If I travel outside of the general Houston area, however, I always take my bugout bag with me fully loaded, as well as a handgun and 100 rds of ammo… you never know, eh?

        @Dylan – for me, there is nothing to be depressed about… the first thing you can do, in my view, is accept things for what they are… Perhaps we don’t go all out down-grid, no food collapse.. my take on this scenario is that it is a very low probability event, yet I do believe that there is a real possibility of something like this happening… at the point of an economic and financial collapse of the magnitude we are facing, I look at it as a more or less singularity type event.. we really don’t know what happens once the black hole sucks in all the light… Thus, my opinion is you take RobNPhx’s advice… Water, Food, cooking equipment (I have a rocket stove as well as a portable stove for the BOBs), a gun and some med supplies (Hydrogen peroxide, laxatives [because you’re diet will change drastically and likely back one up a bit], aspirin, bandages, antibiotics if you can score some,etc etc..) …. For water, you can also look at a solid, portable filter from a company like Katadyn… I think that for someone who thinks it through and plans, you could likely build a solid reserve of food, water and equipment for under $1500 spread over the course of six months – you’ll need to focus your food investments on dry goods like rice, beans, wheat berries, etc. to stay under $1500 there… If that is out of your investment price range, just do what you can, but focus on the five things Rob mentioned first and foremost.

        Thx all!


      15. A interesting video….leave as many questions as It tries to answer.Example:The third world countries that American Mtg. jobs went to have little or no protection for their workers.AND starvation wages and no pollution regulations that only enhance the massive profits of the corporations to the detriment of every one else.The USA has laws and regulations to protect the environment and worker safety from the Godless-Darwinist Capitalism.You cannot complain about the  savage,unrestrained Capitalist Corporate mentality(all about profits,damn the cost to anyone else) and then object to the same Laws and regulations that protect workers,and the environment in the same breath.Bad enough that those entrusted to protect workers(remember what the Coal Company owner CEO Don Blankenship said:”coal miners deaths are a cost of doing business”,how very droll of him since it wasn’t him that died)are failing to enforce said regs..Every empire comes to a end,and God didn’t give the USA a free pass on that either.Personally,I give it a 1 in three chance that we have about Twenty(20)years before the collapse really hits hardest.Stick around,kiddies,the ride about to get bumpy.
        Best to All(and keep your G.O.D. pack near at hand!)
        P.S. The Bible states that:”they will be marrying and given in marriage,buying and selling and the End will come suddenly upon them”.
        again,Best to All

      16. Dylan: I throw my 2cents out there on how I approached the issue of prepping. Don’t let depression or fear guide you. Starting out by buying multiple guns and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo is a complete waste of resources. Go back to the basics and build on that and you’ll find it’s not that expensive at all, in my case, it’s actually cheaper than how I use to live.
        1. Food: stop buying fast food and cut down drastically on prepackaged foods. Learn to cook with the food you store for your preps. I’ve got about 6 months of food stored for preps and we cook with it every night – none of it will ever expire because it gets used. With a family of 5, we’ve easily cut about $500 a month off of our food budget. We stopped ordering pizza about 4 months ago once I realized how easy it is to make, and the fact you can make it for about 1/4th of the price. Same with bread. We do our shopping at Sam’s to get stuff in bulk. The first foods I’d suggest you buy in bulk would be rice, flour, dry beans and powerderd milk. They are the most bang for buck as far as calories go and ease of preparing.
        2. Water, protection, medical supplies: If you’re starting out, just approach it as though you’re prepping for a natural disaster – don’t go overboard in the begining. If you have enough of each to last you a month it’s not expensive and you can build on it latter. ( Not saying to plan on having enough bullets to shoot people for a month)
        3. Stop buying worthless crap just because it’s the latest greatest thing that everyone’s got to have: When I look back on all the phones, computers and other gadgets I’ve purchased that ususally don’t last longer than a year it makes me cringe. Learn to fix what you have when all possible. You’ll have a much greater sense of accomplishment knowing you can repair something rather than throwing it away and going into more debt buying something new. Live with in your means.
        4. Do everything you can to get out of debt: Stop using credit cards, if you’ve got a mortgage try your best to pay a little bit extra each month – even $50 a month can turn into 10’s of thousands in savings over the life of a loan. It’s probably one of the hardest things to do in the begining for the average person that’s use to buying it now and paying for it latter, but once you break free of that, you’ll realize how much money you’ve been flusing down the toilet each month in interest payments. While you may think my financial advise is worthless if it all colapses 6 months from now, just remember there’s been people predicting a  total collapse after the first harsh winter the pilgrams went through.
        5. Find real purpose in life: Once a person becomes educated about what’s going on behind the scenes concerinng our country’s debt and financial system, they’ll have that ‘Matrix’ moment. You can remain plugged into it – keep enjoying those jucy steak dinners even though you know they’re not real , depressing over the fact something bad will happen eventually but you have no control over it. OR, you can take control by knowing you are capable of keeping yourself alive and happy unplugged. I figure if the Neanderthals could do it, any one can. Oh crap, I just realized the Neanderthals are extinct, but you get the idea.

