President Trump: ‘Era Of Strategic Patience’ For North Korea Is OVER

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting | 23 comments

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    President Donald Trump declared that the “era of strategic patience is over” when it comes to the United States and dealings with North Korea.  The statement also likely increased already high tensions between the rogue regime and all but alluded to possible military action.

    When it comes to the United States’ stance toward North Korea, “Some people said that my rhetoric is very strong,” Trump said during remarks at a joint news conference in Tokyo alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “But look at what’s happened with very weak rhetoric over the last 25 years. Look where we are now.”  Japan’s prime minister said that he’s in agreement with Trump on North Korea “100 percent.”

    Abe said that Japan and the US are in “complete agreement” as to the way forward in dealing with North Korea, including that now is not the time for direct talks with North Korea.  Although Trump and Abe failed to mention if there was any impending military action that will be taken soon, it was made to sound like both nations are looking for a forceful end to North Korea’s nuclear program.

    “We were in complete agreement as to the measures to be taken on the situation with North Korea,” Abe said, noting that he agrees “all options” should remain on the table. The Japanese Prime Minister also said now is a time for a strengthening of sanctions against Pyongyang, even though North Korea refuses to abide the rules which there have been no repercussions for so far.  “For more than 20 some years, the international community attempted dialogue with North Korea,” Abe said. “Now is the time not for dialogue but for applying a maximum level of pressure on North Korea.”

    President Trump also encouraged North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, to release any prisoners he’s holding as a way to send a positive message to the world. Trump and Abe both said that while talks remain on the table too, now is just not the time to engage North Korea in any dialogue.


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      1. I would eat Chicken Little just to stop hearing his BS. I’m all North Korea’d OUT. Let China and Russia handle it and leave us the hell out of it.

        • If one idiot with the acquiescence of the whole country could bomb another country ,why the second idiot can’t do the same

        • You may not have to hear it much longer.

          They have not given up on trying to start a war with Iran – who “gave ballistic missiles to Houthi Rebels, who fired one at Saudi Arabia, which is calling the attack, “An Act Of War” (and blaming Iran)”. And, Iran is joining Russia, and China, in dumping the petro-dollar. Oops…

          Long, twisty turns on the road to unending wars, eh?

        • There is no way we can allow the Communists to gain control of South Korea. Their goal is to get the USA to abandon South Korea so they can take it over. As soon as we leave, North Korea will nuke Seoul. The dear leader of North Korea does not care if millions die, just as long as he gets control of all of Korea. Once that happens, Japan will go on a massive buildup of Nuclear weapons. China and Japan hate each other, and have for centuries. The question is how much control does China have over North Korea? The last thing China wants is a Nuclear armed Japan. China’s Communist party has given Xi Jinping total control. This only happens when the Communists think they need to do some serious house cleaning (i.e. purge the communist body of evil capitalism). Trump understands that the American Frog is about to be cooked by 30 years of slowly rising heat. Our country has for 30 years been under the control of the Communist / One world order crowd. Trump is our last hope. To be honest I am surprised by all of the anti-trump snow flake rhetoric that I see on this site. Hopefully it is trolls at work, and not an indication that the prepper crowd just want to get in a hole instead of fighting the damn Communists!

          • Bryan, welcome, and I can promise you that anyone who comes here and puts out liberal propaganda is a troll. The rest of the crowd here are patriots nd will do what’s right.

      2. Just like FDR, Trump is doing everything he can to get Kim Jung Un to strike first. Will there be a false flag instead?

      3. Kim Jong-Un has repeatedly called Trump’s bluff, yet the empty bombast spews forth unabated. I think Lil’ Kim has cracked the code: the Swamp Creatures Trump has turned his administration over to are wholly preoccupied with their financial warfare against America’s middle and working classes: a shooting war with North Korea would be detrimental to their rigged Ponzi markets and other financial rackets. Therefore they ignore Trump’s bellicose bluster on Twitter, knowing its all idle threats that he can’t and won’t back up.

        • Very true! The American Government has only one enemy it focuses most of its attention on: the American people. It has been working on destroying the American middle class since the 1990s, of laying waste to the white population in order to pave the way for cheaper turd world workers to replace them. The State Department wants the US population to hit 500 million in the next 20 years and that will be ALL people from Africa and the Middle East. This is bullish for fried chicken, Korans, Muslim rape gangs, SNAP cards, welfare mommies – invest accordingly.

      4. Don’t worry be happy.

      5. As much as I detest the ‘UN-man’, would love to see him and his toadies become ashes on the wind, I still see that any action taken unilaterally will back-fire. The real problem with Trump is that he talks; but, has never had to slap down in reality. Odd thing about hearing a bullet whine over one’s head, it makes you think of your own mortality like it or not. Odder when your own flies off to where it lands. Reality is not a reality show. It is very very real.