        I know I’ve left numerous things out, but we all aproach it a little differently. If you start with these things and build on it, you’ll be miles ahead of those who do nothing.

      17. <iframe title=”YouTube video player” width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

      18. GFG: We have pollution controls in America but China is ten times worse than America ever was and the wind blows it here, from there, every day. May as well produce the pollution here.

        MAC: Cayce was right about China. If I lived in Japan I would have left long ago, as I warned someone here from there in a comment response here some months back.

        Dylan: After your preps, Silver is good. Gold is better. Lead is best. Read if you are a novice.

        People get out of the cities as soon as you resonably can and relocate. Downsize. Get west of the Mississippi. Find a small town with good water, some elevation, game, and natural fuel. Bring your preps with you or buy them here. There is plenty of time but it would be better to respond sooner rather than later.

        Do not relocate out of fear, but prudence, if you can relocate. Prep wherever you are because it is the wise thing to do. The PROACTIVE thing to do. maintain your equalibrium by having a close personal relationship with your Creator.

        If you believe in evolution, get in touch with that inner ameoba within. 🙂

      19. “4. Do everything you can to get out of debt: Stop using credit cards, if you’ve got a mortgage try your best to pay a little bit extra each month”
        but is it really wise to have your money locked up in a house, when that house is located in a state that is deeply in debt and hell-bent on raising taxes, and within a failing country with even worse debt?

      20. Anonymous at 9:07 pm, You assume too much, I do Not think the democrats are any better than republicans, they are two wings on the same bird… just passing something along.

        Perhaps the democrats could elect someone who says they will do what the voters wanted done, but the modern politician will likely turn and do an about face, in a way that is probably a lot like what the Pailin Tea Party voters experienced:

        Tea Party Cements Patriot Act Into Place:

        “…the Patriot Act

        redefined terrorism so broadly that many non-terrorist political activities such as protest marches, demonstrations and civil disobedience were [now] considered potential terrorist acts, thereby rendering anyone desiring to engage in protected First Amendment expressive activities as suspects of the surveillance state.

        …Nobody who has supported that wretched law should ever be allowed to brag of defending liberty again. That goes for the Tea Party. By voting to extend surveillance of American citizens, they have abandoned the principles of freedom that brought about their rise to power. They have shown their true face.  ”

        Or, for a democrat example, there’s the recent election of the Presidente who implied he wanted to end the wars and get rid of Gitmo. That turned out pretty much the same too.

        Also, you didn’t pay enough attention to what I wrote because I suggested Opting Out appears to be the better route to take.

        And What is, “Opting Out” you ask?

        Well, there are many ways to Opt Out, here is one description: “get off the government teat no matter the pain it may cause, get as self sufficient and responsible for yourself as you can and you won’t have to worry about the government providing for you”

        Lastly, you might want to check your spelling just a tad bit more before you post.

        On another note, I was reading about an atomic bomb the U.S. detonated high in the atmosphere in the 1950’s, I think they said radioactive material can remain suspended in the atmosphere for many decades and that just now, today, the material from that 1950’s blast is finally making its way to the ground. – Just something to chew on.

      21. Thanks to all (Durango Kidd, Bill J. Mac Slavo, RobNPhx)–all of your combined suggestions are certainly eye opening and I take them seriously.  I will get started with a reasonable prep plan.  I do live in a Major City and (like a lot of people)  can’t simply leave so I need to prepare.  Aside from the medicine/food/water prep that people are making, and understanding that one has to filter and process a LOT of noise in the financial marketplace–I am curious to know/hear what you folks are doing financially to prepare for the coming debt crisis.  I am assuming that if gold and silver is going to be the money of the future then 401K’s and IRA’s which contain dollar denominated paper (primarily) are, uh, not what ya’ll are counting on retiring on.

        Is that to say that you are liquidating those assets?  In favor of physical metal??  (how could you keep all that safe in a bug out bag?)

        Listen, I really appreciate the dialigue–this is a great site if you can tune out the total depressing subject matter and derive benefit from positive planning and not surrender to the void. .  . .


      22. This was interesting, the video was very 1984-ish. I wonder what they will do and who it will affect?:

        Hacker Group Anonymous Brings Peaceful Revolution to America: Will Engage in Civil Disobedience Until Bernanke Steps Down

        Dylan said, “I am assuming that if gold and silver is going to be the money of the future then 401K’s and IRA’s which contain dollar denominated paper (primarily) are, uh, not what ya’ll are counting on retiring on.”

        Never Retire

      23. Dylan: Both RobNPhx and BillJ are right on target. Follow their advise above and get started. Once you get the ball rolling it is not difficult at all. We are putting away as much food as possible. Just last week we spent our entire tax refund on food storage instead of going on vacation.  If your looking for great long term food storage at reasonable prices check We got the giant package for 4 people for a year. The food tastes great! You can get everything you need in one place, food, water filters, sun oven, emergency supplies, etc. Don’t wait another day!

      24. My advice on top of the great ideas already given is this:
        Make sure your heart is right with God first.
        Also consider how people used to live in your grandparents day and learn from it.  Oh, how I wish I could do solar panels and get more off grid, but not possible in my situation.  Not only is money involved, but we live in a parsonage that is not really ours.  There are things I cannot do.  But I can think about all the things my grandparents talked about doing.  What did people used to do before plastic wrap to cover food?  What did they eat and how did they get it without a grocery store?  How did they preserve it?  I have actually seen (as a child) an old couple who had no refrigerator.  They had a wooden box in the creek that was tied down.  It had holes in it to let the water through, but not their milk, etc. that was in glass jars with lids.  I remember a lot of things the old people still had around such as outhouses and washboards.  My grandfather was always “fixing” things that broke.  They always looked like a redneck job, but he didn’t care.  Now I admire that and want to learn from it.  One day we may have to not care anymore what others think of our “fix it jobs”.
        Another thing to think about is alternative medicines such as herbs, home remedies.  We may not have good of access to doctors as we do now.  That is something I am trying to learn as I can.  It is kind of hard for me.  I wish I had someone to show me rather than just read it.  Blessings to you. 

      25. where is the guy that posts about the 10 dollar bills??????

      26. Yes, and why is it that whenever he mentions “fresh crisp ten dollar bills” I suddenly feel like a lettuce salad?

      27. Dylan: My financial plans for retirement do involve gold and silver, in their physical form, not paper/derivatives of any kind. I’m collecting a little stash between now and then, so I will have it if the SHTF, or my family will have it without any red tape, if I don’t survive to retirement. (Lost both parents to heart attacks under 60.) My employer pays into a fund for us, but the payout is not usually enough to live in comfort for very long. There are those that say retirement planning should start with your first job, but starting anywhere at any age is good. You can’t fix being old and poor.

      28. Gods Creation….the IRS will eventually catch up with tax evaders
        GAMom…. are you still paying 2.99 for a loaf of bread at pigglywiggly. Walmart has em for 50 cents. Oh I forgot, you are the inflation mom.

      29. Dylan, rest assured that if you follow the advice from these kooks, the same ones that warned us about the Y2K end of the world, you will lose a lot of money buying their newsletters and their crappy food.