      6. 3 2017 . Surprising many “climate watchers”, on Friday the Trump …

        Trump Administration Issues Report Concluding That Climate …

        [ November 3, 2017 ] Trump Administration Issues Report Concluding That Climate Change Is Real And … Is Real And Man-Made. November 3, 2017 Zero Hedge …

      7. At Zero Hedge, the other day (November 3?)… The trump administration report states that climate change is real and is man made.

        (For him, a Republican, to be so utterly truthful about this topic, it must mean one thing– HE’S SCARED!)

        • He’s not really a Repube. He’s a populist. Most Repubes in the house and the senate can’t
          stand him. Thankfully, he’s not really a Democrap either. The climate change stuff is his
          daughter whispering in his ear. He’s acknowledging some of that, but the coal miners in
          West Virginia still like him so I would not fret over it too much.

        • If it is the point is moot because China’s development complements of the US is increasing carbon to atmosphere greater than the US cuts it. The US closes a factory with stringent environmental regulation (NOX, CO, CO2) only to have two open in China without any restrictions.

          Its not about the environment but rather a transfer of manufacturing from the developed to the developing world.

        • Climate change is real. The climate is changing because the Poles are moving, have moved. The NMP has moved almost 1,000 miles since its discovery in the early 1900’s; changing wind and weather patterns over land and sea; making it warmer in some places like the Arctic, Antarctic, and Siberia where the permafrost is melting, and cooler in other places.

          Methane released from the Russian permafrost in Siberia and the Alaskan permafrost is 20 TIMES more conducive to global warming than an equal amount of CO2. The Earth cycles and recycles itself over the millennia. The only difference now is than humans are here to observe and record the Changes.

          Have you paid your Carbon Tax today ??? 🙂

      8. Time to deal with the FAT, gay, short-eyes fruit.

      9. I still say watch for a Israel/ Saudi double team on Iran before anything in Korea kicks off.
        If anything does happen to Iran- the wrath of Putin and Mother Russia will be FIERCE.

      10. Take the Rocket Man down and there are a thousand others who will fill his shoes. If he dropped dead tomorrow, nothing would change there or here.

        We should have just stayed out of it instead of sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong.

        Thanks Trump for taunting the crazy man. Stupid move. Not strategic. I can’t see anything good coming of that. Except maybe for Trump who wants to be the War President.

      11. Knocking at the door ? Come on already. Put up or shut up? Our redemption is near , how near? Getting old? Even so Lord come soon? Get the lead out? Do it? Enough already. Time table? OK? We’ll just hang. For how long? Please lord lets get it over with. We are ready.. Move your ass.

      12. President Trump: ‘Era Of Strategic Patience’ For North Korea Is OVER

        Fuck this asshole (trump) it’s thinking like this … that will get us all killed … if you are someone who supports such a thing to attack North Korea, then by all means … please see and sign up at your local recruiter!

        • I voted for Trump and expected him to hold true to his campaign promises to stop letting these pathologically insane, blood thirsty, war mongering, diabolically evil, endlessly conniving neocons drag the USA into these never ending wars all over the freaking planet.

          Yet, here we are 11 months into this guy’s first term and he’s busy stirring up shit along the Russian border, stirring up shit inside Syria, scheming to find a pretext that he can sell to the gullible American public that will get them to support starting a war with Iran and, if all that war mongering isn’t enough – he’s threatening to start another war with North Korea?

          None less than the Joint Chiefs are saying that the only way to disarm North Korea is to launch a full scale ground invasion:

          Might I remind any of the arm chair Rambo war mongers that the USA has never fought a war with any of these Asian nations that has not been a massively bloody conflict? These Asians are NOT push-overs, like the US public seems to have grown accustomed to, when our corrupt and criminal ruling elites decide to bomb the crap out of some third world brown or black run nation and the US winds up with a few dozen or maybe a few hundred casualties. These Asians are smart as hell, and are extremely disciplined and anyone who underestimates their capabilities is a complete idiot.

          China has already said that they will stay out of it only if North Korea starts it. If the US attacks, China is in on the side of North Korea. Russia is, at this point, an unknown quantity – but, I will guarantee that Putin is not going to stand by and tolerate Trump dropping nukes on a North Korea that shares a border with Russia and ignore the resulting radioactive fallout that will be certain to blow in the direction of his nation and wind up killing Russians.

          And, neither will China – unless the leaders of China are looking for a way to reduce their over-population problems and secretly hope that Trump will help them by nuking North Korea and spreading deadly radiation all over China. That’s a far fetched hunch, though, and I would not put money on it.

      13. So Trump is in Seoul, S.K. ???

        Is that the smartest thing to do? when N.K. has hundreds of missiles pointed at Seoul?

      14. We need to stop playing global robocop. Expect a FF to kick things off. Just like FDR did to Japan. The USA embargoed Japan, leaving them little choice than to make a last-ditch attempt to free themselves to obtain oil.

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