      30. Dboy: If you have a mortgage, your money is already locked up in a mortgage. Every decision you make has it’s risks. Ultimately, you are the one that has to decide which risks makes the most sense. Some times you’ll be wrong, sometimes you’ll be right. Even the most ardent preppers make long term investments that have the chance of being wrong such as buying things for long term storage that eventually expire or become worthless.
        It’s no differnt than buying insurance policies. I’ve spent as much through the years on insurance for personal, health and business protection as I have for the purchase price of my house.

      31. Maybe the guy that has the $10. bills is on vacation, has company, or trying to catch up on spring cleaning like me.  I’m the one who collects $20. bills (clean and crisp) and some 50’s and 100’s, as we draw on our 401k every month.    Also lead and brass  for if and when. Any and all political activity at this point is futile.

      32. I myself believe that sometime in 2012 we will see the fallout of the american society.

        I would like to get everyones opinion on a timeline for the fallout.


      33. @Bill J: Thx for the response. I posted because that is exactly the situation I am in right now, and I keep going back and forth on it with no solution, and it’s making me crazy.
        “If you have a mortgage, your money is already locked up in a mortgage.”
        If you have a mortgage, then the BANKS money is locked up (at least a large percentage).  If you keep a big loan, the bank is relatively MORE vulnerable that you are. If the house/farm is paid off, then YOU are completely vulnerable to the random whims of a desperate govt in decline.
        I am doing a combination of prepping, based on 3 potential outcomes: 1) survival-in-place (storms, powerout, unsafe to egress) 2) bug-out 3) exit from US
        #3 is my primary, but until that is 100% done the other options have to be considered. a Paid-off loan decreases some risks and increases other risks. At this point I just don’t know what it will take to throw the weight of issues to one decision or the other. It partially depends on the ability to do option #3…not easy decision at all since I might have to bug-out of the foreign retreat BACK to the domestic…ahhhh!

      34. @Tony: “I would like to get everyones opinion on a timeline for the fallout.”
        I’m in the “slow decline” camp. However I am fully open to the possibility of being wrong. My general view is that we are dealing with long-term trends that take place over a span of many human lifetimes, and therefore we have limited ability to analyze these trends properly. There is also the bias of being limited in the ability to imagine a world different from the one we currently occupy. I find movies to be decent for considering possible medium-term outcomes..will it be Blade Runner, or Mad Max, or Children of Men, or Code 46? I also like to consider the current actions/behavior of the government and extrapolate from that. For example, given the government actions related to the financial crisis, and Bradley Manning, and the Budget, and Wisconsin, and Michigan, and QE2, I do not believe that the government is capable of responding to events in an intelligent way, nor are they capable of correctly mistakes, analyzing data, following the law, or much of anything else. They WILL eventually guide the US to destruction/revolution…but my bet is a “slow” (25 year) decline. However (arguing the other way), notice how modern technology seems to be speeding everything up. Perhaps the natural process of societal destruction will be sped up as well.
        I agree with the above article completely. The collapse is inevitable at this point. The only question now is what form will it take. The only actions now are to prep to the extent that seems reasonable, and wait.

      35. I have to agree with you DBoy, it’s going to be a slow-painful decline for the U.S. at least. I would say this current system will still go on for another 35 to 50 years. The U.S. has been very blessed and lucky and seems invulnerable to financial, economic and natural disaster. On top of that, the overwhelming sheeple population are and will continue to be in a permanent trance state. It will take an act of God for change here, whether its by natural disaster or influence amongst to sheeple to all wake up.

      36. you think we are INvulnerable to disaster??
        Just wait you’ll change your mind pretty soon. It’s coming to a theatre near you in the coming weeks and/or months

      37. The earth is a place of infinite cruelty – I mean cruelty without limit – unspeakable horror every single day since the dawn of time.  A barely habitable planet in the cold vacuum of outer space.  The Bible (Genesis 3:19) claims that God said: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou shalt return to the ground…”   All people have suffered under this curse. This is a strong arguement for the truth of the Bible.   

        Americans have had it better than most on the planet and because of that we have forgotten how cruel this ball of rock can be.  The lord will remind us soon.  It will be ugly. 

        No it will not be 30 years before it happens.  It has started already and within 10 years the country will be unrecognizable.  It could happen within 10 weeks – all we need is a significant financial problem and there are many of those lurking in the woodword waiting to come out.  I can imagine a different world than the one we occupy – it was a different world only 50 years ago in my life time – things were a lot better then in many ways.  People felt as if they had a future – today only those with their heads in the sand could think that.

        The article nailed it.  Tony Robbins nailed it.  Peter Schiff nailed it.  We’re going down hard.    A big thank you to our corrupt, immoral, inept, criminal, treasonous politicians – and that would include the VAST majority of all of them in the last 30 years at least.

      38. I almost forgot to thank our corrupt, greedy, immoral, treasonous, slimeball corporate leaders for their part in the mess we are in in this country.  They too have a significant share of the blame on their shoulders.  Thank You, you rotten low-lifes.

      39. @Ponzi A few points:  1) Nobody here is saying “30 years until it happens”. 2) the “curse” that people have suffered under is the pathetic belief in middle-eastern religions. 3) And nothing you stated presents ANY argument for the truth of the bible or any other book.

      40. I personally think this country is going to the sh#@$er pretty quickly.  The Pacific Plate(tectonic) grinds clockwise if you didnt know.  Connect the dots… ChristChurch, New Zealand, Northern Japan—->  West Coast US.  What a perfect time for a natural disaster to cripple the nationand economy even further.  Maybe even a good time to have all the Chinese troops stationed in Canada and Mexico to pay US a visit.  Nobody here to stop them really; most of our troops are overseas.  Scary to think that Im in my twenties and these freaks have stolen my future.  Happy Prepping; Via Con Dios my friends and hello to QE4, 5, 6 —-infinity!!!

        HAVE A NICE DAY! ;0(

      42. Ponzi:  Tony Robbins ??

      43. Comments…..Seems to me to be a very optimistic post! I doubt that Our children will see a prosperous america. Like the post says things can’t change until there is no money or credit left. So in other words when the USA is not worth anything will be our only chance to prosper.
        That statement is sickening. the only reason why we are allowing our country to be looted is because people are scared to fight against tyranny. They think that they are better off sitting on their asses until they feel their way of life is threatened but by then there will be nothing for us to fight for. I am so sick of telling people how bad the situation is only to have them mock me and call me a doomsayer. I am almost wanting to see their world crumble so i can get my retribution but for what. When my words of doom finally are proven correct it will not be a celebration but a nightmare and thats one prediction i don’t want to see come to light. How do i make them to see the truth? How do i convince them the corporate news world is all BS? I guess i wont and the reason is our government has done a damn good job dumbing down and fear mongering our populus. So for the rest of you that see the truth as i do. I say to you to forget the fight and just live life to the fullest until that day noone seems to want to see comes rolling around the corner. We seemed to have failed to change this country in the 60s and since then it has gone down hill. I have read alot of the comments and you can call me a pesamist but i feel we have maybe 3-5 years left before the riots ,gangs and civil wars start. If that long maybe as soon as this year! So as the doomsayers say “Repent for the end is near” and Please forgive my failure and my lack of faith in We the once good people of America!
        God Bless all the selfless, kind and caring and to hell with all you selfish politicians, bankers, corporate media & other corporate slimers.

      44. Dylan, and

        Excellent first five things to do to get prepped. One note however. You do not need to change from being a pacifist. I am armed, and still a pacifist. I will never, and no one is suggesting that you, go out and shoot people and steal their food and or gasoline etc. Being armed is solely for self (and family) defense. Also, it probably will not come down to every man for himself. The ones who get through an emergency are the ones who have people they can cooperate with. So number six on your list is to make sure you’re not alone. Make sure you know some people who are of like mind who can depend on you and vice versa when it all comes a crapper. Networking is also a good way to get ideas to fill in the holes in your plan.

      45. goodbye cruel world
        I too get tired of feeling like Cassandra.  She was right, no one listened, and the proof was that Troy was destroyed.  I don’t think it made her feel any better to be proved correct, and I don’t think you, me, or any others on this site will feel one bit better if we are right and TSHTF.  The good thing about being right this time, is that you may be one of the survivors.  Your odds are certainly better than those with their heads in the sand.  Good luck.

      46. Durango Kidd – Why west of the mississippi.  I feel pretty safe up here in Michigan.

      47. Bill,
        I am familiar with the info he is probably looking at and it wouldn’t be real good for the most part of anywhere East of the mighty Mississip. If the New Madrid goes off again like many are and have predicted, it could really be bad when you include the split from The St Lawrence all the way down  to the New Madrid. Plus you and I sit right on one of thee biggest fresh water bodies in all the world, I too wish we were West of the Mississippi…..North Dakota looks real good to me right about now…..Shellie and I read Psalms 91 twice a day

      48. Sorry Bill, been having trouble posting here since I installed IE 9. BJ has it right, way too many people, but North Dakota is NOT the place to be. Can you say Lake Dakota? Cayce said there would be a large inland sea after the Changes in that area. Check the flooding there every Spring and multiply it by ten or more.
        Cadillac Michigan has some elevation (went skiing there) but otherwise I would be very cautious because of the Great Lakes. And I love the Lakes!
        Also Scallion and others have seen the melting ice cap flood inner Canada (follow the chain of lakes on any map). These are low lying areas that will be underwater.
        In Canada, Montreal and the inside of the western divide are safe. Brush up on your French!!!

      49. Thanks for the reply.  Here I always thought I was safe.  Oh well.  I’m not moving.   Best as I can tell I’m around 900 feet above sea level.   Guess there’s a map some place that would tell me.  I’ve been skiing in Cadillac too.  I’m only 30 minutes from there.  Maybe I better keep my BOB in my canoe.  Maybe we’re all just screwed anyway.   I’ll never have it perfect anyway.  BJ – Your really in a mess.  : )

      50. Bill: Thirty minutes from Cadillac doesn’t seem too bad if you need to head to higher ground. As for the “BOB” think I would take an enclosed trailer from Home Depot that is well stocked with all of your preps and tools.
        Info I have seen says the earth tilts about 30 degrees to the right (looking at the globe with NA and SA in view. That puts Nome Alaska at the top of the world, and the water sloshes from southwest to northeast (everywhere there is water).
        My “world view” Bill 🙂
        Tony: As for “timelines” that is anyones guess. I do not see a financial collapse that is not precipitated by a really serious natural event, whether that is a CME or Pole Shift. Google “timeline zero”
        Three great ancient civilizations have pointed to 2012 as an extremely important date: the Chines (I ching), Egypt, and the Mayans, so I think there is something special about it.
        Personally, I don’t think that is “The Date” for these Changes and the beginning of the end. I think it is the end of the beginning and marks the mile post for a truly new era.
        I also believe that biblical prophecy must match events “on the ground” to understand the sign of the times. Where’s the third temple, etc, etc, etc.
        Five years gives US time to see these things occur. 21 months is not enough time.

      51. LoL..why do you say that Bill?

      52. the more something accumulates to,the faster any further accumulation will become,weather it’s world population or national debt.Both the u.s and japan national debt has reached a point of no return a long time ago.

      53. Excellent article and comments. One point I particularly agree with in the article is ending the income tax, as it places an unfair burden on the wage earner.
        My wife and I started prepping for our family of four almost two years ago, and I’m thankful we did. We have food, water, a minimalist retreat, and the ability to defend ourselves using deadly force if necessary. OPSEC is probably our biggest issue at this point, and becoming self sufficient, which is a whole other level of preparedness.
        Unlike CurryTacoRolls, I don’t see the asians, latinos, eurasians moving into North America. More likely, the threat of dislocation comes from our own government. Just ask the Native Americans.

        I stay current with economics, survival, local and world news, firearms, and hunting blogs. Can’t say enough about Google Reader.
        The only other point I want to add to the discussion is the importance of looking to God for salvation. If it were within man to save himself, Jesus Christ would need not have died on the cross. In a TEOTWAWKI, my children and I will be reading and sharing the Word of Truth that has survived the ages, and teaches eternal salvation.
        It is a matter of belief, and it will be the prayers of men and women who believe God and His Word that will make the difference between the choice laid out in this article, that of individual freedom, and the unthinkable choice of a totalitarian world government. Our current socio-economic system will have to collapse to make room for it’s replacement. During the transition, a strong military presence will be necessary to prevent our many enemies abroad from taking advantage of the the what is sure to be a chaotic time.

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